Nazhla esta cancioncita me recuerda cosas entretenidas. ñ.ñ
guaripolo Esta va dedicada a @penelopeglamour y su levantada de hoy...
Nazhla una compañera de trabajo me registro en su cel con este ringtone ¬¬


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Nazhla In a West End town, a dead end world ..The East End boys and West End girls...Oooh West End town, a dead end world
Nazhla solo me gusta bailar !! con esta musiquitaa! (reblip)
miguesme Balada para un loco – Carlos Gardel y Julio Sosa
miguesme Mil Campanas – Alaska y Dinarama, buenas días
miguesme Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion

08 - Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion

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guaripolo @LoredanaB entonces esta canción pa la gataaaa (la canción vieja pero el comienzo chistosísimo) (1 ,2 3 chacha chaa)
guaripolo @LoredanaB esta si que comienza... desde la puerta de la pieza , levantando la pierna :D

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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guaripolo relajando ... el cuello a ritmo de Patricia :D

Perez PradoPatricia

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miguesme Pino Dangio - ma Que idea, buenas noches a tod@s

Pino Dangio - ma Que idea

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guaripolo Debería hacer un video conmigo y esta canción ... "guariiiitou el ché!!!" un Señor de talento y razón inteligente... QUién es?Quién es?(8) mi c
quozza ...Bebel carrying the Gilberto name aloft...

Bebel GilbertoAganj

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guaripolo Qué bueno este clásico ... muy Oldies

Timi YuroHurt

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Jeffie Well we're living here in Allentown & they're closing all the factories down. Out in Bethlehem they're killing time filling out forms standing in line

Billy JoelAllentown

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sengseng not the best movie but put patrick demsey in a turtleneck in front of me while on the treadmill & it's a solid workout:) (Sweet Home Alabama)
kevinfoca puuuutz... agora q parei para ver qual a letra disso! hauhauahuaha
guaripolo Definitivamente ya sabemos a quién dedicar, esta canción : "This Shit Will Fuck You Up" , algo electrónica pero el nombre genial jaj (reblip)
guaripolo Dedicado a @Vemi y @penelopeglamour @curvaspoliticas las latinas cien por ciento (con mi polera de tirantes blancas). Los Batos "oye como va?"
guaripolo Esta @curvaspoliticas o es muy old fashion?... aunque esta es de gnesis no de Phill Collins. Le tinca esta o NO?¿
miguesme Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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guaripolo @LoredanaB ya acá esta el tema para la zona Zero. Nada menos de un canadiense :D "Cinnamon Girl(8)
guaripolo @LoredanaB esta es buena tb me agrada old school y me recuerda a los Sopranos. Tony cuando llega a ver a la rusa

36 Chi-Lites - Oh Girl

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miguesme Miro la vida pasar – Fangoria
guaripolo Sigo con la música de Veterano de Vietnam...
guaripolo @Zentaurus La canción de los traficas. You know I smoked a lot of grass Oh Lord I popped a lot of pills(8)
jerryp007 Remember those great sock hops........
voilloulou fatiguée d'être chez moi ... je veux Rock & Roll !!! C'est samedi mon dieu.
devobrain Cibo Matto's take on the classic, Aguas de Marco!
miguesme Girl You Know Its Truth – Milli Vanilli
miguesme Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
czg123 let's all dance to this one!!!! whoooooo hoooooooooo!

BlurGirls And Boys

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miguesme Balada para un loco – Carlos Gardel y Julio Sosa,
miguesme Hurt – Johnny Cash @memoria que te siente bien la siesta y que descanses

Johnny CashHurt

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miguesme Nights on Broadway – Bee Gees (reblip)
ibere The Beach Boys biggest hit of all times. Too bad is it not as good as their second best selling hit, "Good Vibrations". ;-)
guaripolo @LoredanaB tu tema ... por la situación :D

Billy Idol- eyes without a face

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Billy Idol - White Christmas

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miguesme Nomadas – Franco Battiato que maravilla
guaripolo Otra buena canción para saltar al vació :D jaja (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Can't go wrong with Yelle. Anyone care to translate? French perplexes me. (reblip)
opheliac9 @voilloulou Good call on the Nina! Her version is my favorite of this one, but I've been on a Muse kick the past couple of days.

MuseFeeling Good

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Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano

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voilloulou ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!!!!!!!! LOL ...
voilloulou je l'ai pris ça fait une heure, pour arriver chez moi ... Lol! La tempête a été horrible!
opheliac9 @voilloulou Well en français it is then! ; )

Placebo - Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus (brian Molko & Asia Argento - Serge Gainsbourg Cover)

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Jeffie This was a hit at the time I was taking Driver's Ed in high school ('72-'73) - WRONG song to have on in the car with 2 students and no coach!!! :P)))
DareToEatAPeach daretoeatapeach's friend alex enjoys this... but why?
Jeffie Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens, there stood a log cabin made of earth and wood...
guaripolo Que temón de Beck, relajado para la noche y el adormix :D

BeckThe Golden Age

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voilloulou mola!

Soda Stereo - Zoom

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guaripolo @LoredanaB te explico por correo? ...eso es un reel :D necesito de tu petiiii french :D.te dedico esta XD
babee ;)

36 Chi-Lites - Oh Girl

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Jeffie Seminar is dragging - and no Jack Daniels at refreshment breaks!#?@! "Hey, hey, baby - I want to know if you'll be my girl..."
Jeffie @memoria Estoy bizco ya, pero creía que resultaba de la vejez! :P) Eso de "bizco" me recuerda a El Quijote y Pandafilando de la Fosca Vista - jajaja (reblip)
Oscar_O para relajarse un poco despues del stress del dia

Ane BrunThe Puzzle

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Jeffie ..If a miss wants 2 B kissed instead of cuddled & 2 this u R in doubt as what 2 say-when a girl changes from bobby sox 2 stockings, then...
guaripolo Este podría ser el tema de unas "chicas" de tuitters :D jajaj XD (patero)
guaripolo Ya cabras apliquen. te gusta esta @curvaspoliticas @LoredanaB ? es como un clásico :D


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pavolo that's the kind of moon i was looking for!

Neville Brothers Yellow Moon

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guaripolo Aplicando Djs de los 90... típica de disco esta...
guaripolo siguiendo con el Dj de los 90 jajajja ... shas medio recuerdo :D
voilloulou haciendo la digestión : el departamento se va a caer con tanta música, entre la que me manda Guaripolo y la de Blip, tiemblaaaa Montreal!
pavolo bellina, sta' canzuncella, un po` mielosa, ma nun fa` nient
guaripolo @LoredanaB acá tienes pa tu fiesta pa que bailen lentos :P jejeje que grata esta canción en todo caso... dedícala de parte mía :D jaja
elementguy When you snap your fingers Or wink your eye I come a running to you
elementguy I know you wanna leave me, But I refuse to let you go If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy, I don't mind coz' you mean that much to me
Dasoly una de mis favoritas noventeras :D
Dasoly Everybody gonna love today!

MikaLove Today

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DareToEatAPeach Love this cover. Especially when she laughs.
Clark_Griswold "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
Clark_Griswold "No more shines, Billy."

Parlami D'Amore, Mariu

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Clark_Griswold "Jimmy was the kind of guy that rooted for bad guys in the movies."
voilloulou temazo!


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Clark_Griswold The sng hs also been used in episodes of The Simpsons. wiki
Dasoly everybody's looking for something...
jlpedroso ... She's got some wild, wild life ...
pavolo @novalis questa te la riblippo va`, tanto "de gustibus non est diSPUTAZZELLAm" (reblip)
voilloulou en estado de preocupación ... el tema de fondo ayuda.
guaripolo Esta va dedicado para los TUittersss Estrellas :D jaja
guaripolo @LoredanaB acá tienes otra para la Cardio :D pero en subida :D
guaripolo @LoredanaB acá .... un gift!!!! :D
ricktawny Estaba buscando una canción de los hermanos químicos, pero di con este clásico
Jeffie Spend all my nights, all my money going out on the town - doing anything just to get you off of my mind. But when the morning comes...
crosby .....Sailing at {song title}
crosby @bitpatrol here is some kind of french lesson! Gainsbourg takes a Lolita approach.
miguesme Have You Seen Her – Mc Hammer...via...@Cabl (reblip)
guaripolo Esta es la canción de General Ramón Vega cuadno hable con los jueces...
elementguy After all the jacks are in their boxes and the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the street the wind whispers mary
Evelyn touch faith

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

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Evelyn all the nights...

inxs - not enough time

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Piero Umiliani - Samba Mah Na

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pavolo don't know what to make of this...


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Jeffie The Supremes - "Baby Love" (late 1964-early 1965)
Jeffie Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind" (late 1970-early 1971)
Clark_Griswold Hey, surprise, freaks! / Thats the 2nd biggest slingshot I've ever seen, but I guess it'll hav 2 do
crosby @gigia again.................................some purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for you.


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Jeffie The Tokens - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)" (late 1961-early 1962)
Jeffie Peter Frampton - "Show Me The Way" (1976)
Jeffie Sade - "Smooth Operator" (1985)

SadeSmooth Operator

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diamanda Stereo Total – Miss Rebellion Des Hormones
Jeffie Lenny Welch - "Since I Fell For You" (1963)


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Jeffie Ruby & The Romantics - "Our Day Will Come" (1963)
Jeffie B.J. Thomas - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (late 1969-early 1970)
Jeffie Aaron Neville - "Tell It Like It Is" (late 1966-early 1967) (Jeffie-style, @NoSmoking ;0)
melodyofurlife @evablue Nice, reply! Why has your avatar been graphically manipulated?

PrinceWonderful Ass

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ICEGIRL152 @rogue_fm, last blip for the night...seriously, visit my You Tube page, we have a lot in common! BTW, sorry your team lost last night:(
Jeffie Olivia Newton-John - "Hopelessly Devoted To You" (1978)
guaripolo esta pa la @curvaspoliticas new wave :D jaja

New OrderTemptation

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guaripolo @LoredanaB y @curvaspoliticas bailen
Jeffie The Tower Of Power - "What Is Hip?"
ICEGIRL152 @Italia, forgot about this one, rings so true!! Great blips tonite, thx!!! (reblip)

ABCPoison Arrow

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iperich El que no mueve la patita con esto es extraño y no merece sociabilizar
ICEGIRL152 Black betty had a child (bam-A-lam) The damn thing gone wild (bam-A-lam)---@DixieLily: totally blipalicious songs today, THX!! (reblip)

Ram JamBlack Betty

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ICEGIRL152 i know what you say, brother


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Rudra "used to say..." cheese classic =D (reblip)

GazeboI Like Chopin

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Jeffie The Searchers - "Love Potion #9" (late 1964-early 1965) Buona sera, @crispast


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Rudra Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)


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Rudra Rudresh?... I bet this guy's name is based upon mine - Rudra, another name of Shiva =) (reblip)
ICEGIRL152 [George Michael – One More Try] rblp vi@luluonthesky, a song that fits me well tonight, thx! (reblip)
diamanda The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs
dubo Junten miedo. Fantomas y el Bebé de Rosemary. 2001.
Alohran Tema final de la película "Yes Man!"... ¡un temazo! No había oido nunca del grupo, pero al menos este tema está genial:
Jeffie The Vogues - "Turn Around, Look At Me" (1968)


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Lotay "Paper Planes" - M.I.A. - Song from #Slumdog Millionaire - #Tunes

MIAPaper Planes

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aplusk this song is on my new flick Spread
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) (reblip)
Jeffie Wham! - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
angiece RB @peterpanohno I must go down to the sea again........ -> "La Mer" - Charles Trenet (reblip)
yamamiya Kazumasa Hashimoto - Monochrome prome
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) @TidyCat (reblip)
sarahksilverman This woman didn't write her first song until she was 35. It's brutal, but at least it doesn't rape your heartstrings like Pixar's, "Up."
melodyofurlife '91: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, Ok, so I am '90's out.
FineNGood @MONIKKA: "Thanks @CooperHarris! How are you today?" Great thanks, how are you? (reblip)

Lou ReedNYC Man

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melodyofurlife It's too damn nice to sit and blip! Till Next Blip'ers enjoy the …


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Chuqui Esta canción es sexy. Me recuerda a un viaje en tren que hice desde Roma a Lyon.

MorcheebaTape Loop

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Joleesa ● j's random shuffled songs ● ☆ Birdhouse In Your Soul ☆
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