NaturalDancer Way to start the day! Yeah! \m/ Thanks to @sabragirl (reblip)

RammsteinMein Teil

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NaturalDancer Oh man! Excellent version of this song! Maybe the best! &Best Video! TY@snsh_down_under: "here's another M&M @NaturalDancer" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Haunting, insistent...."The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson, has something to say.
NaturalDancer Oh Yeah!!!@TarinnAdaria: "Marilyn Manson – Four Rusted Horses ............" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Here it is; in perfect form w/harmony, sound effects, etc.! Bloodhound Gang's "Fire Water Burn"; or known as "The roof is on Fire"!
NaturalDancer Cool! Like the political commentary before the song! Don't know why, know it's wrong; but I LOVE THIS SONG! (reblip)
NaturalDancer LOVE this song! Thanks!@StrawberryToast: "the police~ driven to tears...describes mid-town traffic today :(" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! Excellent! TY@anonymoose: "no escape from reality rb via @DukeMcDonald" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love this! Thanks! @anonymoose: "I know you can't appreciate it" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Watch it before it disappears! Seriously!


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NaturalDancer OMG. This...this song! I feel eighteen again! Holy Crap! TY@AnoukDeeItRadio (reblip)

The FixxRed Skies

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NaturalDancer Very sweet; melodic! TY@LoriG: "it's so appropriate the way we amplify the sound & then the neighbors drop by & they ask to turn it down again" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Drummer in UNDERWEAR???!!!! WTF?! -Sounds great! @BBWolfey: "#BHT!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Nirvana - "On A PLain". "Love myself...better than you!"

NirvanaOn A Plain

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NaturalDancer Nirvana. POLLY. "Polly wants a cracker...I think I should get off her first..."


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NaturalDancer The strumming was from a Nirvana song! Whoa! Never heard of this guy...!@DareToEatAPeach: "#Oh. @JonnyDeeper: "right around now, I go: Oh Oh Oh Oh""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG.That's EXACTLY what I thought they'd look like!@droolius: "huh?lol,not into violent play!?(RB)@BunnyHoney: "Then don't but don't cut my air supp.. (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, if you could see the translation! Holy Shit! These guys are masters of their craft! Love RAMMSTEIN!
NaturalDancer OH YEEEAH! Saw Rainbow and The Scorpion in Madison Square Garden...@greentrees: "about the great san francisco power outage of '79" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah, I know what you mean! :D @JDS442: "It's all GR8 @NaturalDancer ... I love the Floor Show the best !" (reblip)

Rocky Horror Picture Show The Floor Show

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NaturalDancer Tim Curry, in the first song he does in The Rocky Horror show! "How d'ja doo-ah...?" LOL!
NaturalDancer Recorded live; excellent sound! Joe Walsh/Eagles with "In The City".

EaglesIn the City

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NaturalDancer Oh, I love this song! Thanks! @anonymoose: "wouldn't that be something" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oi, Oi, Oi....@DamnTheMan - The 1 you blipped stopped in the middle of the first verse. Hopefully this 1 will work!

ACDCTnT with lyrics

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NaturalDancer Wow! Really mellow Pretenders' song! Never heard before! TY@BBWolfey: "rb@GGDANCE: "@Surferess: "Pretenders ~ It's a thin line between love & hate""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Like their sound! TY@vantowers: "i burp on my records too." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Good times!Saw them in Beacon Theatre before I left NY!Drummer=intense!@TheJabberwock: "Same here! Memories of roadtrips/college,& life-more carefree. (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Look at that crowd!!!@Last0fmyKind: "give it too me Iggy..." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never realized how much I liked this...!@Last0fmyKind: "give it too me Iggy..." (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!!! TY@Time2Burn: "Corrosion Of Conformity – Clean My Wounds" (reblip)
NaturalDancer The more I listened, the more I liked this song! TY@greentrees: "last but not least on the b-day list, Verden Allen" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow!!! Never heard this so clearly! TY@hpseaton: "@marcosfrbastos thanks for that great Beatles pick!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer LOVE the strumming...eyes closed; swaying back & forth...TY@TarinnAdaria: "@JimmyDanko @mmmwabbits --Ray LaMontagne – A Falling Through" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah! Never too early for Pennyroyal Tea! Thanks @therealtruth (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh man! So good! TY@TarinnAdaria: "Cracker – Take me Down to the Infirmary" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Cool song...even better video! Thanks @sabragirl (reblip)

Deine LakaienReturn

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NaturalDancer Cool! TY@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Radiohead – Creep ~ But I'm a creep ~ What the hell am I doing here? ~ I don't belong here" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Sometimes you just need to hear it! "...just want to see if it's really that expensive kind...!"
NaturalDancer Nice & Heavy, yet melodic! TY@DareToEatAPeach: "Swell #Smiths #cover. Thanks @anonymoose: "great blippers @ DareToEatAPeach @ Sir_UffO @ NatalieCA (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG - A LIVE video of this Dylan song?!!! Holy.....*(*%$!!!!! Thanks!@vantower (reblip)
NaturalDancer This story song cool! These 4 guys! :)

HighwayMan-Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris

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NaturalDancer Love this Tom Petty song, done by Johnny Cash! "I Won't Back Down"!

Johnny Cash- I Won't Back Down

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NaturalDancer Holy Shit! Neil Young AND Bruce Springsteen??!!! (sound of mind being blown)
NaturalDancer Really starting to like these guys!@Darkangelkas: "rb @aash08: "RB Acoustic! great! @Time2Burn: "Inspired by @ilklovn & @Darkangelkas""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Uh-huh! Oh yeah! :)@Time2Burn: "Hey sweetie! Long time no see! :-) @marijaanadj: "Nice! Hi & RB @Time2Burn: "Godsmack – Moon Baby""" (reblip)

GodsmackMoon Baby

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NaturalDancer Can't see this without RB'ing! TY@moniquekoster: "And RB, hun!! @gkouwenoord: "Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh MAN this song rocks! TY@Time2Burn: "Mandatory RB!! @DamnTheMan: "Tool - Sober"" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Wow! Can't believe this is on here! TMBG's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"! Love this album!
NaturalDancer Tom Waits is a national treasure! Here's "Little Drop of Poison"!
NaturalDancer Saw a Zombie movie with this version of this song in it; people acting out when they knew it was the end of the world...! Twisted~

"Down With The Sickness" (dawn of the dead version)

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NaturalDancer OH Yeah! :D @sabragirl: "rb@OmeRoon: "Rammstein – "Waidmanns Heil""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH! Can't believe I found this! Never too early for They Might be Giants! :D
NaturalDancer OMG, I love this song! Thanx to: @Blipdjj: "ty rb@Araps: "@Blipdjj: "TY@Zjosman: "rb @Blipdjj: "TY@fxp123: "rb @Blipdjj: "DAVID BOWIE - REBEL REBEL" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never heard this it!@StephenGeeves: "yä, it süx... @donnadontplay Good to hear, I hate when that happens!! (reblip)


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FlapThatJack @c3p0: "lol, yepz, hi nancy :-) @NikkiPixel: "Ahh there you are! @c3p0: "the other person will fall down :-)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!!!! Can NEVER go wrong with Nirvana! Thanx! @StephenGeeves: "tyvm ツ @CPCDINIZ rb...@[me] ♪ About a Girl ⁓" (reblip)

NirvanaAbout a Girl

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NaturalDancer OH MAN, I was hooked when the scorpion bit him at the beginning! @donnadontplay: "Not while I'm around! @redwingjohnny: ":)"" (reblip)

GodsmackI Stand Alone

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NaturalDancer YEAH! You're my new fav DJ!@donnadontplay: "YVW hun! @redwingjohnny: "TY darlin ! I love that :)@donnadontplay: "~ Nickelback ~ How You Remind Me ~""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! You keep finding these older songs I used to love & almost forgot about! :D @JDS442: "For you to think about me ... !!!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer This is 1 of the coolest songs I've ever heard! @lukesharp: "hello mark how the heck are you?..rb@mark_till: "Spoon - Who Makes Your Money"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never heard this! Whoa...@JDS442: "Way down .... below the ocean ....!!!" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Whoa! I can't believe I'm hearing this! Cool. @romanus: "=) <3 @nattieb: Donovan :: Colours" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Excellent song! Great one to sign off with, too! @vyskol: "Time to feed the kiddies and get Dad's Taxi Service under way... Cheers all!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! I remember this now! Thanks! @BDesse: ":)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow. Eminem always suprises me! Thanks! @romanus: "Eminem :: Stan" (reblip)


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FlapThatJack @kimme23: "Yes you are!!~ty~rb"@NikkiPixel: "Cause you're special!! :) @donnadontplay: "~ The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket ~""" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Good thing I carry around this shovel....y'know, for all the bullshit life throws at ya hehe @ChadThomas: "Dig it!! rb@NikkiPixel: "Great one! (reblip)
tammik HA! i was just singing this one as I looked in the mirror with my new swimsuit on...@Ben_Flogin_O_Mote...ahhh, summer. (reblip)
NaturalDancer As I leave blip for now...I'll leave you with this amazing Cohen song...."Avalanche"...the beginning alone is...well, listen...
NaturalDancer From the MTV unplugged, last concert. Kurt Cobain's voice goes right through me...
NaturalDancer RATM's "Guerilla Radio"..."Lights out! Guerilla Radio! Turn the shit UP!"
NaturalDancer Your version didn't play...then I found this! Their video! :D @DamnTheMan
NaturalDancer Always loved this one! Thanks!@TropicsZ4: "The Pretenders – Middle Of The Road :)) @donnadontplay @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah! Today! I love this song! Thanks!@Dolittle: "and while I'm back there..............." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow, this song grows on you as you're listening! TY@NikkiPixel: "My innocence is still here, just in different places LOL! | Björk – Innocence" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Whoa! Couldn't not reblip! Thanks to another new fav DJ today! :D @Blipdjj: "THX LUV!!@EllenaG: "RB!!! @Blipdjj: "PINK FLOYD - COMFORTABLY NUMB""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Haven't heard this in so long! Thanks! @dawnie22: "TY Will. Gr8 day to You & take it easy :)~> RB @TropicsZ4: "Foghat – Slow Ride :)) @dawnie22"" (reblip)

FoghatSlow Ride

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NaturalDancer Whoa! Excellent!~ @DamnTheMan: "Sup bro! Hope your weekend's kickin ass \m/ rb@steppinheavy: "godsmack ~ voodoo"" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Cool...however, this is about as into blues as I get!@REAXion2: "ooooh... Nice! RB @stevegrim" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!@mkruzel5: "A bang then stardust in your eyes. A billion years or just this night." (reblip)
NaturalDancer OK. Scarey ass picture on the right at beginning, but...again...Music Good!!! :D (First Neil Young song I could play/sing!)
NaturalDancer Accept to substitutes (covers) for Cat Stevens! Hey, he's funny at the beginning! OMG! Is he high?! WTF?!!! Music good.
NaturalDancer Love this! Also,that sounds delicious!@StrawberryToast:"cake~off to make one:golden genoise w/white choc. mousse/rasp. buttercream & choc. ganache..." (reblip)

Commissioning a Symphony in C

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NaturalDancer Added u as fav as soon as I saw this song on your list! :D @mdynamot: "Lobster for dinner #FF @twitsviolet @BarronSherer @SoyezFous" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh Man, this song rocks! Love the Offspring! Thanks: @detroitfan: "The Offspring - Gone Away" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Excellent, funny video! Thanks to: @StrawberryToast: "green day ~ nice guys finish last...hell yes! its my boys..first saw them on gilman st." (reblip)
NaturalDancer COOL! Hearing Kraftwerk, Cars, & other infuences!@snsh_down_under: "rb@DJ_EstherSterre: "Especially for @snsh_down_under & @derkrauss (Neue Deutsche (reblip)


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NaturalDancer I didn't blip this till I was sure this was the best version. It Is!!! (Translation's on Youtube. I'm not responsible for what happens then, though!)
NaturalDancer 1st song on this ablum, the 1 I have so far! Love to drive to it! :D TY again to: @sabragirl (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love this song, from which the band takes their name. Worst air show disaster in history. "Ramstein...(Air Field)...Mench Brennt (people burn..."


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NaturalDancer Clllassssic! "Southern Man": Neil Young. 'nuff said.
NaturalDancer Love this song! Thanx! @ladypn: "Aren't you a prince among blipers! Thx & rb@romanus: "RB! I'm 1003... @ladypn: " ts one of @Heartfelt_Strings f "" (reblip)

Baracuda- Heart

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NaturalDancer OMFG, I LOVE this song! Had trouble finding it, 'cause I didn't know the exact name! Thanks! @snsh_down_under (reblip)
NaturalDancer Thanx for finding the 1 that would play! @vyskol: "Yours wouldn't play for me. But had to hear it after the tease :) @Em_me4" (reblip)
NaturalDancer I think I'm having flashback...YEAH!!!@vyskol: "testing... ;)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Crap ! Saw this on your list. Live Doors always gets my attention!!!@vantowers: "HIGHER" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah! Ramones!@DragonMoonTunes: "rb @alexman: "The Ramones - Pet Semetery (Single Version)"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!@JDS442: "When I get to the bottom ... !!!" (reblip)

The Beatles-Helter Skelter(White Album)

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NaturalDancer Yes! It DOES kick ass! :D @hpseaton: "This song kicks ass! RHCP - Suck My Kiss live" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG! I LOVE this! They remind me of Franz Ferdinand! Thanks again: @vyskol (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, this guy's voice...@abarbosa: "She couldn't quite explain it, they'd always just been there" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Another classic! Thanks again: @abarbosa: "Every breath I take, every move I make" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Great song! Thanks:@abarbosa: "But time makes us bolder. Children get older... I'm getting older too." (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH. my. God. "Out on the Weekend", sung by a permed, yes a friekin' PERMED Neil Young! (I hear laughter. Must be hard to focus past the perm.LOL!)
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! I had the German words already written down for this, so I was able to sing it, w/Orchestra behind me! Coolest Kereoke EVER!
NaturalDancer YEAH! Hey, the rock station in the small city I live in does the 2 fer Tues. thing too!TY@LikeAnAngel: "That's right, it's 2 fer tuesday." (reblip)
NaturalDancer The emotion; the way he strums/sounds. Man Fogerty=Genius. TY! @DJPrimitivo: "♪Who'll Stop The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival #now" (reblip)
NaturalDancer LOVE Fogerty/Creedence! Thanks! @DJPrimitivo: "♪Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival #now" (reblip)
NaturalDancer This is a unique Blondie song; somehow different...the lilting "Union...union...union city blues..."
NaturalDancer I seem to be locked in this era! TY @lukesharp: "yeah I'm on hold haha@akacarol: "RB Cool"@lukesharp: talking with AT&T while "bliping" @akacarol" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Last Joe Jackson song. The pure RAGE in this song is palpable! Man! Haven't we all felt this way at some time?! Yeah. "One More Time"!
NaturalDancer Nelson, Kristofferson, Jennings, & of course, Cash: "The Highway Man"! Amazing!
NaturalDancer Oh God, the emotions flow from him; emotions we all have felt... Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson doing "Unchained Melody"!
NaturalDancer Cash doing 9" Nails' "Hurt". Unfuckingbelievable what this man channeled shortly before his death. (sigh)

Johnny CashHurt

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NaturalDancer Creepy Revelations theme; Saw this in a Zombie movie the other night! When the shit hit the fan! Cool. Cash=Coolness.
NaturalDancer OH Man! Had chills throughout the whole video/song! @Darkangelkas: "Can't get enough of this." "How To Destroy Angels–The Space In Between" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Can't seem to get this poignant, haunting lullaby by Tom Petty out of my head....So here goes...& signing off for now! Bye blipsters!

Tom Petty- Alright For Now (Live)

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NaturalDancer TY!@NikkiPixel:"New Deftones "You're shooting stars from the barrels of your eyes, it drives me crazy, just drives me wild"| Deftones – Beauty School" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Sublime! @DodgyAtBest:"Love, love, love! 1 of my faves of hers."I'm a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl." RB @storylet: Bjork – Bachelorette"" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer OMG! I LOVE this SONG!!! Thanks so much! @aprildax: "Sometimes I wanna get you low...brush your hair back from your eyes..." (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer Loved the song since forever! @wdlands42: "~~R.E.M~~Orange Crush~MVideo" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow! So many great German bands! Man, it's like you have a vault! "I want to Burn" - Is that what the title means? Great song! Thanks! @sabragirl (reblip)

ASPIch Will Brennen

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NaturalDancer He sings clearly, like Till! I was able to understand some; enough to get the drift of it! Sound is so cool! TY@sabragirl (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love these brave musicians! @Estimator1: "Ty my friend its nice to see you :}} @queentatiana: "@Estimator1: "{{{{{{Dixie Chicks – Landslide }}}}}}""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Check this out! Johnny Depp & Helena Bohnam Carter singing in Tim Burton's "The Demon Barber of Fleet St." - Good pictures on right while song plays!
NaturalDancer Never heard this before! Gothminister! "We are so beautiful...we are so cold..." Thanks! @sabragirl (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love TMBG!"Older"!TY@Darkangelkas: "This made me totally 4get what I was about to blip :)I want CAKE! rb @TarinnAdaria: "Happy 45th birthday, Trent!"" (reblip)

Happy 45th birthday, Trent!

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NaturalDancer Cool Tom Petty song "You Wreck Me". Really clear! @TheJabberwock, @lukesharp: Can't get my page to refresh. THIS SUCKS! WTF?! Can't see you guys. :(
NaturalDancer Whoa! Elivs Costello performing "Red Shoes" "back in the day!"
NaturalDancer OH YEAH! @ardelin: "RB @marijaanadj: "Killing Joke – The Death and Resurrection Show"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH yeah, I like! ty: @NikkiPixel: "Kosheen – (Slip & Slide) Suicide Maybe you will like this one, love her voice @TPJK @backasswards @NaturalDancer" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! WOOOOOooooooOOOO!!!I forgot this! Was my fav song!@Flying_Roundhouse: "The B-52´S em São Paulo – Give me back my man ~ Hello 2 @DJvanG @lukesharp (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH man. I can't ever resist...I think I fell in love with him when I was 8! Thanks! @Flying_Roundhouse: "Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never thought I'd actually see them do this song! YEAH! @lukesharp: "go and get your self some....." (reblip)

ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses April 1980

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NaturalDancer LOVE THIS SONG!!! Headphones; bass up; dancing! @orangekittypie: "ooo Luftballons! :) RB@edurrosa: "... Luftballons ... """""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! Excellent! @StrawberryToast: "@Lunaladee thats why i am now...sober that is.... "why cant we drink forever?...brilliant song" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer OH Yeah! Beck! Never heard before!Thanks! @aprildax: "Don't forget to pick up what you sow. Talking trash to the garbage around na na nanaaa"! (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Forgot how much I liked this song! Had the cassette tape. Wow.@lukesharp:"MUWAH@MSBloom: Steely Dan ~ Deacon Blues~ Hello and many thanks to@lukesharp (reblip)
NaturalDancer Umm...still can't understand most of the short, quick words...but this f'n ROCKS!
NaturalDancer Wow. Remembered the song...forgot the video! A little before her time, the theme. Didn't get it then!
NaturalDancer Man, this guy. This song! "Man walkin' long the railroad tracks; goin' someplace but there's no goin' back." "Welcome to the New World Order!"
NaturalDancer Hey fellow blipsters! This song's been going through my mind for, like, a day! Tom Petty - Alright For Now - LIVE, beautiful/acoustic!

Tom Petty- Alright For Now (Live)

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NaturalDancer Woke up with this in my head. I saw them live before I moved from NY. In fact in was 1 of the last things I did. Now I'm WA! Drummer is awsome...
NaturalDancer Oh man, this song was so surprising! Happy, boppy, yet opposite lyrics, counterpointing; like TMBG! Thanks!@lukesharp (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG!I was in a kind of trance throughout this whole song.Almost out of body! This was my 1st fav rock song.@Pyro8718:"Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven" (reblip)
NaturalDancer HELL YEAH!!! @NikkiPixel: "Very nice! @Darkangelkas: "You let me desecrate you.. Rb vi@djdoubleX: "Great scenography !!!""" (reblip)

Nine Inch NailsCloser

| play
NaturalDancer OMG! Holy Shit! It's HERE!!!! The Offspring's "Stuff is Messed Up"!
NaturalDancer Coolness up a FEW notches!!! YEAH! Try to NOT dance! - Beck w/Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat! :D
NaturalDancer Seriously! What is it about Beck?!! Coolness. Thanks: @DJPrimitivo: "♪Loser - Beck #now" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Whoa! Always loved this song! Harrison. (sigh)! @lukesharp: "nice choice! rb>@DJPrimitivo: "♪Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles #now"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Those screams Kurt lets out! I've never heard this!Thanks! @NikkiPixel: "GOD I LOVE the drums on this one! |Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Songs like these make me so happy I found blip! @Lemon: "@NaturalDancer 2 truntables n a microphone! My pleasure:) Have to go now. Cheers" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy crap this song ROCKS!!! @lukesharp: "GR8 choice Nancy!@NikkiPixel: "You ain't born typical | The Kills – Ura Fever"" (reblip)

The KillsUra Fever

| play
NaturalDancer That was different! Unique sound, content, & visual artistry! That dude licking at the mirror! Whoa. @DareToEatAPeach: "Love this song. @NikkiPixel" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Will always love this Offspring song. It was the first I ever heard! The Offspring's "Keep 'Em Separated"!
NaturalDancer Probably my all time favorite Beck song...! Thanks for making me think of it @Lemon !

BeckWhere It's At

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NaturalDancer Cool song! Wow! The Cramps! Great pictures while it plays too! @droolius: "especially me!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh man, this is great! A Tom Waits song I haven't heard! OMG! Thanks to: @Lunaladee: "rb@droolius: "a top fave!" and @ducks2007 (reblip)
NaturalDancer I love this clip! Song was new then, & he makes an almost impercievable mistake & insists on doing again. This happens twice! LOL!
NaturalDancer OMG! Love it! @CARPE_DIEM: "@Philter12@CARPE_DIEM: "recommended by blip for getting my level 2 hotstreak badge"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YES!LOL!(It may as well have!)It's how I dance,& when I saw TMBG: "jumping bean"!@TheJabberwock: "Was this song written about you? :P @NaturalDancer" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG-Haven't heard this in...OMG!@Flavoured: "Vc saiu do facebook??? Porqueeeee? @LauStar rb again! It deservs! GoOod! @CargoCulte" (reblip)
NaturalDancer I know it's early, but...I feel the strobe light...!@aprildax: "here we go....morning grind music.." (reblip)

gorillazdirty harry

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NaturalDancer WOOOOOOOO!!!!@Darkangelkas: "You'll sit around and throw a fucking fit.. We are here onto you..You're so far-you're fucking gone..Deftones-Nosebleed" (reblip)
NaturalDancer I wasn't sure at first, but...I love this! Thanks! @greentrees (reblip)
NaturalDancer Now this was before my actual time, but I always hung out with older people, so...I remember this! Haunting!

The Byrds Eight Miles High (Remastered)

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NaturalDancer Bam! Another one! :)@TheJabberwock: "I say love me, hold me. 'Cause I'm free!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Great to hear early today, for no reason I can really put into words...Thanks! @sabragirl (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, this gave me actual chills! Don't know what made me suddenly remember them...Better Than Ezra, doing "Closer" Acoustic.
NaturalDancer OH Man! These guys are great! Thanks!@TheJabberwock: "I'm really sorry Steven, but your bicycle's been stolen..." (reblip)
NaturalDancer A very young Tom Petty...sound very clear, doing "Breakdown"!
NaturalDancer OMG! Thanks @greentrees, for this! Your version wouldn't play more than a few seconds! How did I give you 4 or 5 props? New blip policy?!
NaturalDancer Love this SONG! TY@bibman: "vi @Slowshow @pike360: "all dylan today in honor of his 69th B-Day!"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Insanely good! :D@oldseoul: "N.A.S.A. feat Tom Waits & Kool Keith – "Spacious Thoughts"" (reblip)

Gentlemen Broncos Webspot #8: Sam Rockwell's Smoothie

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NaturalDancer Yeah! Rockin'! WEEZER! TY@TheJabberwock: "Let's go today, in a heartbeat!" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer TMBG's "Damn Good Times"! @Flying_Roundhouse -The Natural Dancer they're singing about is where my DJ name is from! & I dance a mean freestyle!
NaturalDancer The incomparable Tom Waits, w/"Make it Rain"! (Live)!

Tom Waits [12]. Make it Rain

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NaturalDancer Really cool! Thanks! @Last0fmyKind: "nice pull...@fxp123: "Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl (acoustic)"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yes! This song makes me extremely happy for some, emotional, man!@LoriG: "I hear this and feel warm and carefree again <3" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH Yeah! Whoa! Pics!@aprildax: "yep@MeriWalker: "RB @toolfaerie @Mumbling_Genius: RB @Spassaffe: XTC @atibbs2292@Totengrber What a crazy great song!" (reblip)

XTC Making Plans For Nigel

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NaturalDancer Hey, you're back! Excellent! Brand new to me! Thanks! @sabragirl (reblip)
NaturalDancer SPINNING, twirling; Endorphins firing! @wdlands42: ""I don't care if you use me again" [TY@DJ_DeOz] ~~The Cars~~You're All I've Got Tonight" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Brilliant! Never saw Fogarty that young! OMG!@bigredneckhead: "Doo, doo, doo, Looking out my back door." (reblip)

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Looking out my backdoor

| play
NaturalDancer OMFG!@BBWolfey: "@daytonacharger: "@desyslava,@Vaiva,@Lisa_Michele,@BBWolfey----THE DOORS--Touch Me, a Brillant song & video!! Just FANTASTIC!!!"" (reblip)

The DoorsTouch Me

| play
NaturalDancer Man, this song!TY@SpinningDiscs: "Local H – Bound For The Floor ... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @MadameMirage, @Darkangelkas, @NaturalDancer, @nkdk" (reblip)
NaturalDancer HOLY Crap! "Guns, Razors, Knives!!!" Love the way he dances!@Darkangelkas: "..put the keys in our hands.. rb @eldropper Deftones - Rocket Skates (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG, this song made me laugh so hard! Thanx!@NikkiPixel: " " (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh man. One of the best anti-war songs. Written by a very young, angry Bob Seger during Vietnam Times! "Two Plus Two"
NaturalDancer NO band ever like RATM. Here is "Know Your Enemy"! "What?! The land of the free?! Whoever told you that was your enemy!" Whoa.
NaturalDancer RATM again, this time w/"Guerilla Radio", "Turn that Shit UP!" YEAH!!!
NaturalDancer So Cool w/headphones! Different parts in 1 ear, then the other; some both! The Cars - "Moving in Stereo"!
NaturalDancer OH Hell Yeah!@jayteabrew: "Like Flynn bro! @DJ_HeckaCool: "add me to that posse! ;) @jayteabrew: "@Time2Burn@NaturalDancer <-- Fellow funk renegades!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love this song; my fav Foreigner song. "Monday...sad, sad Monday. She's waiting for me, but I'm a long, long way from home!" Cool still pics!
NaturalDancer I won a singing contest w/best friend,singing this song acapello,when I was 18 in upstate NY. I won a bottle of Champagne!

Over At The Frankenstein Place (Acoustic Version)

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NaturalDancer OK, someone said Riff Raff; so here he is, the 1 who wrote all the music for Rocky Horror! Richard O'Brien - Science Fiction

Richard O'Brien Sings Science Fiction/Double Feature

| play
NaturalDancer Oh Man! Live Rush, but sounds super clear...must have been digitally remastered! "TOM SAWYER"!

Tom Sawyer (live)Rush

| play
NaturalDancer OMG! Never got see them! Great!!!@Flying_Roundhouse: "The Cars – Let's Go 1982 ~ RE: Let's get out of this country ~ @tony_walker @DJAction78 (reblip)

The CarsLet's Go 1982

| play
NaturalDancer OMG! MORE Live Tom Petty??!!! YEAH! TY@lukesharp: "lets get to the point letz roll another joint rb@NikkisNightclub: You Don't Know How It Feels" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Love the Zeppelin. @hpseaton: "Not only one of my favorite Zep songs, but very apt since I haven't seen the sun in days! Thanks @Chari_S" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Cool! @tammik: "catching my six year old's t-ball game this evening - love being outside in the sunshine! enjoy your bike ride! :) @octoberland" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH Man! So Cool! That beat...@DJ_HeckaCool: ":D @martinimaker: "I can fill ya wit real millionaire shit...Escargot, my car go, one sixty, swiftly... (reblip)
NaturalDancer Always loved this song! I remember him in the Lumberjack jacket & Hat!@Hazel143: "@martinimaker: "~The Notorious BIG – Juicy~"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Excellent sound quality! Long cool intro - no singing till the middle! "Gut Feeling" by DEVO! Love this song!
NaturalDancer The song that asks a question; then answers itself! DEVO - ARE WE NOT MEN?/Jocko Homo
NaturalDancer Originally a DEVO song, RATM sings this unique, almost indescribable song... "Beautiful World"
NaturalDancer Man, "Fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy!" RATM w/"Wake Up
NaturalDancer First Beck song I ever heard; still love it! Beck - Where It's At

BeckWhere It's At

| play
NaturalDancer This song always gives me chills, man! Creepy masterpiece!!!
NaturalDancer Uh-Huh! Uh-Huh!@crampr: "@DJrythaman: "Offspring ☞ Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) ☜ [Music Video]"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer HOLY F'n Crap! Another GiNormous crowd, & you can dance, shaking your rock n' roll hair, AGAIN!
NaturalDancer Great song; answer:not practical & also painful!LOL!@hpseaton:"How many times have you asked this question? Or, better yet, been asked this question?" (reblip)

The Beatles- Why Don't We Do It In The Road

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NaturalDancer Mandatory Reblip! Amazing!!! WOOOOOOOooooo!!!!! @Blipdjj: "METALLICA - MASTER OF PUPPETS" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH YEAH! @romanus: "ZZ Top :: Cheap Sunglasses" (reblip)

ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses

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NaturalDancer Beautiful Tom Waits song, embodying some of our ancestors' seafaring lives...
NaturalDancer Whoa! Check it out! knew I had to blip it in less than ten seconds!
NaturalDancer I'll leave you with this beautiful, somehow prophetic song. Good day to all fellow blipsters! :D
NaturalDancer This song is like...epic! TY!@BBWolfey: "Zombie" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man! Haven't heard this in so long! @romanus: "David Bowie :: John, I'm Only Dancing" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OI!!!!

Down Payment Blues ACDC

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NaturalDancer OMG:this is my fav Sheryl Crow song!@hpseaton:"@colourjunky I had her 'Tuesday Night Music Club' on cassette & I played it until tape was no more!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer What the....?!!! This is GREAT!!!@droolius: "wot only 10 props?bullshit!@TasteOfJ: "my boy @leifkolt rox @droolius" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Nite-nite! Dude's got some HAIR!@lukesharp: "Good night I am in bed,Via my 3G phone thx for all your companionship" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Rammstein's genesis song. Born of the bloodshed in the worst airshow disaster in history. Footage shown here, plus live song!


| play
NaturalDancer Love this! OMG!@romanus: "bruce springsteen :: magic" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Are u freakin' kidding me?!!! This wasn't an original Neil Young song?!!! My mind is...exploding!!!@lukesharp: "thanks just love it!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Fell in love w/Cohen w/this album!@TarinnAdaria: "Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen.what are you willing to give up" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Thanks 4 this very optomistic song!@Flying_Roundhouse: ""It's really good 2 see U rocking out & havin' fun" @carlnat @mrojas@VyV@ladypn@NewOrleansKat" (reblip)
NaturalDancer WOOOOOOO!!!!!!@Blipdjj: ""BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS - GREEN DAY"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMFG!!!! These guys!!! Zeppelin inhabits them!!! A little long, but drum solo at end is amazing! Like watching Bonham!
NaturalDancer Holy Shit! Check it the creeeepy Edison Museum!
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! These guys rock...AND...they have their history right too!
NaturalDancer Whoa! Automatic Reblip!! Awesome!@whatevertunes: "RB!! @VSOP: "No Doubt ≈Don't Speak≈"" (reblip)

No DoubtDon't Speak

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NaturalDancer Wow!@fxp123: "ty @LadyLily: "@fxp123: "Dancing in the Moonlight - Smashing Pumpkins""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah...Solsbury Hill! Beautiful! TY!@romanus: "Peter Gabriel :: Solsbury Hill" (reblip)
NaturalDancer I LOVE this song! Don't know why...maybe nascent tendencies I'm not conciously aware of...OH NO! LOL :)
NaturalDancer If the hairs don't go up on the back of your neck when Flake finishes his initial keyboard...I just don't know!
NaturalDancer Very unusual! Expecting Rammstein-like; but-German RAP?!!! WHOA! w/orchestra no less!@romanus: "Die Fantastischen Vier :: Sie Ist Weg" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!!!@vantowers: "sick live version. ty @fxp123: "Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy God, these guys are GREAT!!!@TarinnAdaria: "The Hellacopters – Hopeless case of a kid in denial" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Looking for another song, found this! Whoa!

Man of WarOpen Mic

| play
NaturalDancer YEAH!!! finally a clean good sounding version!
NaturalDancer Now we're "cookin' with gas", to use an old expression! @romanus: "AC/DC :: Gimme A Bullet" (reblip)

AC/DCGimme A Bullet

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NaturalDancer I'm, like, obsessed with this song! TY! @vantowers: "@MANFORD: "@MissLalala_: "When the man comes around.... Johnny Cash""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Man, I can NOT believe I just found this!!!
NaturalDancer This just TOTALLY blew my mind!Awesome!!!@greentrees: "a fave for a fave @smilecin" (reblip)

Till there was you- The Beatles

| play
NaturalDancer Loving dancing to this!@TropicsZ4: "Nice day for a dance :)) rb @PeaceDiva: ";) We can dance when we want to!...Men Without Hats...Safety Dance"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Another violent song I seem to love for some unknown reason! The music is just too good....!
NaturalDancer Great information encased in an awesome song...!
NaturalDancer OMG- 1 of my favorite songs ever! TY!@fxp123: "rb @ECLECTICIAN: "Tom Petty – Breakdown"" (reblip)

Tom PettyBreakdown

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NaturalDancer OMFG; I just went to Youtube for english translation, & they criticize the Catholic Church just as I would! If possible, I love them even more!


| play
NaturalDancer Think "From Dusk to Dawn"...your favorite part...that's right...!
NaturalDancer Another great TMBG song; can never have enough! (previous 1 I blipped was them too, unacredited though)
NaturalDancer OMG, this is insanely good!!!!

The Shadow Government

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NaturalDancer This is the version I like best of that song, actually called "Pocket Full of Shells"! @romanus

Bulls On Parade (music video)

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NaturalDancer OH YEAH!!!!@romanus: "Rage Against The Machine :: Bulls On Parade" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Can never forget this song....I love brave artists!


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NaturalDancer Never heard this song from them before! Whoa!
NaturalDancer Wow! This is so cool! REMish, but unique to themselves! TY@mark_till (reblip)
NaturalDancer Perhaps the best rap song ever, by the most intelligent rapper ever to have lived....
NaturalDancer Really unique! TY!@RunRunItsHim: "These guys are making a good case for awesome." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh yeah! This actor ad libbed this! Hysterical! Short, but really funny!

eye of the tiger ( jensen ackles version)

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NaturalDancer OMFG! Freaked me out at 1st; then the beat (s) & lyrics all coalesced into F'n AMAZING! TY!@romanus: "Chemical Brothers f/ Q::Tip :: Galvanize" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Couldn't get this out of my head this AM. don't know why, but had to blip it!

Tracy ChapmanFast Car

| play
NaturalDancer Just learned: dude's sister designed his schoolboy costume! & Saw the name on side of sewing machine: AC/DC!@romanus"AC/DC It's A Long Way To The Top" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never heard this before...but it ROCKS!!!! TY@Chow322 (reblip)

Bonamassa "Walking Blues"

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NaturalDancer Always loved this song! Thanks! (reblip)

Led ZeppelinKashmir

| play
NaturalDancer OMFG! AWESOME! TY@edurrosa: ";) @xSilkiex: "Blue October – Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer "The lunatic..."! Whoa! TY to new fav DJ!@Sibyll: "out of props, so i have to RB>>>@adbert: "[Pink Floyd - Brain Damage] Olá @gabeoliveira!!! :-)"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer As soon as I saw/heard this start, I made you my new fav DJ! TY@nattieb:"ty hun xx @opus111:"The great beginning of Sgt. Pepper's sd. 2@me @greentrees (reblip)

George Harrison "Within You, Without You"

| play
NaturalDancer OMG! Stunning! Heartbreakingly beautiful! TY@TarinnAdaria: "Natalie Merchant – My Skin" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH YEAH!!!! Love it! :D TY!@detroitfan: "Bush – Little Things @Allykiss" (reblip)

BushLittle Things

| play
NaturalDancer HOLY SH(**T!!! Never really LISTENED!@wdlands42: "ty!@arbol_charyou: "your children will be next" ~Manic Street Preachers~ If You Tolerate This" (reblip)
NaturalDancer WOOOOO!!!!@droolius: "YSVW!@VyV: "TYSM :))@droolius: "nice song for a nice girl :)@VyV: "Nice, TY@droolius: "more classic Who for @VyV""""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer MANDATORY rb!@moniquekoster: I'm back ;))@creativeness: thx! & great job on 500+ listeners! @rokkikokki: Nice one for the morning! (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!!! Live clip w/excellent sound, visual...everything! OMG, Thanks so much! (never knew what they looked like till Blip!)TY!@Chow322 (reblip)
NaturalDancer O..M..G! Never heard this! So cool; the pics too! TY!@24websurf: "Led Zeppelin – I'm Gonna Crawl" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! LOVE this song! Great find! My dog's aging;trying not to think about it!@Lisa_Michele:Yes I do! :) ~~ Cat Stevens-I Love My Dog~~ ♪♫•**•¸♥.•**•♫♪ (reblip)

Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"

| play
NaturalDancer I LOVE this song! Thanks to brand new Fav DJ!@octoberland: "{indigo girls : closer to fine}" (reblip)
NaturalDancer @ReflectionSymmetry -Here's the vid for the song you blipped,"Rocket Skates"! "Guns! Razors! Knives!" It ROCKS!
NaturalDancer OMG! Live Manson is just as mindblowing as I imagined!TY!@Totengrber: "rb@apm35: "for good friend @Ttddman: Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer On the night my husband & I met, we played guitars/sang & he sang me this.Haunted me 4 days. Then he called!@lilbratsie:"America–A Horse With No Name" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG, this is 1 of the strangest music videos/cartoons I've EVER SEEN!Great song!TY@SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ The Space In Between - a @TweakerRay Remix ♥ ♪" (reblip)

The space in between (TweakerRay Remix)

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NaturalDancer OMFG, I LOVE this video! SO FUNNY!@snsh_down_under:gotta love chris in this! GOOD SONG GREAT VIDEO@DJDaddyMac:"Everything's better with Chris Walken"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer WHOA! this guy, this song & it's message! Thanks for this!@ReflectionSymmetry: "Good afternoon! @mammara" (reblip)
NaturalDancer F'n GREAT! Whoa.."People eat each other; oh, people stand in line!" "Waiting 4 another war, & waiting for my Valentine...!" Brilliant! (reblip)
NaturalDancer "...moving to the country, gonna eat a lotta peaches!" "...millions of peaches, peaches for me!" LOOK OUT! LOL!@melodyofyourlife: "In a can!" (reblip)
NaturalDancer LOVE your picks, dude! OMG!@RunRunItsHim: "Clues - Clues - Crows - Clues - Crows - Clows - Crues - Crowls - Cluews" (reblip)

CluesClues - Crows

| play
NaturalDancer OMFG! I love TMBG, & this song-1 ov my favs!@droolius: "that was my thought on it too,hahahaha@Koshka: "@droolius you will make an....."" (reblip)
NaturalDancer All RIGHT!@24websurf: "hold this until I can prop ya ;) @romanus" (reblip)
NaturalDancer TY!@EllenaG: "This is too serious! LOL ☛☛@Time2Burn ☚☚ : "LOL! ☛☛@ChadThomas ☚☚: "Sorry about stealing your peaches @EllenaG @Time2Burn""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Love it!@Blipdjj: "I AM THX!!@ankita_gaur: "thnx sweets hope ur doing good :)@Blipdjj: "HI HUN GOOD ONE@ankita_gaur: "Led Zeppelin – Kashmir"""" (reblip)

Led ZeppelinKashmir

| play
NaturalDancer The one on you tube has oil spill pictures to go with this song....But this still rocks; just turn it UP!!!! Oh, hey everyone!
NaturalDancer Walked into a bar, late 80's, & thought these guys WERE Zeppelin for a min.! Long but worth it! Drum solo at end F'n amazing;like Bonham!
NaturalDancer Oh YEAH!!! This wasn't here before! Love TMBG! From 1 of their earlier albums!

They Might Be Giants-They'll Need A Crane

| play
NaturalDancer Whoa! This is what they looked like when I saw them, in the mid-eighties, Binghamton, NY. Excellent sound quality!

RushLimelight (Live)

| play
NaturalDancer Amazing! Just 3 guys constitute Rush! How the F are they so excellent?!!!!
NaturalDancer Outstanding! Rush just keeps getting better and better, if that's possible! Massive crowd hearing them do "Spirit of Radio"!

RushSpirit of Radio

| play
NaturalDancer The indescribable Nirvana w/Lithium: "...I've my candles, & I'm dazed, cause I've found God!..."


| play
NaturalDancer Found this! Sound check turns amazing! They do the whole song after coordinating at beginning...Kurt...
NaturalDancer OMG! LOVE this!!!@Blipdjj: "NICE@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Green Day ~ Last of the American Girls ♥"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer 1st Kravitz song I ever heard! Loved; still do!@TropicsZ4: "Hi Sibyll, thanks: @Sibyll: "rb:@TropicsZ4: "Lenny Kravitz–Are You Gonna Go My Way"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer YEAH!@romanus: "Sex Pistols :: God Save The Queen" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Creepy/Cool! TY@sabragirl: "Thought you might like it, lol. @Carmilla: "@sabragirl great choice :D"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer AAAHHH!!! Skeleton on drums!!!Check it out!@droolius
NaturalDancer WHOA! Just found out about these guys! I think everything they do is trippy! LOL!
NaturalDancer "No more Mr. Nice Guy....I love the dead! I've been thinking I understand what he said!..."
NaturalDancer Superb sound quality!!! Oh Yeah...I can see the spinning disco ball! LOL! Another creation from TMBG!
NaturalDancer "I'll take back my pinata; it's wasted on you...!" Can't believe all these are here now! Blip is so cool! So are all of you!
NaturalDancer Perfect sound quality! From CD "Lincoln"! "...we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence!..." :D
NaturalDancer Dude wakes up with a fang! How to proceed with your life? Giants can do a song about literally anything, & it's always a unique masterpiece/w/humor!
NaturalDancer Another from Factory Showroom! LOVE this song & that CD! So melodic, so musically!!!
NaturalDancer OMG! I can't believe these songs from Factory Showroom are here now! YEAH! This song about where I originate from...Beautiful, eclectic song!
NaturalDancer Love this song & video! More Beck!!!!


| play
NaturalDancer HOLY F'N SHIT!:0 Some sick shit!@droolius: "rotflmfao!@faithlesshaze: "@droolius "The lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying-haha!":P (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh.My.God! I can't believe you found it!LOL! Thanks so much!:D@ECLECTICIAN: "rb @romanus: "Voila =) @NaturalDancer @ECLECTICIAN ~ Sprockets :: Dance"" (reblip)

Sprockets Dance

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NaturalDancer Great song! Thanks to @romanus for turning me on to it!
NaturalDancer Agree totally.@vantowers: "Christian church supports the war. Traitors on Supreme Court. Constitution, ripped & torn. This land was made for you & me" (reblip)

Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" as Reimagined by Concerned Citizens of Yesteryear

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MarknTilly @NaturalDancer: "YEAH!!! Thnx! @romanus: "Styx :: Renegade"" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer YEAH!!! Thnx! @romanus: "Styx :: Renegade" (reblip)


| play
NaturalDancer Oh MAN! If any song deserves reblipping....! Epic. TY: @edurrosa (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow. Heartbreakingly good song. @donnadontplay: "Almost noon here! Lunch time!! YAY!@scotlandlover:"mornin'-well just afternoon here-:-)@donnadontplay (reblip)

HinderBetter Than Me

| play
NaturalDancer YEAH!@VelvetCharmer: "@DJNickPapag: "thank u for making my day!!! :)) @Dancer12: "Thanks for p's, reps, RBs @DJNickPapag""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Talk about "blast from the past"! LOL!

Sweet ~ Love Is Like Oxygen

| play
NaturalDancer OH Yeah! "...a creature void of form..."! What a lyric! TY@LastofmyKind: "Dylan x2 TY@prettyplease2: "Bob Dylan ~ Shelter From The Storm"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow! @Lisa_Michele: "Just one more?? :)@La_Vera_Mahshid: "And once more?? @LM "One more time!@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Niiiice!!! RB//♪♫•**•¸♥.•**•♫♪""""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer LOVE, love this song! Heard it only once before! U can hear sound effects w/headphones! Thanks! :D w@greentrees: "@droolius" (reblip)
NaturalDancer OH MAN! Excellent! Thanks! @romanus: "Bob Marley :: Redemption Song" (reblip)
NaturalDancer David Bowie/9"Nails, w/"I'm Afraid of Americans". Genius!
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Video too?! Excellent! Thanx! @Blipdjj: "@SpicaSeven: "RB<3 @Blipdjj: "IRON BUTTERFLY - IN A GADDA DA VIDA""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Makes you feel 18 again!!! @romanus: "Dio :: Rainbow In The Dark" (reblip)
NaturalDancer No words to describe this song...@romanus: "Johnny Cash :: Hurt" (reblip)

Johnny CashHurt

| play
NaturalDancer Love the Till man!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!@La_Vera_Mahshid: "MESSI!! ANd maybe lukas from germany :-P @EllenaG: "ARG! @PabloM: "Argentina! (reblip)
NaturalDancer Last till later, but had to reblip this! Just...couldn'!!! LOL @romanus: "David Bowie :: Golden Years" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Holy Christ! Almost forgot this! TY@greentrees: ""the man" stops me at 10 props@MyCosmicRebellion: "{lie}"" (reblip)

The Beatles Happiness is a warm gun-White Album

| play
NaturalDancer I love this band now! Thanks for playing it for me!:D @romanus:"Here's another Killers track 4 @NaturalDancer~The Killers:"Jenny Was a Friend Of Mine" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Classic Waits!@TheJabberwock:"Your hair is like meadow grass on the tide & raindrops on my window & ice in my drink.Baby all I can think of is Alice." (reblip)

Tom WaitsAlice

| play
NaturalDancer WOW@TheJabberwock: "I'll shake u from your sleep to hear me weep.Your day will come indeed. For I'm a poor & wretched boy. A chimbley, chimbley sweep" (reblip)

The Chimbley Sweep By the Decemberists

| play
JDS442 It's a gift ! *snicker*@NaturalDancer: "OMG! Where are you finding these gems! @JDS442" (reblip)
NaturalDancer This song brings back some memories! :) So glad Blip is back. Twitter's screwed , though! LOL@lukesharp (reblip)
NaturalDancer OMG! Love this! Saw Dylan in the Broome County arena (Binghamton, NY) 20 years ago! My hand was a few ft. from his leather boot! (reblip)
NaturalDancer Yeah! Reminds me of Sam & Dean driving that black Impala on Supernatural! @DragonMoonTunes:"it's always a good time for an #AngusBreak :)@joe__chapman (reblip)

ACDC Highway To Hell Lyrics

| play
NaturalDancer Oh man, I don't know what this is ...but it ROCKS! TY@lukesharp: "rb.@DragonMoonTunes: "So So Fresh"" (reblip)

Nico VegaSo So Fresh

| play
NaturalDancer Uh-Huh!:)@DareToEatAPeach: "Glad to be your knight in shabby armor. @KarmaTiger:"no songs are working..."@DareToEatAPeach-at least rb'ing yours does." (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! They ARE great! TY@dawnie22: "My college boys turned me on2 Mumford & Son's sev wks ago. Luv'em TY :)~>via @Ireland4517" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Walking down 1st Ave.(nostalgic sigh)@TheJabberwock:"I can see us years & years from now.Don't know where,I don't know how,but it seems natural 2 me." (reblip)
NaturalDancer TY@waybackmachine:"rb ty! ;) @sir_edward_ross:"Like Henry Ford:Any color U like so long as its Black :) @ankita_gaur: "but i wan fuschia & orange :)"" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Found it! I love it when that happens! :D


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NaturalDancer Whoa! Live, great sound! Rush doing "The Spirit of Radio"!
NaturalDancer What the...?! David Lee Roth looks YOUNG again! What happened?!! Whoa. sounds great too! Great live clip...
NaturalDancer YEAH! I had this tape! Saw him live, too! The bandanas flying as he leaped through the air...
NaturalDancer Man, this song is excellent! Thanks: @abarbosa: "And your city lies in dust" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Thanks! Oh, G'morning!@lukesharp: "thx G day to you @DragonMoonTunes: "lucky you! Good Morning @lukesharp: "the sun is finally here,no rain!""" (reblip)

The Beatles Good Morning Good Morning With Lyrics

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NaturalDancer A Joan Jett song that WASN'T played out! Cool! Thanks!@Last0fmyKind: "where though?" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Blip is back but Twitter is broken!? WTF?@La_Vera_Mahshid:"haha! Must've been you-broke my twitter! @Sylak:"LOL:P HOSED--> :"OMG!Now twitter's broken! (reblip)


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NaturalDancer OMFG!I CAN'T believe you found this! LOL! Karate Kick Kid is dancing!@TarinnAdaria: "lol@DeathRowInmate: "@JezebelTheGreat: "Fugazi - Merchandise""" (reblip)


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NaturalDancer Great song! what never should be is NO BLIP for a whole night! LOL@TropicsZ4: "Led Zeppelin – What Is And What Should Never Be" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Never heard this! Sweet, soft, beautiful song by MJ! Amazing! So sad he's gone. At inopportune time too.@Lisa_Michele:"~ Michael Jackson-Keep Smiling" (reblip)

Keep Smiling, Michael Jackson

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NaturalDancer Cooool! :D @Lisa_Michele: "~~ Annie Lennox - Shining Light ~~ ♪♫•**•¸♥.•**•♫♪" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Oh! @Lisa_Michele - Here's the second half; the vocals! Thanks for getting my "wheels turning" today! :)
NaturalDancer Love this! Thanks: @Lisa_Michele: "Most welcome! TYMSAP! Keep shining. :)@pgreeso: "TY DJs! ..."" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Wow! Great songs today! It's Blip Monday! :D @Dolittle: ":) @murphel: "Loving your blips today!! @DChain @HettyElibet"" (reblip)

David BowieStarman

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NaturalDancer "I have saved all my ribbons, for thee...!". The unsurpassed Cohen. Thanks again: @Dolittle: "rb @murphel hello :)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Whoa! Can't believe how good they sound live! BTW, your blip of Akon Ft.Snoop song only gives silence when you click play. :( Can you fix?!@droolius

Nine Inch NailsCloser

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NaturalDancer "Oh, I just don't know where to begin...!". Not to jynx anyone's day though!
NaturalDancer Transcendant beat! Oh, yeah. @romanus: "50 Cent :: Pimp" (reblip)

50 CentPimp

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NaturalDancer Coolest of the Cool! Kick back, get your favorite beverage...and enjoy! Really rare TMBG clips! Flans idenifies the songs! :D
NaturalDancer MAN! Never heard this before! It ROCKS! TY@lukesharp: "thank you kim@kimme23: "Hi you~Nice Pick!!~rb"@lukesharp: "ROCK CANDY""" (reblip)

Montrose- Rock Candy

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NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Lyrics rock! LOL!@tammik: "i know, right. ;) @CocoPancakes: "LOL how bout just a hhmmm. never mind LMAO@tammik: "mr right? (reblip)
NaturalDancer OK, here's another Kinks' song: "Superman"! For @GrassyKnoll and @doubledrat

The KinksSuperman

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NaturalDancer Yeah!Great song! TY@GrassyKnoll: "I agree, the chest thumping can go a bit far. It truly is "almost" all in good fun. @doubledrat" (reblip)

The KinksApeman

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NaturalDancer I love this song! I remember it from a long time ago...the album was white! Really cool songs on it...wish I could remember the name!
NaturalDancer Holy Crap! Remember this?!!! Outrageous! :D
NaturalDancer Oh yeah; THIS! :D@TarinnAdaria: "ty rb lol@darrenoftinley: "Romeo Void ~ I Might like you better -sometimes that doesnt help lol" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Very interesting lyrics! Don't remember this...
NaturalDancer Was thinking of this song yesterday!@TropicsZ4: "Steely Dan – Josie" (reblip)

Steely DanJosie

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NaturalDancer 1 of my all-time favorites! TY@TropicsZ4: "Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain" (reblip)
NaturalDancer I'm traveling back in time! Thought you'd like this: @hpseaton
NaturalDancer Whoa, provacitive! Live! Thought you'd like it; @lukesharp


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NaturalDancer Listen to the percussion he does with just his breath! Also w/foot on tamborine. Man alive, this guy is a genius!

Tom Waits Aint Going Down To The Well No More

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NaturalDancer This was on German TV, but the song is amazing...just Waits in his garage! "I know I've been Changed" is actual name. Kids look in the window the end!
NaturalDancer My favorite version. This...this is holy, pristine...beautiful. Almost a prayer for our country....

Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom Joad live in Studio

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NaturalDancer And now, more hardcore, in their style, Rage Against the Machine doing the same song: "The Ghost of Tom Joad". See movie "Grapes of Wrath"!
NaturalDancer Whoa! He holds no punches! Formerly known as?@Hazel143: "@roberlan: "RB @MrSprinkler @WestBayMonument "Prince – Sexy MF""" (reblip)
NaturalDancer @Darkangelkas This is my favorite, live version of the song!!!