SomeVapourTrails Lazy afternoon over here, listening to some nice tunes.
SomeVapourTrails @DifferentStars Just in case you don't know this tune, I bet you'll like it!


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meer Excellent song before something stressful or requiring focus "breeee (hold it) thhe (breathe for real) and I breeee (3) thhe (and 4)"


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meer Brings to mind The Alarm...
vanderwal Throwing in another coin while the bandit is stealing time (Wishing Well – Terence Trent D'arby) (reblip)
chebsachin great..good for meditation..

Trilok GurtuOm

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Moriko KoRN Cover!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! >_______<
eliott_is_dead @nicavieira Sorte do dia: "ahm... sorte?"

BlurSong 2

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Dj_Dj who knows what tomorrow will bring? anyone?

RjD2Smoke & Mirrors

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p_ferd Smooth. Pretty pretty. Reminds me of forgotten magic.
Dj_Dj this is lovely music - hope you'll enjoy
eliott_is_dead @nicavieira tbm já tinha procurado por aqui, sem sucesso.. e eu adoro essa música! \o\ (reblip)

New OrderKrafty

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CaryAtid @MCMightyWhitey. yeah, but you nearly got me with this. I didn't see it coming [still with me, @T_DeBarros ^ @PrisHayes] (reblip)


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eliott_is_dead @maurilao hahahahahaha!!! one of my favorite songs ever :)
bluebell i know its over played, but still a beautiful song, and a beautiful thing to aspire to!

John LenonImagine

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eliott_is_dead @Tarusi, pra mim balada boa = música boa. sem essa de "Pearl Jam ñ é música pra festa"...
saldana just realized that tony's wedding is may 16, same day of this concert at stubbs. shiiiiit. (reblip)
wererabbit @blythou : cover time! not as weird, but still a fave of mine
paulzy Have you ever noticed there is no chorus or verses to this song? #pf500 1984
trochee funky indie pop, with catchier syncopation than we really deserve
potele Talking about 70's hits, this one is a MUST
backseatsurfer Going a tad "old school"... Prodigy - Firestarter
Pediel Eu arrepio toda vez que ouço essa música.
dwaynefighter I'm from Jamaica, how could i NOT love this????
milkfish Classical, not Bollywood, and I'm guessing northern based on the name
flavytcha o clipe dessa música é genial! reblip @paulo_iglesias, não tenho mais props pra vc, passa amanhã :P (reblip)
buffywoo reminds me of SPN ~Placebo – Running Up That Hill~ (reblip)
ludmilac Fala que você ouve essa música sem mexer pelo menos o pé! Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
inkybinkybee i can't stand it, i know you planned it
warhorus Well, in that case - keep truckin' on @QueenJaneApproximately and I hope it all turns out well. With a minimal amount of bodily explosion!
muserine @lyager Hmm, maybe. But it was a good excuse to play some vintage Madonna! ;) (Yep, guilty pleasure!)

MadonnaLive to Tell

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MissingButton Cohen, Leonard – the Stranger Song. 'And you find, he didn't leave you much, not even laughter'
MonicaOnline Because I need some pep to get through the next hour. Ready, steady, GO!

Smash mouth-All Star

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acac I would say this man is in love, wouldn't you?
jodiath Joshua, Tree California..speaks for itsself at midnight..fond memories...

PM Dawn

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danthehorn this is probably an abuse of senate resources
tikistitch Hello, all you Common People! ^_^ (reblip)

PulpCommon People

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frenchican If you ruled the world what would it look like... (reblip)
Rick_Rocks P q tive um problema de vista que nem a microsoft solucionou! computer hate, qria 1 martelo...
pipetoro Sólo están dando ganas de café, tv y arrunche.

BlurCoffee and TV

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Sanctuaryblue Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
sjmarshy They're just too good to stop playing...
sjmarshy last one was a terrible version, never mind, lets try something else...


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gabasanch may


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occultclassic for some reason this song keeps playing in my head. guess this is the song this week.
tardisgrl denied further props to @shortygal. Can't let this one go by unmentioned though (reblip)
Staticfactory So good to see you...

ToolThird Eye

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LeMat_ What you take won´t kill you !!! But careful what you´re giving
bfinleyui i seem to be addicted to these dysfunctional relationship songs today.
ptneves I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone. All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity.
Fluter "And if I catch it coming back my way I'm gonna serve it to you And that ain't what you want to hear But that's what I'll do"
righteousbabe I can't stop the way that you take me....

Pressure - Sunscreem

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HaPpyPancake It HAS been 3 days?! That explains EVERYTHING
LilianeBrunoro Um pouco de rock pra tarde que passa voando.
Zuca Maybe @FranklyDave will like this one from Postal Service.
keithb One more top song from rem – what's the frequency, kenneth [live]
ABoyNamedSue "people get crushed like biscuit crumbs, and laid down in the bitumen, you have tried your best to please everyone, but it just isn't happening"
happinessmachines Oh, I can't resist. One more song of pure nostalgia.
paulzy Morning all! is everyone wearing something green today?
meffo yezdoeet!


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ayroso ...and you knew the hand of a devil and you kept us awake with wolves teeth, sharing different heart beats in one night...

The KnifeHeartbeats

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Kylieeee goin to see him at thee crocodilee next tuesday (:
gabasanch con ellas quiero decir


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Stay19 Nathan Fake – You Are Here<><>
billbincr :: Surprise, Surprise - LuLu ::
frankyurban this song is magical for me :)

Justin Nozuka - After Tonight

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recordapedia The Smashing Pumpkins – Drown
maurilao I really don't mind reblipping this one
dos Flickerstick – Beautiful
Joy_Joy hike up your skirt a little more,show your world to me
DrDisk @ChristofferMalling Tager den lige på engelsk du. Erhvervede mig The Singles Collection for en 50'er i TP på vejen hjem. God røv og god weekend.

David BowieHeroes

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bissaum @flavioleite Nada, fui levar minha mãe no hospital (tirar pontos), comi de graça, a comida não é como dizem! boa rapá...

OutkastHey Ya

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greghuntoon @nkrumah This is the track I was talking about. Salif will get you right inside, no doubt.
Xray *snap* <bounce> *snap* Faith fuh faith fuh faith! (reblip)

George Michael-Faith

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arolasecas clásicos?? Esto es un clásico >>>
MightyJoeLung Mystic0 and I are working on a theme here...
Grrrrreg OK, apologies, I'm having a weird revival here !
Stay19 Groove Armada – At The River<><>
milathiele Bom dia povo!

Breathless - The Corrs

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Traci_ From the new album 'Yes' -
Madigan reblippin @Lucas_P_Lima thanks so much! I haven't listened to that in forever :) (reblip)

Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything

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Radiobread @JuliaHerrmann96 .."WONDERFUL Song....listen and find out!" .. Yiruma - River Flows In You ..mmm wonderful! (reblip)
dubo 2000: Deftones trasciende con White Pony
GPSG Not sure how I feel about The Field, specifically Sun & Ice. I think I like?!?
rafeira starting work now! see you later all you crazy blippers!!! =D

NicoThese Days

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JoshuaAmos Speaking of speaking in tongues... Rammstein said it best.
Twytanium oh man. i can't get enough of this song.


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dinosawr This song reminds me of summer and good times ^_^
cint old times

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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focuz69 this is the only song my husband has really ever given me i love it and i share to nameless people just because

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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organicsue Dancing 4 u @ManaJunkie @>------

Arabic - Belly Dance Music - Sahira

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longjasonm Jack Black says the keyboard solo will blow the classical music out your butt.


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Dj_Dj ++++++ sun and snow outside our window!
nlits and oh, did I let you go?... did it finally show that strange things will happen if you let them?


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OscarShaw Stumbled on this again while searching for the Ying Tong Song. Bit of a left hand turn from the right hand turn lane, I admit.
ClaudiaMagic "She'll turn her music on you, You won't have to think twice, She's pure as New York snow, She's got Bette Davis eyes... "
DJEmerson I wanted to play crawling back to you, but I'll settle for the title track from that album
Will_the_bloke It is useless to resist us!!! And it's useless to resist Minneapolis circa 1988, even if it is pure synthesizers! :-D
debbieg The world is wide, wicked and wild
sibylle and one more blip - Sea Wolf is one of the bands I discovere recently, and I really like them!

Tigerlou-The Loyal

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phdj the strings (right?) at the beginning of this jam remind me of sunrise over a dew and previous nights' rain wet city:
oaknd1 The endings of mere mortal songs break their bedroom mirrors in jealous rages while weeping.
sydusa "This room it keeps a constant tone, while I'm on a roller coaster" - Kate Havnevik – Unlike Me
vinicius_robles I am the thing that you need, she looked me deep in the eyes, she says there's no turnin' back, she trapped me in her heart .

ELO - Evil Woman

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romullolima se um dia eu ver junior boys tocar, eu piro
JotaFloripa Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

BaltimoraTarzan Boy

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NatCordeaux Vangelis – Blade Runner (End Titles)
JDakar once, i wanted to be the greatest.
gReg0r give me a reason not to keep sleeping ....
AliveinMe LOVE THIS ONE!How it is and how it should be-get up thru Him-this I know!forgiveness thru Him is amazing-go 2 Him & His salvation! (reblip)
JamesP Black Hole Sun - just killer sound on the stereo throughout the office. (reblip)

01_James Horner - The Ludlows

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DJjuice great song...i can't find the song i wanted to blip, but if this interests you, look up "the return" by ian van dahl
XZandercage A little something to lose your self in

dj tiesto - dj tiesto - lord of trance

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misslazarou ainda de sexta, boa vibe: The Cinematic Orchestra – The Dance
tardisgrl by special request of NMD
jimmy fur immer und immer (reblip)

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Come What May

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koda 50------!!!! 50か。50なのか。
mimConaN "The Power" - Snap! | World Power [1990]


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The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

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RockItRadio I'm right next to you..In Silent Lucidity (reblip)
skeskali I know what you think - the girl means business, so I'll offer her a drink...


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Joy_Joy I get excited about traveling when I hear this song!
sadalit Great lyrics (although you'll wait for them forever), kicky beat to smash the Monday blahs.
613mike rb@ecelester -- out of props, your on fire this morning, :) (reblip)
namorttu dun....dun....dun....duuuuuuuuun

NadjaStays Demons

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JohnBoyDigitalMan Nemesisurchun lion king hakuna matata in Hebrew...sizzle baby sizzle
mariemoi Emiels song! He loves it! How sensitive!

cinema - Deep Impact

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onceacurmudgeon sometimes i forget just how much i love keren ann's voice. how is that possible? via@mammara (reblip)
jadelane [DD/MM/YYYY – Digital Haircut] rb @gimmetinnitus yeah, definitely been spending too too much hh:mm with computers (reblip)
ronniemichele the first @thethermals video I ever promoted. Love this song!
Nirvana16 @PiCr...sí, ya, de poco me valdrá, el viernes marcho a Hamburgo

Ramstein-Du Hast

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Beaubijou i know that no news, but damn thats hot.

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

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TerriAD 77. "I'm On Fire".....Bruce Springsteen / 1985
DeniseMarson Alguém blipou ontem e fiquei com vontade de ouvir... Que voz!!!
kaerugeko Expose – Point of No Return
kaerugeko Tiffany – I Think We're Alone Now
lollydaskal A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away
braktheman Shit is out of control. Its out of control and I don't care what is happening.
LLGunstreet when i was younger i thought he was saying "puppy grass bed" not "big brass bed"
613mike this is the one i have been searching for. turn it up loud, scream and shout, and dance like a madman.
Scorpionkiss And since i've got "pink" on my mind,hahahaha

Nick DrakePink Moon

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SimonWpt just another honey-song

Honey Is CoolBolero

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Arlifrancis Bom pop... Feito dentro de um quarto em NYC
AlienScience You make the choices, and when you do, the rewards are all yours to keep. Regardless, Mr. Mister is a stupid name. Even for a human.
mxbx Dwight Yoakam – A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
MrsAmiB Louie got skinny over night!!!!
nilsen31 catchy, damn my country/nascar/new jersey cowboy enthusiest cousin (reblip)
Stay19 fRew – Call Of The Crow (RedOctober Edit)<><>nice vi@Allbe (reblip)
dubsak It's embarrassing how good this band was.
BrainDrain Transliterators convert text from one language to another as you type. I wish I had one those to translate stupid to smart.
SOcaM On a thousand islands in the sea, I see a thousand people just like me, A hundred unions in the snow, I watch them walking, falling in a row...
cheesy80s Trying to catch @morebrains heart is like trying to catch a star. So many people love @Plautia baby that must be what @jecka63 & @Fievel are.,..
Lambe I wish i had black wayfarer in my profile picture to look a little bit like HIM. Goosebumps/again.
mondofreak no puedo esperar más... ya quiero ver a Four Tet en vivo.

Four TetRibbons

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secretaznjen this isn't usually my type of music, but who can refuse fleetwood mac?
PetaZetas Gastar más de 1000€ en una reflex. Si o No?

Sea WolfBlack Dirt

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GoncaloRuao In the backroom she was everybodys darling (...)Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side!
star45 Mew – An Envoy To The Open Fields – . . . hi @Nymph good morning! - @ExtremeAnnette thanks!
mikaylla "I am all the days that you choose to ignore. You're all I need"

RadioheadAll I Need

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idjunot Great Songs of the 90's - Sinead O'Connor, Nothing Compares 2 U
mahcherie We can be, just for one day!

David BowieHeroes

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FuseBoxRadio FuseBox Radio Blip: Queen Latifah & Monie Love - Ladies First

human league - together in electric dreams

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edumorais Phil Collins é foda! Toca batera e canta! Merece outro blip!
DJFrankie "Little Kids playing in the park downtown..."
starmunki in this world i often think you understand me...
beefheartvliet anone for a brew ;-)


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Agent_M The Ramones + Spidey = EPIC WIN. Listen, then watch the 'toon:
thevoyager Balderdash - Just Hold Me (Maria Mena Cover)

Tahiti 80Brazil

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ChereLa it breaks if you don't try


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purplesime @MsRedPen Props for you go too quickly! Time to re-Blip ya :) via @IronAidan (reblip)
truejerseygirl @CoSlive I didnt, but now I do:) There are practically no Sugar songs here's some older Bob Mould. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.
Kalam i am the hunted


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Stay19 John Lennon - Imagine<><>

John Lennon - Imagine

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Sandraj09 Just love all you Shiny, Happy People~
Belphegor Slinky, sultry, soulful, other s-adjectives. Reminds me of...a Dutch Jaurim? Anouk is dead sexy, too.
singletrackmind The 14th can't come quick enough.
gruidl one of my favorite finds of 2008...great way to end a dj set or night!

FrankmusikDone Done

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briancbot cocteau twins - feet like fins
jordular i want a massage to this song...

ToscaOcean Beat

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MikeVermin Another all-time favorite. I've probably listened to this song more than any other.
MaddyLou well it's alright as long as you lend a hand (Traveling Wilburys – End of The Line)
egillhardar Another one by Australian artist Gotye.

GotyeThe Only Way

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jasnhsu From the cute VW commercial... I'd keep driving, too. (reblip)

Nick DrakePink Moon

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ExtremeAnnette To the all Cheeky Monkees Out there who are – Daydream Believer(s) Great song to bop along to! (reblip)
RustytheCat I saw teh sign. I could not actooly READ teh sign tho. #pawpawty

Ace Of BaseThe Sign

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SirPsychoSwayze Lazy, rainy Mondays rock.


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warhorus That's terrible, @mammara. I'm deeply saddened to hear it. Many thoughts and prayers towards you and your fellow countrymen. (reblip)
mui Love the Tears for fears version, but today I'm feeling this one more

Gary JulesMad World

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OMQ Live - Horse


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Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique

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purplesime Wow, I've just noticed how long my neck looks in my profile pic. Pop a yellow hue on it and I could be a [song title]! :D