Rolling Stones You can't always get what you want

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Manu Chao Live

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yellowcheese Gives you goosebumps everytime :-)

Manu Chao Minha Galera La Colifata Buenos Aires 2005

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yellowcheese Check out those eyes,amazing

Come See About Me

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Bjork Crying.Live

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t rex cosmic dancer

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Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division

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Knocking on heavens door

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Rocksteady Crew "Hey You"

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Slim Thug, "Boss Hoggin " Music Video

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The Charlatans, Tellin' Stories (Whole Song)

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Hey Jude (the Beatles)

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Itxi Diggin' the poney....and more, on a rooftop....

The Beatles Apple Rooftop Concert 3/3 (HQ)

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Itxi YOMG! A Beatles rehearsal!! Ok..I've died and gone to heaven.... (^_^) This is actually funky-er than the final version...niceee
yellowcheese When your life is a mess light one more cigarette
yellowcheese How gorgeous was Diana when she was younger?

Diana Ross "My Old Piano" remix

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Daft Punk Technology

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Kraftwerk-Numbers/Computer world

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"I wanna be your dog" Miss Kittin The hacker Vitalic

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yellowcheese Daftpunk style

Boys Noize

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boys noize feel good (tv off)

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Miss Kittin I Love Techno 2004

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The Martian Ghostdancer

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Bill Withers "Kissing My Love"

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lilynymph hehehehe fun times!! LIsten to this if you wanna dance
SethMichaels AC-DC – Whole Lotta Rosie. ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS!!!!!
AlKronos That's me done for the night... toodle-pip for now, blipsters!
cjh Atomic Kitten - Whole Again

atomic kitten-whole again

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Paul Weller plays Broken Stones

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IslandRose @KansasCraig - I saw Africa today through a visionary's eyes...

Toto- Africa (Lyrics)

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yellowcheese Classic eighties one hit wonder

dire straits brothers in arms

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yellowcheese Absolutey love this

Jeff Wayne War of the worlds Live Eve of the war

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tannyt @DaHilster. Like the last tune. Was looking to send you Ice-T's Reckless. Brilliant track guaranteed to get you body popping.

EPMDTrack 6

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nouvelle vague "dance with me" from bande a part

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anjuscha it's only music, baby, it makes the world go round :)

Teenage Kicks Nouvelle Vague

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anjuscha @steno pling (sekt auf eis) ! - feigling habe ich probiert, ja. not my cup of tea ;)

Jeff SamuelLost

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anjuscha vi@Schnuchten what a pleasure! :) (reblip)

Benga 'Pleasure'

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lafabrock From his 2007 Album comes this little pearl. Electro rap, really big intrumental, crazy rap.
lafabrock If you are out of arguments to seduce a girl... Al Green can help you... I think I'm gonna cry... :)
lafabrock So it has nothing to do whatsoever with the japanese cornelius we were talking about ? I thought it was weird... What about this one ?@pokeken

The Martian Ghostdancer

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axefield Manager for Daftpunk = Busy P
cjh Janis Joplin - Cry Baby

Little Computer People orginal

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the symphony-marley marl

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serifenlos Jeff Samuel – Chloe's Brain ...
serifenlos @Heike: ich sehe das so: ich danke dir ... echt jetzt ... (reblip)
lafabrock There's a short intro and then SebastiAn -from Ed Banger- remix of this awesome song@lipsync

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

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This Old Heart Of Mine-The Isley Brothers-1966

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s0und_seek3r Time for me to go, but not before I post this; I happen to think it's very, very good. (so is his latest album, by the way - worth buying) Good night!

Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen! (ORIGINAL VERSION)

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JimmyHook Chubby Checker – Stoned In The Bathroom
lafabrock French cover Sade - Seweetest Taboo - French is a sweet sweet language vi@crowjane: "@Triple5Light: " a French Twist" (reblip)

Les Nubians...Tabou

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Hypnotica Metropolis - Time of War. Giving up looking for audio - as long as I can find the music I want! My fave era for Techno - awesome
Oldies Dr. Hook, When you're in love with a beautiful woman

Dr. Hook, When you're in love with a beautiful woman

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Chise Reel Big Fish – Brown eyed girl
Stolen ‘Se você reclamar mais uma vez, você irá encontrar um exército de mim’? That's my best guess, anyway. Vi@pontricaciocontricanis (reblip)
iceblink Yeah, so this is Korean and not Japanese, but you know Korea has a lot of interesting stuff too.

Mount Sims "How We Do"

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[PV]avengers in sci-fi NAYUTANIZED

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3AG3R Madonna – Get Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)
formalhaut thanks a lot for listening. good night y'all. cheers.
Ono1969 Signing off with this remix of another classic techno track... thanks @intinet @formalhaut and all other listeners. See you soon
lafabrock How beautiful when a song tell you a story with no words. datA – Morphosis


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lafabrock Morning ! First blip of the day ? You're off to a great start !@hosh: "✍ MORNING ▲" (reblip)
lafabrock Whant about some Disco-Funk ?@stephanosuh @santamistura @GR8FL @toobad @pokeken Thanks for the good vibes dear fellow blippers
Deesound (::) last afro blip for now ....(::)

"Touch My Soul" Lack of Afro feat. Steve Marriott

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Evan_Exempt You might want to turn DOWN your stereo a little for this one ;)
aoibhneas @Stanleydavis rb .. thanks man .. love this .. long time, no hear .. (reblip)
aoibhneas Shouldn't work ... but somehow it does ... on some sort of level
das_Vakuum Nichts Neues im Nichts.


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Atomik you know how it goes: I like electro. I like retro. I like ghetto, house and techno

Shake & Pop

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Blippo Midfield General – Disco Sirens THX@paulastudio Whoa! ;) (reblip)
SomeMoSir I heat up and I can't cool down.

Steve Miller Band- Abracadabra

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adamkristo @eightbitkoala RB sry had to! :) thanks again (reblip)

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (The Twelves Re-Edit)

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APACHE fat boy slim SNATCH

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aoibhneas @rerkaizen: take it easy....cheers for the blips.. (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (Soul Train)


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aoibhneas @djgestif ... these r my new favs. deep house/nu jazz. from austria also, i think.....cheers 4 d tune...
Atomik @Stitch_13: "A small surprise for you [] guess what,the documentary on Arthur Russell :-) thanks! ;) (reblip)
Moe_Rituri Francois Kevorkian remixing Nina Simone's version of The Beatle's Here Comes The Sun. Not bad at all. Perfect for Sunday the morning after.
xigli Herbert – Leave Me Now
lafabrock Can't stop listening to this song ! This is hot and new ! vi@threebears (reblip)

Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze : Comptine d'un autre été

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lafabrock Thanks@DJFrankie: "This WILL get stuck in my head now." <---- Yeah it does that greatly ! :) (reblip)
lafabrock Looks like her career has just "rb@MusicIsMySunshine: "This is all over the blogosphere today.. love it!" @yonibeat @ffluxx (reblip)
lafabrock We'll finish this Yelle special by adding a deep beat and a few loops in the song...
Oldies Ray Charles : I Can't Stop Lovin You :

Ray Charles : I Can't Stop Lovin You :

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anjuscha just for title reasons: discosau


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ZOEBOE this is a cool remix indeed. Thanks for playin it >> RB@DHS: "cool remix " (reblip)
Elling_ Try not to fuck with your feelings


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Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.flv

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lafabrock Here are the lyrics from yours truly, now sing along ;)@ExtremeAnnette (reblip)

La Pompe Moderne - Plus Dur, Meilleur, Plus Rapide, Plus Fort (Daft Punk Cov)

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lafabrock Ennio Morricone ! Sounds like a nice instrumental ! Why isn't anybody rappin' on this ?@DJ_Disrupt (reblip)
JTB 【JUN 11】 Goodnight @ll


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lafabrock Living you with this extra sweet cover of Rolling Stone...
DJFrankie REblip @grantimatter: "Polysics are mandatory. As the Honda was to the Buick, so Polysics are to American 80s New Wave. " (reblip)

POLYSICS Domo Arigato Mr Robot

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lafabrock Brighton, 2000, Midfield general, founder of Skint, releases this tune... (reblip)
xigli It´s time for some electrofying beats!!!!! Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel Mix)
xigli thanks @yellowcheese Atlantic Connection – Rocksteady (LA Riots Remix)
yellowcheese Absolutey guaranted to blow your speakers if u turn it up loud enough ;-)
tubilino Police of Truth

Depeche Mode Police of Truth

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3AG3R Crystal Castles – Crimewave

Paul Weller & Amy Winehouse I Heard It Through The Grapevine

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lafabrock The Twelves - Night Vision (Daft Punk Cover) d^_^b @LisaWorld diserves her 500 listener badge ! Help her and you'll be rewarded triple... @JODYGIRL162
lafabrock @yellowcheese ! Cheers mate ! Thanks so much ! One day, it'll be our time to help you, just remember it ! Dig that nasty Crookers rework !
lafabrock @Flying_Roundhouse know it's not new but it's the new hype since Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) played it in a set @LisaWorld
lafabrock The Band - I Shall Be Released (2000 Digital Remaster) d^_^b @Deesound Here's a Bob Dylan #cover I really like. The Avalanches used to play it... @yellowcheese
lafabrock When the weather gets warm, we get the same things on our minds as you boyz do, so... ! // @djilo @yellowcheese @Flying_Roundhouse @SpinninSara
Sook @fabuleuxfab I am glad to help out :) hope you both enjoy listening to my ongoing obsessions on here @LisaWorld
lafabrock Jimmy Soul - If You Want To Be Happy d^_^b We made it ! You are officialy a golden being... well a radio golden being ^_^ Congrats ! @LisaWorld
lafabrock d^_^b @yellowcheese All right ! Dig the legend of Mai Mei ! I'm done for tonight (wtf 8 in the mornin' ?).

2006. Where the hell is Matt Harding dancing now?

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lafabrock Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir d^_^b
lafabrock @yellowcheese @Sook @camillek This one will work. Just that I'm using blipster. // Je m'appelle Yelle, Elle s'appele Robyn...
3AG3R Yelle – A cause des garcons (sta mix) Bonjour!...@fabuleuxfab..
lafabrock Exhausted, drunk, stone, pretty much everything ;) U ? 9 o clock here (france) still haven't not sleeping. What time is it in Oz ? Midnight ? @3AG3R (reblip)
Gen22 Nirvana (Unplugged) - 'Something In The Way'
lafabrock d^_^b Green Velvet is genius ! See what he did of that track ! @Eurokid2000 Vegas ? For real ? @haizee @bduubz @kooi @yellowcheese and @3AG3R @Sook
Atomik @zombieFredrik: "@Atomik - I'll send one of my fav. Kraftwerk songs for the road ... " thank you, sir. As my friend says from Babe, "That'll do, pig!" (reblip)
Matericia "I am only one -- may I become many." This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om. @yellowcheese (reblip)
lafabrock #6 @yellowcheese d^_^b Here's more from Intitubes Full roster includes Midnight Jugernauts, Surkin, Bobmo, etc...
yellowcheese i will look into the whole Yelle thing,had no idea it was akward @fabuleuxfab
Atomik @philkirby - thank the heavens some pervert thought of [title], id like to buy him or her a drink


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Atomik The Knife – Marble House (Rex The Dog Remix / Q-Burns Abstract Message Re-Edit)

The Vaselines jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam

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lafabrock I love his twits. A-trak and Diplo twit too. Can never understand Diplo's :S @danieldiver Do you follow his Twitter stream? most amusing.. @Erwin1974 (reblip)
Sook loving this knife song lately

The Miracles-Mickey's Monkey

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Liquid Liquid-Optimo

| play
DareToEatAPeach @workerbee because, shockingly, he told me he hadn't heard many CC remixes (of, not by).
DareToEatAPeach @workerbee I'm a little shocked that I can't find my fave Crystal Castles remix on Blip, YouTube or any of my fave blogs.
lafabrock d^_^b...and add this. Great great weird album ! @yellowcheese
Atomik #dubatdusk and for @ladypn and her slightly stoopid theme, I mean the themes not stupid, but the band is called...ah, fuck it
lafabrock Ooooh ! Just wait until the middle of the track, B4 second verse is two girls speaking in Japanese... and then the beat comes back ! Real good !
lafabrock I'm so digging him right now ! @yellowcheese !

Green Velvet - The Stalker (I'm Loosing My Mind)

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lafabrock LOL. @yellowcheese blipped it 5 minutes ago. Onf of his favourite track I believe // Hope you'll like it ! rb@GR8FL (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Later kids. It's nacho time.

Love With Chloé Sevigny (Toxic Avenger rmx)

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lafabrock @yellowcheese His best track are his old tracks ! Epic ! Yuksek produced some track but i'm not fond of them -yet ;)


| play

Week 5: Moodymann

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yellowcheese Getting xcited about seeing this guys tomorrow :)

Rodney Trotter by The Japanese Popstars

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The Japanese Popstars at Red Rooms

| play
lafabrock Aaah Vanity 9 ! I am among the few lucky ones to posess a copy of this very special sexy-chic DVD containing S. Janiak videos of beautiful dancers

The Rolling Stoned (aka Stones YCAGWYW Soulwax remix)

| play
lafabrock d^_^b The Brazilians of CSS #cover The Breeders... which on the paper already kind of fits...
FifiDingDang right! a bit of fun!

Tarzan Loves the Summer Nights

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jethostel big blip! @daretoeatapeach: "Big Face – I Wanna Be A Style Crusader (DatA Remix)" (reblip)

The Police "Voices Inside Of My Head"

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StonyTunes ~ YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW ~ Stylistics ~ this is for You ;-)
Atomik @RnBE - Im waking up! LOL, The michael jackson song you blipped helped. Went to a pool party today and the sun just zapped my energy (reblip)
lafabrock Laurent Wolf - The Crow (Original Mix) d^_^b C'EST LA FETE DE LA MUSIQUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrCocker " i will drug you and fuck you on the permafrost " @wetrust & @donfelipe


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Small Faces- Sha La La La Lee

| play
Rbto_ @Bobbin: "this was. I know you don't like it. @Lucini@brokentv@Betoques@ffluxx" ||| Thanks for this. Enjoyed the Control movie video (reblip)

Little Boots Stuck on repeat (Radio Edit)

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Deesound (::) ...did you hear this allready @ZOEBOE & @Blippo ...? ..(::)
HellenKellersIpod Sigh here's to MJ and Motown. It's too bad he was just about to bounce back from the bullshit.

The Jackson 5- Never Can Say Goodbye

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Green Onions (Stax1967) Booker T & The Mg's, full version

| play
JTB @84mt @spiraldelight よい週末を~ ^_^

Clouds Across The Moon (Moonboots Kick Ass Mix) Original Rah Band (DJ Koze RMX)

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FifiDingDang @SNIZWHIZ: "....what.. a" this is model 500 'i wanna be there' i was looking forward to ariel and vitalic (reblip)

Rose Royce-Love Don´t Live Here Anymore #146. *T*O*T*Ps*70s

| play
moloko_sp @vjfdm @yellowcheese @El3ctrophile Have a nice weekend! Take care! @strobo Obrigado pelos props e reblip! :0)
Deesound (::) ...Rb @Ubqtous ...this is choppin' nuts ....:))) ....i see @ffluxx also ...hi ...) ...(::) (reblip)

"Rap Chop" featuring Vince (Steve Porter's Slap Chop remix)

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Audiophile021 Some Electronica Break Beat Action...
Audiophile021 A classic electronica retrospective mix for you all.. Some Swayzak, Miss Kitten, Golden Boy, Prodigy, and more. Enjoy Blippers....
tardisgrl too awesome! Fab find @Atomik Good night all--hope the week has good things in store for you--Cheers! (reblip)
chiron08 found some japanese funny sound..
chiron08 ✪ this trak really was minimal before techno exists .. early 80s

GrauzoneFilm 2

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sandyriverside @CLARITY Are you sitting down? Hot Blip was just given the rights to the Knight Rider theme song. Yeah that's right. Take that fact to Home Depot.

Knight Rider theme without the babling voices

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FifiDingDang prob my fave 'dance' track of the last few years, that riff kills

Todd TerjeEurodans

| play
vjdeedee Teufels Werk und Gottes Beitrag.

DJ HellWonderland

| play
vjdeedee München, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Technologie...Elektronic Germany...

dj hell electronic germany

| play
Atomik thanks @fabuleuxfab // Im gonna go get some sun, coffee and read my comics in the park. Be back soon
chiron08 thx @bendrix: "Yo I've grown very fond of LL over the past year. She's got such a cool vibe. This track is new to me thx=> rb@noochi: "thanks"" (reblip)
samodiva TNX @stena: "memo 2 myself: @stena "[The Doors – Riders On The Storm Infected Mushroom Rmx] what it is!@Sook :D rb@SevenTenths LOVE DOORS!!!!!!! (reblip)

top secret drum corps

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yellowcheese Quality rb@FifiDingDang: "@yellowcheese i used to do a really good dance to this as a kid, lots of hipswaying at the grannies" (reblip)
FifiDingDang should be take a chance not change but i kinda like the renaming that goes on on blip
lafabrock Diplo - Wassup Wassup (ddpesh Remix) d^_^b
lafabrock Diplo - Wassup Wassup ft Rye Rye (DJ Sega Remix) d^_^b Oooch ! Feel that handclap to start with !
Byno one fractal icon to another: @yellowcheese: fractals of the world unite in mathematic bliss: cool tune. (reblip)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Rhythm Trax House Party Style He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 1988

| play
Mangia He had a tremendous influence on MJ..
lafabrock DJ Spinna - Outro - Fela on African Originality d^_^b "The drum was the first instrument to talk to the people"

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Rhythm Trax House Party Style He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 1988

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Euphoriefetzen ...und wenn wir schon mal dabei sind. (ich couchrave jetzt einfach mal) cybordelics – adventures of dama
ffluxx Art Of Noise – Moments In Love -- Sleep well @toobad --- I'm shutting down as well... Have a nice evening everybody and thank you .... peace!
lafabrock Thanks! I like your radio ! rb@benetmc: "..another one from the legend who first brought us the Dust Brothers" (reblip)
vjdeedee Titelmusik - Piratenspot "Klarmachen zum Ändern" 2009 #schön
lafabrock U2 - Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) d^_^b

Jamiroquai Canned heat Calvin harris remix

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Hypnotica Erasure – I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Vocal Extended Remix). Kick bot!
Hypnotica ABBA – SOS (Offer Nissim Remix). This is ace! check the vid :-)
Hypnotica Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Danger's Racing Club mix)
Hypnotica Tiga – Beep Beep Beep (Punks Jump Up Remix)
yellowcheese rb@Hypnotica: "Adam Beyer – Flamethrower. Shame I can't find a good audio of this but gr8 track! Thats me. Blip u later folks :-) " (reblip)
Blippo This track is extraordinary. Jazzy, classy with interesting breaks. Lend an ear! (reblip)


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moloko_sp @dochugo You blipped this yesterday and i loved it :)
yellowcheese rb @FifiDingDang: "hey long time no see, you been sailing?@yellowcheese "...Nah mate not untill Sep. (reblip)
yellowcheese Trying to get Love Explosion by Alden Tyrell..reckon u would like it but can only get a crappy 30sec blip @FifiDingDang
briangreene my blip machine patent in the post

Tepr "En Direct de la Cote" (Alavi Rerox) FULL TRACK

| play
klitoria again and are things going?????@GR8FL......
sandyriverside Thanks @FunkShoi I refuse to take Fileden's shit. Once you upload what's the process to get it to Blip?
JTB @G_r_e_g Hi & thanks ;) (reblip)

6 water lilly & plastique de reve - you kiss (original)

| play
sandyriverside @GrassyKnoll and I caught the tail end of those easily forgettable pacifier and huge jeans days @CreepyGirl @FunkShoi this was my jam
sandyriverside I am off for the weekend everyone Blip safely, or on a merry mix of drugs. It's your account. Cheers! @space_cadet @Mollykills @GR8FL @squidbrain
Gen22 rb.@EnterChaos: "GREAT!!! Thx:D [Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)]" (reblip)
Hypnotica Kevin Saunderson – Just Want Another Chance (John Tejada Remix). Cool 80s house vibe shines through
Maikol UNKLE – Lonely Soul?
ffluxx I:Cube – Disco Cubism (Daft Punk Mix) --- off to dance ...


| play
FifiDingDang and mine but im starting to lean to 'don't call' but couldnt find on blip@cremeweiss: "Under your spell, my fav desire track @FifiDingDang" (reblip)