Tanalasta From the movie beetlejuice... very halloweenesque for me.
BlondeBlogger "You've got, the most unbelievable blue eyes I've ever seen." (played this endlessly when my son was born)
tyynimeri I'm not usually a country person, but I'll make exceptions
venus30 Halloween though... / All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
BFIrrera One of the scariest things you may hear this Hallowe'en...'cause it'll get stuck in your skull until X-Mas!
BFIrrera @IronMikeNelson this song makes me think of you... ;P
venus30 what? / Hindi Sad Diamonds – Nicole Kidman, Joe Leguabe
tyynimeri oh the awesome, it burns me.
nirerentip Ugh--- first fight.

PinkSo What

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tyynimeri Blatant ripoff of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, but hey, if it gets the kids today listening to non-crap...
TheDudeDean Hit Me Baby One More Time – Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa
tyynimeri @ZachsMind Fair enough. He should stay away from the more.. intellectual pursuits.
tyynimeri Oh no, two of us got started on Disney in Finnish the other day...

disney la sirenita bajo del mar

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tyynimeri @k7akm Go become a Winter Hawks fan. Prove they want to keep the franchise in PDX.
infodiva "People Are Strange," the Doors I hum this song alot
ZachsMind @JamWithPam Your boyfriend's name is "Bob"? His last name wouldn't happen to be "Dobbs" would it? www.subgenius.com Praise Bob!
ZachsMind Back when I was yer age, computers were good for only two things. Going to the moon and PONG. And WE WERE THANKFUL!
tyynimeri I could make money off the dance I'm doing to this song right now... in an embarassing youtube kind of way.
Crystalclear to a healthy woman belting out a healthy song??
tyynimeri Be careful what you wish for... history starts now.
tyynimeri We are going to dance... and have some fun. Dig?
Arghie Damn! I forgot how much I love Motown! If this don't make you dance, then cover your head cuz you're dead! (ok, maybe not so much that)
tyynimeri I've found the world outside of that hick town, Barnaby.
tyynimeri And to round out the night....
JanBlom Hey big spender spend a little time with me
CK_Unplugged Cake does "War Pigs." Yes. That's what I said. And you want it to suck, but it doesn't. It's really good. In that Cake sort of way.

CakeWar Pigs

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tyynimeri Last blip tonight.... the history geek strikes back!
jccipriano @renatotarga depois de Stanley Jordan, que esta criativa versão forró junino de Eleanor Rigby?
tyynimeri Every once in a while, life doesn't totally beat me up.

WeezerBeverly Hills

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tyynimeri And just to add to the Bears Winning confusion....
Sparks As I said before, college, shut it!

Muppet Show Theme Song

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Wootpeanuts Been watching way too much Discovery channel and fell in love with the song in their commercials. http://tinyurl.com/4b7k7w
tyynimeri When all you gotta keep is strong.. move along
youragentsteph I just wanted to share with everyone that I really hate this song. And I don't really hate anything, but this song

Aqua - Barbie Girl

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tyynimeri @goaliegirl See what you've gotten me started on now?
tyynimeri Love this guy. Crazy gay ex-druggie Cape Bretoner.
AugustaGALiving I HATE it when people tell me this (uhhh, @kjw30813 r u listening?? heehee)
Wootpeanuts No more jobs or elections. I'm gonna be a Pirate!
infodiva Walking in Memphis I just remember hearing it.
tyynimeri You have no idea how excited I was when this started... and then it was Rhianna. The Numa Numa doesn't have English words, foo!
coffeebreath a friend of mine finds this one haunting - I concur
Dougthebug Linkin Park is always good, "Session" is a song that I believe defines them well. Even though it doesn't have lyrics.

Linkin ParkSession

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LaniAR every girl wants to hear this lame crap, even us tough-never-serious-ones. call iglesias sappy and i'll punch your neck. i'm still in a mood.

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

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Puddlegum was a man. I mean, he was a dragon man Or maybe he was just a dragon. But he was still TROGDOR!

Strong BadTrogdor

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tyynimeri Stupid fact about me for tonight? In my mind, this is a hymn.
tyynimeri Oh god, I slay myself. YOU KNOW YOU'RE DANCING.
tyynimeri Hello out there, we're on the air....
tyynimeri Wait, wait... and the Bears don't have a theme? Come on local bands, you can do it!
BFIrrera let's all get in that Halloween mood
tyynimeri I once said completely sober "I want to be a Pip in my next life."
tyynimeri While I'm on a roll with the hockey music. Has Blip.fm found my stash?

Hockey songs - ESPN National H

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tyynimeri Otherwise known as "Fireworks" by The Tragically Hip. Dig the username, I'd know this :-)

Hockey Song

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tyynimeri Okay, last music Twit for tonight, dedicated to my goddamned MA thesis.
tyynimeri !Not the Hills I was looking for, but okay.

WeezerBeverly Hills

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tyynimeri Inner badass RELEASED!

PinkSo What

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tyynimeri This is really my new theme song... i suppose it should become the new ringtone at some point soon.
patilsen so we can say goodnight and staaay together
tyynimeri This will always be Gears of War to me.

Gary JulesMad World

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tyynimeri Ah, MSND. We did Shakespeare gone 80's, and used this in the soundtrack.
tyynimeri I bet you think this Blip is about you.
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