Insolence Who's cooking out for the fourth? I totally didn't realize how close it was.
mckra1g It's still Wednesday, right? Tori Amos has such a singular instrument...

Tori AmosWednesday

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xatstilo @estrogen: "@Mtii [and you ..maybe you love this too...] that's nice :) thank you..." (reblip)

Lettre à P...《巴黎的字母》Paris Combo

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Mariangela "Ninna Nanna"

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Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti Perfect Day 2001

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xatstilo Bruce Springsteen – Fire - Live from Philadelphia - Working On A Dream Tour - 2009
xatstilo @Jesiux: "And I....I love it when you give me things, And you....You ought to give me wedding rings <3" (reblip)

Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel

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xatstilo @pulplion: "Tori Amos – Enjoy the Silence /// Guten Abend @lotuslight :-))" (reblip)
AmbientLand Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat - Part I (excerpt)
ShiaoMei ...Found this yesterday, think u might like! @sooze27 <3 <3

Acid Jazz- So Flute

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TEDxMusic Follow us on Twitter for a bigger, better, brighter #MusicMonday
TEDxMusic Loving 'Black & Gold' by Sam Sparro | via @JoaoRF

GoldfrappOoh La La

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BJohnson Astrud Gilberto – How Insensitive
pgreeso Lad, I don't know where ye been, but I see ye won first prize...
Dolittle ok, enough of publisher for today! @GR8FL thanks as always
xatstilo @eefje:"@barrypartington:great blip @orangekittypie: RB@DChain"@orangekittypie...too much caffeine in my bloodstream! ;)) Pass the coffee, please, ;)" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE [[ADAGIO]] ~.~ I Don't Know Where To Find You.....I Don't Know How To Reach You.....I Wait For You..... (reblip)

Lara Fabian... Adagio...English version..with lyrics in the front..

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xatstilo @Alfea: "'notte Mia pettinatrice → rb@Stregaserena: "Björk – Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Magimix)"" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE [[THE EYES OF LOVE]] ~.~ In Memory Of My Dad Who Taught Me To Always SMILE. His Spirit Is Always With Me.....#FATHERS #DAY (reblip)
Stregaserena o marchino o chi l'è lo spettinato che lo pettino io?@Alfea@Stregaserena @Stefania248 @ReAnto @vittoriobond (quello spettinato di Robertino Smith)" (reblip)
sliddy Well that just means you have impeccable taste! :) @Archiemck: "rb @sliddy // Probably one of my favorite songs ever, just sayin..." (reblip)

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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sliddy Broke right now :( Too many concerts; go figure :p U?? @DJ_HeckaCool Going to Mile-high Music Festival? MMJ, Weezer, Cypress Hill(!!), etc... @sliddy (reblip)
xatstilo @behappy74: "I'd forgotten about Harry. Thanks! @BeyondSound: "Harry Chapin – Please Come To Boston"" (reblip)
xatstilo Underwater Sounds

Underwater Sounds

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xatstilo Do not look Medusa in her eyes!Song of the Medusa electronica Enigma trance frsh

Song of the Medusa electronica Enigma trance frsh

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xatstilo You Are My King (worship video w/ lyrics)

You Are My King (worship video w/ lyrics)

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xatstilo @gypsybug: "rbrb@fragilematter: "Sia has a superb voice! Great choice @frayo: "Eclipse soundtrack artist: Sia (vocals): Zero 7 - Destiny""" (reblip)

Zero 7Destiny

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xatstilo @TarinnAdaria: "La Moglie Del Poeta – Max Gazzè......" (reblip)
xatstilo @tokool4u: "@ShedMySkin: "In the water where I center my emotions, All the world can pass me by, Fly away on my zephyr, We're gonna live forever."" (reblip)
klynnDemar thank you:) you know i love this song! @flinndc: "Welcome back! @klynnDemar :-)" (reblip)
xatstilo @ladycatlady: "if you love me, i'll make you a star in my universe... Angus and Julia Stone - For You" (reblip)
xatstilo @Skyfleet: "Wilco – True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston Cover)" (reblip)
crasin2me Glad you like it! :) @fxp123: "wow you're on a roll today rock on @crasin2me: "The New Radicals - "Someday We'll Know" (reblip)
xatstilo @crasin2me: "Rb @JendeMen: "script* TY4RB!@freyerj: "#nowplaying - David Bowie - "Changes"" (reblip)

David BowieChanges

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BJohnson Greyboy – Got To Be a Love w/ Quantic and Sharon Jones
4Sins Goodnight Blipstars. This is my swan song. Enjoyed your music today. GN {non-country!} kisses to@fun4lilli {lol} & to@renothespinner ...Sleep tight... (reblip)


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mnemosine have a lovely evening blipfriends! {inspired by @nonchalant}
mnemosine :)))) rb@Quepasa: "@mastrangelina: "il lunedì la testa mi vacilla.." - che meraviglia :-)" (reblip)
mnemosine i'm so happy.after 4 yrs i moved out my ex will send me all the books i still have over there. yeyyy! tolkien, virginia woolf & more are coming home!!
Sziget_es mon ami, mon amour ;) gracias por los props de bienvenida @Mauve @ivan_filios @djLop @tokool4u @Queque @katarinax
dANGELofLOVE [[WORLD AT YOUR FEET]] With The MUSIC On BLIP ~.~ Thank You So Much For Listening To My [[MUSIC]] ~ I'm Behind On Replies But I'll Get To All Of You. (reblip)
ANOUK4US @anoukisback @JonathanDune: "@ANOUK4US You should do a version of this... "Love Of My Life..." Queen" (reblip)
mnemosine no really your nickname is impossible to memorize loll i wrote it wrong again!!! [see my prev blip ù_ù] @Mysterymix (reblip)
PsyBooM Rodrigo y Gabriela - Orion (metalica cover)

Rodrigo Y Gabriela- Orion

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mnemosine goodmorning people! i'm sooo sleepy. need something energetic! any idea? btw, julie london, what a voice! love herrrr!
BunnyHoney Agreed @keithold.. I believe in love @ladycatlady smile for me Doll.. it can't be all bad..
metheeDeeJay @ta23n: "#NowPlaying ♬ : The Swell Season - Young Hearts Run Free (2010) : " (reblip)
sliddy Great one. Thx :) rb@by_starla: "[Twin Sister - Nectarine]" (reblip)
wire_mother Curiosity - Play With Us

CuriosityPlay With Us

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mnemosine ok this is officially a 'from @parisrockin last playlist' moment :P

What have HOT IQs been up to? (Iggy Pop #27) See you 12/19/08!

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PsyBooM The Doors - Waiting for the sun
BunnyHoney inspired by @lukesharp time for work catch you blipstars later ~kisses~

CakeNever There

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BunnyHoney But I like covers.....@PaulCwalina: "She is the only one allowed to cover any song..." (reblip)

Heart of the Matter Don Henley

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metheeDeeJay @MysticEclipse: "*NEW* EYES SET TO KILL. Off REACH from '06. New album BROKEN FRAMES dropped yesterday. Hello @xatstilo @branny720 and (reblip)
Getsuga Nice! lol @aprildax: "my fav "RB!! @EllenaG: "~Deftones – change~""" (reblip)


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LeandroAzevedo Black Sabbath – Computer God (Album Version)
innoutwindows I'm not sure why I called, I guess I really just wanted to talk to you.
wdlands42 >TO THE SEA > ! Jack Johnson !
LeandroAzevedo To foda hj ..@biapfreitas Hahaha // Alice Cooper – Muscle of Love
LeandroAzevedo Tem amigas cool pra irmos pra um swing @biapfreitas? .. swing virtual, já pensou .. kkkkkk /// Korn – Love Song (reblip)

KornLove Song

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BunnyHoney I just saw your reply @01dela I hope the best for him and the Bhoys. :-)
BunnyHoney Catch you later blipstars!! ~kiss~

中島美嘉 雪の華

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dANGELofLOVE Beyonce ~.~ [[AT LAST]] LIFE IS LIKE A [[SONG]] ON [[BLIP]] ~.~ BBL.....OXOXO
xatstilo @BunnyHoney: "aww @HippyWebb: "Hugs :)-->rb@Hazel143: "@bellbtmblues: "loving somebody don't make them love you...."""" (reblip)
xatstilo @droolius: "#jules likes!TY!!(RB)@DJFrankie: "Will be heading home in the rain... Hope the day went well" (reblip)
innoutwindows CMT music awards coming on! Blip you ltr!@biapfreitas: "Oh, thanx!!! (just kidding - LOL) @innoutwindows: "Girl, you're a hot-blooded woman-child!"" (reblip)
Alfea thanks & goodnight → rb@PenelopeVintage: "@das_z3d: "Carpathian Forest – A Forest ( The Cure cover ) @PenelopeVintage" (reblip)
octoberland here here. forget it. you are welcome, and thanks to you as well. @bydefault: "thanks to you..." {the irrepressibles : forget the past} (reblip)
octoberland you're a delight with solid songs :) i've enjoyed conversing, but need to be going 4 now. around tomorrow? enjoy your cocktails :) @GarishDragonfly
octoberland hello to you. nicked from @silent_film {cream : sunshine of your life} (reblip)
octoberland {the mynabirds : good heart}
octoberland {fanshaw : diana}

fanshaw 'diana'

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octoberland mmm...sounds lovely. the fireflies are finally showing now. love those bugs. {rachael sage : moonlight and fireflies}
octoberland is 9:30 still around? where in b'more? i've friends in ellicott city. my sis was in SD last wknd. u need 2 go SF :) @GarishDragonfly: LUV San Diego (reblip)
octoberland are you from there, or did you move? do you get to dc much? i like that place. @GarishDragonfly

Tori AmosVirginia

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octoberland {catherine wheel : black metallic}
octoberland (top blip selections) that sounds like fun. there's a weekly evening ride here (omaha). can i ask your city? @GarishDragonfly: city does it every Aug (reblip)
octoberland this is nice. thank you :) @dagnyreardon: "fantastique!" {asp : me} (reblip)


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EFR56 Richard Robbins: – Balloon from the score for "Jefferson In Paris" - 1995
EFR56 Michael Nyman Band – The Heart Asks Pleasure First from "The Piano" score - 1993" (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ Alison Krauss - "Down To The River To Pray"...Thanks for listening & welcome: @wicketwarwick
leffi333 terje rypdal & the chasers - blue

Terje RypdalBlue

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xatstilo lol@randyhate: "another ode to the folks at CERN by les horribles cernettes. "You never spend your nights with me... prefer your collider" " (reblip)


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S4Songcrush #AprilFools Funnies ☺☺☺ "Still cracking up over this song; 'She's not that kind of a girl, BOOGER!!!' " ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ (reblip)
lantz45 lantz45 - VaLKyrie - "He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith."E11.28 itunes: @ (reblip)


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lantz45 Brian Eno – By This River - "He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith."E11.28 itunes: (reblip)
tenderlee thank you and hi! : )) @just_some_lady: "-= All I Have To Do is Dream - The Everly Brothers =- RB thanx to @ShiaoMei" (reblip)
inadaequat systole diastole +++ zzzzra – Sephirot - Fell Dub (Zzzzra Redub) +++
inadaequat +++ Waxolutionists – Nachtschattengewächs ft. Manuva +++
elenadoria Ros Vespertinus

Ros Vespertinus-by Eyvind Kang

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xatstilo @champ1969: "good to hear you ♥@lalouve: "hello@champ1969"" Laura Marling – Blackberry Stone (I Speak Because I Can)#FemaleSinger (reblip)

Best Trance 2010

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dnya thanks for the flashback.. haven't heard this in ages! @ToastedButter: "Jo Jeeta Wo Sikandar - Pehla Nasha <3 <3" (reblip)
SKySWiM @PenelopeVintage: "Good night and sweetest dreams to all! ;)" Master And Servant – Nouvelle Vague (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Passions *** This Is My Love
frankenstrat Eric Clapton- Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

Eric Clapton- Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

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nosetu @storylet: I am just a dreamer, but u are just a dream; U could have been anyone to me. Before that moment u touched my lips; That perfect feeling... (reblip)
aprildax best Weezer@staticpulse: "I almost played this and then it came up as you playing it. @sparkman232: The Classic Weezer is the Correct Weezer. (reblip)
xatstilo @tender13: "merci @SabineWe: "Un morceau subtil et sensible @frangine: "Edges of Happiness Tord Gustavsen Trio piano jazz""" (reblip)

Edges of Happiness

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Zubenelgenubi RB@markmac: "hello and thanks! @MONIKKA: "Inspired by @Faddic (as usual... ) Thanks :)"" (reblip)

Lorie Noir C'est Noir (Johnny, 30 Tubes De Légende 02-12-2003)

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Lorie Rester La Même

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nocheinuser Let's just smile and say goodbye :) (Obligatory)

BeirutSunday Smile

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xatstilo Happy Valentine's Day

Jai Radhe Jai Krishna ( True Love )

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Divine Flute Played ( Lord Krishna )...Instrumental....Just Beautiful.......(Meditation)

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Marilyn Monroe "Someone to Love Me"

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xatstilo All is full of love (reblip)

All is full of love

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Madonna die another day music from 007

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StreamingMimi The Platters – Enchanted

The PlattersEnchanted

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LauStar la la la

LaLaLa (feat. Julie Delpy) Nouvelle Vague

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EMKAY75 SILBERMOND - DAS BESTE! Für meine Frau @Simone78K! Muss auch mal gesagt werden! ;)
xatstilo @EFR56: "Brian Eno & Moby – Fractal Zoom (Naive Mix I) / I am out of here! Way late when I have to get up early with 1 hour "lost". Thank you all!" (reblip)

♪♡ Piano Violin,Tonbak Persian Instrumental Parisa Badihi♪♡

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misterscience I know what I know, if you know what I mean.
straywebsurfer ♫ Julie London - "Black Coffee"...Thanks for listening & welcome: @matthewgp
indyh ╰•♪ღ•✿ഹ•╮

FlunkCigarette Burns

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BluJulius is that good?(RB)@martinimaker: "i'm a little drunk and i... @MrPrint: "Lady Antebellum – Need You Now"" (reblip)
ZONE those very small signs leads to a peaceful moment rb@DrCocker...thank you for your out as and peace <3 (reblip)


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shortygal Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On
BluJulius leaving u with my fave blip!@ladypn@HotGirlRequiresListeners@CalMa@kundunphei goodnight <3

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

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xatstilo @EFR56:"TYVM RB@akiraboy2000:"This version is beautiful. Bowie keeps evolving and getting better with age! @katz22 @mtouceda@wamylove@CherryBlossom"" (reblip)
crispast ciao e rb@LeandroAzevedo :) "Stratovarius – Dream With Me" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE HI! Beautiful Song! Yes LOVE Changes Everthing! A Must RB @Heartfelt_Strings: "I can feel the love of @ ALL BlipStarz... ~~♥~~ (reblip)
harmony60 John Mayer – In Repair

John MayerIn Repair

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Sandalicious rb @ilsuricato: ":) @hawaiibuzz: "Na Leo Pilimehana – Flying With Angels"" (reblip)
yejele pourquoi pas Britten ?

Benjamin Britten "Lachrymae"

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emroc rb thx 2 @Ukuleleuniverse: "Great song - two great artists. "Just Like A Woman"" (reblip)
ladypn Beautiful music, message & images! Thx & rb@DjRuca: "Advice From A Tree.. " (reblip)
bthecat @Faddic ask 19 people to draw what the word means to them, as a picture/object no matter if they can draw or not...then develop a shared concept. (reblip)
xatstilo @Literati: "I need some, some, some :) How are you? @RadioFreeIllinois: ":) @iwsptm Literati"" (reblip)
xatstilo Yes, all right :-)@droolius: "I'm outr of props 4 u :(@xatstilo" (reblip)
BigBillyGoat An oldie, Please Say You Love Me, Smokey & The Miracles. Love romance & the special feelings of innocence. A kiss was special!
xatstilo Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
onceacurmudgeon i really want to live in this video


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xatstilo @Ted_Striker32: "RB @jet333: "Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – 'Blowin' In The Wind'..."" (reblip)
xatstilo Tosca – Heidi Bruehl

ToscaHeidi Bruehl

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xatstilo Evgeni Plushenko Edvin Marton Tosca Fantasy MV(Clean)

Evgeni Plushenko Edvin Marton Tosca Fantasy MV(Clean)

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cpcdiniz RB@spongee007: "nice 1 ty@Elske63: "Great! @MrPrint: "The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic""" (reblip)
xatstilo "Elle chante" Thierry De Cara (reblip)

"Elle chante" Thierry De Cara

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dnya saluting maa #iheartmom


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BigBillyGoat Willie writes songs from experience & this ones for you'all . . A Song for You . .
graymold Thanks! rb @sybi: "Mondo Candido / Meglio Stasera (Solo Moderna Rmx)" (reblip)
xatstilo @JendeMen: "NiceTY4RB!@vilmacorreia: "Lisa Ekdahl - Only You"" (reblip)

lisa ekdahl - only you

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palisadehills Dawes – Love Is All I Am || Thank you :o) @SofiaPopia: "Hi there @palisadehills. Digging your selection of tunes ♡" (reblip)
KaiLey1216 TY! amazing song, band and album. tripple-threat! RB @CPCDINIZ: "RB@michelg: "@MirskuK: "~ Muse ~""" (reblip)


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JulesJohn what u talking bout Willis?@ladypn: "Some have said my diverse musical tastes are schizophrenic... LOL! rb@droolius & yes, I am (reblip)

11 River (2)

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▄ █ ▄ █House Tecktonik Electro Mix 2010 tres▄ █ ▄ █.wmv

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MeriiZantiago Here it is: the song to get stuck in your head today. ENJOY ;)

Populous : The holy see

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dreamtronic And we like to sing-along though the words are wrong

BlurThe Universal

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xatstilo Soprano, Darya Dadvar

Iran folk music, opera, Iranian woman, Soprano, Darya Dadvar

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xatstilo Contemporary pipa, sitar and tabla works

Pipa, Sitar and Tabla

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straywebsurfer ♫ The kooks - "She moves in her own way"...Thanks for listening & welcome: @xatstilo
BluJulius transcendent #dropbox

01 So What

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jroack Cool song. I've got to try and get some sleep now. Good luck tomorrow, Azzurra. :) @JanetSEyre: ""What land is this? May I never wake"" (reblip)
cloudhopper Laura ~ Mates Of State

LauraMates Of State

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xatstilo Beautiful TY @ucana422: "@PrincessNite You my dear friend have a heart of gold,..( and yes,..I am gettin' old ! ) E>" (reblip)
xatstilo @auticomics: "@Neruda65: "The Carpenters - "Please Mister Postman"."" (reblip)

the carpenters mister postman.

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LauStar Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance
ShiaoMei ~ Jazz ღ♫♥☸ڿڰۣPicturesღ♫♥☸ڿڰۣ ~ {vi@DjRuca}

Jazz ღ♫♥☸ڿڰۣPicturesღ♫♥☸ڿڰۣ (HD)

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xatstilo India Arie – Beautiful Flower
straywebsurfer ♫ Chris Rea - "Light of Hope"...Is that a kind of LIGHT OF HOPE? @ampm

Light of Hope by Chris Rea ....(Ludo's song)

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True Affection by The Blow :D

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DJRoy1 The Divine Comedy – Perfect Lovesong
ImJustBlue The Wallflowers – One Headlight (Acoustic)
EFR56 Tully – Groove Track / Break time... BBL... thx...

TullyGroove Track

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HorseShitWally @yuuhi_hajime: "iTunes play ♪Sarah McLachlan "Perfect Girl" #nowplaying " (reblip)
mau_tau the fairy queen

Clannad ..... drobni zakladi

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marienie Nina Sonnenberg. Was für ein Name! Aber die Lyrics sprechen Bände.
somebody2love @ShiaoMei: "sorry..this is from last night. ctty! @TidyCat: "saying good night ~ wan an ~ to my love ~ @ShiaoMei"" (reblip)

Bei Xu "You Are So Beautiful"

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ShiaoMei ge wo de hei ren chao ke li!! (-: Enjoy... @bendrix ~ Schiller + Lang Lang ~~" (reblip)

schiller mit lang lang

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xatstilo nice!@TheloniousJim: "Thanks to my 200th LISTENER! @eubieland: "L'amour L'amour L'amour .. NICE" (reblip)
BluJulius @droolius: "a lyrical,vocal and harmonic genius!"formerly known as Terence Trent D'Arby (reblip)
LiberiTuttiDJ Poche #canzoni sono belle come questa, molto molto poche...

il cielo su Torino

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xatstilo @Garrett_The_K: "RB @TheloniousJim: ""Eat that Question" by Frank Zappa from 'The Grand Wazoo' .... this is a gas!" That whole album is a STONE gas." (reblip)

Martin Gore '' compulsion ''.wmv

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xatstilo @polecatswagger: "Brightblack Morning Light – Black Feather Wishes Rise" (reblip)
Ihno 30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B 30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B 30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B30003B

WaxNo. 30003 (B)

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xatstilo @ChristienGB: "Deze moet een rb lekker hè.. @Elske63: "oooow!!!"" (reblip)

voces of africa

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xatstilo Botanica – Happiness (PsyTrance 2010)
xatstilo @clarkent1973: "@DJ_DanceMix: "Stromae – Alors On Dance (Djs From Mars FM Remix) *Club* There are sooo many mixes of this track, this mix is one ..."" (reblip)
xatstilo Cassandra Steen – Du bist Liebe
xatstilo @Music4mySoulmates: "上妻宏光Agatsuma – A paper in the air from Beyond, for you @pjhanse !" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @redwingjohnny: "I jus want ya close :) where ya can stay can be sure it will only get better" (reblip)

No OneAlicia Keys

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ramboswife Run Till U Shine

Andrew Bennett feat. Sir Adrian- Run Till U Shine (Cosmic Gate Remix)

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xatstilo mah! if! Maybe.

HibOO d'Live : Kyrie Kristmanson "Song X"

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gitarra great music TY @Oculuris: "@avivao: "Stan Getz + Andrzej Trzaskowski Trio | Darn That Dream | Jazz Jamboree Warsaw (1960) | #jazz #jazzaviva"" (reblip)

Stan Getz&Andrzej Trzaskowski Trio, Darn That Dream, Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw, 1960

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opus111 The Chantels, not to be confused with the Chantells of Jamaica. Thanks & RB--->@DeaconSoul: "MY Shmoozen!My LIFE." (reblip)
maxi80s Alannah Myles (Official Site) Song Instead Of A Kiss WMV

Alannah Myles (Official Site) Song Instead Of A Kiss WMV

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Hotyoungmom Feels like- TY-Rb@Ajakseat: ""Bad Company - Feel Like Making love." To: @tapirekitten, @Hotyoungmom, @IamWhoIamMe. Great day!" (reblip)

Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love

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Lil_Wing The Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ May This Be Love
Kiltweaver RB awesomeness Yes its mine :)..on my leg @Lunaladee: "inspired by @Kiltweaver --great tattoo in your pic...yours?" (reblip)
mariellazul Blonde Redhead - Silently

Blonde Redhead- Silently

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Heargasm Dedicated to my listeners :) (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

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Charmdeyes kiss me luv......John & Yoko 4ever
playfulglambert @LailaZuch thank you girl!!!

Led Zeppelin- Thank You

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Ajantila Hildegard von Bingen - ' Vision '
michy666 Aspettami...i been lost

Pink Martini Aspettami

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GiliOhayon Swans – Love will save you
DensOnAir Melanie Fiona and John Legend • ♫♪♪♫ • Wake Up Everybody
ladypn Love it, thanks rb@TheSteadyDrifter: "good morning " (reblip)

The Waterboys She is so beautiful (with lyrics)

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