werd only the best silvio song there is...
benyasbabe @werd another oldie :)

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
ImAnElectricDuck Because you didn't get to dance to it at your wedding with your ladies@werd

Pointer Sisters - Its raining men

| play
werd i bet i'm taking @ImAnElectricDuck and @benyasbabe on a trip down memory lane...


| play
werd definite must have oldie. (reblip)


| play
werd no matter how hard you try you CAN'T STOP US NOW! (reblip)
benyasbabe if me and @ImAnElectricDuck go to town with you, @werd, can we have some champagne????
ImAnElectricDuck This reminds me of Jazz class- and jazz hands...

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You

| play
werd wishes she could be doing this right about now...
werd fav. john mayer song...

John Mayer3x5

| play
werd wonders why the attorney's at work think i can work magic when i'm not a magician....
werd i could listen to this song for hours............ (reblip)
werd best jamie cullum song...

Jamie CullumOh God

| play
PAgent The one, the only, Judy Garland - "Embraceable You"
outlawserenade Gonna take some time to do the things we never had. (reblip)


| play
werd would like to go see him in concert again...
werd gonna scope one of these out this afternoon... (reblip)

Afternoon Delight

| play
werd this goes out to a certain someone at work that @ImAnElectricDuck and @benyasbabe know i hold near and dear to my heart as of late...
werd what a great anthem - i love amelie poulain.
benyasbabe from one of my fave movies, over the hedge!!! yay hammy!!....here.....here.....here.............................here...

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

| play
werd i could listen to this song for hours............ (reblip)
tall_geek A-Ha – Take On Me, This guy still hits that high note in Europe

A-HaTake On Me

| play
werd this goes out to our new blipper @DjScribbles


| play
werd just do it.

Akinyele - Put It In Your Mouth

| play
werd only the best song EVER!

Dennis Leary - Asshole

| play
werd i'm hopin you can keep a secret...

AmerieOne Thing

| play

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

| play
benyasbabe @ShyTrbleMaker your comment about girl singers/girl fronted bands reminded me of this one


| play
ImAnElectricDuck oh yeah...shake yer butt! you know you want to!
ImAnElectricDuck this song was so much fun-and weird...I <3 Timbaland..in a naked way.
DjScribbles to one that deserves all the praise!!!
DjScribbles you can't deny it..... today is a good day
benyasbabe we're all in the mood for a melody, and you've got us feelin' alright

Billy JoelPiano Man

| play
benyasbabe omg forgot all about this song

Roxette - Dangerous

| play
benyasbabe o....m....g....@werd and @ImAnElectricDuck

Filet o'Fish

| play
benyasbabe i missed this song

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
werd use to be SO IN LOVE with this SONG!
werd heard this on the way home tonight...and got hooked.

Matt & KimDaylight

| play
benyasbabe a lot of people might remember this song being used in some staples or office depot ads a few years ago
werd thanks @benyasbabe for listening to my horrible humming in hopes to remember what this song was called!!
s0apy accordian goodness..

LauUnquiet Grave

| play


| play
werd this is what i keep doing to the attorneys who are asking me to complete assignments that are IMPOSSIBLE! (reblip)

Lily AllenSmile

| play
werd still in <3 with this SONG!

Matt & KimDaylight

| play
werd can't believe i haven't blipped this one yet...wtf mate!

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
werd can't believe i haven't blipped this one yet either! WTF MATE!?

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
ImAnElectricDuck This is me...stop & stare..you think your workin' but you're just sitting there....
benyasbabe and when i got home, before i said amen, asking god if He could play it again
benyasbabe i've never heard this before, but i'm falling in love with it, thanks @coloured :D (reblip)
ImAnElectricDuck @werd @benyasbabe I love this song it sounds just like my hardcore vocals

SuperdragSucked Out

| play
benyasbabe great song, thanks @vanneris! (reblip)

Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

| play
werd que buena onda!


| play
ImAnElectricDuck Happy happy music! Trumpets are Billy's favorite!@werd (reblip)
werd all my friends know the low rider!

WarLow Rider

| play
benyasbabe oooo i'm totally reblipping this. thanks @evablue! (reblip)
ImAnElectricDuck @werd I think you will really like this song : ) It used to be on the Old Navy mix when I worked there

(+44)Make You Smile

| play
ImAnElectricDuck uh oh @werd..you started something...its worse than the clap
benyasbabe well, now i have the movie Centerstage in my head, so gotta blip this one


| play
DarlingNikki08 "The anthem" This song always puts me in a great mood
DJNikStunna The most beautiful song I've heard in a long time. Must buy Jason Mraz today! Easy Breezy
athletes4acure My Sunday morning song for 20 years. Never gets old.
Schmeel I can't put Bed Bed Bed on here without the song that follows it on their first childrens' album, NO!
werd i needed this...work was really getting to me. (reblip)
werd thanks @Zchick for reminding me of this great song. (reblip)

SealLove's Divine

| play
Dodrantalnails_Zchick @werd Thank YOU for reminding ME of this song... LOVE!!! (reblip)
benyasbabe sweet :)


| play
werd @ImAnElectricDuck @benyasbabe please please PLEASE tell me you remember this song!
werd what you've done here is put yourself between a bullet and a target... (reblip)
werd @cgphoto your blip reminded me of this awesome ben folds song!

Ben Folds FiveArmy

| play
werd hey @benyasbabe, i got a strange call from a dude who says he blips, too and asks... (reblip)
werd i couldn't resist - too addicting! thanks @productofthe80s (reblip)
werd i couldn't find the acoustic version i like better, but holy f, i use to be in LOVE with this song!

Nine DaysIf I Am

| play
benyasbabe OMG!!!! @werd! JUMP ON IT!! now i want to do the dance like fresh prince and carlton!! (thanks @sfs!!) (reblip)
werd reminds me of football season at va tech! thanks @pinky211k (reblip)


| play
werd BRING 'EM OUT! do do doot do do do doot!
werd thanks @tresM - love this song, esp. the acoustic version. wena! (reblip)
werd so glad you blipped this @RicoLacerda because this is a fav. of mine. (reblip)
Jeffie Percy Faith & His Orchestra - "The Theme From 'A Summer Place'" (1960)
DJCreekFreak Let's slooooow it down .... find the one you want to be with ... cause you've been "Waiting" ... but it "Feels So Right ... So Warm" ..Mmmmmmmm
Kylax : Never a frown with golden brown
avardza LUKAS: rock/folk/indie australiano
werd I said mommy Imma love you till you don't hurt no more

Kanye WestHey Mama

| play
werd @benyasbabe my stupid mouth is about to get me in trouble if kathy keeps it up... (reblip)
werd this weezer cd is still my fav. i even wrote in to the fan club to get the lyrics since the cd didn't have them on the inside cover. i <3 weezer.
werd your blip @motionspeaks reminded me of this other great pink martini song. lily lily lily lily stay!

Pink MartiniLilly

| play
DrDebs I'm feeling it all this afternoon. What a gorgeous day in LA! Waves to @crisrocs, @werd, @pinkstuff, @MichaeLoveridge, @CarolannB

FeistI Feel It All

| play
werd @DjScribbles your twista blip reminded me of this precious gem.
werd @ImAnElectricDuck we need to start working on our routine!
werd fantastical. @ImAnElectricDuck i'm your biggest fan.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

| play
werd one of the best whitacre songs there ever was.

Eric WhitacreSleep

| play
magzie werd.. I know you can't live without this one!
werd was having trouble re-blipping last night! thanks to @mrhe25 for this great cover! (reblip)
werd i agree with @B_wood One of Lupe's best. (reblip)

Lupe FiascoDaydream

| play
werd good morning to everyone! today is going to be wonderful.
werd totally forgot about this song! love it - thanks! (reblip)


| play
werd one, two, one two three four...
werd totally forgot about this song! thanks! (reblip)
werd it's friday and the work week is allllllmost over! WOO! (reblip)
werd aunque ya no tengo cura...
werd carito no habla ingles!

Carlos VivesCarito

| play
werd @bdaily i don't know if you're a three days grace fan, but i always liked this song, too.
werd i feel it all...and every last bit of it. (reblip)

FeistI Feel It All

| play
werd @benyasbabe - this is my favorite fiona song. i was so in love with it when it came out, i taught myself how to play it on the piano.
werd ahi llego yoooooo!

Buena Vista Social Club & Carlos Vives - Pa Mayte 1

| play
Elvisisdead77 A song to get the afternoon going
werd when this album came out, i listened to this song on repeat for about a month straight.
werd do you realize you just blipped a vegas anthem? i'm rockin' out...@benyasbabe @ImAnElectricDuck (reblip)

Danity KaneDamaged

| play
punksinger minha preferida dos meninos gravatinhas de lã

The StrokesSomeday

| play
werd @vanessaddm great blip! use to love this song. (reblip)


| play
werd OMG LETTERS TO CLEO! Can I get an AMEN!? Too bad I can't find my most fav. song which was HERE AND NOW! omggggggg middle school rawked.
werd i heart jason mraz.

Jason MrazOne Love

| play
werd @fernprado i love popping this CD. especially since this is the first song...
werd maybe if i play this song, i will actually feel good looking through these 23498234 pages of documents at work! (reblip)

james brown - i feel good

| play
ImAnElectricDuck Camping, rafting, canoeing, and bonfires....STAT!
ImAnElectricDuck This G.Love Song makes me want to sip G&T's and hang out on the porch....
CoachRocks I prefer this version over the knife's.
benyasbabe a little something to perk up @werd :)
werd i hear ya @benyasbabe - i wish for a lot of things. wish #1...legally change my name to chakra slapentickle. (reblip)

Skee-LoI Wish

| play
werd thanks for helping me keep my sanity today @ImAnElectricDuck @benyasbabe lord knows i needed it...go for it karlin, ASK ME WHERE THE FILES ARE AGAIN! (reblip)
werd love it even more when the muppets sing it!

CakeMahna Mahna

| play
werd DO dOOOoT do DOOt DOOoot! mahna mahna!
werd every time i hear this @leandralds, i think of karaoke and how i need to make this song happen soon! with air guitar... (reblip)
werd you best believe i'm in love this friday...no work = happy, in love, werd.
werd this song makes me laugh. seriously though, you can leave your hat on.
werd if the doorbell actually rang during this song...i sure as hell wouldn't answer it. too coincidental...
werd i do have to admit, i love the fray. (reblip)


| play
werd okay okay, just one more. for real now, bedtime. (reblip)
werd your blip @DJPhooey reminded me of this other great tribe called quest song!
werd actually...i'm brown, so...this is fitting.
werd obsessed with this cd. i can't find fear on here though...
werd please, heart. do it. i can't work on this project anymore.
werd i usually go for a nice drink...or two...when i'm down... (reblip)
werd back at ya @aloudhendo another of my fav. bb songs.
werd me too. but really, john legend, period. that's what's up. @Jennaharg: "love this song :)" (reblip)
werd don't try to deny it @ImAnElectricDuck p.s. this song rocks.
werd love this song. even more when buble sings it.
werd sweet. (reblip)

Gym Class Heroes- "Cupid's Chokehold"

| play
werd pretty addicting, and just what needed to get this day movin' along! (reblip)
werd blast from the past. obsession...may still be one now that i listen....

fiona apple sleep to dream

| play
werd awesome! @sOuL49: "This one is for all of you out there. Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" (reblip)
werd one of my most fav. john mayer songs.

3x5John Mayer

| play
werd if my friend seema had a blip account, she'd shoot me for playing this song. but you know what? i love it and always have.

Sarah McLachlanFear

| play
werd oooh! OOH OOH OOHHH! (reblip)

jackson five-i want you back

| play
werd ditto - great song, thanks for reminding me @ILOVETESSA: "this also brings back memories" (reblip)

Adam's SongBlink 182

| play

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

| play
werd @ImAnElectricDuck your blip reminded me of this other great rem song

It's the End of the World as We Know It (R.E.M)

| play
werd oddly enough @benyasbabe your richard marx blip reminded me of this song...
werd james...you can come sing to me anytime you want. preferably tonight...

Bob Dylan Blowin' In the Wind

| play
werd woo! @Artsyboo: " Jessies Girl" (reblip)

Rick Springfield- Jessies girl

| play
werd have always enjoyed the sound of nat king cole's voice. (reblip)
HeshOne i jsut cut my pinky off cuttign potatoes

Papa RoachLast Resort

| play
werd HELL YEA! i use to rock out to this shit - i had this album on tape...and they looked just like they do in this video on the cover of it... (reblip)
werd had to blip this just for nuno's intro. remember this @magzie
werd thank god this song is back on here...life story.

I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control and Beer)

| play
werd i'm obsessed with the show intervention, but probably more obsessed with this song.

Sia Breathe Me

| play
werd why have i not blipped this yet!!!!!!

Sergio Mendes- Magalenha

| play
werd the sergio mendes blip reminded me of this song, too...mmm....alexander pires.
werd can't blip gloria without blipping this one.
benyasbabe i can never get enough of this video! @Rick_Rocks: "Christopher Walken Dancing rulez \o/" (reblip)
werd memorrriiieesss...and it's acoustic too. MY FAV! (reblip)
werd whoa, what happened to these guys! love this song.
werd just what i needed, thanks @LittleRumba: "Good happy song...." (reblip)
werd HELL YES! @LittleRumba: "Corazon partio... Me gusta esta cancion..." (reblip)
werd @LittleRumba another fav alejandro sanz song of mine
werd woooo! end of the work day on a friday! just like... (reblip)
werd this is what i need...asap.


| play
werd hard to say which song off this cd is my favorite, but this one is high on the list. goodnite kids.
werd this is prolly my favorite song off this cd.
werd kind of a crappy version, but this song is kick ass. wish there was a better one on here!
werd acoustic is always betteR!!!!

The Beatles-In My Life

| play

Biz Markie-Just A Friend

| play
werd reblipping for @benyasbabe because i like to feed addictions. (reblip)

The Veronicas-Untouched

| play
werd me too! esp. this weekend when i'll be on the beach drinkin' strawberry daquiris! @JR_Richards: "I'm startin' to feel it!" (reblip)
werd @ImAnElectricDuck you've got that look that says "stay 500 feet away unless you wanna die"

RoxetteThe Look

| play
werd to anyone who took high school choir...
werd i dedicate this song to lizzy who sincerely thought the lyrics were "every road has a turn..." (reblip)
werd a definite rb @PeaceDiva: "Awesome combo @DanielleRicks!...Sergio Mendes "Mas Que Nada" feat. The Black Eyed Peas" (reblip)

Sergio Mendes "Mas Que Nada" feat. The Black Eyed Peas

| play
werd let's see...i'm in the mood for...no work...naps on the beach...and sun filled days.

Glenn Miller-In The Mood

| play
werd right on @rizvn: "come on and take a free ride" (reblip)

free rideedgar winter

| play
werd mmm...sing to me seal.

SealLove's Divine

| play
werd :D @Kees: "miracles is all I need" (reblip)

80's - Mike and The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

| play
werd yea @magzie, do it. bring me another beer.

Fall Out Boy- America's SuiteHearts Lyrics

| play
werd another incubus favorite of mine.

The WarmthIncubus

| play

Incubus- Pardon Me (w/ lyrics)

| play
werd second to last incubus song i'm gonna blip for now...
werd last incubus song for now. i saw a bunch of acoustic ones i'm gonna have to peruse after lunch...

IncubusMake Yourself

| play

A Walk On The Wild Side

| play
werd :) @Loesje: "baker street ..the one song that will always remind me of my year in London..:)" (reblip)

Gerry Rafferty Baker Street

| play

Reel Big Fish 241

| play
werd everybody's doin the fish...

Reel Big FishTrendy

| play
werd okay last rbf song, i swear.
werd okay - i swore i already blipped my last rbf song for today, but @Devildoll1978 made me do it by blipping this! (reblip)
werd :D @DJLori: "Getting myself motivated today with a bit of Glee. :)" (reblip)
werd obviously, we need to work out @ImAnElectricDuck to this song, thanks @Fated! (reblip)
werd what she said! @buffywoo: "I FORGOT!! HAPPY HUMP DAY ALL!" (reblip)

Timbaland, The Way I Are

| play