vantowers my buddy Ptah changed my life when he played me this song


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vantowers the greatest punk epic ever penned EVER!
vantowers my band loved to cover this song
vantowers one of the best zep tunes, period.
vantowers cutting edge lyrical hip hop at its best
vantowers Black Thought at his absolute most potent
vantowers saw this motherfucker at the first unitarian church in philly. his set was something to behold
vantowers Bruce Springstreen called this 'the greatest song ever written about america'. I tend to agree
vantowers one of the great songs, one of the great players
vantowers the bad plus are the coolest jazz trio currently playing in my opinion. this song was written by the drummer, and is the third in a trilogy :)
vantowers i work with this homey. awesome musical mind
vantowers are you someone who enjoyed the band Dispatch in their heyday? then give State Radio a chance (you might recognize someone familiar)
vantowers my all-time favorite.. in my opinion, the undisputed most relevant song the incredibly prolific John Lennon ever penned. cheers

God - John Lennon

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vantowers for my father, hope you can hear it

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

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vantowers "we can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb it into peace"... such a great lyric
vantowers one of franti's best lyrically. awesome production as well


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vantowers one mad scientist of a musician. beautiful melody

Aphex TwinFlim

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vantowers had to blip this cause it's the only bromberg tune on here! wtf people! check this guy out


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vantowers this is what you'd find in the dictionary if they carried a definition for PRECISION LYRICS
vantowers movement of jah people. sickest rhythm ever
vantowers one of those performances that go a long way to forever redefining a song
vantowers greatest opening line to a song (and album) of all-time... "in a time of chimpanzee's i was a monkey"


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vantowers i love the concept of ILLEGALLY CREATED music
vantowers gotta have that funk. the meters are the funkiest band ever short of soul brotha #1
vantowers calling the meek and the humble

Lee Scratch Perry - Black Panta

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vantowers quickly becoming my alltime favorite bluesman
vantowers dude is a cross between a lion and a great dane... great songwriter and finger picking guru
vantowers these boys are in the studio recording the new hot shit right now
vantowers the only word for this song is brilliant
vantowers love me them slow blues.

Tin Pan Alley

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vantowers rockpalast


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Spiritus_ex_machina Play this really LOUD for full effect
vantowers best relationship song ever written
vantowers 'true love is gone...' anyone got a deeper case of the blues than that?
vantowers this song causes cravings.
vantowers bleed the blues

The Black Keys- My mind is Ramblin'

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vantowers all my lovers dreams come true

Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" as Reimagined by Concerned Citizens of Yesteryear

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vantowers call me corny... but this is my jam
vantowers best cut off of 'attack and release'
vantowers kinda song make a grown man cry
vantowers first cut off the album. first heard it on vinyl

Neutral Milk Hotel -- Song Against Sex

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vantowers randy newman, carl perkins, and king kong all rolled into one
vantowers unbelievably fantastic cover
vantowers beautiful arrangement... beautiful song
vantowers who says you cant twist your hips to the end of times?
vantowers slide guitar and real live howlin dogs... blues
vantowers this is my FAVORITE blues recording of ALL FUCKING TIME. no joke
vantowers great song, one of my good friends
vantowers one of the better songwriters out there
vantowers an underrated cover of dylan's classic
vantowers i love to cover this one in confined spaces
vantowers just brings a smile to the face... so pleasing
vantowers gets my vote as one of the 10 most brilliant songs ever written
vantowers this is what i do outside in the middle of night

My Baby Burnt Her Garlic, by Chris Jankoski

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vantowers for trevor, who used to rock the shit out of this song at open mics.

Saturday Night By The Misfits w/ Lyrics

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Lynyrd Skynyrd-Gimme Three Steps-1977

| play
vantowers seriously, one of the nastiest tracks i've ever heard. dig it, ft. etta james killing
vantowers "I SUPPORT MY TROOPS AND I SHOP AT WAL-MART, i text my vote to american idol. i'm an american cause i was born here THIS LAND WAS MADE FOR YOU AND ME" (reblip)

Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" as Reimagined by Concerned Citizens of Yesteryear

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megg ahhh ;) thx, mama! i bet you say that to all the blippers! @FerrMama: "@megg this one is for you !! you know you're my favorite :) " (reblip)
buzzfledderjohn a favorite (and somewhat underappreciated) tom waits tune
vantowers joe cocker does every song justice (reblip)

Joe CockerOne

| play
vantowers have your cake, and eat it too
vantowers female vocal on this song is chilling
vantowers fat men dancing with a hot chick to the best one-man-band blues memphis has to offer

Richard Johnston Shake 'Em On Down

| play
vantowers off of zuma, my favorite neil young album
vantowers my buddy

Dan Zimmerman at Cafe Improv

| play
vantowers all-stars

John Mayer Come Back To Bed

| play
vantowers aint nothing better than some slow blues
vantowers fuck clapton. merle travis is god.
vantowers everyone drinking that new world water (reblip)
sarahKNUCKLEUP story of my life: ♫ you didn't have to tell me that you love me so, you didn't have to love me mama, let me go, hey hey mama, what's the matter here ♫

My Life Is Good.

| play

What's He Building In There?

| play
tinadiggsit cheers to the teachers and students back at school, enjoy your...


| play
vantowers too fast for the frames to capture

RUFUS JONES : Drum Solo '65

| play
vantowers STOP THAT TRAIN. won't be too long whether i'm right or wrong
vantowers meddlin good shit @BLUESBOOGIE: "IndieFeed Community – Mannish Boys - California Blues" (reblip)
vantowers research

Peter Tosh Stop that Train Acoustic

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lilyetc phantogram ~ when i'm small ~ hey i am enjoying this group and her voice is amazing @sandyriverside @ funkshoi , @by_starla you heard this?
vantowers research

The Road Goes on Forever

| play

BOB DYLAN 2008 Vienna, Stadthalle MASTERS OF WAR

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Pete Francis of Dispatch "Armies of Angels" acoustic 2008

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Ten Years After live at Woodstock 1969.

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vantowers with the rain, and the rising curtain... one of the greatest dylan clips i know of.
vantowers i said good morning judge, what might be my fine?

Track 01

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vantowers met this man- way cool dude
vantowers @CargoCulte: "I'm not into the top 10 list stuff, but this is hands down one of the best songs of this year. " (reblip)
vantowers beautiful ballad


| play
vantowers why didn't this awesome cut make the live album?

Hang Down Your Head

| play
vantowers try and tell me he does no justice...
loriiseclectic @cdub...hope you have happy holidays! Neko singing Tom : )

Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis

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vantowers huh, this should be awkward. early morning finance coverage... and nils lofgren.
NotDarkYet Jimi could do anything he wanted to. @Word_Bandit Jimi Hendrix / "Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night" (reblip)
vantowers sticks in the head like hot glue

Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse- Valerie

| play

William Basinski: Disintegration loops II (t 02)

| play
vantowers some people have the wind blowing through their voices
vantowers mah buddy

O Holy Night

| play

Ryan Forrester plays Charlie Brown (Linus and Lucy)

| play
vantowers killer minimal version

Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom Joad live in Studio

| play
vantowers i'd like to welcome to the stage someone who knows their way around the stratocaster

Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton at Ronnie Scott's

| play

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys Performs Trouble Weighs A Ton

| play
vantowers probably one of a handful of the most important compositions of the 20th century
vantowers great fucking song from one of my best buds
vantowers killer track - love the open space and big drums
vantowers this cut is almost TOO FUNKY. great randy newman tune!
vantowers makes me want to run around n act crazy
vantowers research.

Audioslave I Am the Highway

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vantowers this is about as good a cover as a cover could ever dream to be
vantowers truly beautiful - zen master arranging skills
vantowers 17 minute long PUNK EPIC. if you haven't yet, well... sucks to be you up till now
ChalmSkinn Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time For y'all have knocked her up.
vantowers i have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe -- i was not offended
RadioRider Love to hear Lou Ann sing her part. James Cotton is playin harp on this. Thx@bugg (reblip)
vantowers @RadioRider: "Love to hear Lou Ann sing her part. James Cotton is playin harp on this. Thx@bugg" (reblip)

Roots of Blues -- Memphis Slim „Diggin' My Potatoes No 2"

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vantowers GREAT PROTEST song - funny as shit.
vantowers ben harper claims that it wasn't until he began collaborating with the blind boys that he truly understood how to sing.
vantowers this is just really fucking interesting, flat out.
vantowers he covers Kimbrough -- and he's a baaaaaad man

Richard Johnston "Done Got Old"

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Angelitos55 Bitch, I love You: just don't know why....oops!!!
vantowers -- and the AWESOME cover by pharoahe.
vantowers thanks for this blip! so damn much in fact @Coffeenuts: "@orangekittypie: Bob Dylan – Song To Woody" (reblip)

'Drop Down Mama' SLEEPY JOHN ESTES & HAMMIE NIXON (1935) Blues Guitar Legend

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vantowers i FUCKING love this song. the overdrive and bass does everything for me cept fold my laundry :)
vantowers this is the coolest project i've heard of in a really long time.
vantowers i have met some -- which pray to this recording.
wendy93639 Remember me to one who lives there. She once was a true love of mine. (btw there's no Tom in this...only Bob)
vantowers thank god for phraoahe monch. dig that second verse. how heavy is that?
vantowers because sonny is the best - and it's an accurate weather prediction.
vantowers one of those contemporary songs that sounds a hundred years old.
vantowers avalanche

Don And The Galaxies-Avalanche 1960

| play
vantowers know your forest fire prevention representative.

Mitch Hedburg - Smacky the Frog

| play
vantowers a break up song of mass destruction.
avivajazz ♫♪ Manante – Frutas para el Desayuno | #latinjazz
vantowers a ballad for the keymaster.

Ballad of William Rodriguez

| play
vantowers nils covering the boss (his boss)

If I fall Behind (If I should fall behind)

| play
vantowers Gil was the first to say it, now we all know it.
vantowers uh huh... huh huh huh huh
vantowers getting these two in a room is brilliant. having them cover leadbelly is a dream.
vantowers "our love is like the border between Greece and Albania". #truelove
vantowers this song is an old-school metal slinky.
vantowers this is a founding document of 21st century freedom of speech law.

Bob Marley & The Wailers High Tide Or Low Tide

| play
vantowers Tonight, I discovered that I'm crushing on the entire U.S. women's curling team. Seriously.

Eric Clapton & B.B. King- Marry You

| play

Johnny Cash & Ray Charles- Crazy Old Soldier

| play
rockthetropics LOVE THIS rb@aktovoir: "Here's one of the Blak Roc songs I was telling you about #rockthetropics" (reblip)

The Black Keys feat. Mos Def and Jim Jones "Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)" w/ lyrics

| play
vantowers one blip. one awesome blip -- then back to work i go.


| play
vantowers another great cut off Alice. @ReflectionSymmetry @calabash11

Table Top Joe

| play
vantowers can't nobody play smooth as this cat.
vantowers this song will move you.
ARDELLd Duke, Duke, Duke - Duke of Earl. As I walk through this world, nothing can stop The Duke of Earl. And you, you are my girl - and no one can hurt you.
mgundy32 It's somebody's birthday somewhere. Have some Cake.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn - Sweet Home Chicago (8 - 26 - 90)

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Atomik Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (Morgan Page Bootleg Remix)
vantowers jealous. @SHAMBO: "@emeticmedic: "I was lucky enough to see him do this live last summer and he rocked the house. My fave from his last disc."" (reblip)
vantowers @Eclecticist: "My favorite version. Love the relentless backbeat and the bluesy guitar" (reblip)
Chise Booker T Featuring The Drive By Truckers & Neil Young - Hey Ya

03 Hey Ya-Booker T Featuring The Drive By Truckers & Neil Young

| play
vantowers these live freddie king vids are hitting the spot tonight.
vantowers i remember listening to this album for days on end.
Eclecticist rb @bytera: This is (just) the solo which makes people insane Gilmour makes the guitar tell a story, phrasing~4 minutes 40 seconds of mesmerising epic (reblip)
vantowers Security. A word whose definition needs to be constantly fought for.

SecurityEtta James

| play
DareToEatAPeach I hate these dog-human hybrid ads. They're going to give me nightmares. Way too much flesh...and it's procreating. Ugh. rb@thesearejams (reblip)
vantowers WTF fact o the day: Yesterday the court told me my term of jury service was satisfied - today they send me a letter with a summons for not showing up.
kundunphei ⁰⁀❉⁀⁰➢❀➣ @MONIKKA: "Hi there @kundunphei !! Nice to 'see' you !! Thanks :)" same here! feels like it's been a while - I've been glued to the games! (reblip)
vantowers great tune. @RadioFreeIllinois: "M. Ward ~ Here Comes The Sun Again...this is sooo smoove...insp. by the @Shaman777" (reblip)
vantowers @blues_b_us: "Get ready.. BACK DOOR MAN is coming.. Howlin Wolf (original 1960)" (reblip)

Omar Khorshid in Color Guitar al-Hob

| play

Buckethead backyard soloing

| play

Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains opening jam

| play
vantowers great 'secret track' at the end of REAL GONE.
vantowers we're all gonna be dirt in the ground.

The Beatles- 04- Nowhere Man (Stereo Remastered 2009)

| play

David Bromberg and his Big Band "Oh Sharon" Night Stage Cambridge, MA 2-17-89

| play
vantowers research.

084 - Stereo MC's - Connected (1993) (MrEmiX)

| play
adbert [Traveling Wilburys – She's My Baby] Gary Moore in lead guitar!!!
Angelitos55 Poetry Girl:(cool with all that)

Battlefield Band at the 1981 Philadelphia Folk Festival

| play

Lucinda Williams: Bonnie Portmore

| play
RafaelCortines rb&ty@JAE82: "Busta Rhymes-Gimme Some More" (reblip)
Eclecticist if only Derek Trucks were on stage I would have my guitar trifecta (reblip)
vantowers @motorcityguvnor: "this bloke is the master of doing nothing all the time -when he strikes -watch out -killer attack-this one is covered in grease" (reblip)

Jimmie VaughanD/FW

| play
vantowers thank you!!!! @TrainWreckRadio: ""NEW Johnny Cash music!"" (reblip)

Bob Dylan-Workingman's Blues#2

| play
fxp123 susan tedeschi angel from montgomery

susan tedeschi angel from montgomery

| play


| play
chelseagirl19 This song still does something to me that I can't quite explain... (reblip)
vantowers @blues_b_us: "nice combo@softnblue: "john lee hooker & carlos santana - chill out"" (reblip)
vantowers one of those desert island cuts.
vantowers thank you! @mark_till: "State Radio - Calling All Crows" (reblip)

Stevie Wonder- Golden Lady

| play

Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles

| play

The Black Keys- Funk #49

| play
vantowers i love this version.

Peter Tosh Stop that Train Acoustic

| play
fxp123 Keb Mo - Shave Yo' Legs thanks guys but gotta run but I'm leaving you with this little gem
vantowers @GullyJumper: "Clarence Williams' Blue Five – Cake Walking Babies from Home" (reblip)

Bob Marley & The Wailers High Tide Or Low Tide

| play
Joleesa ✵ Connected ✵ ~man, i played the mess out of this one when it first came out....haha~
vantowers never enough mingus. @BigBangJazz: "Charles Mingus – Moanin' >> #nowplaying #jazz" (reblip)
flopy_palandri you took my heart when you left Without your sweet kiss My soul is lost, my friend Tell me how do I begin again? My city's in ruins...
vantowers one of the awesome cats on fat possum records. @MrsASoprano: @misterDW: (reblip)
vantowers every voicing on this cut is magic.
vantowers dude is an establishment of the guitar.
vantowers been trying to re:find this particular performance vid for a while.
Coffeenuts @Maikeru48: Norah Jones - The Long Way Home @TidyCat! (reblip)

Norah Jones-The Long Way Home

| play
vantowers @RockingInVa: "@Awannabeangel: "RB>>@Gidyean: "THE MOODY BLUES -Nights In White Satin – 1967"" One of my favs!" (reblip)
vantowers great song - great blip@DJSkeezix: "'i think its for the greater good.. that i smoke this joint right now..' ~ the enigmatic Dr. Hunter S. Thompson ~" (reblip)
StreamingMimi For @GroovyMonster ~ The Beach Boys – Drive-In
vantowers bout time i seen this scroll down the list. @MauiMichael: "Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain" (reblip)
vantowers i'ma send you back to yo mama darling... and i'm gonna go home to my family too. :)

William Elliott Whitmore--Johnny Law

| play
vantowers @DeAnn: "@MrsEvilVixen: "Niiiiiice. ;) rb @MugOfGasoline: "Bill Withers is so full of soul. If I could sing, I would sound exactly like this.""" (reblip)
OrangeKrush rb @Radiata: "One quick blip." If all you had time for was one blip, all I can say is...excellent choice! I love this song. (reblip)
vantowers songwriting in RGB.

Every Mile I Drive, by Chris Jankoski

| play
vantowers automatic rb. (reblip)


| play
OrangeKrush What a delightfully creepy cover.
SHAMBO right there with you. @slanted_and_enchanted: "I still love Pulp... and I don't care who knows it" (reblip)
RadioRider JLH's version - smooth and easy ...
aprildax her voice in this is mesmerizing...enchants, beckons@detroitfan
vantowers talk is cheap -- that's why we speak with it though.
vantowers @Eclecticist: "rb @blueswebradio: "How bout this classic video with Albert King and Gary Moore..."" (reblip)
vantowers this is one of the best examples of performed/recorded blues done right
readmylipstick @seattle98122: "CRAP....Dr John "I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)" "New York City Blues"" (reblip)

Dr John "I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)" "New York City Blues"

| play
DamnTheMan Still in FL or did I scuur ya away @Gidyean: "Hey bro! #DamnTheMan: "It's the same doubt, the same dream. It's the same sabotage cuz I'm the enemy.... (reblip)

Otep Perfectly Flawed

| play
GimmeSomeJohn Wicked Wilson Pickett – Funky Broadway [Live]
vantowers sick find. @blues_b_us: "@readmylipstick: "Dr John, B B King & Willie Nelson – Times Marches On"" (reblip)
De_Ann ~Jimi Hendrix - Bold As Love(Instrumental)~ thx @Shaman777 (reblip)

Gil Scott Give Her A Call

| play
vantowers @riseandroar: "love! @MelBee: "love it! @agogab: "RB!@mark_till: "The Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance?"""" (reblip)
vantowers if you have one song to listen to before serving a girl with her walking papers- a perfect low-grade breakup song.

John Mayer "I'm Gonna Find Another You"

| play