SylentSyd ...once the bassline kicks in, it's pretty much understood that you won't be leaving the party anytime soon...woot! =D
SylentSyd "What time's best for you?" ;)
SylentSyd Your Sasha & Digweed blip reminded me of this @wahwahwah (Must now find my old Communicate mix CD) ;)
SylentSyd It's Hockey Afternoon in Canada...zee background music eez, 'ow yoo zeh, fromage... @melky @MrsASoprano @tuatara @GR8FL =D

Guy LafleurScoring

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SylentSyd Pleasantly surprised at how awesome Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is! (I just wish Seaman was included)
SylentSyd ...I think it's a sad indictment on the state of radio that I discover more new music through video games... =P
SylentSyd "She said she'd be the designated driver..."
SylentSyd thanks to Mike Gleeson for being very generous in revealing the track ID for this dancefloor stormer last night... @Racheltfd @Mysterymix @GR8FL
SylentSyd "And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums..." =)
hideaway 'cause it's so important to do the things we want with whoever turns us on
SylentSyd ...I wish I never gave this record away...I meant well...
SylentSyd ...a nice l'il combo...

Velvet Underground. Venus In Furs & Barbarella

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SylentSyd ...don't know how many songs are on here; I'm hoping all of 'em...

Playstation Wipeout XL game soundtrack

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SylentSyd "He don't ever take it slow"


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SylentSyd ...

Neil Young ~ My Heart ~ UnReLeAsEd VeRsIoN. ~ Vincent van Gogh Morphing vIDeo ~Sleeps With Angels.

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SylentSyd ..well thank you, Melsville!...nice pic btw ;) (and I want that suit and Fender Jaguar) @melky: "thank you for the music" – Abba (bye Ryan, haha!!)" (reblip)

Faron YoungDreams

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SylentSyd "Try smoking your own, and don't look at me..."
formalhaut can't get this song out of my head too. cheers laurie ;)

The UniquesMud & Grit

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SylentSyd stylin'! RB @melky: "." (reblip)

Jacques Dutronc / Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous (FH Blues 1966) [HQ Stéréo]

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SylentSyd ...just the right amount of strange, thank you... =) @tuatara: "Strange enough for ya?" (reblip)


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SylentSyd ...right on...i heard this on the PES 2011 playlist...standout!...
SylentSyd Ya ya ya, ha ha ha! =D @melky (reblip)

Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha

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gypsybug :) rb@JanaBanana: "best song ever right now, your welcome" (reblip)
greentrees I meshed both kings into one! cheers @scotlandlover "geesh, didn't recognize you greenie"
SylentSyd hawt fi-yah! thanks bro! @2Tall: "AndrewMcDonnell – Bong Hits in Chinatown Mall >deep house released Mar 17th" (reblip)
SylentSyd just discovered this thru the Umbro website...of all places...
SylentSyd this was #1 in Holland when I visited there as a kid...I might still have the @DJMaririje
SylentSyd "I raised the wall and I will be the one to knock it down..."
SylentSyd Great tip, thanks! @Ineluctable "This is very good, play if you haven't heard it yet."" (reblip)

The Morning Benders-Excuses

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SylentSyd "Hulk is such a yo-yo!" (Roddy Piper FTW!) LOL
SylentSyd ...this is definitely more enjoyable after a win (and three Heinekens)... ^_^
SylentSyd I have not...would be very interested in reading that! @nattieb: "you read 'we' by yevgeny zamyatin orwell stole the whole the whole idea for 1984" (reblip)

David Bowie1984

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SylentSyd ManUre played a friendly in Toronto vs Celtic last week..couldn't be arsed to spend money on them =P...Inter are here in Aug (Sneijder!) @nattieb

Celtic FcHail Hail

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SylentSyd This is my song of the moment...for the moment?...ah, whatever...
SylentSyd ..this one I'm gonna miss fo sho...totally fits the game...


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lausen Beautiful beautiful beautiful song
SylentSyd "Second verse same as the first..." :-p
SylentSyd ...this aft, first time I've heard's not without its charm...:)

Jan & DeanBaby Talk

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SylentSyd some RZA to close-out...peace y'all!...

16 My Lovin's Is Digi (feat. Roxy

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SylentSyd "You can be the bun, and I could be the burger, girl..." :D
AlyG @SylentSyd yeah bessie smith is one of my favorite dylan/band songs. it's all so good it's really hard to pick but the basement tapes are so good.
SylentSyd This one swings! - Give it a peep (Dr. John's old band)...heard it on the bonus disc that came with the new Dylan CD
SylentSyd "Hold it...hold it...hold it!..." ;)

Joe TexI Gotcha

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gabasanch when I die this is the song I want everybody to sing
Will_the_bloke Looks like I'm 3 props from 1000. Who will be my thousandth? That person wins a peck on the cheek one day when we have a blip-up. Promise! :)
SylentSyd @Fidelity - Remember Sneak's Birthday Beats at the Docks?...sadly, the ECBs are no more...but that was one legendary set!


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SylentSyd ...Heavy, indeed...groove so thick, you can walk on it!...
SylentSyd Layer upon layer, building, building...a masterpiece, imo
SylentSyd "Live a little, be a gypsy, get around" =)

Paul & Linda McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

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SylentSyd ...kinda funky, really...The Rollers give it a good go, at least...

Bay City Rollers--Are YOU Cuckoo?

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SylentSyd ...the Keane concert is now exactly three months from today...very excited, esp for the fact that it's in a theater and not a hockey arena...
SylentSyd Eddie Tenpole is the only reason I didn't trash my copy of this film...His facial expressions - and singing - were hilarious!
SylentSyd's's the - imo superior - Bangladesh performance...

Bob Dylan-Just Like A Woman live

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SylentSyd Yes! Love findin' classic techno tracks...=)
SylentSyd that's not Austin Powers on the
SylentSyd "Where I come from, we don't play around..."

freestylerspush up

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SylentSyd ...still The Don...likin' the minimal buzz he's been on..

Marco CarolaNinety

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AlyG i want to seeeeeee friend has connections at the LA silent film theatre...perhaps i can make a suggestion/inquiry... (reblip)
SylentSyd Tryin' to teach myself this...and deeply regretting never learning to fret with four fingers instead of three...:s
SylentSyd's just gotta better groove...s'all 'bout da groove...;)
SylentSyd buddy of mine just intro'ed me to this a few min ago...pretty good west coast psychedelia with a hint of Lennon...
SylentSyd ...have to blip this at least once a week...=)

John Barry- The Midnight Cowboy Theme

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SylentSyd "You talk about your woman - I wish you could see mine"
SylentSyd "I know it's hard, but you've broken all my walls..."
SylentSyd "I will never know, cuz you will never show..."

The CardigansCarnival

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SylentSyd ...Bob's beautiful country which I'll never understand why went unreleased for so long..:s
SylentSyd "She said she'd be the designated driver!" =P
SylentSyd "A million years old and still in-trouble..."
SylentSyd What the...?!?!... Hey @gmona , have you heard this?...LMAO
SylentSyd "...Then if you got it, you dont want it - Seems to be the rule of thumb..."

Devo- Freedom of Choice

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