smerfymurphy I want this song played at my funeral.
zamfir This song is so lovely, just Deb Talan and her husband, Steve Tannan giving sound to a beauty that was already there.
zamfir If you don't know Slaid Cleaves, well... You should.
zamfir Randy Newman writes the way I think.
zamfir Oh, Imogen, why'd you have to be so cute?
zamfir Reminds me of the good old days.
zamfir A fantastic cover by a great band of a fantastic song by a great band.

HemRadiation Vibe

| play
feguedes Instead of feelin low, get high on everything that you love!!! Instead of wastin time, feel good about what you're dreaming of!!!! (reblip)
zamfir Yes, Cat. I'd let you do all that.

Cat Power - Live at KVRX - (3) Naked If I Want To

| play
zamfir I love it when the base kicks in for real, then it's on.
zamfir I've always loved this song. I can still see the cartoon if I close my eyes.
zamfir This song will always remind me of summer. Too bad they were a 1 hit wonder.
zamfir Fun and curious. Too bad I couldn't find "Walking the Cow" by Firehose on here.
zamfir Love love love Imogen Heap, wish I could find the slower version of this song.
zamfir "Teenager of the Year" was such a great album. Go Frank!
zamfir I like the fIREHOSE version of this song, but you gotta love the original.
zamfir Imogen Heap needs to make MORE MUSIC!

Frou FrouShh

| play
zamfir Patty Griffin's voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
zamfir Love AIR and this is one of their best.

AirSexy Boy

| play
zamfir This was a great album. Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles go well together.

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 12 - Sex (

| play
zamfir Amos Lee is really maturing, and a good male soul tenor is hard to find.
zamfir You don't hear this one much, but it's good.

James TaylorMona

| play
zamfir Ryan Adams - Note to Self: Don't Die


| play
zamfir Oh yeah, that gypsy can play.
zamfir Arc Angels only made one album, then it was over. But it was a very good album.
zamfir This is a good version, but there's one out there with Bonnie Raitt and others, it's the best one.
zamfir I can just imagine kicking it at the Sands in Vegas with the rat pack, smoking, drinking and laughing along with Louis Prima.
zamfir Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh _lurve_ this song.
zamfir Still remember this cassette. Does that date me?
zamfir You can't be sad when this song is playing.

The WeepiesHideaway

| play
zamfir Ok, this one works. Hear this song and smile. Tap your foot. It's ok.

The WeepiesHideaway

| play
zamfir A meeting of the minds... What I wouldn't have given to have been in that studio.

Armstrong Ellington - Dukes Place

| play
zamfir One of the more melodic FNM songs.

21. Kt Tunstall - Heal Over

| play
zamfir Wish I could find "Free Up."
zamfir Couldn't find "Men in Helicopters."
zamfir This fellow's voice is classified as a wind instrument.

Martin SextonDiner

| play
zamfir This is class. When I listen to this song I grab a white straw hat and spats and go out for a stroll along the boardwalk. Girls with parasols.
zamfir "Jewels cleaving skin between... breasts."
zamfir It's as though Django Reinhardt had access to a modern recording studio.
zamfir I know, I know, Men at Work... But it's a great song.

Men At WorkOverkill

| play
zamfir Hem. Underrated 'fya ask me.
zamfir One of the best covers EVER.
zamfir "Soldiers come quickly, I feel the earth beneath my feet!"
zamfir I like Mary Gauthier's take on this classic.
zamfir "I'm just a happy kid,Stuck with the heart of a sad punk/Drowning in my id,Always searching like it's on junk"

Nada SurfHappy Kid

| play
zamfir I'd like to see the "Groovy Dancing Chick" from youTube do a dance to this song.

FlunkOn My Balcony

| play
zamfir Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body
zamfir Emiliana Torrini - Unemployed In Summertime
zamfir Another Classic.


| play
zamfir If this song doesn't hit you in the gut, I don't know what will.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
zamfir The Glands - Straight Down
zamfir I wish to be spanked naughtily to this tune.


| play
estrogen @wowi (nachtblippen ist hier nicht so einfach) wiesooo? ;o)] ja... ehm... der compi steht ungünstig... ;) unter anderem .... (reblip)

Faith No MoreEasy

| play
zamfir This is how a straight man turning 35 sounds.


| play
zamfir "I learned as a child not to trust in my body/I've carried that burden through my life"
zamfir Oh Madeline Peyroux, will you be my other wife?
zamfir Reminds me a bit of Donald Fagen... Definately worth a listen.
zamfir "put on whatever makes you attractive/if it's not you, then do it for the sake of fashion/your friend's like a certain you/that's who you have to be"
zamfir Really, how much more authentic can music get?
zamfir This song SOUNDS like cool water.
zamfir Catie Curtis has a bunch of good songs, of which this is one.

Catie CurtisFor Now

| play
zamfir Yaboogity! This is top shelf!

WomenBlack Rice

| play
zamfir "Ain't nobody's doggone business how my baby treat me, ain't nobody's business but my own."
zamfir Anais Mitchell at her best. I love her little vocal flourishes. This is worth hearing.
zamfir It gets better and better.
zamfir A little more "poppy" than what she normally does, but it works.

Emm GrynerSymphonic

| play
zamfir I like Jeffrey Gaines and I like "In Your Eyes..." Two great tastes that taste great together!
zamfir I'm surprised Breaking Laces don't get more play. They're catchy.
zamfir This song is infectious. It gave me herpes.

Rogue Wave - Eyes

| play
zamfir Beautiful lyrics, that awesome voice... Ah, LIFE!
zamfir Missed your morning coffee? No worries, this song will get your blood flowing.
zamfir A nice take on this tune. Love the Cottars.

The CottarsHold On

| play
zamfir This is cool in some "wearing a beret in a New York village loft with a long cigarette and colorful scarf" sort of way. Don't ask me what that means.
zamfir I don't know why these people are talking so lovingly about their house. It's weird.
zamfir This is a fun song. Play it at my funeral, k?
zamfir A curious mix of happiness and melancholy. Sounds like life, don't it?
zamfir I'm a big Lior booster. He's got the chops.
zamfir Deb Talan is probably one of top 10 songwriters in America, imho. Love her passionate vocals and subtle finger picking.
zamfir springtime is my time is your time is our time for springtime is love time and viva sweet love," E.E. cummings
zamfir "O! how this spring of love resembleth/The uncertain glory of an April day!" - W. Shakespeare
zamfir A mic and a guitar, she's off. Get down with your bad self, Tristan!
zamfir Not your standard Gwen Stefani pop song. I dig it.
zamfir You can dance if you want to.
zamfir "This is where the summer ends./In a flash of pure destruction, no one wins."

Ryan AdamsNuclear

| play
zamfir I came out of a black and white comic book myself, so this song really resonates. It's a good cover.
zamfir If you haven't listened to James Iha, please do.
zamfir I believe this is actually from "Sondre Lerchet And The Faces Down Quartet"
zamfir Interesting fusion of influences here. Ben Kweller is great.
zamfir I don't know if I blipped this one before, but it's worth the risk.
zamfir It would be difficult to get enough of The Be Good Tanyas.
zamfir Probably one of the best songs ever to come out of this planet, or any other.
zamfir Oh, Cat Power... What can one say, really?

Cat PowerThe Moon

| play
zamfir Why am I dancing in my chair? Oh yes, it's the Talking Heads.
zamfir "Who has the fun?/Is it always a man with a gun?/Someone must have told you if you work to hard you can sweat"
zamfir LOVE this song. You should too.
zamfir Gorgeous song. If you don't listen to it, a person masturbating dies. Or something.
zamfir The Guggenheim Grotto - "Told You So" You won't hear this on the radio, and that's a shame.
zamfir This is back when he was on drugs, in the closet, and still had talent.

Elton John - Someone saved my life tonight

| play
trente33trois This is the song that sold me on Lily Allen
zamfir So perfectly understated considering the lyrics.
zamfir This makes me want to sit on a porch and draw on myself with a permanent marker. Is that weird?
zamfir This is the only song I'd ever need if I were alone on a space-ship.
zamfir Imogen Heap! (Need I say more?)
zamfir They should make Kate Earl flavored lollipops.

Kate EarlOfficer

| play
zamfir "Alright I hear what you're saying to me/Alright I hear what I just can't do/But I got this spark I got to feed it something/Or put it out for good"
zamfir Before they went all pop, these guys had some soul.
zamfir I've always loved this song. I can still see the cartoon if I close my eyes. (reblip)
ladypn Count me #2 @djstromer! I love this! (reblip)
zamfir Imogen Heap needs to make MORE MUSIC! (reblip)

Frou FrouShh

| play
zamfir This was a great album. Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles go well together. (reblip)

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 12 - Sex (

| play
zamfir I wish to be spanked naughtily to this tune. (reblip)


| play
TheBrettRosenberg This one is amazing folks. give it a shot.
zamfir A must have for any serious aesthete. ;)
zamfir Before they went all pop, these guys had some soul. (reblip)
theD @zamfir I was sorting/cataloguing my vinyl last week, and the last record in my "leftfield/sampling" section, was this. Your namesake.
zamfir "Who has the fun?/Is it always a man with a gun?/Someone must have told you if you work to hard you can sweat" (reblip)
zamfir Great cover! Jonatha Brooke has an incredible voice. (reblip)
zamfir I saw Ben Taylor live with Schuyler Fisk... Great show. For those of you who don't know, Ben is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon.
zamfir "Teenager of the Year" was such a great album. Go Frank! (reblip)
zamfir Ok, this one works. Hear this song and smile. Tap your foot. It's ok. (reblip)

The WeepiesHideaway

| play
zamfir Gorgeous lyrics, gorgeous voice, what's not to like? (reblip)
zamfir @theD found this classic from Gheorge Zamfir, from whom I've taken my nick since 1989. Thanks, @theD! (reblip)
zamfir It is a beautiful world, this morning.
zamfir "I'm an overachiever of the wrong persuasion" One of the most fun sounding songs about suicide I can think of.
zamfir This song is for kicking back with a Fresca and watching the misery of others.
zamfir "And we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers among us/Till there are no strangers anymore" Yeah, this is worthy of a blip.
zamfir Sam Phillips has one of those voices you can't get out of your head. She's worth a listen.
zamfir Who needs coffee? Some Imogen Heap is just as good for you in the morning, and better for you.
zamfir Esquivel is the Dali of music. Twist up your moustache, pour yourself a dirty martini, and have a listen.
zamfir "Though I dream in vain / In my heart it will remain / my stardust melody / the memory of love's refrain"
zamfir Regina Spektor - On The Radio
zamfir Saw Slaid live, if you get a chance I recommend you take it.
zamfir I love Dar Williams, she is such a great storyteller.
zamfir Esquivel is the Dali of music. Twist up your moustache, pour yourself a dirty martini, and have a listen. (reblip)
zamfir Let's head down to Real Down Town. Maybe buy a bubble tea or something. Ya wanna?
zamfir This is the best sad song ever. Damn, sometimes a sad song can pick me up like nothing else. Reminds me I'm not the only one that feels pain.
zamfir Another great Crowded House song you'll never hear on the radio.
zamfir Tight, fast, rhythm oriented rock that manages not to sound abrasive.
zamfir This song is so good I could have sworn it was a cover of some Motown hit, but he wrote it. Good on ya, John.
zamfir Jason Falkner - Moving Up His music is hard to classify, and he jumps around a lot stylistically. Good stuff.
zamfir The Mommyheads – Angels And Weathermen
zamfir The only reason I'm doing this is to put up songs that deserve hearing but don't get play on the radio. There will be no top 40 here.

The KooksNaive

| play
zamfir Wasn't Paul McCartney in a band before Wings?
zamfir "Wake up Suzie, put your shoes on. Walk with me into this life."
zamfir I wrote this song. Okay, that's a lie, but I wish I did.

Whiskeytown16 Days

| play
zamfir ♫ Oh, Holly... ♫

Holly Brook - Like Blood Like Honey [2005] - 07 - Saturdays

| play
zamfir Richmond Fontaine - Calm
zamfir "You watch me / I watch you / You changed me / Like I knew / You used me / Like I used you / My love shot right through you"
zamfir A handsome little acoustic song. Austin influence, but no vocal "twang."
zamfir This is the best version. Sorry, Jonathan Richman, it's true.
zamfir My gift to you. You are welcome.
zamfir Only "perfect songs" on this station.
zamfir Unapologetic, incomprehensible guitar noise that somehow ends up being pleasant.
zamfir My Granddad was cool. He wore suspenders and a fedora all the time. He kicked ass at moon dominoes. He had a thousand stories. He'd have like this.
zamfir This is the sort of song that makes you think about not burning dogs any more. I mean, am I right?
zamfir I just can't get enough Air.
zamfir If I weren't married... I'd still be too intimidated to approach Brandi Carlile. Her voice goes from gentle rain to thunderbolts.
zamfir Great cover of a great song! Side note: This song gave me the courage to stop talking to people through a sock puppet.
zamfir This song cured my Lupus.
zamfir This guy is the original. He really was a hobo. Bob Dylan learned everything he knows from Ramblin' Jack.
zamfir If you like Bonnie Raitt's voice, try Susan Tedeschi out. This is a great cover of a great song by Ramblin' Jack.
zamfir Incredible, amazing, gorgeous voice, song, everything. Wow!
zamfir Rilo Kiley has a lot of great songs. This is one of the best.
zamfir This song is like my favorite quilt.

Haley BonarUs

| play
zamfir Rob Laufer - "Open"


| play
zamfir You either "get" Randy Newman, or well... You're not too sharp, are you?

Randy NewmanBurn On

| play
zamfir Yet more Deb Talan. I just can't help myself.
zamfir An up and comer and possible contender for Jeff Buckley's crown.

LiorHeal Me

| play
zamfir I have this song pleasantly stuck in my head. Great, great song.
zamfir I have this song pleasantly stuck in my head. Great, great song.
zamfir Oh, such a awesome song, and not overplayed on the radio like some of his other good songs.

Stevie Wonder-As

| play
zamfir James Taylor getting just a little... ahem ... Funky.
zamfir The Be Good Tanyas - Broken Telephone
zamfir This is such an anthem for these times.
zamfir Great memories here. Oh, Frank, Frank, Frank.

Frank BlackHeadache

| play
zamfir A sweet cover by HEM of the R.E.M. song.
zamfir "From the age of the dinosaurs / Cars have run on gasoline / Where, where have they gone? / Now, it's nothing but flowers"
zamfir Whatever happened to these guys? I liked them a lot.
zamfir "Goodnight all you dreamers / Goodnight all you refugees of hope / Get on home, it’s getting real late"
zamfir From what I understand, this song is not fiction. ;)
zamfir A pretty cool cover I just found. Who'da thunk it?
zamfir Love Breaking Laces. This song is great. I couldn't find any others, I was looking for "States Away." Ah well.
zamfir "Does anyone remember tony? / A quiet boy, little over weight / He had breasts like a girl" Sad but so pretty.

Patty GriffinTony

| play
zamfir The Eames Era – Last to Know
zamfir Is this a chick song? I like it... Does that make me gay?

Lisa LoebI Do

| play
zamfir This song makes me want to do the Hustle.
zamfir This would be my "marooned on an island" song.
zamfir It aint this, and it ain't that.
zamfir Now THIS is a cool cover! She just totally transformed the song.
zamfir Spaced-out techno-pop hitting on all cylinders!

Van SheKelly

| play
zamfir Doyle Bramhall's got this crazy-cool blues voice. Check it out.
zamfir Oh, Imogen, why'd you have to be so cute? (reblip)
LauraMayes Yesterday a friend said Crowded House was a 1 hit wonder. I then karate chopped him & forced him to listen to 17 hours of Neil and Tim Finn.
bradheintz Ray Lamontagne – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)

Ray LamontagneCrazy

| play
zamfir I loved Deb Talan when it was just her, but now that she is married to her equally talented bandmate, there's a new depth to the music.
zamfir And a liberal dose of Jeff Buckley.

Jeff BuckleySo Real

| play
zamfir Great cover. Imogen Heap is magic. I think she is a unicorn.
zamfir Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on.

James TaylorRiver

| play
zamfir You'll never hear this on the radio, and it's good.
zamfir Hoo! Ahh! Huh! Uhh!

ElasticaLine Up

| play
zamfir Smooth and cool. You can hear his father in him, but he's his own man. (Ben is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon).
zamfir If this song doesn't tingle your spine and make the hair on your arms stand up, you have no soul.
threebears it's morning & still haven't said goodnight ... thanks for your company blip friends! hope you have a good night/morning/day in any order u like *_~
zamfir "Just a pertect day, drank sangria in the park..."

Lou ReedPerfect Day

| play
zamfir "I don't have a microwave oven, but I do have a clock that occasionally cooks shit."

Mitch HedbergHouses

| play
zamfir "Why don't you talk about it / I know there's something on your mind / you go on and get a cigarette / I'll be waiting outside."
zamfir Patty Griffin... Her soulful voice never gets old.
zamfir Neko Case has a voice like a bullwhip.
zamfir "I was looking for the new thing / And you were the sunshine heading my front-line / I was alone, you were just around the corner from me"
zamfir This is a little over-mixed, I prefer the original from Circ, but it's still good.

Destroy She Said (Denotis mix)

| play
roko Playground Love from Air. Not suitable for mornings

AirPlayground Love

| play
LauraMayes "Billboards quoting things you'd never say." Brilliant.

Ben Folds - Jesusland

| play
zamfir This is a sentimental favorite.
zamfir Paul Simon has still got it... Which is remarkable when you think of what's happened to Elton John or Stevie Wonder and so on.
zamfir "what a feeling in my soul / Love burns brighter than sunshine / Brighter than sunshine"
zamfir "you've got pains, like an addict / I'm leaving you / you've got pains, like an addict / 10 AM automatic"
zamfir Is it too late to call this off?
zamfir A touching tribute to Captain Lou Albano.

nrbq-Captain Lou

| play
zamfir zamfir radio - bridging the gap between punk, jazz , and everything in between, since a week ago! Playing only the very best songs. No radio retreads.
zamfir Chris Isaak - You Owe Me Some Kind of Love


| play
zamfir When I hear this song, I find I have cartoon characteristics, like the ability to stand on air, until I look down and see I'm not standing on anything
zamfir There's the wind / And the rain / And the mercy of the fallen / Who say they have no claim / To know what's right
AgustinaMB ♫ Kiss me out of the bearded barley, nightly, beside the green green grass ... So kiss me ♫
zamfir This is the daughter of the actress Sissy Spacek... And she's really good. She opened a Ben Taylor show here.
zamfir The more Over the Rhine I hear, the more I like them.
zamfir The more I hear from these guys, the more I like them.
zamfir The Guggenheim Grotto – Fee Da Da Dee
bradheintz I do wish more rappers had taken experimental routes like this... (reblip)
zamfir Richard Shindell is sort of a fixture in the singer/songwriter community.
zamfir Go go Gadget Stina Nordenstam!!!
zamfir The Innocence Mission - Clear to You
zamfir Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable Greg Brown!

Greg BrownDriftless

| play
zamfir Poi Dog Pondering - Jealous
zamfir California Guitar Trio - Apache (You may recognize these guys, they did the song for "The Good the Bad and the Ugly")
zamfir I just happened across this instrumental piece and found it within acceptable parameters to be included in my playlist. Which means it's great. :)
zamfir This movie was horrible (or so I've heard,) but Jonatha Brooke's "I Try" is genius.

Peter PanI Ll Try

| play
zamfir @rachelbaker Great song. I hadn't thought about the Jayhawks but I should have. (reblip)
zamfir Can't go wrong with The Weepies.
zamfir "I'm thinkin' and I'm thinking, til there's nothin' I ain't thunk."
zamfir "We're buck naked now / Like when we were born / When will we find out / and why does it take so long?"
zamfir There's nobody with a voice like Iris Dement. What's cool is, she married Greg Brown... What a pairing!
BonitaApplebum Seeing Kings of Leon tonight. My iTunes/iPod shuffle keeps playing this one song over and over again.
zamfir Ladies and gentlemen, Levi Weaver.
zamfir Mason Jennings - Killer's Creek
zamfir Alex Parks – Not Your Average Kind of Girl
zamfir Ben Kweller is hard to pin down, genre-wise. This song is part shoegazing punk, part Austin style folk... Cool.
zamfir This song is pertinent. After you listen to it, I bet you want to go out and buy the CD right away.
zamfir Mazzy Star - Halah

Mazzy StarHalah

| play
zamfir There's a bit of a Hendrix/Bramhall vibe on this track.
mrktpro Everyone should play with paper planes :)

M.I.A.Paper Planes

| play
zamfir Great cover. Totally transformed the Talking Heads version.
zamfir And some Modest Mouse for flavor.
zamfir Oh man, this is a terrific little instrumental ditty. 5 stars, or 6 potatoes, or 3 thumbs up, whatever.
blm849 wishes it were enough to have that one thing to make one's life fantastic (Lily Allen – The Fear) (reblip)

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play
zamfir Ok: this is the original writer of the song and the inflection is so much more heartfelt. Good for you, Ramblin' Jack!
zamfir Yeah, I like the song, what of it?!?

YouTube - Alanis Morisette - Hand in My Pocket. Abbey Road

| play
zamfir And yet more good memories.


| play
zamfir With the benefit of hindsight, this is still a really good song.
zamfir I swear, these two can't make a bad song.

The WeepiesOrbiting

| play
zamfir I'm getting my "Rick Deckard" on. Vangelis is the proverbial "bomb."
zamfir Chris Cornell is still going strong, as this track proves.
zamfir I'd let Jennifer Charles catch me, bet on it.
zamfir This is a beautiful yet naughty song. Love the "hand claps."

Liz PhairH.w.c.

| play
zamfir I sit on an apple crate in bare feet and listen to the rooster crow as the sun rises, and this songs starts to play.
zamfir Probably the best cover of Hoagy Carmichael's masterpiece.
zamfir Fountains.... Of... Wayne.
zamfir When I met you I was all alone / Cold and hungry cryin' on the phone / You baked me brownies and said Don't you cry"


| play
zamfir We'll dress like Minnie Pearl
zamfir Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl. right, Frank?
zamfir On the Earth Day theme, here is a powerful live performance by JT on Howard Stern.
zamfir Another song for Earth Day. I loved the video and the symbolism of a mushroom cloud morphing into a mushroom growing in pavement cracks.
zamfir And another song about Earth Day.

John PrineParadise

| play
zamfir Keeping with the Earth Day theme: The Yardbirds – Shapes of Things
zamfir Another great Earth Day song. I dig Bruce Cockburn.
zamfir the Mountain Goats – Warm Lonely Planet
zamfir This is probably one of the best songs for Earth Day.
zamfir Another Earth Day song, this time by Fountains of Wayne!
zamfir Bruce Hornsby weighs in on the environment.
zamfir Happy Earth Day. In remembrance of the more than 13 chemical fires on the Cuyahoga River. When a river burns, it's time to stop and think.
zamfir An oldy but goodie for Earth Day.
zamfir "Just leave a little extra for the next in line / They're gonna need a little water from another time"
zamfir "The mountain was so beautiful that this guy built a mall and pizza shack / He built an ugly city because he wanted the mountain to love him back."
zamfir "More and more there is this animal / Looking out through my eyes / At all the traffic on the road to nowhere / At all the shiny stuff around to buy"

Ani DiFrancoAnimal

| play
zamfir I've got to get to work, so that's it for Earth Day Songs... For now. I just like this song.
zamfir @folkmusicdude @rachelbaker @Zubenelgenubi @tubilino @ save_the_wolves @photogurrl -- Another sweet Deb Talan song. Thanks to all my listeners.

Deb TalanForgiven

| play
zamfir "Some say that they're comin' back in a garden, bunch of carrots and little sweet peas." Good cover of Iris Dement's original.
zamfir Great song. Great lyrics. Great band. Great vocals. Whaddaya want for nothin'? A rrruuubber biscuit?
zamfir "It took awhile to understand the beauty of just letting go / Cause it would take an acrobat, I already tried all that / I'm gonna let him fly"