xTRiPPx INLINE SEX TERROR – Hellektro Girl
xTRiPPx Stromkern – night riders
xTRiPPx ☢_☣ SuPeR AWeSoMe!! Angelspit – Princess Chaos (Angelspit remix)" (reblip)
xTRiPPx ✞нїґḓ ℜ℮αℓ₥ ~ ℐη√їт@ṫḯøᾔ ✞ø Ħℯℓℓ @atank: "@Carmilla: "@atank"" (reblip)
xTRiPPx ϟḯ﹩тℯґ ℳ@¢♄ḯηε Ḡυη ~ ♓◎ℓℯ ḯη ṫℌ℮ Ḡґøüηḓ
xTRiPPx ℃♄яї﹩ṫїαη Ðεαṫℌ ~ ♈ℌїṧ Ḡℓα﹩ṧ ℌøüѕє #ℭℌяḯṧṫḯαηÐℯαṫ♄ (reblip)
xTRiPPx ☢$℘ḟ 1000☢ ♫ ☠Ħαüℵ♈ℯḎ ♓øüϟℯ☠

Spf 1000 Haunted house

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xTRiPPx ♪♫•**•¸♥.•**•♫♪Nightwish Oceansoul♪♫•**•¸♥.•**•♫♪ (reblip)
xTRiPPx ☠ тℌε ℭℜℯ℮℘﹩ℌøẘ ♠ Ẏ◎ü'ℓℓ ¢ø₥ε ¢яαẘℓḯᾔℊ ☠
xTRiPPx ~Horrorpops

freaks in uniform

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xTRiPPx 5' Thick ProzaC feat @Morgankittie
xTRiPPx get naked!


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xTRiPPx Nightwish ~ Everdream


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tmilesgantt love from Kittie@xTRiPPx: "@brucefraser thx man it was the digi version! \m/ yeah, its a good day q=]" (reblip)
xTRiPPx @Louden i foundeds it on here. yay!

Hole "Valarie Loves Me"

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mOutH-meRRiL bAiNbRidge

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xTRiPPx @Carmilla: "@xTRiPPx That's it. You are a god among men. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx saving to my playlist now :D" (reblip)
SweetandTwisted @darrenoftinley this band has a hot lead singer, i saw them with TBM a few years back.
PenelopeVintage come with me, take my hand ;)

God ModuleBrainz

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xTRiPPx Front Line Assembly – Predator (Collide Remix)
xTRiPPx Tarrie B ~ American Psycho


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xTRiPPx Angelspit – Kill Kitty [KMFDM Remix] ☢_✘
xTRiPPx @EvilDave: "#NowPlaying some groovy gothabilly music: The Horrorpops – Walk Like A Zombie" (reblip)

The Creepshow "The Garden" (Official Video)

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xTRiPPx here's the unter null show vid from the show i went to wednesday

Unter Null "Sick Fuck" Chicago, Darkroom, 080510

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xTRiPPx Inline.Sex.Terror – Fetisch Nacht (Mono Erotic By Concrete Rage)
xTRiPPx "manufactura – dance of blood" (reblip)
xTRiPPx his hair! it reminds me of me! lol i love it @sedefic: "major reno woke and sleeping again, should go downstairs and check her :S@andsometimeswhy" (reblip)
xTRiPPx so i noticed they started carrying deadmau5 merch in hot topics stores... bleh
Carmilla Make sure you wear that creepy surgeon's mask again, okay? ;-) @xTRiPPx: "hey @Carmilla the doctor will see you now =)" (reblip)
xTRiPPx ya know? this song dont get enough attention on here. so here's the studio version
xTRiPPx yes! thats what i want tattd on me next! a CC skull n crossbones (reblip)
xTRiPPx TBM Bootleg DVD – Horror Show (Song 1 of 12)
xTRiPPx Combichrist ~ Happy Fucking Birthday #ebm

GirLs FeTiSh GaZ MaSk

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xTRiPPx ANgeLSPIT – INFECT (lyrics)
xTRiPPx The Birthday Massacre – Falling Down (Live)
xTRiPPx Vitalic vs Laurent Garnier & Miss Kittin – Live @ Techno Set Mix Part 1
xTRiPPx Dr. Eppo – Exorcist (BAAL Remix)
xTRiPPx Guns N' Roses-Get in the Ring

Guns N' Roses-Get in the Ring

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RabidTicat Needed an excuse, Al lived in Chicago. #ChicagoBands , although I think they're technically Detroit. @xTRiPPx

Blackhawks Keys To The City- Ministry and Co-Conspirators

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xTRiPPx Girl Scout "Sunday Mix" – Jack Off Jill ft. Susan Wallace
xTRiPPx Ayria – Bad List (Freakangel Mix)
xTRiPPx Angelspit – Wreak Havoc (Stromkern Remix)
xTRiPPx #APC ~ ♎ ♎ ♎ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ -^_ ^!%_- #xTRiPPx
xTRiPPx TYSM qB^D@fluffyboots: "One more for the prince & princesses of darkness( re@xTRiPPx mind those bats falling outta your knickers @Carmilla-) xxxx-" (reblip)
xTRiPPx this was over before; before it ever began

The Feel Good Feel Good Drag

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xTRiPPx Ayria ~ Horrible Dreram [Pzychobitch Remix]
xTRiPPx Pzychobitch ~ Cold Comfort

PZYCHOBITCH-cold comfort

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Coal Chamber - "My Frustration" ♥ #metal #numetal [.."If i could take this breath of life and come inside of me; you wouldn't take it"..]
xTRiPPx this help? @sabragirl ~Dawn of ashes – Dark Reality
xTRiPPx one of the coolest songs ever! rb@sabragirl: "This has been one hell of a week, and the weekend; I'm so tired I don't even know what to blip!" (reblip)
xTRiPPx Extize – Red water

ExtizeRed water

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xTRiPPx np: Wumpscut – War


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xTRiPPx ṫℌε ¢ґℯℯ℘ṧ♄øω ~∂εαґʟƴ ∂ερ@ґтℯḓ

the creepshow dearly departed

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xTRiPPx (◕‿◕) ℜ b@iniara: ""Do you think you know about hate motherfucker?"" (reblip)

Grendel-Hate This (Infacted Remix)

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xTRiPPx idk enough psychobilly or the like.... anyone know any good ones
zeldaslaughter @darrenoftinley: "@PenelopeVintage: "Watch how i put it on, kitty collar tight!" playin scrabble online =]" (reblip)

Queen Adreena Kitty Collar Tight

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PenelopeVintage Standing here on the shores of destiny
Carmilla @Brhiannon: "Eu amoooo essa música..uma das melhores do Bauhaus!" (reblip)
zeldaslaughter @MwieMichael: "waaaah! i love love love this mix ... can't stop listening to it" (reblip)
xTRiPPx This is such an awesome song. ~Dj

Sarah Jezebel Deva-They Called Her Lady Tyranny

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Lacuna Coil Wide Awake

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xTRiPPx @oobahbz: "@Carmilla: "@sabragirl: "rb@atank"" this disappeared from my songs & so i reblip to yous cheers, Sarah Jezebel Deva ~ Sign of sublime

Angtoria-Original Sin (AMV Devil May Cry 4)

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xTRiPPx ...stuff

"Dead Man's Party" featuring The Nightmare Before Christmas

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xTRiPPx raggaton yay END 4:20 PROHIBITION

Tifa ft. Timberlee- Nuh Tinky Winky

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Amphibious Assault-Fallon Bowman-Mistakes, Breaks, And Way Too Lates

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xTRiPPx lol @myspace for dinging when i get mail
xTRiPPx End Prohibition Now & it should be

kotton mouth kings -420

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Orgy: ''Stitches'' [Smack My Stitch Up Remix]

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xTRiPPx ditchd movie too, goin sleep zzzz
xTRiPPx Aisha Tyler ~ Noassatall

Aisha Tyler: Nowassitall (MUSIC VIDEO)

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Jack Off Jill My Cat 93'

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PenelopeVintage rb@Carmilla: mhmmm apparently it's going to be a REALLY GOOD party! xD (reblip)

wumpscut-ich will dich

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Die Laughing- In Chimera's Shadow

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zeldaslaughter @BradWest: "It's really just a trip in your head, not your car." (reblip)

Split Enz: I got you

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xTRiPPx @Carmilla: "@darkrider1: "I ♥ Xmal Deutschland! One of the best post-punk bands of the 80s!"" (reblip)
xTRiPPx Combichrist-Get Your Body Beat (manufactura remix)

Combichrist-Get Your Body Beat (manufactura remix)

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xTRiPPx Surgery – Jack off Jill (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
xTRiPPx Trust Company – Downfall
xTRiPPx blackmontanas – Elite! - Sex Im Dunkeln
xTRiPPx Industrial Dance Cyclonia 5

Industrial Dance Cyclonia 5

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xTRiPPx Eisenfunk – Pong


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xTRiPPx Industrial Dance – Neuroticfish
xTRiPPx Seabound-Poisonous Friend

Seabound-Poisonous Friend

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xTRiPPx ok, i dont even know why i find girls in gasmasks so commonplace... strange days are among us my friends ~Lazy Lane – SleepyviLLe Creepshow
xTRiPPx #ChicagoBand rB@sabragirl: "Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Club Remix)" ^-^ (reblip)

11 Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Club Remix)

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xTRiPPx Mushroomhead Sun Doesn't Rise Live WJ Mann @ Peabodys Cleveland OH 11-27-2010.MPG

Mushroomhead Sun Doesn't Rise Live WJ Mann @ Peabodys Cleveland OH 11-27-2010.MPG

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xTRiPPx @skunk63: "I forgot I even had tears, and I forgot I even has saddness rb@Totengraeber: "rb@zoja01: "rb@blariog""" (reblip)
xTRiPPx Ayria – The Gun Song - 03 - The Gun Song (Killing Me Softly Mix By Daniel B - Front 242)
xTRiPPx Ladytron – Ghosts (Toxic Avenger Mix)
xTRiPPx all the pics with the guns are real sexy but when i met ayria i was real scared of her cause i'm pretty scared of guns
xTRiPPx *Pong-Dance-Queen* – Industrial Dance 5# to Society - FGFC820
xTRiPPx Implant-Violence(Graveyard Child Escape Remix)(Ft Angelspit)

Implant-Violence(Graveyard Child Escape Remix)(Ft Angelspit)

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xTRiPPx Hi@HawkNoize: "Smashing Pumpkins | Zero (Official)" (reblip)

Smashing Pumpkins | Zero (Official Video)

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xTRiPPx Fatboy Slim – Star 69
xTRiPPx but first the cherry coke® makes crazy hyper for a bit ^-^

Bouncing off the walls- Sugarcult

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xTRiPPx I:Scintilla- Translate (Broken Reception Mix by Manufactura)

I:Scintilla- Translate (Broken Reception Mix by Manufactura)

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eisenfunk-duck and cover (without_warning_mix)

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xTRiPPx ::thumbsup:: ~Caustic- I Play Computer! (workman's comp mix by The Gothsicles)

Caustic- I Play Computer! (workman's comp mix by The Gothsicles)

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xTRiPPx Kombat Unit – We Are Machines (Rumble Remix by Soman)
xTRiPPx Kittie – Suck


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xTRiPPx my last.fm charts say it appears that Joy Division is poised to knock Unter Null off my top artists... http://www.last.fm/user/darrenoftinley
xTRiPPx Ayria made me the most star struck i've ever been. after her i practically treated destroyx, unter null, and chibi like my gf's lol

AyriaMy Poison

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xTRiPPx i've had better months. i'm glad to see it go. keepin the old head up. @ducks2007: "images of blood? @IchBin" (reblip)

Her Blood Into My Veins(Alien Vampires).wmv

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xTRiPPx Schoolyard Heroes- All You Can Eat Cancer

Schoolyard Heroes- All You Can Eat Cancer

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xTRiPPx No Doubt #live ~different people

No Doubt live at tragic kingdom different people

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