robotnik @mammara no way :D it's hard not to run out on props for you in 15 minutes :) (reblip)
wesunruh This used to be on MTV all the time back in the day (reblip)
gussito .. hoy me quisiera sentir JUMBO-JET!
gussito .. i'm living under my PLANE!


| play
MeeJong Reblipping @Nata, feeling your blips today! ^__^
Stay19 There Is An End – The Greenhornes Feat. Holly Golightly<><>
fuzzygroove Make sure to refresh your cache... lots has changed around here.
paeix from@klitoria thanks! .............................................................................................. I may be M.I.A. heavy today... (reblip)
nonworkers I can hold my breath till the sky comes back.
Stay19 oh Natalie Portman. enough said. <><> Chino's amazing


| play
jaxbee via@redroulettes i'm really digging this! perfect background music for the project im working on now :) (reblip)


| play
BabyGhost (nodding head, smiling, humming along) can. you. get.
BabyGhost "ungh! ...UNGH-UNGH!!" (wait for that part)
fabiopetz mastermix da super comp d 8 cds masters of the universe com muita coisa nova e boa
ABoyNamedSue Tech Romances on the other hand, you can hurry all you want.
dubstronica ナタリー・ポートマンをも振っちゃうデヴェ様
CaryAtid Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)
cherryspoon Without the chase scene this song isn't quite the same. I'm still very much smitten with Slumdog Millionaire and I'm always smitten with M.I.A.
bnem w00t! more casiokids! going to have to get on and do something constructive with the day. byee
formalhaut @daretoeatapeach i wish i could join you people for an ice cold glass of beer! or two or…
formalhaut @Bluespanther Salaam. you have to teach me proper Yemenite one day! :)) good night. see you!
formalhaut RB @Ono1969 oyasuminasai! and thanks for this sweet one! (reblip)
digehode Love this song. I want more songs about punctuation.

The BlowParentheses

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BabyGhost amazing cover; i always play this at parties.
BabyGhost loosey goosey


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BabyGhost one of the best proto-funk party songs ever.
hellorenats Faltam poucas horas para terminar a semana.


| play
hellorenats I said, "baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, b-b-b-baby, b-b-b-b-b-b-b-baby"

Beaver Boys (PJ Pooterhoots Remix)

| play
formalhaut evening. thanks a lot for the props, replies & music. work keeps me very busy at the moment. will return asap 2 listen 2 your music. later blipsters


| play

Polecats (club mix) - Make A Circuit With Me

| play
LaKarune @squidbrain this is 4u, as ur making me laugh with your joy division, 2d2f and paper planes (which I promise never to blip again...) M.I.A's 1st hit

MIABucky Done Gun

| play
tubilino muy buena @boamorte ...vamos que me he tenido que levantar y todo a bailar jajaja ;) (reblip)
carolmac my way of slowly waking up on this monday morning


| play
unpopular A somewhat seminal album that influenced loads of modern chill and ambient music, but with actual melodies and such
kaares Instrumental. And possibly kinky.
johnnysmooth aiiiiiiii

aphex twin - xtal

| play
bendrix I haven't blipped this in a loooooong time - I am confident U will find this track To be of SUPREME Production Quality Njoy!! @chiIQ (reblip)
bendrix G-Morn this is really fresh lil sis ... GR8 choice :) via@coloured moin! (reblip)
bendrix welcome to blip @discoloop & thanx for the add. Not many peeps know about Spacek. This joint is truly dddDOPE!! Hey @lub check this out U'll <3 it (reblip)

Steve SpacekDollar

| play
nestpas It's all synthetic, but it's all we've got.
Shossette @Emsquared like a lot this one too ;)

Aphex TwinCliffs

| play
formalhaut hey @Cosmix alles gute! und lass es krachen heute! (hoffentlich hab ich mich nicht im datum geirrt?)
das_Vakuum Einer inneren Eingebung folgend, blipe ich nun dieses Stück Musik.


| play
bendrix This is a very cherished track in my mellow mind space. If I did not like this blip I would call my banker & discontinue U're allowance :) @coloured (reblip)
trepanado and the Eric Duncan track released on Whatever We Want records - an slowed down edit of Savage's 'A Love Again'. feels like being on a taxi in Japan

Dr DunksLove Savage

| play
Stay19 The Gentle People – •The Gentle People - Groovin, With You<><> stellar! @kaaeyl (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Mystery Jets and Esser joining forces to cover The Cure, with what can only be described as a quite enjoyable result.
trepanado Savage, from 'Don't Cry Tonight' fame, on a sweet synthpop song

SavageA Love Again

| play
cabrochette tudo do som três está incompleto. mais lembrete no google calendar.
hartleymanages would this make you dance at a party if a DJ played it? (I need to know)
hartleymanages one of my favs...saw peaches with trail of dead and queens of the stone age a few years ago. not yoko though!!!
Rollmostar UUUh...What do U Mean???...UUhh


| play

A Man Called Adam (Estelle)

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ita___thedjcat the computer asked me to wait a bit for this one...
peepsound hora de retirarse, adios a tod@s
Laurits Blip Premiere -I just upped Tor & Sufjan Stevens. -Sufjan goes hip hop, mixed by Montral based producer Tor. Get entire mixtape:
yamamiya Papercuts - Future Primative
jethostel introducing: ....Maethelvin!!!! nice beats!!!


| play
bendrix Definitely going into my playlist thnx=> @TheHobbyshopHERO <=he's new to blip. I highly recommend his playlist @Saorsa @Archibaldo @klitoria @gigia (reblip)
hegs Can't stop listening to this song


| play
Bitzzz She'll let you deep inside a million miles from her outside to the place where you can't remember what you can't forget ...
Bitzzz A relaxing breeze sweeps Across the calm flat surface of the sea
fuzzygroove Oh that? That's the money you could be saving with Geico. Welcome to @shortStackG (reblip)
klitoria @GR8FL @tanzbunny @onesanz @steno @anjuscha @patita@howdystranger@adbert(sorry i take long with the berlin bar thing...i am sick in bed,,,will do it
ladypn @PlasticRobot are all the pieces falling into place now? ;)
anthonyboylan thanks @pokeken drove with this album blasting me through the traffic (reblip)


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apadilla apparently, this was song written before "creep," which i was unaware of. yorke's supposed attempt to emulate the soundtrack of 1950s disney films.
ual drippd rirprpd dot dot


| play
cuffnlink This song = Justice Phanton :-)


| play
cuffnlink Phoenix Heatwave steals this sample, I like the original better @bunq

Point Of View - DB Boulevard

| play
haizee Daftendirekt


| play
ual i wanted to see right through from the other side
thundercunt ✝ ✞ ✟✝ ✞ ✟✝ ✞ ✟✝ ✞ ✟✝ ✞ ✟
paeix thanx____________________________☂_______________________ from@XmX (reblip)
Laurits this is a nice little tune indeed.

NicoThese Days

| play
Laurits We have band was very blogged in Q4 of 2008, but it isn't to late to listen to this tune now.
Antenaweb Surfing On A Rocket !! -- - - -
Antenaweb @himself Gracias viejo.. Iguamelmente un saludo para alla!! Feliz Domingo
camilaboscariol Chicãããããooo, que saudade!
bendrix if the Doors were alive today they would have handed the torch to Yonderboi. Have U guys heard this electro Cafe deliciousness?=> @Flower @gabasanch
Laurits @Razhuul - thrid album "It's never been like that" came out in 2006. Lead singer Thomas Mars is married to Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis.
Laurits @Razhuul - She is also a movie director. Only american woman to be nominated for an academy award for directing. This song is from their upcoming CD


| play
bendrix A very memorable blip - Thanks to @kozmica on 12/19/08 - Very Cool Track - vocals sound like Bjork & Macy Gray merged as a drunken sailor (reblip)


| play


| play
haizee must rb:@bduubz @kooi @bunq @XmX @opomegranate ~ Cube ~ Concert Boy (this is 20 years old) (reblip)


| play
davidwatts1978 @DubFreakz innit Isaac Hayes – Ike's Rap II ..the sample behind portishead/tricky (reblip)
bduubz Theophilus London - TNT ON ME!


| play
formalhaut @paeix happy birthday, man! have some fun and [insert song title] tonight!

fortyonehave sex

| play
sugar_kane A mulher mais luxuosa da década!!
trepanado motivational italo, ultra hard rocking matter
Robot_Kid i can lie until the day you die
sooooo hahaha!! @evablue - I'm in the Antarctic that's in the south (as opposed to the one that's north) gotta put the penguins out or they'll start blipping

RexyPenguin Rehash

| play
xmarina Put A Spell On You

Sonique-Put A Spell On You

| play
DJ_Seista_Feira Many Rio funk artists have also started to do gigs abroad in the 2000s. DJ Marlboro and Favela Chic Paris club were the pioneer travellers/producers.
newyorksound if you think mgmt is electronica, then you are an idiot.
bduubz @jsotonyc - good one! LOVE this track. this is a sly and robbie production, right? (reblip)


| play
humbert15 Lots of JB stuff leaves me cold. This doesn't :)
r0g1 ♪♫♬ ..--. ♪♬♫ && /me ♪♪♪♫♪DAN/CE¡!!♬ ..-- ♪♬♫ ¡!¡! (reblip)
paeix thanx____________________________☠_______________________ from@DJBoucBulldog ...back2work... (reblip)
pyroboyee kicking back to the future in the past of the present in the moment...
waveshaper STAY HUMAN! via @crosby via@nathanm thanks for listening (reblip)


| play
code402b rb@cammy [My favorite from the new album. Yeah, album version.] another band i need to explore (reblip)
ita___thedjcat thanks to some inspiration you


| play
DareToEatAPeach For the record Le Castle Vania is a fantastic DJ name.
bendrix Its Ok to have occasional blip duds. Actually the 4 times I have blipped this BJork/808 State Classic no one ever responds=> @Karuna
haizee gosh i was so in love with Esthero back in the day
paeix @XmX ...I'm in the Deep South, New Orleans (imported via NYC & previously California)... not so cold, actually had the A/C on some today... sorry! (reblip)
haizee Damn those Arms and their fantastic music
Smetnjak Bruce Willis Is Dead - Mr Oizo
DownLow @elle_mnop thanks for that, my dear. have a beautiful weekend.
stena :D tnx! @CynDyn "I probably shouldn't be laughing so hard...thanks @picknick for this classic...ouwowwowow -ahh!" fwd: @bunq @photogurrl @kooi @adbert (reblip)


| play
Inesobjetsmart thought the funny thing was it was the first time in over a week Shazam actually worked. She giggled to tears. (reblip)
bendrix I U Njoyed "life in mono" I think ya'll will dig this just as much. Its BEAutiful. @OneLuvGurl @ladypn @motionspeaks

MonoThe Outsider

| play
klitoria thx @lollydaskal... OMG what lyrics. excuse me while i mast******e!!!!!!...enjoy it, my dear (reblip)
Stay19 Yello – Oh Yeah oh' six (Booka Shade Remix)<><>
Atomik Amplified Orchestra – Drop Dis!
Atomik Amplified Orchestra – Zweap
LaKarune <--- has had too much late afternoon coffee

Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder) (Radio Edit) (Great Stuff)

| play
LaKarune Great to see you @wellie! I wish I had your self-control. It's like a jungle makes me wonder how I keep from going under...
missmittin speaking of she is proper!
haizee When he's good he's very very good! // i wholeheartedly agree @iaintait (reblip)
LaKarune rb@paeix When did you learn German? via@klitoria...."Warum sind nicht Sie und den Rest der deutschen posse bis noch? Ich gehe ins Bett! Bis später." (reblip)
ladypn Guten morgen @serifenlos Have I found you before, or after your first coffee? ;)
mellepelle ...and one with the ONE playlist

SimianOne Dimension

| play
klitoria hello @bendrix...i had to think of you when i heard this...i hope you will enjoy it...i totally dig it....
haizee Daft Punk + The Twelves = Hearts 4ever
trepanado if you like Deniece Williams, Minnie Ripperton, this is your jam

SyreetaBlack Maybe

| play
haizee thanks for the junior high angst music @bendrix // what's up @DownLow , @jsotonyc , @bduubz
LaKarune Reblipping @soundmangroupie, don't know how I missed this one...u know how I feel about Grace.... (reblip)

Jones, GraceUse Me

| play
LaKarune Something cute and French for @Flower, because you gave me my 3100th prop! Thank you. <3
misterscience Also from 2004, this is from the 'Tiger, My Friend' album (how's that for continuity? :-)
misterscience @seeshell Love the profile pic! Crunchy...

PsappEating Spiders

| play
misterscience One of Bowie's funkier tunes

David BowieFame

| play
intinet @lwsrc just because you're blipping Isan [second DM kit kat] =) =)
voxefx 2 for 1 LOL


| play
voxefx "in these times of hate and pain..."
Stay19 Ian Pooley – Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)<><>
Stay19 Colours Move (Mogwai Remix)<><>


| play
LaKarune Hey @djmahj - thanks for tuning in. Reblippin you!! "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick...." (reblip)

Lady GaGaLovegame

| play
adamkristo Oregon forgot about the whole "Spring" thing this year.

Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

| play
Atomik rb@KikeCaramelo this one goes straight to the G20 in london. (reblip)

the whitest boy alive - courage jack tennis edit

| play
haizee this is HOT HOT HOT // Sharam mashing Kid Cudi + Pasty Cline // @Nymph @bduubz @jsotonyc @bunq @kooi @i812 @DownLow @baripembo @presuffix


| play
robotnik @minmae no running today, i promise :)

WoodsBe Still

| play
supersentido Afrodita. Kraftwerk tribute. Imposible no mover el pie


| play
ABoyNamedSue This is really charming. I think they hang out with people like Black Moth Super Rainbow and such, but they have a real great pop sensibility.
das_Vakuum Eis zum Frühstück. Das wärs jetzt.


| play
paeix let's not get carried away @mellomatic... you are clearly the victor, allow me the the spoils of defeat and mire... xx (reblip)


| play
lub danes love nudism ;)

backiniNaked Dane

| play
lub another gem from accidental records ;)
AudibleObjects Freestyle Fellowship – Mary Checkout THIS IS THE LIFE DVD. Ava DuVernay did an excellent job on this documentary.
djkarate Nite Jewel - What Did He Say
lrnfschr @pyrosarco remember when we were talking about making pornography? I've found epic sex music. Now we still need headbands!
haizee this reminds me of so many 80s television theme songs. Perfection.
threebears yes, I know it's not wednesday yet and so I have no excuse for blipping this, but what can I say? I'm an irresponsible blipper. :D

fortyonehave sex

| play
threebears @bendrix @Bluespanther @threebears @Lemon - have a sunny monday .... quote'n'rblip @chiron08 ^_^ nice one - thanks and hope you have a happy monday! (reblip)
thundercunt oh hello it's been a minute...
haizee Feist doing Nina Simone remixed by Chromeo = ❤


| play
waveshaper tb@bendrix => rb@Blippo Flunk – Play (I'll play Flunk six, seven, many times ... until everybody knows her ;) (reblip)


| play
waveshaper Hope you like it @bendrix :) I'm feeling so glittered today!
nuh_nuh_noize a techno/minimal track by kiko hope you enjoy it
nuh_nuh_noize great minimal track by arne weinberg if you like minimal this is a must listen. xx
simoniddol new one from Adam Freeland and his band
bendrix I have traveled the observable universe & devoured its voice now its forever icy & silent. This is my story ...this is my Shame... @ladypn
CHKLTK This one is just perfect.


| play
3AG3R Soulwax - NY Lipps

SoulwaxNY Lipps

| play
3AG3R Fantastadon - Anesthesiologist (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
3AG3R Hot Pink Delorean Ft.Knowlton Walsh - Freak Night (Fantastadon Remix)
Shepherds Gooseflesh – Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix)
Cod That American Apparel bird gives me the creeps...
Innit Peff this time tearing it up in Reason//very nice bass drop!//@Nymph@bduubz@haizee@presuffix@adamkristo@HighNDrye

PeffParadigm Shift

| play
DareToEatAPeach @FunkShoi Well here I just pasted it in the search box. So you can play it, it's just not in the Blip database.

02 - justice vs simian - we are your friends _kid legit remix_

| play
bendrix Thats a hellova thing to say U R SUPER sweet=>rb@klitoria i always love it when you are with us in blipworld..i adore your replies..happy you are here (reblip)
bendrix this is the taste of a bubbly sandy sparkly drink being forced comfortably down U're throat. Hello my lovely kitten=> rb@klitoria hi @bendrix... (reblip)
3AG3R Mims - Like This (Norrits Final Mix)
3AG3R Transformer Di Roboter - Fasson (Tom Deluxx Remix)
philipmikal DiscoTech!

Kanye West - Homecoming (DiscoTech Remix)

| play
philipmikal He's got two left feet and he bites my moves. Truer words never sung.
FunkShoi I won't admit I have a problem with drugs or alcohol. I'm not gonna start with websites dammit. Also, yes it's this blip again. I love it hard.