vistar411 I have a Spider-man video for this on youtube. Look for it under vistar411. ^_^

Guns N' Rosesbetter

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vistar411 The game has gotten out of hand!
vistar411 It's so "ADOWABLE"!I WANT TO BLIP IT! Oh, I already did. XP
vistar411 For some odd reason, when I heard the word "Ni-pah" I coudn't stop saying it. But now I'm all better! Ni-pah! Aw, crap! Not again!
vistar411 I'm not sorry that this kicks @$$


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vistar411 Get inside the fire, right NOW, mister!
vistar411 I'm an indestuctible master of ......MANGA!!!!
vistar411 Sitting in the dark, I can't forget this song!
vistar411 This is where it gets sad. :'(


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vistar411 My destiny is with <.< >.> >.<...... MORTAL KOMBAT!
vistar411 I never thought it would happen! Linkin park AND Adema!
vistar411 It sounds suspiciosley like DotA. Hmmmm......
vistar411 I'm waiting for a sign. Oops, I missed the stop sign!

Sum 41The Hell Song

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vistar411 that warmth is AWSOMENESS!
vistar411 This very similar to the movie. Go scare some neighbors.
vistar411 Very nice! I would sever a couple of heads to this!
vistar411 For all my otaku listeners! You know who you are.
vistar411 If you like this, go check out xXParalutionXx's Amv- Time to forget.
vistar411 These guys kick ass! "Ashamed of what I've become!"


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vistar411 2 things: 1, Who got this and 2, What is his problem?!


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vistar411 One of the best themes to Naruto.
vistar411 The theme song to the creepiest anime ever: When they cry! Or in japanese: Higurashi
vistar411 I have been hunting this version for a looooong time, man!


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vistar411 If I'm right this is basiclly saying "Who cares?!"


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vistar411 I'm not sure that this is the right name for the artist, but this is the best opening song ever!
vistar411 Play Halo with a friend and listen.

Papa RoachKill Kill

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vistar411 If you watch Hellsing, you'll know why I got this!

E NomineRadio Edit

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vistar411 one of the spookiest songs I have ever heard!
vistar411 I thought Davis was crazy.... Now I know.
vistar411 This isn't the ending...

Nightmarethe WORLD

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vistar411 I'm a trickster who dosen't know solitude.


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vistar411 I sang this on a trip to new york.
vistar411 I found myself singing this in Best Buy. <.< >.> I don't think anyone heard me. whew!
vistar411 Cerberus follows the scent of blood wildly!


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vistar411 It keeps going up! (See The speedycake remix)
vistar411 The cute factor in the room went up a little.
vistar411 I don't think anyone could have done this any better!

Amy LeeSallys Song

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