organicsue Awareness of Self Talk........


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eraser veníamos del flamenco...en algunos lugares, le llaman duende... en otros,. .. Angel? nos vamos al ...cielo con los ángeles?!! (reblip)

Jimi HendrixAngel

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bendrix This song makes me want to hug U so tight U turn into a diamond. {{bendrix}} makes note that @klitoria likes Tosca :) (reblip)


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rkmonkey TY @Edainsmom @SevenTenths @Figgywithit ..if the sun refused to shine...... you know.. thanks
adocicainheaven pour myself a cup of coffee full of sober nights / cos nicotine and coffee are my friends in this fight
r0g1 just/4@taxibob !..--.

Lenny Kravitz - Mr. Cab Driver

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ultimateanswer George Harrison - I Live For You

Track 18

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stockmanmarc The song points out the grungy side of Vegas that tourists are too starry-eyed and drunk to notice. (reblip)

INXSPretty Vegas

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bendrix No U were supposed to Use this blip to say goodnight damn Uuuuuu!! :( @ladypn (reblip)
TaxiBob Thank you @ladypn for blipping this song ..WOW the lyrics are right on! (reblip)
Jinjirrie I sit and watch the children play, it is the evening of the easter bunnies and CHOCOLATE, the food of love :)
JimmyHook Never heard this until today.Shame on me! It's one of Neil's best! "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Some songs are the same way.
jhillstephens Good morning Tweets! Heads up! Beautiful day outside, lets go play!;)
DJ_VA "Get Outta My Tweets, Get Into My Blips" - Billy Ocean


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avivajazz Paul Simon – A Simple Desultory Philippic // rb@JimmyHook (reblip)
toosweet4rnr April 13 birthdays - Marc Ford, American musician, formerly of The Black Crowes [Jealous Again]
ladypn Goodnight @Flying_Roundhouse! Thx for the great music! Pleasant dreams! Hello @ZachsMind. Hope you had a great Sunday? ;) (reblip)
adbert [Talking Heads – Psycho Killer] No @taxibob, I had bad luck with the fishes. At least, hunted a chocolate bunny! HAHAHA! Happy Easter, my friend! :-
TaxiBob I feel awesome do you feel inside?
saharabloom You say you want a revolution..... #themesong I wish Molly Ivins was still here....


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DrEdge "the revolution starts now" (steve earle)
saharabloom Here's another 'Follow Me' song.
Stay19 see everything. you see every part. you see all my light and you love my dark<><>
gleegirlrock OK,I'm going to make coffee & I might go into the backyard,eat some worms,you know.....sheesh :) still i'm sad-the yardbirds
ptneves When I hear that robin sing well I know it's coming on spring Ooo-we and we're starting a new life (reblip)
toosweet4rnr March 22 birthdays - Keith Relf, English musician (The Yardbirds) (d. 1976)
adbert [Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way (live)]

Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way

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GR8FL Tho' i know I'll never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life i love you more
VtownLee The KInks - This is Captain America callin!! (reblip)


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dickadcock [Played this Monday morning. U have a 2nd chance ] Can D/L at the "hearya" site. If that's what you're into... ;) (reblip)
VtownLee Julian Lennon - Valotte. (20 of us watched this video in 1985 debut at a party, there was not a dry eye in the group, Too much like his dad)! (reblip)
GR8FL cherish is the word I use to describe that feeling inside...

22 The Association - Cherish

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GeryDiMarco Ok I'll go instead. Lots to do today @crowjane thanx for the fun ' game, @lollydaskal for the love it was MY "Pride and Joy" & Denise, Denise U2Cool!

Moody BluesGo Now

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mastercelo CSNY - 4 Way Street - 1971 (1992 Expanded edition)

Neil YoungOhio

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GeryDiMarco Just finished watching The British Beat on PBS. I've always loved this song.
Metapratsch And she was. Talking Heads.
briangreene @GR8FL yup iPod man is back. i love shadow pics of me. morning to you.
WriterRoss Oh this was THE summer song (69?) Hanging out at a pool with my friends, this song blasting over the speakers, had no idea what life had in store...
mr3arnest This song was a war protest song from the vietnam war era.
gleegirlrock Quarterflash - Try To Make It True
flavytcha @luiz_com_z ameeei as versões literais, thank you so much \o/ either near to me or far, it´s no matter, baby, where you are, I think of you...
VtownLee Yes - South side of the sky
VtownLee Jefferson Starship - Find your way back.
AbsinthEve (Nasty song about Paul. Notwithstanding the lyrics, a wonderful song.)haha this is swary @fabi_k (reblip)


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r0g1 || DANCE/rss ☚ ¿? ☚ ?¿ ..--.. (reblip)

The PretendersHuman

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sir_edward_ross Use the RB symbol @bottom of page @TaxiBob: "The Who - I Can't Explain nothing happens when I click the arrow to try to reblip anyone?" (reblip)

The Who- I Can't Explain

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GR8FL #BLET 1: Let's Blip Together - It's all about fun & music enjoy, blip music, have fun and oh yeah, smile on each other :)
DareToEatAPeach Doh! @NyQuilDriver you beat me to it. From my first favorite website,, another parody the Nails only hit. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Gawd I love the internet. (still not the parody I'm intent on playing)

44 Lines About 22 YouTubers

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AtheDJ Everyone in the Blip World needs to re-blip this.LOL :)@giesebrecht: "Indeed !! @busylizzy: "Hi there great blip.....RB@AtheDJ...."" (reblip)

U2Sweetest Thing

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Tropicsz4 Thanks @D_Doyle: "Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer....RB@Reiver_Iron" (reblip)

Snap! ~ Rhythm Is A Dancer

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calamari Mayer Hawthorne "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" (THIS is the guy singing on this song -- !!!) WOW, love that old soul sound.
TaxiBob RE; @threebears Official unofficial "rules de blip' >>Play non-imeem versions of songs whenever possible , so that everyone ,everywhere can hear it
DaveDoyle Belinda Carlisle – Live Your Life Be Free.....ur always welcome... nothing but car trouble today..have a trouble free day @NicoleVSanchez
Radiobread this is more like it, singer & guitarist of The Black Keys.. "Dan Auerbach - Heartbroken, In Disrepair" [from the solo album Keep It Hid]!
GR8FL #BLET 2: DON'T SHOUT by typing your message all in capital letters... it looks like yelling & makes you look like a goof
GR8FL #BLET 3: We Are Blip Boys & Girls From All Over The World - be mindful of other cultures, religions, philosophy & embrace our differences
GR8FL #BLET 4: No Private Cliques or Clubs: Blip is inclusive and you can all join in

Everybody wants to be a cat

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LindyLuv Taking Dawn ~ "The Chain" ...this band is from Las Vegas @TaxiBob // later

Taking Dawn "The Chain" Music Video

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davetherave1947 Led Zeppelin – Take Me Home (Rare)

John Lennon | Look at me

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organicsue Buffalo Springfield – On The Way Home
GR8FL Last One! #BLET 10: don't blip and drive because it is distracting and may cause an accident

The CarsDrive

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GR8FL #BLET 9: don't take yourself too seriously - else you won't enjoy this wonderful blip experience
GR8FL #BLET 8: don’t ignore when people reblip you; take time & reply (yeah, I know how HARD this is & don't always do 100% - but at least try)
GR8FL #BLET 7: What’s rude in life is also rude on Blip - behave as you would in real life & remember on the other side the Blip name is a real person
GR8FL #BLET 6: Prop: Remember props are tokens of respect that can be given from one DJ to another (the more you give the more you get)
GR8FL #BLET 5: Give credit when reblipping & leave or write-in original DJ’s Blip name (you can always see by clicking reblip button)
kbuech Step 1: download Blipster app here Step 2: set settings to show blip owner: full name :) rb@bilda "marina" @kbuech" (reblip)
Sandman5 You'll be given love, You'll be taken care of, You'll be given love, You have to trust it....
Marystudio Van Morrison – These Dreams of You
BlueJeanBaby @RunningRealtor Like the Indian guy says to Frasier, "I theenk you har a smarty pants." (reblip)
DrDebs On This Day, 1990: A Chorus Line closes on Broadway, almost 15 years after it opened. (What I Did For Love)


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GR8FL I've seen many other souls before - ah but, heaven must've programmed you - Good morning [RB] @abarbosa thank you for this wonderful song (reblip)
ladypn Ahhh my Prince, thank you for this dreamy piece @bendrix! You can't just lay this track down then leave.... :) (reblip)
ilbis @philkirby Blue Aeroplanes - The Boy in the bubble (reblip)

Blue Aeroplanes- The Boy In The Bubble

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piginthepoke Doctor And The Medics – Spirit In The Sky. Prefer it to the Gareth Gates version
DJSelchie A friend just told me about this wonderful Bollywood movie called Dhoom 2. I'm (obviously) gonna have to see this, & the first one! :D
GR8FL everyone gets the same quality @28apple_chic if no-one blips imeem - use Firefox & take time to sort out which ones to blip... this is the msg I have
sheryonstone quasi excessive blip lately =^.^=
GR8FL @Atomik I kept expecting the young Jim Kirk to say "yes master"... he reminded me of young Anakin Skywalker
Marystudio Lesley Gore – You Dont Own Me
Gypsylyn @Edainsmom@dudess...And I've drank too much..~Black Coffee~...;-D
fortmiley Very nearly a co-lead vocal from Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. MVP: Mike Rutherford on bass.
TaxiBob R/B @VtownLee Benny the one hit wonder Mardones! How could you not dig this! (reblip)
HuMBush Nobody Told Me ~ John Lennon ♫♫ @taxibob ♫ =} (reblip)
ATG Some tranquility to accompany you into slumber, and hopefully help you have restful, elucidating dreams.
ATG I need to see this film again. Haunting. Beautiful. Mystical.
DeAnnLR THX @dj_crazylucie...@taxibob: Doin' good, how 'bout everybody else? :-)) (reblip)
Sandman5 Hi @taxibob! I'm doing fine... How are you? (reblip)

AC-DC - Who Made Who

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DJSelchie I'll always remember sitting in the car & watching my mom rock out to this during long car trips. It was the sh*t! She'd totally let go & get nuts. :D
Radiobread @squiddog .. Peter Greene's Fleetwood Mac - The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) mmm very cool!, thankx (reblip)
linnetwoods Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water for @tkpleslie at #CoffeeTime :-)
DeAnnLR via@Jeffie>> The Troggs - "Love Is All Around" (1968)>> another fave of mine! :-) (reblip)

The Troggs, Love Is All Around

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adbert [Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies] Viva el Sábado, @Sally29! Viva, viva! :-)
neitzen Classic VanMan

Wild Night (Van Morrison)

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TerriCook yeah baby u spin me right round baby right round another 80's classic
HuMBush ♫ But we're never gonna survive unless ~ We get a little crazy ~ No, we're never gonna survive unless ~ We are a little crazy ♫
DeAnnLR @ ManaJunkie HellooooooOOOooOOoOo there right back at'cha! :-)) ( HellooooooOOOooOOoOo there DeAnn) (reblip)
adbert CLASSIC [The Beatles – Come Together]
adbert CLASSIC [Kris Kristofferson – Pilgrim's Progress]
JimmyHook Well Well Well! - John Lennon
HuMBush @comix AHHH I am an addict - a Twitter addict LOL :D pour some Twitter on me ♫♫♥♫♫ {= L♥ve it!! Thanx =} (reblip)
TaxiBob Looking for something...what can it be?
GR8FL Strawberry Fields - Take 7 ~ The Beatles
adbert @amberojeda [Beautiful Day – U2] Yes yes yes yeeees! Beautiful Saturday! How are you, Amber?

U2Beautiful Day

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adbert [Pilgrim's Progress – Kris Kristofferson] Bonjour, @evablue!
mrken Possibly Drown – Animal Liberation Orchestra I liked this! (reblip)
subschema People chirp about how Green Day resurrected this tune. I didn't know it was suffering from death. As a bonus: expletives cause people to get weird


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subschema Makes me forget Nazareth ever did a cover of this tune. Very superior in my eyes.
subschema Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself? When your old enough to repay but young enough to sell?
subschema Sunday mornings aren't typically made to boogie, but in this case we'll make an exception.
clonazepam @patricia_coelho, não é meu mérito .. eles postaram um report no blog .. : ] (reblip)
GR8FL @gmona been trying to slowly have some better quality GD music. Problem is their music is not just 1 song and the best was live and I can't u/l all
adbert @thedailyblonde [All Those Years Ago – George Harrison] Thank you very much! =)
GR8FL and I wonder too where they have gone .... where?
GR8FL @bronco_bob morning to you... hope you can catch up on sleep later.

The Troggs, Love Is All Around

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GR8FL [Forgot about this one!] thank you @onesanz & nite to @Manoela@sheryonstone@djwttw good night @abarbosa@ and all friends love this song to close (reblip)
threebears and she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China... @wapael ^_^ thanks! (reblip)

stop draggin' my heart around stevie nicks

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cviotti Well all right, well all right, you know we live and love with all our might...
GR8FL @taxibob answer to your ques, Traffic did "John Barleycorn Must Die" in 1970. See for track listing which segues beautifully

Traffic (gr8fl)Glad

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HuMBush Amy Winehouse ~ Fuck Me Pumps ♫
stockmanmarc thumbs up@mikeskyway oh yeah! - classic james gang from the archive... (reblip)
evablue [EXPLICIT LYRICS] no really! haha! mommy bloggers block your ears! and then i'll probably go to this.
QueenJaneApproximately I forgot how much I like this song. And this album.

Neil YoungHarvest

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VtownLee AC/DC - Touch too much. (Highway to hell 1979)

AC/DCTouch Too Much

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gleegirlrock The Who~Sensation.....We ALL are!

The WhoSensation

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Figgywithit @AbsinthEve Yes, english or Russian. Download is buying songs. Once you have mp3 URLs, bought or otherwise, you can upload to blip. Nite! (reblip)
JimmyHook My Top 50 Favorite Blips # 1 Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind (ya, there were two--it was a tie)

Bob DylanIdiot Wind

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JimmyHook My Top 50 Favorite Blips # 10 Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends
JimmyHook My Top 50 Favorite Blips # 11 Warren Zevon - My Shit's Fucked Up
girleddy of many Neil Young songs I used to sing and play, need to get out the guitar...Long May You Run
Stay19 this speaks. louder than most<><>shhhSmasH.
Figgywithit @Joice thanks for reminding me of my favorite Sting song... (reblip)
Veronique Have to leave now, good sunday morning wake up to @all (and quiet sleep for the others indeed)
TaxiBob @HuMBush been there done that myself...


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organicsue This is one talented woman. Her name is @Marcome. Please listen.
JimmyHook Jefferson Airplane – Other Side of This Life
flavytcha 2/2 - E chovem as estrelas sobre o vou pra noite, ó meu amor, au revoir o/ FUI (reblip)

Samba de Rainha - Au Revoir

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JimmyHook My Top 50 Favorite Blips # 13 Them - Baby Please Don't Go
JimmyHook My Top 50 Favorite Blips # 17 Arlo Guthrie – The Motorcycle Song
TaxiBob Good morning to @GR8FL, buongiorno@Quepasa, hello to @Jalire >>>how about this one@sheryonstone?
ladypn I think I've known you on blip from soon after I started (only 3 months ago!), @chris_franz70 & you who was so nice to me! A great mix BTW. (reblip)
TaxiBob WOW I forgot all about CandleBox ...Perhaps it was all the vodka and cocaine I was doing in the 80's and early 90's


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ladypn We're the same, we're here for the love of music!
ladypn @hurley45 asked:"...where will we be?"... probably right here! ;) (reblip)
globochem it's on repeat, so i might as well blip..
ladypn Hello @adbert! I love this Sting song!! (reblip)
ladypn OK - didn't listen to all of the LAST blip, I deleted it! LOL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @RadioFreeIllinois! This is a tad better way of saying it... ;)


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bibliotheeka another one from when I was very young... Information Society - What's On Your Mind

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

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sheryonstone Well, I'm having a pesky come, go, come again tooth hurt, so not my usual friskiness,but I will live. Speaking of acoustic,I have someone to send Unxt (reblip)
AbsinthEve phew I think my train just slowed down....@taxibob Yeah if anyone scrolling is making them feel car sick listen @ photogurrl and @Karuna (reblip)
adbert [Aqua – Barbie Girl] "I'm a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World / Life in plastic, it's fantastic."

AquaBarbie girl

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GR8FL für die aerobic mädels....und seid ihr auch schön dehnbar?????@tanzbunny @coloured.....;) other blip became suddenly unavailable @klitoria good mor (reblip)
TaxiBob A ridiculously funny and pointless 'song'
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