Heymonkey ...oh time for the bike ride home... have a fix to sink, dinner to cook and tracks to remix... until then
Heymonkey she's playing all night and the music's all right!

Who,TheSqueeze Box

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Heymonkey Aug. 19, 1839: Photography Goes Open Source http://tinyurl.com/5nhnhy
calamari Starting to get a bit sleepy. Still have to finish some edits to a design project for work before bed.
Heymonkey it was announced that Wolfmother are no more...http://tinyurl.com/6kumyn "due to irreconcilable personal and musical differences"


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disconnesso - quasi quasi me ne vado a letto. Non so
disconnesso - non so se gli italiani "lo fanno meglio" però di certo quando si impegnano spaccano davvero

Gonzo48kFear of you

| play
Manso remembering when I was a teenager..
sophie_o agora eu fui juro. espero sonhar com o clipe dessa música. beijo
sophie_o but you don't really care for music do ya
sophie_o essa não da pra eu ouvir sozinha
sophie_o pra continuar calminho (aspas)
AJKGoBlue Would like to see him + Iron and Wine + Alexi Murdoch...Whatever happened to Alexi Murdoch? Time for a new album.
sophie_o il nous reste toute une vie pour pleurer

Placebo - Protege moi

| play
Ceci baby, tieni un cuore così grande...

Walls (Tom Petty) - Glen Campbell

| play
Ceci me lo ascolto un pochino..
sophie_o tá tenso o negócio né @Molina? eu sei, é complicada essa nossa vida instantânea. ahaha
sophie_o então aproveita e vê ele também @Molina! é muito bom
thoth Would the fox be as quick if he hadn't his hound
sophie_o i bet you think that's pretty clever, don't you boy?
sophie_o have you heard this cover @gridlockd? it's great. violent femmes are one of my favorite bands.
bizzybee @DJDaleChumbley ...and thumbs up on the Barbara. (Love Neil, too) ;-)
marcelomoreles Cuando los angeles lloran... Maná
bizzybee heading to bed, good night all.
MariTama Mais Wild Sweet Orange.....
MariTama Sexy boy.....air....

AirSexy Boy

| play
MariTama Royksopp...Boys...


| play
MariTama adoro essa musiquinha....
MariTama só mais um pouquinho.....


| play
bizzybee Thanks, @spicystu. I think it did help. :)
Doralice Achei o cujo, que bom!


| play
Doralice Hj deveria ser sexta-feira, ô

DJ FoodDark Lady

| play
Doralice Aproveitar que "tou" aqui na Jamaica, que já tocou o Henry Belafonte, e ouvir a música mais bonita do mundo =))))))
SofiaFada escutava muito isso lá em Monlevade...
v1kthor You would have said 'i love you' in the cutest place on earth where some lullabies are dancing with the fairies.

SokoI'll kill her

| play
v1kthor And you say, you love me more than everything. And compared to me everything is nothing.
SofiaFada acabei de saber que vai ter show dela aqui em BH...
bizzybee ...and I need to tell you goodnight...


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camilakise im a hustler, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (de novo porque o blip encanou cmg)
Joice @Du_ ressaca do que??????/// @medicogeek, a do rock in rio fui eu que upei...hehe
djwashingtonson I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) - Otis Redding
mammara almost midnight here in italy, time to go to sleep. goodnight.
djwashingtonson The Beatles-- Revolution

the beatles- revolution

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Joice @Zabeto vai lá usar as cores! ahahah


| play
PaulaC trilha da novela Quatro por Quatro
djwashingtonson The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack
patriciabarao Hot ride in my air balloon. É de cima.

The ProdigyHot Ride

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v1kthor Tonadita pegajosa! (Y la única canción de Julieta Venegas que me gusta)
mari_ruggeri : ► momento "soprão no vinil" ► you've loooost that loooovin' feeelin' .. [trilha sonora do top gun] | nêm, você vai gostar @Virginia_Fender |
briangreene Those Dancing Days ~ Those Dancing Days
briangreene gives the 50 seconds and you're into it.
calamari Dancing all night sounds like a fine idea right now. :)
jencvs A hundred days have made me older...
camilakise para não perder o costume e nem de vista no meio da playlist.
chiron08 hopefully

Ray Davies - Is There Life After Breakfast?

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chiron08 diesr Anschluss ist vorübergehend nicht erreichbar
camilakise mais uma da série vontade de viver...
djwashingtonson Bring It On Home To Me - Sam Cooke
marilovisky One of my favorites...

Janis JoplinMaybe

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milas @derhatnerven Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands of all times. This record "Rumors" was recorded in California, in the very month I was born.

Fleetwood MacDreams

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milas Pra despedida, só pra ficar na vontade de realmente tomar café em NYC...bons tempos!
writingwoman Ich steh übrigens auf englische Bands ist mir grad aufgefallen ;-) Die haben so ne dreckige Aussprache, harhar #HardFi

Hard-FiCash Machine

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emilysanford Pra se jogar, no melhor estilo Mercury. :)

QueenUnder Pressure

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djwashingtonson One Love - U2 & Mary J Blidge (reblip)

U2 ft. mary j blidge - One Love

| play
julimello I Won't Back Down com Johnny Cash ... pensa numa musica que ficou sensacional !!!!
amandamel nostalgia. da época em que george michael era hetero, cindy crawford era sex symbol e claudia ohana não se depilava.

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

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calamari I've never really listened to Richie Havens before. But I've been checking out his music lately and I've been missing out.

Richie HavensFollow

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marilovisky Really? Oh my Lord, you don't sleep, @Striker *hahaha* I just loved the song, thanks! I'm enjoying this irish thing.
natsukigamer yeah!!! algun dia me la creere...mientras...seguire con las problemáticas de siempre...
SarahLibrarina my angel is asleep. So cute.
jencvs This sounds a bit too much like Ted Nugents -Stranglehold ....what do YOU think :S?
emilysanford "Everybody is looking for somebody's arms to fall into."
jordiverdura so loooooooo so loooooooo

The PoliceSo Lonely

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evablue @adbert you're a machine! what was that? a power nap? shock and awe. shock and awe. :P
evablue want more than 24 hours in day
evablue i would lazy right now and just blip whatever @adbert is blipping but he plays way too much country and classical. i'm only a little masochistic.
evablue @adbert "heeeeeee"? dude, was that a manly giggle?
claudix @lorylooove estranho, eles dizem q o reblip vale props - mas nao vejo nada!!! NADA! (reblip)

NOFXLori Meyers

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evablue my brain is dead. no solutions tonight.
asko_b Schuld und Sühne geht auch so - Rosenstolz


| play
asko_b not only but also melodical


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santamistura Oh child of Venus You're just made for love I need la la la la la la I need ooh la la la la I need la la la la la la I need ooh la la la la.

GoldfrappOoh La La

| play
lausen "Gotta find the [king] of all my dreams" ;) Ramble on - Led Zeppelin
hellorenats Eu adoraria ter visto esses caras ao vivo.. mas (infezlimente) eu não conhecia a banda na época que eles vieram pro Brasil.
CookStar One of the first songs i ever learned in my first band when i was 13yrs old:) (reblip)
vacacion Modaf*cka!!!!

Body Count - Cop Killer

| play
GarlandGirl One of my Nan's favourites. She was amazed when I downloaded it for her, technology always does that to her, she is 80!

Grieg's Morning Mood

| play
herbalicious mos def taking the proverbial mother out tonight! take your mama - scissor sisters
DownLow Here is another one from Kerli, enjoy! @cramthisinyourear

KerliLove Is Dead

| play
evablue forcing myself to finish up a few more pics, then hopefully some good shut eye

05 - Bono And Daniel Lanois-Falling At Your Feet

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Sjoerd76 I love songs about fucking.
ngrdfrrr Rock Classics on the radio.
cemetery_movement tender buttons is a great one. this is the first track.
cemetery_movement explicit! BEWARE! this song sounds great turned up really loud with speakers that have lots of bass. shameless.
cemetery_movement killer squealing guitars in the background of the choruses.
cemetery_movement a good album and this song mentions having a good new year, which i welcome but am still skeptic about.
klitoria girl boy song – Aphex Twin
Clark_Griswold I will choose specific sngs for sprnts, climbs, & jumps. More info: http://bit.ly/7EtZ Bonus: It's free and you don't have to leave your home.
Clark_Griswold I prefer living in the countryside rather than the city; I find it more sane and sustaining for myself. wiki
bendrix What music style is Sigur? Shoegaze? I saw them live like 5 years ago. 1 of most memorable show's i've EVER seen. Speakers!!!reblp=>@PlasticRobot (reblip)


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AnneG33 Something about this song is very sexy!!!
oddreigh reblipped from @Stolen - i love everything about this album but this song is the best. (reblip)
oddreigh @Stolen they also do a cover of hey ya and manage to make it into a love ballad. pretty/hilarious
santamistura i will make my fresh coffee now @chiron08 if you want it is better you take a air fly in seconds;0) (reblip)
tanzbunny seee yoouuuuuuuuuuu.............:)) have great day-night...
ZachsMind This is NOT Weird Al Yankovic. It's Bob Rivers. http://free.house.cx/~eil/etc/notal_list.html many songs are wrongly attributed to Weird Al. It's sad. (reblip)
flavytcha She's a night woman of my dreams and I saw her glidin' on a moon beam...silver stardust in her eyes in the way she leaves her sighs

NazarethNight Woman

| play
ARDELLd Come down to Electric Avenue...and let me take you higher
ARDELLd How do I get through a night without you...How do I live without you...how would I breathe without you
ARDELLd If this doesn't make you smile before bed...you need a happy pill
ARDELLd Just happy fun stuff tonight, @tcar


| play
ARDELLd Oh those Jamaica nights...night clubs open till morning, and dancing never stops

Lipps IncFunkytown

| play
ARDELLd Now it's a Motown Dance Party! @luiz_com_z I'll see what I can do about that, sweetie.
ARDELLd Ain't this the truth though? If you don't KNOW me by now..you will never ever know me...or love me for that matter.
ARDELLd Piece of my heart...still my favorite Joplin song. She always gave it all she had, didn't she though?
ARDELLd @ladypn I like the idea of life being a Dance we do...not alone
ARDELLd You said you didn't love me. You said you're gonna leave me. But you coulda said it better, in your letter. You hid behind your future full of lies
xylocaina You haven't learned a THING! I haven't changed a THING! The flesh was in my bones! The pain is always free!
ARDELLd When all else fails, there's always Bruce
Dutchtown been listening to these guys a lot lately.
TobeyeboT +319 [+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +]
liamvickery I HAD to reblip this when I saw it. Kings of weird, very talented freaks they are (reblip)
magyang have no idea what this is about (a mule?), but i cant stop listening.

MalicorneLa Mule

| play
ebogdan working ...

ATB - 9 AM Till I Come

| play
calico @paeix...I am motivated, poor, creative, organized, and we got the music thing down.


| play
Krisol @licantromery, disfrutala
Krisol viernes nessssssssssssss


| play
Krisol Lo mejor de Dulce Pontes

Dulce PontesCan

| play
Krisol you don't remember me??????
Krisol con te!

Rita Pavone - Il ballo del mattone

| play
sistema428 last foo fighter song for the morning ... this, my saving grace ... // Good for start the day @djwttw! (reblip)
jakks ...incubus... i dig my toes into the sand
snow This is pretty - very otherworldly.

Secret GardenSigma

| play
melloregina clumsy cause I'm falling...../////b.dia Zarau! @Zaraustus (reblip)


| play
dickadcock Apple used it because it's good, not the other way around...
cramthisinyourear Awesomely overwrought. Over the top and totally adorable. It makes me smile.
ZachsMind Cooper: "One minute I'm in a car wreck & the next minute I'm in a pirate ship in the middle of the jungle! If this isn't hell... then where are we?" (reblip)
klitoria tja mein lieber....da wirds wohl enden......@formalhaut......und Du meine Süsse, mach gleich Party aufm Amt @coloured......
klitoria Du; du dat treibt ma die Schamesröte in....@formalhaut
piuma €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€

Pink FloydMoney

| play
ladypn In a way, I need a change from this burnout scene....


| play
ZachsMind "I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him." - Booker T. Washington (reblip)
ladypn @paisleypower30 LOL! I'll take the blame & see ya a Robert Palmer because I LOVE it too! ;) (reblip)
minga Alles Gute zum 54., Peter Schilling! (reblip)

0123 - Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Voellig Losgeloest)

| play
Solomiri Oh my God!!!

Stratovarius -Infinite -02- Millenium

| play
Solomiri my black diamond....

Stratovarius - Black Diamond.

| play
disalarming Life is a maze and love is a riddle <3

LenkaThe Show

| play
TheDiva @Blip How the heck did my listeners drop 52 people in a few hours? I think you been caught stealin!!

EF16SatelliteParty - Been Caught Stealing

| play
dhair hitting the stage in about 5 hrs. They're here, back at home tonight!
ARDELLd The opening of Teenage Kicks reminded me of this Blondie song One Way or Another I'm gonna find you


| play
ladypn You have something against Matchbox 20, @ranblv? LOL! How about some Jesus Jones?
sheryonstone I need to take a break and go break stuff. *right now I'm dangerous :P
sheryonstone nite everyone~~~the pillow is beckoning. Love you all :D
ladypn @sheryonstone I needed a laugh & this guy always delivers with his cheesy lounge lizard style & hysterical lyrics! :) (reblip)
m1k3y getting my house in order, my ducks in a row and some rubber on the road #killme
ladypn @by_starla Used to live in MN, dealt with snow all winter long.... can't imagine living with it again! But I always appreciated its beauty. (reblip)
formalhaut remembering @Evelyn who introduced me to Fernanda Abreu. love the hypnotic intro. (reblip)
opomegranate I don't care what they say


| play
ladypn Reblipping @lilwldchld ROCK ON! Love this song! (reblip)
ladypn @Niem It has the same effect on me, its haunting & lingers.... (reblip)

Amy LeeSallys Song

| play
ThePassenger "can't you tell?"... ok i'll try a little harder

AC/DCLive Wire

| play
ThePassenger It's All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
dhair Vi@SevenTenths "Come on in Dear boy, have a cigar, you're gonna go far..." .. 'Have A Cigar' `~` Primus (reblip)

PrimusHave A Cigar

| play
m1k3y muh brain is eating the cocoa like crazy.. send MOAR
m1k3y - the evolution will not be televised
DJSTEVO i'm the king and she's my queen...
evablue my eyeballs are popping and that previous blip crapped out. bah. a few blips to rest my eyeballs which have not blinked for hours.
crepaxxx bonita @GR8FL

Gustavo Santaolalla - Brokeback Mountain Theme - Wings

| play
Vaelentin Very interesting version of this great song. Even if I prefer when Sigur Ros is playing it.
Vaelentin Do you have more than 20 min to listen one of the most beautiful piece of music ever composed ?
Vaelentin Hello blipping world ;) Get ready to discover music. (reblip)
Mafekire you all stare but you'll never see there's something inside me


| play
Mafekire every damn word I say is a sneak attack


| play
CalebBooker Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Pssht! Pssht! Pssht! Pssht! Tsst! Tsst! Tsst! Tsst! Zzzzzeeeeoooorrrp. Zipzipzip zzzeeeeeooorrrp!
lemerodrigo #07 - I'd like to thanks you all for the replies, props and wonderful tracks. This brought me a new star! @ladypn @DownLow @marilovisky @mellomatic
thefuckingpope http://blipathon.com/ This one always gets me out of bed and on my knees!
jencvs And now the album version... much more mellow
formalhaut @JamesJoyes23 moin. und wieder frisch? hier, wie immer, von schnee keine spur…
Adele ha cominciato a svegliarsi mille volte a notte per ansia/eccitazione. ora colazione.
enrique_ You Can't Always Get What You Want (2008 Soulwax Remix) – The Rolling Stones (reblip)
enrique_ Home by David Byrne and Brian Eno
GR8FL that rub works pretty good
deletedsoul This has been in my head for days. It's also my favorite to sing on Rock Band right now.
jencvs What do you say? Stereophonics rush?


| play
Yan alright all, time for some much needed sleep, happy blipping
johnnysmooth Just close your eyes and relax
santamistura @lenchen thanksssssssss and have a nice day there!!! (reblip)
riot36 "Speed it up baby, you gotta make yourself feel sane."


| play
DWAGENER I knew what I was letting myself in for I knew that I could never even the score
DWAGENER Everything is beautiful, let the music carry you
DWAGENER with a name like Chakalaka, it better be a nice jam... and it sure is!

wippenberg - chakalaka

| play
DWAGENER Almost forgot to take my vitamins!


| play
EvDJ OK @ExtremeAnnette...I'll take Ugly Kid Joe's I Hate Everything About you as your personal fave and try not to take it personal...have a good night!
kalisana My dear MO, my longing for you still persists after all these years. This isn't the best version of MA's hit but it's the best I could find. Love you.

Mahmoud AhmedTezeta

| play
ramses101 Manche Sachen hätte man mal vertickern sollen, als das noch richtig verboten war und nicht überall erhältlich:

Body Count - Cop Killer

| play
natasjadb Nicely done Frankie! ;) Listening to ♫ Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Beggin' (Pilooski Edit) (reblip)
Maureen I have had this record since I stole it from my sister's room. I love this song, I don't care how queer you think it is.


| play

Telepopmusik - Breathe

| play
sheryonstone lol, you pose an excellent question @lilwldchld. If you find out, let me know too, ok ? :D (reblip)
ruhanirabin I've my eye in the sky like my eye on #Twitter Public Timeline LOL
myriam Aloha blip land. Are there words flying out like endless rain into a paper cup?

Across The Universe

| play
Bailandesa Yes, with this song I feel like that..
sadalit Heard this for the 1st time this morning, and love it for this line: "Though scary is exciting, nice is different than good."
Miss_Bella God I wanna see them play this live, PLEASE?
jimEYE part of the inspiration for [EYE] and my website, just wanted to create my own lil world.
jrvenuti The Strokes – The End Has No End


| play
wordfisher great interpretation of "Suzanne"-- does he issued a new album? (reblip)
evablue @bendrix and it's Ms. Blue to you. was that a test, Mr. Ben? :P
threebears Hey @threebears Whaddup? Coffee? :) Is Pearce a VERY common name in the UK? Pierce? quote'n'rb @SevenTenths ^_^ thnx sweetie! No .. not that common :) (reblip)
elfgirl your soaking wet dreams. you've spent them you have gone and dreamt them.....dry.
Llltex1969 The Commodores – Nightshift
santamistura @graphic_lucidity fantastic ;)) thanks and good morning for you (reblip)

Tchaikovsky Swan Lake (Trip Hop remix)

| play
kertrotten lol it's been a while since I listened to this. >.< it's fun the first time through.
katarinax かっこよすぎてため息でちゃいそう。この動画みたいな世界に転生したい! Cool! Want to the screen.
willowisp1684 And now for a song that needs no introduction.
willowisp1684 And now to interrupt this peaceful morning, some true Norwegian black metal!

MayhemFreezing Moon

| play
umblatoriu Respect To the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson-The Way You Make Me Feel Lyrics

| play
asko_b Funny music from the place where Dracula lived … I´m getting thirsty …


| play
sheryonstone this video showcases so many moves by the master of them with great remix to boot :) @PeaceFrog ~ thanks (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach That's funny. I feel that way about Le Tigre. @dochugo

Le TigreTKO

| play

Aleks & The Ramps "Antique Limb"

| play
bendrix Sad to see U R the only one blipN this track so far. It was a relaxing solo - thanx for this=> rb@avivamagnolia