2Serenity Love all of Heavy D's work. Serious fan! My favorite is Overweight Lovers in the House! http://is.gd/1lSW Heavy D is skinny now. No one recognizes HIM
2Serenity Memories of The Color Purple. Loved the movie, love The Time. Men can GROOVE their arse off! They are performing in Vegas http://is.gd/1lTl
2Serenity Been a fan her entire career. I am a bad fan though because I do not have her new album & I am on her mailing list. I will get E=mc2 Her VOICE! 8)
2Serenity Who could not adore Boyz II Men! My mother played this song so much I thought I was going to scream but I actually appreciated the repetition! 8)
2Serenity Solid Gold memories & my obsession with the Bee Gees. Andy Gibb was the their youngest brother who I had a crush on. I cried when he died =(
2Serenity Heard this in the movie, Love Jones. Soundtrack is essential. But Coltrane is a master jazz man My father saw him live back in the day He was DA MAN!
djdiva Her 50th birthday's coming
djdiva I have always loved this video with Leon!

Madonna - Madonna - Like A Prayer

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2Serenity @djdiva I just saw Leon about 2 weeks ago at the Whole Foods in NYC in Union Square. Looks the same. He needs to EAT! Love the video too sis! 8)

Madonna - Madonna - Like A Prayer

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2Serenity Remembering the ENTIRE controversy over this song. I have the VHS tape somewhere in my massive old media collection. People were BUGGIN!! Lord help US
djdiva I used to wear lace gloves too!

Madonna - Madonna - Like a virgin

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2Serenity Feeling Donnie Hathaway & tunes from my past that made me smile. Donnie died too soon. All his music is essential to any music collection. TRUE SOUL

In the Ghetto (Donnie Hathaway) >

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2Serenity Ahh..I wanted to marry Ralph! I have their first album on vinyl somewhere. I hope my neighbor did not jack my joint. Oooh. I am crying now. Ralphy poo
2Serenity Beautiful song by Jermaine. Love his voice. I loved him as equally as I adore Michael The family is talented. Joe Jackson knew he had a gold mine! 8)
2Serenity Though my name is Jennifer I felt that Rick was singing to me. I was having serious rocker crushes as a kid. Loved his skinny jeans! ooh HOTNESS!
2Serenity Coolest woman who can jam on a guitar. Honestly, I think it was Pat Benatar who taught me women can R-O-C-K a GUEEtar!! 80s love here.
2Serenity So I loved Barry Manilow as a kid But he was on the Love Boat or one of those shows as a kid. He made me smile Corn dog but I love him Leave him alone
2Serenity The history behind this song is interesting. I read it in Wikipedia. Take a peak -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_My_Fire
2Serenity Reminds me of the 1960s, mind you I was born in 1974. Love the airy, happy & community feeling I feel when I listen to this for I want to go suring!
2Serenity Motown Days for individuals wearing big hair, skinny suits with skinny ties and either afros or pressed hair. Happy smiles but mysteries too.
2Serenity Isaac & Bernie are angels in heaven smiling upon us knowing they were loved. Don't mourn them but cherish their legacy. Isaac was soul music!
2Serenity Thinking of 80s. Pebbles with her infamous Girlfriend, how could you treat me so bad. She married La Reid & managed TLC. Now she is a minister!
2Serenity 80s classic. Her first album was DA bomb! Her name is really spelled Karyn White. http://www.amazon.com/Karyn-White/e/B000AQ38QC/ref=ntt_mus_dp_pel
2Serenity This video cracks me up. I LOVE The FAMILY! Screams of Passion! Written by Prince. Yes, I am a PRINCE FANATIC to the CORE! 8)
2Serenity Vanity 6 created by none other than PRINCE! Hmm..this mix is kinda odd. But it's Vanity 6. Vanity is now a MINISTER! http://www.denisematthews.com/

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl (Wicked Mix)

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2Serenity Memories of me making up dances as a single digit. I used 2 <3 the funky grooves of The Gap Band. Inspired by soul greats like Isaac Hayes!
2Serenity Gil Scott-Heron coined the phrase *The Revolution Will Not be Televised*. French website on him. I cannot read it =( http://gilscottheron.free.fr/
2Serenity From Adriana's 1st album. She is so underrated I cry how people don't know about her. http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/adriana_evans/artist.jhtml
2Serenity White boyz can JAM...thank you for the groovy tunes my white soul brothers. They called themselves Average White Band. So I adore them 8)
2Serenity Listening to The Spinners is a favorite of mine in my box CD collections of have of oldies & goodies. My mother adores them.
2Serenity Memories of going to the beach in FL with my family. Memories of fun and having NO CARES as a kid. Ahh..to be a kid again. I want my MOMMY! 8)
2Serenity Is blip.fm a mashup of music & twitter? But then where is the source of this music? Is this songza in here? Songza searches the web 4 mp3/video online
2Serenity Finding it interesting that I am finding all this Prince in here. Hmm..I am just saying. Naah I am being quiet but I find this odd..
2Serenity Again so this is Warner Brother's Prince right here..so Prince ain't making much mula from these album sales
2Serenity This is Prince from Planet Earth & he had a deal with a UK publisher to distribute this album in UK pissing off record store owners. Sold w/ newspaper


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2Serenity @kdfa YEAH YEAH! I have been loving Prince since 1980. He played American Bandstand on my 6th Birthday - January 26, 1980! 8) I've been smitten 4EVER
2Serenity @funksoulbrotha YOU SAW MY LISA LISA & CULT JAM! No crapping! AHHHH. Dangit. WHERE is Lisa Lisa? She was acting the last I heard. I want her 2 SING!
2Serenity Laughing my arse off every time I hear this. Last I heard ole boy was in Seattle doing his thing - whatever that is? Remember PUT THEM ON THE GLASS!!
2Serenity Totally cracking up this is in here. Lord have mercy I had this on TAPE! I played it out the summer it came out or that spring 2pac was a member of DG
2Serenity If you love Sade you will love everything that Cottonbelly does for he worked with her & he was in Sweetback. His name is Stuart Matthewman
2Serenity Guilty pleasure...I'm human. You know YOU like it too so just FESS UP! 8)
2Serenity Whoaaaaaaaaa...I've never heard the Acoustic Version of I'm Like a Bird. I love the song & video. She was wearing my favorite color - ORANGE!!
2Serenity Grew up on the Police so it is natural I would adore Sting's solo efforts. Love his voice.......wowza...
2Serenity Ahh man..Miami Vice nights on Friday's. Making me want to go out and where some NEONS & PASTEL colors. AHHHHHHH Love, Phil!
2Serenity I believe this was my first introduction to Phil. Not to sure when but I enjoyed all his work as a kid. I feel bad I have not kept up!
2Serenity Michael Jackson wrote this song which he performed on his album Invincible but Floetry does a pretty good rendition too. Love their 1st album!
2Serenity Lawwdddddddd..when I first heard this song..hmm hmm. I was mesmerized by the sounds coming out of my UK sisters. I still swoon & think of saying YES..

FloetrySay Yes

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2Serenity If you are HUMAN, you know this song. Ahh..you can dance....I still mouth this song everytime I hear it and shake my little butt 2 the jamz..
ejflavors my favorite Cameo song. you like it too, don't front.
2Serenity Back on my 80s craze and SCREAMING that I just saw a big azz bug next to my computer. I do not even know what it was 4 it had a zillion feet MOMMY!
anewlis I'm probably one of the few ppl that loved the movie 'Idlewild'! I just watched again and man... the love scene is so steamy! Love the simple song!
2Serenity Woke up this morning trying to sing Mountains by Prince. I cannot even sing. Help me! 8P
2Serenity Norah's voice always calms me. Makes me smile and makes me appreciate the little things in life. She's a gem.
aneles One of my fave songs from Corinne Bailey Rae, it just oozes summer.
elsharnefarn :ain't holdin' nothin' back. ;)

Commodores - Brick House

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Ruben En souvenir de cet été .....sunshine!!!!
Ruben Make The Move....souvenir Funky!
Ruben Love Come Down ... don't beleive this!
sisterdivas Baby I would ring ....


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ejflavors my pants were wet, they came off- but she didn't see the movie 'cause she hadn't read the book first.
2Serenity In Stevie Wonder mood, I'm sleepy but his music relaxes me even more. STEVIE LOVE HERE! [hugz]
ejflavors my new ringtone. Q-Tip and D'Angelo, of course...
Ruben Georgy Porgy (Remix) – Eric Benet
Marie @Gaspar realmente o Club des Belugas manda muito bem! Essa eu descobri no seu blip ;) Impressão minha ou eles lembram o Gabin?
Marie ah, @Gaspar o Gabin me abriu um mundo... Descobri assistindo o MuchMusic de madrugada (super geek =S) Depois disso me apaixonei de vez por nu-jazz.
funksoulbrotha Rock the boat ... work the middle ....
funksoulbrotha Fourplay with El DeBarge.

06 - After The Dance

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funksoulbrotha and we finish off with some nice guitar work.
laurenalma Probably my all time favorite song
byroncrawford What's worse, the fact that Prince is against teh ghey marriage, or the fact that Prince is a Jehova's Witness?
funksoulbrotha Wow ... I forgot about this puppy!


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funksoulbrotha Hey ... It's Eagle Eye's Sister ....
funksoulbrotha I ... drink... your... milkshake!


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djdiva @listentoleon Shoutout to you peoples..you also have fallen in love with blip.fm ... very cool
Poulette heard this tday on Pandora...thanks @SuperBlau

JemSave Me

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MrThompsonR @voxefx I love these ladies.. Saw them live... Great show!
Blackempire +++Nikka Costa ~ Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter++
Blackempire +++Nina Simone ~ Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter+++
djdiva we must have forgotten about Chrisette Michele
voxefx Sade is way overdue in releasing some new music =( (reblip)
ladypn Thanks to @voxefx for this find! I can see why she's one of your faves for 2008. (reblip)
madSoul My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder
fbrahimi One of the best songs ever. Listen to it develop and unfurl. Bass, horns, wickety wack guitar, strings. Tension builds. Then, those vocals roll in. (reblip)
elisa_b preguiça de comentar... gosto. muito.
Russellreno Continuing with smooth music... Piano man - Billy Joel... (reblip)

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

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rsepulveda @hekenberg - nice choice. Perfect for my long night in the office. (reblip)
Meem smooth....video is great!!!!!!!
phdj if monday begins with news of death, surely the week can only get better. right?
phdj this song is the jam; cheryl lynn killed it.
BohemianChick I can never listen to this song enough...
LYRIC Paint a perfect picture... Bring 2 life a vision in 1's mind...
Gypsylyn Some say I'm a "Hard Headed Woman" hhmmm..;-)
voxefx before we hit the Lounge need to recognize some hot blips starting with @AbsinthEve (reblip)
ladypn This track exploded on the mid-90's music scene, really defining its debut, in my heart & mind. It became symbolic of an exciting career development.
ucana422 @lilyetc@vindie2sr@dovy6@rickster_CA@itsLissa@hbshmoe@jescalan@scentaroom@GeneTheFotog@voxefx (reblip)
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