amberella Nice enough day outside - but I'll inevitably squander it by closing the shades and rolling horde.
gero der onkel hat auch schokolade.
yokomono sometimes feeling sick isnt healthy.

Mad SeasonWake Up

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yokomono since I´m a family dad best friends are hard to keep. remembering the pogo times.
yokomono sick in my working room. it needs some kyuss for a range of apothecaries gifts indeeed.


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yokomono the true barkley hit. ever.
yokomono if i could sleep forever. i wouldnt give a crisiswarelectiondrugspovertycapital-damn. I would just have beautiful dreams of islands and guitars.
andrehuf The other one was unavailable, where do they get them from?

LoveAlone Again Or

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andrehuf @yokomono thanks for the invite with a song from a namesake
yokomono good morning. its quite early over here. cant sleep no more. tunes filling the gap.
Mister_R haven't heard this in a while


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babibio I'm moving to New York 'cause I've got issues with my sleep.
yokomono while the streets out there fill up with tinny blood. here comes love its like honey. you cant buy it with money. oh yea.

New Order Crystal

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pablosu Free music!!! I love internet!

NirvanaRape Me

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bond use only in case of slow morning !!

JetBring It On Back

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peter_bickhofe @yokomono || wünsche ebenfalls einen guten morgen mit mekon feat. marc almond
ZachsMind I'm looking for a little night music. Cuz it's a little night. And I like a little music. I wonder if I could find a hundred of them?
yokomono ben doin the beatles. apologies, but ...erm... even better then them. huh.
yokomono you´re the only one thats understood....
peter_bickhofe |I|II||III|II|III|II|III|II|III|II|III|II|III|II|III|| = da piano
yokomono scratchin the dirt from my boots.
yokomono when I was a kid, I always wanted to become a pilot.

Queens of the Stonage Auto Pilot

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bond thinks that markronson is the most talent man in the showbizz now..
peter_bickhofe "you are such a P.Y.T. catchin' all the lights"
yokomono notice - all AIC covers a crap. never ever layne staley can be covered. one of the most unique singers indeed.
CAMonteiro Johnny Cash + Depeche Mode. Espetacular!
yokomono dedicated to my new profile image. cat empire. among the coolest aussie exports by the way.

The Cat EmpireSly

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yokomono wanna wanna. dizzie like my brain.
yokomono this goes out to my sanbabe ladylove...

Angie Stone_More Than A Woman

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yokomono yokomono in family mode. this one is for yoko jr.

Zero 7Today

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yokomono 14 yrs ago. berlin fall. and its all in here today. walls, guns, drama and always a classical synopsis. #overcoming the flu.
uvmann An alle Gefollowten, aber vor allem die jüngst aktiven Entfollower, Entfollowten oder jene, die demnächst entfollowen werden:
uvmann Putze ich jetzt die Küche?
yokomono the playlist feels like salad. and i wish i would be ...
yokomono fits best after mrs. simone. and rather fits my condition. lets celebrate that we dont give a ...
yokomono such a beautiful remix. such a perfect groove. its getting better every second. huuuuhhhh.....
yokomono lets stay with beautiful, ladies n listeneeers.
yokomono among the songs with the cutest ´c-parts`. and it leads me to my dirty love monster magnet.
yokomono slow down brother. get ready for this flowin frenzy.
yokomono feel like classics. morricone, genre-wizard, god of italo western soundtracks, rewarded with an oscar for his lifetime achievement in 2007. thx ennio!
sanbabe that s my childhood,yeah mums hippypartys.....
gero one of the greatest, tho saddest songs i know. gotta love ol' warren zevon (RIP).
sanbabe its getting cold outside,feel like jumping on the love train.....going to where its hot...
yokomono lets dance. like my fingers on the keypad. its monday. its raining. its afternoon. soon.
yokomono didnt know this craig david cover - hell this is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! A great song without its cheesyness! whoo!
sanbabe @yokomono-it s our second wedding day- and all i have to say is here for you my beloved MAN ; )
uvmann Gute Nacht John-Boy. Nacht Mary-Ellen, Kanye, Mos Def... Gute Nacht alle miteinander.
uvmann Heute gibt es ausschließlich selbstmitleidigen Schund mit nur einem kleinen Spritzer Selbstironie. Immerhin...
uvmann Damit liegt man immer richtig, nicht nur im falschen Leben.
yokomono dont hesitate to color me twice, honey.
sanbabe dont hesitate to come closer, honey...
ddamours Nice lyrically deep song. Haven't heard this one in a long time.
yokomono screeens. screeeeeens. everywhere. screenjobs. screendesign. screens to stare at. am i going crrrrraazy? screeeeaaaaaazy? wheres your #?!* @?
yokomono soulfood for a haunted little smart ass with a bumping heart where his brain should be. roll the dice and swear your love´s for me.
yokomono marracash music history. dedicated to my marroccan brother in crime. welcome to the reen world.


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redfiasco @MemeHuffer I think this is my fav NWA track.

Nwa - Fuck Tha Police

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sanbabe good songs are good every time of the year and every time of the day.....that s one of them..

pearl jamalive

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sanbabe sweet, ugly, nasty, sexy, ruff, though, hot, dirty, silly, shy, cute


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yokomono old st. john on death row. tuning in for the weekend.
ppd das lied gehört auch in meine jugend...wie sich der musikgeschmack ändert!? sensationell ... smashing pumpkins mag ich noch immer!
bond .........if u dont mind..
yokomono please whisper, the kids are sleeping.
yokomono gimme that brick, i need to smash some windows.
yokomono know a couple of people this song remind me of...

Kate NashDickhead

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yokomono its not 93 anymore.


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yokomono thanks freddy - this one lives right next to my dirty heart. just beyond my reach, not beyond my sight.
yokomono banjos in the middle east. chavezinedschad.

BeirutElephant Gun

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yokomono quite a downer on a saturday nite. but among others... a great one.
yokomono it takes a lotta love to keep your heart from freezing,

David GreyMy Oh My

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yokomono The night seems to fade, but the moonlight lingers on.

UB40Kingston Town

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uvmann "Fling on an Adidas hoodie and just boogie woogie with me"
yokomono ...switch over to the infamous screaming trees...
uvmann "I called I called, but I can't get through"

Kings Of LeonMilk

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uvmann "As flowers hit her grave"


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yokomono yea. its love weekend this time. and the sun brings it on. a perfect goodbye for this ole big city.
slipperydoodah @flan4k... and the <boyz> at Blip... right back at ya fellas...

SantogoldShove It

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yokomono cody - the true lenny kravitz haha
yokomono 2morrow sun will be shining: toshi´s birthday no. 11. still 2 hrs before congratulation phase.
yokomono of course she´s sleeping till 2morrow 6.30 h. nice track. sleeping forever may become boring after a while. so you better....
uvmann JEEZ²: a) The Shield SE04E07, b) that spectacular song at the end of one of the best episodes of one of the best series ever. Always worth it.
sanbabe i wished there would be

Blind MelonNo Rain

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Lemon Could have been written today, don't you think so?
rebolado last cig before bed | you're the bedtime story.

MorphineThe Night

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yokomono there it is - the magic fly touchin all your senses once in a while.
yokomono i hate to say it hasnt helped me yet....
yokomono thats what i need to hear. some clicks and bukks behind the brain whole.

Slum VillagePlayers

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eseoso Otra que tenia mucho! Waterfalls

TLC - Waterfalls

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yokomono fuck, yea. need some remedies. some many. like alpha crow richardson high heel window seal.
yokomono just noticed this track in a movie magazine special and found out: its a killer track of a killer duo. this jack white rock soul energy is so unique.
sanbabe hahaha what a mix, need some loving, i m hot like an oven......
sanbabe @yokomono,dedicated to my beloved husband!!!

Is This Love - Bob Marley

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sanbabe @yokomono -our song for the day-full of love!


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yokomono ...If you're still alive, When you're twenty five, Shall I kill you like you asked me to...
yokomono there is this band called iron. "funny name" i thought until i heard the record "dissolver". ggrrreeaat stuff, friends. buy. buy. buy.


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yokomono Credo for this week: being thankful is always the first step, no matter where you heading for.
uvmann Still one of my all time favourites. Still like having gotten (?) a golden record for that song. Don't ask why, please. ;)


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yokomono Dieses Wochenende ist ein Kompliment an die Schöpfung. Zugegebenermaßen nicht an meiner eigenen (#infekt), aber was zählt das schon ;)
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