ecocity we must all walk. enjoy your walking. we can all keep our hearts on the horizon.
wanderingalex i had a drink the other day, opinions were like kittens-i was givin' 'em away...
Figgywithit Green Day takes a soak.

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary

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tedsplaylist I'd say I'm more lighter shade of gray
Figgywithit @SignalToNoise good call. Green Day's chords are always borrowed, but they somehow always make it sound fresh.
fcavaco @beSoHo, this reminds you something?!?! ;) Take a hand full of them Fridays night ... ´cause Santa will need it ;) Hurraayyyyy ... %)
DJEvolve ragamuffinssssssa in da powder

Buju BantonChampion

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Diordan On the Radio......... regina spektor is THE finesse
TriniD Loved the last Ween album.

WeenYour Party

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wanderingalex the scofflaws put on a great show.

Paul Getty

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nbr exactly what to say, in a very special way
wowie Is there a band who can do the muppets justice like these guys? They make me smile.

CakeManha Manha

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wanderingalex oooh, thanks @mikyzok for reminding me o' these guys!
wanderingalex takes me back

02 - Hepcat - I Can't Wait

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CrowleysGhost If you stop to catch your breath, You know what you will find.

UB40Don't Slow Down

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Raphfael Bandas do Sul!


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DareToEatAPeach @wanderingalex 2 great things to get in California. ;)
wanderingalex alright, back from the angry punkrock to the reggae

Lee Perry - Soul fire

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wanderingalex probably my fav pixies song. hope you like!
timdangerous Something I often ask myself
wanderingalex this guy does some great beats


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wanderingalex pardon me dj, could you please rewind and come again? (reblip)

The Glitch MobReggae

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Poopenstein ...would have re-blipped it but I lost while jammin it out!
fzarpa sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

CAKE "Sheep Go To Heaven"

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wanderingalex iandi strive to go against society.... no trading my sanity for gold (reblip)

Rasta CourageSoja

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wanderingalex i love this and i really do pull the blinds then dance around the house like natureboy !!!! (reblip)

PrimusNature Boy

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wanderingalex oh madness.... feed me!!! good morning @daretoeatapeach !!!

GRED 002 A 1978 Reggae Reggular The Black Star Liner

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NanyaBusinazz Das ist fuer dich @wanderingalex

Nosliw wie weit

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wanderingalex merry blues!!!!

merry blues ... Manu Chao

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wanderingalex @wanderingalex: "huntin' season is now open, and all djs are fair game" (reblip)
wanderingalex chill the fuck out before your back's against the wall!!!!
Diordan Um abraço especial para @medina@gabarocha @Gaspar@Milla@drkk @Lecuos @DJRodneyKing @ekman @Doralice Foram grandes companheiros! Inenarrável 2009!

Dennis BrownWisdom

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jvelo Keep Moving - Sage Francis
DJSMOOK1 @shari58 Awwwwww here you then, here is a tune for you

Marty DreadSayanora

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sophie_o one noght to speed up truth

The KnifeHeartbeats

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flavytcha essa é pra vc, e só pra vc amicíssima Rachel Ruth @outlawgirl...ainda pretendo cantar essa com vc no karaoke ;) presença mais presente de todas
Diordan @Giulianna O amor é trilha de lencóis e culpa; medo e maravilha!
wanderingalex @daretoeatapeach , take it easy and give me a call soon, will ya?

(Ministry) - Lay Lady Lay

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wanderingalex yeah, @daretoeatapeach , i just got on here to play you the pussy&marijuana song... i'll be sure to holler if i get out that way. you;d do the same?
wanderingalex lick it up inna rub a dub stylee... lovin' y'all! ... so many nights!

Manu ChaoMerry Blues

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sudaca70 @CargoCulte wow - This song is phenomenal. Classic Americana... (reblip)
wanderingalex listen to this on some 15" speakers if you get a chance...
wanderingalex The man who sold the world. Crazyness and good music. Thanks @mauropm for reminding me... (reblip)
wanderingalex nice version.... stickin' it to the man irie-like
toobad charged...


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wanderingalex "would anyone tell me if i was getting stupider?"

Faith No MoreRV

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Simchabe i'd be iggy's passenger any day
wanderingalex big up to this collective who've done so much justice reggae-izing such artists as radiohead and pinkfloyd!!!!!!
CargoCulte @camden I can't help but think of Dennis Hopper and Blue Velvet! (reblip)
sarunasr lemon tree - easy listening
CargoCulte @camden I didn't really like this song until I heard it sung in Spanish. But then again I weird like that! (reblip)
CargoCulte I tend to blip this one a lot, but it deserves the massive blip treatment!

Manu Chao - Politik Kills (Prince Fatty Remix)

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poyo_ lily allen y su particular voz hacen de esta rola exquisita!
Mitsugu Never Ending Story – Limahl
wanderingalex new to me, i like this group a lot so far
threebears Ooops! what is wrong with me? no, don't answer that! fell asleep in my party clothes! %£#**!! Sorry guys missed everything!!!
wanderingalex this makes me want to dance in a dark alley... (reblip)
wanderingalex lost in the sauce once again!!!!!!!!!!
wanderingalex tight... that's what i get for blipppin jcash
wanderingalex starting


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RustyJames não entendo...esse comedor de Mcshit não tinha te zuado @claudix ?? :\
wanderingalex wishin' was on a damn sea cruise

John HoltSea Cruise

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wanderingalex in a few movies i've noticed...
wanderingalex gave me the stones gave me the chisel didn't say how to hold 'em
nocoastoffense gonna rob me a person

Merle Haggard - If We Make It Through December

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zenzi só porque eu entendia "deidre, I found them sleeping with the flowers" :P

Beta BandSquares

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ecocity my friends in Dandora, Kenya have a song called Street Life as well. mmm. More tasty sounds from Don Carlos
andgoodbye It would be really nice if my English teacher had any idea how to use webCT
Figgywithit @Durante if the lightning don't get you, the funky thunder will.
Blackhatferret let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel
chutafoca to procurando The King tocando Nirnava cadê?
AlexCerrato Cuando miras con tus ojos, todo parece bonito pero si miras dos veces puedes ver que todo eso es mentira..... (reblip)

Lily AllenLDN

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threebears @evablue, you're right! thanks for the advice! going to bed - where are my bears? phew! thought they'd escaped again..g'night Eva, night blip friends!
robtraut I'll teach you to be happy, I'll teach your grandma to suck eggs.
Laken Makes me want hot, wet, naked skin.
OneLifeTakeTwo this is how feels when your word means nothing at all (reblip)
wanderingalex how 'bout this one for a classic @jimmyjustice ?
nfrobbie lucy, with a pen. just listen, listen, listen.
zhan and they call me MELLOW YELLOW!!! this song was in my fave GAP commerical!!
evablue the ads are really distracting but i think it`s a fair compromise. (reblip) @timbuckteeth (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue So their last album was an uneven mix, but it´s kinda easy to forgive, when it contained songs like this.
Chris_Jobim all roads lead to Tom Waits
Mirka23 @thephillyman I hate to break it to you, but that last one was kinda techno

NOFX-Freedom Like a Shopping Cart

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