bonk even vegetarians know their chickens.
janeriffic not better than the original, but still pretty good.
JohnnyGenius Interstellar 5555 check it out. You can watch it free on Google video.
kram41 Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
DifferentStars ....guess the bbcode link doesn't work anymore either. Test: [artist]The Golden Ratio[/artist]
TheUnknownPunker 1 more: Johnny Rotten booed by fans after encouraging the crowd to "Praise Allah"
aligon i didn't know that electronic phase i got into would last as long as it has. but cut copy is so legit.
Tchuly "And tomorrow can wait..."
WarNHarrison My fave Niyaz track from their self-titled 2005 album. Their latest, "Nine Heavens" is blissful.


| play
Yoagies Can decide if I like these guys or not
Fritten a bittle Gymnastik, wa?

Van HalenJump

| play
arale para animar el trabajo :)

Kula ShakerHush

| play
MrWangPresents Foundraiser for Chi(Deftones)at FAT CITY on this Saturday 8PM. $12 donation at the door. FeaturingDEATHANGEL/WILLHAVEN/Phallucy/DVH/SPECIAL GUESTS.
TheYoungPunx Phonat had never heard "Boys of summer" so we had to show him the true sound of the freeway in the sun!
KEiSHi Who says girls can't rock?
drawerb Youth Novels is definitely in my Top 10 of 2008.
JustinThiele Just listened to Boy Eats Drum Machine for the first time (Booomboxxx album). Really solid vocal heavy electronic music from Portland.
fosk bum bum sbranghete sbrang: that's breakcore, baby ;)


| play
AJKGoBlue Never go full Reatard, man.
kilkennymusic What's going on? The One Take Sessions return to Kilkenny Music on Thursday March 12th. Get in touch to book for 2009.
maltezefalkon Stay mean... stay hungry

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
Orli No AIR!


| play
manzarock ¿Somos nosotros o el nuevo disco de Lily Allen está más o menos?

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play
carriewhitehead Leave it to the Stars to create such an eloquent and beautiful song about a carving knife. (ok, it's about life, but still).
djbringit ~ getting close to the "rock out" hour :D (reblip)

BuckcherryLit Up

| play
immunity I think this is my favorite song off the new album.

the ProdigyOmen

| play
MichaelaB reblip from @johnnysmooth -- and this song is just that -- smooth. (reblip)
Maureen I never saw Slint live. But I'm lucky to know Brian Paulson who engineered this record and whom I will always worship for this masterpiece. (reblip)
sarahtheissen Blipping a song by each headliner in anticipation of the Rock Werchter festival. Elbow, fourth one up on Friday night.

ElbowWeather To Fly

| play
MyrddinEmrysa Please Don't Take Your Love Away from Me.
RyanKoly Heavy is the crown...of the Investment Banking Analyst?
Brian ...and now the same bit with less lounge, less suck, and more goodness
danysaadia This band is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands
apadilla i'd wager l.w.t.u.a is 1 of the most often blip'd songs in its many iterations, tho I still felt compelled to blip this. chk out Jarboe's version too
elfgirl nighttiming baby, its starting to show..
yorkie Regetton!! dON oMar Wisin&Yandel. the hottest regetton couple. This song is all about love and lust. Latam.
PreppyDude To all of my new friends who enjoy the *kind* life :-)
simulacrumble song for whatever is going to happen today
ngl I guess I can say my 1st attempt at baking the 5 minutes microwave chocolate cake went rather well...
waveshaper I really LOVE this song..


| play
Prodigio One Hit Wonder, pero buenisimo!
hyruita one day we´ll gonna live in Paris!

Friendly FiresParis

| play
1indienation @claims_adjuster disco without being too disco -- break it down (reblip)


| play
sheshnag para ponerme de buenas en un martes con sabor a lunes
mmemaledicta alright, today's the day. Being checked in for toxemia, baby within 48 hours. Wish me luck. Incommunicado after this!
tintrash a terrible sin! to be a man. hard to believe i was to say this like father. leaving. catch you all later!
paisley Nickelback – I'd Come For You
kittikat43 sorry i've been so quiet lately blippers! :)
deadserious @tinadeluxe klingt natürlich in einem gelben flötotto zimmer besser :)


| play
ayedavanita This song is named after Ralph Macchio's character in karate Kid. o.O
colinh Ahhh, classic UTADA. Check out her new album, This Is The One, it rocks.
mkarabasakis Kai twra tha pame se ena polu gnwsto kommati, xiliotragoudismeno, pou exei kanei terastia epituxia.

Lift Me Up

| play
Dedo E falando em Portishead =D

PortisheadOnly You

| play
rylab SO under-appreciated. Hugely influential to a lot of current indie rock, even if only on a subconscious level.
evoland Happy weekend and a lot of blues @NeedBlues2Live
Hnomad special olympics bowler: "i can beat the president"

The Mae ShiPWND

| play
lausen Last blip goes to Stan Getz: I remember when
AbsinthEve bye Bye @organicsue ...Just know you got someone waiting for you to call them...(okay I will stop now!!) Have a great day!! (reblip)
AbsinthEve Bye Bye..I am leaving for a bit...Enjoying listening! But got to go..bacon is calling!! So again thankyou! @ALL BLIPSTARS for music magic love (reblip)

BentMagic Love

| play

Meiko - How Lucky We Are

| play

Intergalactic (Daz The Dominant Remix)

| play
DareToEatAPeach But to be fair, Blondie owes a little something to Joan Jett & Lita Ford's little gang, the Runaways [Cherry Bomb]
evablue they should put her music in a bond movie

12 New Day

| play
klitoria for @GR8FL....@Cosmika (hope you are better today)...
tubilino buenos días (o mejor tardes) // good mornig! :)
ahoova your gotta get back to the place where you can be free again
ladypn Thank ALL of you, for the great music & for your ear! Have to run & get SOMETHING done today! ;)

05 Thank You Too

| play
lauraw after the last few days of brill weather... am so looking forward to the summertime coming...
evablue @adbert you need to sleep properly. you're making yourself sick. the body needs to recover, recuperate and regenerate.
Atomik 2020 Soundsystem – Tape (Burnski Remix)
zeroinfluencer @johndodds Silly question that.

Carpenters - Close To You

| play
SarahShoeMe Stop, look and listen baby thats my philosophy... This is Elvis Presley performing Rubberneckin'. Fabulous as always. Good morning everyone :)


| play
musicaymas No sé qué poner aquí... Ya puse algo.
mkarabasakis Ena polu gnwsto kai akatamaxito tragoudi, pou se ksetrelainei!!!
debee Damm, right, it's better than yours.


| play
Atomik Tiefschwarz – Acid Soul
Atomik Lisa Shaw – Cherry

Lisa ShawCherry

| play
ZiraZeta @morebrains My friend @sanderschenk & I have a rule: NS=RB. Also, I love the original. * Nada Surf - If You Leave (OMD cover) (reblip)
CaryAtid British group, one of my favs. made over lately. Lead is son of Disney's Hayley Mills of Parent Trap. Kula Shaker. Tattva

Kula ShakerTattva

| play
vento this is a nice song

JemIt's Amazing

| play
guybingley Prog rock electronica to swing scat to... two step? Kinda out there.

DJ Neckbreaka-Boogie Terror _2

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tubilino hola @estudi080 me pegó el dedo a las teclas. Salu2 ;) (reblip)


| play

EisleyGo Away

| play
Brian worth re blipping, if I do say so myself - Ignition (reblip)


| play
dotmotion Via Futurama (on TV right now)


| play
topsurf I can't think of anyone else I would want to usher in my 250th blip other than
albameccanica Hoping that I'll be a part of you again some day

take that pray

| play
ZiraZeta Thx @evablue & @barataaway! Another new one, to me. Gonna try to get some sleep now. * Telepopmusik - Breathe (reblip)

Telepopmusik - Breathe

| play
Aluciel It's covers Wednesday? Well, ok then. Original by Leonard Cohen. (but I think I prefer JoCo's...)
evablue grr. broken blips.


| play
gReg0r there's lot that i don't know, there's lot i'm still learning ...
gReg0r like it ... - now i'm driving towards essen / zeche zollverein. tomorrow i'll have to support the wdr bigband :/
culturite RB @toobad "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society." – Krishnamurti ... Amjad Ali Khan – "Raga Bhairav" (reblip)
gReg0r last one wasn't working :/
tubilino have a nice morning @yamamiya ...maybe that this one help it :)
kalyke Testing out my new Skullcandy headphones with the new Silversun Pickups.
adriamaral this little black clouds keep walking around with me .... totally true
Reita God Is an Astronaut – Frozen Twilight
Kal "Don't tell me like it is, just how it could be..."
cosita it's one of those days today (reblip)
gorobros ★5 - The Bad Plus - Everybody wants to rule the world (blip from iPhone app boombox pro)
danilocorci perdi ontem. mas verei ao vivo na terça =)
jien Savatage – Alone You Breathe "today's last Blip".
sengseng 'Twilight' one of the best movies I've seen in a while also has one of the best soundtracks (Paramore – Decode)


| play
eraser ... arteleku.... espacio como la escuela... tienen dificultades para entrar en la escuela de hecho... ocio, educativo...
lub happy 4 helping on that @arti360 ;)

AKMusiqueFunny Blue

| play
TVLuke it's bugging me grueling me|and twisting me around|yeah I'm endlessly caving in|and turning inside out


| play
coloured hier gehts drunter und drüber.. hab ich den jetzt eben schon geblipt oder nich!? egal :) schön. @gReg0r bin noch nen mom wach, tele in der nähe..
jvs Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria
Anomaly get yo ass on the floor ....
HopeClary I know it isn't 2 for Tuesday! But I love Love this BAND! Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden
dekayvalentine watching Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders !! I feel like putting on make-up and dancing around in my pj's
air ..............................shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
whoismari What does Friday night look like?
dadawoman And we are so many tiny pieces
TheMostReverendJim such a wicked cool band.. esp. the bass player ;) that's only coz I'm a chick heheheh vi@Lambchop no, I'm a dude and they are still cool lol (reblip)
lub a happy italian secret service piece ;)


| play
lub hey @bendrix! so nice 2 see ya here!!!!!!

YBUSoul Magic

| play
edusilva Biker Boy - January song Sporty Fred remix
saarbasar Lasse mich von @breitenbach inspirieren *g* Cypress Hill – Insane In The Membrane
RyanKoly Ret-ro Fri-day (clap, clap....clap, clap, clap)
maritramontina Just a sec more in my bed, hope my machine's working right.
sandraew Funky Friday's finished here. Have a good night everyone. (End of The Line - Traveling Wilburys)
SheDo When answer is in clear view it's amazing what you'll find.
rommy been listening to this song a lot recently...
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Hope you're feeling better than ok and will continue to (song title) *_^
JollyBengali I'm obsessing over this song and all the cover versions. Belle & S. puts on their own touch in this version.
Mihaelaa inainte de somn

| play
Aluciel Good morning, blippers! Happy Saturday! ^_^
bichejo67 Más música, más...


| play
Aluciel So long, blippers! I'm leaving for a while, but I'll be back later! ^_^
eraser de Eno fué uno de mis primeros lps comprados allá por 1970 y tantos finales... ;-)
h0neyb "Let me hear your Body Talk" ;)
StamperCat Welcome to my Blip corner @gr8n10zt He said: You are still a whisper on my lips, A feeling at my fingertips, That's pulling at my skin. (reblip)
threebears I got blipjacked by @DailyNoise. quote'n'rblip @ximon ^_^ yeah... think you blipjacked me! haha! thanks ;D (reblip)
TimbrePitch "Scattered Black And Whites" by Elbow - "....the Sun is going down...."
kenmat "Blue Velvet" - Bobby Vinton
80sAirwaves 80s Music ~ Now Playing: Game Theory - Chardonnay (from Lolita Nation - 1987)
LCSsings @skishua "Designer Skyline" will always be my favorite, but they didn't have it so i'm blipping this one XD I LOVE OWL CITY <3
evablue must be real life productive now
threebears asleep ... me and my car wouldn't start this morning ... had to call the AA .. no, not Alcoholics Anonymous - originally the automobile association.

808 StateSunrise

| play
threebears @LexiePixie so sorry to see that you haven't been well :( :( :( hope you feel much better very soon. xx
threebears Ask Hadley (she can ease your fashion pain) quote: "If you are a drugs mule, fine, then I can see the appeal of harem pants. Otherwise, forget it."
Mateopato @Bluespanther - the version from the Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack
bj5s @marilovisky ha! Ok gotta go for a bit, take it easy yall:) @mellomatic @Elling_


| play
lollydaskal Pat Benatar – Heartbreaker
threebears yeah, you're right @ximon, they are better. Problem is already used my legs for six hours today, so cleaned them & packed them away for the night. :(
Lyteworks an ultimate summertime cookout song...

Maze-Before I Let Go

| play
Jurizzo emegêemetê - quidis


| play
chrislopez58 but the day may come when you've got something to lose...
threebears reblipping @Nachtdenker ^_^ this is great - thanks! (reblip)

Nellie McKaySari

| play
bendrix Vanessa is my top 5 fave music artists/poets of all time - 7 albums deep all of them top quality - she is very dear to me=> @BlackInConnecticut @MyCT
evoland @shimoda, ahí te va este tema. Y un saludo @Columela y @criptodrago, que no me dio tiempo a contestaros esta mañana. Go!!
s1mone Tentando me livrar desta atmosfera tensa...


| play
steno Dj Krush & Toshinnori Kondo – Tobira-3 #13 peace out ,-)
jencvs I've made up my mind, Don't need to think it over
lee (L) 'cuz i don't know how to love.... (reblip)
Nettys @ladypn do you have sound?I have no sound on, either... (reblip)

OwenBad News

| play
haydee . with my lightnin' bolts a glowin'
djhelcat Not sure that this is the mood, but the overcast gloom seems more moribund than springlike.
Mauromrm watch Bleach RIGHT NOW :D

Aqua TimezALONES

| play


| play
sanderschenk It's a bit of a strange title but if you've got the time I think you will appreciate to listen to this @DJstromer19 and @ZiraZeta.
TimbrePitch "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire - The Wild Things Are Coming!
vida_mama ~You (my friend) make it easy
threebears today's Fever Ray is triangle walks again ... running out to triangle walk ... back later ... blip later ...xx
Iasnara @bpedrassani This is BIZARRE! This is BIZARRE! uiuiui (reblip)
djgeek ...

13 Dylan Rhymes - Fashoin kills

| play
prehistoric And god help you if you are a pheonix and you dare to rise up from the ash--a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying past.
maritramontina Versão do "Galore", que eu adoro: I've waited hours for this.

The CureClose To Me

| play
geoffliving Ladies and gentlemen. Natalie Merchant. What a talent!
elfgirl don't steal my lighter yo! its pink :)
Orli "Wake up in the morning with a head like 'what you done?' This used to be the life, but I don't need another one.."
ciaran Having a lovely little nostalgia trip to go with the Dublin sun
epizoic i don't think i will be able to resist blipping more soul coughing...
daytea you should love thy neighbour~
tubilino muchas gracias @cuasante ...te han dicho alguna vez que te pareces a Alejo Saura? :) (reblip)
threebears sometimes a pony gets depressed ... (they do y'know)
maurilao that's it, I'll see you all after lunch.
threebears If I did shout outs, which I don't, I'd say hi to @RadioFreeIllinois@ximon but I'd miss @GR8FL@Diordan and everyone I can see on blip er (songtitle)
daytea Its a nuclear show, and the stars are gone~
threebears I've got to go ... back later blip later ..xx

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

| play
Iasnara ai chuvinha maravilhosa, faz faz faz climinha que adoooooooooro

Tim Maiaela partiu

| play
ThornyBleeder Now listening to Howlin' Wolf...Evil. Nasty, dirty, eveeel blues...

Howlin' WolfEvil

| play
VicFM i'm just looking just looking for a way around it disappears this near you're the rod i'm water i'm just looking for the divine hammer
HopeClary Its Officially the Weekend! And this is how it is going to be, who is with me? "Free Fallin - Tom Petty"
Atomik Ellen Allien – Sprung

Ellen AllienSprung

| play
irsocal @vanessadaou 's new album is now at IODA Promonet as a pre-release
evablue woohoo! disco disco! i'm doing andrew bird tomorrow.
adocicainheaven and when I watch you move / and I can't think straight / and I am silenced
TechJunkie "If Everything Could Feel This Real Forever..."
gingerw time falls away but these small hours still remain
threebears can't keep my eyes open for that party; have fun without me.. thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/morning in any order. *_~
80sAirwaves 80s Music ~ Now Playing: Kraftwerk - Neon Lights (from The Man-Machine - 1978)
2Serenity If you are in NYC, check out tonight at 7pm at the Highline Ballroom. He's a great guy. So talented & humble. Great hair too! : D xox
Evelyn completely caught


| play
dblacombe Hey @jgombita, here ya go: "A weekend in Canada ..." #billystewartrocks
marilovisky Everything is wrong since the beginning. I gotta go. Problems. :(
clarkowitz Nice. And, welcome. Reblipping @pavolo and, I'm out! Beautiful day continues... (reblip)
evablue is it time for coffee music? it's time for coffee.
Atomik rapture with vince clarke on da rap


| play
threebears This useful but extremely short track is invaluable when trying to calm one's llama. My llama can't calm without it.
AndreaUrbanFox Eno (& others) versus The Kinks. @ceiliog hmm...err...interesting... cheers for the recommendation (reblip)
threebears I want a Bombay Bicycle. quote'n'rblip @adamkristo ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
Hutelighut You had to find it / All things go, all things go @das_z3d *lol* A thanks from this gal goes to you ;) (reblip)
Rudra 2k blips celebration! I'm reblipping my (and your) best songs since blip #1001! =) (reblip)
binaria "Can't you understand Oh my little girl"
bizzybee Okay, so I was off to bed...but then this popped up. One of my favorites. Had to reblip. Now...goodnight. (reblip)


| play
ericats Don't you cry! I'll be back...eventually! Good night!
tubilino boa tarde @ianthomaz ...tienes vacaciones esta semana? (reblip)