westerndave found a version of this covered by the foo fighters. Blip can't seem to find it.
westerndave yeah. it's all about the y control.
westerndave See me lost inside You will see me lost how high
wiseacre Another essentail band in the "shoegaze" repertoire
westerndave leave it to me... every thing will be alright
westerndave what can i say. i'm a sucker for a good billy c. tune.
westerndave i was waiting on a moment... but the moment never came.
wiseacre Time for some "world" music. Dead Can Dance is a brilliant mix of electronic, organic and orchestral compositions.
westerndave yeah... it's cheesy but it gets to me nearly every time i hear it.
westerndave blip-n' kinda night i guess.
westerndave wiseacre inspired dead can dance fav.
westerndave harkens back to an earlier, better r.e.m.

R.E.M.Mr. Richards

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westerndave more news from nowhere. sometimes mr. cave just fits the mood. forgot how great this album is.
westerndave last night i told a stranger all about you...
westerndave You missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye.
wiseacre I think this has one of my favorite guitar parts at the end (and also a superb band that I dearly miss)

The SundaysGoodbye

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westerndave Ah, but it was so much easier When I was cruel...
westerndave No more going to the dark side with your flying saucer eyes
westerndave And I'm goin' out west Where they'll appreciate me
westerndave And that's what triggered this. I come back here from time to time. I shelter here some days.
westerndave Well, I hope were not too messianic Or a trifle too satanic We love to play the blues
westerndave raise the demon settlement


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westerndave And it fluctuates so much. Happy and sad and back again.
westerndave Yesterday the sky was you And I still feel the same
westerndave Stab a sorry heart With your favourite finger
westerndave there's something about this song...
westerndave best. cure. song. ever.

The CurePush

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westerndave What if she thinks so but just didn't say so?
westerndave this reminds me of ohio for some reason.
westerndave Got a haircut, got a silver tooth, gonna get myself arrested (reblip)
westerndave Sometimes I'm so full of shit that it should be a crime

Modest MouseBroke

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westerndave A heart-breaker bringing death by sexy
westerndave It's like his thoughts are too big for his size
westerndave we're just holding on to nothing to see how long nothing lasts

BeckPaper Tiger

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westerndave It's barely yours on loan What you think you own The place that you call home
westerndave You say the hill's too steep to climb

Pink FloydFearless

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westerndave Tell you man I'm stuck on this lovely girl
piperoflove @dooblehvay gull, this give me chills

Bon IverSkinny Love

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westerndave And when I'm out I see you walking, Why don't your eyes see me?
westerndave Dungen Rock / Psychedelic / Folk music


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westerndave anything that I could do would never be good enough for you
westerndave Bad snow freeze my throat And numbs my soul


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westerndave john doe does have a voice of gold
westerndave @MadisonArm 'graceland' covered by Grizzly Bear. made it their own. i heard a sweet cover of army of me a while back too.
westerndave Lord, if you've got loss Come on, shout me out - tvotr pick me up. (reblip)


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westerndave I’m an animal Trapped in your hot car

RadioheadAll I Need

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westerndave i'm going to suture up my future

09 Suture Up Your Future

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westerndave @paulonation that's fanastic! Rich Guy? really? oh, cover song of the day now:


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westerndave Something in the way you love me won't let me be - cover of the day
westerndave welcome to the hotel california...such a lovely place.

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish)

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westerndave cover song of the day: She's got electric boots a mohair suit...
westerndave love is a burning thing - cover of the day.
westerndave cover of the day: Making love with his ego Ziggy sucked up into his mind
westerndave cover of the day: love will tear us apart
westerndave cover of the day: Daylight licked me into shape...
westerndave cover of the day: 1st gear it's alright 2nd gear hang on tight
westerndave get a real job keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face
westerndave cover of the day: even beck has gotta learn sometimes
westerndave Thank you Jack White for the fiber-optic Jesus that you gave me.
westerndave cover of the day: Down in a hole and I dont know if I can be saved
westerndave But it was so much easier when I was cruel
westerndave If my heart is a war its soldiers are bleeding
westerndave it's a buena vista kinda morning
westerndave I've seen so many ships sail in, just to head back out again and go off sinkin'.
westerndave cover of the day: let's dance (bowie cover) by m.ward. if possible, listen to this with the windows open and the rain coming down.

M. WardLet's Dance

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westerndave And I'm in awe A face like you've never seen before
westerndave well she's a full grown woman who's got it all
westerndave Broke account so I broke a sweat I've bought some things that I sort of regret about now

Modest MouseBroke

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westerndave fell back asleep on the couch this morning and woke up with this in my head. what does it mean?
westerndave Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi
westerndave there's something about this song...


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westerndave cover of the day: The ocean breathes salty, won't you carry it in? In your head, in your mouth, in your soul.
westerndave you can ask john doe 'cause his heart is made of glory and his voice is made of gold
westerndave let down and hanging around, crushed like a bug in the ground.

RadioheadLet Down

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westerndave (There) isn't much that I feel I need A solid soul and the blood I bleed
westerndave cover of the day: Love and mercy, that's what we need tonight...
coppelia Sad, but beautiful...

Casimir Pulaski Day

| play
westerndave alice alice alice alice alice

Cocteau TwinsAlice

| play
westerndave You take the skyway, high above the busy little one-way
westerndave If you're listening to this song you may think the words are going wrong
westerndave I wish I had a Sylvia Plath
westerndave Wanna speak what I've seen Wanna reach what I've dreamed Wanna be kind
westerndave cover of the day: You Really Got a Hold on Me
jerrytown Song of the day Emmylou Harris "Wrecking Ball"
westerndave song of the day: i chose horses
westerndave Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life.
westerndave song of the night: on a neck, on a spit
westerndave cure song of the day ...like strawberries and cream

the curepush - Orange

| play
westerndave 1989 song of the day hairshirt


| play
westerndave This is a ballad for the good times

Blur-Battery in Your Leg

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westerndave song of the saturday -- firesuite/doves


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westerndave cover of the day - love vigilantes
westerndave the drugs don't work. true story.
westerndave Love and Rockets - motorcycle - best. rockets. song. ever?
westerndave It happened when I heard her name Same old thought crept back again Ohh no, let go
westerndave woke up with the song of the day stuck in my head... I want a easy plateau Some place to rest my head...
wiseacre This song remains one of my (many) favorite songs from Zeppelin. Beautiful and haunting, with a twang of folk and country.
westerndave that's why i'm easy...easy like sunday morning... - cover of the day. thank you faith no more.

Faith No More Easy like sunday morning

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westerndave button your lip and don't let the shield slip
wiseacre From one of my all time favorite albums of the 1990's, "Keep it like a secret". just a superb album and song.
westerndave 'then you came along, you helped me write this song' - song of the night. enjoy.
westerndave not sure why i woke up with this song in my head. 'I could live without so much...'
westerndave but that train keeps on rollin'... - cover of the day. folsom prison blues.
westerndave SOTD - as loud as hell a ringing bell behind my smile it shakes my teeth...

PixiesI Bleed

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westerndave driving out of vegas in their automobile she was in the backseat while he was at the wheel... - lost weekend
wiseacre Tom Waits is an acquired taste, like single malt scotch or grappa. I happen to have acquired the taste to love his voice, music and odd brilliance.
westerndave woke up from a nap with this song stuck in my head... "And God bless you all For the song you saved us..."


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westerndave I saw the devil. The contrary man. I saw the devil down the long, long road.

the cult - king contrary man

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westerndave SOTD- I move so slow, a steady crushing hand...
westerndave cover of the day: X - i must not think bad thoughts - covered by pearl jam.
westerndave sotd: lyin cheatin hurtin that's all you seem to do...
westerndave cover of the day: the seeker -- I won't get to get what I'm after Till the day I die
westerndave song of teh day: x - blue spark. sometimes i forget how much i dig john doe's voice and billy zoom's guitar.

XBlue Spark

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westerndave screaming trees makes me smile on random
westerndave So... now are you ready to go, my lady? #nowplaying
westerndave thursday morning pick-me-up.
westerndave Thursday evening mellow out song of the evening
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