AcidBlack Megadeth – This Day We Fight! : Really liking what I've heard of the new Megadeth.
AC_DC_ASIC UFO – Rock Bottom

UFORock Bottom

| play
fearshop Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate - Shouts to @Metal_Rocks
LadyStarlightD (VIDEO) Def Leppard "Photograph"

Def LeppardPhotograph

| play
DJJackD Great MAIDEN tune. This tour was kick a$$. I saw them twice last year on this tour. UP THE IRONS! ROCK!

[01] Caught Somewhere In Time

| play
Schoork W.A.S.P. – Wild Child

W.A.S.P.Wild Child

| play
DJJackD Up the IRONS all weekend. Where ever you may roam be sure to blast some loud METAL and especially MAIDEN! ROCK!
DJJackD If that didn't wake you up then this one will. Blast it loud and put your ear next to the speaker. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD You are never to young to fall in love. The question is whether the person is the right one or not. PONDER THAT ONE METAL HEADS! ROCK!
fearshop Judas Priest - Freesheel Burning - I will not be doing my part today, but you are all making up for it. I love my favorite DJs. All of them.
DJJackD We keep the METAL rolling like a mack truck on the interstate. Wasted is a good state to be in while watching NFL. ROCK!

Def LeppardWasted

| play
elland666 AC/DC - Rock n Roll Train..........................back later
AcidBlack Slayer – Cult (Live) : Shouts to the Monday morning metal mob - @fearshop, @Douglas327, @DJJackD, @metalmassacrefm
DJJackD That's my office policy. Loud = BETTER. I think it works. It Will keep away the annoying talker in the office. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD It's time to take back the office. F**** the other people who want to blast easy listening. Loud always = BETTER. ROCK!
Dougy_D I couldn't find the album song. Here is the live version
DJJackD Ok this one will definatley wake you up. New ACE is loud and rocking if this won't wake you up then inject the coffee. ROCK!
DJJackD Lets get your Friday going with the biggest band in the world. KISS. ROCK!

KissLove Gun

| play
LadyStarlightD (VIDEO) Tool "Sober"

TOOL Sober

| play
DJJackD DLR - one of the best front men ever. Who else can do leg kicks like that. ROCK!

David Lee Roth-Yankee Rose (English) (Official Music Video)

| play
DJJackD I like hearing this tune when I am out drinking because it reminds me of when I have to go home. ROCK!

Iron Maiden-2 Minutes To Midnight

| play
PhishPhanatic Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

| play
DJJackD It's time to annoy some co-workers. Every minute turn the volume up until you can't hear the phone. ROCK!
DJJackD These guys really rock. Johnnathan Davis from Korn is on there new album. ROCK/Fusion. Check em out. ROCK!
DJJackD The mirror on the wall tells me to ROCK my face off. I think I will. ROCK!

DokkenMirror Mirror

| play
DJJackD It's the weekend and it's time to have a few drinks. ROCK!
DJJackD This is one of my favorite covers ever. Great cover of a Sabbath tune. Re-blip this one all you want. ROCK!
DJJackD No I dont have any Blue Oyster Cult. I had 10 pairs last time around where were you. Damone-Fast times. Classic. ROCK!
fearshop Rainbow - Gates of Babylon
DJJackD In the METAL world it is ok to be an SMF. Raise the METAL flag this weekend and be a METAL warrior. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to the weekend METAL HEADS. We are going to kick off the coming of Fall here in the USA with some PRIEST. ROCK!
DJJackD I am sure this is what is on everybody's mind. It's always on my mind. ROCK!

L.A. GunsSex Action

| play
DJJackD All METAL all the time. Not a bad way to live your life. If anybody disagrees... F*** EM! ROCK!

DioDream Evil

| play
CMFlinn AC/DC - Heatseeker

AC/DC Heatseeker

| play
DJJackD It's getting closer to Octoberfest. BEER is good. BEER and METAL go hand in hand. ROCK!
DJJackD You will pay the price if you don't turn up the volume and let someone know that you are a METAL fan. ROCK!
LeandroAzevedo DANZIG-SHE RIDES (reblip)


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Bullet For My Valentine - "Tears don't Fall" ♥

Bullet for my Valentine - Tears dont fall

| play
DJJackD Lets wake up the neighbors and co-workers today. Blast a song as loud as it goes. ROCK!

Pantera-This Love

| play
DJJackD All METAL all the time. Open 24 hrs 7 days a week. We never close. That is the METAL way. ROCK!


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Breaking Benjamin - "Evil Angel" ♥
DJJackD Always a good day to blast an OZZY tune. ROCK!
eraser dispositivos de escucha!! q se puede hacer con una sensibilidad así? ... Miles Davis – Human Nature - R.I.P Michael Jackson ...
DJJackD Blast this song and scare anybody within 2 feet of you. ROCK!
pieohpah OK @ToutLeMonde! Je vous aime, je dois partir... ie. I love y'all and I have to go!
fearshop Rainbow - Gates of Babylon
DJJackD This song was in IRON EAGLE - Great movie from the 80's. Anybody see it. Kick a$$ movie. ROCK!

QueenOne Vision

| play
flinndc speak of the lil devil ...Some Kind Of Monster ;-)

Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster

| play
fearshop Queensryche – Speak (2002 Digital Remaster)
DJJackD We are counting down the hour until we get to go home. Home is where the METAL is. ROCK!


| play
AcidBlack Kingdom of Sorrow - Lead the Ghosts Astray : Shout out to @fearshop and @DJJackD
AcidBlack Exodus – Good Day to Die
DJJackD It is Wednesday and we are almost at the weekend. My job is to help you all get there in a good mood. ROCK!

metal churchbadlands

| play
Dougy_D Welcome to where time stands still no one leaves and no one will
Ale_Bruxs Hello blippers !!! "Somebody save me" I was listening in my car a few minutes ago.
DJJackD Everyone blast a Thin Lizzy song today. They ROCK!

Thin LizzyJailbreak

| play
flinndc ELF- Ronnie James DIO – Rainbow ( & check out the old cartoon!!)
DJJackD We got over the Monday hump and we are in full gear rolling to the weekend. How many people can we piss off along the way. ROCK!
rock2monster hello to you~i miss our vampire weekend~rockster2~ (reblip)

Vampire WeekendM79

| play
Ale_Bruxs Bye Blippers... Good dreams ;) TYVM 4 props, RB & Replies !!!

Garbage- I Just Wanna Have Something To Do

| play
DJJackD It's almost time to call it a day. I for one can't wait to get home and have a drink and watch MNF. Football and METAL. ROCK!


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Judas Priest - "Hell Bent For Leather" ♥ for @NikkiPixel
DJJackD I love girls who have rhythm, I even love those girls who don't have rhythm. I am a nice guy. ROCK!

AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm

| play
fearshop @FloccoGlocco: "@AcidBlack: "Anthrax - Black Lodge : #2forTuesday - A little creepy."" (reblip)

Black Lodge Anthrax The video

| play
DJJackD It's that time in the day for a little Maiden. Up the IRONS it's IRON MAIDEN. ROCK!

Iron Maiden- The Ides of March/Wrathchild(Studio Version)

| play
fearshop Krokus - Stayed Awake All Night
manlyman "... long to live like the wind upon the water. If we close our eyes, we'll maybe realize there's more to life than what we have known"@MusicIsMySoul
Andi_HB Just because it makes me feel good LOL!
SpinningDiscs Sponge – Plowed...... "Say a prayer for me... I'm buried by the sound... In a world of human, Wreckage!"
DJJackD UDO and Accept - loud and proud and raising the flag for METAL. Join in and raise the flag for METAL. ROCK!

AcceptMetal Heart

| play
AcidBlack Megadeth - 99 Ways to Die : #2forTuesday - Shouts to @DJJackD, Douglas327, @DirtyUrine

MEGADETH--99 Ways To Die

| play
DJJackD UFO is such an underrated band. They flew under the radar. Amazing band. Check them out. ROCK!

UFOLights Out

| play
DJJackD Is it to early in the day to drink Whiskey? nah I didn't think so either. Whiskey ROCKS!
AC_DC_ASIC TNT – Knights Of The Thunder
SpinninSara Felt like RBing this one ;-) @Stuelpner: "Electric Light Orchestra – Turn To Stone ... (reblip)
DJJackD This is who we are and we are not going to change for anybody! METAL UP YOUR A$$! ROCK!
JDS442 Where Charlotte the Harlot lives ! LOL !!!

22 acacia avenue Iron Maiden

| play
MCzoso4 awesome music, awesome film....and to my Metallica buddies who have seen em live.....remember when they walked out onstage to this???

(STEREO) The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone

| play
AcidBlack Motörhead – Doctor Rock : He's got the medicine you need... Shouts to metal masters @vix_rock, @fearshop and @DJJackD

MotörheadDoctor Rock

| play
DJJackD The Godfather of METAL. You can never go wrong with an OZZY tune either. Turn it up, its OZZY! ROCK!

Ozzy Osbourne -- Diary of a madman

| play
LeandroAzevedo Slayer "Psychopathy Red"

Slayer "Psychopathy Red"

| play
CathLabChick I want to peel the skin from your face before the real you lays to waste...
MCzoso4 not really liking what i have heard of new AIC, so here is some old stuff. classic

Alice In Chains-Rooster

| play
AllPunkedOut Bob Seger – Old time Rock and Roll (Time song 6)
fearshop Widowmaker - Iron Road - Shouts to Mr. Awesome - @AcidBlack
DJJackD When I hear WASP I want to throw raw meat at people. ROCK!
DJJackD I am pissed that I missed out on seeing this kick a$$ band. These guys ROCK!


| play
DJJackD The thrash masters from NYC. It's Anthrax. ROCK!


| play
klynnDemar dedicated to my piece of shit printer!

OverkillFuck You

| play
LeandroAzevedo For @fearshop Like this on - Kreator – "Enemy of God"

Kreator"Enemy of God"

| play
AcidBlack Yngwie Malmsteen – Trilogy Suite Op: 5
SpinningDiscs System of a Down – Lonely Day... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @tapirekitten, @DJJackD, @fearshop
cattysheba Great Song!! @SpinningDiscs: "Disturbed - Voices ... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @DJJackD, @RisingAngel, @drizzty, @RuiFelix (reblip)

disturbed - voices

| play
fearshop Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross - Shouts to @Moshers_Moll @squidbrain

Slayer Behind the Crooked Cross

| play
DJJackD It's almost 5PM and it's almost time to end this miserable Monday. You will be home drinking before you know it. ROCK!
DJJackD The master of horror ROB ZOMBIE. Horror and METAL go hand in hand. They compliment each other. ROCK!

Rob ZombieDragula

| play
DJJackD Keep the ROCK going, I need it to get through this Monday faster. Monday's really suck. ROCK!
AcidBlack Grim Reaper – See You In Hell : \m/ Had this album cover hanging in my locker in high school.
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for you. Instead of saying mid-day METAL I am just going to say ALL DAY METAL. ROCK!

Motley Crue-Bastard

| play
DJJackD The original shock rocker. The master Alice Cooper. ROCK!
TaraKLucero what's up blips? Cradle Of Filth – Babylon AD
sangawa Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Always Gonna Get Ya

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Always Gonna Get Ya

| play
fearshop Savatage - Beyond the Doors of the Dark - You are all kicking ass today. I am loving it.

Savatage "Beyond The Doors Of The Dark"

| play
RockinRobot I'm I the only one out there who feels that Kanye West is a total racist jackass? Taylor Swift – You're Not Sorry
fearshop Iced Earth - Stormrider - All of you awesome DJs are just destroying it today. I am loving every second of it.
DJJackD I wish I was back in bed right now and not sitting upright. These good tunes from my fellow METAL dj's help a lot. ROCK!
sangawa Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the jar

Thin Lizzy-Whiskey in the jar

| play
flinndc shout out to @Ribbonlynn haven't seen you on blip and I can't access FB @ work, hope u r having a nice day

The OceanLed Zeppelin

| play
DJJackD This is a great over of a Thin Lizzy tune. I love whiskey, especially when I drink it out of a jar. ROCK!
DJJackD Morning METAL HEADS. I am ready to take this morning by storm and blast the tunes. Kicking it off with the RAMONES. ROCK!

Ramones -Rock'n'roll high school

| play

Beck- Loser

| play
TaraKLucero *cheers* @MTLittleWolf! this one's for u! Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane - Music Video
DJJackD It's countdown time to the weekend and we are starting it off the right way with AIC. ROCK!

Alice in Chains Them Bones

| play
Fondello "Nowhere is the dreamer... Or the misfit so alone"


| play
DJJackD Here is your late afternoon pick me up. If you are dragging right now blast this tune and WAKE UP. ROCK!

pantera: walk

| play
DJJackD An awesome cover of a Blue Oyster cult classic tune. Turn it up, its Metallica. ROCK!
DJJackD METAL - The universal language. ROCK!
DJJackD This is ALL DAY METAL and I am here to provide the best METAL tunes around. This is my service to you all. ROCK!
CathLabChick Maybe someone's gonna save me. My heart is made of gravy...


| play
DJJackD The METAL GOD Rob Halford. Even without Priest he still rocked. This is one tune to blast. ROCK!
Fondello @fearshop: "Megadeth - 44 Minutes (New Song)" (reblip)

Megadeth 44 minutes

| play
JDS442 And the night is so black ...!!!

Judas Priest- The Green Manalishi-VH1 Rock Honors

| play
jakite motto of the week: attack of the stupids
DJJackD These guys put on a great live show. Get loud and crazy at work today with Poison. ROCK!
DJrharrima RB @Schoork: "warlock- all we are on #BIgHairThursday" GREAT TUNE (reblip)

warlock- all we are

| play
DJrharrima Sebastian Bach – Back In The Saddle: Been away for a few days, it's good to be back!
DJJackD What ever happened to Slaughter? They rock so who cares. ROCK!

slaughter- desperately

| play
fearshop Pantera – Psycho Holiday

PanteraPsycho Holiday

| play
flinndc Queensryche - American Soldier


| play
DJJackD AC/DC - Angus Young great guitar player and a great rock band. True giants. ROCK!
fearshop @AcidBlack: "Anthrax – Only : "Grrrrrrrrah!" Another day of metal is underway! @DJJackD and @metalkids already have the great blips rolling!" (reblip)


| play
JDS442 Shout out to new listeners..... and the old ones too ! LOL !!!
Schoork 4 more for the Monster of Rock >>>>@CMDoria<<<<
DJJackD I am going to see ACE Frehely on Sept.26 in NJ. Anybody else going? The guy is a legend. New ACE tune. ACE ROCKS!
DJJackD Lets start the day on the right foot with some loud METAL. It will get the blood pumping and brighten your day. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to MID-WEEK METAL. This week is half over and I am counting down the hours until the weekend. ROCK!
krystalmystic bye for now thx to all for props and rb's........
CMFlinn Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run
CMFlinn Great song!! Rb@flinndc: "Always listening rb @RisingAngel: "Queensryche – Anybody Listening?"" (reblip)
DJJackD One of the greatest guitar players ever. Yngwie who? Yngwie F*****G Malmsteen thats who! ROCK!
judi Ozzy Osbourne -- Diary of a madman (reblip)

Ozzy Osbourne -- Diary of a madman

| play
fearshop @AcidBlack: "Probot – Shake your Blood : Shout to @vix_rock" (reblip)
DJJackD We are rolling on with the best guitar players today. George Lynch can shred with the best of them. ROCK!

Lynch MobNo Good

| play
DJJackD Great guitar players continue today. Great tune from an awesome guitar player. Turn up the ROCK!
DJJackD John Bush is a monster on vocals. This band kicks some serious a$$. Turn it up and rock out to the SAINT. ROCK!
rock2monster @RisingAngel: "@rock2monster.WOW~ i am officially WOWed three frisbees and at once!~no, winged-one/chapel thrill,N.C.~your hangout in the south~rock2~ (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary Have a WONDER filled day, my friends...Life without a care, Te Amo'
DJJackD This is a kick A$$ band that flys under the radar a lot. Turn it up today, it's Armored Saint. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to Wednesday METAL HEADS. We are getting off the ground fast this AM. This is a great cover tune from Nirvana. ROCK!
Schoork Motley Crue – Chicks = Trouble
DJJackD STAY AWAKE - Here are some bug guitars to keep you going today. ROCK!

DokkenHeaven Sent

| play
DJJackD This is all day METAL on your dull Tuesday. We are here to spice up your day and we are going to do that with Pantera. ROCK!
DJJackD Deep Purple on this blah Tuesday. We need to make it better with more METAL. ROCK!

Knocking at Your Backdoor

| play
DJJackD I know it is only Tuesday and the week seems to be crawling along but cheer up you get to listen to good tunes to help. KISS. ROCK!

KissShock Me

| play
DJJackD We keep the METAL rolling with BLACK SABBATH. It will be 5PM before you know it. Thank you METAL. ROCK!

Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Full Version)

| play
flinndc David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy...from the heat (long video - English)

David Lee Roth-Goin' Crazy (Official Music Video)

| play
DJJackD This is a killer cover of the Genesis tune from DISTURBED. ROCK out to this tune today. ROCK!

Disturbed-Land of Confusion with lyrics

| play
DJJackD This is a great song. Love the movie Back to school. Rodney rules. ROCK!

Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party

| play
DJJackD We are almost done with this crappy week then we can relax and chill and have a cold one. ROCK!
DJJackD Well it's about that time of day again. Time to bust down the door and go home. Put the pen down and the put on the tunes. ROCK!
DJJackD This day is almost in the books. Can't wait to get home and watch some METAL videos. ROCK!
DJJackD Metallica always is good to hear no matter what time of the day it is. ROCK!
DJJackD AC/DC is just what the dr. ordered to get you through a day. ROCK!

AC/DCShoot To Thrill

| play
DJJackD I wish I was in paradise right now. I will settle for Green Day. ROCK!
DJJackD The masters of hard ROCK. You can never get enough of ZEP. ROCK!
fearshop Nevermore - Matricide


| play
DJJackD A trully underated METAL band. Overkill shreds the competition. Really a killer band. ROCK!
AC_DC_ASIC L. A. Guns – Electric Gypsy
DJJackD The METAL world owes a debt to ANVIL for starting a revolution. They made the blueprint on how to make a killer METAL album. Long live ANVIL. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD True METAL GIANTS. These guys should have been huge, now we have a chance to make them huge. Buy the new album and support this amazing METAL BAND!

AnvilForged In Fire

| play
DJJackD Everyone needs to go out and buy the movie ANVIL - The story of Anvil. Great movie and great band. Re-discover these METAL legends.

AnvilMetal On Metal

| play
DJJackD It's the start of the week, I hate Mondays. Let's get through it as quickly as possible. I will help with the tunes. ROCK!
DJJackD This is all day METAL and we are on a rampage down the street to get to 5PM blasting the best tunes around. Keep it up. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD We are rolling with the tunes on this Friday leading up to a great weekend. Iron Maiden will make the weekend better. ROCK!
fearshop Murderdolls - Slit My Wrist

Murderdolls Slit My Wrist

| play
DJJackD New Megadeth tune from the new album ENDGAME. Great kick A$$ in your face METAL album. Blast this one this AM. ROCK!

Megadeth 44 minutes

| play
DJJackD Lets get you going on the right foot. Priest will get you working fast and good. MORE PRIEST! ROCK!

Judas PriestSinner

| play
Bright_Blue The Lonely Island – Dick in a Box
DJJackD We are going to start off the day with the METAL GODS. If Rob Halford was a priest I would go to church. ROCK!

Beastie Boys- Paul Revere

| play
Ale_Bruxs Hello BLIPPERS ! Beautiful sunny day !!!
DJJackD This is all day METAL on a Monday. The only thing that gets me through a Monday is METAL. Keeps me going all day. ROCK!
SpinningDiscs Static X – I'm With Stupid ..........
fearshop Nevermore - Evolution 169
spacespencer @Mistadobalina hier endlich mal ohne Video und in gut. hope you like it ;)
DJJackD Great tune from a killer METAL band. ANVIL. ROCK!

AnvilWinged Assassins

| play
fearshop Mercyful Fate - At the Sound of the Demon Bell
DJJackD The first female of METAL. You gotta give props to Lita Ford. In a world full of dudes she kicked A$$. ROCK!
DJJackD This will get you up and moving this AM. Get out there and start your day. MOVE IT! ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots. Skullcrushingly awesome tune!
DJJackD Maiden always makes the day better. This is the home strech peeps. ROCK!
DJJackD More Maiden = More gooder Day. ROCK!

Dance of the death Iron Maiden

| play
DJJackD It's cold out there so I guess winter is a coming. The METAL will keep us warm. ROCK!
DJJackD DANZIG always kicks A$$. ROCK!

Danzig-Until you call on the dark

| play
fearshop Bronx Casket Co. - No Miracles
DJJackD Pete steel is one scary mofo. Still ROCKS!
fearshop Metal Church - In Harm's Way - Shouts to @SpinningDiscs @DamnTheMan @Fangbaby @AC_DC_ASIC @brianmaiden

Metal Church-In Harm's Way [Lyrics In The Video]

| play
DJJackD DIO - Always gets you moving no matter what day it is. ROCK!
fearshop Death Angel – Kill As One
DJJackD KISS - Big songs and big tunes. RR Hall of fame bound. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Great AC/DC tune. This one will get you moving this morning. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Check out the METAL band from Chris Jericho. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD IT's another cold Monday and I hate cold Mondays. Let's start up the METAL all over again and keep going. ROCK!
CaboCrazy Black Sabbath – Children of the Sea
DJJackD I am going to hit and run and get out of here as fast as I can because it is the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD It's Friday and the weekend is on. This one goes out to all the weekend warriors. Keep warm and keep METAL going all weekend. ROCK!

Aerosmith: Kings and queens

| play
DJJackD Somebody save me from bad music on the radio. Thank god for Satalite radio. ROCK!
sarahcarina He is right, come to Italy! I'll teach ya! lmao @Schoork: "i have to learn japanese LOL@DirtyUrine: "ビールください??? go to Italy!! LMAO!!! ~" (reblip)
DJJackD Its's Mid week and we are rolling on to the weekend. We are almost there so lets keep the tunes going. This will help. ROCK!
sarahcarina RB ! @AC_DC_ASIC: "Michael Schenker Group - Armed And Ready" (reblip)


| play
Maverick77 Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become :: "Somebody help me tame this animal..." @WakeAppMusic @Bubbly3 @CooperHarris @bebamaisumcopo
jbizarro Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence live @ Rock Am Ring
DJJackD The only thing to get me through a Monday is the good tunes from Fellow Blipsters. Keep it coming. ROCK!
OmeRoon Scar Symmetry – "Underneath the Surface"
DJJackD New week is upon us but the music keeps getting better no matter how much time passes. METAL = Better week. ROCK!

Pantera-This Love

| play
DJJackD It's time to break out of here and run to the bar. Day is out. Have a good night all and keep ROCKING!


| play
DJJackD This goes out to everyone going to see KISS on this tour. I will be foing to MSG in NYC Sat. to see KISS. ROCK!

KissLove Gun

| play
DJJackD Great cover of a Sabbath tune. Pantera really kicked some serious A$$. ROCK!
DJJackD New song from KISS. Sounds like 80's era KISS but still a good tune. Check it out. All METAL all the time. ROCK!

KISS- sonic boom- Modern Day Delilah

| play
DJJackD Great cover of a sweet song by the great ACE! good choice @Schoork: "Ace Frehley - Fox On The Run" (reblip)

Fox On The Run Ace Frehley

| play
DJJackD Tuesday is almost over. METAL still blasting. ROCK!

MegadethGo to Hell

| play
DJJackD Great pipes from UDO. Restless and Wild like many of us. ROCK!
DJJackD The way you warm up in cold weather is to blast more METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD It is getting cold out there. Perfect METAL weather. Throw on the Leather jacket and throw back some JACK. ROCK!
TimBravo The real thing.

Orion- Metallica

| play
DJJackD The day is almost over I can smell the fresh air from outside. We are almost there. ROCK!

The CultFire Woman

| play
Maverick77 Yngwie Malmsteen – Facing The Animal
fearshop Death Angel - Voracious Souls - Thanks @Darkangelkas
DJJackD Totally 80's METAL video. Pretty entertaining, check it out. ROCK!
CMFlinn Deep Purple – Space Trucking
DJJackD Monday is almost in the books so hang in there a little longer. Listen to the Scorps on Monday. ROCK!

ScorpionsThe Zoo

| play
DJJackD RUSH on this going fast Thursday. Good tuned really do make the day go by fast. ROCK!

rush subdivisons

| play
DJJackD 5PM can't roll around fast enough. The tunes will help it get here faster. METAL to the rescue once again. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is a rocking tune from HELIX. The more tunes I play the more I just want to jump through a glass window and run out. ROCK!

helix wild in the streets

| play
fearshop Machine Head - Halo

Machine Head Halo

| play
DJJackD This is truly a great tune and a great way to keep your day on a good musical note. ROCK!

NirvanaIn Bloom

| play
DJJackD AIC always gets my blood boiling. Great tune to get you all pumped up to conquer the day. ROCK!

Alice in ChainsWould

| play
DJJackD I hope this week flys by really fast. Football is in full stride now and the weekends now rule. ROCK!
DJJackD I have to get off to a fast start since I am a day behind. I want to deliver the best tunes. So here we go. ROCK!
DJJackD I slept through Monday so This is METAL TUESDAY. I am already behind so I am going to catch up on the METAL fast. ROCK!
DJJackD A great way to end the day of great tunes is playing KISS. Have a good night and don't forget to ROCK!
DJJackD It is almost time to go home. A few more tunes will get me to 5PM. Keep it coming. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD I have the magic power to play kick A$$ tunes all day. ROCK!

Triumph Magic Power

| play
DJJackD AC/DC is just what the Dr. ordered. This will get you moving from that afternoon slump. Get up and ROCK!


| play
fearshop Nevermore - The Learning
flinndc Lay Down Sally

Eric Clapton Lay Down Sally live 1978 (audio)

| play
DJJackD Nothing like a littlw RUSH to close out your day. RUSH to the store and buy the new ACE and Megadeth albums. ROCK!


| play
evilkitty Flashback Friday: Cinderella ~ Nobody's Fool - I'd be Tom Keifer's fool ANY DAY!
DJJackD It's the weekend music lovers and I am counting down the hours until I start a 3 day weekend. Help me by playing good tunes. ROCK!
DJJackD Dam this guy can sing. Skid Row on countdown to the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD It's one day closer to the weekend and we are going to kick it off in true METAL style. ROCK!
DirtyUrine ditto! @AwenMind: "Awesome song! Great pick! @DamnTheMan: "GodSmack – Awake"" (reblip)


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bondidwhat Feeling a little giddy. It is Friday, after all.

Dokken-Alone Again (Official Music Video)

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DJJackD I am going to meet ACE tomorrow in NJ. Can't wait. Are any blipers out there going. Let me know. ROCK!

KissShock Me

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fearshop Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King
DJJackD Great way to keep the METAL going today with a little PRIEST. ROCK!

Judas Priest-Heading out to the Highway

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DirtyUrine thnx 4 the Yngwie! ~ @vix_rock: Trilogy suite OP5 here is Some More Shredding For you.and For My Another #Metal Bruv!! @OmeRoon \m/ @black6water6park6 (reblip)
AC_DC_ASIC Badlands – Winter's Call

BadlandsWinter's Call

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DJJackD I hear voices in my head. They tell me to blast more METAL. I WILL. ROCK!


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AC_DC_ASIC Badlands – Dreams in The Dark
AC_DC_ASIC Badlands – High Wire

BadlandsHigh Wire

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DJJackD Go to war with your co-workers and blast this tune while you rush into battle. The battle of tunes. You will win. ROCK!

Black Sabbath-War Pigs

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LeandroAzevedo Suicidal Tendencies - I Hate You Better

Suicidal Tendencies I ll Hate You Better

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DJJackD ALL DAY METAL in full gear speeding to the weekend. We are almost there so keep the METAL rolling and help us get there. ROCK!
flinndc awesome song fantastic video ... explosives on my lips and in my lungs...
DJJackD It's getting cold out there, I better put on a flannel shirt to keep me warm. Bringing back the Grundge look. ROCK!


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TrainWreckRadio @vixxeninpink I tried to hold off on the party til you got here, but it's #BigHairThursday on I couldn't hold them off any longer! (reblip)

XYZ "When I Find Love"

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DJJackD Here is a great tune from the bad boys from BOSTON. Aerosmith. ROCK!

Aerosmith: Kings and queens

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DJJackD The master of Horror ALICE COOPER. Horror and METAL coming together. This is the season for it. Holloween rules. ROCK!
DJJackD We made it to the weekend. It is offically here so lets start it off the right way with some kick A$$ tunes. ROCK!

CinderellaShake Me

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AcidBlack Anthrax – W.C.F.Y.A : We've come for you all! Yes, even you!


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DJJackD We are in the home streach. I can see the finish line and I am going to push it. Here we go. ROCK!
AcidBlack Machine Head – The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears (Live) : Still one of my current favorites. Prost!!
DJJackD JJ is a female rocker who really kicks major A$$. She can kick my a$$. ROCK!
Fondello @Ale_Bruxs tudo bem tb.. afinal.. sol em SP finalmente!!! Tava achando que eu ia mofar de tanta chuva!
flinndc She Rides


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DJJackD I am going to keep the tunes rolling with UFO. I am going to help you all forget what you are doing by playing good tunes. ROCK!

UFOLights Out

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DJJackD Good tunes help me forget about work and make my day go by faster. Keep is going Blipsters. ROCK!


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LilFili "Got no not lover..." <--- How sad!! (reblip)
DJJackD AC/DC - to get you going on this lazy Wednesday. If this doesn't get you going nothing will. ROCK!
zx10r07 hehe... How are you today?@SkyeCebh: "Oh Hey Sweetness! ♥ 2 more good qualities to go.. @zx10r07: "Morning! @SkyeCebh (reblip)
DirtyUrine HELLS YEAH! ~ April Wine – Bad Boys !!

April WineBad Boys

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DJJackD Is it just me or is this week moving so slowly that we are actually moving backwards. Ponder that one. ROCK!
flinndc Run of the Mill '74(Rocka Rolla)
DJJackD Thanks to all the kick a$$ blipsters out there for taking the time to play great tunes. You all rule. ROCK!
flinndc Burning our bed

Alice cooper-Burning our bed

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DJJackD Tell that co-worker who does not like METAL to go to HELL! ROCK!

MegadethGo to Hell

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DJSPEEDYZ Love this album more and more give it a listen

Five Finger Death Punch "Hard to See" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO NEW SINGLE album "War is the Answer"

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fearshop Emperor - Curse You All Men
Schoork W.A.S.P. – Forever Free

W.A.S.P.Forever Free

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DJJackD New Megadeth tune 44 Min. Really a kick A$$ in your face song. Killer riffs. Blast this tune in the AM. WAKE UP! ROCK!

Megadeth 44 minutes

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DJJackD Another new ACE FREHLEY tune. ACE rules. Check it out. ROCK!
fearshop Celtic Frost - Necromantical Screams
DJJackD Well it's Thursday and we are almost at the weekend. Hang in there. This is a new ACE FREHLEY tune. Cover of a sweet song. IT ROCKS!
CMFlinn Iron Maiden – Be Quick or Be Dead (one more of the Fear of the Dark Album)
DJJackD We are in the home stretch now. The day is almost out and I have my fellow blipsters to thank for it. ROCK!

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

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DJJackD This is my favorite AIC tune. Great band still to this day. ROCK!

Alice In Chains Them Bones

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Schoork W.A.S.P. – The Idol

W.A.S.P.The Idol

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DJJackD So what if your co-workers hate you. You will forever be known ad the "METAL GUY" of the office. ROCK!

lita ford-hungry

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DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the freaks out there. Enjoy this nice weather because it will not last. ROCK!
FullMetalRadio \m/ +++ Damageplan – Pride +++


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DJJackD This is truly a great summer song. Post your favorite summer METAL/ROCK songs. 2009 the summer of METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Its going to be a hot one today METAL HEADS. Stay in close range of an air conditioner and throw back shots of Crown. ROCK!
fearshop Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
darcydarcy This one's not for you, this one's for ME! :D

Slayer- Raining Blood

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DJJackD To get through this Monday jump on top of the boss's desk and call him a SMF. It will make you feel better. ROCK!

Twisted SisterS.M.F

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DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL for all of you METAL maniacs out there. I know Monday's suck but blast some METAL to get through it. ROCK!
fearshop Motley Crue - Too Young to Fall in Love
DJJackD Lets start off the morning the right way. This tune will help get you to noon. Sit back, relax and ROCK!

Rob ZombieDragula

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fearshop Iron Maiden - To Tame a Land
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on this Thurday in August. Spread the word of METAL at work today. Be "That GUY" ROCK!

Def LeppardWomen

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DJJackD This one goes out to the METAL HEADS stuck at work today. Fight back against "the man" and blast this tune. ROCK!
DJJackD Grab a cup of coffee this morning and blast some METAL to piss off your co-workers. It's worth it. ROCK!


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augustotmw "I will give you those things you thought unreal. The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal!" #blacksabbathday
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL HEADS. The weekend is almost here and so is the party. Kick it off the right way with METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to Mid-week METAL for the METAL giants out there. The week is almost over so get ready to booze it up. ROCK!
DJJackD Keep the good tunes rolling. the day will be over before you know it. METAL the only way to get to 5PM. ROCK!

Y&TSummertime Girls

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fearshop @fearshop: "Dio – Rock n' r children/long live rock n roll live japan 85" (reblip)
DJJackD The only way to get through the rest of the day is to ROCK. This one will help you get to 5PM faster. ROCK!

RattLay It Down

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fearshop Overkill "I Hate" (reblip)

Overkill "I Hate"

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DJJackD Morning METAL HEADS. Here is a kick A$$ tune for all of you recovering from the weekend. Drink some coffee and ROCK!
DJJackD Tell your girl your dumping her and jumping in your car and running free to live the METAL life. ROCK!
DJJackD All I have to say is LEMMY. Nuff said. ROCK!
DJJackD Call your boss from the beach and tell him your blasting METAL and drinking beers so F*** off. ROCK!
DJJackD It's Mid-day METAL on this Hotter than HELL Thursday. Set up a cooler full of beers on your desk and ROCK!
DJJackD Its to hot out there to argue with people. Just punch them in the face and move on. ROCK!
DJJackD I want to give a shout out to all of my listeners it is a pleasure to provide some kick ass METAL to the masses. ROCK!

DioThe last in line

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DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL HEADS. Its another hot one out there so try to stay cool. DIO to start you off. ROCK!
SpinningDiscs Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Mental Health)... Shout Out & Thanks: @yarina, @rosecryst, @anebulosa, @anonymoose
DJJackD If you feel the need to get out of work now, stand up and scream for METAL and walk out. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on Wednesday. It is about to rain here in NYC but the METAL will keep rolling. ROCK!
DJJackD It's a hot one out there so keep the METAL cranking and the booze flowing. Crown on the rocks please. ROCK!


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DJJackD It's Mid-week METAL on this Wed. morning and I am tired and need some JACK to wake me up. Get out there and ROCK!

Dokken "Into The Fire"

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DJJackD Welcome to the weekend METAL FREAKS. Lets start it off the right way and if the boss has a problem, f*** it. ROCK!