drfeelgood2403 Mophono feat. Flying Lotus– Cut Form Crunch
wejazz King Charles – Love Lust

King CharlesLove Lust

| play
wejazz Radical Face - Doorways

Radical Face: Doorways

| play
wejazz Kings of Convenience – Stay Out Of Trouble
wejazz That Ghost – To Like You
wejazz "Song for Bob" – Raised by Tigers
wejazz Frou Frou – Let Go

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
wejazz Washed Out – Feel It All Around
wejazz Love this one. Thank you!@PJharvey: "Another track from our fellows Local Natives from LA...shape lifter" (reblip)
wejazz TV On The Radio – Young Liars
wejazz Film School – Heart Full Of Pentagons
wejazz Beach Fossils – What a Pleasure
BeNine New Fever Ray is Awesome!!

Fever RayThe Wolf

| play
jfgill Woah. RB@PORTERla: "Dang. rb@DJAstro: "holy amazing"" (reblip)

Hard MixNow Her

| play
wejazz Lissie – Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)
wejazz Adding to my playlist! Nice one... thanks!@DickUnderdog: "Thanks @Fluffyboots @Kayo wejazz Hope you like this one!" (reblip)
wejazz Yay! Thanks and heya :)@nastysurprise: "NEW Broken Bells, anyone? I expect a bunch of "Hell yeahs!"" (reblip)

Broken BellsWindows

| play
wejazz Buffalo Tom – Arise Watch
wejazz White Fence – "Sticky Fruitman Has Faith" <3
wejazz Nicolas Jaar – Colomb [MrY]
wejazz A. Armada – If Only You Knew What The Lost Soldiers Did To Me
wejazz Mother Mother – The Stand
wejazz King Charles – Love Lust
wejazz This is so good! Love this guy... thanks :)@anothercraze: "@ wejazz" (reblip)

King CharlesMr. Flick

| play
wejazz Hey there @AprilJ :) Meant to rb this earlier... great cover, thanks!: "thought u might like this cover if you haven't heard (reblip)
FMV hi! @wejazz . .. you might like this one. . . thx for pushing @Groenewaterman
wejazz Bettie Serveert – Lover I Don't Have To Love
by_starla [Film School - He's A Deep Deep Lake] inspired by @wejazz - and hello :)
wejazz Can – Bring Me Coffee or Tea
wejazz Great song! rb:)@ell_ess_dee: "The Suzukis – Reasons For Leaving (Bamyasi+Symmetry Remix) @ wejazz YVW" (reblip)
nmdpt :)!@jfgill: "Wow. I dig it. @wejazz: "Cool version... rb@crazy88 ~ Rogue Wave - Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)"" (reblip)
wejazz Deerhunter – Helicopter(Star Slinger Remix)
wejazz Avi Buffalo – "Five Little Sluts"
wejazz The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley
wejazz Lykke Li – Silent My Song ~Thanks to @Alvaroxx and Hello to all!
wejazz The Pastels – Baby, You´re Just You
wejazz Awesome! rb@cryostasium: "@SoMuch hey :) sure did! the craftsmanship is unbelievable but the tone...way higher than I expected it to be (reblip)
wejazz Lord Huron – "The Stranger"
wejazz (The) Tony Castles – Black Girls in Dresses
by_starla [Tapes n' Tapes - The Saddest of All Keys]
wejazz Wolf Gang – Something Unusual
wejazz Freelance Whales – Girl U Want (Devo Cover) ~ Good morning @SoMuch :) Beautiful day!
MixturebaFM Cornelius – Drop (Kings Of Convenience Remix)
wejazz Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship: Opener

Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship: Opener

| play
wejazz Zach Hill – The Primitives Talk (2010) @cuezaireekaa inspired :)
wejazz Thanks for this! Hi and thanks :)@Kayo: "found this awesome remix :) @jfgill" (reblip)
wejazz Perfect... thank you :)@LocoStavos: "EvenThoughMyEyesAreHazy &MyThoughtsTheyMightBeNarrow Where you been don't bother me or bring me down in sorrow (reblip)
wejazz Typhoon – The Honest Truth ~ Good Morning! :)
wejazz Aesop Rock – Coffee - Aesop Rock, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats ~ Here @Fangbaby... a "coffee" break. :)
wejazz Hey :D All good after last night's storms? @SoMuch: "Broken Social Scene -- Looks Just Like the Sun" (reblip)
wejazz John Talabot / Glasser: "Families"
jackal Hey @wejazz :) [Admiral Fallow - Subbuteo]
wejazz TY! rb@vinylla: "Kings of Convenience - Once Around The Block (Badly Drawn Boy cover)" (reblip)
wejazz Jonquil – 02 Get Up

Jonquil02 Get Up

| play
wejazz Passion Pit – Little Secrets ( Moths Remix ) ~ Gotta go! Ya'll have a great evening. :)
wejazz Yep! Great sugar delivery device;) @muffinlab: "i always vote for cake @ wejazz @Foudefafa" (reblip)

MetricRaw Sugar

| play
wejazz Up To My Neck In You – Mark Kozelek
wejazz Dry the River – Wolf Parade Cover (YBP Wilderness Sessions Pt. 3) ~ Takes a minute... worth it!
wejazz The Ruby Suns - Cinco (Chancha Vía Circuito remix)
wejazz Washed Out – Lately

Washed OutLately

| play
wejazz Trailer Trash Tracys – Strangling Good Guys
wejazz Sharon Van Etten -DsharpG

Sharon Van Etten -DsharpG

| play
wejazz Yeasayer – I Remember (Painted Palms Remix)
wejazz Matt Pond PA – Love To Get Used
wejazz Julian Lynch – Terra

Julian LynchTerra

| play
wejazz Young Prisms – These Daze
wejazz Nice! rb@cukru: "Rock myboatRockmy boatRock myboatRockmy boat Rockmyboat Rockmy boatRockmy boat Rock myboat Rock myboatRockmy boatRockmyboat" (reblip)

DntelRock my boat

| play
wejazz Hello :) rb@SoMuch: "Rogue Wave -- Eyes" (reblip)

Rogue WaveEyes

| play
wejazz Robin Pecknold – I'm Losing Myself (feat. Ed Droste)
cuezaireekaa It's coming closer Hits me much harder now I feel so much faster I can't even bother at all
wejazz YACHT – Dystopia | HD

YACHTDystopia | HD

| play
wejazz Summer Solstice by Crystal Antlers

Summer Solstice by Crystal Antlers

| play
wejazz Love Can :) Thx for props and music! rb@Tinkle: "Zopelar – Can - Vitamin C (Zopelar Brontossaurus Rework)-good Can remix- Can are brilliant!!" (reblip)
wejazz Nice! Thanks :)@vinylla: "Austra - Woodstock >> Very nice appropriation of this song." (reblip)
craigz the clientele cover mia.

The Clientele - Paper Planes

| play
wejazz Work Drugs – Curious Serge
wejazz Dead Man's Bones – Pa Pa Power ~ Morning @mirrormirror! Can we still have our zombie gang? I was kinda excited :)
treakiepop I know i've played this a few times... ello lovely @actualrose n'@tuned n' @wejazz n everybody ...rapture postponed :)
wejazz Bahamas – Already Yours
kvstr Mogwai ~ Friend of the Night (Acid Casuals)
aSilverHomeGhost When Saints Go Machine - Chestnut. New!


| play
wejazz Youth Lagoon – July

Youth LagoonJuly

| play
wejazz Fang Island – Welcome Wagon
wejazz Built to Spill – I Would Hurt a Fly
aSilverHomeGhost couldn't find this around, had to upload it.. #JustListen good night all and thank you for the music :)

HallsColossus (MP3)

| play
wejazz Thanks to both! :)@2Tall: "rb@Ninette: "°" >this is really cool, never heard this before ." (reblip)
wejazz Atlas Sound – Quick canal (featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab)
wejazz Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs [Arcade Fire Cover]
wejazz White Denim – I Start To Run
wejazz Brothertiger – Vision Tunnels
wejazz Keep Shelly in Athens – A tear in my i
wejazz Handsome Furs – Serve the People
kvstr Jape ~ Strike Me Down (Friendly Fires Remix) a little bit of oirish for ya ;-)@wejazz
wejazz Big Spider's Back – Perfect Machine
wejazz Starfucker – Boys Will Be Boys
DareToEatAPeach Sounds like: Lykke Li with a hotter beat. Rb and thanks @ARTISTSandREPERTOIRE (reblip)
wejazz Hey! Happy Thursday and thanks :)@Foudefafa: "Hi & good day! @tuned @naomi_u @FUNKOMAT wejazz :)" (reblip)
jfgill Jay Reatard ~ Hang Them All

Jay Reatard: Hang Them All

| play
wejazz Good morning and thanks! :)@Ring31: "James Blake - Lindesfarne I (Glasslung Remix)" (reblip)
wejazz Ryan Driver – You are beside me
RandomRandall Sun Kil Moon - Space Travel Is Boring
wejazz Kurt Vile – On Tour

Kurt VileOn Tour

| play
wejazz Delorean – Grow (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)
wejazz Yes it is! @mrsfridaynext: "Thanks @Ineluctable-- this performance of "If I Wanted Someone" by @dawestheband is stellar." (reblip)

Dawes "If I Wanted Someone"

| play
wejazz Regrets and Brunettes – Tough Love
wejazz Broken Social Scene – Hotel
wejazz Givers – Up, Up, Up

GiversUp, Up, Up

| play
wejazz Hey hey! rb@derkrauss: "// Friends - Friend Crush // hello blip friends (reblip)
wejazz Planningtorock – Doorway
impossiblesoul Carolina Liar - Better Alone ~ Happy Thursday to you too @wejazz (:
wejazz Volcano Choir (Bon Iver + Collections of Colonies of Bees) – Still
mirrormirror thank thank thank you! @indieearcandyforeveryone I dig that Dallas Green :-)
die_Kalte which of course means I have to blip Bibio V_V
SoMuch Yep. Schlepping through craigslist rentals is a futile venture. Half of these are scams @wejazz
wejazz DM Stith – Abraham's Song (Bibio remix)
wejazz Dam Mantle – Not A Word

Dam MantleNot A Word

| play
wejazz Exitmusic – The Sea

ExitmusicThe Sea

| play
wejazz Deer And The Headlights – Oh No!
wejazz Robert Pollard – In A Circle (Lord of the Birdcage)
wejazz Craig Wedren 2011 – Are We
wejazz Yourself and the Air- Sick Days ~ @Kayo have you heard this one?

Yourself and the Air- Sick Days

| play
PJharvey Nice to meet you Lynne! I'm Marilia! :)@wejazz:@photofinish: (reblip)


| play
wejazz Sorry About Dresden – Relax, It's Tuesday
wejazz Memoryhouse – Modern, Normal
wejazz How to Dress Well – Us in the Sense of Forever
wejazz The History of Apple Pie – You're So Cool
wejazz Bon Iver – Holocene

Bon IverHolocene

| play
wejazz Dananananaykroyd – Muscle Memory
aSilverHomeGhost "SBTRKT - Hold On" his work is great.

SBTRKT Sampha Hold On

| play
wejazz Wu Lyf – Such A Sad Puppy Dog
wejazz Beach Fossils – "Adversity" @SoMuch it has been a challenging week, but it is now FRIDAY :) I am very jealous of your park view!
wejazz Dent May – Fun ~ BBL

Dent MayFun

| play
wejazz Pictureplane – Post Physical
wejazz Kate Simko – Mind On You

Kate SimkoMind On You

| play
wejazz Balkans – Dressed In Black ~ Hi there @musicismynoise :) Happy Saturday!
wejazz Third Person Lurkin – Liquid Lights
wejazz Neon Indian – Mind, Drips (Bibio Remix) ~ BBL
SoMuch Redinho -- Pitter Patter

RedinhoPitter Patter

| play
wejazz Matthew Dear – I Can't Feel
wejazz Priory – Lady of Late

PrioryLady of Late

| play
wejazz Noah and the Whale – Life is Life - Live at RAK studios
wejazz Nick Cave & Neko Case - She's not there (Zombies cover)
wejazz Everything Everything – What's My Name (Rihanna Cover) | HD
SoMuch Pela -- Your Desert's Not a Desert At All
mirrormirror I know, right? @wejazz. This was the dagger that sent them over the edge. Wrong room for me, I think.
PJharvey Ouvistes esta?@foxy_kida -> heart-breaking cover rb@Fangbaby (reblip)

John Martyn, Glory Box

| play
wejazz Wise Blood – Penthouse Suites
wejazz Girlfriends – Eat Around the Bad Parts
wejazz Bibio – All Their Sisters
wejazz Delicate Steve – The Ballad of Speck and Pebble
wejazz Unouomedude – Dream Home

UnouomedudeDream Home

| play
wejazz When Saints Go Machine – Kelly ~ @tammik ~ Heya! :)
wejazz Painted Palms – I Will Truck (Dirty Projectors cover)
drfeelgood2403 this is COOL!!@wejazz: "Labyrinth Ear – Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell)" (reblip)
Tesla_Girl - i like to pretend THIS is the original: Thao and Mirah- Love is a Battlefield

Thao and Mirah- Love is a Battlefield

| play
wejazz Hospital Ships – Reprise

Hospital ShipsReprise

| play
fastfood cryo took over. just for one song. heres your pancake house @psychosonicsuzie @wejazz (hey) :D
SoMuch Can't pass this one up, thanks :) @aquaflush: "gorgeous" (reblip)
wejazz 1,2,3 – Scared But Not That Scared
MrsStonebreaker thanks Timo, the same to you!@musicismynoise: "Super Furry Animals – Hello Sunshine // Hello @wejazz @cryostasium and @stedo85 Happy sundays!" (reblip)
wejazz The Shivers – American Girls
wejazz Hello and thanks! :)@axefield: "Toro Y Moi – Talamak" (reblip)
wejazz The Whitest Boy Alive – Done With You
wejazz How To Dress Well - Decisions (Orchestral Version)
wejazz :) rb@musicismynoise: "I think I couldn't survive there :) wejazz // Alexander – Truth" (reblip)


| play
wejazz David Bazan – Wolves At The Door
wejazz Cut Copy – "Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution" (Toro Y Moi Remix)
wejazz The Big Pink – Velvet

The Big PinkVelvet

| play
psychosonicsuzie more for @wejazz :) and hello @nitologic :)


| play
xxlenaphroditexx Arcade Fire – Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)......
wejazz Local Natives – Wide Eyes (Cherie LeJeune Remix)
wejazz Ty Segall – Where Your Head Goes
wejazz The Weepies – Nobody Knows Me At All
star45 Warpaint – Bees


| play
SoMuch ok fine, RB :) @wejazz: "Love the Ga Dome reference in this! :)@jfgill: "Inspired by wejazz"" (reblip)
wejazz Minus the Bear – My Time
wejazz It's amazing how fast the legs improve. Do u have many hills?@musicismynoise: Maybe should go for 40 miles next wejazz // Shack – Natalie´s Party" (reblip)

ShackNatalie´s Party

| play
wejazz Motopony – King Of Diamonds
wejazz Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)
wejazz Pepper Rabbit – Older Brother
wejazz I Am The Dot ~ Love Song for Camus

I Am The Dot ~ Love Song for Camus (Official Music Video)

| play
wejazz Exitmusic – The Sea

ExitmusicThe Sea

| play
wejazz Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat -- (If You) Keep Me In Your Heart

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat -- (If You) Keep Me In Your Heart

| play
wejazz Blake Mills » Lucinda Williams (I Just Wanted to See You So Bad)

Blake Mills » Lucinda Williams (I Just Wanted to See You So Bad)

| play
mmemaledicta a lot like a new TVOTR, but less popular (we'll see how long that lasts! They're good enough to take a place in that sub sub sub genre).
wejazz Thanks! rb@Hachimon: "Off to the gym and work, take care DJs!" (reblip)
impossiblesoul hiya :)) rb @4V4L0N: "Zola Jesus • Devil Take You" (reblip)
wejazz Night and thanks to both for this! rb@Kayo: "goodnight @ll☆ tyrb @aprilena" (reblip)
wejazz B-Movie Lightning – Triple Trouble (Single Mix)
SabriESC @DJFrankie: "pretty much excellent. How are you? Great plains in full effect?" Glad to hear it. Things here busy but good. Moving (I hope!) soon. (reblip)
wejazz Beck Record Club 4- 8- Never Tear Us Apart.mp4

Beck Record Club 4- 8- Never Tear Us Apart.mp4

| play
wejazz Fool's Gold - Wild Window"

HibOO d'Live : Fool's Gold "Wild Window"

| play
wejazz Smog – I Break Horses

SmogI Break Horses

| play
wejazz Centro-matic - Iso-Residue"

Centro-matic "Iso-Residue"

| play
wejazz How to Dress Well – Decisions (feat. Yüksel Arslan)
wejazz S. Carey – Consequence (Notwist cover) - Club Garibaldi
Foudefafa portishead + mogwai! Live I'm so happy :)
wejazz EMA – Endless Nameless - Nirvana Cover
wejazz Wires Under Tension – Electricity Turns Them On
wejazz Allah-Las – Catamaran ~ Good morning @SoMuch :)


| play
nastysurprise rb @mirrormirror: "rb @lenaphrodite: "tyrb @PJharvey: @pumpkinsoup76 every time I hear this song it reminds me of you. Won't you miss NY just a bit?" (reblip)
jfgill White Denim ~ Our Get

White DenimOur Get

| play
impossiblesoul Wolfsheim – Everyone Who Casts A Shadow #blipthistoomuch laters... x
Kayo ty for intro! i like it!!! rb @Alvaroxx: "Christian AIDS – Young Luv... // Hola amiga!:) @ Kayo... (my new favorite band:)" (reblip)
spacespencer poor old Amy. // Elbow - Back To Black
wejazz Sole And The Skyrider-Napoleon (Feat. Xiu Xiu)

Sole And The Skyrider-Napoleon (Feat. Xiu Xiu).m4v

| play
wejazz The Twilight Sad – Half A Person (Smiths Cover)
wejazz Hockey – Too Fake

HockeyToo Fake

| play
wejazz Nite Kayo! @Kayo: "goodnight @ll☆ wire cover.." (reblip)
wejazz Very nice! Heya@treakiepop:)Drifts by nicely i thought http://houndsds.bandcamp.com/album/los-dos I don't know either@rojdoj :)Hellos @aprilena wejazz (reblip)

HOUNDSds - College Kidz

| play
wejazz Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw, Night Gallery II

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw, Night Gallery II

| play
wejazz Wow! Heyz and thankz to all :)@Kayo: "thank you both! re-rb @deunen: "rb @bduubz: " >>>( fwd @ Kayo)" fwd >>> wejazz" (reblip)

Washed Out- Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

| play
wejazz Julian Lynch – Back

Julian LynchBack

| play
wejazz Bass Drum of Death – Leaves
wejazz An Horse – Scared as Fuck
wejazz Circuit Des Yeux - "3311"

Circuit Des Yeux "3311"

| play
djilo Cool. Thanks bro :) RB@theChaperone: "SBTRKT - Look At Stars (Machinedrum Remix)" (reblip)
wejazz Metronomy – You Could Easily Have Me
Kayo hola y gracias!!! rb @Alvaroxx: "Screaming Dead – Paint It, Black (The Rolling Stones Cover)... I look inside myself and see my heart is black..." (reblip)
wejazz Sons & Daughters – Breaking Fun
wejazz Bobby – It's Dead Outside
wejazz Elite Gymnastics – Slime Crown
wejazz Arctic Death – Basement Stars
wejazz Cool, thank you :)@ximon: ":-) (reblip)

The Botaniks + Bernhoft: Fond of Jane

| play
MONIKKA Are you coming @deunen? Who knows you watch those great games from Cryuf years? (reblip)
wejazz JEFF the Brotherhood – Hey Friend - We Are The Champions
wejazz Oh, yes! rb@instamatic81: "my love for vhs will go on wejazz" (reblip)


| play
kvstr rb@wejazz: "Motopony – King Of Diamonds"ooh, this is good :)) (reblip)
Davrocks good night, you all rule nearly as much as this cover

malcolm middleton hold steady run to you

| play
wejazz Wow - 5K! Congrats on the new badge :) rb@indieearcandyforeveryone: "tyvm miss K @Kayo ;)" (reblip)


| play
wejazz Animal Collective – Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix) //@CrowdedMustang you had to know this was next :)
wejazz Port St. Willow – Stay Even
indieearcandyforeveryone this one has an immunity to getting old it seems. ;) @RipTrick: "Still so good!" (reblip)
wejazz The Postal Service – Suddenly Everything Has Changed
wejazz Jim O'Rourke – 94 The Long Way
wejazz Beck – Hott in Here (Nelly cover)
wejazz Puddle Jumpers – Big White Clouds
wejazz Nerves Junior – Kale

Nerves JuniorKale

| play
wejazz Andrew Bird – "Imitosis (Four Tet Remix)"
wejazz Brian Eno / Rick Holland: glitch

Brian Eno / Rick Holland: glitch

| play
wejazz Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – In This Home On Ice
wejazz GAYNGS – By Your Side (Sade Cover) (Daytrotter Session)
wejazz Joseph Arthur – In the sun
cuezaireekaa see you next time. <3


| play
SoMuch rb thanks :) @cuezaireekaa: "no sleeps for me it looks... / @doubledrat!" (reblip)

Foxes In Fiction / Tell Me Why (Neil Young Cover)

| play
wejazz The Grates – Like You Could Have It All
wejazz David Bazan – Wolves At The Door
wejazz Perfume Genius – Your Drum
wejazz Trouble Books & Mark McGuire – Floating Through Summer // For @snuggle_bunny :)
wejazz Adem – To Cure a Weakling Chile (Boy/Girl song - Aphex Twin cover)
wejazz Future Islands – Balance
wejazz The Wrens – Everyone Choose Sides
wejazz Martina Topley-Bird chante «Baby blue»

Martina Topley-Bird chante «Baby blue»

| play
CreepingElm Joshua James – To Be Alone With You Rb #5 @jw3: "rb again cuz such a great version @CreepingElm: "Joshua James" (reblip)
wejazz White Denim - Street Joy

Street Joy: White Denim (Studio Version)

| play
wejazz Stars – This Charming Man
wejazz The Tallest Man On Earth – I Won't Be Found
wejazz GROSS MAGIC – Sweetest Touch
wejazz Reptar – Rainbounce


| play
wejazz Work Drugs – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
wejazz Hey back! Thanks :)@derkrauss: "// ECC – Bull In The Wild // HEY (reblip)
psychosonicsuzie good night & have a great weekend @all:)

Black Wave

| play
Kayo weeknd cover.. goodnight @ll☆
wejazz Warm Ghost – Inside and Out
wejazz The Cave Singers – Summer Light
wejazz I'm from Barcelona – Anywhere You Looked (Au Revoir Simone cover)
wejazz Bearstronaut – Moniker


| play
wejazz Canon Blue – Pale Horse

Canon BluePale Horse

| play
wejazz The Wrens – Everyone Choose Sides
wejazz Bon Iver – Beth/Rest (World Cafe) Solo Piano version
wejazz Richard Ashcroft – Running Away
wejazz Class Actress – Weekend

Class ActressWeekend

| play
wejazz Cloud Control – There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight - Proper greet @snuggle_bunny :) Hello!
wejazz Vetiver & Hope Sandoval – Angels' Share
wejazz Cloud Cult – Unexplainable Stories
wejazz White Arrows – Coming Or Going (RAC Remix)
aSilverHomeGhost DropXLife - Brewsome. @wejazz @Ring31 @die_Kalte u should listen to this.


| play
wejazz Redshape – Man Out Of Time
wejazz Friends – I'm His Girl

FriendsI'm His Girl

| play
djilo Kisses :* RB@JuniperBEET: "x" (reblip)

Balam Acab- Dream Out (The Goat Remix)

| play
wejazz Grimes – Crystal Ball

GrimesCrystal Ball

| play
wejazz Very cool! Have you tried it on?@SoMuch: "Gayngs -- Ride wejazz - might get this one http://bit.ly/py9nZE" (reblip)

Gayngs- Ride

| play
wejazz Daughter – "Love" (taken from 'The Wild Youth' EP)
wejazz RAC – 1979 (ft. Liz Anjos)
wejazz Future Islands – The Great Fire
wejazz Pedestrian-Hei Poa

Pedestrian-Hei Poa

| play
wejazz Noah and the Whale – Waiting For My Chance To Come (Bibio Remix)
wejazz Blawan – Getting Me Down (full vinyl rip)
wejazz First Aid Kit – The Lion's Roar
wejazz Bear Lake – Only War

Bear LakeOnly War

| play
wejazz Eight Bit Tiger – Bad Advice
wejazz Ratatat – Neckbrace


| play
wejazz Field Music -- (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing

Field Music -- (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing

| play
wejazz James Blake – I Never Learnt to Share
andsometimeswhy and when you see an alehouse called the robin hood
wejazz Sun Glitters – Too Much to Lose (Slow Magic Remix)
wejazz Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks :)@RunRunItsHim: "I think you guys will appreciate this, @treakiepop wejazz @cryostasium" (reblip)
wejazz Fixers – Swimmhaus Johannesburg (Star Slinger Remix)
wejazz Passion Pit – Cuddle Fuddle
wejazz Alexi Murdoch – The Light (Her Hands Were Leaves) [live session]