triumph the insult comic dog lick myself (lyrics in description)

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @Deodar: "SpyroKeet Hey!! Thanx!!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @ChadThomas: "Click Click Boom!!!!!!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @UnderDeeper: "@crispast " Are you also in the mood for this song? ;-) "" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Firecracker16: "You're very welcome! Glad we found it! =) rb @sassykitts: "been looking for this song! TY so much! rb @Firecracker16"" (reblip)

LeAnn Rimes : " probably wouldn't be this way "

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @bytera: "An【RB•Welcome!】for a new listener ➳ @belcanto9900" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @LadyJay91: "#MusicForTheOffice - Ready For The World - Love You Down -" (reblip)
SpyroKeet chills hear too! thx! @ZachsMind: "From The One And True Man In Black. I got chills. #LOST ..that's a chain in a wood box serving percussion." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Frauenpower: "Danke :-) (reblip)

ELO Hold on tight to your dreams.

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @Maikeru48: "Perfume – Butterfly" (reblip)


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SpyroKeet love this thx! *muah* @indiangypsychic: "@formybabe Isn't this such a pwetty song?" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @RadioFreeIllinois: "Beastie Boys – Body Movin (Prof D Remix)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @ramonster: "Heißhunger! "When food is gone you are my daily meal // But you've got the love I need To see me through"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @mgundy32: "I've recently discovered that guys with beards make great music. Tell me I'm wrong." (reblip)

Joe PurdyEasier

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SpyroKeet this is true @mgundy32 I've recently discovered that guys with beards make great music. Tell me I'm wrong.
SpyroKeet thx for the add! @mdh47 "Flashlight"

Rock The Boat 1974 Hues Corporation

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SpyroKeet @fabuleuxfab pure genius!

lil jon feat snoop dogg-step your game up

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @2liveis2fly: "@LittleC: ":)"- seconded. insomnia is a bitch!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Maikeru48: "@mark_till Well, yeah, that too. ( ^_^) / Fiona Apple – Not About Love" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @avard (reblip)

Johnny Mathis The 12th Of Never

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @Franimal: "Hey there @Mysterymix, what country are you really from?" (reblip)

Cat PowerNew York

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SpyroKeet I need sleep ...but then I'll miss something! @Franimal: "Thanks @muzicmajic :)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Firecracker16: "Ok! Such a beautiful song!...YES you are forgiven!! :) [and Thank YOU, darlin'! I<3U ]@JendeMen: "@Firecracker16"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx!@DJEagle The Knife – Pass This On (reblip)

The KnifePass This On

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @ramboswife: "Good Night Everyone! Had a great day bliping , thank you DJ for this perfect song Rb@imcfdean" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @kirkill: "Gin Blossoms - Lost Horizons" (reblip)

Lost Horizons by Gin Blossoms

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SpyroKeet this will probably happen to me if I go back to Ohio @harmony60: "The Pretenders – My City Was Gone ...Go Ohio...." (reblip)
SpyroKeet @adbert Hi thx!

Politics Of Dancing- Re-Flex (HQ)

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SpyroKeet wow that one is amazing as well! I can't chose! lol @nbztunes: "@SpyroKeet..this is my favorite version of that song..hands down" (reblip)

Ray LamontagneCrazy

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @tricia1216: "this time, i'll have no fear. Matt Nathanson, Little Victories" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! not crap lol @droolius: "#livin420 ;) nice play!(RB)@Shanti_baba: "He was lookin' to sell some weed ;-) @droolius"" (reblip)

Devil went down to Jamaica

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @vampyrekittie: "oh lord won't u buy me a mercedes benz cuz it's my birthday!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @vampyrekittie: "@shiner laugh break" (reblip)

Dear Penis

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @Franimal: "Hiya @jmikeh. Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @elaineewing: "Who Wants To Live Forever - Richard Alpert that's who!! #LOST #QUEEN" (reblip)

Who wants to live forever- Queen(Highlander Scenes)

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Train- Meet Virgina With Lyrics =]=]

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @birch262: "Gotta love the 90s one hit wonders." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @gypsybug: "Hey @TriggerHappyJack one of my fav Donna's songs. Thought you'd approve." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @RHYTHMjunkie: "Hi @ShesAllWrite: Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @straywebsurfer: "♫ Rolling Stones - "She's a Rainbow" rb@lukesharp:"Happy Mothers Day ....."" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @JoanieBeachMusic: "Love this song....@comicmama: "@rockchalk75: "@evilchris4: "Hall & Oates- One on One"""" (reblip)

Hall & Oates- One on One

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @RetroGirl: "LOST on Planet Claire! With her squirrel baby! #Lost (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @DJNickPapag: "I hope you are well my brotha!! Thanks for the ups!! @blainestewart" (reblip)
SpyroKeet @harmony60@AtheDJ via@VanillaIcedBrownie: "One of my favourite songs :)" (reblip)

Sunburn by Owl City Lyrics

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SpyroKeet love this thx...btw I heard that Fuck You I'm Drunk might not be Flogging Molly singing it. @DJNickPapag: @dj_lmb @SpyroKeet" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @jordan1507: "TY rb @sir_edward_ross: "RB @AmyisImaginary ....10CC – Dreadlock Holiday"" (reblip)

10CCDreadlock Holiday

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SpyroKeet thx I love that arrow! ➲ @Joleesa: "Bananarama ➲ I Heard A Rumor" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! grrrrr...I didn't get to be your first! @alexalborz: "This one is for my 2 listeners @agogab and @SpyroKeet!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet im only a lil drunk ...@santamistura: " if you was drunk you can´t to blip it would be impossible... all songs and letters will be changing places" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love israel never heard this! @chickenkatsu: "Maika'i loa. :) rb @hawaiibuzz: "Israel Kamakawiwo`ole - Kamalani"" (reblip)

israel kamakawiwoole - kamalani

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @Thaiangel: "hello there :) @tokool4u: "@Thaiangel: "you are totally ..erased !""" (reblip)

Annie LennoxErased

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @masenfim: "#1 Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights" (reblip)
SpyroKeet thanks @LynnSunshine: "Bugs N Friends-With a little help from my friends (reblip)

KHAGO daddy from you gone.(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @mammara: "hats off!" (reblip)


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SpyroKeet love this thx! look for his song..."Am I Wrong?" its amazing but its not on Blip @JendeMen: "UgotIt!@Jumbojetje: "let's dance, dance, I want to dance" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Degringolade: "Elvis Costello – Blame It On Cain #Lost" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @mthellfire: "Yes indeedy. rb @zonestarz: "aaaaawwwwl riiiightttt!!"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Gioca: "September - my special month" (reblip)
SpyroKeet that was cool! thx! @Deodar: "@SpyroKeet Hey!! thanx for the props!! i'm in a mood for pop music today... ;))" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Dancer12: "I close my eyes. . .drift away into the Magic nite . . In dreams Iwalk with with You. . In dreams You're Mine. . ." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @sconsult: "Lady Antebellum - I Run to You" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @harmony60: "it is cool kevin.ty @hawaiibuzz: "sorry to u mary & @prescottscott for that Top 10 blip - it was 'broken' =D" (reblip)

Barry Manilow Can't Smile Without You + Lyrics

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @lilwldchld: "You know she wiggles like a glow worm, dance like a spinnin' top....." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @iSiTi: "WOULD YOU LIKE A LITTLE c[_] of@iCOFFEEi SOUNDS VERY TASTEE TO ME" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Joleesa: "Wax ➠ Southern California" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @djwttw: "I felt every ounce of me screaming out, but the sound was trapped deep in me." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @CastlesideCat: "my copy of this record is pretty beat...but here it is right here in Blip land, Sammy Turner "Lavender Blue"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Poetress (reblip)

Starting Now by Ingrid Michaelson

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @JLnurse -Bryan Adams – Run To You- (reblip)

Bryan AdamsRun To You

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SpyroKeet thx! @elaineewing: "That's right I've decided to make my own oldies station -60 Minute Man- My mom considered it the naughtiest song she ever heard!" (reblip)

The Dominos-60 Minute Man

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @nancynnk: "@SpyroKeet Live out loud live" (reblip)

Live Out Loud by Steven Curtis Chapman

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SpyroKeet love this sounds like cross between Pink/Annie Lennox @LisaWorld: "lol@tokool4u: "@promQueen: "sick song sick video""" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Maikeru48: "Hello everyone! (^_^) / The Helio Sequence – "Don't Look Away"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Maikeru48: "RB @Echo_L / The Daysleepers – Mesmerize" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @fxp123: "Robert Johnson - Dust My Broom" (reblip)

Tim McGraw I like it, I love it

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SpyroKeet I love it! ....but it doesn't sound like Weezer...?@mark_till: "Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)" (reblip)

Weezer- Put Me Back Together(NEW SONG)

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SpyroKeet Hi Jenn @VoodooSounds thx via@mark_till: "The Prodigy - Wake The Fuck Up" (reblip)
SpyroKeet had me worried...@Lyrinca: "So kind of you to ask! I've too many exams (16) I'm going mad :\ All I need is time to breathe Thanks dear! <3 @SpyroKeet" (reblip)

AirAll I Need

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SpyroKeet thank you! great taste...and always something i've never heard of before! @mammara (reblip)
SpyroKeet thx! @Franimal I was just about to find this was on the "Knight and Day" movie I saw yesterday! (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @hawaiibuzz: "Green Day – Hold On" (reblip)

Green DayHold On

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SpyroKeet Let's try Mitch! @AtheDJ: "Mary Mary BoMary-- WOW...that was one I forgot about!LOL :D rb@harmony60: "lol...just had too.. enjoy .. thx.." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love it @hawaiibuzz: "ding ding - if we dig in our genealogy, we probably related!@chickenkatsu: "I'm sure ppl here think we're related. LOL! rb @HB"" (reblip)

John Mayer - Assassin

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SpyroKeet very nice! @hawaiibuzz: "cool - thanks Kevin!! vi@harmony60: "Bro.. this is coming from @KTLockhart .. he says hi, good morning.... @HB thx..."" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Joleesa: "⟣ Still Be A Lady ⟢ (reblip)

Yellowman❥Still Be A Lady

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @mark_till: "A Day To Remember- You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance" (reblip)

A Day To Remember- You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @LikeAnAngel: "my 8 yo daughter is chatting with me on gmail from the living room. it has begun." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Flavoured: "yep @synfool: "surprisingly gorgeous."" (reblip)
SpyroKeet inviting me up for coffee? mmmm @Siberia: "Coffee with @SpyroKeet and lemon cake" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @crazydv: "Me and some buds used ta be pyros@SAMSLICK: "Fire started by @crazydv"" (reblip)

The Ohio PlayersFire

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SpyroKeet thx! forgot about this one! @iMickeyD: "splendid costumes" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @drwh0: "Yes, the kitchen looked exactly like butterscotch, but the birds wrote the words." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @drwh0: "A shout out to *Minority* Leader Boehner (D-OH), fighting for his right to tan without taxation." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @drwh0: "Can't let the 7th anniversary of the Iraq war go by w/out a nod to my friend Pat Scanlon a Vietnam veteran (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @drwh0: "More 80s music to prepare for a class on deviance (recidivism, get it?)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! *muah* @Deodar: "@RetroYeti thanx for adding me! @DJNickPapag thanx for the props & rb! ;)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet #personalized thx for listening! @nattieb "The Flaming Lips – Knives Out"
SpyroKeet sorry about the mix up lol my name is Ron. @alexparr@dANGELofLOVE
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Mr_Petrelli64: "This song is in Spanish? I barely noticed!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Si_za: "as ever............keep ya shortcuts to yourself ;)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet omg so funny thx! @chameleonpixie: "Garsh molly gee, these women are so talented and adorable and funny." (reblip)

Garfunkel and Oates, "Worst Song Medley"

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SpyroKeet LMAO! thx! @chameleonpixie: "Genius." (reblip)

Sex With Ducks: the Music Video by Garfunkel and Oates

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @monicapadilha: "The Searchers ~ Needles and Pins" (reblip)
SpyroKeet @AtheDJ love Jimmy's version best though
SpyroKeet love this thx! @nbztunes: "hello good to see you...i have missed you @Atomik: "howdy and hugs @nbztunes"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet my new fav thx! @coffee_crush08: "my current fave [smiles] :-D" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! it needed a bit of an update @MARCOSFRBASTOS: "The Killers – Hotel California -- covering/em uma nova versão de Eagles" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @LolaLulu: "0n our answering machine yells;) "hey, what have you taken?"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet @josien01 thx for the add! I was going to send ya Coldplay but sent this instead LOL

MADTV Coldplay Parody

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SpyroKeet thx again I only knew about the one I sent you! @chameleonpixie: "@SpyroKeet Brody is so amazing! :)" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! lol I just noticed your 3rd blip ever was from me! @muziekfreak (reblip)

JOE COCKER "Have A Little Faith"

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SpyroKeet thx @chameleonpixie: "@hpseaton Have you been introduced to Florence and the Machine yet? I think you will love her." (reblip)

florence and the machine heavy in your arms

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥♥♥ [[Video]] ♥♥♥♥ [[Nothing Compares To You]] ♥♥♥♥" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @had_beans_for_lunch: "@gobcarlqvist @nastysurprise: thought you were wealthy hanging around blip all day - this should get you going" (reblip)

White Rabbits "The Plot" Official Video

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SpyroKeet I love this! @leffi333: "one of nitin's most beautiful tunes - ever. thanks @dnya & @TWBuddha" (reblip)

Nitin SawhneyNadia

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @RiaLaurens: "@FadeN2: "feels so good.... ... *sigh*"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @pratinsky: "can't stand :)) @Echo_L: "Hiya @Dolittle Thanks for thinking about me. ;D Such a fun song."" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @ablit: "The Fray~She Is" (reblip)

The FrayShe Is

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @JendeMen: "Thanks! And ( GNight to the private lady in her room.) lol!@Dancer12" "Doris Day – I Love the Way You Say Goodnight" (reblip)
SpyroKeet That black box is just in case crashes. @hawaiibuzz so how much longer is this empty black box gonna be here?? LOL @harmony60
SpyroKeet love this thx! @Greenfields47: "ty rb@dmtr: "tried too hard and I always lack. days are gray and the nights are black."" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx!@JLnurse: "SpyroKeet You're welcome! It's fun to meet ppl on blipfm! XOXO" (reblip)

alanis bubble trouble

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @busto: "this is why I love songs can come across just at the right time, you have found kindred souls... perfect song/time!" (reblip)

I Me Mine The Beatles

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SpyroKeet pretty thx! @Matericia: "~~ Harry Nilsson – Mother Natures Son ~~ @Dancer12" (reblip)
SpyroKeet awesome! @Matericia: "Paul Simon: A Simple Desultory Philippic or How I was Lyndon Johnsoned into Submission (reblip)

Paul Simon: A simple desultory philippic

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SpyroKeet Nice 1 thx for all the props!@lostndanet: "TY @zoja01: "Hello! Thanks :) @xSilkiex: "I'm out for both of you too ;) @GeeOh"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thx! @awriterchick: "Starshine ... When you gonna find me" (reblip)


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SpyroKeet love this thx! @mysticsavage: "@MrBwatts You consistently have the *best* taste in music. Thanks for the intro to some really cool stuff." (reblip)
SpyroKeet nice one! @Naestopaz: "ahahahaha @SpyroKeet ok, now it's just 2 easy" (reblip)
SpyroKeet muahaha!!@Naestopaz: ":))))))))) @SpyroKeet" (reblip)

vintage Kool Aid 1973 TV commercial

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SpyroKeet never heard it thx! @Naestopaz: "really, really, right..... @SpyroKeet" (reblip)
SpyroKeet thx! @TexasRoadHouse: "@RiaLaurens >Somewhere in a lonely hotel room there's a guy....eternal fate has turned its back on him, It's 2 am...." (reblip)
SpyroKeet love it! I only knew of Cold by Crossfade@ohmychiweenies: "Crossfade: Invincible @SpyroKeet i like this one a lot." "Crossfade Invincible" (reblip)

Crossfade: Invincible AMV

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SpyroKeet that was good I remember the jingle but not the soda @Naestopaz: "crap ... @SpyroKeet ok, I'm really done" (reblip)

1977 Shasta soda commercial with Barry Williams

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SpyroKeet love this thx! @carlnat: "@TheTAZZone: "I got a name I got a Twister game I gotta Duckie I carry it with me...Hot Tubbin' down the Highway" (reblip)
SpyroKeet aaawww that's sweet thx! @VoodooSounds: "hope you find your fairy tale @SpyroKeet" (reblip)

lyrics-I Can Love You Like That(John Michael Montgomery).mpg

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SpyroKeet anytime, anywhere *slowly backs away into the shadows*...@Naestopaz: "you have won this time good sir, but, be ready for the next time...... (reblip)

NANCY SINATRA Royal Crown Cola RC Commercial 1968.DAT

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SpyroKeet *strikes back with fire in her eyes* @Naestopaz: "@SpyroKeet mine has more instruments & back-up singers ;p" (reblip)

Greatest Coke Song Ever Coca Cola Kid 1985 Tim Finn

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SpyroKeet santa packs are comin'.....@Naestopaz

Christmas Song-Coca Cola Christmas Song

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SpyroKeet I lol'ed so hard my side hurts now...@Naestopaz: "OH, oh.... now it's on. 'i'm spent' my ass, ok. ok. @SpyroKeet: "@Naestopaz ...sticky." good call" (reblip)

80's Nestea Commercial

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SpyroKeet I know! glad you found him for me less work for me! lol @Demivolt: "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the orginal artist on blip!" (reblip)
SpyroKeet cool! thx @Vonlughlio: "@TexasRoadHouse: "Fog in the streets A church clock beats Midnight darkness all around You better beware You better take care" (reblip)
SpyroKeet love this thank you! @PLUTO4everThe9th: "there she goes again... - sixpence none the richer" (reblip)
SpyroKeet thx RB@Smile4MyGirls: "Natalie Imbruglia – Wishing I Was There" (reblip)
SpyroKeet lovely, I think better than the 4PM version @backtoback: "nice DOJ thanks RB @DoctorOfJazz: "backtoback"" (reblip)
SpyroKeet lol I accidentally refaved ya! @Flying_Roundhouse: "The Waterboys – Fisherman's Blues ~ Hallo und Danke @FrauFeile" (reblip)
SpyroKeet cool thx! @gpharley: "Don't bogart!@HarleyChick: "THATS IT! I haven't smoked weed today! OMG @gpharley: I don't believe you!LOL@HarleyChick:"" (reblip)

Ill never smoke weed with Willie again

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SpyroKeet lol that was funny! thx! @ladypn: "Good evening sweet little babooshka! ) rb@SpyroKeet:" (reblip)

BabooshkaKate Bush

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SpyroKeet @katost "jesus came to my birthday party"

The Verlaines ♦ Jesus What A Jerk

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