danybus Catchy tango with a sweet french accent
frizzface Are we human! Or are we dancer! I don't know about you, but I'm totally a dancer ;)

The KillersHuman

| play
n1ks classic. Cruel Intentions OST was one of my first albums.
xolala Morning song to the universe.
xolala Sometimes it's true.

SadeKing Of Sorrow

| play
xolala Most played song of my life. perfection.
browolf it was this at the end of num3rs last, I cant believe I couldnt remember what it was (José González – Teardrop)
browolf of course "hide and seek" is a amazing unique song
xolala This album is like swimming in a dark summer's night.
xolala Knock it down!


| play
xolala "! Thank you 90's radio"
xolala "! Driving in my truck on a sunny day- freak yes."
xolala Dancing like it's 1359- in my head
xolala From the top 10 of my youth. Perfection.
xolala I have freaking fallen in love with Paramore. (just fyi)
cesivilla27 I said "Gimme a drink a water, I'm gonna 'sing around the collar' And I don't need a microphone."
xolala Serenading my gato in my arms.
xolala Heart swelling...now. Growing wings..............nnnnnnnnow.

MobyNatural Blues

| play


| play
xolala Goodnight Moon. (sailing away...)
xolala Barefoot on the beach; watching night become day.


| play
xolala Watching fireflies from my evening hammock.
xolala Dancing with my only one on our 70th Anniversary. Just us and Jim.
xolala Gel that hair. Flip that collar. Work those acid wash jeans. Top it off with a little Member's Only.
xolala yeeeeeaaa! sunshine has been induced. :)
xolala Flogging Molly. Need I say more? I think not.

Flogging MollyFloat

| play
xolala I visualize Kermit jaunting down the road to Piggy's house. Back-up singers: The Muppets on tri-seat bikes. yep.
ala_Missy Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special
xolala 'And if you don't love me know; you will never love me again.'
xolala This right here starts off my workout mix. (followed by Eartha Kit singing Billionaire- the best.)
xolala You'll want to turn the sound up. Really. Do it.
xolala Jump around like a crazy monkey-chicken and rock out!

EverclearLocal God

| play
xolala The song that got me from 6th grade to college and then some. Oh, yes. I did.

Boyz II MenU Know

| play
xolala Warm blanket anyone... press play.
xolala Boogy down Beethoven.

Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven

| play
xolala thanks 90's musical femmes movement.
xolala Captivating sorcery: this song.
xolala This one goes out to old love letters and growing up.
xolala If you haven't yet, see the music video.
xolala For your viewing pleasure: Matilda. (watch it)
xolala Now... where is my old cheer uniform...

Toni BasilMickey

| play
xolala Rise for the anthem of I Don' Take No Crap, sucka. Ruso style.
xolala like a steamy bowl of soup to the winter soul.
xolala My first love was in the 4th grade. This one's for you, Mr. Sunby. :)


| play
xolala I want to go to there. :)

HeartCrazy on You

| play
xolala Beck, you are delicious.

BeckGamma Ray

| play
xolala For all of us waiting for anyone overseas or far away. Someday soon they'll stay in our arms.

JemStay Now

| play
FunkyFreddy @DeAnn: "Yeah Thin Lizzy did it first but Metallica did a helluva job " - Whiskey in a Jar (reblip)
xolala My first karaoke experience at my friend's 8th birthday party. Oh yes.


| play
xolala "Ladies and Gentlemen- THE BEATLES!!"

Come Together - The Beatles

| play
xolala Crazy cha-cha extravaganza! Louder,mija! Baila! Baila!
xolala Break dancing on rollerskates, what?
xolala Benny Goodman and all you lovers that gave us swing; I love you, too.
xolala This song sedates and invigorates in all the right ways.

No DoubtRunning

| play
xolala Perfection to the 3rd power. :)

311Love Song

| play
xolala It makes me laugh and I love it! Gah! I can't help it. Lerv thas sowng.
xolala Watch Chuck on NBC! (perfect use of this kickin' song in it!)
xolala Gets in your head and ya just can't stop bobbing around like a bobble rocking out in your car.
xolala Anthem of all women who went through Junior high in the 90's. You know who you are.
xolala So Freaking Good! You tell 'em girlfren'. Don need no fools in yer house. Hey!
xolala You know what she's saying.
xolala Best music video ever...maha.

Coolio - 1,2,3,4

| play
xolala (click..click, click) (raise lighter) (wave slowly side to side) (happiness)
xolala YES!!!!!!!! (reblip)

Aerosmith - Dream On

| play
xolala I'm like a bug to the neon light....yay song!
xolala The song that took forever to find the name of way back when. :)


| play
xolala Cake, you can come to all of my birthdays. And anything else.

CakeI will survive

| play
xolala marriage rules, jes fyi. it does. this song reminds me of that. :)
xolala I do heart this song. most stomp/clap songs in general. ( I heart you rhythm section)


| play
xolala I need more Everclear in my diet.
xolala This is totally on my jog mix. (You know you like it).
xolala Just chilin' with some relaxing Whitesnake. nbd.
xolala still can't moonwalk...dang it.
xolala me too. not really. still friends?
xolala I love the sliding sound :0


| play
xolala saw them in concert with The Shins years ago- love it.
xolala hip hop pop with a little tehano power.
xolala take a walk on the wild side remix style (reblip)
xolala learn from the lyrics of other fools, fellas. Keep your girl and treat her right. ;)


| play
xolala Annnd we're awake. ya! (Love this movie!)
xolala Someday I'll know all the words....na.
xolala Vote for Pedro. Then, dance to this song wearing hammer-pants tucked into your snow shoes.
xolala (my cat is staring at the speakers)
xolala Almost as good as the original. :)
xolala Looking at my Spain fotos... :)

Gipsy KingsVolare

| play
xolala and now it's time for some Bon Iver...some mucho.

Bon IverSkinny Love

| play
xolala gah I love this stuff...

Bon IverFlume

| play
xolala le sigh of contentitude...

Bon IverFor Emma

| play
xolala this will always make me think of Kiera, my sister far far away.
xolala Riding in the backseat on a sunny day...
xolala One of the most moving songs of ...ever.
xolala ps, i love you band of horses.
xolala drummmm funnnnnnnnnn!!


| play
xolala when we get down....we'll get up again :)
xolala floating down the river... :)
xolala No one sings like Edith. Tres Romantic.
xolala bahaha! I'm a roller derby queen. bahaha!
xolala This song is sooooo beautiful!! (and sexy in a lot of places) ;)

The WhoWho Are You

| play
xolala Long sleeved lycra shirts under short-overalls. you know who you are.
xolala white linen curtains softly grazing your arm in the breeze.
xolala it starts out super quiet....and takes you away.
xolala a lil som'n from our homies in India.
xolala U2. have some more.


| play
iclimb i wish i understood what she's singing


| play
xolala swing it around, bring it on down. (reblip)

Daft PunkDa Funk

| play
xolala yaaaaaa!!!!!!! it makes me want to say 'brickacrickafoomfoom!' that's how happy it makes my brain. (reblip)
xolala mmmmmm.... hot tea by the fireside. (reblip)
xolala lost lovers always find each other in their dreams.
xolala running through Ireland fields.


| play
xolala childhood love. mine was Sunby. :) 4th grade til I moved away in 6th... sigh :) Thanks life. It was great.
xolala so great (reblip)

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

| play
xolala Mark Twain would be proud.

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play
xolala Why have I been living without you song!
xolala Freaking thanks Jordan!

St. VincentNow Now

| play
xolala i want to wear muslin dresses. all the time.

Naim, YaelNew Soul

| play
xolala if this doesn't make you feel like wearing stilettos and a tight leather jacket- go home.
xolala Why, hello there Band of Horses.
xolala His songs are the music of the soul!
xolala walking barefoot on the Iberian peninsula. (sigh)


| play
xolala best music video of ever.
xolala No! THIS is the greatest music video ever!!!!
xolala happy happy dancing flowers. :)
xolala I heart you song :) you too, Ms. Vaughan
xolala I want to be a giddy robot when she does that disintegration bit near the end. hahaha! can't stop moving!

Lady GaGaJust Dance

| play
xolala you can't stop the madness!

Moby257 Zero

| play
xolala dancing around in my pj's at 7 in the am. :) yessss.

Danity KaneDamaged

| play
xolala cooking breakfast. yep. to this. i don't mess around.
xolala this makes me want to go swimming.
xolala driving through central California before my wedding. just watching the gold fields roll by. good memory.
xolala and it's hammock time. and time to watch forrest gump again.
xolala I don' own a boat but I can floatcho boat.

TimbalandWay I Are

| play
xolala Viva Franz Ferdinand!

05 Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

| play
xolala Love love love. everybody twist.
xolala the good stuff. just put me on an IV. :]

Mariah CareyFantasy

| play
xolala Can't wait for the ocean!


| play
xolala there's jes no music like this anymore.


| play
xolala This is one large facet of how I feel about Homepdx, humanity, existence, God, love... I am filled with dusk and dawn.
xolala And this is another facet of my heart's response to it all.
xolala that's actual and factual.


| play
matmcreative the bass line gets me every time! ~The Temptations – Papa Was a Rolling Stone
JaneDeere beautiful. i'm going to learn to play this.
xolala happy retro moment brought to you by New Order.
xolala (sweet exhale of thorough goodness)
xolala Shake it til you jes' can't shake it no mo!
xolala crank it. pop. lock. drop it.

BeyonceBack Up

| play
xolala 3rd grade vibin'. thx VH1 and all the radio stations called 'the bomb'.
xolala Sleep tight, consciousness.
xolala Everybody read 'Earth and High Heaven'.
xolala dancing with the person who's not here.

The WeepiesOrbiting

| play
xolala hi. have a blanket. musical wrap'ture.
xolala walk at dusk in the summer with the breeze kissing your lips.

FeistThe Park

| play
raphaelscs Too low to find my way. Too high to wonder why.

Lebanese Blonde Thievery Corporation

| play
xolala has the intro- finally. listen and happy.

COLLECTIVE SOUL || Tremble for my Beloved BY JLFox

| play
xolala WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! (hiding in the 90's) Found you!
xolala just be happy and sing it and be happy.
xolala stuck in my head. allllllll day.
xolala weeeeee! (jumping with my arms up an dmy legs back, 80's freeze-frame ending) yessssssss!
xolala here's a lil' throw back for ya'll. mmmhm.
xolala i forgot about you song.

michael jackson scream,HD

| play
xolala (smiling) (annnd jumping around like a monkey)
xolala "This is the Greatest and Best song in the world; Tribute."

Tenacious DTribute

| play
xolala " I'm with the DJ, ok. "

KatalinaD.J. Girl

| play
xolala #1's of Roller Rink Request Line. You know who you are.
xolala freaking love this soundtrack. and. this movie.
xolala long, long sigh of contetitude...
xolala hug you! kiss you! tell you you're brilliant! amen!

Bon IverLump Sum

| play
xolala let's all go to the lake with our radios and ice-cold lemonade.
xolala this makes me want to run around in an anime show. :)
xolala Why is every radiohead song a sensual feast?! It's almost too much! Give me more!
xolala i am waiting for you, autumn.
xolala que beleza.

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
xolala don't fight it... you know you want my lovin'.

Keith SweatTwisted

| play
xolala goodnight sweethearts :)


| play
xolala if my existence were music...
xolala sweet, sweet exhale of soul's embodiment; this song.
xolala thank you God for rain. thank you God for sun. and everything in between. especially today. (ahhhhhhhhh..., :] ).
xolala "I refuse to believe that it's only me"
xolala 'cuz I'm not really here'
xolala fly.

George Fu - Chopin Nocturne Op 9 No 1

| play
xolala If I had a dress made out of moon cream, I would dance in the stars to this song. Silently smiling in slow, slow circles with God.
xolala breaking heart, flying heart. all at once.


| play
xolala I dedicate this song to my heart.
xolala remember this? :) if not- ya missed out on serious moves. ;)

All or nothing- Athena Cage

| play
xolala This guy loves his wife...bahaha, no.
xolala What if this was the soundtrack to your day? :)
xolala Can we just heart this song, favor?
xolala Dance with someone. Slow and close.

Cesaria EvoraCize

| play
xolala dedicated to listener 50. & happiness.
xolala driving through europe. crisp winter europe.
xolala just about time to open up the Lord of the Rings books again. (awaiting sigh) (smile)
xolala never get enough of the Mika.
xolala TURN. IT. UP.

Carnival- the cardigans

| play
xolala Oh ya. I did. & I love it. (embrace it)


| play
xolala remember when

Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity

| play
xolala yes :) because it's good to you.
xolala cuz you always want more cake.

CakeComanche :)

| play
xolala boa noite. guten morgen. ola. besito.
xolala I had a dream I was in a talent show and this played on accident. I still pulled it off. x0)
xolala A lil Barry White? Why, yes. Yes, I will.
xolala i love when the deutsch dollar store plays the u.s. dollar store mix. x)

Jennifer Lopez Feat Fabolous Get Right HD

| play
xolala i can't help it. the chorus...what IS this? i...must...listen. it makes me want to do push ups like boot-camp. G.I. Femme fitness montage??? :)
xolala for you and you and you...
xolala this makes me want to have a barbeque? 1960 style?

BeckGamma Ray

| play
xolala lovelies.

The Golden Girls Theme Song

| play
xolala again. because it's good for you. you like it.
xolala heartbreakingly perfect. every time.
xolala heart

Radiohead Motion Picture Soundtrack

| play
xolala listen closely to begin, and so, breathe deeply.
xolala ah, me.

Romeo and Juliet what is a youth

| play
xolala Happy National Boss Day, Bruce Springsteen
xolala YES! i rocked this tape in my Walkman. take that.
xolala live, love.

Stone in my Shoe

| play
xolala wait for it....ahhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaaah..... ;]
xolala love it. like it. like it. love it.

The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

| play
xolala dance around!!! do it!! do it now!!!
xolala Best. Shins. Song. Of. All. Time. just say'n.
xolala bit a winehouse, eh what, chaps.
xolala firey haze of all freedom. (i like it!)
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