valkry18 High school BF introduced me to this group. Still love 'em
tardisgrl Not as awesome as his sister, but I quite like this
ImageArts Music to design by: A little bitty voice in my head said, "What's a weekend without Frank Zappa?" Anyway, was I really a Catholic boy?
playalongjon Nice to say hello again, thanks for props & blips to night, to your 3000, cheers ! Buenos noches & hasta luego @Flower
suecartwright hair - what you got 1968 that makes you so damn superior?
curlycurvy My #1 Favorite Song of All Time Ever...
crowjane You can have my hubby..but plluueesse don't mess with my man theme continues Trash Talking women
nezua it's still dark here. but we're speeding forward toward dawn. . .


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cazza0611 I'm comin' up so you better get this party started
johnasher One of my favorites from CCR -- a groove that could go on forever...
Puya We've been paranoid. That's a good thing.
WrathOfBom Makes you want to get possessed and have a haunted bowl of shrimp grab your face!
UmpNews Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack
valkry18 Continuing the theme of smart sexy tough ladies... the mythological sirens.
valkry18 And the mythological ladies who weren't content to wait for the men to come to them...
Sandman5 When they start talking cute, I wanna tell her that I love her, But the point is probably moot, 'Cos she's watching him with those eyes....
VaRyAmO Una tranquilita, y a dormir! Good night!
valkry18 & Joan's Runaways bandmate...

Aqua - Barbie Girl

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philena I couldn't ask for another... groove could I?
vvaldebe Tetris

Reel Big Fish - Tetris Theme

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PauloFurtado Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers / haven't heard this in ages (reblip)
acanuckfan << Sweet – Ballroom Blitz >>
jonassink Rick Astley is so Web 2.0. I vote for "Spice Rolling" for Web 3.0.
flyingspatula Great version of Sultans of Swing.... even though the singer sounds indifferent at first


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Chariots Of Fire - Main Theme

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ryderjaphy "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around" Talking Heads---Life During Wartime

Ted Nugent - Free For All

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valkry18 Hopin' ya'll have someone this songs makes you think about... and smile.
PeaceMan 1 - Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry... RS 100 Greatest Guitar Songs (reblip)
valkry18 One of my neo-'world music' favor artists.
robertobarreiro estava a procura desta :D (reblip)

Alice Cooper - Poison

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maxst001 Just heard it in our courtyard - it's been quite some time I liked it!
UmpNews The Righteous Brothers – You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
elgab "Ahora depende de ti, niña, pronto serás una mujer" Urge Overkill – Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
valkry18 ...but I have fun trying

genesis i cant dance

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TracyTN "Tosses her head n flips her hair, she got a whole bunch of nothin in there..."
dhair How yous doin'? @rarebit .. All good in the hood? Seven or eleven he's watching you!
TracyTN "If your body matches what your eyes can do you'll probably move right through me on my way to you..."
Scalla Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde (2) (reblip)
itsonlywords Hotter than a matchhead...bring it on. Please.
theref0re1am Frankie says Relax... wait different song =-P
Dillin_Chillin Not for me. But have played this 2007 track before. Hip I say.
Atomik nasty, dirty, and funky. makes you want to dance. and then take a shower cuz your so dirty.
Killaya I haven't head this in forever. Oh god! Where is your love? Don't you give me your love, don't you give me your....
PhillipJohnston Gah ... why have I not discovered this work until now?
Dillin_Chillin Kiss wants you to pick their tour show dates cool, but just a note new music site from UMG Dinner for me. Later.


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komatunes Art Of Noise & Tom Jones – Kiss
Pediel Adoro essa músicas de final de festa de 15 anos. Vlw @noodlebs (reblip)
lulugirl1230 This woman can rock! She will always be one of my favorites (reblip)
nadili playing old games again :)

Mortal Kombat Soundtrack

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KatsDontDance All the boys shouting out loud now, all the girls screaming out louder.
GR8FL whenever I hear "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" this must follow...

Taco - Putting On The Ritz

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fourcookies beastie boys – intergalactic {live}
bandini Good memories...the best Peter Gabriel
LoudNHeavy The Top 5 Power Metal songs by LoudNHeavy #2 - Blind Guardian and their Tolkien themed Bard's song.
Stay19 Clannad – Theme form Harry's Game<><>

Adam & the Ants - Stand and deliver

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jeffreykun The A-Teens do a great remix of "Take a chance on me"! I love it! The remix of this song is decent.
cliic =) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

EnyaMay It Be

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SandanJudoka You know you thought this was Springsteen the first seven times you heard it. You probably still

Alannah Myles--Black Velvet

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brandmyhre I bet you this was why I was arrested for nude sunbathing on my roof. They are all just jealous.
aflow Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
tardisgrl "One of my favorite songs ever - thanks for playing." Happy to oblige @jsholman! (reblip)
elocio Baaba Maal – Souka Nayo (I Will Follow You)
GooGirl @randymatheson happy Saturday to you too! Thanks for the dictation! Talking Heads – And She Was (reblip)
tkpnpodcast A classic! (reblip)

Animotion - Obsession

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karie this reminds me of mother/that's cuz i am your mother!!!!! (reblip)
nbwords i'm hot sticky and sweet from my head to my feet
B52Diplomacy HEY MICKEY!!!


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elocio Steppenwolf – I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine ~On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
maddkelci Only picked this one because I couldn't find "Outta my Head".
alecsei via @DeAnn the bells are ringin' ladies.......... (reblip)
solstyce @gansey ~ we SO got knocked down last week, but I think we recovered pretty well today. =)
messinwiththekid golden oldie

Stepenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

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seoulsuzy "i looked out this morning and the sun was gone, turned on some music to start my day" - basically sums up my morning
LAGooden And who doesn't?

She Bop

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jtmartin Back when Ozzie could do a little more than mumble incoherently.
Medicineman22 Ray is quickly getting my dander up.
folkmusicdude RB@2fast4u ~ @folkmusicdude You can't go wrong with Pink to sing about Anger, outrage and definace she's always pissed off. :-) ~ perfect! (reblip)
SeanMurphy @lovejonforeman Oh yes...this song is perfect for this nostalgis thing I am on tonight... (reblip)
kyzandrha One of my absolute favorite George Michael songs. It's a classic ;) (reblip)
vado1313 vado is the name of a small HD video camera, when they get one built in my sunglasses, i'l b happy
emmasayswhat one of the best live acts ever


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Atomik my prescriptions they were filled, for dollar bills
jaimeskelton Always loved this song

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By [Radio Edit]

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Emperormau Love her or hate her, doesn't change her legendary status.

CherHalf Breed

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bedejey I feel a lump in my throat by this song... really!
Gen22 Re-Blip Missy Elliott – 'Work It' (reblip)
JaxyWaxyWoo Ok, sleeping at desk bad. Need wake-up music. Gonna reblip this one. (reblip)
hotnote rb[Chicago? Do tell...] ! Why, I'd love to dance, @mushka! Shall I lead? She's doing Van/Chi hockey playoffs. (reblip)
AprilZ I've been stuffed in your pocket for the last 100 days... ;)


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GeekRock Everybody talk about pop music.

MPop Muzik

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FoolishLamb1502 This is a really good song, love it...

DidoWhite Flag

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SgtMac Great Patriotic tune from Chely, based on a true story! Chely's brother is in U.S. Marines.
therevelator holy shit i can't wait to see this shit live!
Marti55 Better version. Daft Punk-Technologic #RPattz
Tacoshack27 Sticking with the 80's theme and going out to @AMBERS2 Cyndi Lauper coming at ya with Girls Just Want To Have Fun
valkry18 Please help me honor this fallen soldier. #CandlelightVigil for #PvtWilliamLong (reblip)

No One Gets Left Behind

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purplehayz @KM_Zencat: "Anyone wanna strip? How bout you @purplehayz?" I don't want to scare anyone - you on the other hand .... :-) (reblip)

Adam AntStrip

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CharityV Siouxsie was so hot. Peek a Boo


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christychrisdee This might be my favorite Depeche Mode song.
DavidWorley We're all gonna get in a fight!

PinkSo What

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metal_man I wanna kiss you but I wanted too much...

Enigma ~~ Return to Innocence ~~

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