whac_a_mole glad i don't take acid anymore
whac_a_mole from the album 'Souvlaki Space Station'. great winter music. man i miss this band!


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whac_a_mole probably my favorite Pixies song.


| play
whac_a_mole from 'Our Ill Wills'. i really like this album. i wonder if the singer has ever heard of The Cure? nahhhh... (reblip)
whac_a_mole from the album 'It's A Shame About Ray'. what a perfect pop album...
whac_a_mole from 'Dear Science'. surely one of my favorite albums of '08

TV On The RadioDLZ

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whac_a_mole Sie ist ein Modell und sie sieht gut aus


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whac_a_mole from the brilliant album 'For Your Own Special Sweetheart'. maybe a nice valentine's day gift?


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whac_a_mole still their best album (logic will break your heart) though the newest one is really good too.
whac_a_mole from 'Black Dots'. the Bad Brains showed everyone how it's done.
whac_a_mole from the album 'Marquee Moon'. this band showed us the softer side of punk rock.


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whac_a_mole 'Raise' = one of the best albums of the 90's
whac_a_mole 'Orange' is a pure rock album. blood, sweat and dirt.
whac_a_mole this is French Kicks' cover of the Lindsey Buckingham classic 'Trouble'.
whac_a_mole clean, serene and clear as crystal
whac_a_mole Sonic Youth. what can i say?
whac_a_mole what year is it? this band is timeless.

Dr. DogOh No

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whac_a_mole from one of my favorite albums of 2008, Dear Science

TV On The RadioDLZ

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whac_a_mole Can pioneered the 'Krautrock' musical movement throughout the 70's and paved the way for countless experimental bands to come...

CanSing Swan Song

| play
whac_a_mole legendary producer, arranger and composer. DJ Shadow was heavily influenced by David Axelrod and has collaborated with him in recent years.
whac_a_mole a very overlooked and underrated collaboration...
whac_a_mole there is something so soulful about this band, hard to put my finger on it...
whac_a_mole from their latest album 'Car Alarm'. just what you would expect from this great band...
whac_a_mole haven't heard this song in forever! it was on the No Alternative soundtrack and is one of the first songs i ever heard by Pavement. i miss this band!
whac_a_mole feeling a bit nostalgic now, ahhh... from the classic album Bee Thousand
whac_a_mole more nostalgic still... great acoustic version of a great song
whac_a_mole something about this song... love this live version!
whac_a_mole this song got stuck in my head the other day. this goes out to Shanny Mac : )
whac_a_mole just a great song. sing along! love the epic ending...
whac_a_mole great song from the album 'Jimmywine Majestic'. members of Red Red Meat went on to form Califone. this song rocks.
whac_a_mole another of my favorite albums from 2008 'Micro Castles'. buy it!
whac_a_mole Ambulance Ltd.'s debut self-titled album is near perfect. their new one should be out shortly and what little i've heard of it is fantastic.
whac_a_mole from one of my favorite albums of all time 'TNT'. very few albums flow the way this one does. Tortoise can do no wrong.
whac_a_mole the mighty collective known as Broken Social Scene...
whac_a_mole from the classic album 'White Light White Heat'. a creepy little number. let it play all the way through ; )
whac_a_mole one of the best bands i've ever seen live. hands down.
whac_a_mole Daniel never would have won the tournament if it weren't for this song.
whac_a_mole here is a great instrumental from the album 'In On The Kill Taker'

FugaziSweet And Low

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whac_a_mole Mary Timony was co-founder of the band Helium. she plays a mean guitar!
whac_a_mole DC based band feat. Chad Clark formerly of Smart Went Crazy. new album soon (i hope!)
whac_a_mole ironically, i do live above a jewelry store behind a massive plate-glass door
whac_a_mole check out Andrew Kenny's new band Wooden Birds. very similar to Am An Set
whac_a_mole 'Wordless Chorus'. gorgeous song!
whac_a_mole nice. kinda forgot about these guys.
whac_a_mole from the album 'Frosting on the Beater'
whac_a_mole what ever happened to Hockey Night?
whac_a_mole it was the drummer who died, not the singer. either way it's very sad.

Ra Ra RiotOh, La

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whac_a_mole this album has really been growing on me...
whac_a_mole J. Robbins from Jawbox/Burning Airlines' current band. and mightily so.


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whac_a_mole Jeff Parker also plays guitar in Tortoise and is one of my favorites

Jeff ParkerToy Boat

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whac_a_mole i crack up every time i hear this song

WeenThe Fucked Jam

| play
whac_a_mole Ace Frehley sings this Rolling Stones classic

Kiss2000 Man

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whac_a_mole the first song on Their Satanic Majesties Request, the Stones' most experimental album. this is actually the only 'normal' song on it.
whac_a_mole Cornelius never disappoints


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whac_a_mole g'nite music lovers : )


| play
whac_a_mole great band and really nice folks
whac_a_mole played with these guys last weekend - quite a show!
whac_a_mole i put this song on so many mixes a few years ago : )
whac_a_mole @aoikao never have enough Pavement : )
whac_a_mole awesome. used to have this cassette years ago. Hope's band before Mazzy Star. was hoping i could find the song 'Magic Power' but this is good too.

opalrocket machine

| play
whac_a_mole from 'Ventures In Space'... my favorite album of theirs
whac_a_mole the first PFP was fantastic. everything after, not so much.
whac_a_mole this is not the album version, must be a demo
whac_a_mole Richie Jape is ok in my book


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whac_a_mole these guys were pretty groovy
whac_a_mole 'I, Swinger' is such a great album. i feel like watching Four Rooms now : )
whac_a_mole i'll have what The Chap is having

The ChapProper Rock

| play
whac_a_mole i'm only going to heaven if it feels like hell...

Hot ChipHold On

| play
whac_a_mole oh hell yeah! Jody Foster's Army
whac_a_mole ex-Unicorns. grrreat song!

IslandsRough Gem

| play
whac_a_mole awesome band that wasn't around very long
whac_a_mole one of the most misunderstood bands out there

Trans AmWhite Rhino

| play
whac_a_mole soundtrack to a film in my head
whac_a_mole from my favorite album 'You're Living All Over Me'.
intinet ripwrap by @djfrico > fan of this kind of descriptive music, any web page with other works? (reblip)
whac_a_mole what a great band they were...


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whac_a_mole did i hear the Wrens are finally putting a new album out??

The WrensHopeless

| play
whac_a_mole saw these guys last night... amazing


| play
whac_a_mole remember when they were great?


| play

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wind Phoenix

| play
whac_a_mole @Sparklepony -doing great! yourself? off to work soon.. thought i'd blip a few real quick : )
whac_a_mole this is the band i'm working with tonight... gonna be a killer show...
whac_a_mole ...for tonight's free show!!!
whac_a_mole first song from their new album


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whac_a_mole Kasabian - Reason Is Treason


| play

My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus

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whac_a_mole one of the best bowie song EVER
whac_a_mole "feels so unnatural to sing your own name..." HA! well played.
whac_a_mole cannot stop listening to this album...
whac_a_mole from the 'Dark Was The Night' compilation

Arcade FireLenin

| play
evablue @GR8FL you're on a different schedule than i. i often blip late. so no sleep soon. isn't it past your bedtime? long weekend?
whac_a_mole good live version. and fast


| play
whac_a_mole back at ya @by_starla.. hope everyone is having a good day/night... whatever it is, wherever you are
whac_a_mole i hear the wrens have a new album in the works... !!
whac_a_mole g'nite everyone : ) keep the music flowin'...
whac_a_mole great song off the 'bakesale' album
whac_a_mole ha, i haven't heard this in yeeeeeaaars...