Lemon "Dazz Dazz, Disco Jazz" Get into the groove Blipsta.

BrickDazz (1976)

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Lemon Hypnotizing is the word.

Lo Fidelity All Stars-Nightime Story

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Lemon Sun shines over here, let's pick a sunny track.


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Lemon An Eighties Elvis cover I really like.

Fine Young Cannibals -Suspicious Minds

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Lemon Friday night, time to shake your hips
Lemon Fellow Dutchies. Great Groove. Great lyrics.

burma shave hippies

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Lemon Suds and soda mix okay with beer sometimes? I'm not too sure of that.
Lemon High time for some Rock 'n Roll. Go Hives, go!
Lemon Same as it ever was? By the way @Gaiya, that translation must have been Google's worst ever! I think I would have understood the English better:)
Lemon And signing off with Lemon's Tribute to MADchester. Do you remember the days?
Lemon A good morning from rainy Amsterdam
Lemon Could have been a daughter of Tom Tom Club
Lemon Uh... Yeah... Groove IS in the heart
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam.

Golden Years- David Bowie

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Lemon I really feel like singing out loud right now. Do you want to join in? WE...ARE...
Lemon Rare groove... Funky dudes from Belgium: The Wizards of Ooze

Wizards Of Ooze Hifi

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Lemon Signing off with my daily Stereo MC's track. Cheers Blipsta.


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Lemon It wasn't all bad music back in the Eighties

Work For LoveMinistry

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Lemon My favourite Cure song in an acoustic version
Lemon Ooooh yesss, this will make you feel chilled out big time!

LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS Dark Is Easy (Mastercuts Chilled)

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Lemon Nice Eighties alternative dance track

Work For LoveMinistry

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Lemon @musecrossing Some live in London CA, others somewhere near Toronto. Just around the corner from Montreal:)
Lemon When? On June 19 you can see Lemon live in Nijmegen, on June 26 you can see Lemon live in Breda :-P
Lemon Did you check this out yet? Grooowvy baby! My last one for now. I'm gonna switch the power off and go.
Lemon Some Silky Soul with a legendary groove for you. Never, never gonna give you up...
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam

Corinne Bailey Rae- Just Like a Star(+lyrics)

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Lemon @alfonvaina Hey man, how's things? Here's a nice track for a rainy afternoon.

Primal ScreamStar

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Lemon Cheers Blipstas. I'm gonna watch that other screen, a documentary of Dutch rock legend Herman Brood. Leavin' you with my daily Stereo MC's track.


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Lemon Call me a softie but I really like this song.
Lemon Thanx @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Great eighties funky tune. My Spine is the Bassline:) And a good morning from Amsterdam y'all. (reblip)


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Lemon Do I have to preview 10 songs everytime before I find a complete file to Blip:( This one seems alright.
Lemon Great song for this Monday morning. Goooood vibes.
Lemon Pretty nice song


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Lemon I'm off Blipstas. Leaving you with a song with one of the best drum intros ever.
Lemon Don't hold back, sing along! "Toge-e-e-e-ther"
Lemon "Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Oasis - Live Forever

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Lemon Post Stone Roses classic: "Fantastic Expactations, Amazing Revelations"

Ian BrownF.E.A.R.

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Lemon Is it the right time for some New Orleans funk?
Lemon Hey dude, this is some groovy sh**!
Lemon "This is not a story, this is your life!"
Lemon Yes, I do believe this is a masterpiece. Psychadelic dancedelic good vibes! "Do you wanna build springtime for the world?"
Lemon Funky stuff. Goooood vibes. Come on and shake your booty baby:-)


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Jaco Pastorius "Come On, Come Over"

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Lemon The one George Michael song I like. Sing along: "You can't always get what you want"
Lemon A bit Morcheeba-like. Remember this one?
Lemon Precious moments:-) Leaving you today with a tacky song I really love. You'll hear me again tomorrow.

Gossip "Listen Up" (radio edit)

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Lemon Love Stone Roses? Love a great beat. Check this one out. Grrrrrrooooooowvy!
Lemon Crazy digi funky song from the eighties. Yippy ya ya yeay
Lemon Old school "Dazz Dazz, Disco Jazz"

BrickDazz (1976)

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Lemon Funky sh** Really great band. Why don't they get more attention?
dcychan gr8 track @frankenstrat: "King Harvest - Dancin In The Moonlight" (reblip)

King Harvest Dancin In The Moonlight

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Lemon One of the best Cult songs. "Kurt Cobain was so young..."
Lemon Listen up y'all...

Gossip "Listen Up" (radio edit)

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Lemon One of the best albums I heard recently
Lemon Lemon does the aftershow for Primal Scream @ Amsterdam Paradiso on Sep 5. Just come on in...
Lemon Me? Crazy forever.

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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Lemon Some NEDchester (MADchester from The Netherlands) for @JerryTheK On Sep 5 we'll play at Paradiso Amsterdam together with Primal Scream!!!
Lemon With this song I reached the 3rd position in the NL Indie Chart earlier this year:)
Lemon ....but who wants to listen?
Lemon The late grate Dutch R&R legend Herman Brood could be very Funky. Do you know what I mean?
Lemon SIgning off with a track of my new album NEDchester. Cheers y'all
Lemon Actually: it's a Saturday night in Amsterdam. I'm gonna take a shower and retire. Blip you next time y'all
Lemon This song does not wear out. "For you there might be another song. But in my heart your melody will stay with me."
Lemon I'v danced quite a lot to this one. Long time no hear
Lemon From Hungary (where I saw them at the Sziget Festival). Great stuff!
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam


| play
Lemon Can't stop. Won't stop.

Al GreenI Can't Stop

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Lemon Almost forgot to Blip my own band today:) Hey: we'll play @ Paradiso Amsterdam together with Primal Scream! I'm off now. Cheers
Lemon In what direction is the wind blowing at your place Blipsta?

"Winds Of Change" Fitz & The Tantrums

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Lemon Goose bumps

Sometimes It Snows In April (Live)

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Lemon ...and reach parts of the world that you wouldn't reach otherwise @fxp123 One of my own for you. Grtz from Amsterdam;)
Lemon I just love this Beck song. And your sister;)


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Lemon Love this oldie. Two Spirits.

Inside My Love , Minnie Riperton ♥

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Lemon Pleased to meet you @Afra4U

Sympathy For The Devil (Neptunes Remix)

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Lemon The most beautiful girl in the world.
Lemon Talking about classic albums
Lemon A Song For The Lovers.

Richard Ashcroft A Song For The Lovers

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Lemon Me:) This track hit nr. 3 in the NL Indie Chart in May
Lemon Thank you Barry White. And love that vid. Dream of me for you.
NaturalDancer I call 'em as I see em! :D YVW! @Lemon: "Thanks big time for ReBlipping my song! @NaturalDancer Xxx" (reblip)
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam and f**k you too:)
Lemon Funky sh** by legendary bass player Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius "Come On, Come Over"

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Lemon Quite sunny in Amsterdam today.
Lemon Dutch legend @ his Funkiest. Never thought I would find this with Blip. Enjoy, I'm off now. Cheers.
Lemon Too bad for that long intro. Cut to the crap and start the groove Mark!
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam. Waking up quietly:)

Janelle Monáe"You"

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Lemon Time for some smooth Soul music. Time for the late great Barry White. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up...
Lemon Funky classic of a legendary bass player

Jaco Pastorius "Come On, Come Over"

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Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam. Let's start off this day with a nice hallucinating sound.

Angie Stone feat. Betty Wright "Baby"

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emazing I rather have a dream than a nightmare 2 come...
alexparr That's what makes life interesting! TY RB @rocket1206: "MadeIt2Wednesday@c3p0: "hi back :-), how RU today ? @rocket1206: RB@c3p0: "TY RB@lillianwong"" (reblip)
Lemon Check that organ out. Ultra chill. Have to run now, cheers.

LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS Dark Is Easy (Mastercuts Chilled)

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Lemon MADchester lives!!!

Chk Chk Chk (!!!) AM/FM video directed by Black Dice

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Lemon On the 25th of October Lemon will be support act of The Charlatans @ Melkweg Amsterdam. Be there Blipsta:)

The Charlatans 'The Only One I Know' 1990

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Lemon Oh yes, I just LOVE those smooth Seventies Soul tunes.
Lemon What's Everlast been up to lately?
Lemon Underrated album produced by no one less than Prince
Lemon I really like to see you baby, shakin' that ass..
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam
Lemon Will things ever get Funkier than The Meters?

The Meters-People Say(1974)

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Lemon Signing off. Leaving you with my daily Stereo MC's track. One of my favourite tracks actually. Cheers.

Stereo MC'sSun

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Lemon The Go-Go-Godfather 4U. If it ain't funky it just doesn't rock, or does it?
Lemon Signing off with my daily Stereo MC's track. Cheers Blipsta.
Lemon I'm afraid Summer is over in Amsterdam, but there's always sunshine..


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Lemon And I still say this one is from the very best (totally underrated) Cult album!
Lemon Oh yes baby, things don't get much funkier than The Meters!!!

The Meters-People Say(1974)

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Lemon When I hear this track I automatically start to sing "It's only rock 'n roll, but I like it"
Lemon Great song from the movie "The Italian Job" 2003.
Lemon A Bowie classic does not need a witty comment
Lemon "Better watch out for the skin deep"
Lemon Yeah I know, the Rolling Stones made a lot of money with this song. Madchester from Scotland:-)
Lemon Uh, don't I know you from somewhere? I seem to have forgotten your name...
Lemon Here's some good vibes. Clap your hands and whistle along
Lemon Yep, another Shaun Ryder Special, and a very soulful one.
Lemon Vines covering Outkast. Cool? No Kool:-)
Lemon Long time no hear "Whoo-hoo"
Lemon "I see through you, I see through you". Stereo MC's is Lemon's favourite band. No-one beats these guys.
felipethomaz @andreahiranaka tá aqui o crime! FUDIDA! FUDIDA!

Mark RonsonStop Me

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Lemon "Watch out! You might get what you're after"
Lemon One of the very few songs in this world that made me cry when heard for the first time.

U2 & Luciano Pavarotti Miss Sarajevo

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clarkowitz Sleep sounds lovely. I'll take it. Pass the ....
Lemon Where I'm from? Amsterdam. Where are you from?
Lemon Can you feel what this man is singing?
Lemon A good morning from Sunny Amsterdam.
Lemon Yep, my favourite band again:-)
Lemon Groovy and funny. Come on Gusgus, gimme more of this!!!!


| play
Lemon One of my Cult favourites "...but you're not there"
Lemon Talking about a mellow Sunday morning: this is a brilliant song! "I love you so and so"
Lemon This is soooow Sunday morning... "Barry White saved my life"
Lemon When House music was young. Did you know that once Paul Weller covered this song?
Lemon And here's my daily Stereo MCs track. Remember: a Stereo MCs track a day keeps depression away! Even if you're close to ground level:-)
Lemon ...and I will get over you

The Magic Numbers Love Is Just A Game

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Lemon Loads of entertainment today: election USA, financial crisis, global warming... We don't seem to learn:-1
Lemon This is deep: "As a f** son you sucked" :-))))

Yeah Yeah YeahsBang

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Lemon Reef? With a song that contains a classic guitar riff like this they might as well have called themselves "Riff".
Lemon Curtis paints a picture of the mean streets. Eat this gangsta rappers.
Lemon Sing along: "Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. Everybody needs a bosom. Mine's on the 45"
Lemon The mother of all Madchester songs. Feel the vibes.
Lemon from a rainy Amsterdam for all you old school soul lovers out there. "I think I'm gonna cry"
Lemon Time for some Madchester baby: get on the groovy train
Lemon How British can an American sound? I just can't get enough!
tomandandy @SamJagger these were my first drums -- Here comes Johnny Yen again! With the liquor and drugs!
Lemon Check this out. One of the best things I saw at the Sziget festival in Budapest: Zagar and the Underground Divas.
Lemon Sometimes I prefer this above the original. Her voice makes me melt.
Lemon Great song for a Monday morning. Great song anyway.
Lemon What ís the world waiting for anyway? Anybody?
Lemon Now this song takes my breath away. I'd like Erykah to keep singing instead of rapping...
Lemon And another great Stereo MC's track. These guys deserve a statue!

Stereo Mc'sSun

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Lemon Now that's what I call a great song. And what a guitar lick: peeow-weeow peeow-weeoh
stewbagz "Rebel Rebel" - David Bowie
Lemon Hold me, I just can't stop movin' to this song. Good vibes, goooood vibes.
Lemon This song is truly HOT. You didn't think the Pointer Sisters could do a thing like that, did you?
Lemon "Don't let me hear you say life's taking you no-where"
Lemon "Hey now, all you sinners..."


| play
chelvis ah. the junior high years. such fond memories of feeling shitty about myself. good times...
Lemon Have some patience to listen to the long intro, you will be rewarded when the Underground Divas start to sing: this is a superb song

ZagarWings Of Love

| play
Lemon My favourite Oasis song. "I'm free-eee to do whatever I choose"


| play
Lemon Few ever came close to the funk The Meters created (or create, I hear some of the guys are still touring)
Lemon Just too tacky, I know, but this one is for my lady.
DifferentStars @mmemaledicta YEAH - they are coming back!!! [url]http://www.fuzz.com/fan/DifferentStars/blog/entry/The-Verve-Comeback-free-download-of-Mover[/reply]

The VerveLucky Man

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Lemon Now this is a trippy sunny afternoon track. Wouldn't be surprised to hear this guy wrote the song in Amsterdam. What do you think @chiron08 ?
purplesime @cdub says: @photogurrl - one of my favorite covers - the eels covering missy (reblip)
Lemon Wikipedia says: progressive rock, jazz fusion, experimental rock. I say: this one is quite funky.


| play
Lemon Kind of like this one. "Everything's gonna be alright!"
Lemon "They're smiling in your face, all the time they want to take your place"


| play
Lemon A great voice from The Netherlands. Soul baby! Check it out.
GeryDiMarco We've got the choice if it all goes wrong -We walk! It's all about choices and I'm out to go make mine for the day. May all yours be good ones!
Lemon This might be the song with the best drum intro I know (and I know some funky sh**)
Lemon @NiLFiX Yep soul brother I know we got kind of a music match:-) But now I'm into this master piece from the UK
Lemon Alright then, just one more. Now I really need to go:-)
Lemon Canadian Candy. I'm off Blipsta's. Cheers.


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Lemon This is soooow Sunday afternoon. I had it in my playlist, but seems like it has been moved to another location.
Lemon Hey @Djazzebel How's life? Have to go, but this soulful track from a great Dutch female singer is for you.
Lemon Went to their gig @ De Melkweg Amsterdam last week. The encore made my day.
Lemon Talking 'bout keys, talking 'bout a voice. Man, I wish I'd been there when Donny Hathaway recorded his live album.
GeryDiMarco I'm going to take a clue from this classic out of my graduation year. Time to go dancing in the moonlight. G'nite Blip City !
alfonvaina @kaphia it's todo bien! Bsss (reblip)

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

| play
Lemon Hope I can get tickets for one of their gigs in The Netherlands.
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam.

Detroit Spinners - It's A Shame Resample

| play
Lemon Shaun Ryder special comin' up: "Oh-ooooh, you're a fool to cry". Reminds me of something...
Lemon Put you Adidas on and dance to this Soulful soundtrack of their new commercial
Lemon It's the Go-Go Godfather!!! So glad I found this track in the Blip base. "Gimme the beat now"
Lemon My daily Stereo MC's track. From the Paradise album. As ever: brilliant stuff!


| play
Lemon Happy happy happy. Don't hold back, sing along loud
Lemon The funkiest Ben E. King song that I know. Any other suggestions?
Lemon Great tune for a sunny day like today. Right about NOW


| play
Lemon Some lounge music from way before lounge was invented!
Lemon Come on, don't deny it, you'd love to sing along and do the moves:-D
Lemon Someone just Blipped The Specials. Made me think of my favourite Specials song. "Stop your messin' around"
Lemon I just have to play some dEUS tracks this week. Their concert @ Paradiso Amsterdam last Friday was just awesome. Respect!
Lemon I think Everlast deserves more attention.


| play
Lemon Never thought they'd play something I would like. This is almost funky:-)
Lemon David Soulie

Golden Years - David Bowie

| play
Lemon Old school funky disco shit. Out of sight!


| play
Lemon Madchester a couple of years late;-)
Lemon Aah! Somebody Blipped James Morisson. 1973? Yek! 1979 was a much better year.
Lemon Tonight on stage so I'm a happy man today.
Lemon Good morning from Amsterdam. This song makes me feel like there are still people out there that care. Peace!


| play
Lemon And Ian Brown also made some great stuff after Stone Roses. Enjoy! I'm off y'all.

Ian BrownF.E.A.R.

| play
Lemon A track from my favourite Stone Roses album. I know: most won't agree...
Lemon All Madheads stand up and sing along: "Yippee Yippee Ya Ya Yeeeay"
Lemon Shameless self promotion. A great song though, lyrics and music by me, myself and I:-)
Lemon Yeah baby, "as a fuck son you sucked".

Yeah Yeah YeahsBang

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Lemon Heard this song on the way back from a great Lemon gig last night. Love it.
Lemon "If you really want to hear our view..."
Lemon The funkiest Ben E. King song I know. "Extraordinary, interplanetary"
Lemon Grooooowvy Madchester baby
Lemon One of my all time favourites.

Ohio PlayersFire

| play
Lemon Good vibes, gooooooooooooooood vibes
jonnyathan p.s. i would also settle for more like this
zDaves what are we gonna do with it? really.
Alvsyn Time to travel back to the good times =)
DrFloyd a flowy tune ;) full of truth °!°
Lemon Just one Blip from sunny Amsterdam, before I rush off. Great Irish band, somewhere between U2 and Deus. Check it out.
Lemon With a great sax solo of Michael Brecker. The hardest working man in show business would say: "ain't it funky?".


| play
AstridO @SigridLeilund. Man kan ikke blippe den her sang nok. Dobbelt kærlighedserklæring er så ok, når nu du er vores begges baby.
Lemon Was ill for a couple of days. Back on the block with a great song 4 u.
Lemon This song gave me goosebumbs when I heard it for the first time. "On you my tattoo will be bleeding and the name will stain"
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