vgan Never get enough of ELO... Especially this song.
vgan My favorite band thus far by far.

Deerhoof - Spirit Ditties Of No Tone

| play
vgan One of my favorite songs ever. R.I.P. Pitchfork, drive like jehu and hot snakes :(


| play
vgan in the blue august moon...
vgan crazy me, crazy you


| play
vgan There's your little baby girl you're almost glad you had.
vgan I have no idea why I like this song so much.
vgan This song makes me want to dance.
vgan I'm the operator with my pocket calculator
vgan Give me a call, *if you want to*...
vgan Funny that possibly my favorite smiths song is instrumental.
vgan Kinda wish this was an actual band and not just a recording project. I still love champs and trans am.
vgan They give no f*ck, just as long as there's enough for them...
vgan Somehow moved on from yacht rock to jazz.
vgan Someday I will probably get sick of this song because I listen to it so much...
vgan Makes me want to watch that movie now...
vgan This song plays in my head when I stop thinking.
vgan Grab your things, i've come to take you home.
vgan i dig the bass line in this.
vgan squarepusher goes prog jazz
vgan Enough of this song yet? ;)
vgan something you've always wanted.
vgan Don't eat that burger, has it got mayonaise? Give it to me.
vgan my favorite depeche mode song... (and my little brother's)
vgan help im getting dragged into an 80s vortex!
vgan not the best quality, but still makes me want to dance...
vgan creeping into the 70s


| play
vgan this is the sound of me falling asleep
vgan Just call me DJ Non-Sequitur. Yes, the song from mannequin...
vgan I've been inventing you, and I continue inventing you.
vgan I'm barely living in her half-time show...
vgan you got me coughin' up my cookie heart. makin' promises to myself. promises like seeds of everything i could be.
vgan Try to communicate, ‘cause I wanna procreate...
vgan Is this love of ours a lie?
vgan I'm having band genealogy night or something...
vgan This is my jam.

20 - Laserdance - Powerrun

| play
vgan I got to cover this song once to a packed crowd. fun fun fun. :)
vgan Too many feelings connected to this song, still can't listen to it, but you should. ;)


| play
vgan Will we they again someday?

Cut CopyFuture

| play
vgan Perhaps someone you know could sparkle and shine.
vgan Russia's greatest love machine...
vgan Get in, get out of the rain.
vgan You know you love it.


| play
vgan more electric light parade... ;)


| play
vgan Balance, repetition, proposition.
vgan In between we're recorders, In between we try .
vgan Pinball machines and difficult math?
vgan I never got to see this band before they split. :(
vgan Blows me away how much good music I find on here...
vgan Hey! You! Get into my car!

Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Car

| play
vgan I know a boy who sailed around the world. started off with his cat.
vgan Nice mellow afternoon jam.
vgan Its been a non-stop party since I flew the coop.


| play
vgan lemme hear you say biff!!! bang!!! pow!!!
vgan why do you make up all these stories?
vgan I wanna do drugs, but I'm afraida drugs!
vgan I want the shadows to write my personal theme song.
vgan I can't get to sleep. I think about the implications of diving in too deep.
vgan you're a long way from home
vgan We put the rock in the slingshot, then we throw it all away...
vgan sometimes a mirror's a miracle
vgan life is unfair; kill yourself, or get over it...
vgan @wellie these things happen to other people; they don't don't happen at all in fact.
vgan I'm spending way too much time on this site... ;)
vgan @abarbosa they were just playing the entire bladerunner sound track at the coffee shop i'm at.
vgan Kaneda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!
vgan Not relaxing, but pleasant.
vgan and then well take it higher
vgan I'm all over the place today. Actually, that's everyday. ;)
vgan This just came up in my iPod. ;)
vgan you get so dizzy even walking in a straight line...
vgan Wish someone would upload daniel the dolphin... ;) (hint hint)
vgan Bubble gum kinda keeps my heart from gettin' heavy and cryin'

Free Design - Bubbles

| play
vgan awe shit, this song makes me feel like rollerskating or something...
vgan so fine they almost blew my mind
vgan We started dancing and love put us into our groove
vgan Not sure where this one came from... A little grade school nostalgia.


| play
vgan Naughty girls need love too you know?
vgan two hearts that beat as one
vgan @Greenie thanks, you broke my trance. ;) (reblip)
vgan OK, need to go do some work.
vgan it was only in my dreams
vgan I am a Rock. I am an island. and a rock feels no pain. and an island never cries...

Paul Simon and Garfunkel - I Am A Rock

| play
vgan I heat up, I can't cool down...
vgan Love this song... wish I could find jet set though...
vgan freakazoids, robots, please report to tha dance floor!
vgan I can't stop with the freakstyle jamz.
vgan Nice song to send my fellow blippers off to sleep with. ;)
vgan What were the skys like when you were young?


| play
vgan dreams, dreams, of when we just started things...
vgan k, really, going to sleep now! gnite everyone...
vgan @paeix Almost thought I was burned out on this song, then I heard it again... (reblip)
vgan @CleberFacchi One of my favorite songs of theirs. (reblip)
vgan A little Peter Gabriel never hurt anybody.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
vgan I know you want to see the puppets now too:


| play
vgan Losing love is like a window in your heart; everybody sees you're blown apart.
vgan Wot??????


| play
vgan I could blip stereolab all day long. srsly.
vgan Climbing up the friendly trees
vgan I like flying. Flying kites.
vgan Makes me wanna ride my bike. ;)
vgan Sorry, the last one cuts out in the middle. (p.s. this melody always reminded me of the game marble madness)
vgan OK, how about something to wake everybody up a little bit!!!
vgan @rdrcr420 This is my favorite Billy Joel song I think.
vgan In a jar the scars are plain to see...
vgan ...but you're acting all upset like you're the only one who is wet.


| play
vgan Haven't listened to this in a while...
vgan I think I'm fading... Too much sledding today ;)
vgan When two tribes go to war, A point is all you can score
vgan I think I need some sleep...
vgan Take me home!

Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam - I Wonder If I Take You Home

| play
vgan @RagainsT thanks, I just noticed my shiny new badge!!
vgan I'm actually going to thailand and vietnam in two weeks, so excited!


| play
vgan brains!!!!!!!!

Zombies - Hung up on a dream

| play
vgan Haha, I miss the old Madonna.
vgan the the


| play
vgan eh, you might as well jump...
vgan last night i drew a funny man with a dog head and a hanging tongue.
vgan gnite blippers, im gettin out of the house and let someone else DJ for a change... ;)
vgan just because ive been in front of a computer all day long
vgan This is all I got for you tonight blipper babies. Please enjoy!
vgan in a very engine kid kind of mood right now...
vgan you got some fuckin attitude!
vgan Haha, I have this 7" on clear vinyl!!!! Love love love this. :)


| play
vgan WTF, im getting musical cravings like im preggers. Wonder if I'll have musical morning sickness.
vgan anybody remember these guys?


| play
vgan this ride is nothing without you alone...


| play
vgan really wanted to hear this all of a sudden, and there it is.
vgan some more good stuff for good stuff liking folks.
vgan lets here it for tasteful banjo accompaniment...
vgan ever see the pirate movie? so bad and so good
vgan @RagainsT I want to play that buffalo girls song too, but i cant find it!
vgan dont. push. me... cause. im. close. to. the. edge.
vgan Music to hack code to on a saturday evening; or procrastinate to...
vgan bustin' some Dick Hyman! this is from 1968 bitches!!!
punkrockdiedwhen A great band. I just hope their sound doesn't make it onto Grey's Anatomy. (If it has already, please don't tell me).
vgan More Dick Hyman... (1969)


| play
vgan Yay, got tickets for the wiltern in may!
vgan i wanna rollerskate, so sick of Oracle right now.... :p
vgan This place is dead anyways...
vgan got a bad taste in my mouth, from bitter tears... (actually maybe it just the campari.)
vgan Too much coffee and now I'm blipping myself to sleep at 3am...
vgan OK, sleeping now for rls... gnite blipsterers!! 3 props to anyone who knows what movie this is from (without googling it!!) :)
vgan evening blipstas.... something pretty and mellow for y'all.
vgan new discovery tonight from a band-mate... makes my ears happy.
vgan One of the first mathrock bands i ever heard in like '92. This song is short but sweet.
vgan memo to myself: do the dumb things i gotta do. touch the puppet head.
vgan @landosystem @blaim This is what we were trying to remember last night...

Fever RaySeven

| play
vgan @punkins you can't rollerskate?!?! for rls? (reblip)
vgan trying to chill out from all the intelligentsia, vegan cinnamon rolls, and cookies... :P


| play
vgan Still working, but continuing to try to chill out... This is helping. :)
vgan !Time is tight, leaving for Bangkok on wednesday!!!
vgan I <3 Laser Dance!


| play
vgan these guys were way ahead of their time...


| play
vgan more laser dance, can't believe there's this much on here!


| play
vgan and the tough guys tumble...
vgan that's something i don't wanna catch...
vgan Going to see these guys at the smell tonight...
vgan New treat I just got from my friend who heard it from pandora while listening to the knife. I love the internet. :)

YelleCe Jeu

| play
vgan thanks @jonarablu fits my current mood perfectly. (reblip)
vgan going to see these guys at the el rey next week!!!!
vgan dusty in thailand, but not dry...
vgan i need to get some coffee and listen to this a few more times.
vgan OK, I'll chill on the YMO, after you listen to this (from 1980)...
vgan Been on a huge YMO kick lately...


| play
vgan I have a problem. Can't stop listening to YMO...


| play
vgan enjoying some beautiful old school (1973) kraftwerk before heading home from work.
vgan guess im on a bit of an electronica kick lately...
vgan yelle was so awesome at the el rey last week!


| play
vgan Can't believe these guys are playing in la in a couple weeks, so excited! With the silver apples no less!
vgan Sunshine is still out for another hour or so...
sudaca70 reblipping the grand @newwaveclassics; virtually unknown in Argentina, one of the greatest 80s bands (reblip)

The Colourfield - She

| play
vgan can't believe van pelt are playing at sxsw, haven't seen them in years!
vgan there really isn't enough early ministry on here!
vgan saw these guys last night at sxsw, they were pretty awesome.
DJJazzyJacq @adbert great track![Aztec Camera – Somewhere in my Heart] @nicoletteHART gute slapen! (reblip)
vgan can't believe these guys are playing tonight at the echo with silver apples! Should be interesting.
vgan this came up on my ipod this morning and it really got me for some reason...
Sparklepony it's smoke mushroom! thanks 4 the luv @stickylicks @Domarts @lalamalone @myhairispooofy (mineistoo) @MsRedPen @poetfool @GR8FL @rmonkey (hoohoo)
vgan @Sparklepony There isn't much YMO on blip, and its pretty hard to find in the US... I'll see if I can *enrich* the selection. ;)
vgan one of my favorite wall of voodoo songs. this needed to be on here...
vgan this ones for su! Jam on it!

Newcleus - Jam On It

| play
vgan its not sunday anymore, but it still feels like it is.
vgan this is what happens when deerhoof listens to of montreal too much. i like it. ;)
vgan some nice late afternoon ethereal listening.
vgan there needs to be more cockney rebel on here...
vgan just one more blip, or two.
vgan something for inspiring sleep in a busy mind.
vgan this ones for Piratbyrån :(
vgan @jan_burke this one? i love this song.
vgan This one's for everybody at coachella right now. ;)
vgan Trying to get motivated to go out.
vgan I seriously love this song, ever since I saw the 80's BBC hitchikers guide... I can't believe its by the Eagles?!
vgan Some rocking Islands for a Friday night...

IslandsThe Arm

| play
vgan think like a gun.

John CaleGun

| play
vgan solid state survival - ymo

08-solid state surviver

| play
vgan stoked to see these guys at spaceland tonight!!
vgan musical craving for owls.
vgan ive got a lump in my throat about the note you wrote.
vgan now is the time for love!


| play
vgan bart davenport does an awesome cover of this too.
threebears @MickHD: "Loved seeing Múm live. Awesome band." ...quote'n'rblip @MickHD ^(^ I'm envious ..thanx! (reblip)
vgan you get so dizzy even walking in a straight line
vgan k, i guess i'll sleep now. gnite/ good morning, depending on where you are! @Chris_Jobim @mammara
vgan Listen ana, hear my words, they're the ones I would say if there was a me for you.
vgan I think we all need more TMBG in our lives.
vgan seriously, YMO is so awesome.


| play
vgan fun fun fun fun

fun fun- colour my love

| play
vgan Can't believe nobody had upped this yet... Weird and wonderful! :)
vgan my feet are dancing so much; and i hate that.
vgan ok, time to leave the house and find some coffee. ;)

Crystal Castles-Air war

| play
loopaznavour tune your guitars prole popsters
vgan man this song brings me back...
vgan smoking popes! I always loved this song.

need you around

| play
vgan why do you come here when you know it makes things hard for me?
vgan and I don't know why I'd want to anyway.
vgan haven't listened to this in a while...
vgan I used to go see these guys play all the time when I was in high school, so great.
vgan @mammara I'm going to see them play tonight! (reblip)
vgan ok, time to go find some lunch. need to break my blip trance...
vgan split lip/ chamberlain... such an awesome song, happy to find this!
vgan my daily dose of ymo


| play
vgan this totally makes me want to watch rumble fish...

"Don't Box Me In" Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgway

| play
vgan mmm, kraut and popcorn. ;)
vgan @jennyleepenny sometimes i forget about the sundays, thanks!
vgan @Landosystem @BabyGrandma jesus is a friend of mine!

Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed

| play
vgan Can't believe MJ is actually dead. :(

THE JACKSONS CAN YOU FEEL IT (original director's cut) HQ

| play
vgan In a jar the scars are plain to see.
vgan need to go find coffee... see you soon. :)
vgan There’s your color TV set and your impressive pad. There’s your little baby girl you’re almost glad you had.
toosweet4rnr [Foreigner – Urgent] you're everywhere, but you're so hard to find rb@SquirrelBait (reblip)

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

| play
Atomik The Jets – You Got It All
vgan @joechapman: "rb@shadow7777: "Cyndi Lauper- She Bop=MAKE´S U MOVE :-)"" (reblip)

Cyndi Lauper- She Bop

| play
AlyG junior (?) year anthem? tied with this year.
vgan I was born on the floor.
vgan ...such a whiner. @Landosystem: "but wine is all I have.." (reblip)


| play
vgan music train of thought
vgan Come overseas My greet will cure your great soul The power of two homes
vgan @ratface g'nite! one last train song for ya... (midnight train)
vgan gnite everyone, been a fun day of blips! im off to try and catch st christopher at part time punks! :)
vgan I woke up with this song in my head. I have problems.
vgan @Landosystem you can warn me all you want but you'll never stop my leafy green fetish...
vgan This is really cool, thanks. rb@charleyhorse: "@robotnik torsdag låter fint har du semester eller jobbar du fortfarande?" (reblip)
vgan Eric Clapton and Phil Collins covering YMO with lyrics by Michael Jackson. Bizarre story...
vgan my daily dose of vitamin YMO
anothercraze Outta props for @FunkShoi: "@anothercraze I work at a place called The Color Factory. This combo can be deadly." (reblip)
vgan this is rather nice. @J2ad: "RB @tracygav Ooh! This is such a good song. Thanks!" (reblip)

OfficeWound Up

| play
vgan give me a reason for living
vgan i've been weirdly obsessed with this stuff lately.

Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe V (Vale Coca)

| play
vgan some aphex twin to send me off to sleep... gnite night owls and nether regions.

Alberto Balsalm

| play
vgan impeccable logic. ;) @leaferi: "Leaferi logic = Koto must follow Laserdance, always." (reblip)
vgan Suburban robots who monitor reality!
vgan my brother is staying in berlin, thinking about visiting...
vgan off to have some beers/ band practice.
vgan funny that maybe my favorite smiths song is instrumental. sorry moz...
vgan blipping myself to sleep
vgan enjoying some iced iced cooly with my iced coffee.
vgan so excited to see these guys next week...
vgan Anyone remember the band Into Another? This song was on a PETA benefit 7" from like '95
vgan one of those songs i never get enough of... @dochugo: "uhoh the @Sook has de-cloaked :D // "hi @shiner @die_Kalte @aoibhneas"" (reblip)
vgan still really digging this album


| play
vgan I so seriously need to go get some lunch.
vgan That song reminds me a little of this... more like a macintosh pinball machine @dochugo @bunq @Sook @leaferi
vgan my absolute favorite ride song; don't let the intro put you to sleep.
vgan starring Jarvis


| play
vgan well, I'm off to forage for some lunch... see you later blipsters.
vgan im just tired. ok, maybe hung over.
vgan cheap trick


| play
vgan Lisa Lougheed, you know, she did the theme song for the Raccoons cartoon.
vgan Have we got contact? You and me?
vgan When I was driving once, I saw this painted on a bridge: I don't want the world, I just want your half.
vgan I feel compelled to blip paul simon as penance everytime I listen to a vampire weekend song.
vgan I can only go so long without blipping the knife, its like holding my breath...
vgan from possibly my favorite movie ever, time bandits. :)
vgan Cho Cho San was her name...

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

| play
vgan gnite blippers, or good morning as the case may be. sleep awaits me...
vgan ooh, I like this. thx @AlyG: "well i'm glad it's working for if it would only work for me. @A_Quiet_End" (reblip)

TelepatheSo Fine

| play
vgan wow, never heard this one before... I <3 blip. :)
peachcherub @Stolen has some great picks tonight! I've heard this song in a movie, I swear...but which? (reblip)
vgan a rock feels no pain and an island never cries...
vgan here comes the brian eno
vgan this song makes me want to leave the house... (reblip)
vgan Stan Ridgeway and Stewart Copeland

Tommy Dodson - One Day Love

| play
vgan this is really fun! @ElNito: "hell i love this one... rb vi@Junit1" (reblip)
vgan Ben Folds - Trusted


| play
vgan I surrender to sleep... see you soon blippers. ;)
vgan blip has made me forget i even have itunes. ;)@TenaciousF: "Another song from my past that was all but forgotten. Damn, I think I love you." (reblip)
vgan wish these guys were still together they were really fun to watch live...
vgan just popping in for a quick blip. ;)
vgan you know, flash gordon...
vgan gah, its 3am and i have a meeting in the morning? gnite blippers... ;p
vgan was talking to a friend earlier about cool collaborations. going to blip some of my favorites... Brian Eno + John Cale


| play
vgan McDonald + Giles (i dont know if this counts since they were both in King Crimson)
vgan soo busy today, but gotta get in one blip before bed... ;)
vgan Pavan for a dead goldfish.