Whisper2U [Bobby Long feat. Toph Taylor – She wears Green ]
Whisper2U [Dave Matthews Feat Tim Reynolds – Crash Into Me]
Whisper2U [Frank Turner – "If Ever I Stray"]
Whisper2U [Bobby Long feat. Toph Taylor – She Wears Green at Sargfabrik in Vienna, Austria]
Whisper2U G'morning~ Happy Friday [Ed Sheeran | Give me love (Acoustic)]

Ed Sheeran | Give me love (Acoustic)

| play
Whisper2U [Bobby Long – The Backing Singer & She Comes to the Light at Club Zentral in Stuttgart]
Whisper2U Do U ever wonder if the stars shine out for U? Close ur eyes before the sleep~You're miles away~yesterday U were here with me
Whisper2U [Florence + the Machine – Leave My Body]
Whisper2U [Bobby Long – These boats]

Bobby LongThese boats

| play
BlipKing Joe Purdy ~if i had U~

If I Had YouJoe Purdy

| play
Whisper2U [Matt Ryczek – Goodbye (Acoustic)]
Whisper2U [John Mayer – Speak For Me]
Whisper2U [City and Colour – Forgive Me]
Whisper2U [Coldplay – Sleeping Sun ]
Whisper2U [Jason Myles Goss-Twilight Serenade ]
Whisper2U [James Morrison – I won't let you go (acoustic version - live @ Radio MonteCarlo 2011)]
Whisper2U [Pete Murray-So Beautiful ]

Pete Murray-So Beautiful lyrics

| play
Whisper2U [Onerepublic – Good life]
Whisper2U Beautiful! [Chester See- Words I never got to say]

Words I never got to Say

| play
Whisper2U [Smith And Burrows-When The Thames Froze]
Whisper2U I had a dream that U were gone..[Angus and Julia Stone – Silver Coin]
Whisper2U [Foo Fighter-Statues]

Foo Fighters. Statues

| play
Whisper2U [Fink – Trouble's What You're In]
Whisper2U [Keane – We Might As Well Be Strangers ]
Whisper2U [Kris Allen-I Need To Know]

Kris Allen-I Need To Know(lyrics)

| play
Whisper2U [Joshua James – Soul & The Sea]
Whisper2U [John Mayer – A Break In The Clouds]
Whisper2U [John Mayer – Shadow Days (New Song)]
Whisper2U [Andrew Belle – In My Veins]
Whisper2U G'Morning [Switchfoot – Thrive]
Whisper2U [3 Doors Down-Heaven]

3 Doors Down-Heaven Live at Walmart Soundcheck 2 of 7

| play
Whisper2U [James Morrison – Say Something Now [Acoustic]]
Whisper2U Grant me this wish... [Maria Mena – Habits (feat. Mads Langer)]
Whisper2U [Ben Howard – Black Flies @ Tivoli Oudegracht]
Whisper2U [Civil Twilight – Perfect Stranger]
Whisper2U [Fink – Don't Look Down]

FinkDon't Look Down

| play
Whisper2U I.LOVE.THIS.. =*( [Mumford and Sons~Ghosts]

Mumford and Sons Ghosts Live Montreal 2011 HD 1080P

| play
Whisper2U [James Morrison – I Won't Let U Go ~Radio 1 Live Lounge]

Marcus Foster, Couldn't Love You More

| play
Whisper2U [Ryan Adams- Memories of U]

Ryan Adams Memories of You with Lyrics

| play
Whisper2U [The Decemberists – I 4 U & U 4 Me]
Whisper2U [City and Colour – Waiting (iTunes Live Session)‬]
Whisper2U [John Mayer – Somebody Loves You: Battle Studies Tour GM Place Vancouver BC April 1st, 2010]
Whisper2U [Love soon – John Mayer]

Love soonjohn Mayer

| play
Whisper2U [John Mayer- Quiet]

John Mayer :: Quiet

| play
bobthompkin Have a good one. Yours truly, the ultimate lover boy. Cheers x
Whisper2U Ur heart's against my chest, ur lips on my neck .. G'nite xx [Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me]

Ed SheeranKiss Me

| play
Whisper2U How are U dreamin? [AA Bondy – Scenes From A Circus]
Whisper2U [AA Bondy- The Heart is Willing]

NEW! AA Bondy "The Heart is Willing"

| play
Whisper2U [AA Bondy- Twist]

AA Bondy- Twist

| play
Whisper2U [Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me]

Ed SheeranKiss Me

| play
Whisper2U I <3 this..Promise me we'll be alright [Mumford & Sons – Ghosts That We Knew (Official Studio Version)]
Whisper2U ["Yeah"- Seether]

"Yeah" Seether Lyrics HQ

| play
Whisper2U [Matt Nathanson – Bent]

Matt NathansonBent

| play
Whisper2U [The Head and the Heart – Ghosts] Good new cd too
Whisper2U [RARE "Blinding" (Acoustic Little Noise Sessions) – Florence and the Machine]
Whisper2U Great cover.. love them! [Between the Bars // The Civil Wars]

Between the Bars // The Civil Wars

| play
Whisper2U [Death Cab For Cutie – Rockin]
Whisper2U [Joshua Radin – Closer]

Joshua RadinCloser

| play
Whisper2U [Wolf Alice – Six]

Wolf AliceSix

| play
Whisper2U [Marcus Foster – Dont Need To Lose You To Know - Live HD at Dingwalls, London - November 2011]
Whisper2U [Civil Twilight – "Teardrop" (Massive Attack Cover) LIVE]

Aaron Lewis Cover Angel

| play

Pawnshop kings, "Don't Say That"

| play
Whisper2U [Scott Matthews – AOL Session - Dream song]
Whisper2U Love this [My Time Has Come – Chester See] I *must* find the sheet music *gorgeous* (reblip)
Whisper2U [Dallas Green – Fragile Bird]
Whisper2U =) [Stone Sour – Sweet Home Alabama (Cover)]
Whisper2U [the warmth acoustic incubus]

the warmth acoustic incubus

| play
Whisper2U [Carbon Leaf – Desperation Song]
Whisper2U [City and Colour – Against The Grain - Live @ The Orange Lounge]
Whisper2U [Morrissey – Let Me Kiss You (Demo)]
Whisper2U [I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat]

I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat

| play
Whisper2U [Rock N Roll Can't Save Me No More – Matthew Mayfield]
Whisper2U [Parachute – "Kiss Me Slowly" LIVE (Studio Session)]
Whisper2U [Imogen Heap – Have You Got It In You?]
Whisper2U [Alexi Murdoch – Dream About Flying].. I have this dream sometimes *odd*
Whisper2U [Coldplay – Ladder to the Sun]
Whisper2U [Bon Iver – Perth]

Bon IverPerth

| play
Whisper2U [Kurt Vile – Baby's Arms]

Kurt VileBaby's Arms

| play
Whisper2U [The Art of Sleeping – Colourblind]
Whisper2U [Daughter – Youth (The Amazing Sessions)]
Whisper2U Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart.. [The Paper Kites – Featherstone]
Whisper2U Love this.. G'morning [Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift ft.The Civil Wars]
Whisper2U [Andrew Belle- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas]

Andrew Belle- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

| play
Whisper2U [I Need Love, Baby Love And Not Trouble – Thomas Dybdahl]
Whisper2U [Coldplay – Yes]


| play
Whisper2U There is nothing we could say or do to stop the world from tearing us in two..[Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Hole In My Hand]
Whisper2U Do U know, the secret road... Where I can go, to see & feel U [Benjamin Francis Leftwich – More Than Letters]
Whisper2U U've been naughty.. [The Nobility – I've Got A Present For You]
Whisper2U [Matthew Mayfield – Black Dog / Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin Cover (Live @ Workplay)]

The Black Keys- Sinister Kid

| play

Aqualung- Broken Bones.

| play

Björk -Big time Sensuality-1993-Acoustic

| play

Fiona Apple- On the Bound

| play

Counting Crows, When I Dream Of Michelangelo

| play

The Black Keys-The Moan

| play

Jack Savoretti feat. Sienna Miller "Hate & Love"

| play
Whisper2U One of my fav of his *sighs* [Ryan Adams – Do I Wait (Live on KCRW)]
Whisper2U I got lost out there in this world .. [3 Doors Down – Heaven] .. this new cd is good

3 Doors DownHeaven

| play
Alvaroxx Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop...
Alvaroxx The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?... ...Oh, I'm too tired / I'm so sick and tired / And I'm feeling very sick and ill today...
mark_till TY RB @giseleqb A Day To Remember – If It Means A Lot To You (reblip)

Come Back When You Can by Barcelona

| play
mark_till @Flying_Roundhouse Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

| play
mark_till Evanescence- Haunted Lyrics

Evanescence- Haunted Lyrics

| play

breathing lifehouse.wmv

| play
Whisper2U This was the one =*( @cow_girl {Lifehouse- "Everything"}


| play
Whisper2U great song rb@BlipKing: "30 seconds to mars ~~Alibi~~ ;o]" (reblip)

evanescence-forgive me (lyrics)

| play
BluJulius rB!@StellaBears: "yvwLuv♥thisSong-makesMeSmile2!@junie12e: You make it easier when life gets hard ~ love this song :) thank you! @StellaBears" (reblip)
mark_till @lillianwong This is so sincere. Eels - Can't Help Falling In Love

Staind Epiphany

| play
Whisper2U I hide behind a smile... [Evanescence – Away From Me]
Whisper2U Love that song @PaddyH71: ""we've got tonight babe, why don't you stay?"" (reblip)

Ben Lee I ache for you lyrics

| play
whynot42 My second favorite voice-lol Jonny Lang – If We Try
Whisper2U <3 it ;)

Ain't No Sunshine (Lee MacDougall cover)

| play
mandymusic thanks 4 introducing me to Vienna Teng @zamfir: "How many of you identify with these words?" (reblip)
mandymusic ..concert at TiVOLi, ♥ iLoviT, in Utrecht NL ! .. listen here for some afterglow..
mandymusic they have just played in TiVOLi, ♥ iLoviT, in Utrecht NL ! .. listen here for some afterglow.. #Mandy_Alltime_Favo
mandymusic they have just played in TiVOLi, ♥ iLoviT, in Utrecht NL ! Anyone who wasn't able to be there tonight, can now listen here!
mandymusic they have just played in TiVOLi, ♥ iLoviT, in Utrecht NL ! Shame you / i could not be there, so listen over here now!
Whisper2U BEST song ever!! ;) Hide that grin coz ur halo is choking you {Snow Patrol – Your Halo (Live)}
Whisper2U Last in line for U.. I know...[If You Asked – Longview]

If You AskedLongview

| play
Whisper2U 'Cause what I'm thinking about you is not okay..{Light Me Up – The Pretty Reckless}
Whisper2U But when all is said and done..I know you are still the one..{The Black Keys – The Only One}
Whisper2U A part of me died when I let you go..[Lifehouse – Blind] (reblip)


| play
Whisper2U Your love is a symphony~All around me, running thru me [Your Love Is A Song – Switchfoot]
Whisper2U I'm hearing voices all around..I'm hearing voices calling out..What would they say? What would it change? [OneRepublic – Hearing Voices]
Whisper2U You made me cry..[Florence And The Machine – Girl With One Eye]

OneRepublic-Say(all i need) live with lyrics

| play
Whisper2U Later.. [OneRepublic – Say (All I Need) LIVE! @ Stripped]
Bimbler I like this.. you will too ;0) .. Allo Darlin – Lets Go Swimming
whynot42 Thank you, Dani *hugs* It's one of my favorite songs ever. Have you heard this cover? Sufjan Stevens – The One I Love
Whisper2U There is no place for me..[Ingrid Michaelson "Corner of Your Heart" ]

Ingrid Michaelson "Corner of Your Heart" (Lyrics)

| play
Whisper2U You were restless..I was somewhere less secure..so I went running to the road..[The Swell Season – In These Arms]

Ron Pope Summer Is Gone

| play

Night Blindness by DAVID GRAY ... Lyrics below

| play
Whisper2U So one last touch and then you'll go..[Death Cab for Cutie- Tiny Vessels]

Death Cab for Cutie- Tiny Vessels lyrics

| play
Whisper2U I heard a rumour don't know if it's true..That you'd meet me where the flame turns blue [David Gray – Flame Turns Blue]
Whisper2U Promises.. promise is only a word..and when softly spoken.. is never heard [Ben Harper – By My Side]
Whisper2U I'm enjoying being able to see the stars tonight ;) Sweet dreams xx [The Script – Written In The Stars [Radio 1 Live Lounge]]
Whisper2U G'morning [Sky – Joshua Radin Ft. Ingrid Michaelson]
Whisper2U [A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover - Unplugged @ VH1]
Whisper2U [Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project – To Darkness].. such a cool mix of sound
Whisper2U [Joshua Radin – What If You]
Whisper2U [The Smashing Pumpkins – Speed Kills[
Whisper2U [Ryan Adams- I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say]

Ryan Adams I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say

| play
Whisper2U [Coldplay – Till Kingdom Come & Ring Of Fire (Toronto 2006) ]..hold my tongue =( ..yeah that
Whisper2U [Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship]
Whisper2U [Lykke Li – Get Some]

Lykke LiGet Some

| play
Whisper2U [Feist – The Bad In Each Other (Later with Jools Holland)]
Whisper2U [Placebo Featuring Alison Mosshart – Meds]
Whisper2U [Stereophonics – My Own Worst Enemy (London Live 2009)]
Whisper2U [Alex Clare – Too Close (Live Unplugged)]
Whisper2U It's time [The Civil Wars – Go]

The Civil WarsGo

| play
Whisper2U [David Gray – Breathe (Abbey Road)]
Whisper2U I'm so much more than meets the eye [Seether-Breakdown acoustic]

Seether-Breakdown acoustic

| play
Whisper2U Let that be enough.. [Switchfoot- Let That Be Enough]

Switchfoot- Let That Be Enough

| play
Whisper2U rb@Coffeenuts: "Silver Coin" .. had a dream that you were gone (reblip)
Whisper2U I miss you [lifehouse- from where you are]

lifehouse from where you are

| play
Whisper2U Were you sleepless [The Decemberists *Sleepless*]

The Decemberists *Sleepless*

| play
Whisper2U You won't change me [Cold – Bleed]
Whisper2U I may meet you in my dreams [Pearl Jam – Come Back]

Pearl JamCome Back

| play
Whisper2U Sometimes it's a good hurt [Incubus – Love Hurts (acoustic)]
Whisper2U I don't feel you anymore [Foo Fighters – Over & Out]
Whisper2U You're long gone now [Keane – A Bad Dream ]
Whisper2U She's a broken flower.. [Your Favorite Enemies – Little sister - *Acoustic*]
Whisper2U [The Cure – Burn 1994 HQ (The Crow)]
Whisper2U [Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)]
Whisper2U [Fiona Apple – The First Taste]
Whisper2U [Matt Nathanson feat. Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush – Run (feat. Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush)]
Whisper2U [The Civil Wars – Billie Jean (Live in the Bing Lounge)]
Whisper2U [Guillemots - I Don't Feel Amazing Now]
Whisper2U [The Rose Captain – Sea Wolf]
Whisper2U [Cold – Bleed [Lyrics Video]]
Whisper2U [Matthew Ryan ~ My Darker Side]

Matthew Ryan ~ My Darker Side

| play
Whisper2U ['If I Was A Better Man' by Joshua Hyslop]

'If I Was A Better Man' by Joshua Hyslop

| play
Whisper2U [Aaron Lewis – Epiphany- NO MIC -NO AMP INCREDIBLE RARE!!!]
Whisper2U [Neon Trees Covers INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" (at iheartradio)]

Neon Trees Covers INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" (at iheartradio)

| play
Whisper2U [M83 – In Church (Cyan & Ben Version)]
Whisper2U [Depeche Mode – Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version)]
Whisper2U [Philip Wesley – Dark night of the soul]
Whisper2U [Moby – One Of These Mornings]
Whisper2U [U2 – So Cruel (Bono's Solo Performance) With Lyrics]
Whisper2U [Beth orton – stars all seem to weep]
Whisper2U [Massive Attack – A Prayer For England]
Whisper2U [RyanStar – Losing your memory]
Whisper2U [OneRepublic – Made For You (MSN in Concert)]
Whisper2U [Corey Smith – If I Could Do It Again]
Whisper2U [The Avett Brothers – Swept Away (Sentimental Version)]
Whisper2U [Oren Lavie – Locked In A Room]
Whisper2U [Dishwalla – When Morning Comes]

My Darkest Days Porn Star Dancing

| play

The Beatles, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away lyrics

| play

Muse-Unintended [Lyrics]

| play
Whisper2U Ron Pope-I Believe

Ron Pope-I Believe-HD

| play
Whisper2U How long does it take to fight off this weakness?And tell him..To guard me ..'Cause God knows I'm sorry ..{Norah Jones – All A Dream} ..
Whisper2U {Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep [Adele cover] (London, iTunes Festival 2011)}
Whisper2U [Mumford & Sons – Where Are You Now}

John Mayer and Brad Paisley, Old Love

| play

Ordinary World-RED (Innocence and Instinct)

| play
Whisper2U Good evening ;) {The Swell Season – New Song (Live on KEXP)}
Whisper2U [INXS – Never Tear Us Apart (From "Mystify" DVD)]
Whisper2U [Scott Matthews / Obsession Never Sleeps ~ Ballerina Lake]

Scott Matthews / Obsession Never Sleeps ~ Ballerina Lake

| play
Whisper2U [Mumford & Sons – Dance Dance Dance (Neil Young Cover) (Toad Session)]
Whisper2U rb@JonathanEM: "The times we had, oh [Florence & The Machine - Postcards From Italy]" (reblip)

Florence & The Machine "Postcards From Italy" (Beirut Cover)

| play
Whisper2U [Isaac Graham – Columbus]

Isaac GrahamColumbus

| play
Whisper2U ["Lover Lay Down" – Dave Matthews Band]
Whisper2U [OneRepublic – Stop And Stare LIVE! @ Stripped]
Whisper2U [Secret – Joe Purdy]

SecretJoe Purdy

| play
Whisper2U @RealHumanBeing Have u heard this one? [Ellie Goulding – Sweet Disposition (Sun Biz Session)]..I like EG
Whisper2U [The Black Keys – Howlin´ for you]
Whisper2U [Ladder To The Sun by Coldplay]

Ladder To The Sun by Coldplay

| play
Whisper2U TY 4 the props & rbs ;) [Chris Cornell – Thank You (Led Zeppelin Cover) Live Acoustic] @mark_till @Highway_Child @dharshaw @moretoadisgoodtoad
Whisper2U [Bon Iver – Perth]

Bon IverPerth

| play
Whisper2U [Fink – Perfect Darkness]

FinkPerfect Darkness

| play
Whisper2U [Massive Attack – Black Milk]
Whisper2U [Collin McLoughlin – High For This (The Weeknd Acoustic Cover)]
Whisper2U [Foo Fighters – Come Alive]
Whisper2U [Creed: "Overcome" Acoustic (Stripped)]

Creed: "Overcome" Acoustic (Stripped)

| play
Whisper2U [OneRepublic – Stop And Stare LIVE! @ Stripped]
Whisper2U [Aaron Lewis – Turn the Page (Mohegan 2008)]
JonathanEM @Susan_Hopes Hope drive's going well. Miss U <3 [Radiohead - Thinking About U] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uG3R7conSuc#!)
Whisper2U [Alabama Shakes – Hold On]

Alabama ShakesHold On

| play
Whisper2U [Disturbed Innocence Asylum 2010 ]

Disturbed Innocence Asylum 2010 [HD720p] with lyrics

| play
Whisper2U [Disturbed: Serpentine – 'Asylum 2010']
Whisper2U [Seether – Tied My Hands (One Cold Night)]
Whisper2U [The Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole]
Whisper2U [Florence And The Machine – Girl With One Eye]
Whisper2U [(RARE) Ben Harper – Happy Everafter In Your Eyes (Hd Live)]
Whisper2U [Jason Walker – Kiss me].. this is Jason Walker, not The Fray as listed.. <3 the song tho

The FrayKiss me

| play
Whisper2U [sting unplugged why should i cry for you]

sting unplugged why should i cry for you

| play
Whisper2U [ Ben Howard - "Video Games" [Lana Del Rey]]
Whisper2U [Scott Matthews – Ballerina Lake]
Whisper2U [Trading Yesterday – May I (Lyrics)]
Whisper2U G'nite [Ray LaMontagne – Can I Stay [Live]]
Whisper2U [Bon Iver – Blindsided (Myspace Transmissions)]
Whisper2U Nice one rb @SecretSea [Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms [Live]] (reblip)
Whisper2U [Snow Patrol – Run (LIVE at T in the Park 2007) ]
Whisper2U [Barcelona – Please Don't Go]
Whisper2U [Joe Purdy – I'm Not What You Need]
Whisper2U [Ryan Adams – Dirty Rain (acoustic) - Q exclusive preview from the new album Ashes & Fire]
Whisper2U [Reality Addiction – I Miss That You]
Whisper2U [Stereophonics – Superman\]
Whisper2U [The Horrors feat. Florence – Still Life (NME Awards 2012)]
Whisper2U [Vertical Horizon – Goodbye Again]
Whisper2U [Corey Smith – As angels cry]
Whisper2U [Evanescence – Together Again (Lyrics)]
Whisper2U MARY'S DREAM – It kills me inside]
Whisper2U [if it's the beaches (Avett Brothers Music Video)]

if it's the beaches (Avett Brothers Music Video)

| play
Whisper2U [Scott Matthews – AOL Session - City headache]
Whisper2U [Stereophonics – My Own Worst Enemy (London Live 2009)]
Whisper2U [Afghan Whigs – Somethin' Hot]
Whisper2U [lifehouse from where you are]

lifehouse from where you are

| play
Whisper2U [Vienna Teng – Harbor]

Vienna TengHarbor

| play
Whisper2U [Ryan Adams I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say]

Ryan Adams I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say

| play


| play
Whisper2U [Keane – Crystal Ball (Live At O2 Arena DVD) (High Quality video)(HQ)]
Whisper2U [Studio Sessions: The Dunwells- "I Could Be A King"]

Studio Sessions: The Dunwells- "I Could Be A King"

| play
Whisper2U [The Dunwells – Blind Sighted Faith]
Whisper2U [Joel & Luke – People change]
Whisper2U [Lior – I'll Forget You (feat. Sia)]
Whisper2U [Pure Fm : Ben Howard "Black Flies" / "Diamonds" (HD)] <3

Pure Fm : Ben Howard "Black Flies" / "Diamonds" (HD)

| play
Whisper2U [Xavier Rudd – My Missing]

Xavier RuddMy Missing

| play
Whisper2U [Tyrone Wells feat Jason Reeves- Give Me One Reason]

Tyrone Wells feat Jason Reeves- Give Me One Reason

| play
Whisper2U [City and Colour – At The Bird's Foot]
Whisper2U [Joe Purdy – I'm Not What You Need]
Whisper2U [Julia Stone – Let's Forget All The Things That We Say]
Whisper2U .. don't give up yet.. [Joshua Hyslop- 'Cold Wind' ].. I like this guy too

'Cold Wind' by Joshua Hyslop

| play
Whisper2U [Steve Moakler- Cinderella ] this one is my favourite

Cinderella- Steve Moakler

| play
Whisper2U I really like this guy too~ [Steve Moakler- All The Faint Lights]

Steve Moakler All The Faint Lights

| play
Whisper2U [Croon Sessions: The Dunwells (Only Me)]

Croon Sessions: The Dunwells (Only Me)

| play
Whisper2U [Josh Ritter – "Lantern" - from Live at The Iveagh Gardens DVD]
Whisper2U [The Wooden Sky – When Lost at Sea]
Whisper2U [Staind – Believe In Me - Mix 96.9 Unplugged]
Whisper2U [Professor Green Feat. Fink – Closing The Door (feat. Fink)]
Whisper2U [Let Go-Tyrone Wells]

Let Go-Tyrone Wells

| play
Whisper2U [Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul (Toad Session)]
Whisper2U [The Avett Brothers – All My Mistakes (with lyrics)]
Whisper2U G'nite xx [Goo Goo Dolls – Last hot night in America]
Whisper2U [OneRepublic – Made For You (MSN in Concert)]
Whisper2U [Junip – In Every Direction]
Whisper2U [Red Hot Chili Peppers – I Could Have Lied]
Whisper2U [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Strip My Mind (Album Version)]
Whisper2U [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Slow Cheetah HQ (Lyrics)]
Whisper2U I love this guy's music [Adam Agin – Please Don't Leave Quite Yet]
Whisper2U [Richie Kotzen – My addiction]
Whisper2U [OneRepublic "Seven Nation Army/SexyBack" (LIVE) at iheartradio]

OneRepublic "Seven Nation Army/SexyBack" (LIVE) at iheartradio

| play
Whisper2U [Evanescence – Numb]


| play


| play
Whisper2U [OneRepublic – Stop And Stare (Album Version)]
Whisper2U [Switchfoot-Only Hope]

Switchfoot-Only Hope

| play
Whisper2U [Dave Mathews Band ft. Incubus – Crash Into Me]
Whisper2U [Amsterdam Acoustics – William Fitzsimmons : If You Would Come Back Home]
Whisper2U I'm working late =*( [Jimmy Eat World – Work live acoustic @ AOL Sessions]
Whisper2U [Dave Matthews – Gravedigger]
Whisper2U [Please (Acoustic) _Good Quality_Aaron Lewis (Staind)]

Please (Acoustic) _Good Quality_Aaron Lewis (Staind)

| play
Whisper2U [Death Cab For Cutie – I Was Once A Loyal Lover]
Whisper2U [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away]
Whisper2U [Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes]
Whisper2U [Foo Fighters – How I miss you]
Whisper2U [Kasabian- The Sweet Escape (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)]

Kasabian- The Sweet Escape (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)

| play
Whisper2U [Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Single Version) (2006 Digital Remaster)]
Whisper2U [Milow -Ayo Technology]

Milow Ayo Technology HQ music

| play
Whisper2U [Kings of Leon: Sex on fire – Sexy Video Version HQ]
Whisper2U [Foo Fighters – Halo]

Foo FightersHalo

| play


| play
Whisper2U [Pure Fm : Ben Howard "Black Flies" / "Diamonds"]

Pure Fm : Ben Howard "Black Flies" / "Diamonds" (HD)

| play
Whisper2U [Blessid Union of Souls- Standing at the edge of the earth]

Blessid Union of Souls- Standing at the edge of the earth

| play
Whisper2U [Matchbox 20 – 3 AM (Piano/Acoustic)]
Whisper2U [Third Eye Blind – Deep inside of you]
Whisper2U [Black Lab – Your Ghost (Hidden Track) ]
Whisper2U [Ben Moody – Everything Burns (Feat. Hana Pestle)]
Whisper2U omg I'm struggling today >.< [Three Days Grace – Wake Up (Acoustic)]
Whisper2U [Black Lab- Learn To Crawl ]

Black Lab- Learn To Crawl (Lyrics)

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Whisper2U [Blur – Song 2 (Live in Hyde Park)]
Whisper2U [Mumford and Sons – I Gave You All LIVE @ HMH Amsterdam 2010]
Whisper2U Oh how I <3 this song #truth ;) rb@RealHumanBeing: "Nine Inch Nails – Closer (thrust) time to get some business done, happy monday everybody :)" (reblip)
Whisper2U [John Mayer – Great Indoors (Acoustic)]
Whisper2U @RealHumanBeing I'm excited ;) [Mutemath – Clipping]


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Whisper2U [Hoobastank-The Reason Live]

Hoobastank-The Reason Live

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Whisper2U [Kathleen Edwards – Copied Keys]
Whisper2U [Aaron Lewis;Zoe Jane]

Aaron Lewis;Zoe Jane

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Whisper2U [Paranoid Android – Radiohead cover - Matthew Mayfield (live at Echelon Studios)]
Whisper2U [Michael Kiwanuka : I'm Getting Ready]

Michael Kiwanuka : I'm Getting Ready

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Whisper2U [Kris Allen-I Need To Know(lyrics)]

Kris Allen-I Need To Know(lyrics)

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Whisper2U [Rogue Wave – "Right With You"]
Whisper2U [THE DECEMBERISTS – I4U & U4Me lyrics]
Whisper2U [Jack Johnson – Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (Live Kokua 2008)]
Whisper2U [Thomas Dybdahl – From Grace[
Whisper2U [Joshua Radin – Brand New Day]
Whisper2U [Thirty Seconds to Mars – "Hurricane" Lyrics]
Whisper2U [Thirty Seconds to Mars – Kings and Queens Lyrics]
Whisper2U [Coldplay- Amsterdam]

Coldplay Amsterdam Video

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Whisper2U [David Gray – Flame Turns Blue (live at Zermatt Unplugged)]
Whisper2U [The Fray – Unsaid]

The FrayUnsaid

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Whisper2U [David Gray – Forever is Tomorrow is Today]
Whisper2U [Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice – To love somebody]
Whisper2U [STEREOPHONICS Innocent (acoustic)]

STEREOPHONICS Innocent (acoustic)

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Whisper2U [Lykke ]Li "I Know Places"]

Lykke Li "I Know Places"

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Whisper2U [Richie Kotzen – My Angel]

Richie KotzenMy Angel

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Whisper2U [Mute Math – You are mine (LP Version)]