vincentico AMD – Tisztán a cél felé
rico he had a funny hat and a pinstriped suit

The employees:Pick it up

| play
vincentico Screaming Headless Torsos – Smile In A Wave
vincentico Joshua Redman – Soul Dance
vincentico Babyface & Stevie Wonder – How Come How Long

Babyface & Stevie Wonder-How Come How Long

| play
vincentico The Clash – The Card Cheat
vincentico The Untouchables – The Lonely Bull
vincentico Hub City Stompers – Little Jullie Swastika

Hub City Stompers-Little Jullie Swastica

| play
vincentico Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Redemption Song
vincentico Hub City Stompers – Wtfiu?
vincentico Lauriel Aitken – Sally Brown
vincentico Devo – Wiggly World

DevoWiggly World

| play
vincentico Los Autenticos Decadentes – El Gran Señor
vincentico Dance Hall Crashers – He Wants Me Back

DHCHe Wants Me Back

| play
vincentico The Slackers – Don't You Want A Man

Lou Rawls Groovy People

| play

Mr. Symarip ~ Skinheads Dem a Come

| play

"On My Radio '91"- The Selecter

| play


| play
vincentico Los Autenticos Decadentes – La Guitarra
vincentico Tocotronic – Kapitulation
vincentico @DjZogonius: "que buena chanson. Como para empezar cualquier charla." (reblip)
vincentico Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day
RoxUranus Sympathy for the Hipster...hmm...not a chance

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

| play
vincentico @hajoni: "Now act! Just do it! Gewoon doen! uit Nederland -> Mdungu – Think No further" (reblip)
vincentico Peeping Tom feat. Rahzel & Dan The Automator – Mojo
vincentico Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up
vincentico Alphonse Mouzon – Funky Snakefoot
vincentico Blumentopf – Der Frauenflüsterer

Blumentopf-Der Frauenflüsterer

| play

Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

| play
LaKarune Yes, I luv Blu & Exile :) @calamari: "Have you ever heard Blue & Exile? Stumbled across it last night" <--via Twitter (reblip)
LaKarune LOVE! xo @djilo: "Ed Royal - Born To Funk" (reblip)

Ursula 1000 - Born to Funk

| play
Ad_C that will get u pumped for punkin anybody @rubensborges go all out, boy
Ad_C @merlincalazans this should cheer u up, my man. And hopefully, convince u to trade me Big Ben :D

Dr.Dre feat.Daz,Snoop Dogg,& Kurupt-Bitches Ain't Shit

| play
Ad_C Living Colour performed in Rio last night. I missed it :(
Ad_C grab the microphone and let your words a-rip
Ad_C #dillafriday yall... sit back relax and flow with the beat...

Jay DeeDo For Love

| play
Ad_C 2 good to pass up. btw, i liked the Lo song earlier 2 @ZOEBOE: "I dunno. It must be my West Coast genes. But i've been in a TuPac mood @Corts :}" (reblip)

2PacKeep Ya Head Up

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Ad_C amanhã no seu enterro, terá muitas flores

Vai Toma No Cu Cabal

| play
Ad_C yeah, this rocks 2. I don't know if in my top 3, but def top 5. I don't really like puttin stuff on lists like that, but I also love this 1 @bendrix (reblip)
Ad_C man, have I toldja I love u recently? lol thanx a lot, I just love this song, so sincere and heartfelt, without all the bs u hear these days @bendrix (reblip)
ladypn How've you been @kbuech? Seems I don't hear you as much as I used to! Hope life is good? (reblip)
ladypn Theres a party, every1 is there.Every1 will leave at exactly the same time.Its hard to imagine that nothing at all could be so exciting this much fun.

Talking HeadsHeaven

| play
ladypn You keep your distance with a system of touch & gentel persuasion. I'm lost in admiration could I need you this much? You're wasing my time...
DJLOPZ @CLARITY GO SPURS GO!-->lol. Is it getting to the middle of the season when we are allowed to talk now? (reblip)
DJLOPZ Tight @BoChica: "Hmmm...methinks the Bochica needs glasses. I keep clicking the wrong shit! ~~ Hey Fam! ;-) @RonnieBebop" (reblip)
DJLOPZ @CLARITY Thanks missy. Blaze one up TX style for me tonight, as I will blaze one up CA style for you! (reblip)
DJLOPZ @non_sequitur just loungin sir. Being a student has its small demands


| play
DJLOPZ Talib Kweli – Memories Live
DJLOPZ @non_sequitur I dont believe in the hashtags, unless its DILLAFRIDAY!!! (reblip)
DJLOPZ Nice one G. RB @jambands (reblip)

A Tribe Called Quest-The Hop

| play
eliott_is_dead G'morning @DangerousDannyM! hope u have a great day n' a great concert! \o\
rico Move away Joe Frazier!

CASSIUS CLAY * Dennis Alcapone.

| play
rico Do The Specials play Raquel during their current tour?

The Specials- Racquel (Peel Session)

| play
rico before they became The Belle Stars (well, a few of them...)
rico Roland Orzabal before Tears For Fears
rico More Terry Hall, a Todd Rundgren cover...
rico Terry and Lynval back in '08, practicing for the upcoming Specials reunion

"Friday Night Saturday Morning 2008 " -TERRY HALL

| play
rico watch it now, watch it, here it come!

Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs-Wooly Bully

| play
rico it's all a load of bollocks
rico for @DJSkalexy who is treating us with Nina for quite a few hours now...
rico keep on fighting till you're dead
rico start all over again...
rico yes, that's indeed entertainment

The Jam That's Entertainment Ska Version

| play
vincentico beNUTS – Bang Bang

beNUTSBang Bang

| play

The Bouncers The Bounce

| play
SkaRadio vi@DJSkalexy the loafers


| play
rico I am enjoying myself! Are you @dojodub @DJSkalexy? @SkaRadio

Enjoy Yourself The Specials

| play
rico my daily mittoo @SkaRadio

jackie mitoo- killer diller

| play
rico too short? @SkaRadio

Please Do not Bend

| play
rico one two three four @SkaRadio

Mr. Symarip ~ Skinheads Dem a Come

| play
rico what the hell is wrong with ya @SkaRadio

FishboneMa And Pa

| play
rico make me feel good


| play
rico you gotta do what you wanna


| play
rico flip of Big Eight (which is much less interesting by the way)

Mind The Doors- Judge Dread

| play
rico The Coventry Automatics aka The Specials aka The Specials Aka aka The Special Aka. Does that make sense?


| play
rico @elthornepr and the beer tastes just like

Special Brew by Bad Manners

| play
rico hee-haw! had my coffee, time to wake up. WAKE UP!!!
rico there's an awfull lot of trouble on the streets these days

zounds can't cheat karma lyrics

| play
rico well, indeed!

The Jam That's Entertainment Ska Version

| play
rico Hepcat will be playing De Melkweg Amsterdam april 1st 2010, awesome!
SkaRadio vi@DJSkalexy Last one for tonight:)) See you all soon:))
SkaRadio vi@briangreene @briangreene: "bed b4 breakfast man / nn world - fucking for peace less fighting - best advice today - tnx @Lambchop @Mysterymix"

SkaP Tio Sam (Incontrolable)

| play

A Message To You Rudy

| play

cherry oh baby- the rolling stones

| play

Description of a Fool by. A Tribe Called Quest

| play
DJLOPZ Oh hold up real quick...

Dr. DreLet's Get High

| play
DJLOPZ Ok is anyone still on this beta testing? I'm not and I would get every single one of those badges...check this out!

PanteraThe Badge

| play
DJLOPZ Back to work yall. Be easy blippers.


| play

sexi klip barış akarsu

| play
celaborelle @Louden: "WIN! oops4u @Bubbly3: "~ nothing compares to you ~"" (reblip)

Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 U

| play
vincentico Kurt Rosenwinkel – Zhivago
vincentico Falco – Les Nouveaux Riches
vincentico Fishbone – It's a Wonderful Life (Gonna Have a Good Time)
vincentico Q-Tip Feat. Amanda Diva – ManWomanBoogie
vincentico Vicentico – Si Me Dejan

VICENTICOSi me dejan

| play
vincentico Tocotronic – Hi Freaks

TocotronicHi Freaks

| play
vincentico The Pogues – Turkish Song Of The Damned
vincentico Keziah Jones – Million Miles From Home
DJLOPZ Thanks for P's sir. @vincentico You receive a Talib Kweli star in my head :) (reblip)
DJLOPZ AUTO RB!! @deeprez1990: "thx for the listen @itsRamel i really appreciate it," (reblip)
vincentico Ska-P – Tio Sam

Ska-P Tio Sam

| play
vincentico Primal Scream – Hell's Comin' Down
vincentico Tocotronic – Meine Freundin und ihr Freund
vincentico The Rolling Stones – Little T & A
vincentico Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – Vamos Ya
vincentico Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two

Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock It Takes Two

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 19364 songs left :: Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner. Conscience makes egotists of us all. -- Oscar Wilde
quorum +20K songs :: 19360 songs left :: Youth is such a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children. -- George Bernard Shaw
quorum +20K songs :: 19354 songs left :: It seems that more and more mathematicians are using a new, high level language named "research student".
quorum +20K songs :: 19352 songs left :: Marriage, in life, is like a duel in the midst of a battle. -- Edmond About


| play
jchernandezjazz @fredr1c: "P. Metheny(g) & B. Mehldau(p) 4tet - Mehldau "...has the best groove on the planet." -- J. Redman #twitjazznet" (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 19348 songs left :: Nobody really knows what happiness is, until they're married. And then it's too late.
quorum +20K songs :: 19344 songs left :: HELLO, everybody, I'm a HUMAN!!

The AzoicEternal

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 19382 songs left :: Saliva causes cancer, but only if swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time. -- George Carlin
quorum +20K songs :: 19372 songs left :: Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings, or eating with chopsticks. It looks easy until you try it.


| play
quorum +20K songs :: 19380 songs left :: Time sharing: The use of many people by the computer.
quorum +20K songs :: 19379 songs left :: Are you sure the back door is locked?

BIGOD20 B1 Energize

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 19377 songs left :: If you are honest because honesty is the best policy, your honesty is corrupt.

MinistryGame Show

| play
GR8FL @FOGGIELOANER some helpful info to answer your questions are at this link -> thanks to @non_sequitur
DJLOPZ Sure is Uncle Stoney! Lovin this CA sunshine @StoneJones: "Nephew... What's the dill pickle? Is everything kosher? (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 18894 songs left :: Underlying Principle of Socio-Genetics: Superiority is recessive.


| play
DJLOPZ I think all I have left is Honey Nut Cherrios. I'm not upset about that :) @MrsASoprano (reblip)
DJLOPZ Get to it mija. @CLARITY: "oh this is an emergencyyyyyy. I NEED TO STOP PLAYING WITH MUSIC AND START MY PAPERS. ayyyye." (reblip)


| play
DJLOPZ Get up on them Apple Jacks :) @nicaprincess: "you guys made me crave some cereal lol @MissLordy (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 18898 songs left :: At many levels, Perl is a "diagonal" language. -- Larry Wall in <>
DJLOPZ Very much agree! @Greenie: "timeless in my opinion" (reblip)

naughty by nature feel me flow

| play
ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Ozomatli - City Of Angels (2006) : Hip Hop/Rap
ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Ozomatli - When I Close My Eyes (2006) : Hip Hop/Rap
mark_till To do what I want... Any Old Time... Soup Dragons - "I'm Free"
ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Ozomatli - After Party (2006) : Hip Hop/Rap

OzomatliAfter Party

| play
theOFM Medeski Martin & Wood – Amber Gris /// #12.000
DJLOPZ Have a nice night everyone :)
ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Ozomatli - La Gallina (2006) : Hip Hop/Rap

OzomatliLa Gallina

| play
ta23n #NowPlaying ♬ : Ozomatli - Magnolia Soul (2006) : Hip Hop/Rap
theOFM New Cool Collective – Afrokan
mark_till ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥@AmyisImaginary♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: "G'night all you BEAUTIFUL Peeps! Love to you♥" (reblip)
quorum +5K songs :: 1593 songs left :: Bizoos, n.: The millions of tiny individual bumps that make up a basketball. -- Rich Hall, "Sniglets"
SkaRadio vi@I_Yaa Skatalites - Skaloween #Ska

The Skatalites- Skalloween

| play
DareToEatAPeach Good one. @lukesharp: "hi and so do i...@ DareToEatAPeach...please enjoy" (reblip)
theOFM New Cool Collective – Big Mondays
Matericia Good morning, children of all ages. be still. #nowplaying Cocteau Twins, with Sinead O'Connor – Be Still
mark_till Blur - Beetlebum (Official Video)
quorum +5K songs :: 3166 songs left :: A pound of salt will not sweeten a single cup of tea.
mark_till Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Peel Sessions 1979)
mark_till Dark Side of The Moon - Pink Floyd
Jeffie Deniece Williams - "It's Gonna Take A Miracle" (mid-1982)

Funkadelic-(Not Just) Knee Deep

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 19383 songs left :: "Pull the wool over your own eyes!" -- J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

The ProdigyNarayan

| play
2liveis2fly @AmyisImaginary, @@droolius @sir_edward_ros @alicialejandra is it safe to come out yet? {peeks over trench}
spacespencer I'm off for this weekend. Happy Easter @all – Bye bye.


| play
CHaDmAn "I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does!" (reblip)
CHaDmAn "Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain!" (reblip)

Sadat X Turn It Up feat. Pete Rock [Official Video]

| play
spacespencer ask me, ask me, ask me ...

The SmithsAsk

| play
Metal_Rocks W.A.S.P. - Easy Living. If you have problems playing any of my tagged tunes it usually means the servers are over capacity due to high demand! :(
mark_till Tom Waits - Downtown Train
quorum +20K songs :: 9414 songs left :: Yow! Now we can become alcoholics!

MinistryLife is good

| play
pun_krocker "Recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite. wanna try?"

QueenKiller Queen

| play
pun_krocker "Smell like i sound, I'm lost in the crowd. and I'm hungry like a wolf!"
pun_krocker "Kele sheva in the dark" hehehehe LOL (kele sheva in hebrew means prison 7) cracks me up every time
CHaDmAn "Justine never knew the rules! Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls!" (reblip)
CHaDmAn "It's a sweet sensation, over the dub!"


| play
ladypn Love this!! TY & rb@remembermstn! Sharing with @sheryonstone (reblip)

blue hotel chris isaac

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 8111 songs left :: "Why has a religious turn of mind always a tendancy to narrow and harden the heart?" [Robert Burns]
quorum +20K songs :: 8103 songs left :: "We are not accountable for the sins of "Adam" [Robert G. Ingersoll, "Myth and Miracle" 1885]
quorum +20K songs :: 7952 songs left :: Obey Psalms 137:9!
ladypn FRIENDS!! Only 2 to go for @romanus to hit 10,000!! : "Joey Ramone :: What a Wonderful World" (reblip)
tcar This song sounds best when played at eleven.

NirvanaIn Bloom

| play
Captain8Track She compromised my principle.

robert palmer-simply irresistable

| play
Captain8Track Check out Mr. Business man, oh-oh.

Talking Heads- Wild Wild Life

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 8094 songs left :: "Our priorities is our faith." [George W. Bush, Greensboro, N.C., Oct. 10, 2000]
Captain8Track Getting a little freaky in the morning.
DJLOPZ rb @bellbtmblues: "The Ohio Players - Fire" (reblip)

that 70s show - the ohio players - fire

| play
Jeffie Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" (reblip)
vincentico Mondo Cane – Ore D'amore

Mondo CaneOre D'amore

| play
Roofscape Bongo in Squaresville . 10 | Boston Jazz Week, April 23 - May 2.

GangstarrJazz Thing

| play

The Cars You Might Think

| play
Jeffie Lou Rawls - "Lady Love" (reblip)


| play
quorum +20K songs :: 16360 songs left :: Superior ability breeds superior ambition. -- Spock, "Space Seed", stardate 3141.9
DJTIMMY @bilda: "wow @TheSurlyTMM........rb@Jezhug: "William Shatner – Common People"" (reblip)

FEAR more beer

| play
DJTIMMY @kirste: "The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning" nice one (reblip)
pulsar @ProphetOfSong Got a bit of a second wind - dunno how long that will last tho. :) Cool keyboards on this one!


| play
quorum +20K songs :: 14537 songs left :: When you were born, a big chance was taken for you.

KMFDMMoney Live 1992

| play
quorum +20K songs :: 14536 songs left :: Would you *______really* want to get on a non-stop flight? -- George Carlin
eliott_is_dead @MyCosmicRebellion tricky was great, except the part that sucked. n' the part that sucked REALLY sucked. so..well, I'm glad it's monday.
cabrochette pras minhasnêga não ficarem com ciúme. ^^
2liveis2fly "Everyone. Name badges, or we'll pull you over! @alwilbanks" reblipping because blip seemed f'd up. (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Pulp – David's Last Summer .. Sheffield UK
briangreene "Can't fight corruption with con tricks" #nama The Special A.K.A. – Gangsters
quorum +20K songs :: 9827 songs left :: EARTH smog | bricks AIR -- mud -- FIRE soda water | tequila WATER
quorum +20K songs :: 11682 songs left :: For every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat, and wrong. -- H. L. Mencken
jchernandezjazz The Police – Driven To Tears @JQuest: "I've seen the future..." (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 11672 songs left :: I'd horsewhip you if I had a horse. -- Groucho Marx
toobad I don't dream about anyone, except myself... greetings @Atomik : )

Madness :It Must Be Love V2

| play


| play


| play

Star Wars Theme [Ska Punk Covers]

| play


| play

"Lorraine" Bad Manners (1980)

| play

I Don't Like -- Anouk

| play

carry go bring come (cover) The Ivy Jackets & Anouk

| play

Longshot Kick The Bucket ( SKA Cover) The Ivy Jackets

| play

Beverley's All Stars- Smoke Screen

| play
rico once more: ONE TWO!!!!
rico I love the things you say, when you whisper in my ear! Haaaaaaaaaah! FLOORKILLER!


| play
SkaRadio vi@JimmyStagger // @DingoDingo I used to see these guys all the time on Long Island. Good morning!
SkaRadio vi@DJSkalexy @DJSkalexy: "@ducks2007: "The Skankaroos Ska Music" >TYVM:)) Have a Great day:))"
SkaRadio vi@DJSkalexy @richardcymru: "Right, coffee and bed!" TYVM:))

Pressure Drop by The Specials

| play


| play

Lethal Bizzle Police on My Back

| play
vincentico Mino Cinelu, Hernan Romero, Rodrigo González Pahlen

1 Mino Cinelu-Romero-Rodrigo Gonzalez Pahlen

| play
vincentico Keith & Ken with Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Jamaica Ska
vincentico Gang of Four – What We All Want
vincentico The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Straight Up
vincentico Tower Of Power – Soul With A Capital S
vincentico Beirut – My Night with the Prostitute From Marseille
vincentico The Skatalites – Beardsman Ska
vincentico Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Tony Adams
vincentico rb @avivamagnolia: "McCoy Tyner Quartet – Moment's Notice (2002)" (reblip)
vincentico Fugazi – Suggestion


| play
vincentico AMD – Tisztán a cél felé
vincentico Hub City Stompers – Skinhead Boi
vincentico Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth – They Reminisce Over You

Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

| play

dance hall crashers he wants me back

| play
vincentico Joe Strummer – Love Kills
vincentico Ice Cube – Wicked

Ice Cube "Wicked"

| play
vincentico Graduate – Elvis Should Play Ska
SkaRadio vi@DJSkalexy Welcome....

Madness 'House Of Fun' Bestival 2007

| play
rico Vous etes pret? C'est le blue beat!
vincentico :) @DJLOPZ: "Thanks for P's sir. @vincentico You receive a Talib Kweli star in my head :)" (reblip)
GR8FL so true via @Dr_Wes: "rb:)@abarbosa: "...That nothing comes from violence, and nothing ever could "" (reblip)


| play

Madness-Shut Up-1981

| play
MONIKKA I know dear, and I'm glad you won't @GR8FL !! After all, you are my guardian angel !!!

Traffic (gr8fl)Glad

| play
ishibutsu Keeping it fantasy!

Funkadelic-(Not Just) Knee Deep

| play
vincentico Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors – Winnebago Warrior
vincentico Molotov – Polkas Palabras
vincentico rb @mark_till: "X – The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss" (reblip)
vincentico Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
vincentico Naked Raygun – Home Of The Brave
ptex @vincentico: "Hub City Stompers – Sissyfight" (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Guilty, as charged. How ya doin dollin? @nemesisurchin: "hey! Missed you! Been gone visiting mom and doing jury duty. Not guilty." (reblip)


| play
mark_till X - The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss
DJLOPZ Common feat Sadat X "1999" music video – Rawkus Records
DJLOPZ @NinaRoss My pleasure! If you are an old school soul, you'll feel me on this one ;)
DJLOPZ lol I like your style! Still need the heels in da club! lol@nicklokes: "got my chucks on ;) #DJLOPZ ready to Bust A C-WALK #sickwithit" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Take Talib's advice and Speakeasy with love :) Good night folks. Thank you for all the fun!
DJLOPZ Watched Friday today. Damn that movie is fucken
DJLOPZ Gonna watch Public Enemies w/ my boy J Depp. Laters.
DJLOPZ @MissLordy So you keepin it gangsta tonight or what?

tha eastsidazG'd up

| play
vincentico Tocotronic – Dringlichkeit besteht immer
vincentico Los Granadians – La Chica Más Dulce

TheSpecials-FridayNight/Goldfinger-Superman/Capdown-Ska Wars

| play
DJLOPZ Talib Kweli – Eat To Live