DJJuxtaposedJunkie NEW ACTS (like MTV back in the day..'Here you hear it..FIRST!') Alberta Cross - "Leave Us Or Forgive Us"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie NEW ACTS (like MTV back in the day..'Here you hear it..FIRST!') Alberta Cross - "The Thief & The Heartbreaker"
thegoddess [The Hush Now - Subtle Like Bombs]
Bloodrum asks, Remember me? Honestly I don't, remember who you are...
DareToEatAPeach "I vote for to be the 12th @Twiistup Showoff"<tweet this 3 times if you ♥ blip or go to :
TheFish @bobscopper. AC/DC may have Big Balls but not this big.

Dan BernTiger Woods

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DJrainndietrichwilson This lovely song should get you through the weekend. The Avett Brothers.
steveking ok@DJC2: "Vander and Young Produced early AC/DC. If you know AC/DC, you'll recognize the work of Harry Young's brotehrs" (reblip)
marymayblood Speaking of gold fish and videos, this is one of my all-time favorites. Oh, David, “the most beautiful man in the world.”

JapanVisions Of China

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smcclellan Growing up with an abusive step-father - some people can relate. "I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me." - everyone understands that.
spacespencer ... they really do a lot of nice covers, don't they? ;)
brunapretzel I've seen all good people turn their heads each day, so satisfied, I'm on my way

10 I've Seen All Good People

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spacespencer I skip a heartbeat ...

scouting for girls - heartbeat

| play
zappaconcrete thanks @Modster for the tip on Cats on Fire ...I like it!

Mimas- Cats On Fire

| play
nastysurprise I didn't like the barbershop quartet of With or Without You, but this I like.
nastysurprise Who are these people covering 1 of my fav songs of all time? And why is the camera so close to their faces? Why does the bald dude sing like a girl?
AlyG @MapleLeaves i went through a phase when the accessory i brought to every party was a bottle of absinthe... ahhhhhh to be young again. (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ 'ABSOLUTELY STUNNING' 2008 Debut We All Missed! : Bryan Scary & The Shredded Tears 'Flight Of The Knife' ~> "Son Of Stab"
spacespencer »You got wires, going in. You got wires, coming out of your skin ...«


| play
DJrainndietrichwilson The great Josh Ritter writes a love song set in a missle silo with 2 people doing crossword puzzles.
DJJuxtaposedJunkie $ Most 'Underrated' INDIE Bands $ : Gogol Bordello - "Alcohol"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie $ Most 'Underrated' INDIE Bands $ : Midlake - "Van Occupanther"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie $ Most 'Underrated' INDIE Bands $ : Midlake - "It Covers The Hillsides"
WunDaGround The Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart
WunDaGround A Community Service Announcement-sendin out the bleep luv with some fine Aussie music-@mark_till @UKDad@SandroC @GrassyKnoll @CargoCulte @yamy @Mtii
AlyG @Jazzhole there used to be this great place in the valley on ventura at like bev glen maybe...somewhere near buckley and we loved it. (reblip)

The Big PinkVelvet

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deo 'swim with me, and we'll escape all the troubles of the present age'
WunDaGround via @DirtyUrine: "U gotta love Mercyfuck!! ~ luv it!! (reblip)
AlyG burned my finger on a curling iron :( ouchhhh.
thegoddess FSOTW!!! [The Odds - Someone Who's Cool]
Mollykills a song to help me out of bed perhaps?
spacespencer Walk away now and you're gonna start a war.
vandaleyes Nice one. RB @Lyla__: "Medeski Martin And Wood – Bloody Oil." (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ BUZZ! BUZZ! New Bands BUZZING Around Our & Hipster Heads Waiting To Sting Our Attention! ~ : French Miami - "God Damn Best" (Music Video)

French Miami "God Damn Best"

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WunDaGround dammit- having a few tech probs-my dropbox has been displaying some alarming anthropomorphic qualities i.e. randomly renaming my tracks-bitch!
WunDaGround Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom

Atlas Sound – Recent Bedroom

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Godfathers Of American 'Psychedelic Music' ~ : The Golden Dawn - "Starvation"

The Golden Dawn-Starvation

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Lovely Shards Of 'Shoegaze' ~ : Lush - "Lovelife"


| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Lovely Shards Of 'Shoegaze' ~ : The Chameleons - "Up The Down Escalator"
WunDaGround Loney Dear-Ignorant Boy Beautiful Girl

Loney Dear-Ignorant Boy Beautiful Girl

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DJIrishboy If you're not listening to the Rural Alberta Advantage yet.....You're dead to me........JK I love U :)
Irish_Indie_Awesome A Frames cover of a great Van Morrison song.
Irish_Indie_Awesome Solo acoustic version of yet another Frames great, off of Dance the Devil...
aquietend it is what it is I guess, but I don't understand, & it makes it worse. I keep trying to sort through it...
AlyG and we're all fighting. hahaha. (reblip)
WunDaGround Lily Allen featuring Mick Jones – Straight To Hell<<<.OK- I'm off my soapbox-but you know what happens if we don't look after each other don't you<<<
AndyTheHat Cool footage on here-Tv dinner by the pool watch your brother grow a beard-Be a jerk -go to work :)
AlyG i hope you have the happiest of birthdays :)
crispast a song i love, in your honour @rafasirotheau (so rare to see you..) :)
spacespencer caught in the undertow – have to get back to work. see you...


| play

Explosions In The Sky -- "Greet Death"

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ (According The Over-Musically-Knowledgeable Mind Of This Junkie) Best Debuts Of 2009: Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros 'Up From Below' ~
homnick Everybody keeps telling me to. I think I finally get it.
scound [The National – So Far Around The Bend] - No matter what mood I am in, I can always listen to The National.
AlyG it's okay, a lot of the time was spent thinking about good things, though definitely in a confused and groggy way. :) (reblip)

WHY?close to me

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WunDaGround <<*LUVLUVLUVit*>>@jd72: "Arguably my favorite song of the year." (reblip)
WunDaGround it's not raining but it's still S*W*E*E*T @jd72 ;)
Flint818 "I swear to Me I'm going to pack it up, but first I'm gonna backpack Europe"
nastysurprise @anothercraze Stop! You're dispelling too much of the mystery. I will not let you become common... I will not let you become common...
dojodub I did some long overdue maintenance on the stats database over the weekend, you guys did 17.5 million blips in one year, thats 6.7 Gigs of mysql space
Matildatunes You were right on the nose with Dionne, though I kinda tend to be all over the place. I take the smörgåsbord approach.Thank you muchly! @LP33 (reblip)
AndyTheHat Hi all....

Hurricane by Gallon Drunk

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WunDaGround Citay – Careful With That Hat
Flint818 featuring @zappaconcrete on drunken ramblings. Shouldn't we have grown up by now? The song is 13 years old and almost everything is still accurate
tuatara It will be -1°C - so excited! What have you been doing? @ARTWONARTOWNARTNOW: "snow in texas!? how does that work? ;) over here we have 8°C and rain (reblip)

"Coyote" Joni Mitchell

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Stairway To Heaven The Beatnix

| play

TRAVIS Love Will Come Through

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nastysurprise @by_starla I have heard not heard the BBC sessions. I stopped looking for their stuff when they broke up. Now I'm excited.
FreddyT and if you wanna see the real deal.. watch this. friedman's tie is fucking classsssssssssssssic.
FreddyT trippy stuff happens when the sea & cake cover bowie.
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Current Fav Tracks : Paper Route - "Be Healed"
spacespencer one half of The Bird and the Bee.
spacespencer Everybody's got a little hole in the middle ...
Flint818 band is from New Orleans...when we going to New Orleans?

Mute MathTypical

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1001songs For Pub Rock fans...always order my eggs this way @Hoopla @Gaucho_Sam @jennyleepenny @BarronSherer @space_cadet @Nirvana454 @letitride2

Eggs Over Easy " Home to You" (1972)

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1001songs This was the last time Todd let Leonard Nimoy pick his outfit
1001songs for 10cc fans everywhere..something a bit off

Godley & Creme , Sandwiches Of You

| play
1001songs Somewhere I read this was a 1973 Krautrock classic

Can: Moonshake (Future Days 1973 Krautrock classic)

| play

Lloyd Cole, 'A Long Way Down', 1990

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1001songs Scott again. @marlaink We called ourselves P S Wilkinson. Our guitarist played bass every so often with Scott's Minus 5.

Young Fresh Fellows Theme

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1001songs Thanx ( my band did a song w/ the lyrics "I'm So Annoyed/ With Scott McCaughey")@marlaink: "w/ Scott McCaughey of the YFF's...@1001songs " (reblip)
1001songs spent all morning helping Northwest Harvest fight hunger in WASH. Clients up 15% since last year. 50% in some places.
1001songs not from the same show but such a great song

Neil Finn Fall At Your Feet

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1001songs @1001songs: "AA Bondy is appearing on a lot of best 2009 lists. Deservedly so " (reblip)
1001songs Saw them in Nawlins 1982. Tina was very pregnant, I was jealous that my buddy was making out with a beautiful girl until he found out SHE was a HE
1001songs Agreed ! HEY I liked Adrian Belew's contributions @NCA: "One moment of Perfection, the proof of the existence of God (with musical talent)." (reblip)
1001songs many thanks to my new listener @jimi_bullington . A made up name if I've ever heard one!

EELS My timing is off

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1001songs Thanks to a new listener @NCA and to @kitkatkaroline @emdeejau @larryvillecat @zappaconcrete and @SarahABQ

robert wyatt shipbuilding

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zsuriel Now a brand new track from The middle east - Blood

'Blood' The Middle East

| play
1001songs thanks @The45KING @zappaconcrete @the_night_manager @moriddim from ROCK AND ROLL a brilliant album that must be Cranked to eleven

Memphis EgyptMekons

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1001songs NME says this is the best album of 2009. Let's listen.
crispast time .. buonanotte e grazie!
iReignMusic thx 4 listening. RB!! @zoomancer: "yeah, its maynard!" (reblip)

Momma Sed

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zappaconcrete nothing to say ...just listen

the frames live at witness 2001 with the waterboys 6/8

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CreepyGirl @sandyriverside Oh, I know what you mean. But in Liverpool its pronounced "Jo mean?"

Film SchoolDear Me

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surfincookie surf riders heading your way @zappaconcrete


| play
surfincookie jiha vi @donkeyrapist: "This young fella knows what Fiday's all about!!!" (reblip)


| play
surfincookie another goodie borrowed from @donkeyrapist 's stables: "'ello Friday fans, all good? Let's talk about it!" @Swampratje @rollovellocet @mammara (reblip)
surfincookie his voice sounds pretty broken, too
1001songs this one is for people who have to work for a living
k_marie Raimonda Vazdika & Anta Eņģele -- Apsoli Man Neko
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Time For A REAL Music Mag Year End List : NME's Top 50 Best Tracks Of 2K9 : #10 HEALTH - "Die Slow"


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crispast these guys rock!! ciao(to both of you) e rb@stustevens: "cheers @Corts lovin this one!" (reblip)
crispast oggi sono "diconnessa" .. così come la mia musica, sorry
1001songs tell weezy the officer is a ghost @reneemavers: "i saw weezy today. we had a nice little chat. i think he believes "the cave" is genova heights." (reblip)
1001songs had the drum loop before anything else when he wrote this tune. Fer a new listener @mammara

Joe HenryTrampoline

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1001songs becuz you had yer car stolen? @ShesAllWrite: "Perfect song for a day like today. Via @spacespencer: Beth Orton - Stolen Car" (reblip)
WunDaGround Hey bleep babes-yeah still here!! Surviving despite the broken heart condition;) Always happy to be here with you ;D
WunDaGround Ian McCulloch – Heaven's Gate.... luvhisvoiceluvhisvoiceluvhisvoice
spacespencer somewhere in between the night and the daylight ... I say goodnight.
surfincookie awh, couldn't resist, the last one for now, just what i was looking for! :) thnx for finding this one @dronnoisseur (reblip)

WireMr Suit

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dooode watched the video @DJFrankie i'm glad no books were hurt
surfincookie love it or hate it, I guess...

Gentle GiantKnots

| play
WunDaGround Maxpropz I can't believe there's one out there I haven't found ;) @giggirl64 (reblip)
crispast ciao e rb@emctsprime: "05-Bono And Daniel Lanois-Falling At Your Feet @evablue" ..e ciao@GR8FL @MONIKKA @jennyleepenny @DirtyUrine @Gypsylyn @markmac! (reblip)

05 - Bono And Daniel Lanois-Falling At Your Feet

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie Currently 'Sledding Down A Snowy Embankment' Happily Too : The Stills - "Snow In California"
spacespencer b-side of 'Friday I'm in Love'

The CureHalo

| play
technogiant Portishead — Chase The Tear
CreepyGirl @jtabz Money shot is when Mega Shark jumps outa the ocean to bite an airplane in half.That overdub is genius but still struggles to make it watchable!

The CleanTensile

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # New Music For 2010 (Take Notice Hipster Kiddies!) # : The Soft Pack - "C'Mon"

The Soft PackC'mon

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # New Music For 2010 (Take Notice Hipster Kiddies!) # : Surfer Blood - "Floating Vibes"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # New Music For 2010 (Take Notice Hipster Kiddies!) # : Surfer Blood - "Catholic Pagans"
bloem_van_cath Rumba del Sol | December

Rumba del Sol | December

| play
dailystendhal thank you @star45: "Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Our Hell" (reblip)
dailystendhal thank yoü @whistlin_indie: "[Hüsker Dü - Whatever]" (reblip)

Hüsker Dü- Whatever

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ladypn Dedicated to @ChadThomas... LOL!!! :)

Do the Molly Ringwald (Official Video)

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ginhollow thanks and Happy New Year@JosieMK: "As we sit here, on the brink of yet another "new year", I can't help but ask the question....... (reblip)
MsBojangles The Deep Dark Woods / / Charlie’s (Is Coming down)


| play
MsBojangles one of my fave smog songs... @pratinsky :)

SmogIn The Pines

| play
AlyG this concert is happening in march and i'm thinking about it....march is going to be a big concert month for me, i think. (reblip)
1001songs from deserter's songs

Mercury RevOpus 40

| play
scound a great rb@by_starla [The Twilight Singers – Underneath The Waves] (reblip)
AlyG i was listening to this on the way to work today...loooooovvvveeeeee.
traiskin ** OMD ** "Talking Loud and Clear"

OMD -Talking loud & clear

| play
traiskin ❊❊ Hassell/Eno "Ba-Benzélé" ❊❊
traiskin ❄❄ Gary Numan "Me! I Disconnect From You" ❄❄❄
Flint818 @zappaconcrete Still like this sober? If you are sober, that is...


| play
spacelle niiice@ilublo: "rb@hajoni: "John Zorn – Gevurah""heya @sputnicker @GR8FL @CHaDmA *=.=*@xtranguy sound like a labirinth sounds!? (reblip)

John ZornGevurah

| play
CreepyGirl A very special NYE hug on - and inspired by - @FruitlogCowboy (what will we call this decade - the tennies, the teenies?)
thegoddess "[The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Wild Blue Yonder]" (reblip)
thegoddess "[Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned]" (reblip)
BlacknTan Bear Colony – Hospital Rooms Aren't For Lovers
BlacknTan Bottom Of The Hudson – Bee Hive
EvaliaEngland It's good to see you go. "Pinback- Good To Sea"

PinbackGood To Sea

| play
BlacknTan Silver Jews – Trains Across The Sea
nycsongs Vienna Teng (@viennateng on twitter) – 1 Br/1 Ba
LunarMovements Okay, this is the last of the "Wings" attack. I saved the best for last. This one is my favorite.

The Flys-Got You Where I Want You

| play
nastysurprise @DJ_HeckaCool "I'm trying to get to SXSW this year. Any of u ever been?" @sliddy @megg I haven't but I was going to try real hard this year.
scound [The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl]
scound [Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi]

JónsiBoy Lilikoi

| play
fuckin_twee shelfliving

Brittle Stars - This Trip

| play
fuckin_twee bing-a-bong-a-bing-bong, bing-bong

TELEVISION by Robyn Hitchcock

| play
sudaca70 Beau oui comme Bowie... Happy Birthday!!
westindiangirl love & breakups...gotta love ''s an intimate version of one.
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # 'New Music Of 2010' Mixture Playlist # : The Drums -> "I Felt Stupid"
caryseen vi@LikeAnAngel & vi@Shukitty it's been ages since i've played this one, too. glad it's in rotation tonight..thx! morningwood - take off your clothes (reblip)
BlacknTan Titus Andronicus – Waking Up Drunk
BlacknTan Oxford Collapse – Please Visit Your National Parks
BlacknTan Hallelujah The Hills – Blank Passports
DJIrishboy keep drinkin' this coconut water..almost time for an ___________
BlacknTan The All New Adventures Of Us – Me. Me, Me Said The Kite Eating Tree; As He Took Breakfast From Little Katy
CreepyGirl Oooooh I keep crashing. Bye all (especially to @nastysurprise72, poor guy)

Sleepy SunNew Age

| play
jax1341 I finally get to hear this! He's a little American Idol in some parts but still cool!

Sananda Maitreya aka Terence Trent D'Arby & INXS /Kick (live) part2

| play

Ghetto Defendant by The Clash

| play
arizonacats mandatory reblip 2! a classic, really. :) rb @MissLordy: "@MusicHigh :)" (reblip)
BlacknTan Owen – In The Morning, Before Work
craigz @OrangeKrush yeah, but to be fair this is my *only* Winders client. I'm a Mac/Unix feller, groping my way around M$uck.

The FeeliesFa Ci-La

| play
craigz @OrangeKrush happy Friday to you too. Are you fending off the ick with greater success today?
craigz Ian McLagan (The Faces) on keys, for Arthur Kane.
crispast chi si vede!! :D ciao e rb @Ale555 (reblip)

Springsteen/Rem man on the moon

| play
chelseagirl19 You think you're alone until you realize you're in it. Fear is here to stay. Love is here for a visit ... He can't be wounded cause he's got no heart.

17 Hank Snow Ninety Miles An Hour Down a Dead End Street

| play
scound [The Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking]
nastysurprise Happy birthday to my daughter, Grace. Turns 6 today.


| play
scound [Spoon – Advance Cassette]
HobbeLink Things Fall Apart

Jerry Harrison Things Fall Apart

| play
CreepyGirl Top tip @PunkBroc if youre still sober its not bedtime yet. (reblip)
nastysurprise @rynby Oh yes. A great one that never got the recognition it deserves. (reblip)

BlurOut Of Time

| play

The xx :: Islands

| play
spacespencer hands remember.

seabear | hands remember

| play
sudaca70 @sonicmichel ¡Hola! Aquí estamos, derritiéndonos a fuego leeeento... Me pregunto si llegaré viva a mis vacaciones :P...
SGMan 'tis great!@Uller: "great tune,snagged it from @Kubrickx: "Psychobilly music: Dicemen - Kicked In the Teeth"" (reblip)
80sOBLIVION Sandra's Having Her Brain Out - The Soft Boys
angrybob I thought I felt a presence, @Shukitty. I assumed it was Obi-wan Kenobi! My bad! Doing well! Thanks re: the Micro-Fiction. :)
radiobarz Led Zeppelin- Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) (STUDIO VERSION) (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) (STUDIO VERSION)

| play
thegoddess [The Shocking Pinks - How am I not Myself]
ginhollow excellent! thanks all @GullyJumper: "Haven't heard this great tune in years. Thanks! @tbell: @GR8FL: "inspired by @hajoni with Peter Gabriel""" (reblip)
arizonacats love the guitar, clap, and voice... it all goes great together
nastysurprise Such a great song. Album came out today. Must check into it.

Beach HouseZebra

| play

The Orchids by Califone

| play
ginhollow thanks@Corts: "rb@CargoCulte one of my favs wasn't released here my copies American w/the spinning thing and naked lady, really cool lp. Thx" (reblip)

Soft Machine-Why Are We Sleeping?

| play
jax1341 @zappaconcrete there's NO reason good enough, that is un-listenable
VelvetGarage Garage from Minneapolis.

StillrovenSigned DC

| play
nastysurprise @Fentiger @Rollerballrocco New to me... digesting... I hear Elbow, Radiohead, Yo Yo MA and some sort of heavy metal. I like it. (reblip)
DJrainndietrichwilson Top 19 greatest cover of all time? Calexico doing Love's "Alone Again Or".
BlacknTan The Henry Clay People – Something in the Water
BlacknTan inspired by @sufferin_jukebox X BLIP last night..Need some more John Doe!!!
TundraConundra @badtemperedzombie I could use the help. It's a fairly self-limiting theme, I'm afraid. #WeatherReport
AndyTheHat Adding this to the animals thing that is going on somewhere (if you have had it already- sorry but I couldn't be arsed to look :))

DevoPink Pussycat

| play
scound [Band of Horses – The General Specific]
scound [Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Acoustic)] ♥This version
DJJuxtaposedJunkie $ "Woo Hoo, That Horse Manure Is A Might Stinking! Indie Trailmix Varmits!" $

David Sylvian The Librarian

| play
Frank_Zappa Frank Zappa – Inca Roads, Live In Texas 1973 #zappa @achternaarvoren welcome!
Frank_Zappa Frank Zappa – Welcome To The United States - 1992 #zappa
Frank_Zappa Frank Zappa – The Black Page (rare synclavier version) #synclavier #zappa
Frank_Zappa Frank Zappa – Easy Meat guitar solo - 1980 #zappa
Frank_Zappa Frank Zappa – Live Solos Mix, 1984 & 1988 #zappa
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Current Fav Tracks To Snowsled Down An Embangment, Fly In The Air..Then Crash Suddenly Into A Snow Drenched Pine Tree
Sook luv it when bands try to interpret Vlad
nastysurprise Starting to get into this album

The DodosFables

| play

Elephant Parade: For You

| play
julianacp uma das minhas favoritas de toda a vida. valeu @leandronunes :) (reblip)
tuatara No. They're just totally swell. @snugglebunny: "cause these guys need more blip ummm err, air? time? exposure? play?" (reblip)
tuatara It's easy to sing, but I can't get the snarky down. @docthompson: another good one for karaoke night @JezebelTheGreat: @SpinninR: #songsaboutsex (reblip)