crowjane @DoubleUdB sez: crowjane~ dont hold back ~ Check out yo boy girlS~cute lil' hip lil' white boy~huh? Married? Hell I don't No!" I'll ask Him (reblip)
unDEEniable Gets me all worked up ... for some reason ;)
unDEEniable Thanks hun! @D_s sez:Gets me all worked up ... for some reason~welcome new dj! GirlU are gonna have so much fun, kinda' addictive tho~lol~' (reblip)
Burgers Love this one! Great Sunday Energy! Thanks! @Eangel (reblip)
unDEEniable Easy like Sunday morning, in bed with The Times and slowly sipped coffee (reblip)

Lionel RichieEasy

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unDEEniable For when you are missing that special someone
Burgers ♥♥♥Keith gets home tonight! Yeah!♥♥♥ @Greencoconut

TroggsI Want You

| play
unDEEniable Anyone remember the Dr Who episode with this song? I might have gotten a little fizzy!
crowjane shhhhh get up~wake up~ were you sleep? good line...Mr P..hell yes I was sleep! ggggggg ( me giggling)
unDEEniable nostalgia

15 Fela Kuti - Zombie

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Burgers I do as well Thanks & Happy Day @mawdawgie I love this version (reblip)


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unDEEniable Sticking with Ms Lennox - Walking on Broken Glass
unDEEniable The ethereal Ms Lennox - Love song for a Vampire
unDEEniable Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams - and all my dreams were sweet as the taste of his lips (reblip)
unDEEniable Massive Attack - Mezzanine. Music to play to #1
unDEEniable "The Vampire Lestat" - Slept So Long - Music to play to #2
unDEEniable NIN - Closer to God - Music to play to #3
unDEEniable Portishead - Glory Box. Music to play to #4

PortisheadGlory Box

| play
unDEEniable For @LesHemmings - Super Sunday geek out :)
crispast tnx for replies@Flying_Roundhouse @GeryDiMarco @onesanz @ericats @Adriaustin!!..è il momento di mangiarsi uno jogurt e sbrigare alcune faccende..

My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow

| play
unDEEniable My Favourite Mistake - Sheryl Crow, while sipping Lemon Tea (reblip)

My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow

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unDEEniable Enigma - Mea Culpa - Music to play to #5

Enigma - Mea Culpa (KLF Remix)

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Srsabba Oh, the irony doesn't stop. And it doesn't tip.

David Cook - Hungry Like The Wolf

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unDEEniable Fela Kuti - Lady. The memories! Makes me smile

KUTI, FelaLady

| play
unDEEniable Sun is Shining - Bob Marley - Oh yes it is :)
unDEEniable This was the 3rd single from Marvin's only album to be dedicated social issues. More funk than R&B, it hit #9 on Billboard's top singles chart. (reblip)
DH1 Haha, Romance in the 70's actually has some pretty good tracks!
unDEEniable Describes me so well, or so they say ;)
unDEEniable Not my usual thing buy NIN tend to hit the spot. Head like a Hole. (reblip)
unDEEniable Let's keep to the same theme, a man with a slow hand, slow groove, easy touch...
unDEEniable A frequent question - Where's your head at? Do you even know? (reblip)
unDEEniable The empowered female - Jill Scott's Golden

Jill ScottGolden

| play
unDEEniable The empowered female - Erykah Badu - Tyrone

Erykah BaduTyrone

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unDEEniable See, this is why I don't do romantic. Lionel Richie - Hello. Tearily sweet. (reblip)

Lionel RichieHello

| play
unDEEniable Unique voice, lovely guitar - Zombie by the Cranberries. (reblip)


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unDEEniable The empowered female - Neneh Cherry joins Youssou N'do in 7 seconds
unDEEniable Music from #watchmen - Nat King Cole is simply Unforgettable...
unDEEniable Music from #watchmen - Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changing. His raw voice suits this so well...
unDEEniable Music from #watchmen - The Sound of Silence, gives me goosebumps. Simon & Garfunkel
unDEEniable Music from #watchmen - This is one I don't remember - Janis Joplin wails Me and Bobby McGee
unDEEniable A most perfect song - an artist only needs one - Don McClean's cryptic American Pie
unDEEniable Tonight, serves up a side of melancholy. Amy Winehouse - Love is a losing game
unDEEniable Just because it's melancholy night, doesnt mean we can't have some tainted love raunch by Mr Monroe ;)
unDEEniable More in the same open vein - Dust in the wind...
unDEEniable Float by... "Fade into you" by Mazzy Star
unDEEniable Wise women - Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow

| play
unDEEniable Wise women - "He looks at me in wonder, he looks at me in fear"... oh yes the boy feels strange indeed
unDEEniable Alpha Males - mmm give me a knight in shiny armour any day. On his knees...
unDEEniable More than your love, more than your woman
unDEEniable Beta males - Did he just say "shackles", "slave" and "whip"? *perk*
crowjane HALT @Jeffie ~drop the tune and nobody gits' hurt~~run along now~thanks bro (reblip)

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

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unDEEniable Losing my favourite game, losing your saviour in sin (reblip)
unDEEniable Sunday morning wiggle out - cornflake girl hanging with the raisin girls
unDEEniable Dial up my number.. Oh la la la

GoldfrappOoh La La

| play
unDEEniable |<------>| is not 9" - that don't impress me much

Shania Twain - Don't Impress me Much

| play
unDEEniable Smooth as silk, cool as air. Walking on imported air...


| play
unDEEniable Let's continue to worship - Dare by Gorillaz


| play
unDEEniable You can check out but you can never leave

Eagles - Hotel California

| play
unDEEniable Sticking with California, get dreaming
unDEEniable While we're on a roll with the theme - Californication
unDEEniable And where would California be without Love? Tupac
unDEEniable @steeeeee Ty for the props :) Haven't heard this in an age! (reblip)
unDEEniable Ty for the props @DeeChris and the nostalgia. Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (reblip)
unDEEniable No lyrics needed, Rapture. Ty for the props @Godan, lovely song. (reblip)
unDEEniable ty @meriel - [I Am A Pirate, You Are A Princess - PlayRadioPlay!] :"> (reblip)
unDEEniable Hee @fawaz, we have v.similar tastes. Here's to more nostalgia. (reblip)
unDEEniable Don't think cos I understand, I care...
unDEEniable 6° of seperation - work out link between Space and -

Female Of The Species-Space

| play
unDEEniable OK, getting harder - link b/w Elvis and 6° of seperation
unDEEniable It's chilly, tonight's theme is gloom and rain
unDEEniable The Pogues - not just for Christmas
unDEEniable What's going on? Manchester, just say NO
unDEEniable Freedom & liberty, an illusion? Just say NO. #no2id
unDEEniable She's crazy like a fool :D

Boney M.Daddy Cool

| play
unDEEniable Take it off you sexy thing, you
unDEEniable Beyonce didn't do this justice

donna summer - love to love you baby

| play
unDEEniable Wake up and be nice :P

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

| play
unDEEniable voulez vous couchez avec moi ce soir?
unDEEniable The answer to all my dreams...

barry white - youre my first my last my everything - chorous

| play
unDEEniable Lighters!! For @LesHemmings, @moltenhoney, @rico, @tubilino , @THX3, extraterrestrial, @mojowriting, @lexciting, @fawaz, @crowjane, @DeeChris

Sometimes When We Touch,Dan Hill

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unDEEniable Come over here - Practice what you preach
unDEEniable Heard on TV - Berroca treadmill shenanigans...
unDEEniable Heard on TV - cheesy travel ad, sweet song
unDEEniable Wow, just wow, the opening guitar sequence, oooOooo yes :) Jimi Hendrix does Voodoo Child (Slight Return). I quiver.
unDEEniable Might be the epitomy of cheesy 70's but he was the man!
unDEEniable Heard on TV, Criminal Minds & Supernatural shout out to The Kinks.
unDEEniable For my new listeners and those lovely people who gave me props @VirtualLee, @lilfrosty, @SheelaghBee
unDEEniable Heard on TV - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's somewhere over the rainbow on "South Pacific"
unDEEniable To brighten your day @fantasticmusic, @FantasyDreamer, @pinget Chk him out w/his hairbrush, the bad mutha :)

Walking on Sunshine (Punk Cover)

| play
unDEEniable History repeating? Some days it feels like it...
PudgePudge You are something absolutely amazing! You're number one to little mama and me! I heart you. @fuzzygroove (reblip)

Al Green Love and Happines

| play
unDEEniable Wise women - Laura Izibor (Shine)


| play
unDEEniable It may be Monday but smile, and the world will smile with you
unDEEniable Donna Summer - Love to love you baby #musicmonday, with added male dancer LOL
CookStar More Great videos at Paul Cooke Music - You Tube
Atomik Tracey Thorn – King's Cross (Hot Chip Remix)
warhorus My favorite Dylan song, easily.
MissLalala fade into you – mazzy star
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