valwears My fave song right now!!


| play
valwears Another great song I can't get enough of!
valwears Great oldie-reminds me of my good friend Lindsay! Fellow OLP lover!
valwears Interesting rendition of this's...awesome.
valwears Beastie Boys are just insane! love them! Who's with me?! Lindsay I know you are!Anyone else?
valwears For Lindsay..sorry all the posts...this is it for now...
valwears This sums up my work/personal life at this very my family but grrrrr....LOL.
valwears Playing in my car right now...showing my new system to my dad. lol.
valwears HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Song of the evening!
valwears For LindsayCullen17-or as I like to call her "Goose". Lets start this morning off right!!!

Top Gun - Danger Zone

| play
valwears I am absolutely in love with this band! This was the song that got me hooked! Check them out!
valwears Listening to "They" by to join me!


| play
valwears Just a funny song.."Im in my swim trunks, and my flippie floppies. Im flipping burgers you are Kinko's straight flipping copies" HAHA!
valwears "Taper Jean Girl"-Kings of Leon This song puts me in a good mood! Even though I don't like taper legged jeans...I LOVE KINGS OF LEON!
valwears Currently jamming to...on repeat. LOL! "I want you"-Kings of Leon
valwears TEQUILA! FOR @_MikeNewton_ and @photocullen as we zoom to Mexico!!
valwears Listening to this...I LOVE THIS SONG! The truth about heaven by armour for sleep.
valwears "Pieces" by on the Ipod. LOVING what the ipod is playing today! I think this song should be in New Moon! Anyone else agree?


| play
valwears "Bad Things"-Jace Everett. In honor of True Blood on DVD!

Bad Things by Jace Everett

| play
valwears The Lonely Island- "Sax Man" featuring Jack Black! HILARIOUS!
valwears "Not Ready To Go"-The Trews Going out to all of us who like this song/band! GREAT SONG!
valwears One of my favorite songs "blackout" by Muse


| play
valwears "Sweet About Me"-Gabriella Cilmi I am proclaiming this as my theme song! Check it!
valwears "Truth"-Seether currently listening to!

Truth-Seether --- music video(LYRICS)

| play
valwears currently playing on the ipod and making me want to karaoke! HAHA. B B B B B Benny and the Jets!

Elton John-Benny & the Jets

| play
valwears Le Disko by shiny toy playing...makes ya wanna dance!

Shiny Toy Guns "Le Disko"

| play
valwears Low-Cracker..currently listening to! LOVE THIS SONG! To be with you girl is like being low...hey hey hey like being stoned!

Cracker "Low"

| play
valwears Long Shot-Kelly Clarkson...GREAT ROCKIN SONG! Check it out!
valwears Playing on the ipod right now! "Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon! Monday's not starting off too bad!
valwears "Head to Toe"-Kings of Leon, great song!!! Trying to conceal dancing in my cube! LOL!
valwears Love this song! "Fell in love with a girl"- The White Stripes
valwears Lets try this again! For our wolf friends "Wolf like me"-Tv on the radio

Wolf Like Me TV on the Radio

| play
valwears listening to "strict machine" by Goldfrapp
valwears Listening to: "Im not over"-Carolina Liar
valwears Dedicated to @EsmeACullen who likes this song as well! -"If you seek Amy" by Britney Spears. Shes so clever!
valwears listening to "Dogs of War"-Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd-The Dogs Of War

| play
valwears "you say he's just a friend" -Biz Markie

Biz Markie-Just A Friend

| play
valwears "give it up"-Lee Dorsey. I AM LOVING THIS BLUESY JAM. It's off True Blood's Soundtrack
valwears "Chasing Pavements"-Adele Playing on the ipod, love this song!
valwears This is going to the intern here @ work... "get over it"-ok go

OK GoGet Over It

| play
valwears "Don't make me wait"-This World Fair. Amazing Song! Check it!
valwears "Six Underground"-sneaker pimps!

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

| play
jonnyskov @charleyhorse @loriiseclectic between avoiding imeem and now youtube, what's left? i hate to say it but there's going to come a point...
valwears "The Rat"-Dead Confederate
valwears "Why you wanna bring me down?"-Kelly Clarkson

Whyyawannabringmedown Kelly Clarkson w/ lyrics

| play
valwears "Ice Ice Baby"-Vanilla Ice CLASSIC!!!!
valwears "Full Moon"-The Black Ghosts Playing on the ipod..had to blip!
valwears "Lark on my Go-Kart"-Asher Roth Loving this!
valwears "Like a Boss"-The Lonley Island LOL I wish this guy was my boss

Like the Boss. The Lonely island

| play
ForeverEsme Dedicated to Adam Lambert..on the cover of The Rolling Stone.

MGMT electric feel

| play
valwears listening to "Standing outside a phone booth..."-primitive radio gods


| play
valwears listening to "seven one eight"-Fannypack LOVE IT!
valwears listening to "only happy when it rains"-Garbage
valwears listening to-"around the bend" by Asteroids Galaxy Tour
valwears listening to "milk"-kings of leon

MilkKings of Leon

| play
valwears listening to "Never Think"-R-Pats. *swoon*
valwears listening to "Dreaming with a broken heart"-john mayer. Song has so much truth to it.
valwears listening to 'have a cigar'-pink floyd. Never get enough Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd-Have a Cigar

| play
valwears listening to "Pokerface" Lady Gaga, love Gaga!
valwears listening to 'voodoo'-Godsmack I want to make a voodoo doll of someone...*evil laugh*

Godsmack- Voodoo

| play
valwears listening to "No I in Threesom"-Interpol

Interpol- No I In Threesome

| play
valwears This is for @Tacoshack27 and @MegsMcleish I will now think of The Hangover whenever I hear this! "In the air tonight"-Phil Collins LMAO!
valwears listening to "Knocke em out"-Lily Allen
valwears Dedicated to @myria101 "I get knocked down"-Chumbawamba. Way to keep ahold of your phone!
valwears listening to "Never Think"-Robert Pattinson Always going to be one of my favorite songs.

Never Think- Robert Pattinson

| play
valwears listening to "horse with no name"-America. for my dad...this is one of his all time fave songs! He's actually singing along right now! LOL.
valwears listening to "graveyard train" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Dad's request...hope he tells stories later from the 60's/70's, they are HILARIOUS!
valwears listening to "custom concern"-modest mouse. One of my fave bands!
valwears listening to "youre so damn hot"- ok go. What a great song to listen while stuck in a cube.
valwears listening to one of the best songs by one the best bands ever. "wish you were here"- pink floyd.
valwears listening to "welcome to the machine"-Pink Floyd.
stephgrinage23 'cause i need more time, and i need an excuse....
WallBerliner Canned Heat – Fried Hockey Boogie--not big on boogie songs that have the word Boogie in the title--but this ones pretty groovin
valwears listening to "bulls on parade-rage against the machine.
claucastilla I dont' care who's wrong or right, I don't realy wanna fight no more...
KANL @OfficialAwesome: ""I'm a million different people from one day to the next"" (reblip)
LadyW Valerie

amy winehouse valerie

| play
valwears Listening to "Benny and the Jets"-Elton John!

Elton John-Benny & the Jets

| play
DensOnAir ♥♫♪ Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody ♥♫♪ (reblip)
valwears "Rex Manning Clip from Empire Records" Dedicated to @myria101 and @LindsayCullen17 SEXY REXY!

Rex Manning Day

| play
valwears listening to "lovers in Japan reign of love"-coldplay
valwears listening to "no cars go"-arcade fre
valwears listening to "Tourniquet"-Marilyn Manson

n.e.r.d. / muse / zebra / / / she wants to move / supermassive black hole

| play
valwears listening to "Superhero"-Jane's Addiction
valwears listening to "Notion"-kings of leon who I will be seeing in Sept!
valwears listening to "Champagne" by Cavo

Champagne-Cavo (With Lyrics)

| play
valwears listening to Tesla-"Caught in a dream"
valwears listening to "for what its worth" by Placebo
valwears listening to ZZ Top "gimme all your loving" yeah you heard right!

ZZ Top- Gimme All Your Lovin'

| play
valwears O SNAP! "Summertime"-Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff! Summa summa time!
valwears listening to "Believe" by the Bravery.
valwears listening to "A choppy yet sincere apology"-the riverboat gamblers.
valwears listening to "no new tale to tell" by love and rockets
valwears listening to "Twilight Omens"-Franz Ferdinand
musicjunkies ... that´s what my life was all about. ;-)
valwears listening to "daylight"-Matt and Kim
valwears listening to "You Got Me"-one block radius
valwears @StarlaFly: "I blip this all the time but I love it" - Ive only heard this once before!! GREAT JAM! (reblip)

n.e.r.d. / muse / zebra / / / she wants to move / supermassive black hole

| play
valwears one song confirmed on the New Moon ST. "I know what I am"-band of skulls. Good jam!
valwears Oh yeah! you knew it was coming. CRAP now its in my head. ALL DAY. "Wake me up before you go go..."
valwears listening to "when i come around" by green day off the dookie album. @LindsayCullen17 had a cat named Dookie! Complete with crooked tail! LOL!
valwears ITS MY FAVE SONG! "she is brighter"-Mitch Hansen Band!! Its all about Alice Cullen!!
valwears listening to "Candyshop"-Dan Finnerty and the Dan Finnerty band. From "The Hangover" LMAO!!!

Hangover Candy Shop Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band

| play
valwears Listening to "Go all the way(Into Twilight)"-perry farrell. totally jamming in my cube!! complete with singing!

6) Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) +Lyrics

| play
valwears Going out to everyone on Twitter right now-"Everybody dance now!" c&C music factory
valwears listening to "Do ya think Im sexy"-Rod Stewart.
valwears for @Langit_Anghel-makes me wanna dance! "Say I yi yi"-YIng Yang twins!
valwears listening to "Lark on my go-kart"-asher roth. Me and teddy ruxpin stirring up a rukus!
valwears listening to "Flashing Lights"-Kanye. SHe don't believe in shooting stars, but she believes in shoes and cars...
valwears Listening to "Together Forever" by Hana Pestle. One of the best songs I've ever heard. Seriously.
valwears Just had to! "breaking the law"-judas priest
valwears Listening to Matt and I's 2nd choice song for our wedding. "Never Tear us apart"-INXS LOL.

INXS : Never Tear Us Apart (live)

| play
valwears Going out to you @JHies! Im gonna dance all over your desk to this! "Get Low"-Flo Rida
valwears listening to "Jukebox Hero"-Foreigner. And singing it for @JHies. SHE LOOOOOVES IT!

Foreigner- Juke Box Hero

| play
valwears listening to "you were meant for me"-Jewel. I love this song.
valwears Listening to "Feeling Good"-Muse. After watching 14 sec of New Moon, I AM FEELING GOOD!

Muse-Feeling good OFFICIAL VIDEO

| play
valwears listening to the song that makes me think of Edward. "Seventeen Forever"-Metro Station. LOL.
valwears Can't help it is again. "Never Tear Us Apart."-Inxs. Bella and Edwards song.
valwears going out to @JHies who told our friend at lunch "Cry me a river JT!"LMAO "cry me a river"-JT.
DJ_Sparkles For my horrid Monster-n-Law. 'Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me'

Def Lepard- Pour Some Sugar On Me

| play
valwears listening to "work it"-missy elliot. love this jam!
valwears to @JHies.."Kielbasa"-Tenacious D.
valwears listening to "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G.
valwears listening to "A world w/o You" by @mitchhansenband. LOVE THEM!

A World Without You Lyrics

| play
LilFili LOVE LOVE LOVED dancing to this
valwears @Langit_Anghel-Remember this one!? "Thats just my baby dady!"
valwears Listening to "Believe"-The Bravery
valwears for the cube mate who over uses the word BIZARRE. "How Bizarre" by OMC

OMCHow Bizarre

| play
valwears Song of the day to go with my blog post! "Be my escape"-Reliant K! CHECK IT!
valwears listening to "Damn It"-Blink 182...just a good song. thats it.

Blink 182"Damn it"

| play
valwears listening to "Boombox" by The Lonely Island
valwears This always gets me moving-TGIF!! "Jump Around"-house of pain.
valwears Song of the day "If Only She Knew"-OAR. Jacob about Bella!
valwears listening to Claire de Lune and wishing that Edward would dance with me... *sigh*
valwears going back to Jr High by listening to "feel me flow"-naughty by nature!

naughty by nature feel me flow

| play
valwears listening to "Dream Girl" by The Lonely Island.

dream girl the lonely island

| play
valwears listening to "Do It Again"-Five Times August An All time fave song

Five Times August Do It Again Live @ Culture Room 5.30.08

| play
valwears listening to "Voodoo Lady" by Ween

WeenVoodoo Lady

| play
valwears @JHies-lets just jam out. Here's a good one! "Falling Away with You"-Muse. OUR FAVE BAND!!
DarthSpastic The end of the century, I said my goodbyes...
valwears Song of the day! 96 Days till New Moon! "They" by Jem. All about the Volturi! CHECK IT!

TheyJem (Best)

| play
valwears listening to "song 2" by blur Alice Cullen would totally speed in her Porsche to this!

Blur Song 2

| play
valwears I LOVE YOUNG MC! "bust a move"
proxility "Don't Panic", it's only Monday...
valwears listening to "The Greatest" by Cat Power on the ipod. Suddenly missing my Matt.
valwears listening to "Damnit" by Blink 182

DamnitBlink 182

| play
valwears listening to "boombox" by the lonely island making me laugh right now! Case of the Mondays BE GONE!
valwears Loving it! "go all the way" by Perry Farrell off of Twilight ST! Take that Monday!

Twilight Soundtrack 6: Go All the Way

| play
valwears my all time jam. "what I got" by Sublime. Life is to short so love the one ya got cause you might get run over or you might get shot.

Sublime-What I Got-(Official Music Video Clipe)

| play
valwears listening to "burn it to the ground" by nickelback.

Burn It To The Ground- Nickelback Official Video

| play
valwears Countdown Day 94's song is "Wolf Like Me" by Tv on the Radio! CHECK US OUT! Fun New Moon Countdown stuff!

Wolf Like Me TV on the Radio

| play
valwears One of Stephenie Meyers music picks just posted yesterday! I really like this band! "Swoon"-Silversun Pickups Whatcha think!?
valwears A song from The Deadweather another group that Stephenie Meyer recommended! "Treat me like your mother"

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

| play
valwears Another Stephenie Meyers favorite song! "Broadcast" by Meese. I'm diggin it!


| play
valwears Heres "two weeks" by Grizzly Bear.
valwears "supposedly" on the New Moon Soundtrack. "These are my twisted words" by Radiohead. Thoughts? I love it but I dunno about for NM. doable.

Radiohead-These are My Twisted Words

| play
valwears Owl City "saltwater room" quickly becoming a fave
valwears Favorite remix of this song! "Closer" by NIN and Static X
ganglbauer And at the end of the day, all this money [for the lawyers] is money for nothing...
valwears Day 92 on the New Moon Countdown! Song of the Day "I can't live"-Justin Guarini, for more fun stuff we are doing!

Justin Guarini; I Can't Live. New Moon Soundtrack

| play
valwears we're all stars now in the dope show....
valwears For @myria101....mangina is all I think
valwears new song that Im loving! "her diamonds" by Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas: Her Diamonds

| play
Jeffie Molly Hatchet - "Flirtin' With Disaster" - I'm travelin' down the road ,and I'm flirtin' with disaster...
valwears "The Underdog" by Spoon, will forever make me think of Efron and the Audi R8..*sighs*
valwears Not gonna lie, I do love this jam. "Ugly"-Bubba Sparxxx.

Bubba sparxxUgly !

| play
valwears listening to one of my favorite Modest Mouse songs. "Missed the Boat."

MUSIC VIDEO: Modest Mouse's 'Missed the Boat'

| play
arcticarab The White Stripes - Icky Thump - despite the title, the song rocks!
valwears reminds me of Edward in Mignight "Creep" by Radiohead. SM was right on with this one.


| play
wmediatws @piginthepoke: "Chumbawamba- Tubthumping" (reblip)

Chumbawamba- Tubthumping

| play
valwears Today's New Moon Countdown Day 91 Song! "Again"-Natasha Bedingfield. facts and stuff! Go there!

10 Natasha Bedingfield Again

| play
RikkeSJ Go sang, go tromme især og sidste Kashmir for nu...
valwears listening to Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by the White Stripes.
valwears listening to "edge of 17" stevie nicks
valwears listening to "Wrong" by Depeche Mode
valwears listening to "a choppy yet sincere apology" by riverboat gamblers
valwears always my go to..."eyes on fire" blue foundation
valwears listening to "Rich Girls" by the virgins
valwears listening to "The Greatest" by Cat Power (reblip)
valwears listening to "around the bend" by the asteroid galaxy
valwears Sweet baby jesus...this song has been stuck in my head for 2 days. It just won't quit! "Fergalious" by Fergie


| play
valwears listening to "ghosts" by Ladytron


| play
valwears listening to "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse-2 reasons: its on the ipod currently and it's my name. LOL.

Valerie (Amy Winehouse)

| play
valwears listening to "walking with a ghost" by the white stripes
valwears listening to "one of a kind" by Placebo (@TreeLuva)
valwears I so want to say this...Oh and PS thanks for blocking Twitter AND FB.
valwears Day 89 song of the day in the New Moon Countdown going to Alice Cullen-"I can't drive 55" for awesomeness
valwears listening to "what i got" by sublime...
valwears "Here w/ Me"-Dido. For day 88 of the New Moon Countdown on

Here with me-Dido

| play
valwears MY JAM! "No rest for the wicked"-cage the elephant
valwears EFRON! @LindsayCullen17 Bust a move
valwears One of my new favorites! "The Wolves Act 1&2" by Bon Iver. Could be on New Moon. Day 86 countdown

"The Wolves (Act I & II)" by Bon Iver

| play
valwears listening to "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith

Rag DollAerosmith

| play
valwears listening to "spaceman" by the Killers
valwears listening to "pardon me" by Incubus

Incubus- Pardon Me (w/ lyrics)

| play
valwears listening to "micro cuts" by Muse

Micro Cuts / Muse

| play
valwears listening to this old school jam "boom I effed your BF" salt n peppa
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 85 Song of the Day "Hold you in my arms"-Ray LaMontagne.
valwears listening to "The Mission" by Puscifier
valwears listening to "spiralling" by Keane
valwears New Moon Countdown 84 Days left! Today's song "Broken"-Lifehouse


| play
valwears Renaming my cube to "The Danger Zone" this will play when you walk in...

Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone / Top Gun

| play
valwears Word to your moms I came to drop bombs I got more ryhmes than the bibles gots psalms...
valwears ME and PE are totally dancing right now....BEAT IT!
valwears listening to "Kielbasa" by Tenacious D
valwears making me wanna bust up outta this cube! "Drop" by Ying yang twins
valwears Listeing to "Kickapoo" by Tenacious D
valwears listening to this right me back to HS. "eff my car" by Too Short
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 83 song of the day. "do what you have to do" by Sarah MacLachlan.!
valwears Dedicated to @TheJBlack. You know you want me too!! *wink*
valwears @TreeLuva...get your 4 wheeler...we are rollin out!! "Ruff Ryders Anthem" -DMX
valwears Who doesn't wanna back dat ass up when they hear this!? If you say NO I say LIAR! Do it Juvenile...

Back That Ass Up

| play
valwears i can't but dance when this comes on...."1980"-Rehab

Rehab1980 Lyrics

| play
valwears wanna be a balla? shock calla? 20 inch blades on the impala...
LilFili C' the bunny hop with me!...*doing the dance*

The Bunny Hop The Entourage

| play
valwears I got the beez on the track.....N 2 Gether now...limp Biz and Method Man
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 82: "dreaming with a broken heart" by John Mayer

John Mayer 'Dreaming With A Broken Heart'

| play
valwears New Moon Countdown Day #81 Song: "Im on my own" by Vincent Vincent and the Villians
valwears New Moon Countdown Day #80: "Never Let You Down" by the Verve Pipe
valwears listening to "lovers in Japan" by coldplay
valwears listening to "black math" by the white stripes

Black Math-The White Stripes

| play
valwears Im gonna rap this here in a second...If you don't GET OUT OF MY CUBE!!! Im slim shady yes Im the real shady
valwears listening to "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West. She don't believe in shooting stars...she believes in shoes and cars. Hells yes.
valwears listening to "The Underdog" by Spoon. Love it!
valwears listening to "infra red" by Placebo. Blocks out co-workers nicely.

PlaceboInfra red

| play
valwears listening to "Burn it to the ground" by nickelback

Nickelback Burn It To The Ground Lyrics

| play
valwears da da dadada its the motha fuckin d-o-double g! SNOOP DOGG! "the next episode" by Dr. Dre w/ Snoop
valwears "Rich Girls" by the Virgins. playing. right. now.
valwears Salt-N-Pepa Boom I effed your boyfriend!

Boom I Fucked Your Boyfriend

| play
valwears listening to "what its like" by everlast.
valwears listening to "heart of gold" by Neil Young. love it.
valwears listening to Ashes and Wine by a fine frenzy. MAYBE on the New Moon Soundtrack? Who knows...

my New Moon Soundtrack #11-Ashes & Wine-A Fine Frenzy w/ subtitle lyrics

| play
valwears listening to " rocking the suburbs" by Bens Fold
valwears listening to "Time bomb" by Beck. Love it!

BeckTime Bomb

| play
valwears listening to a lil GNR this morning! "Paradise City" where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...
valwears listening to "tourniquet" by Marilyn Manson
valwears DIEING LAUGHING! "Candy Shop" by Dan Finnerty and the dan Finnerty band. Complete with The Hanover pics!

Hangover Candy Shop Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band

| play
valwears listening to "closer" (Trance remix) NIN with Static X . Killer.

NiN featuring Static X Closer (trance mix)

| play
valwears listening to "this river is wild" by the killers
valwears listening to "bohemian rhapsody"
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 79! "I will follow you into the dark" Death Cab for Cutie
valwears This is in honor of Hump Day! "humpin around" by Bobby Brown!
valwears listening to "lady in a blue dress" by Senses Fail
valwears listening to "sometime around midnight" by airborne toxic event
valwears listening to "her diamonds" by Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas- Her Diamonds lyrics on screen

| play
valwears listening to "let me sign" by Rpatts. Over. and over. and over. and over. and over.

Robert Pattinson "Let Me Sign"

| play
valwears listening to "misery business" by Paramore
valwears listening to "burning bright" by shinedown
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 78 Song: "A World W/out You" by @mitchhansenband. Check out for more fun stuff!

A World Without You Lyrics

| play
valwears listening to "here in my room" by incubus. great song.
valwears @brandamc-You mean this Busta!? LOL "gimme some more"
valwears listening to "hey lover" by LL Cool J.

LL Cool JHey Lover

| play
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 77 "Time Stands Still" by the All-American Rejects. Check out some cool shit!
keytie the hours they bring me pain
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 76 is upon us! Todays song "white flag" by Dido. Check for more fun stuff!

DidoWhite Flag

| play
valwears listening to "burn it to the ground" by nickelback. Gets me pumped for the weekend! the THREE DAY WEEKEND!

Teddy Pendergrass- Turn Off the Lights

| play
valwears listening to "HAAAAAAANG ON SLOOPY HANG ON!!!" O....H.....I....O Lets go Bucks!

The McCoys Hang On Sloopy

| play
valwears Some crazy Buckeye Fan wrote this! his name is Snorz. LOL. @mgsmcleish and I are tailgating next week for sure!!

Ohio State Fan/Rapper 2

| play
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 73 Song-"unintended"-Muse
valwears New moon countdown day 73 "stuck in a moment" by U2
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 75 for Bell from Jake : "Fix You" by Coldplay.

ColdplayFix You

| play
valwears listening to "Cave" by Muse


| play
valwears listening to "say it" by Blue October

Say It- Blue October {{Lyrics}}

| play
valwears listening to "a world without you" by @mitchhansenband. Great song, I love it.

A World Without You Lyrics

| play
valwears listening to " heart of gold" by Neil Young
valwears for @sasaloves. This always made me feel better. Great way to think of someone who isn't in your life anymore. "Picture to Burn" Taylor Swift.
valwears listening to "this years love" by david gray

David Gray "This Years Love"

| play
valwears listening to "the sun and the moon" by mae
valwears listening to and watching the video bc its the twilight vid. "caught myself" by paramore.
valwears listening to "is it any wonder" by Keane

Is It Any Wonder? Keane

| play
valwears listening to "diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin
valwears listening to "almost lover" by fine frenzy.
valwears listening to "Im in Miami bitch" by LMFAO

I'm in miami bitch LMFAO

| play
valwears always do...."blame it" by Jamie Foxx and Tpain
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 72's Song of the Day "Never Say Never"-The Fray. for more awesome stuff!

The Fray- Never Say Never

| play

Stomp the Yard Second Battle Song

| play
valwears listening to "say I Yi Yi" ...trying hard not to dance around this place! LOL.

The Beatles-Love Me Do

| play
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 71 Song "Tearin up my Heart" by NSYNC. go to for the reasoning behind todays song!

tearin' up my heart N sync

| play
valwears listening to "young" by Hollywood Undead
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 70 song "Single Ladies" Beyonce. in honor of @peterfacinelli. Hilarious!
valwears listening to "daylight" by Matt and Kim
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 69 Song of the Day : "This Kiss" by Karmina. check out for why it was chosen!
valwears listening to "drop" by ying yang twins...makes me wanna dance all over @JHies cube.

"Script Ohio"

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valwears listening to "I want You"-Kings of Leon
valwears listening to "talihina sky"-kings of leon

Talihina Sky-Kings Of Leon

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valwears love this song! And Muse's new album hits stores TODAY! "unintended"

Muse Unintended

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valwears me and @JHies were just singing this back and forth in our cubes..."baby I got your money"-ODB
valwears Day 67 New Moon Countdown Song of the Day "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle. For the cop we all love Charlie Swan.
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 65 Song of the Day "Without a Trace" by Trust Company.
valwears dedicated to @JHies! LMAO! Just Blame it on the alcohol!
valwears amazing how hearing one song makes you think of someone and how much you miss them. This is that song. "never say never"
valwears listening to "the moment i said it" by imogen heap
valwears Day 64 of the New Moon Countdown "Alone in this bed" by Framing Hanley.
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 63 Song of the Day "It is Love" by Hellogoodbye

Oh, It Is Love-Hellogoodbye (Lyrics)

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valwears listening to "Just like heaven" by The Cure
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 61 "Papercut" by Linkin Park
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 62 "Truth about Heaven" by Armor for Sleep. for more cool stuff!
valwears listening to "The only one" by The Cure
valwears listening to "close to me" by the cure
valwears listening to "on call" by Kings of Leon
valwears song that got me hooked on Kings of Leon! "Taper jean girl"
sasaloves shake your kitty. O_O you know.
sasaloves you know that i could use somebody. someone like tattward.
valwears for some reason this is stuck in my head!!! "bump n grind" by R. Kelly
valwears listening to "boys dont' cry" by the cure. yes its a Cure night!

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

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sasaloves @wkfrmyrslp this came on my playlist and it made me think of you. YAY FOR THE OFFICE!
valwears this is my fave KOL song. I got goosebumps last night when they started playing it! "On Call"

No Air (Bella/Edward) New Moon

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valwears ask and you shall receive @JHies! "Its one them days....don't take it personal..." by Monica
valwears listening to "crawl" by kings of leon

Kings of LeonCRAWL

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valwears heard this yesterday with @MegsMcleish and i forgot I love it! i believe the video it is what my spacey cube mate sees daily in her head.

Lies, Lies, Lies (extended)

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valwears "Happy" by Leona Lewis. Great song that makes me feel better on a crappy day.

HappyLeona Lewis

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valwears reminds me of my friend who had me drive around lookin for her ex's car to do this to...LOL. "Bust your windows"

Jasmine Sullivan- Bust your windows

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valwears @myria101 Here ya go numba 1 ZOOMBA!

"Zoomba" by Starlight Mints

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valwears @myria101: I think this a better version! "Zoomba" starlight mints
valwears listening to "don't trust me" by 3OH!3
valwears makes me wanna shake my mokey maker!WHOS WITH ME?! "Drop" by the ying yang twins.
valwears Day 53 New Moon Countdown song of the day "on call" by Kings of leon. check out to see why it was picked!
valwears listening to "burn it to the ground" by nickelback
valwears Listening to "caught myself" by Paramore. And watching the video that goes along w/ it. Twilight style.

Paramore-I Caught Myself Music Video

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valwears listening to "unintended" by Muse

Muse Unintended

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valwears listening to "is it any wonder" by Keane

Is It Any Wonder? Keane

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valwears listening to "Electric Feel by MGMT

MGMT electric feel

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valwears me and @JHies are going to dance off to this "beat it" by Michael Jackson. Shes scared...I can see it in her eyes.

Michael Jackson's Beat It

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valwears listening to "on your porch" by the format

The Format- On Your Porch

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LilFili @valwears You made me wanna listen to this! LOL
valwears New Moon Countdown Day 31! Song "Happiness if Overrated" by the Airborne Toxic Event. check for more cool stuff!
valwears jammin to right now "blood bank" by bon iver
valwears for some reason I love this song..."Green grass grows" by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Green Grass Grows

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valwears great song..."grounds for divorce" by Elbow awesome right? @froggerchick
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 21-Song of the day "speeding cars" by Imogen Heap. For more info and cool
valwears dedicated to @JHies "stay outta my phone" by triple J
valwears I really like this song..."possibility" by Lykke Li

4. Lykke Li- Possibility- Twilight- New Moon Official Soundtrack

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valwears listening to "One day like this" by Elbow
valwears listening to Supermassive Black Hole-and watching the Twilight clips that are with it! Hellooooooo baseball!

Supermassive Black Hole (lyrics and Twilight videos)

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valwears this is how I feel right now "take this job and shove it" by Johnny Paycheck
valwears Day 17 song of the day New Moon Countdown "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina. go to for more cool NM Stuff!

Satellite Heart- Anya Marina (From the NEW MOON Soundtrack)

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valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 16 "White Demon Love Song"-The Killers. For more kick ass stuff check out

5. The Killers- A White Demon Love Song- Twilight- New Moon OST

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valwears I don't know why but this song seems appropriate for today at the office. "dude looks like a lady" by Aerosmith. plus its aweome.
valwears Day 15 of New Moon Music Countdown on "I belong to you"-Muse. Check out site for more fun stuff!
valwears New Moon Music Countdown Day 14-"Possibility" by Lykke Li for more kick ass New Moon facts! CHECK IT!

Official New Moon Movie Soundtrack-Possibility-Lykke Li

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valwears listening to "life line" by Papa Roach. B.c really aren't we all?

lifelinepapa roach

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valwears listening to "the drugs" by the weatherbox
valwears listening to "You think we suck"-ape fight

"You Think We Suck" Ape Fight

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valwears listening to 'the boy who blocked his own shot' by Brand New

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

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valwears for some reason I love this song...."big green tractor" by Jason Aldean
valwears for @mykimmykim: she reminded me I haven't heard this song in FOREVER! "i got 5 on it"-Luniz
valwears a stephenie meyer pick for the Midnight Sun playlist. "Notice" by Gomez


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valwears Day two of New Moon Music countdown!! "slow life" by Grizzly bear. go to Come share your thoughts on New Moon!
valwears listening to "percussion gun"-white rabbits

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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valwears listening to "cannonball" the breeders
valwears listening to "stuck here like mom" Twilight score
valwears listening to "cath" by death cab for cutie

Cath Deathcab for Cutie HDNet

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valwears listening to "for emma" by bon iver
valwears listening to "whats golden" by Jurassic 5
valwears NEW MOON MUSIC COUNTDOWN ONE DAY! "midnite solar"-lupe fiasco. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack Preview

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valwears perfect relaxation song "aqueous transmission"-incubus. couldnt have come a better time
valwears switched songs and found this "happy" leona lewis...another fitting song! LOVE IT!

Happy Leona Lewis!

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valwears listening to "in your world" by @Muse

In Your WorldMuse

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valwears listening to "champagne" by Cavo


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valwears listening to "white demon love song" by the killers. I need this ring tone
valwears listening to "gimme that nut" by Easy E

gimme that nut -Easy E

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valwears listening to "no cars go" by arcade fire
valwears "cath" by death cab for cutie a fave of mine by them
valwears listening to "hide and seek" by imogen heap
valwears listening to "love story" by Taylor Swift "its a love story baby just say yes!"
valwears listening to "Bust a Move" by the Glee Cast

Bust A MoveGlee

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valwears listening to "no sound but the wind" by editors
valwears listening to "for Emma"-Bon Iver

for emma- bon iver

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valwears this song makes me laugh so hard! "Kielbasa"-Tenacious D
valwears love this song b/c it has 'hide and seek' in it. "whatcha say" by Jason Derulo for you sista @MeHeartU2
valwears listening to "hair/crazy in love" by Glee Cast
valwears yup I have this on my ipod. "Red Mist" the Twilight Trailer song by Jim Dooley.

Official Twilight Movie Trailer Song

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valwears listening to "her diamonds" by Rob Thomas
valwears one of my favorite christmas songs "bells will be ringing" charles brown
valwears listening to "carol of the bells" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra feat. Metallica - Carol of the Bells

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valwears i shouldn't listen to this right now "possibility" lykke li

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack Preview (HQ)

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valwears for @MeHeartU2: For George :Smooth operator
valwears listening to "ching-a-ling" by Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott 'Ching-A-Ling' Step Up 2: The Streets

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valwears listening to "your bruise" death cab for cutie
valwears listening to Puck sing "Sweet Caroline" Check the pic with this blimp. HOMINA!
valwears listening to one of my all time fave @Muse songs "in your world"

In Your WorldMuse

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valwears listening to "happy alone" by KOL

Happy Alone-Kings Of Leon

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valwears IM LISTENING TO THE SAME THING!!!! WEIRD! sister thing! (reblip)

Glee "It's My Life/ Confessions" HQ!!

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valwears listening to "punch you in the jeans" by lonely island

Punch You In The Jeans The Lonely Island

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valwears listening to "the meadow" alexandre desplat
valwears for @myria101 whos seeing them live TONIGHT! Lucky BIA!!!! Bad girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman
valwears listening to "Hearing Damage"-Thom Yorke. I will have this trying to block out asshats in my cube
valwears turn this up way loud!!!!! "Monsters" by hurricane Bells and picture Edward walking towards you in the parking lot!!! !
valwears listening to "touch it" by Monifah. wow this takes me back!

MonifahTouch It

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valwears love this song...."whatca say" by Jason Derulo. Imogen Heep is in it. I think thats why. (@MeHeartU2)
valwears lovin this song!!!! Check it out! "break even" by the script

Break Even :The Script

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