Doggonahogg One of my favourite covers. Fuckin' lovely and dare I say, more powerful than the original (Shrug).
Doggonahogg Because I got reminded of the film of same name. Man it rocks.
Doggonahogg We need to still be using the kind of special effects that are in this video. Come on, people. Get with it.
Doggonahogg Because Mike Patton is awesome, this video is hilarious, and I totally agree with him.

Mike Patton Puts Wolfmother In Their Place

| play
DeAnnLR vi@Atomic_Llama ~Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath~ (reblip)
Doggonahogg @backasswards How about you skip the middleman and just listen to Irish music? :P Just a thought.
Doggonahogg Dustin' off a classic.

Simon And Garfunkel-I Am A Rock

| play
Doggonahogg All your hardness / All your softness / And your mercy.
Doggonahogg My ideals / Have got me on the run.

SmogVessel in Vain.

| play
Doggonahogg It's a fucking beautiful day here. So I'm off for a walk and a look around. Catch you maniacs later.

Velvet Underground Who Loves the Sun

| play
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "@Doggonahogg" - Internet crapped out for a while there :P Love this movie too. You are good ;) (reblip)
Doggonahogg Don't know why I randomly thought of these guys. But anyway this song is awesome.


| play
Doggonahogg This, too. From Bad Brains' self-titled album - very likely the best punk album of all time. A contender, anyway.

Bad Brains-Pay to Cum

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards - Classic QT. Love this fucking speech from Kill Bill Vol2. Plus David Carradine was amazing.
lalunajade Meshuggah ~ Soundwave 20/2 :D Saweeet!
lalunajade Pity the mate of Queen Mantis, so content, but so headless_Love this tune_

CLUTCH- The Dragonfly

| play
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "@Doggonahogg" - Thanks sweets. I actually remember this playing at my "going away" party. (reblip)
Doggonahogg rb @DJHelloKitty, who is doin' some choice blippin' tonight, as per usual. (reblip)


| play
Doggonahogg @barbsobel: "heh," - There was a week where I listened to this everyday. I was just getting into Bungle ;) (reblip)
Doggonahogg Oh take me back to the start.
Doggonahogg Beer is not dark / Beer is not light / It just tastes good / Especially tonight.
pseudus Switching it up without losing focus....

Beastie Boys- Sounds Of Science

| play
Doggonahogg Because I fucking wish I had "Sexy Beast" on dvd right now.
Doggonahogg Matadors chase the bulls in a china shop.
Doggonahogg When you blow out like a dead star/ It reminds me how uniform your beautiful is. @backasswards

Matthew GoodGiant

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards - Too sick to go out and buy food :( Guess I'll have to get by on oatmeal and dust.
DJHelloKitty Immie in her purest form... so beautiful!! :) @Doggonahogg
Doggonahogg These guys rock. Almost forgot about them.
Doggonahogg Thanks to @riseandroar :)

The Beatles- You Never Give Me Your Money, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight & The End

| play
Doggonahogg rb @riseandroar: "lord have mercy for what we done / lord have mercy when 2 people get along" - I don't know these guys. But I should I think. (reblip)
Koshka Here ya go @Doggonahogg they all intertwine with each other. You have probably heard this one.
Doggonahogg rb @st1ph1n: "roadkill has its seasons just like anything: there's possums in the autumn and farm cats in the spring" #tomwaitssaturday (reblip)
Doggonahogg rb @SpyroKeet Yeah this song is amazing. His best. (reblip)

Albuquerque by Weird Al Yankovic

| play
Doggonahogg rb @SuzySue - Oh man forgot about this one. You rock tonight! (reblip)
Doggonahogg Because I just realized Matt had put out another album since "Hospital Music".
Doggonahogg This ain't no Bryan Adams song, dang it.

Boards of canada1969

| play
Doggonahogg This just popped into my head. I'm pretty okay with it.
Doggonahogg And you never did learn to let the little things go.
Doggonahogg rb @HighPlainsDrfter: "feels like a great day for a road trip....if I was...this is what I would be listening too." - You, sir, have correct ideas. (reblip)


| play
Doggonahogg rb @barbsobel: "well, clearly. @2liveis2fly @Doggonahogg @prjmongo" - Are you sure? I've met some sheep that were real dicks. (reblip)

CAKE "Sheep Go To Heaven"

| play

Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity

| play
Doggonahogg Lounge Lizards, always absofuckinglutely necessary.

Monsters Over Bangkok/ The Lounge Lizards

| play
Doggonahogg rb @bilda: "@Doggonahogg" - Love Toots/Maytals but I've never heard this one! Thanks :) (reblip)
Doggonahogg And all that I want / And all that I need / And all that I got / Is scattered like seed.

Joanna Newsom :: Sadie

| play
Doggonahogg Good morning my fortuitous little sock monkeys.

Hüsker Dü- New Day Rising

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards - and the full song :)

Jack Black " Lets Get It On " ( Full Version )

| play
Doggonahogg This song is always so necessary.

millencolinno cigar

| play
Doggonahogg This one is sad as hell. But good.

Our Lady PeaceThief

| play
Doggonahogg They were still okay around this time. But after "Gravity" it all went to hell.
Doggonahogg Take it from a Canadian, early Our Lady Peace is best. Forget "Somewhere Out There", it fucking sucks.

Our Lady PeaceNaveed

| play
Doggonahogg These guys are so extremely great. And they do my favourite cover of this song.

Galaxie 500Ceremony

| play
Doggonahogg Thought of this cause she has sang with Peter Gabriel. Great singer. This song is pretty baller, too.
Doggonahogg rb @Gaz50: "Marillion - Warm Wet Circles" - First time I've seen a Marillion blip other than my own. Nice! (reblip)

Marillion Warm Wet Circles

| play
xaryo The Smiths – Pretty Girls Make Graves (reblip)
Doggonahogg And a'roving a'roving a'roving I'll go, for a pair of brown eyes.
Doggonahogg Well, with an actual internet connection at my new place, I'm back in action. I ain't afraid of no ghosts, btw.

Ghostbusters theme song-Ray Parker Jr (With Lyrics)

| play
backasswards totally digging this one too! er..stop being so awesome. :P @Doggonahogg (reblip)
Doggonahogg I'm out for now. Internet is getting installed in my apartment tomorrow so I'll be back in business then. Good day, my lovelies.
BigLight One of my favorite jazz heads of all time. Listen to that TONE!
Doggonahogg It's getting better all the time.
Doggonahogg One afternoon, four thousand men, died in the water here...
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "cuz i know you love the scene @Doggonahogg" - :D :D :D Yup. <3 (reblip)

Punch Drunk Love He Needs Me

| play
HighPlainsDrfter I would have to throw this the conversation of essential punk rock @Doggonahogg ...but don't stop your
Doggonahogg rb @chelseagirl19 - Love Doug Stanhope. (reblip)

Doug Stanhope on fear in US news media [Newswipe S2E1]

| play
Doggonahogg @DJHelloKitty How are you today? And thank for you being like incontrovertibly awesome, btw :)
backasswards <3 old skewl korn...and i broke my glasses..>,<


| play
Doggonahogg This is the hour when the mysteries emerge / A strangeness so hard to reflect.

Joy DivisionKomakino

| play
Doggonahogg rb @Carolynnnn - Your welcome. And yeah the time keeps changing for me, too. (reblip)
Carolynnnn @Doggonahogg English class...a great place to be introduced to music. Of course. To keep with the bs theme..but not bs. Ha
Doggonahogg One of my favourite Belle & Sebastian songs.

Belle & Sebastian -Funny Little Frog-

| play
FunkShoi I've just said hi, woman in the park.

Jenny by Flight of the Conchords

| play
Doggonahogg Somebody go tell Marketa Irglova I want to marry her. I can wait.

Marketa Irglova "if you want me"

| play
Doggonahogg I guess everything just circles 'round to where it was before.
Doggonahogg Eep, gotta get some sleep. Last day home tomorrow before moving. G'night @backasswards and all you other maniacs.
DavidJurado The Dillinger Escape Plan – sugar coated sour
DJHelloKitty ♺ RB! @Darkangelkas: "..and the crowd goes wild.. and the camera makes you sea-sick.. Deftones – Hexagram" (reblip)


| play
Doggonahogg I can't believe it's happening / It's coming true somehow.
Doggonahogg Into the past, we'll all descend / We'll hope and pray that it won't end.
Doggonahogg Sigur Ros makes for superb "snowed in" music.

sigur rosstaralfur

| play
Doggonahogg Immortal Technique - Golpe de Estado


| play
Doggonahogg "Shaming of the True" truly is a masterpiece. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
Doggonahogg Wine in the morning / And some breakfast at night.
Doggonahogg Mornin' my little scrumptious munchkins.
Doggonahogg Have a seat, buckos, and listen up while I tell ya this here sea shanty! I...I'm sorry. I'm a fucking nerd.

WEEN"The Mollusk"

| play
zamfir Jack Kerouac – Friday Afternoon in the Universe
Doggonahogg This song is addictive, I warn you.

SpoonI Summon You

| play
Doggonahogg Tired and wired, we ruin to easy / We sleep in our clothes and wait for winter to leave.
Doggonahogg If Sergio Leone's films had a hardcore soundtrack.

Bane Both Guns Blazing

| play
Doggonahogg And now for pure Melvins.
Doggonahogg Just realized I haven't posted any Melvins yet at all. Sigh what.

Manic Street Preachers-IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruthForOneDayItsWorldWouldFallApart (US Mix) (Lyrics)

| play
Doggonahogg Somewhere in a tenement, in a well-thumbed magazine / Someone finds a photograph that triggers off a dream.

MarillionTux On

| play
Doggonahogg @dirtylittlesecret Morning :) Ooh, there's this one! Awesome video. Reminds me of being a kid in the 90's.
Doggonahogg @backasswards - Don't worry, I like being reminded of David Lynch films. Like this song from Mulholland Drive.
Doggonahogg Okay time to get down to business. I'll be blipping more sporadically for a while.
Doggonahogg Further proof that Nick Cave a) can do no wrong and b) is the baddest motherfucker around.
LocoStavos If i could buy this song a drink and clumsily try to make out with it in the parking lot i would.

MorphineThe Night

| play
Doggonahogg The show the show it must go on / I can't stop I won't stop I will not.
Doggonahogg I got the whiskey baby I got the whiskey / I got the cigarettes.

Morphine Super Sex

| play
Doggonahogg I don't want you to be alone down there, be alone down there.

Alone Down There- Modest Mouse

| play
Doggonahogg Because I'm all the about soundtracks. From the great, classic Japanese animated film, Akira.
Doggonahogg Every night about every night about every night about / Every night about eleven o' clock.
Doggonahogg I'm pleased at the amount of Morphine love I've seen on blip. This is for you guys.

MorphineAll Wrong

| play
Doggonahogg Hang on to me people / We're going down / Down among the fishes in an absence of sound.
Doggonahogg Well now I've gone and made myself nostalgic. Look what you did, @airelav! Thank you btw :P
struggleville I'm looking for recent bands that you think have been influenced by the 80's. Use the hashtag #80sinfluence Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
Doggonahogg This desire to possess her is a wound / And its naggin' at me like a shrew.
BeatJunkie @Doggonahogg - gotta give Corner Brook props, yo... great voice.
kitt_pupp i like my sugar with coffee and cream
Doggonahogg rb @kitt_pupp: "moments of discovery :p" - I was thinking about Nightmare earlier! Nice :) (reblip)
xaryo @Doggonahogg: "rb @Modster: @arcticarab: "♫ .. "i've been creeping 'round this town because…well, creeping's just my way.."""" (reblip)
Doggonahogg No flight today. I'm now leavin' tomorrow at 6am :( *whines*. But at least I'm here for my baby, #tomwaitssaturday!
Doggonahogg Well, I go guruing down the street / Young people gather round my feet / Ask me things, but I don't know where to start.
LocoStavos i needed my whole body to hate thisguy with. now i have to know u exist fucker! rb@chelseagirl19@patbmusic @MoiraColleen@PauliAnnaDee@MCWhiteChocolate (reblip)
Doggonahogg rb @riseandroar: "laying in bed watching the snow soundtrack" (reblip)
Doggonahogg God I almost forgot about this one. It's fuckin' amazing. Perfect for #tomwaitssaturday.
Doggonahogg Speaking of Wes Anderson, this was on Rushmore soundtrack (2nd favourite of his films).
Doggonahogg Lovin' this because it reminds me of Bottle Rocket, my favourite Wes Anderson film.

LoveAlone Again Or

| play

MF Doom-Rapp Snitch Knishes

| play
Doggonahogg Appeared on the This Is England soundtrack.

The Upsetters-Return Of Django

| play

Death-Baptized in Blood

| play
Doggonahogg I was thinking about comic books, then that made me think of Dave Wyndorf, who is a huge comic geek. So here's some MM!
DJ_HeckaCool @mfrobben: "unbelievable track from elliott smith. KEXP song of the day." (reblip)
Doggonahogg Just try and not sing along to this after you've heard it more than once. Just try it. Good fucking luck.
Doggonahogg Let's call this my "you should be packing not blipping, motherfucker" song.
Doggonahogg One of the songs that convinced me long ago that I needed to be into punk rock.
Doggonahogg Also on the High Fidelity soundtrack. Lovely song.
Doggonahogg @backasswards - are you snowed in too like everyone else seems to be? I sure am.


| play
Doggonahogg So lovin' her right now. Such a classic voice and brilliant songwriter.

Laura Marling on Later with Jools Holland -New Romantic

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards - This too heh. I've performed both of these before. Fun.
Doggonahogg A gift to the gutter, a gift to the city the veins of which have broken me down.
Doggonahogg Inspired by @backasswards. On the Boogie Nights soundtrack, but doubly good cause it was also the theme song for Big Love.
st1ph1n @Doggonahogg another great song from another great Jean-Pierre Jeunet film
Doggonahogg rb @frspirit: "You're all magic ;) - Thank you! Lovely song, too :) (reblip)

Nick DrakeMagic

| play
Doggonahogg Alllll the people! So many people! They all go hand in hand Hand in hand through their parklife!
Doggonahogg rb @dirtylittlesecret David Gilmour's better than a lullaby. That really hit the spot. I can go to sleep happy. Thanks, doll. (reblip)

SmileDavid Gilmour

| play
Doggonahogg Just try not to have this stuck in your head. YOU CAN'T.
Doggonahogg Great song in a scene from the most romantic film of all time. One of my favourites.
GR8FL @CynDyn topic is about erasing blip name on RB - prop is nice, but would rather get acknowledgment. I handle it by not propping back.
Doggonahogg @dirtylittlesecret Oh what you're going for the marathon!? You crazy person! Haha. Good luck :)
Doggonahogg Yeah "Blood On The Tracks" is definitely my favourite Dylan album, I decided today.

Bob DylanIdiot Wind

| play
Doggonahogg Well, shit. I'm now almost at the 250 listeners badge. Nice O_O.
backasswards he's quite a fashion plate..:D @Doggonahogg (fdw'ing to you @Louden, cuz know)
Doggonahogg I had a film prof who liked to talk about the use of this song in Scorsese's "Mean Streets". Stuck with me.
Doggonahogg And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Beatles Medley- Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End

| play
chelseagirl19 Can NOT express how much this performance moves me.
Doggonahogg rb @ilklovn: "@Doggonahogg this came to mind now that we talk about autolux." - Cool ^_^ (reblip)
Coffeenuts afav,thx @THEORDEROFEARTH: Pan's labyrinth lullaby @Totengrber @Carmilla (reblip)

Pan's labyrinth lullaby

| play
Doggonahogg rb @BeatJunkie: "@Doggonahogg - "feel free to replip the f*ck out of this... ;)" - Don't mind if I do ;) (reblip)
Doggonahogg And it's a hard thing to love anyone, anyhow.
Doggonahogg If you need a little insanity in your night, I got you covered with this.

Mr. Bungle Carry Stress In The Jaw

| play
Doggonahogg You look better now than the last time / Still no better than before.

Babyshambles *8 Dead Boys*

| play
Doggonahogg Peter Doherty - A Little Death Around The Eyes

A Little Death Around The Eyes

| play
Doggonahogg @ilklovn You'll be pleased to know that I am listening through Autolux's "Future Perfect" right now. Lovin' it :D


| play
Doggonahogg And I swear to the stars / I'll burn this whole city down.
Doggonahogg For a stone in a tin can / Is wealth to the city man / Who leaves his armour down.
shortygal Crowded House – Don't Dream It's Over
Doggonahogg rb @2liveis2fly: "@Doggonahogg made me do it." Damn right I did! And if you know what's good for you you'll blip more Pavement. (reblip)
DuncanDogg I agree TOTALLY@ARainbowPill: "disturbing and heart breaking. Nick Cave is one of the best lyricist of all times." (reblip)
Doggonahogg rb @ilklovn: "How is school going?" - Great! Well, I mean it just started. But everybody there is awesome and I'm really excited about it :) (reblip)

Massive AttackAngel

| play
Doggonahogg Good afternoon, my scrumdiddlyumptious little peach pits.
2liveis2fly @Doggonahogg made me do it! Roy orbison singing for the lonely...
Doggonahogg 'Cause writin' rhymes to me / Is like Popeye to spinach. - Inspired by @shortygal
sasskarooni ok, i love blipping and all, but i'm not getting anything done, love n peace to you all!
Doggonahogg @faithlesshaze Your last few posts made me think of this :P
Doggonahogg Because @SuzySue convinced me it was time to get down. And this is my official gettin' down song.

Jackson 5ABC |HQ|

| play
Dolittle I nearly made it through the day without playing this but the time has come

CodesIn Algebra

| play
Doggonahogg From Angelo Badalamenti's score for David Lynch's The Straight Story (Great, underappreciated film btw).

Alvin's Theme

| play
LocoStavos Everything was fine eatin' homemade ice cream .I swear I never noticed maid of honor Marilee // This will get stuck in yr head if you give it a chance
Doggonahogg Now my name is M.C.A., I've got a license to kill / I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill.
Doggonahogg Brilliant idea using Requiem For A Dream w/ this.
DuncanDogg Perfect Day=Perfect Song.

Lou ReedPerfect Day

| play
Doggonahogg I just realized how fucking long it's been since I fucking watched Full Metal Jacket. What the fuck, people.

The Righteous Brothers -You've lost that loving feeling

| play
22Crystal22 @miriel ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫Thank you for the add♪♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪" - 9 more to get the 50 badge! (reblip)
HighPlainsDrfter yes I am....but not as much as this guy.
SuzySue since one is never enough (for me at least) here's another....@Doggonahogg


| play
Doggonahogg Beyond here lies nothin', but the mountains of the past.
Doggonahogg That creep can roll, man.

hotel california by the gipsy kings

| play
Doggonahogg It was dark all around / There was frost in the ground / When the tigers broke free.
THEORDEROFEARTH o*o thxs Brazil @laisslovely: ""If i was a flower growing wild and free. All i'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee."" (reblip)
Doggonahogg If you like hip-hop, you need to be listening to Ali. Just sayin'.
Doggonahogg @Lupe_22 I don't want to ruin your mood, but this had to be done ;)
shortygal Gorillaz – Dirty Harry

GorillazDirty Harry

| play
Doggonahogg Best song from the excellent "Death Magnetic".
Doggonahogg Well that's one way to lose these walking blues.

Paul Simon- Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

| play
Doggonahogg For @faithlesshaze, and because I want to watch UHF now.
Doggonahogg rb @THEORDEROFEARTH: "o*o @d_upsettah: "there goes the neighborhood muthaf*cka!"" (reblip)

Body Count "There Goes The Neighborhood"

| play
Doggonahogg And brother if I stepped on a worn out dime / I bet a nickel I could tell you if it was heads or tails.
barbsobel Good evening blippers!

Paul Simon Late In The Evening

| play
Gaz50 Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Zandy Great :) @Doggonahogg: "rb @mikemad - I'll take this over Gary Jules any day, thank you very much." (reblip)
Doggonahogg In our days we will live like our ghosts will live.
Doggonahogg Going for some sort of theme w/ this afternoon's blips. Reckon I'll figure out what it is soon.
Doggonahogg Hello my ghost / I'm here, I'm home.

Dan DeaconBuild Voice

| play
Doggonahogg @DavidJurado: "Did you say Where Do We Go From Here??? Now that all of the children are growing up. The Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play" (reblip)

The Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play

| play
DJEmpire1 I find you in the morning, after dreams of different signs. You pour yourself over me, like the distant sun through the blinds.
Doggonahogg rb @ilklovn: "@Doggonahogg chillin a bit here! check the hair of letterman in this." - Sweet fancy Moses. That's some head of hair. (reblip)

REMRadio Free Europe

| play
Doggonahogg I said the word powerless. Then I wanted to hear this song. Jam another dragon down the hole w/ me, good people of blip.
faithlesshaze " Abortion is green "

Doug Stanhope No Refunds pt 1.flv

| play
Doggonahogg The The - The Twilight Hour
ladypn If you have something to say you better say it now cause this is what you waited for, your chance to even up the score. as these shadows fall on me
marijaanadj Like always I MUST to RB :) @cattysheba: "Inspired by @PaulLiebrand......Love A Perfect Circle!!!" (reblip)

A Perfect Circle- Passive

| play
Doggonahogg Because the air outside will make / Our cells divide at an alarming rate.
Doggonahogg So tap at my window / Maybe I might let you in.
Doggonahogg Well, shit, my 1st day of culinary school postponed because of, well, you figure it out :P
Doggonahogg Being snowed in pushes me towards this type of song. Guess when you're stuck inside you want warmth + bursts of emotion.
Doggonahogg rb @Darkangelkas - I love this song, but the main thing is that you reminded me to put the coffee on ;) (reblip)

Caffeine by Faith No More

| play
Doggonahogg We talk about it all night long / We define our moral ground / But when I crawl into your arms / Everything comes tumbling down.
wire_mother She'll be wearing those bloo stockins I bet.
melodyofurlife @Doggonahogg had to hear this after your Hold Steady Blip
Doggonahogg I'm new to these guys, but dang they're pretty good.
Doggonahogg From David Lynch's Industrial Symphony No. 1. My favourite song from it.
Doggonahogg Inspired by @mark_till, and the barely conceivable awesomeness of Daft Punk.

Daft PunkVoyager

| play

Amanda Palmer: Exit Music by Radiohead at Sydney Opera House

| play

Let me Kiss You, Morrisey (with lyrics)

| play

Daft Punk-Homework-High Fidelity

| play
Doggonahogg Good morning, maniacs.

Supernatural by Divine Right

| play
Doggonahogg How I would love to gnaw / Gnaw on your bones so white.

Joanna Newsom :: Swansea

| play
Doggonahogg And it's getting strange in here / Yeah it's getting stranger every year.
Doggonahogg I coulda been a contender, I coulda been almost anything.
Doggonahogg It's got to be fate that's doing it / A spooky witch in a sexy dress has been bugging me.
Doggonahogg Only just getting into her, but she's good. And cute.

St. Vincent"Marrow"

| play

Helmet FBLA II live-(audio remaster)

| play

The Specials - Pressure Drop

| play


| play


| play
Doggonahogg rb @2pogi4u: "1 more Blip for you!@Doggonahogg" - Lovin' it. Thanks, dogg. (reblip)
Doggonahogg Got my coffee on. Oh thank fuck.

Tragically Hip-Coffee girl

| play
Doggonahogg Amazing performance right here.

The Mars Volta Roulette Dares live at big day out 2004

| play
Doggonahogg High five, look up, look alive, as the scions of history guess another mystery wrong.
Doggonahogg Because I frankly don't see enough McGowan-era Pogues blipped, which should be predominant.
Doggonahogg And another version. The one I'm used to.

Spiderman by Tenacious D

| play
Doggonahogg Mornin' my little roasty chestnuts.

Primal Scream "A Deep Hit of Morning Sun"

| play
Doggonahogg Don't tell me there's no hope at all.
Doggonahogg @ilklovn Haha yup! Have had all this week. I'm part of the modern world again :P
Doggonahogg So that @backasswards might hear some actually good stand-up comedy :P
Doggonahogg Cold as ice-cream but still as sweet.

BlondieSunday Girl

| play
Doggonahogg Sigur Ros - Hjartad hamast

hjartað hamast

| play
Doggonahogg You need The Kinks in your day. Trust me.
Doggonahogg Honey gotta help me please / Somebody gotta save my soul / Baby detonate for me.

Blur-End Of A Century

| play
Doggonahogg I hate to walk behind other people's ambition.
The45KlNG Madness – One Step Beyond
Doggonahogg This one goes out to the cool delivery guy who was here today and talked about Sepultura.
Doggonahogg Oh but you haven't missed a thing.
Doggonahogg And one more from "Silverman", for good measure.

Ben FoldsBastard

| play
Doggonahogg Because "Songs for Silverman" just doesn't get enough credit.

Ben FoldsLanded

| play