markharger Love is in the House by Tobymac Speaking of the house JC's building 4 Lisa @deepwaterscoach :)
markharger "Finally Make it Home" Plz pray 4 my son Charles, USMC. pallbearer tomorrow for fellow Marine KIA last week in Afghanistan. Home /w Jesus! John 14:2,3

Mercy Me Finally Home video

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markharger Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns. Our tears flowing from His hands into our very own bottle Ps 56:8 & Heb4:14-16

Praise You In This Storm

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DeepWatersCoach I could use some peace of mind! From @NickDevious: Boston – Peace of Mind (reblip)

BostonPeace of Mind

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kirkill Nuno Bettancourt - Midnight Express
markharger The snow has gotten 2 me "You May Be Right"...I've gone CRAZY :)
DeepWatersCoach For my DD on her special day! Stevie Wonder--Isn't She Lovely
markharger This is the day the Lord has made! "Give it All You Got" by Chuck Mangione, @NickDevious@deepwaterscoach@Nicklosc@AliveinMe@kasons4@wethepeople5
DeepWatersCoach Thx to @NickDevious, I've FINALLY found this song on blip! Thx, Nick! "Herbie Hancock - Stitched Up (Featuring John Mayer)" (reblip)
markharger God is calling me back 2 work :) "Trying 2 make a livin & doing the best I can.." by Allman Bros" also 4 @deepwaterscoach@msqueen28@GumboCzar@Nicklosc (reblip)

The Allman Brothers Band- Ramblin' Man

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DeepWatersCoach For @EdenValley "Something in the Way She Moves" by James Taylor

Bring It On ... Steven Curtis Chapman

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vawithchildren @deepwaterscoach @dimplesAng @CheriDouglas By His Wounds, GM Twitterverse, (my tidbit), Amen to this (reblip)

Mac Powell By His Wounds

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scubadogg Big black horse and a cherry tree... nice acoustic version
vawithchildren Where You Go I Go @AliveinMe @cupcakes5 @dimplesAng @markharger @deepwaterscoach Amen, He is always good

Where You Go I Go -Kim Walker / Jesus Culture

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markharger Headed out 2 daughter's jazz concert! Enjoy "Sing,Sing,Sing" @deepwaterscoach

Benny Goodman Orchestra Sing Sing Sing from Hollywood Hotel

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markharger Oh What a Beautiful Morning by Ray Charles & Count Basie 4 #FF peeps like @jillosophy@rimshot1000@scream4freedom@deepwaterscoach@msqueen28@NickDevious
vawithchildren @deepwaterscoach, @wethepeople5, @markharger, A love song I imagine from the lover of our souls--GN my friends
DeepWatersCoach @markharger @RobertELeeandme @NickDevious @brilliantsass @peaceriver @Bahamabob Since we're on a Doobie Bros kick, can't really leave this 1 out.

China Grove

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garyharders We all know people like this.

Christmas Music "You're a Mean One Mr Grinch", T Ravenscroft

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DeepWatersCoach So what if I heard it first on Bugs Bunny when I was 4? It's still great music!
DeepWatersCoach OK, trying again w/ Mahler--the other version was abbreviated. How can one abbreviate Mahler???!!!

Everlasting God (Chris Tomlin)

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David Crowder- I Will Not be Silent

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AliveinMe The LIVELY song by Israel that I loved when he opened for Tomlin (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach OK, time to lean on the cheesy disco for desk-clearing motivation!
Nadir_MoG Michael Buble – Sway

Michael BubleSway

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markharger Thot U brada's & sista's might like the soulful sound of M. McDonald be4 I run 2 work. Enjoy! @deepwaterscoach@wethepeople5@NickDevious@msqueen28
markharger Like the singin trucks? "I've Been Everywhere Man" 4 all esp @texasps@wethepeople5@NickDevious@deepwaterscoach@GumboCzar@msqueen28@kasons4@Nicklosc :)

I've been everywhere man-johnny cash

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markharger Black Water by the Doobie Bros. With over 2 feet of snow I'm missin Mississippi! Esp 4 @msqueen28@GumboCzar@NickDevious@deepwaterscoach@Nicklosc Nite!
Nadir_MoG "Stevie B - Get This Party Started [DJ A-Less Remix]" (reblip)
markharger "me & God" (by JT) makes a majority! 4 all esp 4 the coach @deepwaterscoach :)

Josh TurnerMe And God

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markharger @deepwaterscoach: "@NickDevious TY 4 this song & thanks be 2 JC ! The GR8 Restorer! @GumboCzar@msqueen28@AliveinMe@skygirl1435@cupcakes5@kasons4 (reblip)

Enigma ~~ Return to Innocence ~~

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Nadir_MoG Massive Attack – Be Thankful For What You've Got @deepwaterscoach
shortygal The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again
DeepWatersCoach Ever feel like life is just running on a treadmill? Well, maybe that can be fun (watch the vid).

OK Go Here It Goes Again The Treadmill Video

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DeepWatersCoach Very fun vid @wendybalman turned me on to. OK Go--Here It Goes Again (The Treadmill Video) (reblip)

OK Go Here It Goes Again The Treadmill Video

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OK Go Here It Goes Again The Treadmill Video

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BetaSantAna1 i listened this today! i luv it too!


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DeepWatersCoach A little inspiration for @vawithchildren & @markharger during their basement cleaning today...

whistle while you work w/ lyrics

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kirkill Spin Docs - 2 Princes - "Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince." (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach via @markharger: Mark Knopfler Irish Boy (reblip)

Mark Knopfler Irish boy ....Spring Pictures

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BetaSantAna1 @devlps: "For Me????@BetaSantAna: "this is for u.."" ..maybe.. lol!!! (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach What a great version of an Eagles classic! via @dianreid: "Etta James...takin it to the limit... how bout you, @deepwaterscoach?" (reblip)
markharger Stevie Wonder ~~> Overjoyed ~~> It's How JC feels about Lisa @deepwaterscoach (reblip)
markharger The Rascals ~~> A Beautiful Morning! TY JC 4 @sterque8 @PattyTownley @Poealein @deepwaterscoach @wendybalman
DeepWatersCoach via @financialrunner: "I get knocked down; But I get up again; You're never going to keep me down. #songoftheday" (reblip)
vawithchildren He's not finished with me yet, He's up to something. We're not here for nothing! @deepwaterscoach @wethepeople5

Pinky and The Brain Sing-Along

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DeepWatersCoach via @markharger: "Very nice cover of "Long Train Running" ~~> w/o love of JC where would we be now? @NickDevious @brilliantsass @Poealein @texasps" (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach Tansk, DF! @wendybalman: "@deepwaterscoach This is for you and DD!!! ;)" (reblip)

IONA J11 divine presence

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Big House-Audio Adrenaline w/lyrics

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kirkill J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame
markharger Gravity by Shawn Mcdonald TY JC 4 keeping us safe even while flying HIGH w/ U @deepwaterscoach @brilliantsass @wendybalman @Poealein @dimplesAng

Shawn McdonaldGravity

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markharger Ready, set, GO~~>"From Sunrise 2 Sunset"~~>Paul Wright 4 all esp~~> @wendybalman @deepwaterscoach @brilliantsass @skygirl1435 @in2joy @soberdude40 (reblip)

From Sunrise To Sunset by Paul Wright w/ lyrics

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markharger TY @drsunilk: 4 "In the Middle of the Night" GM peeps! TY JC! @vawithchildren @deepwaterscoach @brilliantsass @wendybalman @NickDevious @KathyLoh (reblip)

Billy Joel -The River of Dreams

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Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

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markharger This EW&F "Shining Star" goes out 2 all my early morning music peeps @vawithchildren @texasps @cupcakes5 @msqueen28 @SheGathers_Rain @deepwaterscoach

Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star

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markharger @texasps: "RB @cupcakes5: "Massive Attack - Be Thankful For what You've Got (love this song!) Very cool! @vawithchildren @deepwaterscoach @jillosophy (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach via @wendybalman: "@brilliantsass: "If we're ever gonna survive... @NickDevious @vawithchildren @RobertELeeandme" // Its time for crazy!" ALWAYS!!! (reblip)


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DeepWatersCoach LOVE this song! @markharger: "Return 2 Innocense by Enigma~~>TY JC 4 Born Again option! @vawithchildren @NickDevious @brilliantsass @wendybalman" (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach via @markharger: "Dire Straits~~>Sultans of Swing" Great song! (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach This soooo represents the 80s to me!

MadnessOur House

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DeepWatersCoach Here's hoping that you're having the time of your life!
lfamous fun song for today from the Waitresses
troya2 How 'bout a fast beating heart? "Watch it now. The Eagle in the sky" (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach This Scrubs scene is one of the scenes you feel most helpless watching...
shortygal Cake – Sheep Go to Heaven
DeepWatersCoach This song makes me want to skip and sing like a little girl!
scubadogg I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Howie DayCollide

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ethicalernie Schoolhouse Rocks 3 is the magic number
lfamous great '80s hit- "Don't You Want Me", baby.
DeepWatersCoach This is truly a danceable 80s song--classic!
shortygal Robbie Dupree – Steal Away
shortygal Climax Blues Band – I Love You
DeepWatersCoach @hetty4christ You blipped a Phil Collins song earlier & shared how it impacted your life--I always feel loved by God when I hear this one.
shortygal The Doobie Brothers – China Grove
lfamous "remember when we were driving, driving in your car..."
DeepWatersCoach I cannot believe how many covers there are of this song! Had a hard time finding this amid all of them!
DeepWatersCoach In celebration of the Rockies Home Opener today--wahoo, the Boys of Summer are back!
DeepWatersCoach Friday Morning Dance Party (yes, I'm starting a little early today)
scubadogg Eagles, the way it should be played...
scubadogg To my listeners - Here we go! To those on Twitter, I'll try not to post them there... Guess the Theme...
AliveinMe All about our is ALL about HIM! ;) This I have learned thru the years! AMEN!! (reblip)
AliveinMe Who wants to be Obsessed?? Place Jesus as your MAGNIFICENT ONE...that is what He is and more! :) (reblip)
AliveinMe Hold on ..and focus on Him...with any dare to move...with any issues in life...we are able to get thru them with Jesus! (reblip)
Clark_Griswold WeCanThinkOfNoGreaterTestamentToHerLifeThanCommitting Ourselves2WorkingEvenHarder2EnsureThatOtherChildrenAren’t Lost
shortygal Haircut 100 – Love Plus One
RoryStern oh you want to sing it.... <====== YOU HAVE TO SING IT (reblip)
RoryStern It's just one of "them" afternoons... Not for the feint of heart. ;-)

toolforty six & 2

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shortygal The Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love
AliveinMe Many blessings to you all from our awesome God who IS EVERLASTING!! (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach I'm feeling ready for some baseball! Play ball!
AliveinMe Psalm 136: Give thanks to the LORD for He is good!! His faithful love endures forever!!!!! (reblip)

Chris TomlinForever

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aimster This song is dedicated to a woman whom I loved dearly and was like a "mom" to me. She passed away unexpectedly today and my heart is hurting....
shortygal The Waitresses – I Know What Boys Like
DeepWatersCoach My DD sang and signed (ASL) this song for Palm Sunday service yesterday w/ the children's and adult choirs. Touched my heart so deeply.

Third DayAgnus Dei

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scubadogg Story of my nights lately... "I can't get to sleep / I think about the implications / Of diving in too deep / And possibly the complications..."
scubadogg One of the most touching moments of Scrubs. (Episode: My Philosophy) - go watch it!
shortygal The Hollies – Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)
AliveinMe so true we are made to love Him...we need to live it out...AMEN...He is so amazing! (reblip)

tobyMacMade To Love

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DeepWatersCoach @LynnSerafinn Here's one of my favorite lullabys for you--I hope you can sleep! (And I get to be a Fri. night DJ!)
DeepWatersCoach For a little afternoon vacation--don't forget to slow down once in awhile!

Billy JoelVienna

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shortygal Supertramp – Breakfast In America
Clark_Griswold Vry bad day. Blw out 2 tires, searched for hlp in the scorching hot desert, & ws ripped off by hicks who charged me $500 for 2 bld snw tires & a tow

Daniel Powter Bad day

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Artist_chic Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment great older tune
Artist_chic Flobots – Handlebars "I can ride my bike with no handlebars" @dj_atrophy


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sheryonstone rblpn ~~>>@Jen423 with thanks :) "Journey - Separate Ways" (reblip)
sheryonstone always love this one, thanks @seattle98122: ""Traveling Wilburys – Handle With Care Everybody gotz somebody to lean on!"" (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach For those of you who may have had a bad day, I wish you blue skies! (reblip)

Daniel Powter Bad day

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DeepWatersCoach Sometimes our messes make the most beautiful art...
DeepWatersCoach Another Wilcox sad song...but it's sooooo good!
DeepWatersCoach Another of my all-time David Wilcox songs...
DeepWatersCoach This song grabbed my heart in the 90s.
DeepWatersCoach Blipped another song from O Brother, Where Art Thou, and it made me crave this song!
DeepWatersCoach @scubadogg I know you've already asked Sami this question...;-)
DeepWatersCoach @LynnSerafinn @teknochik OK, I had 2 make up 4 that last Cheesy Disco Friday song. Get ur dancing shoes on. Here's my all-time fave Cheesy Disco song!
shortygal Big Country - In A Big Country

Big Country - In A Big Country

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shortygal The English Beat – Save It For Later
shortygal Wang Chung – Everybody Have Fun Tonight
shortygal Earth Wind And Fire – Boogie Wonderland
shortygal Cake – Sheep Go to Heaven
scubadogg "Like the flower needs the rain, you know I need you. Yes, I'll start it all again - you know I need you... " (reblip)

AmericaI Need You

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scubadogg If I gave you my hand would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world, If I told u my heart couldn't beat one more minute without u, girl
DeepWatersCoach God bless the broken road that led me straight to You!
DeepWatersCoach @LynnSerafinn @teknochik Just fo' you!

Freedom Williams of C&c Music Factory vs Rmd - Sweat! Everybody Dance Now! (The Hollywood Hot Mix)

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DeepWatersCoach @LynnSerafinn For my fave Friday dance partner! Wish I could have found the Earth, Wind, & Fire version. But this one goes out to you, my friend!
DeepWatersCoach From one of my favorite Hoops & Yoyo e-cards!
shortygal Haircut 100 – Love Plus One
Artist_chic Mozart – Fantasie in D minor "soothes the weary mind"
DeepWatersCoach For all of you dreaming dreams and living life, whatever obstacles you face, just do it all anyway!

AnywayMartina McBride

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lfamous @buffywoo I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater! (reblip)
DeepWatersCoach Shower the People You Love With Love--thank you, James Taylor!
Clark_Griswold "just lay your head back on the ground, let your hair spill all around me, offer up your best defense..."
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