JonathanDune G'day cutie@StellaBears: "TYvm4props, did this make Usmile? HA! :)@JonathanDune!!!< { ;)) Me Smilin!} (reblip)
DavidL1313 Hello and thanks for are sweet @StellaBears btw I make all the vids I did this one!

Kate BushCloudbusting

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JonathanDune G'day guitar-afficiando@StellaBears TY Rbs!..."When I´m with YOU...Everything I ever needed..." #ottmarliebert #guitar
StellaBears met plezier-een goede dag verder! Special2sayTY4-urGenerous Props-dearfriend!@JacoLovesMusic: "Prachtig!! I love it TYVM @StellaBears: Kashmir Enjoy!! (reblip)

David Garrett in Seattle Kashmir

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StellaBears TYVM4sharingMyNewListener "Bonita"-luvUPortugal! @tigeladakawaii (reblip)

Beach HouseWhite Moon

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StellaBears TYO&M 4g'music & props, here's one 4U frCalifornia, Enjoy :))) @mcneilmortensen {Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor} (reblip)
StellaBears TYBraveLion, WooHoo!! omg it's SanFranGGBridge! @THEWHITELION: STELLA...!!! STELLA..!!, Thanks for the generous props.This is for you@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears hold that thought...

Thought Balloon.

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StellaBears here's a please "Come Back Home" tune for Sweet Martha & Seamus @WayLo (reblip)
StellaBears yeah, we lost it- LoL! @WayLo: "We're like 3 peas in a pod :) @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears Seamus is a riot- a winner without a scratch! Amazing like U! @WayLo: "Here's Seamus (reblip)

Bijou listens to howling dog videos.

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kobiswim Johannes Linstead – La Serpiente@AmyisImaginary @StellaBears for my wonderful blipfriends
StellaBears TYLovelyBlipStars☆4G'music & props. Had funX today fr laughter to discovering new songs that moves my Soul. Music a fabulous gift! TY and G'nite❤ (reblip)
StellaBears welcomeSweetie, i♥luv urMusic,2!! @doctorfetal: ""Beauty..thx so much for props*love ur profile pic*U have a new listener*love this music@StellaBears (reblip)

Instrumental Music (Journey Around the World) INSPIRATIONAL and RELAXING- Kenny Ulrich

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StellaBears MUaaaaaah rb traceyluv!@traceyr: "Thirsty Merc ~ All My Life~~~~~~love u blip-sis! Muahh! @StellaBears (reblip)
gitarra one more of my own live videos, the Merry widow for guitar, my favourite last encore
Snoooze Hahahaha :-) ty both@TheJohnC: "i'm doing my best :) @ja_net @ TheJohnC bene! (good) ~ molto bene! (very good) ~ perfetto ㋡" (reblip)
StellaBears I'm blipping in my sweet dreams!! :))) HA! @kirkill: "I have blip'd it, but I doesn't bother me, blip away! @StellaBears @kirkill @kobiswim (reblip)
StellaBears TY4props-10XJacobienLuv♥ SoSoothing-luvthisvid/music and iLuvOcean HavaG'day! @JacoLovesMusic: Thnx for the Prps SB ♫☼♫ Had a Great day :)@StellaBears (reblip)

sunset RELAX MUSIC + sound of the sea

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StellaBears here's one 4U...Enjoy hava MarvelousDay, BlipStars☆!! @DJNickPapag@mark_till@r0bb3rt @vampyrekittie @StellaBears: Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (reblip)
StellaBears yvw tres jolie :)@PetDogShop: "Hi There @StellaBears: Natalie Imbruglia – All the Roses Nice song on your blip list xox @PetDogShop (reblip)
StellaBears everything is going to be alright luv!! (reblip)
StellaBears Bruce BecVar – Sands Of Time (reblip)
StellaBears G'nite, sweet dreams... villa by the sea is where I want to be...with you ツ (reblip)


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StellaBears longing for that sweet kiss! Oh, I don't want to live without you! (reblip)

I don't want to live without you

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StellaBears Snips n Snails n Puppy Dog Tails, G'nite :-)@EasyToForget: "Good Night!! sweet dreams!! @StellaBears: "G'nite sweet heart will go on! (reblip)
StellaBears a kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving...kiss me ツ a kiss is the shortest distance between two.. (reblip)


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StellaBears tyCutie Pie!! @WithOutMakeUp: "I like your style Bear! :) @SBears:"ok Kittyluv, pick you up in the morn! Put ur running shoes on!@W: wonderful idea (reblip)
StellaBears you are a beautiful part of my life... (reblip)

Simply Beautiful

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StellaBears oh my! is this true?@NotSoSpecial: I beg your pardon @WithOutMakeUp TY Ladies! :)@SBears: love is where you are2 ツ@NotSoSpecial love is where you are (reblip)
StellaBears tyDavid luvit! miss urGr8 Blips!@DavidL1313 You are such a sweet heart, as always lovely to know you are around and still high on life(& T.)@SBears:>D (reblip)
rocket1206 ~~ My Only Love ~~

My Only Love (Lovebox festival 2010)

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StellaBears G'nite ty4 everything SuperBlipStars - Sweet Dreams! (reblip)
StellaBears Thx Mark(ړײ) I love Charlie! Have a lovely day2!! @markharger: "Have an AWESOME day lovely ones! (reblip)

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

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StellaBears your eyes are green like summer grass ... (reblip)


| play
StellaBears TY4 everything ...bbl •*´`*•❤ Beautiful BlipStars! :) hugs! (reblip)

Robert Palmer-You Blow Me Away

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22Crystal22 @JonathanDune: "G'day@StellaBears TY rbs.... #victor.borge #dean.martin #live"One of my favourite comedians (reblip)

Victor Borge & Dean Martin Musical Phonetic Punctuation

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StellaBears Good Mornin solid steel dragon ...heartfelt song, it made me smile =o) tyvm, dear!@steel_dragon: "lost inside your ❤heart ... (reblip)
StellaBears TY SuperBlipStars 4Gr8 music, props, love, care! Put your arms around the World and pray for everyone! ((Love & Peace)) ツ smile of joy!
StellaBears you are a beautiful part of my life...♥ (reblip)

Simply Beautiful

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StellaBears hva smooth sailing day ❤ anto & mato@antoforever: "Hugs & smiles, Stella & Mato!@StellaBears:@matoart Thank you Bright Star, you're lovely, warm hug@S (reblip)

Chet BakerSerenity

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StellaBears mercy me ... (reblip)

Mercy Mercy Me + I Want You

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StellaBears TYMarisa! Indeed a Wonderful Oscar Night was fun! TY4the add2! hugs 2 all 4! @vixenvoice: "@matoart: @panther_man (reblip)
StellaBears yvw Mark, we've had 80 degrees weather...feels like spring! We need rain!@markharger: "TY 4 the reminder of coming attractions!!! #SPRING@SBears (reblip)
StellaBears heartbeat ❥Ü Gr8 song, ty4 the add2! Have a Fab week, dear! @LastCall (reblip)
StellaBears reee-blip TY❥Ü SweetAngel@dANGELofLOVE: ▉ ԼƠƔЄ ▉❥☞ ● I'm Fσllσwїηg Thє Suη...Tσ Fїηd Thє Oηє..Whσ's Gїvїηg Yσu Thє Wїηgs Tσ Fly... ● ☜❥ ▉ ԼƠƔЄ (reblip)

Enigma, Following the Sun... Beautiful slideshow

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StellaBears gmLuv! ty4 being there :) have a beautiful day!@musecrossing: "gmrbmygf♥@StellaBears: "there for me ♥ (reblip)

"There For Me" Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban cover

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StellaBears lick lick lick ♥ty! i...IuvYA! this is beautiful like YOou! WOOHoO! @daevababe: "♥♫" (reblip)
StellaBears happy ❥Ü st patty's day dear kobi, yes! I'm wearing green! @kobiswim

Irish Celtic Music The Corrs Toss The Feathers

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StellaBears buon giorno sweet william! ❋^-^) happy friday! Hva nice day :) @stille_willie: "goodmorning sweet stella @StellaBears: "Grazie ❋^-^) La vita a bella!! (reblip)
StellaBears WOOHoO ❋^-^) we can go dancin' in the moonlight:) @LoveAllMusic: "I need to stay up later? lol @S:HappyEaster ❋^-^) (hr behind, sorry! iMissU)@lam (reblip)


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StellaBears GN! Nice 2CU Sweetie!@lemontree10: "Nite Stella sleepwell hun xo @StellaBears: "tyvm Good Night! :) @Mike_Mx: "Nice! @S: ...❋^-^) (reblip)

Shania Twain Forever and for Always Live

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StellaBears ❋^-^) haven't heard this one before :) veryNice! @onesanz: "Need You Now ... (reblip)
StellaBears only ❥Ü @LoveAllMusic: "Me too! TY @StellaBears: "lovely!! Sunset over the Sea ~ place where I luv to be! @LoveAllMusic: relaxing :) (reblip)

Relaxing Piano music with Sunset over the Sea video. "If you only knew" by Paul Collier (103)

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StellaBears a precious gift, indeed, TYVM dear Sugar&Spice7 hugs&smiles! @Spica7: "The Gift of Life" (reblip)

WATER ~ is precious :)

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StellaBears TYdear ❥Ü 3Xa day! warm hugs!@DjLerica: "Beautiful Video sweet Stella:-)tysm ~~ Kisses! @StellaBears: "you're so far away :( (reblip)
StellaBears TY ❥Ü Big Beautiful Bear! @VicTHor33: ""So beautiful ~ Darren Hayes" (RB @StellaBears) (reblip)
StellaBears sorry i missed you ❥kittyluv! Alwys enjoy ur company:) @WithOutMakeUp: ">^~^< prrrrrrfct Blip!~ :) @StellaBears: "❋^-^) (reblip)

Shania Twain Forever and for Always Live

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3rd Force with Brian Hughes Follow Your Dream

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StellaBears WoW! luvit ❥kobi dear! hva nice day☼ @kobiswim: "Yiruma – Stay In Memory #piano new album..for @StellaBears @Regina_ (reblip)
StellaBears reeee-Blip! Opa! hva joyous day dear:) @moretoadisgoodtoad: "Hi Sweetie! GM, my heart so harshly....! :-) @StellaBears: "celtic renaissance ︵⁄ (reblip)
StellaBears ty happy moonhugs rb:)@kobiswim: "very nice TYSM dear Moonhugs 4U RB@S: "Happy full Strawberry Moon kobi dear:) @kobiswim ❥ fr Algonquin tribes (reblip)


| play
StellaBears TYhugs&lotsoflove♡@matoart: "uhmmm...sweet waltz ; )))warmest hugs for two @StellaBears: TYsweetie! They're Fab! TY4 the add:) dear!@MarMir (reblip)

♥♫ Waltz of Love ♥♫music Stamatis Spanoudakis

| play
StellaBears YW lovely lady ♡@matoart: "CIAO Lady STAR, ty for many props, and your love; ))...warm hug darling ...good evening@StellaBears: @matoart: (reblip)

Al Di MeolaAzucar

| play
StellaBears Song of the ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄    \︵    ︵⁄         ︵⁄    \︵ ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄    \︵    ︵⁄         ︵⁄ ...wind:) (reblip)

SANTANA, Song Of The Wind

| play
StellaBears every little blessing ~~~> YOou are♡ far too precious ...TY:)

Westlife I'll Be Loving You Forever

| play
kobiswim Tony O'Connor – Ocean rise...later all
StellaBears I absolutely LoVe LoVe LoVe .♥.. this song, inspired by dear ~~~>@LOVE4ME and @lukesharp ︵⁄  
kakefuda ♪The Honeymoon Song - The Beatles #Ska #Rocksteady from My 7inch Vinyl Collection♪ #inthemood
StellaBears ty4 gr8music props & LoVE:)@LOVE4ME(lovewaves♥)@musecrossing (JoY!)@lukesharp(admiral rb:)@rachidkas(hi bro!!)@kobiswim(hi kobidear)@GeorgeSand(Duck!)

GoviMoon Over Water.

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StellaBears love •*¨*• ♥ gives us strength to test the boundaries of our weaknesses!!

Cafe Del Mar ~ Deep And Wide

| play
StellaBears there's no place like hope ...


| play
StellaBears well hello:) ...2cutest toad ever! hugs&smiles& happy wkend♥ @moretoadisgoodtoad: "Hi sweetie! nice music! tyrb @StellaBears (reblip)

Mozart, Piano Quartet in G minor, KV 478, third movement, Rondeau (animated score)

| play
StellaBears TY4 everything Super Djs ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤ 2work, I must go! Finishing up sci/research report! Enjoy this beautiful vid:) hugs&smiles! (reblip)

Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize

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StellaBears tyJeffrey this song is Beautiful! Hva fabulous day at work!! @JeffOfOhio: "Okay, see you later. Sweet dreams@S (reblip)
StellaBears first thing I noticed about YOou ♥.•*¨*•♫♪ OMG ...fussy! lol:) @JeffOfOhio: "Okay, it's a deal. But be forewarned: I'm very fussy@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears hummm! thought you were shaggy:) @JeffOfOhio

Long, Beautiful Hair

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StellaBears YW ko dear:) hva nice day!@kobiswim: Thx so much & have a nice week my dear fr:)RB@S: Here's a Govi which I absolutely Love:)Pls enjoy, kobi dear!!@ko (reblip)

4- Touch of Light / Govi

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StellaBears sentimental ♥.•*¨*•♫ gentle wind:) luvit!

Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch...with Lyrics

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StellaBears Hva fabulous day, dear:) @DjLerica: "Yes! Beautiful Stella:) Nice2cU hon~@StellaBears: we are all here on earth to help each other! (reblip)
StellaBears WoW! TYmore Doobies:) you like them don't U? I luv this one! Are U working today? @lukesharp: "@StellaBears (: Good evening Gr8 Ear for sound LOL... (reblip)
StellaBears TYdear! hope you hva fabulous day, warmhugs! @DjLerica: "Hello beautiful friend:)Hugs&kisses@StellaBears: "across the universe♥ (reblip)
StellaBears always delightful 2CU, Ko (ړײ) ty! GoodNight hug!@kobiswim: "many thx my dear Cal friend always so kind :) big Bhugs & sweet dreams RB@S:TY:)@kobiswim (reblip)
StellaBears BeSafe ♥Hugs, hun!@JoanieBeachMusic: On LI. So many more in NJ and in no. suburbs@S: heard 300k w/no electricity?@J: You are AWESOME STELLA! TYSM! xo (reblip)

"Living'on a Prayer" Jon Bon Jovi Hurricane Sandy Coming Together

| play
StellaBears tyvm Lukeluv! you crack me up:) it's a good thing! U2 beSafe & beWell:) @lukesharp: "@StellaBears ~LOVEly evening 2U and Mom! Stay warm... (reblip)
StellaBears tykissesLerica 3x daily!@DjLerica: "Yes!Beautiful Stella:)Nice2cU hon~@StellaBears: "we are all here on earth to help each other!! (reblip)
StellaBears when I count my blessings, I count you twice:)

Mozart 's Greatest Violin Piece

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StellaBears alone we can do so little, together we can do so much! (reblip)


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StellaBears Don't Know Why♥ ...but i like it:)

Pat Metheny "Don't Know Why".

| play
StellaBears I couldn't open the one u blipped me kobi but appears this group popped up when I typed in Riu Riu! TY it's fabulous!! Hva Gr8 day dear:) @kobiswim
StellaBears thx lukeluv! love this! Just bk frBoston! No sounds, No blips! Is Blip down again? @lukesharp: "@S have a GR8 day and tyVm! (reblip)
StellaBears hey where's my fav bLab? is he in disguise? :) @kirkill: "hey fav G.Shep! RB @StellaBears: "INXS ~ Don't Change (reblip)

INXS Don't Change

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StellaBears he's super cute:) ...tyK ...u crack me up! lol! @kirkill: "Dean Martin – That's Amore - @StellaBears it's A Moray! (reblip)
StellaBears It was "unplugged" LOL! it was fun without sound! that should happen once a month:) @JeffOfOhio: "I see - or hear - you finally fixed the sound @S (reblip)
StellaBears YES Billy! I love my red umbrella today, tomorrow and Sunday! HA! I love the rain. Big Storm Sunday ...@DJBadBilly
StellaBears Indeed, a beautiful song:) ty B.Shep! @black_shepherd: "Alicia Keys- Unplugged – Wild Horses (reblip)
kobiswim PI Tchaikovsky - The Prince and the Sugarplum Fairy #Xmas @tenderlee tyvm dear friend :) Happy Holiday wishes

The Prince and the Sugarplum Fairy

| play
StellaBears the work of our heart, of taking time to listen, to help is also our gift to the whole world •*´¨`*•❤ and/or

Led Zeppelin's The Rain Song *•.¸¸ .•* Excellent cover by kipreitz

| play
StellaBears tyhun! Vivaldi, my fave! @muzeflower: "Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Winter) (reblip)
StellaBears TYlovely Cello piece:) @Planfuga: "Vivaldi – Complete Cello Concertos (Ofra Harnoy) #ChanfainitaReidio (reblip)
StellaBears TY4 everything SuperBlipStars ..on my merry way 2work! Have a nice day! always Hugs&Smiles:)

White Christmas ::: The Rubber Band Beatles

| play
StellaBears tyRon! meaning of song is quite profound:) luv it! @Rocketron: "these are good memories @StellaBears: "YES! - Ritual (reblip)

YES-Ritual(Live NY 1974)

| play
StellaBears tyhun! bbl:) @WithOutMakeUp: have a good time dear! :) @StellaBears: ty! sorry, I'm goin' out 2dinner:) @WithOutMakeUp: "Rb!~@StellaBears@Word_Bandit (reblip)
StellaBears YW! ty4 add, as well:) @hooverOver: "thankU... @StellaBears: ty:) i like u2 hugs!@hooverOver: i LIKE U@S •*´¨`*•❤ here's one of my fave:) (reblip)
StellaBears i thought you knew everything about me:) Jeffrey! @JeffOfOhio: "What?! You never told me that@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears They might hv short legs Jeffrey but they can probably outlive most of us. Sea turtles can live over 100. Oldest recorded age is 250:) @JeffOfOhio (reblip)

Can-Turtles Have Short Legs (1971 Single Track)

| play
StellaBears there they go high five ~~~>@JeffOfOhio

Sea Turtles High Five

| play
StellaBears over thinker song, thru eyes of scientist:) @JeffOfOhio

Josh Groban sings Galileo in New Haven

| play
StellaBears tyvm GoodNight Jeffrey:) sugar sweet dreams!@JeffOfOhio: "@StellaBears (reblip)

Jimi HendrixAngel

| play
StellaBears "Fresh!" GoodNight:) @favre: "simply #touchdown @StellaBears: "You Make Me feel Brand New:) (reblip)
vnss549 Hi sweetie! Have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND :)@StellaBears: "Stevie Ray ~ Little Wing ~ what anAmazing guitarist!" (reblip)
StellaBears tyvm Jimmy:) My friend fr PhD program will be competing in Mavericks tomorrow! I saw him tonight! Bit nervous:P @jimmytheP: "Dance Mediterrania @S (reblip)
StellaBears byebye! cuLater, hun:) @antoforever: "Bye dear Stella <3 @StellaBears (reblip)

Big Waves and Wipeouts

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StellaBears tyvm sweet wil:) Be headin' 2Boston next month 4 conference!. ...staying in cambridge near charles river!@dj_hard_wil: "@WithOutMakeUp: Boston! (reblip)

Boston- More than A Feeling

| play
StellaBears we may not always see eye2eye but we can try to see heart2heart♥

Peter Frampton " I'm In You"

| play
StellaBears HappyNY dear Ter! Miss U:) warmNY hugs:) @bytera ︵⁄    ︵⁄     \︵    ︵⁄    \︵    ︵⁄           ︵⁄    \︵    ︵⁄           ︵⁄      ︵⁄   happy+joyous 2013 (reblip)
StellaBears you promise to grow up??? :) @JeffOfOhio: "Okay, now you're talking!!!@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears TYSurf's up!..heading 4Mavericks! It's rare 2hv gorgeous sunnyday☼w/ hugeDynamic Gnarly waves on Competition day -gonna soak in the excitement! bbl:)

Pearl JamBig Wave

| play
StellaBears thx 2U:) I hva a fabulous playlist of LOVE SONGS! ...TYJeffrey dear! @JeffOfOhio: "You pick the winners!@StellaBears (reblip)

Spacemen 3I love you

| play
StellaBears tyvmJeffrey:) since you blip this to me, I'm totally hooked on the Rutles! @JeffOfOhio: I can play this on the guitar @StellaBears (reblip)

The Rutles: Number One

| play
StellaBears tyvmJeffrey! you crack me up! hugs&smiles:) @JeffOfOhio: "Here's hoping the chess club doesn't find out about my doping (reblip)
vnss549 @JeffOfOhio Brain Damage – Pink Floyd (Studio Version) (reblip)
StellaBears GoodNight dear ty & YES! rb:) @DjLerica: "Yes! beautiful stella:) @StellaBears (reblip)

Snow Patrol- Just Say Yes (Lyrics on Screen)

| play
StellaBears TYvm Jeffrey! ur always soooo sweet:) Hva nice day, hun! @JeffOfOhio: "You pick the winners! @StellaBears (reblip)

Spacemen 3I love you

| play
StellaBears hello twinkles:) oh really? u know about calculating gravity flow? @JeffOfOhio: "I could've given you some cheat tips@S (reblip)

[Leonard Nimoy] twinkle, twinkle, little Earth

| play
StellaBears u2 Jeffrey! @JeffOfOhio: "Thanks. You have yourself a wonderful year too@StellaBears (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Thank You

| play
StellaBears WoW! What an incredible day at the Mavericks! It's was warm & waves were at least 30ft plus! Ck out twit for pix:)@StellaBears: BigWave Mavericks!! (reblip)

Big Waves and Wipeouts

| play
StellaBears Love the SF Opera Hse! TY!!! U always make me smile! Hva Gr8 day, hun! @WithOutMakeUp: "nice to c You happy :) @S: tyhun! What's up Doc?@W: LuvYa♥ @S (reblip)

Opera Bugs Bunny

| play
StellaBears YWCutie! Hva nice day:) Peace! @Spica7: "Hi & Ty! Xo @StellaBears: "aaaahh at peace w/ thyself!!! ...nobody can take that feeling away:) (reblip)
StellaBears hva nice day2 xo!@kobiswim: "YVW dear:) xox@S: "TYSM this is lovely kobi dear!! Enjoying it immensely! warm hugs! xo!@kobiswim: The Royal Albert Hall (reblip)
StellaBears YVW Sir Jeffrey:) Hva Gr8 week! @sir_jeff_land: "thx rb @StellaBears: "Maverick's sky was stunningly Beautiful:) (reblip)
StellaBears YWhailey! TY4 ADD! Happy Sunday:) @HaileySpenser: "TYSVM!! :) rb @StellaBears: we may not always see eye2eye but we can try to see heart2heart♥ (reblip)

Peter Frampton " I'm In You"

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StellaBears GoodNight! dynamic gnarly waves ... sweet dreams:) (reblip)
StellaBears tyRobo! luvit♥ "sailing on the wind"...@robotcat: "=(^_^)= here's one for @StellaBears -King Crimson Moonchild (reblip)

King Crimson Moon Child

| play
StellaBears very nice 2cu hun! WoW! luv ur new Avi:) MissU! @musecrossing: "Hey gf! XO@StellaBears: "Let your mind be BOLD ...with the power of music (reblip)
StellaBears TY! that's where I'm heading:) hva fab day lovely ladies:) @ellendiane: "wait up:) rb@musecrossing: "rb@WJAZ: "Kick your shoes off and let's go! (reblip)
StellaBears TYhun! gonna get some wavy gravy B&J ice cream! it was named after some old geezer:) @Spica7: "YUM & GM! Xo @S: "Led Zep - yummy ...Custard Pie (reblip)
StellaBears YES! All day, ha:) @kirkill: "Really? All day? lol I'm fine, hope you are too fav GShep! @S: "Hey Hey, What Can I Do - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (reblip)
StellaBears aaahhh! .... love Mozart ...Symphony#40 in G minor:)
StellaBears Mozart's Greatest Violin Piece

Mozart 's Greatest Violin Piece

| play
StellaBears inDenmark, traditional xmas eve din is roasted goose, sweet sour cabbage, glazed potatoes!@calkid: "@S... silly goose...i'm not a windsor, ha! but thx (reblip)
StellaBears TYVM! hva gr8 week fav B.Lab!!! :) @kirkill: "Agreed! happy Monday fav G.Shep! @StellaBears: "YES!!! a Bargain ...enjoy:) (reblip)

BargainThe Who

| play
StellaBears U2 Cutie:) treasure the ones who care! LuvYa♥ @Spica7: "Have a super wonderful day Ms.Stella! Xo :) @StellaBears (reblip)

For The Beauty (Images of Peaceful Nature)

| play
StellaBears YES! Hva fabulous day SuperDjs!! Heading out! ...ty4 everything:)

Topographic Medley (Chris & Tim cover YES)

| play
StellaBears no silly goose:) I went horsebk riding today on the beach & afterwards, a 5mi run w/my dogs:) @JeffOfOhio: "Your dog can ride a horse?@StellaBears (reblip)

Rolling Stones Wild Horses

| play
StellaBears If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. Your light is beaming brightly w/Love ...UR, indeed a beautiful soul! @LOVE4ME
StellaBears tyvm hun! LuvYa ♡@LOVE4ME: isn't this beautiful @scotlandlover @lukesharp .. RB~~>@StellaBears is a GREAT DJ with a BIG HEART!!! (reblip)
StellaBears hugs&smiles 4 my gf:) happy full moon!@musecrossing: "Indeed and in Leo :)@StellaBears: "Beautiful Full Moon last Night ❍ (reblip)

Beach HouseWhite Moon

| play
Beeeast your avatar reminds me of this pic of my son and I :-) @Gidyean: "– Heaven And Hell" (reblip)
StellaBears He needs to go back to his wife & son ... to the Beast, can't fool me!!
StellaBears TY!!! UR the BEST, as well:) @favre: "best girls in the world @StellaBears: "I actually hv the heater on HA :) nice & warm!! @favre (reblip)
StellaBears ty both:)) @ducks2007: "rb @GeorgeSand: "And so were you Stella, which is lucky for all of us! :) @S: from the were meant to be here! (reblip)
GeorgeSand :) GM & ty Sweetie rb@StellaBears: "little darling ~~☀here comes the sun ...i say, it's alright ☼ sun sun sun:)" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Then you'll just have to walk back here dear Stella because we would miss you! :) Love Josh Groban. tyrb@StellaBears: "Josh Groban - If I Walk Away" (reblip)
kirkill ah! Was thinking I need to blip this today! Thx fav G.Shep! @StellaBears: "Bargain ~ I'm looking' 4U:)" (reblip)

BargainThe Who

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GeorgeSand You're a "mover & shaker" GF and making a difference in the world for the better! So cool! @StellaBears: "YES! Indeed! it's via invite only!! ..." (reblip)

Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies: I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)

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DavidL1313 All good in Daveyland thanks...just been busy but the music still flows through me instead of i will always end up here! @StellaBears :>D
DavidL1313 Never more than a thought and a song away... @StellaBears Thanks for the nice things you years! Must go at least pretend to sleep! :>D
rachidkas TYVM Dear Stella,I'm very blessed2,2hva nice Sister !xoxo:@StellaBears:TYsoRU!I'm so lucky 2hva~❥Gr8 Bro:)~>@r:UR so kind dear sister!))@S:dearBro! (reblip)

Beyonce-Rolling On The River!

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StellaBears I count my blessings ☎...I count you twice:) (reblip)
StellaBears TYsweetie:) hva fabulous week! @Spica7: G'Nite! {Smart&Sexy} ♥ЯΒ @StellaBears: TY4 everything Superdjs~GoodNight! ❤ (reblip)
StellaBears Duran Duran ~ hungry like the big bad woof:) ~❥ from Rio!
StellaBears GoodNight jimmy! ur such a delight! sweet dreams & TYi love Eric:) @jimmytheP: thanks for the fun stella , goodnight ! @S (reblip)
StellaBears thinking of YoU bear (ړײ) @VicTHor33: "You are so Beautiful" ~Joe Cocker ((@StellaBears)) (reblip)
StellaBears YW..X (ړײ) TY4 Beautiful Music~❥ warmhugs! @matoart: "thanks dear #STAR exuberant lady, I love you more and more! good sunday and a thousand hugs@S (reblip)

Electric Harp by Harpist Mariano Gonzalez "Moliendo Cafe"

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StellaBears excellent playlist ♥ღ☄ D! TYboth!@DavesMood: ty@ValMixMusicFm: Mais uma vez, agora com eles... amo MUITA coisa! | Crowded House ((~.~))b (reblip)
StellaBears warming up by the camp fire ...WOOHoO *¨*✰10 mins to go for @pulsar: "@StellaBears Have a warm, safe, and Happy New Year's Eve!! (reblip)
StellaBears TY*¨*✰HNY 2U2 MaryX:)@Mayer101: Happy New Year Stella Xo Have a Great Year Xo Hugs & Love Xo Take care Xo Ty Xo :D @S HNY hugs to ALL@Mayer101 ♔ℐℭℳ (reblip)
StellaBears ahhh! Brilliant! Clapton never ceases 2 amaze me (ˆ◡ˆ) TYaLL!!! @DavesMood: Hi&tysvm@GaiaMix: "❆^-^)/ rb Thanks, @coffee4us! (reblip)


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StellaBears Shine On•(ˆ◡ˆ)• TYdear@DavesMood: It's always a treat to see a beautiful soul@StellaBears: men sees inner beauty ~>there's a Beautiful Light!@lightblu (reblip)

David Gilmour- Shine on You Crazy Diamond live in HD (Pink Floyd) HD

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StellaBears Be well *¨*✰ be safe *¨*✰ I hope you have a magical New Year dear friend:) Goodnight!@pulsar
StellaBears Mars~> 5,4,3,2,1 Lift Off with @pulsar

MARS NASA animation-must watch.mpg

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pulsar Very profound! Happy U like! rb @StellaBears: "Astounding! U & I are all as much continuous w/physical universe as a wave continuous w/ocean!@p@S (reblip)
pulsar Out of props 4u. Song is an old fave. Haven't seen this vid for it tho. TY rb@StellaBears: "Look:) what I stumbled on *¨*✰ just for@pulsar" (reblip)
StellaBears TIME'S Up! HNY X WOOHoO:) @pulsar: 2 more hrs to go here! rb@S: YouWHOO! did u call? waiting 4 Ball to drop! heheh:)@p: The StellarBear! rb@S:Ursa M@p (reblip)
StellaBears Goodwill is reciprocal, the good thoughts U send out 2 others will return 2 U multiplied *¨*✰ Goodnight & HNY 2014!

Angels In The Snow

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StellaBears i concur! TYgfXo@lightblu: sadly many ppl are easily hurt cuz we all come here to be accepted for who we truly are @ellendiane@rickrog@lightblu¤ღ❤¨*♥• (reblip)


| play
StellaBears here to enjoy ღ☄ the Gr8music & fun company of amazing Superdjs likeYoU~>>> @lightblu @rickrog @ellendiane TYvMღ
StellaBears so RU Hun:) @lightblu: u r so b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l ~~~~>@StellaBears ღღ☄ i love music! Ur Music brings much Happiness&JoY(ˆ◡ˆ)TY @me@ellendiane@rickrog (reblip)
StellaBears I'm glad Ur here & TY blipfm helps me 2 realize how beautiful my world is♥ღ☄TYALL! @ellendiane: "@lightblu@StellaBears@rickrog (reblip)
StellaBears fabuloso Sunday Bella~>@matoart: TY sweet friend ;)) big hug@R_A_Y_B_E: nice!:)@m: never forget you dear #Star;) kisses and sweet dreams @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs! heading out •.¸¸♥ღ•.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.•.¸¸♥ happy sunday!! (reblip)
StellaBears I hva heart *¨*✰room for every JoY including PolarBears:)@pulsar ...indeed, wishing U Happiness & Good Health during the new year 2014!


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pulsar A new moon on New Years day for @StellaBears

AlmuniaNew moon

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pulsar Happy 2014!! :) rb@StellaBears: "I wish I was a POLAR BEAR! heheh! lol:) love this vid btw HNY2014! @pulsar: "@StellaBears Hello! :)" (reblip)
StellaBears George Michael ´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄long and winding road
pulsar @StellaBears Need to get going. Have a good night and great weekend!

The Critters-Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me

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pulsar The WOOHoO part sounds intriguing. :) rb@StellaBears: "Just sent U some*¨*✰ whipped cream, honey & WOOHoO@pulsar: "@StellaBears" (reblip)
pulsar Could be! Don't stop then! rb@StellaBears: "seldom do I get sick, think it's cuz of this type of honey:)@pulsar: No - not familiar with that. rb (reblip)
pulsar I have this vinyl LP-love the song. Never could find an original version which would play here. br@StellaBears: french4 "the little girl from the sea (reblip)
pulsar A very compact & very lovely const. rb@StellaBears: "Delphinus*¨*✰ is a smaller constellation but one of the prettiest star patterns in the sky@pulsar (reblip)
StellaBears I'm going back 2 bed! Goodnight:)@Major_Matt_Mason: I got to go play a tennis match. Be back later. Bye!@StellaBears (reblip)

Chet Baker Let's Get Lost ( Full Album )

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pulsar @StellaBears Wishing you a warm, healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year! Watch out for the mistletoe! :)
pulsar Out of props for you :( rb@StellaBears: "it's really quite lovely when it rains☂ here@pulsar" (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs! remember our Brave Soldiers •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• honor our Heros! Happy Memorial Day everyone (◡‿◡✺ Goodnight!!!
StellaBears TYvM! dear (◡‿◡✺ sweet dreams indeed! @TBFKA: Good night Stella @StellaBears: these bright eyes are ready 4 bed ... (reblip)
StellaBears YWXo@amycanbe: "@S: .•*`*•.¸〇 me2 love it! TYboth! @Stregaserena: love this song..@TropicsZ4: inspired Under The Milky Way:)@Stregaserena@juanitamoose (reblip)

The Church -Under The Milky Way HD ( Oficial Video )

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StellaBears Alaska's a gr8 place to view the northern lights!@pulsar: "Something I've never seen in person. :( rb @S (reblip)

Aurora Borealis. HD Norway 23-29.1.2012

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StellaBears U always play gr8 music & thx4 props ♥ღ☄@TBFKA (ˆ◡ˆ) hva nice day! Goodnight!

Stella McCartney Spring Fashion Show 2009 Exclusive !!! + Interview with Paul McCartney

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pulsar The spheres are still dropping rain here. :) rb@StellaBears: how ru? WoW! stratosphere? second major layer of earth's atmosphere just above troposhere (reblip)

John SerrieStratos

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pulsar @StellaBears This one's good too. Psych imagery! Love it. :)
StellaBears Goodnight for real! Going back to bed Majorheheh! @Major_Matt_Mason: Now I'm really gone. Have a glorious Sunday (reblip)
StellaBears which one? thematic concept or statement?@Major_Matt_Mason: They have a theme? (reblip)
StellaBears groundhog saw his shadow! expect at least 6 more weeks of burrrr winter Sir@Major_Matt_Mason (reblip)

The Rolling Stones Winter

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StellaBears wasn't able to RB yours :( indeed, Best Tires engineered 2 Perform:) @Major_Matt_Mason You better have some good tires for that.@StellaBears

Rain Beatles in reverse

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StellaBears NO!!! I love orange juice Goodnight@Major_Matt_Mason: "Goodnight! I'm about to hit the links. stay away from OJ@StellaBears (reblip)
His_Boy_Ellroy Have a most pleasant Monday
StellaBears Elton John ღ☆¸¸ Circle of Life (High Quality)
StellaBears Dory ღ☆¸¸ speaking whale!!

Dory Speaking Whale (Multilanguage)

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StellaBears YWhun!@GroovinandJammin: "nite dahling :)@S: "hugs&kissesღ☆¸¸rb! Goodnight@GJ "Night all, thanks for props and rb's, it's been real fun tonight♥ღ♪≋♬ (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdj! love this one by Foo Fighters! Thx4 Gr8music, props & fun! U Rock! CYA:) @AdamOfAustin

Foo FightersEverlong

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StellaBears there is no end, no beginning ღ☆¸¸only the infinite passion for life! Goodnight Superdjs!

George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

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pulsar Glad you like! Love this song! Best on the album. rb@StellaBears: "geeeezz! I've been stuck all this time! love this group, new to me! TY:) @pulsar" (reblip)
StellaBears humm! thought U were playing tennis... score? zero to zero? Love-ALL? Love means nothing in tennis LOL:) @Major_Matt_Mason: "Goodnight! Big dreams!@S (reblip)
StellaBears thought this was the beginning! Major:)@Major_Matt_Mason

GREG LAKE From the Beginning 1992 TV show

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pulsar Fabulous! rb@StellaBears: "making our way into the soft *¨*✰ white snow with @pulsar" (reblip)


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pulsar @StellaBears Somewhat long but spectacular imagery!
pulsar @StellaBears Need to get going. Health & happiness for you in the new year!!


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StellaBears gonna dream about sliding on my tummy like the nice little penguin in this vid, heheh! sweet dreams:) & Goodnight@pulsar

Nice Little Penguins ~ I Am Flying

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StellaBears WOOHoO! doing the penguin walk with @pulsar and @Major_Matt_Mason (reblip)

Nice Little Penguins ~ I Am Flying

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bytera Every smile has a story to tell. I believe. Warm hugs, dearest@StellaBears: it takes 17 muscles to ღ☆¸¸#Smile, & 47 muscles to frown. Conserve energy! (reblip)

SmileDavid Gilmour

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StellaBears conserve energy~> keep smiling! Goodnight TY:)@CBKs_cafe: ": @StellaBears (reblip)

The JayhawksSmile

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StellaBears couldn't open up Ritual Prayer ~>>> stumbled into this Beauty by Jarrett! Enjoyღ & hva fabulous week dear @kobiswim @aki_lvmsc
StellaBears hummm?@Major_Matt_Mason: This is the BEGINNING@StellaBears (reblip)

The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows (Subtitulada Español) HD

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StellaBears TYSuperdjs! on my merry way 2 work, love this vid, heheheh:) TY:) hva fabulous day ღ☆¸¸Smiling cuz of YoU! (reblip)

Charlie Chaplin The Lion's Cage

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StellaBears I don't believe it ...who are you really? LOL:)))))) @Major_Matt_Mason: Ricky Schroder (reblip)

The Who"Who Are You"

| play
StellaBears Ur 2Cute! TYhun:) @SpinninSara: "awwwww... waddle, waddle waddle, swim :) TY RB @StellaBears: WOOHoO ღ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ I'll take two, pls! heheh:)@S (reblip)

Chillin' with the Gentoo Penguins at Paradise Bay in Antarctica

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StellaBears ...has sprung •.¸¸ღ wishing YoU ALL gorgeous spring Sunday! (◡‿◡ TYALL! @DJBadBilly: Vivaldi ....Spring. LOVE IT @BlipStarr @JoanieBeachMusic (reblip)


| play
StellaBears Chilling Out •.¸¸ღ HappySunday! love these ocean vids! TYdears @lightblu: lucky girl <3@JoanieBeachMusic (reblip)
StellaBears THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! `•.¸¸♥ღ☄I can dance my Butt Off, YEAH! ...@DJBadBilly
StellaBears love this style dancing as well´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ Flexibility ◔◡◔❤ runs in the family TYdr@DJBadBilly

【HD/CC】Josh Groban LIVE on DWTS 16-2R Dancing With The Stars

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StellaBears I'm giving away HUGS!! here's one 4U •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• TY Goodnight dear@vnss549: Jerry Vale "Happy Heart" (with Snoopy & Woodstock) @Greenfields47 (reblip)

Jerry Vale "Happy Heart" (with Snoopy & Woodstock) 1969 [Enhanced LP Stereo]

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StellaBears Above & Beyond Lovely! TYdear friend@Ldgr58: "@S Happy Sunday Stella! Always a pleasure thank you.One for you if i may from Phil Rey. Many hugs always (reblip)
StellaBears patience persistence & perspiration~>unbeatable combo•.¸¸ღhugs@Imagine60:"easier said than done my dear ;-)) @S: whole secret of successful life ... (reblip)
StellaBears excellent choice! TY@jsalinasi: "Al campus... Sonando Al Di Meola,Paco De Lucia,John Mclaughlin – Mediterranean Sundance (reblip)
StellaBears America (◡‿◡ we love YoU! Goodnight! (reblip)

Paul McCartney Freedom Live Super Bowl 38 Pregame

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StellaBears Excellent choice (◡‿◡ TY@AdamOfAustin: Toad the Wet Sprocket - New Constellation woot!~From back in the day music! They are back (reblip)

Toad the Wet Sprocket New Constellation Full Album

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StellaBears YEP royboy! patience is a necessary ingredient of genius (ړײ @His_Boy_Elroy (reblip)
StellaBears i want space suit like urs! i can move w/speed & vigor on island~❥Z couldn't get near me! @His_Boy_Elroy: They never caught the Zodiac, you know@S (reblip)
StellaBears I'm ~>> Area = (2 + 22‾‾√)a2 hva fabulous day (◡‿◡✺ TYboth! @Rocketron: "@bytera" (reblip)

The Polygon Song

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StellaBears UR ALL Beautiful (◡‿◡✺ TYvM!@lightblu: U R beautiful~~~>@JoanieBeachMusic For the Beautiful Girls@me@JessieDows@SBears@ellendiane@matoart@LOVE4ME ty (reblip)
Rocketron @StellaBears: "I'm just nice ...more props! heheh! @popsicletoes: "prop tks :) rb @StellaBears: Lovin Spoonful (ˆ◡ˆ) You didn't have to be so Nice!" (reblip)

Lovin Spoonful You Didn't Have To Be So Nice

| play
matoart ciao #Stellina cara ;)) Love and kisses to you & #Ron@StellaBears: "Grazie♥ღ☄ @Rocketron: cansado aqui também - muito trabalho físico hoje @matoart" (reblip)

PFMDolcissima Maria

| play
bytera ❏'s what I would sing if I met Nietzsche today ↓
matoart TY dear #STELLA for appreciation ;))warm hugs@StellaBears: "Excellent Xo! "Paco" ♥ღ☄Grazie dear@matoart: "#flamenco...for..Paco a@Diplopito. (reblip)
bytera (ړײ) Ϧeij0@StellaBears fabuloso! ღ☄TYx@bytera Bom final de semana, meninas! E abraçaços ((@GaiaMix)) ❀^-^)/*´`*❀Amღr na sua direção ((@ValMixMusicFm)) (reblip)

Eric Clapton- My Father's Eyes (live)

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matoart wonderful #sunday lovely #STAR ;)) warm hugs@StellaBears: "fabuloso Sunday Bella~>@matoart: TY sweet friend ;)) big hug@R_A_Y_B_E: nice!:) (reblip)
matoart smooth folk bem a seu estilo #RON ;) me dê vontade de danç lembrou a Suiça...;))@Rocketron: "@matoart" (reblip)

Cafe Carnival-Craig Chaquico (Smooth Jazz Family)

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bytera Hava joyous day, m'dear! Bear hugs, ((@StellaBears)) TY•.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.•happy day dearX@bytera: ❏ Bob Dylan ✺ Baby Please don't Go ║ #Biɼthdɑƴ #rare (reblip)

Baby please don't go : 1961 'Robert Zimmerman'

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A Moment's Peace ~ Tingstad & Rumbel

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jeflev gn and a nice weekend for everyone
lemontree10 Glad all is good & have a fab day/night sweet dreams Stella xo@StellaBears: "@lemontree10 (reblip)
Intermittent @DJJaysweet "Nat King Cole, Unforgettable" my fav

Nat King Cole, Unforgettable !!!

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ncvibes The National – "Sea Of Love" video
StellaBears to the Beach!!! TY•.¸¸♥ღ☄ hva nice day dear@DJBadBilly: Beach Baby..@StellaBears (reblip)

First ClassBeach Baby

| play
matoart TY ;))@tbell: "thanks muchly@matoart: "fantastic this for me!!;))big hug#Stella @StellaBears: "YW & Grazie Bella ✺ baci!!!@matoart: (reblip)
lemontree10 ty Stella & you too - enjoy the weekend and sleepwell xo @StellaBears: "heading 2bed soon! happy W/E hugs ღ☄Be well xo! @lemontree10 (reblip)
StellaBears Life's too Short ღ☄ Daryl Hall, Diane Birch

"Life's Too Short"- Daryl Hall, Diane Birch

| play
StellaBears happy w/e TYCyndiღˆ◡ˆ) m'dear! @CyndiCane: Thank you superdj, rb, ty @StellaBears: 2bed I must go zzzzz (◡‿◡✿) Goodnight! (reblip)
StellaBears satellites "¨`*•◓.*•of Saturn ~ lapetus
StellaBears U2ღˆ◡ˆ) Satellite of Love!

U2 Satellite of love

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StreamingMimi You're welcome! Hope you have a great Birthday! @dkrmdude

Happy Birthday To You! (Traditional)

| play
StellaBears 17 muscles 2 laugh ღˆ◡ˆ) ...47 muscles 2 frown ...conserve energy! (reblip)

Friends Joey's How You Doin'

| play
StellaBears Robert Plant ღˆ◡ˆ) Great Spirit

Robert Plant Great Spirit

| play
StellaBears encore!!! love this Aki ღˆ◡ˆ) tYxo@aki_lvmsc: may peace, love & prosperity follow you always dear Sally. arigatou:)@smaclaren: By the River (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs4 everything! hva fabulous day... Peace, Joy & God Bless everyone ღˆ◡ˆ) (reblip)


| play
StellaBears TYSuperdjs4 gr8music & props ...heading bk 2 the wild!! hva nice rest of the day! I know I will ღˆ◡ˆ) (reblip)


| play
StellaBears I like to think the moon is there even if I'm not looking at it ღˆ◡ˆ)Einstein TYdr@DJBadBilly: Nilsson..Spaceman TY@ZONE@webbedradio (reblip)

Harry NilssonSpaceman

| play
StellaBears happy w/eღˆ◡ˆ) ALL ... love it! TY!@DaveL: "Ty for your music! @lightblu still my fav ! xx !@Tropicsz4 ~ #classic xx (reblip)

The xxIslands

| play
StellaBears ✩.¸¸.´¯`✯❍*☄ sweet dreams ღ☄ˆ◡ˆ)
StellaBears Sorry hun:(OOPs4U! love this 1ღ☄ ...IOU! TYxo@SpinninSara: Here's one for you ~~>@StellaBears ☺☼♥☼☺~Have a great Weekend!~Jeff Lynne–Stream of Stars~~ (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs ✩.¸¸.´¯`✯❍* 2 UCSF 4 meeting! Hugs&Smiles¸¸ღ☄ˆ◡ˆ)

Toad the Wet Sprocket New Constellation Full Album

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StellaBears OhMy:)) sweet dreams of sea turtles TY@robotcat: ≈(^ᴥ^)≈ Sea Turtles of the World for@S (can't remember how long link lasts) (reblip)

Save Sea Turtles- Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

| play
StellaBears wishing U sweet dreams as well (◡‿◡✿) sea turtle hugs!@robotcat

Caretta Caretta (The Sea Turtle Song)

| play
StellaBears TYSuperdjs ღˆ◡ˆ) 2bed I must go zzzzz(◡‿◡✿) sleep tight! (reblip)
StellaBears happy w/e ღˆ◡ˆ) @stillewillie: i'm good sweetheart ;) @StellaBears: I'm doing gr8! HowU? dear@s: how are you sweet stella! @S: TY•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.• (reblip)

Call Me Back Again

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StellaBears Good Evening London!!! lovely to see YoU:) something beautiful for@elyssyan
StellaBears it takes 17 muscles to smile, 47 muscles to frown ...conserve energy Elyssie! ...&Smileღˆ◡ˆ) hva Beautiful dayXo baci@elyssyan: "." (reblip)
StellaBears Sorry OOPs4U:( I will miss U indeed:(@webbedradio: met so many gr8 folks here at blip (like u@StellaBears)..very special years spent here..w/u friends (reblip)

Tom Rush The Dreamer

| play
StellaBears OMG :(my scholars always listen 2ur stations! MissU both:( @killahtunz: All is well! The dog is like a third child.@Rocketron: and to you @StellaBears (reblip)

♫ She Walks In Beauty

| play
StellaBears YvWღˆ◡ˆ) @killahtunz: Thank God 4 U- I couldn't blip anyone's music for awhile!@StellaBears: starting 2 tear up:( gonna miss U3!@Rocketron: tysm both (reblip)

Chet Baker ~ Every Time We Say Goodbye

| play
StellaBears we go way bk! if blipfm shuts down, tY4 everything Ron!@Rocketron: and to you@S: TYSuperdjs4 gr8music, props fun...gotta runღˆ◡ˆ) Love&Blessings 2aLL! (reblip)

♫ She Walks In Beauty

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StellaBears aahh! only prob ...some posted stuff on my fb is confidential ...@Greenfields47: preparing for BLIP full block...that why we all got together at FB@S (reblip)
StellaBears MahaloXXღˆ◡ˆ) @GaiaMix: "^-^) Thank you @DJBadBilly: Blue Hawaiians..Quiet Surf TY @ GM (reblip)
StellaBears Sccratch! gonna missYaXღˆ◡ˆ) don't forget to write:) @Sccratch: Sometimes I write tooo :-) @S: tY& hva nice dayX! inspired by~>> @killerswp (reblip)
StellaBears don't think we're going 2 make it to Xmas 2015, so here ya goX rb@Sccratch: Happy Christmas Stella X @StellaBears (◡‿◡✿ (reblip)
StellaBears SirRaj tY4 gr8music props & fun...if blipfm shuts down, Love&Blessings & Wonderful life 2aLLღˆ◡ˆ) dinnerX, bb if blipfm is still alive!@Greenfields47 (reblip)
StellaBears i'm on fb but strictly 4scholars! gotta serve ღˆ◡ˆ) & protect! @Greenfields47: spotify means play all those songs,in lonely forever zoneSPOTIFY LOL@S (reblip)
StellaBears rumor has itXღ, Blipfm might shut down:((@diamondgal: wheres Raj goin??? stay <3@S:"Cheers! bottoms up! hA! U know gonna miss Ya Raj:) @Greenfields47 (reblip)


| play
StellaBears HUGS4@TheTAZZone: "@StellaBears WOOHoOO! Hey Tazz! if this shuts down! just wanna tY4 gr8music & fun! take careXღˆ◡ˆ) - I love you too Darlin (reblip)
StellaBears A-Ha Elys! love thisღ heading out the door 4work! hva fabulous day! tYxo:) @elyssyan: "." (reblip)
StellaBears what? U did it again? heheh! funny! ...tYx@soul_man: Guilty (reblip)

Guilty ~ Duet ~ Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb

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StellaBears hva Beautiful dayXo@Mayer101 think about ya, hope all is well, hectic at work... must go! talk 2U later m'dear!

XO- John Mayer (Beyonce Cover) Sydney 24-04-2014

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Gregorian Chant Kyrie Eleison

| play
StellaBears Beautiful Indeed ღˆ◡ˆ) hva fabulous day! tYboth@saci: "rb @S @ClariceLoyola (reblip)
StellaBears Iam ღˆ◡ˆ) ...heheh! tYsweetie@AscensionArcana: Wizard of oz we're off to see the wizard (reblip)

Wizard of oz we're off to see the wizard.

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StellaBears wish i had more time to blip ...pretty dedicated to my job & colleagues...I do find peace in listening to music i loveღˆ◡ˆ) tYHugs gf!@organicsue
StellaBears TYSuperdjs4 gr8music! ♪✼♥♩¸,♪ happy friday & W/E!! on with the dance! Let JoY be unconfined ...G'dayღˆ◡ˆ) (reblip)


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StellaBears YW! tY4being so positive & caring:)@tapirekitten: Gr8!TYVM@StellaBears! [:gr8 acoustic & sunshine!!! tYXღˆ◡ˆ) @StreamingMimi: Sunshine@reincarnation@t (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs! zzzzGoodnight ღˆ◡ˆ) happy w/e! (reblip)

Pat Metheny with Charlie Haden Cinema Paradiso

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StellaBears warmth of a friend's presence♥ღ☄ brings JoY...ty! (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs .¸¸✰ღ☄happiness is not so much in having as in sharing!!! Goodnight ✩º.¸¸.•´¯`✯❍* (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs! must finish my report •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• hugs&smiles 4YoU. Sleep tight, everything is alright ...Goodnight!
StellaBears fabulous song, if u don't have trust, u don't have anything at ALL! TY@renothespinner: "Billy Joel ~ A Matter of Trust (reblip)
StellaBears YES! The Endless Dream GN (◡‿◡✺ (reblip)

YesThe Endless Dream

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StellaBears Nice 2CU! YvW :) @jeflev: Thanks and a happy one for you @StellaBears: "Giovanni Marradi •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• YaY! Summer! (reblip)
Intermittent Sweet Dreams! rb@StellaBears: "sweet classic indeed! heading 4bed Goodnight dear TY:) : Sweet classic, thnx rb@StellaBears: "knockknockღ☄ (reblip)
StellaBears there! •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• satisfied? heheh sir@Major_Matt_Mason: "Ban the blippers who don't prop me!@StellaBears (reblip)

From the Beginning -- Emerson, Lake & Palmer (in HD)

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StellaBears here's a good one •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.•4U sir@Major_Matt_Mason
StellaBears (◡‿◡✺ BLIPSIS :( sorry OOPs4U already! HUGS 2replace PROPS heheh! we'll make it happen! @IntermittentforU: "@StellaBears@purple_gleam Hey Soul Sister (reblip)
StellaBears tweet tweet ♥ღ☄ YES! says my Gloster Canary w/melodious voice! lol:) @Major_Matt_Mason: Back to my cage. Later! (reblip)
StellaBears really? wasn't much of a fan til saw Barry in May concert ღ☄ he's Gr8!@Greenfields47: unknown song of bee gees:) only known by big fans of bee gees@S (reblip)
Intermittent eat some BBQ 4 me! rb@StellaBears: "TYSuperdjs! we're having a BBQ at work today! YaY! •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• Happy Summer ALLღ☄" (reblip)
StellaBears Who? I forgot :( heheh! TYX@StreamingMimi: "You're so welcome & thank-YOU! :-) @S: TYmimi:)@StreamingMimi: Gary Lewis & The Playboys (reblip)
SeanH YW & Ty & a happy weekend to you too... 8 D @StellaBears: "happy w/e (◡‿◡✿) TYvM! @SeanH" (reblip)

pink floydus and them

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StellaBears ilove fruits2 ty dear@kobiswim: ki big lover of fruits esp in hot summer;) bevri arigatou xox@aki_lvmsc: ki*watermelon is the perfect summer fruit;)@k (reblip)

Majamisty TriO: "The Queen of Fruit"/OFFICIAL VIDEO

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SeanH 8 ) @StellaBears: "coming back to lifeღ´¯`•.¸¸✧✶♥ Amazing Group indeed:) inspired by@SeanH TYvM!" (reblip)
StellaBears Hey:) lovely ladiesˆ◡ˆ)ﻉ√٥ﺎya2! happy w/e & warm hugs 2both! @playfully: "Hey xo :))@lightblu: "hey sweetie <3@playfully~my fav XX♥´¯`•.¸¸ღ´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ (reblip)

The xxIslands

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StellaBears Apropos ღ☄TY! may ur mind forever shine like a star dear Aki:) @aki_lvmsc: arigatou, see you soon Stella;) @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears to be a star ´¯`•.¸¸✰☄u must shine ur own light, follow ur own path, don't worry bout darkness 4 that's when the stars shine the brightest ... (reblip)
StellaBears excellent thought ღ☄TYhun@tapirekitten: Hej!Tack! Ha en fin tisdag@Knunor!Tack, bra, tack for hilsen @Usva: Hoppas att du har haft ett fint veckoslut (reblip)
StellaBears so much fun ´¯`•.¸¸✰❋ღ☄TYJ:) (reblip)
StellaBears humm! I had a tostada 4 dinner ...UR what U eat? heheh! Goodnight & sweet dreams! TYvM4 ♥ღ☄gr8music, props & fun dear:)) @CosmicSprite

SmokieMexican Girl

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StellaBears Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro ღ´¯`•.¸¸✧✶♥ღ☄Stumblin In Gr8 Song indeed:)
bytera This Vertov's full version features the score written by Michael Nyman. Njoy! 1ѺѺ1((@Desdemona_)) this is so good ((@bytera)) #IWD (reblip)
DavesMood Got to love it@StreamingMimi: "So cool! Thank-you, Pammy! :-) rb@Pammyberries: "Our local band comes back @StreamingMimi"" (reblip)

Toad the Wet Sprocket "New Constellation" Music Video

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StellaBears be well dear friend♥ღ☄must get my beauty sleep soon:) TYxo@CosmicSprite (reblip)
StellaBears new group 4me ღ´¯`•.¸¸✧✶♥ღ☄ I love Smokie! ღThanks 2U dear@CosmicSprite Hva nice day:)

SmokieRun To Me

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StellaBears humm! i'm getting hooked on Smokieღ☄ TY:)@CosmicSprite
StellaBears ahhhh! i loveloveloveღ☄this one TYxo:) @CosmicSprite: Phil with a Beatles cover @StellaBears Golden slumbers (reblip)
StellaBears WoW☄ same wavelength heheh! @CosmicSprite: We cross-blipped!! LOL. @StellaBears: Geeezzzღ☄one more Smokie for@C (reblip)
StellaBears obrigada Bella´¯`•.¸¸✰☄xoYa! @matoart: thanks darling #STAR baci & love ;-)))@StellaBears: when the sun has set •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• no candles can replace it! (reblip)
bytera Maybe we have to move to Monaco, m'dear! ✖Ѻ@StellaBears expensive here too! @byt yes, a magnificent NY midnight again❣ And expensive, as well❣ (ړײ) @S (reblip)
StellaBears U have such gr8 taste in music ღ♪☸ڿڰۣ classy! YWdear@aki_lvmsc: go with the flow..:) thank you for everything dear Stella xo rb@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears largest man-made satellite in orbit around earth is Intl Space Station! TYღ☄ dear@tlwinslow: "@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears The Church ☄ Under the Milky Way!

The Church -Under The Milky Way HD ( Oficial Video )

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StellaBears TYSuperdjs! any place that we love ღ☄ becomes our world! Hva a (ˆ◡ˆ) delightful week!
StellaBears i know ◔◡◔ it takes approx 11hrs via air! @Garol: 16hrs behind?!! wow.☺ @S: it would be good evenin ♥ღ☄10:57pm here! Hva delightful afternoon!:) @G (reblip)
StellaBears Hey! what's with all bullying on blip?@rockmebaby ~>@tartantoes<~ she is such a dear person, hope she returns! love her sense of humor! a GEM, indeed!

Sam Llanas-Bully on the Corner-O'HAIR Singer/Songwriters Series @ Arts Barn 11/8/12

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aki_lvmsc es lamaziii & i seee chemo sakvarelo kobi san:)xoxo@kobiswim: "Majid Entezami – Az Karkhe Ta Rein #persian #piano"..have a lovely day* (reblip)
StellaBears Heaven On A Sunday´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ sweet dreams!!!
StellaBears love wild animals◔◡◔❤ at the zoo! TY:) @hizza_puf thank goodness for zoo(s)lol thxs rb@Greenfields47:keep distance fr wild animals at forest/jungles@S

Savage Garden- The Animal Song (with lyrics)

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StellaBears Hey!! Bungle in the Jungle •.¸¸♪♪ & thx4 the jungle inspiration! hva fabulous W/E TYboth:) @hizza_puf @Greenfields47

Jethro Tull Live Bungle in the jungle Live 1980 remastered

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StellaBears ahhh! my fave fabulous FAB4 ◔◡◔❤ coming to Cisco in August! we hv gr8 tix seats! WOOHo00 @inkiemolletje (reblip)
StellaBears uplifting song´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ Anna! TYboth@Annaleise: ty@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (reblip)
StellaBears Hey Polly! ...been a while! Yeah can't hide anything from Mom! #Happy Mothers Day! ´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄hva nice day dear@PollysMusic

The Beatles Your Mother Should Know HD

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StellaBears ¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ bullying is NOT RIGHT!! think carefully before U insult someone esp the Superdjs on Blip! Please come bk soon◔◡◔❤ UR~>@tartantoes
lemontree10 Good morning from the Uk ... Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Slow Blues
lemontree10 Hi Stella hope you are keeping well xo @StellaBears: "Silence is Golden´¯`•.¸¸♥ღ☄ Oh Yeah!" (reblip)

Silence Is Golden

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aki_lvmsc hello & thank you both of beautiful, love it!:)@StellaBears vi@11_14AM (reblip)

Ryo FukuiEarly Summer

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lemontree10 Guns N' Roses – Knocking On Heaven's Door Live In Tokyo 1992 HD
lemontree10 Not had time to blip lately as been doing an assignment for uni. Quick blip before starting ;) Miss ya too (hugs) xoxo @StellaBears Silence is Golden (reblip)

Silence Is Golden

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kobiswim Peter Kater – Call Of Love #gulshi itsumo :)
StellaBears zzZzz♥ღ☄YoU make me sleepy (◡‿◡ heheh! TY@koiheart: Mister Sandman – The Chordettes (reblip)
StellaBears don't forget 2 LET IT GROW & SMILE ◔◡◔❤ happy w/e XoXos!!! @musecrossing @DaveMoods @cjh (reblip)
StellaBears Pray For Peace & Love indeed! don't let anyone's ignorance...bullying, hate, stop U from being the BEST PERSON U can be@rockmebaby & Superdjs on blip!