Ashakur Gotta see this video. Very interesting

daft punkda funk

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Ashakur Alright now if you've seen brown sugar than you heard this song!

01 Make You Feel That Way (Radio

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Newmaidumosa DITC: @ZOEBOE @bendrix @TechPatience @Thnikkaman @Ashakur ... for @djvaan 's nice blip | [Two-Headed Freap 1993]<ATCQ - Electric Relaxation> (reblip)
Ashakur Bringing back sweat memories!


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Ashakur This was when I actually liked Xzibit....


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Ashakur CLASSIC! ReBlip!


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Ashakur @Diordan This is what I need to hear on a saturday! (reblip)

J Sands & J Dilla Ft Rashad- Love

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Ashakur Koushik is album is dope. Reminds of that early LA sunrise....

KoushikPretty Soon

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Ashakur DJ Mitsu Remix of PPP's Stay With Me.

Stay With Me (Dj Mitsu Remix)

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Ashakur More Tip x Dela off that Atmosphere Airlines Vol.2
Ashakur Dela out of France. @xavierencinas what you know about Dela? lol
Ashakur This is my jam. @PcShakur here's your song. Hahaha :-)
Ashakur Reminds me of when I was living in the Bay!
Ashakur This is the respiration pete rock remix! @bendrix but again I must tip my hat to you. Well done! Haha @120hippos1girl what you know about this? (reblip)
Ashakur DJ Mitsu The Beats - The Excellence: Selected Works Buy It, Steal It, Just Fucking Own It™
Ashakur @120hippos1girl no problemo'... A little Dj Mitsu x PPP=Groovisions
Ashakur Whoever Blip this I love you! Favorite Dilla beat! I got a remix with this beat. BANANAS! BANANAS! Should be up soon! @120hippos1girl I see you! Nice

Jay DeeLalala

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Ashakur Yeah Yeah Yeah this album is dope!
Ashakur In case you didn't know about Kev Brown! Enjoy

Kev BrownAlbany

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Ashakur B.I.B.L.E. This off the Gza's album but it's Killah Priest dropping the Jewels!
Ashakur Blackstar x Mary........ Peace out!


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Ashakur Favorite song off the "Shooting The Breeze" LP....
Ashakur Only thing I could found on Blip from Maker (of the group GLUE) check him out if you get the chance. Dope instrumental stuff!


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Ashakur Flying Lotus Tribute to Dilla! Lovely
Ashakur Feeling Thought on this track!
Ashakur Kamaal The Abstract LP! Love this joint

Q-TipDo U Dig U?

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Ashakur Alot of peoples forgot about Fatlip. @TechPatience
Ashakur In case you forgot about one of the West Coast best Mc's!
Ashakur This song can be found on Dj Mitsu The Beats & Dj Mu-R - "Sound Maneuvers"
Ashakur Eric Roberson gives new life to a already dope track.
Ashakur WARNING: The spirit of Michael Jackson will over take you. See link:
Ashakur I'm feeling this. Production by Flying Lotus (via@moovmnt)

Jose James BLACKMAGIC online advert

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Ashakur One of my favorite west coast MC's & Producers

EvidenceRain or Shine

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Ashakur One of my favorite songs by Tupac

2pacOld School

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Ashakur WOW........

'Perception' Electric Wire Hustle

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Ashakur I've been trying to Blip this song forever. I'm so happy to finally find it on Blip. I hope you guys & gals enjoy it. Peace :-)

Big Sean "What U Doin (Bullshitting)" Official CDQ

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Ashakur Weareallgoingtoburninhell megamixx 3
Ashakur At the end of the day. It's all about the music with me
Ashakur @PcShakur something to add to your playlist?

Kankick- Shore Breezin'

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Snoop Dogg That's Tha Homie OFFICIAL Music Video

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Ashakur Good Night. This is how I wanted to end the night with this joint. @120hippos1girl have you heard this before?
Ashakur @Ashakur is moving in a whole new direction! Hi Haters!
Ashakur I was just about to. Then this song came on.
Ashakur Love Is Real Vol.2 - Album where you can find this! :-)

John WestRise

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Ashakur I'm really feeling the music of Boom Clap Bachelors
Ashakur Today I will be Lounging!

Gramatik Loungin'

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Ashakur Okay this is my last Blip. Seriously. What's up @djcoolc that JP joint is off the hook.
Ashakur It's so worth the wait.

Flying Lotus1983

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Crowd Participation by Japanese Cartoon(Lupe Fiasco) VIDEO

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Ashakur Miss Ladybug aka my daughter loves this song. :-)
Ashakur Rumor has it that Talib Kweli produce this beat!
Ashakur If your in a relationship or married you can relate to this...


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Ashakur Just when I think I forgot you!


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Ashakur If your wondering where have I heard this. Love & Basketball that's where
Ashakur Off The Roots first album "Organix"

The RootsLeornard I-V

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Ashakur Yo! This used to be my shit... Still bangs.. Haha
Ashakur This songs is just to good not to Blip.
Ashakur One of those great songs that advertisers over abused (i.e. Apple)
Ashakur The Grey Album was amazing. Still play this album today... In constant rotation...
Ashakur This brings back memories... Wow Belated Happy B-Day Marvin...
Ashakur One of those songs we all can relate too and was just dope when it drop.

Carl ThomasI Wish

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Ashakur This is dedicated to music!

Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You

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Ashakur Madlib sample this song for "Closer" Lord Quas x Doom collaboration on The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas LP.
Ashakur You can find this on the Wild Wild West soundtrack.


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Ashakur This is what I call riding music.....
Ashakur Still waiting on that Kamaal The Abstract album..
Ashakur DOOOOOOOOPE! For real don't front. You feeling this shit too.

MGMTElectric Feel

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Ashakur It's the tv show HOUSE theme music. You didn't know it was Massive Attack huh?
Ashakur Something to just chill too. Especially in you live in LA!

KoushikBe With

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Ashakur You can find this on The Magnificent LP. Classic!
Ashakur So many people sleep on PPP. Don't be one of them... Good music coming out the D.
Ashakur Just got this album and I know a lot of people will sleep on it, but it's dope. Check it out if you get the chance... can hear some samples
Ashakur Kissey Asplund is a new artist killing my itunes because I always play this joint. Get familiar "channeling clinton sparks"
Ashakur If you don't have Dela - Atmosphere Airlines Vol. 1 & 2... Then what the fuck are you waiting for? Buy it asap! dope music!
Ashakur A little flying lotus never hurt anyone.
Ashakur Deadringer is a dope album. Buy It, Steal It, whatever. Just fucking own it!


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Ashakur Musically I'm Jackson Pollock! All over the fucking place
Ashakur Happy Friday. Play this joint after sexin' lol...
Ashakur Waiting on a album from Full Crate...
Ashakur Dilla sample Minnie Riperton "Inside My Love" for this joint. Classic
Ashakur Minnie's voice is just beautiful. Just listen...
Ashakur This beat is crazy. Dilla is a genius
Ashakur Dope song, especially when you listen to at night!
Ashakur Off The Sleepers LP. Own It By Any Means Necessary

Big PoohMy Mind

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Ashakur This is my favorite song off the Voodoo album.
Ashakur Completely forgot about this joint


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Ashakur From People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm Classic LP.
Ashakur Just in case you forgot LB bring that shit! Haha
itsRamel Bahamadia – I Confess (The Roots Remix) (reblip)
Ashakur I'm getting my grown man on.... lol
Ashakur Doggy Style is a album that everyone should own, especially if you own any other album from Snoop.
Ashakur Keeping the funk alive


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Ashakur @bendrix 3000 kills it on this verse... When the beat comes back in. "Sin all depends on what you believe in"...


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Ashakur Off the soul survivor lp....
Ashakur Dope stuff by Nosaj Thing

Nosaj ThingAquarium

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Ashakur Let's set the mood.

Dj Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

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Ashakur @rsmac one of my favorite songs by The Clash (reblip)
Ashakur This is a song everyone should have on their ipod. Classic Hall & Oates.
Ashakur Dope song by Pharoahe Monch... Buy It, Steal It, Just own it™
Ashakur Welcome To Detroit LP...


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Ashakur bendrix @DesertLily you should just send me everything on your ipod. lol (reblip)
Ashakur Digging through the old school records...
Ashakur Twitted by q-tip this wonderful morning. Sounding dope so I blip it. Thanks tip


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Ashakur This grown folks music right here...

Mos DefThe Panties

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Ashakur Mos Def Live! Don't get no better, plus this song introduce me to the mighty mos.
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