yetine nachträglich zum neuen jahr. schön.
yetine Schöner als das Original.. und das ist ja schon schön! :)
yetine ok. das vielleicht noch ;)

Neil YoungOld Man

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Love Comes To Me

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prettyfnmess i feel like carolina, i split myself in two.

M. WardCarolina

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Dan Hicks -- I scare myself

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yetine Dankeschön @Domarts - und einer zurück ;)

Bob Dylan - Times They Are A Changing

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The Magic Numbers Love Is Just A Game

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Neil Young - Heart of Gold

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yetine You've gotta learn to get happy along the way!
yetine "Cowgirl in the Sand" - Neil Young Live (solo acoustic) (awesome) (reblip)
yetine And i know i can walk along the tracks It may take a little longer but i'll know How to find my way back

EelsRailroad Man

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yetine off for 8 days! see you soon! :)


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yetine man glaubt es kaum... aber in hamburg scheint die sonne! #sun #hamburg
jenciTN Must be in a relaxed state of mind - Wild Horses (run free) :D
yetine und nochmal belle & sebastian! guten morgen!
yetine Daily Dylan

_Ring Them Bells

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yetine usually i don't like dylan covers - except this one! :)


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yetine But I will walk down to the end with you If you will come all the way down with me
yetine dieser Tag ist bescheiden.. dafür ist der Song gut. Wenigstens etwas!
yetine Bitter melodies turning your orbit around
yetine another paul simon song.. last blip for today!
yetine vi@chadmcnabb - you're lucky! i have to wait until august. enjoy it! (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

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spacespencer Danke für die train-infos – wird schon gehen. @DChain
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