JesseNewhart The Boy In The Bubble – From Paul Simon's Graceland..Hear it=>
JesseNewhart LISTEN! Here's a little Jimi to Brighten Your Day: Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Hummie Mark Schultz – He Will Carry Me (reblip)
Hummie Lifehouse – Everything - Love the words "you keep me trusting." (reblip)
Hummie The Other Side of the Radio (Chris Rice) (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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JesseNewhart @jordanbrown I've listened to a 'Mexican Radio'
darrylheron "I'm so glad u came I'm so glad u remembered 2C how we're ending our last dance together expectant too punctual but prettier than ever"
xelavee Moving on to Nickleback...
AliveinMe He is so our amazing REAL Divine about LOVE! :) (reblip)
AliveinMe @mww1954 Hey...the Tim Hughes one croaked on Blip...I am sending the amazing 3rd Day-consume this-CONSUME HIM! Blessings!
AliveinMe @mattsengle thru Jesus-today is always the DAY! AMEN!! :) <><>more Lincoln Brewster! (reblip)
AliveinMe I'd rather one day with Him than a million here w/o Him anyday! God bless you! (reblip)
AliveinMe @mattsengle this one sure has amazing words too! He is all that I want, all that I need EVERYTHING! AMEN-in our wedding! :)
Macadocious my favorite song on the joshua tree
xelavee Gipsy Kings - Tu Quieres Volver
xelavee !Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
thewebcoach Ok, more 80's cruisin' tunes... 82-83 I think?
Macadocious reminds me of the glory days of 1104 and mr. boston
evablue can't sleep, can't work, can't think so i'll just reblip songs on the first page i like. thanks @by_starla for this one. :) (reblip)
AliveinMe back to an amazing dance with Jesus... (reblip)
AliveinMe This is the best day! Every day IS A GIFT from God...we should always unto others..reach out..things that make Him smile! (reblip)
AliveinMe we R so blessed-no matter what we go thru-Jesus is our Sunshine! And I am so thankful to be connected with you all! (reblip)
AliveinMe LOVE THIS SONG!!Just saw him Fri night again in concert...amazing each time...blessings to you all! (reblip)
AliveinMe the perfect collision..the one to always want is with Jesus! :)
AliveinMe @accdias oh the sister hazel days! Bless you my friend...
AliveinMe @DJ40Something WELOME 2 U! How it is-how it should be-get up thru Him-I finally learned! 4giveness thru Him is amazing & free! (reblip)
evablue @nixe they make elevator music to this. this i recognize. haha! :) (reblip)
xelavee With words -The Cure - Pictures of You
JesseNewhart Was Feeling a Little Paul Simon's Graceland this afternoon.... I Know What I Know.. Hear it==>>>
AliveinMe This is the best day! Every day IS A GIFT from God...we should always unto others..reach out..things that make Him smile! (reblip)
AliveinMe will always love the group that existed..and my amazing Phil.. (reblip)


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star45 Barcelona – Falling Out of Trees – . . .
Whitenet Just felt like hearing this one


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johnnysmooth One of the great performance artists
star45 Yes – Love Will Find a Way – . . .
star45 Frou Frou – Let Go – . . .
TheRemedyBand Seriously, is there anyone better than Stevie?
tmgrucza One of the greatest choruses ever! Also I've realized that will automatically like any song with a harmonica in it.

The SmithsAsk

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xelavee Better version "that's what I get" Nine Inch Nails
star45 Def Leppard – Rock Of Ages – . . . @djwttw hey! - @GR8FL thanks!
xelavee DJ Tiesto - Lord of Trance

dj tiesto - dj tiesto - lord of trance

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star45 Rick Derringer – I Play Guitar – @patita hey, again!! - @GR8FL thx again! - @ShortiezRevenge let see, this for a change! - @ShelleyHarrington thx!
ZumbainDallas Takes me back to High School!!! She's going to get you! :)
ZumbainDallas My two year old's favorite song right now!! Guitar Hero's fault!! What happened to "Twinkle twinkle little star!!" Lol
xelavee ReBlip @itsonlywords: O brother where art thou? - this is a good one and would never have expected here TKS! (reblip)
thewebcoach Things are getting silly at Panera Bread today - Billy Joel, We didn't start the fire.
xelavee Listening to some blasts from the past, gotta love the 80's.
xelavee Alphaville - Forever Young <3
star45 The Beatles - The Ballad Of John And Yoko - . . .


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Pindsay i love bon jovi!!!!!! this song amongst others is ACE!!!!!!!


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star45 Aerosmith – Darkness – . . .
35mmMonkey You ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two?
kencasey 80s, baby! :: Bananarama – Venus :: (reblip)
star45 Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love – . . . vi@crispast nice! - @smiley hola! - @MonicaOnline @killerjt @GR8FL & @alfonvaina thanks!
JohnnieB There's something special in the “Air Tonight” here in Miami as I drove across Venetian Causeway. Deco City is still alive! Cheers 2 all & Good-Ni
star45 Bryan Adams – Run To You – hola @patita como te va? - @cahfeina hello! - @erinrebecca thanks!
ZumbainDallas My favorite Spanish romantic song! @teevee1 knows this well! =)

Aventura - Solo Por Un Beso

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ZumbainDallas Thanks to my friend @olivosartstudio for introducing to "Los Nocheros" love them! ♥♥♥
ZumbainDallas For my music amigo ♥♫♫♫ @carltonf "amigos forever!" #followfriday (reblip)
Alantocaessaporra I took the sleeping drug, but Good Night! (L
adrianafonso Camille, francesa, completamente doida, cheia de talento.
adrianafonso Era mais esta que queria blipar, não a anterior. Ficam as duas, pronto, que a Camille não leva a mal.
Staticfactory [Monster Solo Monday] Don't know much about Ska, but this is about as close as I could find to a killer horn solo... @JayZilla #MSM
xpress_ur_self @adrianafonso esta tb é incrivel.uma oferta de uma noctivaga (reblip)
xelavee Tonight's Dinner & Blip- A video of me cooking up Lasagna w/Italian Sausage and Meat Sauce - freshly posted (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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sadalit @gmona, I heard a rumor about you and some chickens today, is it true?
star45 Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart – . . . hello @traybish thanks so much!
ZumbainDallas ♥♥ Push Push! Make me believe you want it!!! ♥♥ (reblip)
xelavee Galaktoboureko: Custard-filled Phyllo Pastry -How to Video-Tonights Greek Dessert & A Blip
schau Madonna - What_it_feels_like_for_a_girl (remix)


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sharonhayes Some Tom Petty for @mikelarge (Mike, had this 1 coming up :))
FortuneGeorge Elvis in Viva Las Vegas. I'm going there next week. Anyone else believe he was boinking Ann Margaret while filming the movie?
orphyus Okay, in the theme of @Flying_Roundhouse And I cannot believe I didn't think of Radio Free Europe!
Jalapeno our first rock band song is Mississippi Queen...
ZumbainDallas This song is for my friend @xelavee come on girlie, shake what your mama gave ya!!! ♥♥♥♥ (reblip)

Ivy_Queen_-_Si_Eres_Tu_ _Cera,_Kiko,_Nigga

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ZumbainDallas For my friend @xelavee and her husband, who are both enjoying her shaking it!! lol


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organicsue @transitenator- Yes, Quite clear: The follow song ;) An aspirant 4 a twitter hymn? :) It's always nice when fears start drifting ... away. (reblip)
ZumbainDallas ♥♥♥♥ Really want to go dancing! lol ♥♥♥♥
xelavee Thanks for the great song @zapatillas in Spain. : ) (reblip)
zapatillas this is one of my favorite ones, perhaps you like it too @xelavee
Marcellofs Green Day – Good Riddance /I love this music @sharonhayes @jeffgignac @martindave @thebigfella @niktherapy @CaptainFrog @twitt_usback @themattbrow
musicla Journey – Kiss Me Softly
xelavee @Blanquis26 ♥♥ celebrating our boys wins today ☺☺☺

I Get Knocked Down

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ZumbainDallas ♥▫ﻭ▪You go girls! @nancyperez @michelleflores @xelavee @AceConcierge @IndigoLife shake your booties! #followfriday
Scalla Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out of My Head
sharonhayes Coldplay - Clocks @elizobihfrank @ellenespelund @elysetager @ereality @ericanykol @erinhuggins @es_why


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xelavee @organicsue wonderful song! (reblip)


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ZumbainDallas For my friend @xelavee who loves Los Nocheros, glad you had a great Mother's day, saw the video, too cute!!♥٭
russellwarner @CarolannB: "✌Tuesday Night Special✌ - "We'll be Together" [Sting]" (reblip)
ZumbainDallas ♥۶♥۶♥۶♥ Quieren Bailar? @xelavee @nancyperez @michelleflores no somos chicas facil!!!♥۶♥۶♥۶♥
xelavee RT@nancyperez: "Here we go..." (reblip)


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xelavee Love My Way!!!


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xelavee @alvariver: "Not sure if I want Goth Hair and too much eyeliner, or to stand outside Ione Skye's room with a boombox...whatever it is, I dig it. " (reblip)
xelavee rb@Marathongman Cool video on this song (reblip)

Peter Gabriel When You're Falling Afro Celt

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xelavee rb@joesracingteam: "@toosweet4rnr: "[Debbie Deb--to all the slick djs out there. I JUST HAD TO REPLIP THIS CAUSE"-- IT'S THE WEEKEND!! (reblip)
LYRIC YOU...strange as angels, dancing in the deepest oceans~~~~ Existing in the water, you're just like a Dream~~~~
xelavee Dedicating this book of love to all my family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are having a wonderful dinner. Enjoy! xoxo (reblip)

Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel

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xelavee I will give up forever to touch you

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

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xelavee rb@Blanquis26: ""Que Hiciste?" (reblip)

Que Hiciste Music Video

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xelavee rb@scotlandlover: "rb @flinndc: "Don't Speak too loud or she'll hang up on your ...." (reblip)
xelavee rb@fishkopp_deluxe: "Goo Goo Dolls – Slide @xelavee: "Could you whisper in my ear...." : )) (reblip)
ladypn Follow your common sense... LOVE LOVE IT! @Stephydel: "Wait for it.. @Sook @allie_renee @ladypn @elementguy @johnrod @SkyeCebh @TropicsZ4 @amandlee" (reblip)
frangianni Garbage- #1 Crush~~for my dear know who you are!

Garbage- #1 Crush

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xelavee rb@iMickeyD "This girl is fantastic live. And this song is great, period. A must listen...."" (reblip)
TupeloJo Don't vaporize any happy people dude. Here's a kiss from Christina Dietz. It don't get any better than that. *sending kisses* @DamnTheMan
xelavee rb@vanburenmusic Diablo Rojo! Red Devil for sure awesome tune! (reblip)
xelavee rb@djERC: "Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train" ~ great song ~ (reblip)
xelavee Another love this song! : )) rb@ckafadar2: "GR8 Song:)@dj_ilja_tequila: "Love this song!"" (reblip)
xelavee Good to see you too! Great blips tonight \o/ @Bubbly3: "how are you? good 2 see u :) @xelavee: "LOL! Having fun I see : )" (reblip)
xelavee rb@Bubbly3: "ROFL~ur killing me we can make fun of YOU 4 not leaving :) @hawaiibuzz (reblip)
xelavee rb@Joleesa: " cai de tus brazos... ;)" (reblip)

Pacifika: "Me Caí"

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xelavee Pure spirits of the forest

03 Avatar Soundtrack-Pure spirits of the forest

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xelavee More Avatar sound track

06 Avatar Sountrack-Climbing up Iknimaya the path to heaven

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12 Avatar Soundtrack-Gathering all the Navi clans for battle

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xelavee rb@TheTAZZone: "Sweat 98.6 FM is Turnin' Up The Heat @RebeccaSexton @RedPorscheKilla @RickGriffin @rocketman528 @DJSkalexy @straywebsurfer @xelavee" (reblip)


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xelavee TY rb@Eclecticis @azandiaMJBB: "Sending ***Free Hugs- Peace On Earth*** to thank everyone for the love sent to me today :)"" (reblip)
xelavee rb@Bubbly3: "one of my new fave's~so tropical & fun & aaaahhhhhh :) take it all in" (reblip)
xelavee rb@fxp123: "ty GN @xSDOx: "RB> @fxp123: Tal Bachman - "She's So High""" (reblip)
xelavee Wolfgang Amadeus Piano Sonata

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART: Piano Sonata No. 16, K545, 1st mov.

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xelavee Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART: Piano Sonata

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART: Piano Sonata No. 16, K545, 2nd mov.

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xelavee rb@hawaiibuzz: "Hoobastank – The Reason .. "I've found a reason for me.To change who I used to be. A reason to start over new. And the reason is you"" (reblip)
BlueDemon TY@azandiaMJBB: ""For You @redta~ ~~~Smokie~~~~ "Who The F Is Alice" Fun Sing-a-Long :)) SOOO NOT for children~~~" (reblip)
Dancer12 No, but U sure can tear one down in a day!! RB@digitpt: "Morcheeba – Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" (reblip)
xelavee rb@Dawnrazor: "I can't stop checking to see if somebody has signed on.... Nine Inch Nails- Something I Can Never Have" (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails- Something I Can Never Have

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xelavee rb@Mettalikat: "RB @Dancer12: U2 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight yeah" (reblip)
xelavee rb@amphore: "Claude Monet – Winter Tales" (reblip)
BestYet2B Eels – I need some sleep
xelavee Nice! rb@Charmdeyes @Camellia Will you be there... #nowplaying" (reblip)


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xelavee rb@Charmdeyes: "rb@mkvkelly: "rb!@ExistentialPunk: "i love this hauntingly beautiful song from Bjork. It's my theme song!""" (reblip)


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xelavee Que bella esta musica! Thanks for the props and follow. : ) rb@alicialejandra (reblip)
xelavee Buona notte! Are ya'll from the south in Italy? I'm in the GA. rb@JanetEyre: "goodnight y'all :) " (reblip)
xelavee This is great song! rb@Gen22: "Coldplay - Shiver" (reblip)


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xelavee Great song! rb@richymerinos: "#nowplaying Alphaville – Big In Japan" (reblip)
xelavee rb@djilo: "Flevans – Small Room Syndrome" (reblip)
xelavee Neat video! rb@hawaiibuzz @SarahABQ: "Gary Jules~Mad World"" (reblip)
xelavee rb@huangmarong: ": a japanese relaxing and heart meditation music" (reblip)

Cosmic Energy KITARO

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iMickeyD Just LOVE that tiny umbrella!>@blackgrapes: "Tears & Rain☂" (reblip)
xelavee LOL! rb@alicialejandra: "@sportyc72 be afraid, be veeery afraid!!! (reblip)

Every step you take I'll be watching you

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xelavee Nothing compares 2 U : ) very nice... rb@valeriapiemonte: "much better...." (reblip)
xelavee rb@Air_rapupo: "ღ Here With Me – Dido & Enya∿ THX! rb @EllenaGilbert: @LockednRocked: @fleurdelis101: "i won't go.i won't sleep.i can't breathe until" (reblip)
xelavee rb@djilo: "Thanks! OOP4U luv =) RB@CynDyn: "for @onesanz and @djilo"" (reblip)
xelavee rb@CooperHarris "I dont want to be alone I want to be a stone I wanna sink to the bottom of the ocean lie there with you..." (reblip)


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xelavee rb@MelBee: "love it! "World in my eyes" @djsaba60 @xelavee @nosetu @Air_rapupo" (reblip)

World in my Eyes 2009 Depeche Mode (MUTE MIX)

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xelavee Hola never heard this song... liking it a lot : ) TY rb@alicialejandra (reblip)
xelavee Cool we r going to see the space shuttle rb@ramboswife (reblip)
xelavee That would be cool too. When did u go? N where did u sit? rb@ramboswife I got to see a shuttle take off at cocoa beach, it is awesome!! (reblip)

Above & Beyond Pres. Tranquility Base (Buzz) Buzztalk Mix

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xelavee Smiles! @MelBee: "wow haven't heard this in a while @xelavee: "TY! @MCDEIBEM: ":))@xelavee: "Nothing compares 2 U : )) (reblip)
xelavee rb@STEVENDOES: "@iMickeyD: "Capped is not as bad as Broke LOL! 3 to go for Ur 50 badge!!! ~>@MCLil2daH: "@ARSCHLECKER ! :-(""" (reblip)
xelavee What's going on here? LOL! rb@Botado: @4Sins: "WorkWorkWork! One of you boys wanna give me a lap dance? ^_~ @westham999 @TidyCat" (reblip)
Leo_RJ_2009 @RomMey: "Cute Song!" not mine unfortunately;) how r u? (reblip)
xelavee Good evening for the next hour... : ))
xelavee Verdad que si!?! @alicialejandra: "i looooove cafe tacvba! THE best mexican band!! my fav!" (reblip)

Cafe TacubaEo

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xelavee OOP for u! Loving your music selection on your wall. : )) rb@rumore (reblip)


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xelavee Breakfast club! Woot! rb@phantomoftheopera: "@newtonsako: "Simple Minds – Don't You Forget About Me"" (reblip)
xelavee Chevere! rb@Awannabeangel: "Locomotion – Modo Loco (Original remix)" (reblip)
xelavee rb@Jalapeno: "I dig these guys .. and now some air guitar to make the place shake all over.. @lukesharp" (reblip)
xelavee What a strange video & I really like the song. @NikkiPixel: "I'm glad everyone got their head back by the end of the video! @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
xelavee How soon is now!!! @Totengrber: "@fun4lilli: "You are fast T!!!" Usually have to be to catch up or stay caught up" (reblip)
xelavee That is really beautiful! TY @TidyCat: "@iMickeyD @xelavee this is one of my favorites of theirs ~ 12 Girls Band - Butterfly ~" (reblip)

12 girls band Butterfly

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BobOstwald Thx for notice@scotlandlover: "U DO have a charlie brown tree :) @me:"Tree trimmed; on the front porch for safety. @FoggieFestive50:"off to trim tree" (reblip)
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