jeff Watching Cadillac Man - absolutely great flick...
SavannahsGMA 50 Cent and Phill Collins – Straight To The Bank ( Chew fu Fix)
SavannahsGMA Diana Ross & The Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin' On
SavannahsGMA Lionel_Richie_and_Diana Ross – Endless_Love
SavannahsGMA Diana Ross – 13 A int No Mountin High Enough 150Add a message OK
SavannahsGMA Kim Carnes – Universal Song
SavannahsGMA Beanie Man – Beenie Man Feat Lil Kim - Fresh From Yard
SavannahsGMA Oh yeah do it-Babyface – Whip Appeal

BabyfaceWhip Appeal

| play
SavannahsGMA Babyface & Gwyneth Paltrow – Just My Imagination (Running A
SavannahsGMA Baby-I love this tune- ummmmm-Babyface – Whip Appeal

BabyfaceWhip Appeal

| play
jeff @mdh47 Looking forward to linking up at the Blip HQ tomorrow
SavannahsGMA Stevie Nicks – Edge Of Seventeen
SavannahsGMA Stevie Ray Vaughn – Crossfire
SavannahsGMA Stevie Ray Vaughn – Superstition (Live)
SavannahsGMA Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pride And Joy
SavannahsGMA Brad Paisley – Let The Good Times Roll
SavannahsGMA Brad Paisley - I think he's goin fishing
SavannahsGMA nickleback – Far Away

nicklebackFar Away

| play
SavannahsGMA Nickleback – Rockstar


| play
SavannahsGMA Rod Stewart – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right (rerkaizen) (me.up)
SavannahsGMA So sweet George Michael – Father Figure
SavannahsGMA Tapes 'N Tapes – George Michael
kazabyte RIP Ernie Barnes. I blip for you, and fondly remember Marvin Gaye and Good Times.
SavannahsGMA Radiohead – Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon Cover Live)
twentyfive4 i can't sleep - so i went with electronic? eh.
SavannahsGMA Simon-Rolling Stones – Carly Simon vs. Rolling Stones - Mick n' Carly (damn good one) (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Simon-Rolling Stones – Carly Simon vs. Rolling Stones - Mick n' Carly (Go Home Production)
SavannahsGMA Simon and Garfunkel – American Tune
SavannahsGMA Killing Me Softly

Carly Simon - Killing Me Softly

| play
SavannahsGMA Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
SavannahsGMA Carly Simon – You Belong To Me
SavannahsGMA Carly Simon – Carly Simon - Jesse
ericsvonk Yeah, it is. [Blind Melon – Three Is A Magic Number]
MrBabyMan On The Round Up 045 - The Red-Band 'Bruno' trailer, and the Fibonacci sequence embedded in Tool's Lateralus


| play
SavannahsGMA Paul Simon – Loves Me Like A Rock
SavannahsGMA ummm yeah The Boy Least Likely To – Faith (George Michael
SavannahsGMA George Michael – GEORGE MICHAEL- TONIGHT
SavannahsGMA George Michael & Aretha Franklin vs Diana Ross – I Knew I Was Coming Out
SavannahsGMA Temptations – Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
SavannahsGMA james brown - i feel good

james brown - i feel good

| play
SavannahsGMA ummm ahhh -uihhhh -ooohhh I f Lovin You is wrong
SavannahsGMA Paul Simon – Kodachrome
SavannahsGMA The greatest song ever Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
SavannahsGMA Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer
SavannahsGMA Yeeeh haw Paul Simon – Me and Julio
SavannahsGMA Paul Simon – The Obvious Child
SavannahsGMA The Jeff Healey Band – I Think I Love You Too Much
SavannahsGMA Blood Sweat and Tears – Lucretia Mac Evil
SavannahsGMA Blood Sweat and Tears – Go Down Gambling
SavannahsGMA Blood Sweat and Tears – You Made Me So Very Happy
SavannahsGMA VA – Ocean - Put Your Hand In The Hand
SavannahsGMA coolio – gansta's paradise
SavannahsGMA Mashup – 50 Cent vs. Bee Gees
SavannahsGMA Usher – Yeah Let's Go!


| play
SavannahsGMA Oh u nasty boyz -Janet Jackson - Nasty
SavannahsGMA What you mean to me! Luther Vandross – Here and Now
SavannahsGMA Mel McDaniel – Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
SavannahsGMA Gloria Estefan – Don't Wanna Lose You
SavannahsGMA Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine – 1-2-3
SavannahsGMA For all our soldiers-everywhere!!!Tim McGraw – Please Remember Me
SavannahsGMA Nelly – Over And Over (Feat. Tim McGraw)
SavannahsGMA My wish for all of you!!! Rascal Flatts – My Wish
SavannahsGMA Barry White – Can't Get Enough to Your Love (Baby)
SavannahsGMA Matchbox 20 – Real World
SavannahsGMA Carlos Santana – Smooth
SavannahsGMA Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey – Endless Love
daihard Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road
SavannahsGMA Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
SavannahsGMA The Man-Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
dickadcock Why does this music genre seem so appealing when I am tired? for the moment. thx, rb@folkmusicdude (reblip)

ChopinMinute Waltz

| play
SavannahsGMA Bobbie Gentry – Ode To Billy Joe
SavannahsGMA nickleback – Far Away

nicklebackFar Away

| play
FourEyes Damien Rice makes everything sound beautiful. Thanks @palisadehills for this one! (reblip)
ambit HEY.....TALK 2 ME.....

BabyfaceTalk to Me

| play
SavannahsGMA Yeah-Babyface – Whip Appeal

BabyfaceWhip Appeal

| play
SavannahsGMA Wanna relax-don't do it when ya wanna go to it-Frankie Goes To Hollywood
SavannahsGMA Rod Stewart – Downtown Train
SavannahsGMA Toes in the sand-waves comin in--Johnny Nash – Stir It Up
SavannahsGMA Remember cruisin with your best friends? Fergie – Glamorous


| play
SavannahsGMA Rick James – Dance Wit' Me come on!
SavannahsGMA Prince – Little Red Corvette-Great songs tonight everyone!!!
SavannahsGMA Charles And Eddie – Would I Lie To You Baby?
SavannahsGMA Are you ready?-After 7 – Ready or Not

After 7Ready or Not

| play
DareToEatAPeach @kbuech Fun one for your water theme. Not in the title, but all about the love of the (life on the) water.
Miss_Bella @brunomiguel did you hear their new CD? it's sooo not them. I have to say this song from the previous one is amazing though
SavannahsGMA Do you remember where you were 9-11? If that didn't get ya-think-- we were attacked on our turf!!! Our land-not foreign soil!!!!
DareToEatAPeach baby did u forget to take your meds? ] @isqueirobic Tnx this just might be my new favourite Placebo song. Scratch that: definitely. Playlisted added (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Roger/Jim McGuinn sang this a few minutes ago @ the Pete Seeger 90th.
ivanadaime sólo pude dar con este tema de 801. Algo es algo, no? @sudaca70?
SavannahsGMA Steve Earle – Jerusalem
FOGGIELOANER @kbuech @tomperanteau I never tire of this, or All That Jazz see u r blippiing more George B @tomperanteau (reblip)
erillanos Bob Marley – Don't Worry, Be Happy (reblip)
santamistura eu acho que vou procurar 1 medico pra fazer 1 terapia p/ perder este vicio de blip!! é terrivel a curiosidade de ouvir todos os blips @Diordan rsrsrs (reblip)
Jeffie No offense intended, @coconut_creek, but when you re-blip a DJ frequently, it's a nice gesture to include his/her @djNAME in the re-blip :P (reblip)
SavannahsGMA I want it all-a tub big enuff for 10 and all! #tcot


| play
tomperanteau This is WAY old... I mean cool!
SoundCheck1 Oh yeah.... Love this jammmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Mary Jane!!!!!

Rick JamesMary Jane

| play
SoundCheck1 Wooooo Yeah!!!! Do it to me Baby!!!!!
MyklRoventine #songstuckinmyhead You My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates. Best bridge ever. I should karaoke this.

You Make My Dreams

| play
SavannahsGMA Yep-a change is gonna come-a long time coming!nite all #tcot
DeAnnLR @Buzzurdgut Ya know.... I'm the son of a preacher man. I'm jus' sayin'... (reblip)
DeAnnLR Ok, I'm back!!! :) @momsGyver09 SOS to the world . . . Message In A Bottle - Police #messageinablip DeAnn tag you're IT!
LoCoHeather ~~you're the one they adore, who they came to're the Rock Star..everybody wants you~~

EminemWe Made You

| play
sudaca70 Tom... te había abandonado... no tengo perdón
SavannahsGMA Let's be mellow-not in a hurry

Have You Never Been Mellow

| play
SavannahsGMA For Savannah Carly Simon – Coming Around Again our favorite
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Letter to all me tweeter fans
SavannahsGMA Vince Gill – The Rock Of Your Love (featuring Bonnie Raitt) I love you
Aluciel Ok, blippers. I'm off to read and then hope to get some sleep. G'night!! *muah* ^_^
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Letter yeppers baby
deadcowaroma Have you seen past the first season @barbisaurus? I wanna know if the management person is a bear or not. I'm curious about that part. (reblip)
tikitender [Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Learning To Fly]
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Letter
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – I Cant Make You love me
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Me Like a Man
ericsvonk That he doesn't really understand... [A.J. Croce – Maybe I'm Amazed]
SavannahsGMA Carly Simon – Coming Around Again for Savannah and I love her so!!!!!
SavannahsGMA Cory Hart – I Wear my Sunglasses at Night
SavannahsGMA pink – tonights the night
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – I Cant Make You love me
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Letter
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt & Was (Not Was) – Baby Mine
ericsvonk Relaxing with a glass of wine and Marc Antoine. [Marc Antoine – Unitiy]

Marc AntoineUnitiy

| play
tikitender [Allison Krauss – I'll Fly Away] so i'm in an old country mood, sure me....when you hear the Beastie Boys, it has passed
ericsvonk Everyday is a push and shove... [Jerry Jeff Walker - Maybe Mexico]


| play
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt & Was (Not Was) – Baby Mine Bonnie Raitt & Was (Not Was) – Baby Mine
euskir gracias / thanks @eliasjunior verdadera diversión, de regreso a a los días del cine América / real fun, back to the days of the America movie thea (reblip)
DeAnnLR I'm still around :-)) @NikkiPixel @patita, I just hope you feel better! Music is great therapy! @kbuech @Oldies (reblip)
WDavidStephenson beachbabe333 me too, but thankfully not for a long while.. (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Yeppers-she will be loved darling!!!!
SavannahsGMA oH YES -PLS start me upppp guys... :-)) (reblip)
euskir @NicoleVSanchez hey, es Tony Bennett, no Harry... / is Tony Bennett, no Harry... (reblip)
SavannahsGMA I do love this tune- and me twitter fans.
cosita @francisrivilla morning sweetie! (woot) aunque me sorprendio lo de anoche, claro que habran muchas next times. ;)
FOGGIELOANER @juliaL49 Der Song, der mich Master Costello näher brachte! (reblip)

Elvis Costello45

| play
SavannahsGMA Los Lonely Boys – Heaven I do so love these guys!!! (reblip)
tikitender [Toto – Africa] It's @mandyblake that put this in my head...


| play
Delfin (PC) IN 15 MIN, a very special OWL'S NEST! EM 15 MIN, mais um episódio especial do NINHO DO CORUJA! S06E17: "Zombierama!" Burn down the disco!

The SmithsPanic

| play
SavannahsGMA Los Lonely Boys – Heaven love these guys!!!
SavannahsGMA Ooooh Aaaah !!!! Watch me ride!!!!
SavannahsGMA Shania Twain Feat. Billy Currington – Party for Two
SavannahsGMA Don Henley – Dirty Laundry
SavannahsGMA rockin Don Henley – All She Wants to Do Is Dance
SavannahsGMA Don Henley – The Boys of Summer
SavannahsGMA Dire Straits – Walk Of Life
SavannahsGMA Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
Epicrates the wonderful greatness of The Bats...Yep @newNEWwave we are now in one of my fave music destinations New Zealand =)
SavannahsGMA Blue Oyster Cult – Dont Fear the Reaper
SavannahsGMA a beautiful tune Barry Manilow – Could It Be Magic (Inspired By Prelude In C Minor, F. Chopin)
SavannahsGMA sounds like today? Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction
SavannahsGMA Elton John – I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
SavannahsGMA The Castaways – Liar, Liar
SavannahsGMA Lee Roy Parnell & Delbert McClinton – South By Southwest
SavannahsGMA Delbert McClinton – Sandy Beaches
SavannahsGMA The Four Tops – Ask the Lonely
SavannahsGMA Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman
djMnemosyne Well, this is supposed to be "Come Up" but honestly, they're all this weird. Space Streakings, Blippers... Mnemosyne's iTunes of Irritants
Leobarba essa musica foi meu 100° download no Napster
SavannahsGMA Dan Fogelberg - Starry Starry Night

Dan Fogelberg - Starry Starry Night

| play
Magpie108 Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand.....
SavannahsGMA Lynyrd Skynyrd – Red White & Blue
SavannahsGMA Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man (Live)
SavannahsGMA James Brown – Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
deadcowaroma Yea. The Hip are a Canadian staple. and way more respectable than Nickleback. Ugh...Nickleback...excuse me while I throw up. : P
Thatguyfsu In honor of @brian_mansfield - not nearly as good as Solitary Thinkin' or Dead Flowers though ;-)
SavannahsGMA Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
llbarkat @DJLeesaK: "@llbarkat, I'll see your Sweet Chariot and raise you one Amazing Grace" Ah, I never turn down a gamble... (reblip)
nicavieira @crispast Oi,moça!(: @schau Tás bien?\o/ @by_starla U listen to a lot of great songs,sweety. @Aluciel I should introduce Ava to Aluciel.\o/\o/

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
SavannahsGMA Cowboy Troy – Hick Chick (Dance Mix)
SavannahsGMA Dierks Bentley – What Was I Thinkin
SavannahsGMA T. Rex – Bang A Gong (Get It On)
SavannahsGMA Uncle Kracker – Drift Away
SavannahsGMA correction Uncle Kracker – Follow Me (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Cannibal & The Headhunters – Land Of 1000 Dances
SavannahsGMA Cannibal & The Headhunters – Land Of 1000 Dances
SavannahsGMA 400hp jukebox on wheels 8 ) Lonestar – What About Now
SavannahsGMA Todd Rundgren - We Gotta Get You a Woman

Todd Rundgren - We Gotta Get You a Woman

| play
SavannahsGMA Todd Rundgren – Hello It's Me
SavannahsGMA Todd Rundgren – Wolfman Jack
OmeRoon ZZ Top – "Tush" - I ain't asking for much...

ZZ TopTush

| play
SavannahsGMA Sugar Ray – Fly (Feat. Super Cat)
RunnerDJC The problem is all inside your head.... she said to me...
SavannahsGMA Variuos – Sugar Ray - Abracadabra
SavannahsGMA sounds kinda sexy-Bee Gees – Still Waters Run Deep
SavannahsGMA Grand Funk Railroad – Some Kind of Wonderful
fxp123 sounds great ty @stevegrim: "Thanks !! I remember goin' to a concert where The Cars led off for Foreigner !!@fxp123: "The Cars - Good Times Roll"" (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Ahhhhhh yeah warm weather -beach time
CrescentMoonglow @charmstep: "@YankeeClipper64: "Champaign – How 'Bout Us" You're definitely invited to the house party." **Nice smooth soul there! Hi@charmstep! :) (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Martina McBride – Where Would You Be


| play
SavannahsGMA Johnny Cash – God's Gonna Cut You Down
mochamomma Ok, who knows all the lyrics of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock? Just me? Anyone else?
SavannahsGMA Cat Stevens – Another Saturday Night
SavannahsGMA Grand Funk Railroad – We're An American Band
toosweet4rnr [Chris Isaak – Dancin'] hey there @lilwldchld! hope you are well. :) (reblip)

Chris IsaakDancin'

| play
pjredd James Taylor – Fire And Rain
SavannahsGMA Oh yeah... Maxi Priest Featuring Shaggy – That Girl
SavannahsGMA Shaggy – Boombastic (Sting Remix)
SavannahsGMA Just something about this tune I love...Steve Earle – Copperhead Road
SavannahsGMA Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out
SavannahsGMA DMX – Up in here (Mightyfools remix)
stelljoe Sitting around Carmen's table - so many memories
gattacan Last one for the night... love this version by Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

Pearl JamLast Kiss

| play
pjredd Tina Turner – What's Love Got to Do With It
SavannahsGMA Steve Winwood – Roll With It and I'm rollin on to bed-niters my friends 8 )
SavannahsGMA The Mamas and the Papas feat. Tupac – California Dreaming (Manny Faces Remix)
SavannahsGMA Roger Williams – The Way of Love
SavannahsGMA my fav version...Roger Williams – Moonglow & Theme From 'Picnic'
SavannahsGMA Kylie Minogue – Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)
John_Splitz Really Awesome Song.. dont care if its a "girl" song, just really good song.. and has a very good message in it.. *sigh*
RadioRider Sha la la la la sha la la - and I mean it!!
SavannahsGMA Johnny Mathis – Chances Are
Marystudio Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughn – Cheek to Cheek
SavannahsGMA Tommy Tutone – 8675309 (Jenny)
SavannahsGMA Billy Preston – Will It Go Round in Circles
SavannahsGMA Eminem & Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby vs the Real Slim Shady
RadioRider Nice rain here today - right after I mowed. Perfect...
SavannahsGMA Lovin' Spoonful, – Do You Believe in Magic
SavannahsGMA Bonnie Raitt – Love Letter
SavannahsGMA Annie Lennox – Walking On Broken Glass
folkmusicdude The "Pruit Igoe" song from the movie soundtrack.
noisecontrol @CDBaby @Manufacturing @compactdisc @CD @Digital @laser @Burn @Rotate @spin @GarageBand @Ilike @itunes @iPhone @ipod @iRiver @iMac @Powerbook (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Martina Mcbride – At Last
SavannahsGMA Backstreet Boys – As long as you love me
SavannahsGMA Jesse McCartney – My Baby
SavannahsGMA Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Bras – Whipped Cream
FranciscoIV Smooth Sunday @MerlottesBar John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland (reblip)
SavannahsGMA a little bump and grind! David Rose – The Stripper
LYRIC The One and Only.... later, lovelies....
SavannahsGMA Hey-Happy Sunday & Mother's Day!!!Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning
SavannahsGMA Backstreet Boys - tha Call

Backstreet Boys - tha Call

| play
Grv2themx @SimianRecords @+8Records @Definitive @Transmat @NoiseControlMedia @tommyboy @Atlantic @WarnerChappell take a listen too. (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Sugababes – Caught In A Moment
SavannahsGMA Martina McBride – Where Would You Be
SavannahsGMA Dr. Hook – When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman
SavannahsGMA Kenny G, George Benson – Summertime
SavannahsGMA George Benson – Give Me The Night
ladypn rb@kbuech (rb@save_the_wolves) Thx @kbuech! I'm all out of props for you, had to rb something other than your rb of my blip, this is perfect! :) (reblip)
SavannahsGMA George Benson – This Masquerade
SavannahsGMA Wooohooo-Shania Twain – Man, I Feel Like A Woman
SavannahsGMA Ahhh yeah!!! Bob Seger System – Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
SavannahsGMA this tune's a cutie! Leo Sayer – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
SavannahsGMA billy squier – The Stroke
SavannahsGMA marciagriffithselectricslide


| play
paisley Michael Bublé – I'm Beginning To See The Light #mothersday
Joleesa love me love them straight to me heart meck mi feel good when we walk no badder leave me gall no badder part...

cj lewis - sweets for my sweet

| play
Diordan sou recipiente e não tenho forma porque sou areia do fundo do mar = I'm container without shape cause I'm sand from the bottom of the sea! @Shukitty
SavannahsGMA China Grove - The Doobie Bros

China Grove - The Doobie Bros

| play
SavannahsGMA Michael McDonald – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours


| play
SavannahsGMA one for the road! Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
SavannahsGMA Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight- goodnite with this tune- you all were wonderful-tonite-ty
SavannahsGMA Ray Stevens-Everything is Beautiful

Ray Stevens-Everything is Beautiful

| play
SavannahsGMA Ray Stevens – It's Me Again, Margaret
PedanticBohemian '85 spawned a ton of great dance songs, but this was my favorite: Don Henley, "All She Wants to do is Dance" #80sflashbackparty
SavannahsGMA Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
SavannahsGMA Reba McEntire & Kenny Chesney – Every Other Weekend
SavannahsGMA Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were
fmirandajunior Para quem vai ter uma segunda hardcore como a minha.
SavannahsGMA George Strait – How 'Bout Them Cowgirls
SavannahsGMA Trace Adkins – Ladies Love Country Boys
SavannahsGMA turn it some!!!Trace Adkins – Honky Tonk Badonkadonk left left left right left
SavannahsGMA John Cougar Mellencamp – Cherry Bomb
SavannahsGMA Blake Shelton – Good Morning Beautiful
SavannahsGMA streisand's - evergreen-piano and violin


| play
SavannahsGMA Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places
SavannahsGMA The Standells – Dirty Water
SavannahsGMA Paul Revere and The Raiders – Kicks
SavannahsGMA Dave Clark Five – Bits And Pieces
SavannahsGMA Celine Dion duet with Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer
SavannahsGMA Dion Dimucci – Runaround Sue
SavannahsGMA Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – If You Leave