riot36 Like a bird, you know she will fly, fly, fly away
thejenster Anything you want, you got it.
MariDiosTan Franz Ferdinand... foi o a gota que faltava para o início da Guerra Mundial
elfgirl @gunter77 no, i'm not that cool :) i used to play that song Kicks with @jemik my papa....never played this one though :(
rebokel Ive got you under my skin Ive got you deep in the heart of me So deep in my heart, that youre really a part of me Ive got you under my skin
albameccanica does aerobics in her mind

Testa Spalla

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suzbroughton "I was feeling kind of ethereal cause I'm precious"


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Ceci non so voi, ma per stasera ho finito di blippare ad minchiam :-)
objekte @BuzzTshaker @desbam -guys, you should know and blip each other! Ride on!
alefontenelle 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me
tropicalpolarbear blast from the past


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cammy About your hair, you needn't care: you look beautiful all of the time. Awww...

The KooksShine On

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Linsey Something @adbert played reminded me of this blast from the past.

Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka

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Virginia_Fender I love this @adbert, my first song hard rocker!
OutdoorLori How do we sleep when our beds are burning? I dunno... I don't sleep much these days. LOL.
morningtide *@adbert: no, purtroppo non sono una grande fan della musica italiana, a parte qualche eccezione :)*
Flower @adbert si, espero levantar con este duo: Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton
Flower @adbert con estos grosos me retiro a mis aposentos, bien merecido lo tengo ;-)
Flower @adbert@lausen@yumba Desde mi barrio...ha sido una gran noche!! que descansen
morningtide @adbert: ma grazie del pensiero!!! :D E qui una canzone mitica, una delle mie preferite!! Enjoy ^_^
Sally29 @adbert - well I made it - Thx. Give it an hour then I reckon its back to feeling sorry for myself!

FreeAll Right Now

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cosita @RAMMSES que nuestras vidas sean gay xDD
DJMeow Frankie Goes to Hollywood naturally reminded me of Zoolander
thejenster New favourite band. It even makes me start to like trumpets.
thahy @JRex778 hahaha, first you must learn portuguese, honey!
bizzybee (reblip from @adbert) Why did Jewel have to go completely over the edge to country? Good song, if done a little less country. :-/ (reblip)

JewelStronger Woman

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threebears From @jordancavalera Speaking of "Fast and Furious"... @adbert here is a [RIFF] ....... chain re-blipping @kewllewk ^_^ thanks (reblip)
klitoria @klitoria [Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party (1937) Hi! This is my gift for you and your daughter! thx @adbert you should have seen her delighted smile (reblip)
LauraO @adbert, Watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out'... how could so much talent fit in one person? r.i.p. freddie 24/11/91, thanks adbert :)
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [We Will Rock You – Queen] Obrigado, @emilysanford!
klitoria have to blip this one again and again @adbert and @lpowars
djmisscloud [Hurts to be in love - Gino Vannelli] I just knew 'Living inside myself'... good set @adbert (reblip)
adbert TINA-TUNES [We don't Need another Hero – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [What's Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Great Spirits – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Addicted To Love – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
threebears threebears [The House Is Rockin' – Stevie Ray Vaughan] Specially 4 @adbert ^_^ so kind - thanks! (reblip)
lausen These foolish things - Johnny Hartman... the best male voice of jazz in my opinion
OutdoorLori Which brings me to a song... for @adbert ! Salute!
OutdoorLori Cheers to @adbert ! Blipping one of my favorite wines (review). Is this near you sweetie? Love Malbecs!
JRex778 Brenda Lee was 13 years old when she recorded this song in 1958 - Hey @adbert!
Sally29 @adbert You are very good for my morale. Glad to see you safe & cheery into another week.
Leticia_ Leiam Sexo, Drogas e Rolling to amando!! :)
djmisscloud @adbert I saw a old show of PSB this weekend Neil said the west is very important to them...
threebears Hello @adbert ... shock to the system and arigato-o-chocolat bliperation going on here *_*

1200 micsLSD

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lausen The mummer's dance - Loreena McKennitt... AMAZING singer!
Diordan @adbert Geeez Blip makes me crazy sorry for the late reply! I'm fine dude! How about you? Do you like Cake? They Love Cars!


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lausen Let the good times roll - Louis Jordan
MelMaven My 1st husband said I was a hard headed woman. hmmm...maybe it was my 3rd husband..not sure.
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [John Wayne – De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid] On reply to @emilypatricia!
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Hair of Spun Gold – Janis Ian]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Father And Son – Cat Stevens]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Way Down In North Carolina – Mike Seeger & Paul Brown] With thanks to @stelzner!
OutdoorLori Kickin' it up a notch for Sunday Brunch. Make my life worth something more!


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adbert That's all, FOLK! [Suzanne – Leonard Cohen] Hola, @Flower!
adbert That's all, FOLK! [A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Railroad Lady – Willie Nelson]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Montana Slim – Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder]
evablue wait. omg. @adbert hasn't blipped in 6 hours. something is wrong. call the police in argentina!
luiz_com_z @simplesmente a voz mais bonita da história da música popular brasileira gravada. :) (reblip)
evablue OMG. i inadvertently got @adbert to blip something from 2000's by reblip! haha. priceless!
Sally29 @adbert You are a 'life enhancer' - so glad to have met you - 'virtually'!
TuraSatana @adbert sorry, was offline; back on track again :) Mmh, bon vivant is who you are. sound mucho delicioso (apologizing for my lack of spanish words)
Lady_Frostbite I wish that I could stay (seasons change so fast & us with them.) @adbert Happy Holidays my friend :-)
luiz_com_z @adbert! ¿Conocés Sá, Rodrix e Guarabyra? Para mí esta es la mejor grabación de la historia del rock brasileño.

SMestre Jonas

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crispast .. it's the end of this year that makes me think about too much things perhaps ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

U2New Year's Day

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Natalie_Brown [Recuerdo – Osvaldo Pugliese] Baila, percanta? Yes I will.... all night it seems! Flit, fly, float through the sky! May I wear glittery shoes? (reblip)
AngelaPerversa :) Pero aquí huele a mariacachafa mi hermano... :)
LittleRedRidingHood @adbert: well, I was gonna tell you taht I thought you were cute but you must get that all the time.. (reblip)
melodyofurlife @Diordan who's to say @adbert "The orignal hope you can here is, only in imeem :-("

BlancheWho's to Say

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priscila @adbert muito bem. Amei a sua lista de reprodução musical :-)

black sabath-iron man

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des_lizz @adbert para que el viernes se ponga mejor.. esta canción para ti :) a bailar!


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Fated it is all thanks to you!! @adbert thanks for your help and just being awesome in general (manchester orchestra-i've got friends)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥‏ I'm gittin really pissed off at my laptop... it takes ferever to do stuff... So, anyway, @Rella & @adbert ... You instigators! =] (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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amcandyc Linda essa musica... "Amor eu gosto eu amo amo tanto seu olhar..." @adbert: "[Milton Nascimento – Outro Lugar] (reblip)
Virginrecords E hoje como é sexta, tá todo mundo liberado pra se divertir!!

Black Eyed Peas i Got A Feeling Official Music Video Full HD

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LittleRedRidingHood @adbert.. I don't know you adbert but I think you're hot, hot ,hot! (reblip)
deekattax RB @LexiePixie: "What? U don't want fans @adbert ? You spoil all the fun...right @nicaprincess ? :D { Kings of Leon – Fans }" (reblip)

Kings of LeonFans

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crowjane @adbert: "[Pink Floyd - See Emily Play] Oh yeah @crowjane! ;-)"~~double yeah babe~U're kickN em out today bro~~ (reblip)

Pink Floyd-See Emily Play

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sandraew Hey @adbert You got me so I don't know what I'm doing..."[The Kinks – You Really Got Me] PARAMPARAMPAM!!! \m/" (reblip)
TheAmyTucker @adbert: I freakin' LOVE Aimee Mann...even if she does spell her name stupidly. ;) (reblip)
crispast :D never seen before! i wanna know the lucky woman who teached to you these words@adbert "amoruccio, stellina mia, passerotto, cucciolo, zuccherino!!" (reblip)

Aimee Mann "Freeway"

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simplesmente Delicinha de blip mas já é minha hora....Otima semana pra vcs todos....hello querido @adbert beijao pra ti...inté mais ver pessoas felizes e cantantes

já éJorge Aragão

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Flower te dejo con Susan @adbert, jornada laboral cumplida, besos
nicavieira @OVERLAND And this guy? Do you know him? @adbert Cariño!Como estás, guapo de mi vida? :D

Yann Tiersen-live aux eurock rue de cascades

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nicavieira @adbert Own!Que lindo eres!:) Pues,de las canciones clásicas, me encanta esta aqui! Ojalá yo fuera 'Baby' de la película Dirty Dancing. \o/

Dirty Dancing Music Video "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (1987)

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RobertoFendler eu quero uma medalha de 25k igual a do @adbert

QueenI want it all

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RobertoFendler you are a rockstar . 25 k hahahaha i want it too @adbert


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RobertoFendler so i'm gonna quit my job hahahaha @adbert

PinkSo What

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Flower Vamos juntos @adbert.......el mais grande!!!!

Himno de River by: Nacho1862

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RobertoFendler ele ta sendo humilde @TassiR o cara é um heroi do blip hahahaha @adbert

Foo FightersMy Hero

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RobertoFendler un saludo a juan manuel fanggio. el primero gran mestre en la F1 @adbert
Fated now for some real modest mouse. @adbert congrats on 25k! i hope to make 500 some day! haha
OutdoorLori RB @adbert: "[Moody Blues - Night in White Satin] A worthy song by a most worthy friend. (reblip)

Moody Blues - Night in White Satin

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marilovisky And since we're on the subject... @adbert, we're missing you as well! :)
ZumbainDallas **♥ @adbert Estoy bien guapo, Gracias..y espero que tu tambien...y no te me escondas tanto!! "Te Busque!"
ZumbainDallas **♥You can run but you can't hide @adbert play Hide and Seek pero nadamas ten en mente que "Eres Para Mi!" LOL
ZumbainDallas .•**♥Con mucha seguridad mi querido @adbert te lo prometo! (reblip)
evablue i don't twitter or blip properly. just saw this. @blipfm: "... 500 credits to who designs background we use on email" (reblip)
Flower Yeah! volvió el @adbert que todas amamos bajaja (reblip)
crispast ciao@adbert:)) i'm ok..up late ;D and you? long time no blip togheter! "Ciao crispast!!! How are you doing, Farfalla? :-)" (reblip)
crispast i think that @adbert is better..or Adrian ;D [And according with @Flower, @madbert is better than @adbert for me... What you think crispast?"] (reblip)
ZumbainDallas .•**♥ @adbert Ahora me da gusto que soy perfeccionista! LOL a practicar!
ZumbainDallas Rb .•**♥ @adbert de que seas un incorregible para el tango, nos conviene! LOL =) (reblip)

ArgenTango - Por una cabeza (Carlos Gardel)

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ZumbainDallas Si me di cuenta de eso @adbert que uno solito se tortura porque quiere! LOL
potentiate Oh @adbert, I was so thrilled to hear from you, I Almost Told You That I Love You || Papa Roach xoxo
sarahcarina *Jumps and saves you* :-P @adbert: "[Aimee Mann – Save Me] Tesoruccio @sarahcarina! HAHAHA! :-)" (reblip)

Aimee MannSave Me

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ZumbainDallas .•**♥ @adbert perdi un amigo cuando salimos hace dos semanas,(long story) Contigo hay una promesa.Acuerdese!LOL (reblip)
ZumbainDallas **♥"The House is Rockin" on blip anytime he is here!!! ----> @adbert Hola Adrián!!! (reblip)
evablue can someone in argentina hit the [reboot] button on @adbert. seems to be in sleep mode. @adbot must be up to tricks.
fini @adbert ich lerne schon ;)

Spanisch lernen ganz einfach Teil 1

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brabul eu sinto que você é a pessoa mais parecida que eu conheço... só que do lado do avesso.

Ceumar canta "Avesso"

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Leonie lol! ik dacht dat je zou slapen ;) @Lucindalala: "goed hoor met jou ook ? bien, tu también adbert? ;-))@adbert (reblip)

Elton John I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues

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ZumbainDallas El Galan que siempre me hace bailar! xoxo---> RB @adbert: [Cake - Love You Madly] Holi hola @Blanquis26!!! :-) (reblip)

Love You Madly ~ CAKE (Lyrics video)

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ZumbainDallas ♥♥ @adbert "Anoche soñé contigo"<-- lo que te dire, si cenamos tus famosas empanadas esa noche! Besos!♥♥ (reblip)

Kevin Johansen "Anoche soñé contigo"

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luiz_com_z @adbert @sudaca70 @lausen Este martes empieza en Rio el festival del nuevo cine argentino, desde los años 60 hasta hoy. Me voy a tener una sobredosis.


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crispast ahahah ..eccomi qui! ;D \o/@adbert: "#VideoClip [Negrita – L'uomo Sogna Di Volare] Dove sará il mio tesoruccio crispast? DOVE? EH? ;-)" (reblip)
Flower igualito al video de Aha @adbert encia!
klitoria @adbert...dobro jutro dragi...ja sam super...mnogo te volim i pozdravljam.....
adbert [Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day] HAHAHA! @adbert & @missrogue ;) #pcmtl , courtesy of my dear friend @evablue!!! Thank you very much Eva!!! :-D
potentiate @adbert: Cuz I would walk 500 miles too ;) Thanks for all the props mwah! (reblip)
Fluter "Come on now, give me some sugar Give me some sugar, little honey bee Dont be afraid, not gonna hurt u I wouldnt hurt my little honey bee" hey @adbert
potentiate @adbert: Finally got around to listening...GREAT song! Gotta buy it now. [Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses] (reblip)
Pepperfire #followfriday RB @adbert has great taste in music. Glad to have him in both my blipstream and my twitterverse. (reblip)

Tom PettyFree Fallin'

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Sally29 Hey @adbert How have you been my dear? I shall be looking to brave the kitchen again next week - so look up some receipes for me pls?!
crispast rubato a @raffaella che mi ha letto nel pensiero..stasera questo era il MIo blip :D.. benvenuta! yeah..i did it again @adbert ;D (reblip)

99 posseQuello che

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arrshley Also vi@adbert - All this dancey music is making it hard to step away from the laptop. (reblip)
marijaanadj I am GREAT today @adbert....and this is one hot day :p!
thaisypecsen I think that i'm gonna spend my day reblipping @adbert songs. he's too inspired today. hahaha better i stop to hearing him! (reblip)

Macy GrayI Try

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thaisypecsen I give up, hahaha don't listen to me anymore, listen to @adbert's blip (reblip)

Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On

| play
marilovisky HAHAHA @adbert, I loved the tip you gave me today! @wonderlovisky sounds good, man! I think I'll try it! :P You're hilarious, man! ;)
edlef he is right: @adbert: This song is rare case: a cover better than the original song, and probably unbeatable...". mit Katzen! (reblip)
Cynbad @adbert I hardly recognize the place since I was last here! More to learn :-)
DownLow inspired by a blip from the "blip machine" himself: @adbert
potentiate @adbert: I heard this for the 1st time just yesterday. And of course I do ;P [Cake – Love You Madly] (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

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shibari @adbert lady Gaga Love Game .. thank you and nice to see you too .. xoxoxo

Lady GagaLoveGame

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RosaBastos @adbert Obrigada por todos os props = ) My generation agradece = )

the whomy generation

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Nettys Now I am off - @adbert: since when can you see the videos here on Blip FM? I think it is new. Had no videos before / or it was not working. Love it!!

Diana Krall: Cry me a river

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evablue @adbert and uh thanks for the top thing but i got personality which is the least feminine of adjectives you gave the other ladies. #igotfishflogged :P

Peaches-kick it (feat_iggy_pop)

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klitoria see you later dear blippers...and special loving hug to my darling @adbert...

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

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luiz_com_z @adbert, Blipper #1! On the roll call, on the blipping list, on good taste!
adbert [Rolling Stones - Miss you] When the Stones were really Stoned. =P

rolling stones miss you

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Fluter especially for @adbert LOL!! I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world! hehe
marijaanadj Yes I am Serbian @adbert, and of course I know how to cook all of the Serbian national foods.....and how you know about that?! :)

Pearl Jam Alive

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ozeias Take On @lollydaskal, @adbert if you have the guts..... :) (reblip)

A-HaTake On Me

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lpowars @adbert: Hey there - I've missed you! How are things? I've been busy lately and haven't been blipping as much. Still camping? (reblip)

You're So Vain

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klitoria are...deep inside you are a child...just some layers grown around it...let it out sweetie....!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
Luthanick @adbert you are my hero for playing the smurfs. How about this one?

Disney's Gummi Bears Full Song

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PaulaC @adbert, ontem você esqueceu do tema de desenho mais legal de todos!! Get Along Gang!!!!!!! :D


| play
potentiate .@adbert How you find my tunes in that pile of fans I'll never understand ;) Have a great one! [Flogging Molly-Another Bag of Bricks]
Fated I want to doodle (built to spill-twin falls) hello @adbert!
Flower Sos loco @adbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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Diordan hey @adbert!! eres un gentleman! Aca todo bien! Como estan en argentina?
KayceeDee THank you so much!! @adbert :) :) This one's for you! :)

Will SmithSwitch

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Flower este video @adbert: me desquiciaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Champagne & Reefer (with Buddy Guy) live

| play
CreativeAgentVA @adbert Rookie? Never! For you...Lay Your Hands on Me..
mckra1g @adbert Here's one for "Mr. DJ"! :) Thanks for helping me dance today.
Diordan no existe un momento del dia... @Flower @lausen @adbert en que puedo olvidarme de mis amigos blipers!
lausen @adbert =( ¿Cómo le va a pasar eso al Twittero número uno de la Argentina?

Led Zeppelin- Ramble On

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adam_dominguez @adbert: "[Bananarama – Venus]" Adbert, you've become the new hero of my office. XD (reblip)


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angulita @adbert hola argentino!

rolling stones miss you

| play
trinaunz RB @adbert - thanks for blipping this - had no idea dolly parton ever covered this song - wild to hear an acoustic, bluegrassy version! (reblip)

Stairway to Heaven by Dolly Parton

| play
Mtii @adbert...i can't

Billy Idol-It's So Cruel

| play
Fated tick tick tick (malajube-le metronome) @adbert i'm glad cats cradle and bill idols cradle for love are synonymous with you :)

Malajube "Le Métronome"

| play
fotojunki @adbert I usually feel as upbeat as this [James Brown] song but...I shall see...thx for ask'n...enjoy!
klitoria @adbert...where would you like to go my darling????? (reblip)
Flower Y si aparezco yo es lo mismo Adri?
evablue @adbert ur blips are almost as funny as u are. here's 1 for ur lady collection cuz you're like swayze :P
lausen Well @adbert, you know you're TNT! =P


| play
adbert [Dio - Holy Diver] Cuando mi abuela decía: "Oh Dio", no creo que pensara en esto...

Holy DiverDio Lyrics

| play
adbert [Rolling Stones – Saint Of Me] Muchos cantan así: "Asiriyé" Creo que de ahí salió el "Aserejé". #SoWeird.
NatCordeaux je ne resiste pas... juste avant de m'éclipser... ThX @adbert (reblip)
evablue just saw this oops @blipfm: "Upgraded w/ suggestions from users. Check it out, send in final feedback before we push live (soon!)" (reblip)
NaturalDancer "The lunatic..."! Whoa! TY to new fav DJ!@Sibyll: "out of props, so i have to RB>>>@adbert: "[Pink Floyd - Brain Damage] Olá @gabeoliveira!!! :-)"" (reblip)
adbert [Hall Oates - It's a laugh] LOL @scotlandlover, wondering how many games we can play. "Hall Oates" is anagram of "So hate all"... O.o
OutdoorLori Thanks for the Thanksgiving well wishes @adbert. I am so grateful for my magnificent friends here at Blip, like you & @desyslava . ((HUGS))
ZumbainDallas Hola querido @adbert I knew I could count on you! I hope you know you can ALWAYS "Count on ME"~Whitney Houston
lpowars Chromeo - Hot Mess @adbert I miss you too!!!! Hope you're well :)

ChromeoHot Mess

| play
scotlandlover GREAT to see you here :) rb @adbert: "[Eric Clapton – Eyesight To The Blind] #Soundtrack from the movie "Tommy" (1975)." (reblip)
matoart a person of your caliber ""25K ... has to love music so much;)) honorable thanks Adbert, warm embrace@adbert: Thank you so much @matoart!!! :D" (reblip)

Boney M Belfast

| play
pacha17 los pajaros fué solo una fase..@adbert: "[Carly Simon & James Taylor - Mockingbird] Hola @pacha17, va para vos, porque te gustan los pajaritos. ;)" (reblip)
pacha17 me alegro que te gusten! @adbert:"When the Stars Go Blue]Caramba @pacha17, debe ser como vos decís.Bueno, decía que están re-lindos esos cacatúas. :D" (reblip)
pacha17 and this one from the argentino @adbert: "[Scorpions – Wind Of Change] In 1990, this became the unofficial anthem for the German Reunification." (reblip)
pacha17 el sabe todo de musica!..@adbert: "[Eric Clapton – Diamonds Made From Rain]Texan guitarist and member of Clapton's band Doyle Bramhall II wrote this." (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "Billie the Vision and the Dancers – A Man From Argentina" Gracias man! @adbert
matoart amo de mais essa! deve ser assim para mim o #blues and #rock ;)) #TY @adbert: "Eu amo o metal", disse o ferreiro @matoart, kkkkkkkkkk!!! :D" (reblip)
matoart gracias querido pela #informática musical,;)) buena semana,,besos @adbert: Naaaaaaaaaaah @matoart, eu trabalho com computadores, hehehe ... :/" (reblip)


| play
adbert [Kenny G – One More Time] #LiveOnTV Yes @scotlandlover, lots of botox! Check this out: Kenny Gel. HAHAHAAAA!!! ;-)
adbert [Michael Bolton – Time, Love and Tenderness] #LiveInConcert Michael Botox! O.o
thaisypecsen U always blip the best ones > @adbert: "[Scissor Sisters – I Don't Feel Like Dancing] Hello there @thaisypecsen!!! :-)" (reblip)
scotlandlover well ty ...still excited to see you blipmaster back on :) @adbert: "[Beatles - Helter Skelter] Nice to see you scotlandlover! How are you doing? :-)" (reblip)
The101HiWay Many reasons why @adbert: is a fave DJ, this is only one: "[Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman] Pause [][] ! Laters!!! :-)" (reblip)
OutdoorLori Yes I love AC/DC. But I love it played Bluegrass style even bettah!
crispast felice di vederti online! ciao e rb@adbert:)) "[Aerosmith - Come Together] #Coveralia River se va a la B??? O.o" (reblip)
adbert [Las Ketchup - Aserejé] #OneHitWonders Decían que era satánica... Yo creo que no hay que pensar tan mal del Diablo, caramba!!! :-)

AserejeLas Ketchup

| play
scotlandlover YVW~but you ARE a blipking ;) and ty @adbert: "[Allman Brothers Band – Jessica] Thank you very much for the compliment,@meyou're always so kind!! :-D" (reblip)

Jason Mraz and Anya Marina- Millionaire

| play
shibari @adbert hello darling :)

The Beatles - Revolver - 08 Good Day Sunshine

| play
shibari @adbert yeah well thank you ... I am not so much in bad company if I have you as a friend right? Bad Company- Bad Company
shibari Oh Mercy- Can't Fight It @adbert ... thank you for being such an awesome friend :)
fotojunki Good Morning @adbert "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again" Wow, a whole year? Well, I'm glad you're back!

Dave Matthews Band- Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

| play
OutdoorLori @adbert Good morning sweet friend. Hope you are well!
Primadonna Hello @adbert, always a pleasure. Thanks for the love.
scotlandlover c'mon used to find this for me when I wanted to blip it @adbert
scotlandlover blipvacay over.plz return :) Rb @adbert: "[Carly Simon & James Taylor-Mockingbird] #Lullabies Northern Mockingbirds were often kept as pets in Amer (reblip)

Mockingbird- Carly Simon & James Taylor

| play
pacha17 argentino!! @adbert: "[Counting Crows – Goodnight Elisabeth] #Lullabies Adam Duritz wrote this lullaby for a girl that broke up with him." (reblip)
kaleidoscopeblue Sonic Geometry- Let' s Restart The World .... @adbert wishing we could turn the clocks back to those sublime first days of blip .... remembering

Sonic Geometry- Let' s Restart The World

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scotlandlover hope all is well with've not sung any lullabies for a couple of years here...rb @adbert: "[Counting Crows – Goodnight Elisabeth] #Lullabies (reblip)
backtoback hey you stay for a while no running away again for YEARS rb @adbert: "[Fleetwood Mac – Man of the World] (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly Btw @adbert if you're looking for another place to play songs & have fun, there's ;) You'll find other blipsters there too.

Iggy Pop White Christmas

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DeAnnLR Hellooo.... (ˆ◡ˆ) @adbert

Eric Clapton "Hello Old Friend" Manchester Arena 14/5/13

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backtoback come out come out wherever you are........@adbert

Gotan Project Triptico

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Loud_Dog @adbert Where ya been, man? I miss your stream.
killahtunz I love the lessons! @adbert #CelestialSongs The power of quasars originates from supermassive black holes that exist at the core of all galaxies." (reblip)
barrypartington Thanks - I always enjoy your station, and reading/learning about the cool things you post, there's always something new! :) @adbert (reblip)

Alabama ShakesGemini

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Sharuana_ Há momentos para fugir momentos para beijar...Há momentos quando a noite está congelante...É a vida. TY:)rb @adbert [U2 & Pavarotti – Miss Sarajevo] (reblip)
somebody2love Hola, y muchas gracias, my amigo de blippo ;)) @adbert: "[The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion] #FashionSongs Carnaby Street.... (reblip)

The Kinks- Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

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SweetSensation The combo of caramel and chocolate is pretty much perfection!:)@adbert: "#FoodSongs The way to my heart is through caramel, no kidding. ;)" (reblip)

The Beach Boys-Wild Honey

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SweetSensation Caramel is a useful and tasty item!:) #keepItHandy @adbert: "[Suzanne Vega – Caramel] .. a woman consoles herself with food, she misses her lover (reblip)
backtoback and Tina's autobio tune coming with my thanks @adbert
LolaLulu ♒La♒La♒La♒La♒yo♒navego♒a♒ señor@adbert ♒y♒vive♒en♒Argentina♒ ♥ #frenchpopfriday

Dalida- Gondolier

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Unaturalsoul ...I'll Walk With You..@adbert: "[Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line] #AutobiographicalSongs............. (reblip)

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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radiowasabi ;) me suscribo al hashtag de @adbert: [Ray Charles – One Mint Julep] #AlcoholSongs A Mint Julep is a drink made with bourbon, sugar, and cracked ice. (reblip)
Usva Also about #FriendshipSongs@adbert an old man living in an island and his best friend is an old seal; both males with moustaches :))
LindyLuv Mayer Hawthorne ~ "You've Got The Makings Of A Lover" soul...congrats on your 100K props @adbert (reblip)
SweetSensation You just made my day!:))) TY and Congratz!!:))@adbert: Thank you so much @SweetSensation for giving me my prop #100,000!!! Won't forget this gift. ;)" (reblip)

Airbourne-Blonde bad and beautiful with lyrics

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9to5Beat Congratz on the achievement! :) @adbert: "Thank you so much @SweetSensation for giving me my prop #100,000!!! Won't forget this gift. ;)" (reblip)

Airbourne-Blonde bad and beautiful with lyrics

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9to5Beat I receive your props, but how come I never see you blip? :( @adbert
zoinx I agree! Where's your faves @adbert?@9to5Beat: "I receive your props, but how come I never see you blip? :( @adbert" (reblip)
LindyLuv The Who - "5:15" ...why should I care? @adbert had me looking for food songs on my playlist, so I am going to say good evening and distract him a bit

The Who-5:15

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somebody2love I'm a dedicated follower of your blips :) xox@adbert: "[The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion] (reblip)

The Kinks- Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

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potentiate Oh @adbert, how I live for your props ;) XOXO from your Death Valley Queen || Flogging Molly
marilovisky @adbert... zzzzzz... zzzzzzz... zzzzzz... Have a good night, baby! Sleep tight! ;)
krystynchong @adbert this isn't a new song, but it's a cool song that reminded me of you when I first heard it. #krys (reblip)
krystynchong hey @adbert will you sing/translate this for me? :) rb @Happysoul: enchanting Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade Ella es bonita" ♫ #yeah! #krys (reblip)
rkmonkey albert king for @adbert king with stevie

Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan:Texas Flood / 1983

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alelaz @adbert ...perfecto, caminemos ♫


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alelaz @adbert, Let´s dance. I love this song, you don´t know how ♫
alelaz @adbert. ninguna, adelante al ritmo del xilofón ! lo espero♫

Benny Goodman and Red Norvo (1960)

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Diordan hummmmmm @adbert pega essa Adrian mi hermano! =)
alelaz @adbert ! claro... ♫

Billie Holiday, My Man

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marilovisky 'Nada mais importa'... quando se tem um... alfajor, @adbert! :D Jamais esqueça! ;) Por aqui, o dia foi de céu azul, calor, chuva e shopping. 8) Glam!
CarolPalma @adbert: "[Doors - Love Me Two Times] Love me twice today!" (reblip)

The Doors - Love Me Two Times

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CarolannB Dedicated to my friend @adbert -- hope you enjoy this tune picked out especially for you. :) <3 Sending POS vibes your way!
crispast besito back! :D :D always a fun with you.. goodnight!@adbert: Bueno, Gigio era maestro en Itañol, verdad @ crispast? jejeje. A domani, Farfalla!!! :-) (reblip)

Topo Gigio - El Besito de Las Buenas Noches

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potentiate @adbert, this was our song || OMD - Tesla Girls

OMDTesla Girls

| play
crispast who is here.. another blip bad boy!! :D ciao @adbert! "[Van Halen – Running With The Devil] (reblip)
marilovisky Haaaaa, that's enough, @adbert! I'm happy to see* you! And you always manage to make me smile! I need no more! Ops, maybe two or three alfajores. :D
potentiate Lady Electron plays Radio Gaga for @adbert || Lady Gaga - Just Dance
sarahcarina Aww, Un Bacio !!! @adbert: "[Ten Years After – Spoonful] Bène, gràzie, è un piacere fare blipstream con lei @sarahcarina! :-)" (reblip)
marilovisky @adbert, querido! Estoy mui bien, ha! Caindo de sono, mas... bien*! E voce? Espero que esteja treinando o 'como preparar o melhor alfajor'! :P
crispast mmm... there's a man out there!!! buonasera @adbert :D"[Eagles – Hotel California] (reblip)
crispast ehy there, @adbert! as you guess, it's for you ;)

Zucchero in "Diavolo in me"

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marilovisky BOO?! Ouch, @adbert, you're scaring me! HAHAHA How are you, crazy cat? I missed you! It's your turn now, say you miss me. Go ahead, make my day/nite!
marilovisky Oh, Stevie, thank you, dude! But I already knew that! 8) Too confident! I would like to confirm that @adbert really missed me! I believe it now! :D
crispast muchas gracias ^^ diavoletto @adbert:)"#Video #Live [Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil] "Pleased to meet you...."" (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

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crispast accendi un diavolo in me???! ahhh@adbert!

Zucchero in "Diavolo in me"

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ZumbainDallas *♥ Gracias! @adbert Me encanta que sabes seguirme la corriente.Sabes lo loca que soy! "Psycho"~Puddle of Mudd

Psycho-Puddle Of Mudd-Lyrics

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blackgrapes Hola Corazon! Tanto tiempo ha pasado desde que he visto. @adbert: [Carlos Santana & Maná – Corazón Espinado] (reblip)
QueenyKay Vanessa Paradis ~ L'Eau à la Bouche ~ Merci pour la chanson. En voici une pour vous @adbert

L'Eau à la Bouche Vanessa Paradis

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photopersiflage @adbert you have nice blues orientated channel RESPECT and PROPS
crispast ehhhhyyyyyyyy @adbert!! buonanotte amico mio ;D
OutdoorLori @adbert Been a crazy few mths but glad to be alive! Literally. How are you dear sweet man? Have missed blipping with you!

Kenny Chesney and Dave Mathews- I'm Alive

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OutdoorLori Just feelin' it tonight.... :)
OutdoorLori In Honor of the Canadian Hockey team. You deserved it. But we beat you first! LOL!
RobertoFendler mi hermano de cordoba hehehe @adbert como estas?
potentiate For my friend @adbert cuz I'm so sure he does! Shake that Argentine booty lol || Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
ZumbainDallas @adbert Buenas noches amigo, tengo que preparar unas cosas para manana. Gracias por tu amistad y por los blips. xo
crispast you're like a fox ahahah!! moreover the chocolate bar, we can have a drink in a bar rb@adbert :D Are you *officially* inviting me to a bar,???:-D" (reblip)
crispast why not a dinner? me, you, lasagne and a Nero D'Avola? ahahahah @adbert (i can go on, believe me, ALL night talking about food ;D)
marijaanadj Hi!!! Viva Google Translate...right?! :) @adbert: "[David Bowie – Rebel Rebel] #RiffTime Dobar dan @marijaanadj!!! :-)" (reblip)
ForFlavour Great song with a great riff from a great Dj@adbert: Rock On! have u heard from@adbot? mayb hes tired of working? "#RiffTime Olá @gabeoliveira!!! :-)" (reblip)
jakks @adbert here's my first attempt at a song ;)

sunday jakks

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curiouslt . @adbert Since I always send you covers when you tweet a good song. Here's a favorite! Bohemian Rhapsody - The Braids
crispast forse @adbert.. ma comunque sono sempre io, tutto :)
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 rb @adbert: " #Video #Live Mick & Keith & Ronnie & Charlie & Angus & Malcom OMGOD!!!" Wow!! VERY nice blippage... rb 9 of yours on page 1!!! :) (reblip)

rolling stones & AC DC rock me baby

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ZumbainDallas @Blancuchis no se olvido de su amigo Argentino. Rb @adbert: [The Doors – Roadhouse Blues] (reblip)
DownLow thanks for sharing this one. via @rkmonkey via @ladypn -> #DownLow @adbert (the man from argentina is back!) (reblip)

The KillsNo Wow

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crispast grazie, trrrrroooopppo gentile>do you think so, still?! ahahah XD rb@adbert:) (reblip)
curiouslt @adbert - Have you ever heard this version of Dancing Queen? (U2)
ZumbainDallas •**♥ Igualmente mi querido @adbert !! Feliz de la vida por mi amigo Argentino! Abrazo!

Tango en Mendoza, Argentina

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skyroots [Led Zeppelin – Babe I'm Gonna Leave You] @adbert blip style!
adbert [Madonna - Give It 2 Me] Mandona.

Madonna "Give It 2 Me" (feat. Pharrell)

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ZumbainDallas •**♥ Con una amistad como la de mi amigo @adbert todos los dias....Es Dia De San Valentin! "Amigo"•**♥
Feathers Takin' a pause for 'shout outs.' Glad to see @adbert is back. Hey @DJDance_Mix. Nice tunes @verawooten. I'm down with the 'cause' @threebears.
ZumbainDallas •**♥ Gracias por ser mi amigo. @adbert Feliz dia de #SanValentin Abrazo! "Dile Al Amor" Aventura
djmisscloud A bad romance is better than no romance at all! lol //@adbert It's june 12th (Santo Antonio) Our love saint is different...

Bad RomanceLady Gaga

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Sailing and funz w/U? OMG! You Wreck Me Baby! ;D @adbert
crispast omg..!!! *blushes* ahahah!!! @adbert: Ciao @ crispast, Farfalla, Farfallina, Farfallissssssima!!! (colorito dialetto di @adbert HEHEHE!)" (reblip)
luiz_com_z @adbert ¡Todo buenísimo! ¡Y mientras Dunga caga nuestro equipo, mi inchada es por Diegón! @sudaca70 @Flower @lausen
marilovisky Yaaay, @adbert you're (almost?) back! Tell me something new and cool! How are you, dear? Hope you're well! :)
Sally29 @mammara between you & @adbert I despair, If 1/2 the population of Britain could speak english as well as you 2, we may actually start to communicate
Ots His hair had turned from black into bright white. clássica! via@adbert (reblip)
adbert MARKETUNES [Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz]
adbert MARKETUNES [The noRegrets – Coca-Cola]
adbert MARKETUNES [Run-D.M.C. – My Adidas]

Run-D.M.C.My Adidas

| play
adbert MARKETUNES [KoRn - A.D.I.D.A.S.]

Korn - Adidas

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adbert MARKETUNES [Prince – Little Red Corvette]
adbert MARKETUNES [Wiley – Wearing My Rolex]
adbert MARKETUNES [Mike Doughty – Busting Up a Starbucks]
adbert MARKETUNES [Dario Zenker – Dom Perignon]
adbert MARKETUNES [Rechenzentrum – IBM]


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adbert MARKETUNES [FoxTick – The Microsoft Rag]
calamari @monkchips Blip'n'Beer was started by a group of blippers in Brazil. You should check out London Blip'n'Beer. More info here: :)
Sally29 I'm hoping that's the March trauma over!(Car in Jan, House in Feb) Not sure that I am going to make through a whole year at this rate if I am honest!
adbert Top 5 Drum Performances: #5 [Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who] Keith Moon! (reblip)
adbert Top 5 Drum Performances: #4 [I'm so glad - Cream] Ginger Baker!

CreamI'm So Glad

| play
adbert Top 5 Drum Performances: #3 [Space Truckin' – Deep Purple] Ian Paice! (reblip)
adbert Top 5 Drum Performances: #2 [In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly] Ron Bushy!
Sally29 ...nothing at all: except maybe unemployment, the economy, probable collapse of the welfare state, children.....! Happy Wednesday!
adbert [Fly Me To The Moon – Tony Bennett] Una pregunta: @Flower, @cgiamelaro y @MariMello... Estaban juntas cuando se sacaron la foto para el pic? (reblip)
MariMello @adbert, boa!! eu não tinha entendido a pergunta até ir ver as fotos das meninas... hehehe
Flower Mirá te voy a dar una @adbert encia! Deje de mirar fotos y comparar y pase música!!
Nettys @aLxAa - merci beaucoup! Belle au concert et d'aller. Où? Es-tu en Allemagne? Je suis ici: - #Taxi-Bamako
buchmamsell @adbert: Not to forget: German was her mothertongue ;-) [[She was fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and French. And Music, of course. :-)]] (reblip)

NicoThese Days

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adbert [John Lennon - Imagine] BLIP LAW #1: Blip has no owner. Blippers are Blip. :-)
adbert [Beatles - All together now] BLIP LAW #2: You are a blipper, then you are my friend. :-)


| play
adbert [Beatles - Real Love] BLIP LAW #3: A blipper is loyal and friendly. :-)
adbert [Lynyrd Skynyrd – Need All My Friends] BLIP LAW #4: A blipper is always ready to help to the others. :-)
adbert [ABBA – Dancing Queen] BLIP LAW #5: Blippers are always smiling. :-)

ABBADancing Queen

| play
adbert [Elton John – Tower of Babel] BLIP LAW #6: A blipper can understand to another blipper, because Music is our common language. :-)
adbert [John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance] BLIP LAW #7: A blipper must spread the peace all over the world.


| play
adbert [ABBA – Thank You for the Music] BLIP LAW #8: A blipper respects and loves all the genres of Music. This is a place with no frontiers. :-) (reblip)
adbert [USA for Africa - We Are The World] BLIP LAW #9: There are no Superstars here. A blipper = Another blipper. That is our strength. :-)
adbert [Osmar Maderna – Lluvia De Estrellas] BLIP LAW #10: To be a blipper, you must first be a Tango lover. :-)
howdystranger @adbert: you're serious blipster! ;-)


| play
linnetwoods @adbert ♥ Wow! ♥ #10 ♥ Fantastico! ♥ Es que todos te queremos mucho! ♥ Feliz fin de semana! (reblip)

Donovan Sunshine Superman

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SusieBlackmon @adbert Good morning 2 U. How come I think of U when I hear Staying Power? (reblip)
evablue my brain is clumsy or retarded. it's blipping in a car
marilovisky @adbert e sua mente criativa, seja dia ou noite! :D Tudo bem contigo? @howdystranger you're welcome! @ceciliaviotti! Os Mutantes com Rita, claro! :D

FeistI Feel It All

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mistygirlph @adbert Good Morning DJ #Rockstar!!! The Cure – Friday I'm In Love (reblip)
adbert [Supertramp – Give A Little Bit] @nicavieira = n.i.c.e - v.i.e.w. - e.r.a. :-)
fleurdeleigh Thanks for this one @adbert: My happy hour just got all happy! Great weekend, Tweeple :) (reblip)
gigia @adbert... voceeeeeeeeeeee.... ____________________________________________________ obrigada amigo!!! hoje vc me alegrou!!
paula_h hahahaha hoje por exemplo @biaacorrea , tinha uma gorda lendo e comentando em voz alta com as amigas um livro chamado 'monogamia sem monotonia'.
adbert [CSS – Move] "Monogamia sem monotonia" = Açúcar sem cárie @paula_h!!! HAHAHAHA! *\o/*


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paula_h hahaahaha assino embaixo @adbert ! (reblip)


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adbert [MGMT – Electric Feel] for newbies: 1. Create your account. 2. Follow all the brazilians. That's all! *\o/* :-)

MGMTElectric Feel

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potele [MGMT – Electric Feel] for newbies: 1. Create your account. 2. Follow all the brazilians. That's all! *\o/* :-)] Buena idea, @adbert! (reblip)

MGMTElectric Feel

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gigia [MGMT – Electric Feel] for newbies: 1. Create your account. 2. Follow all the argentinos. That's all! *\o/* :-) (reblip)

MGMTElectric Feel

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adbert EMOTI-TUNES: <:3 ~~ <:3 ~~ <:3 ~~
adbert EMOTI-TUNES: <:)<<<<<<|~~~

Kate BushRocket Man

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marilovisky Muito obrigada, DJ @adbert! Seus blips são muito mais bacanas. Also your Portuguese! :P Let's rock! :)
gigia ola, amigo! como vai meu caro @adbert?? nunca vou esquecer o qeu me disse: na argentina, basta saber falar uma palavra: AMIGO. =)
gabasanch @adbert tengo que aceptar que cambie la foto para ver que me decias jajajjajajaja y si hoy he estado pensativa todo el dia
evablue today's theme is Rocky... as in "Yo AdriAAaaaaAAAaaAAAAaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaN!" and it's all @adbert's fault :P
Diordan Hahahah muito style @DJRodneyKing Hola Grande Monstro De Los Blips Dorados @adbert! (reblip)
Cynbad Good morning @adbert :) Your twitterstream was making me laugh this morning!
gigia @adbert, you really have to have a part on it, amigo! ask @briangreene for some more infos. lets do it together, meu caro amigo
briangreene thanks @adbert for the PR & Facebook group change comes from below.
yumba Los Tucu Tucu Zamba Para Olvidarte –
adbert @Flower @lausen Es el tema del Chavo. Pero estaba en Mickey como 30 años antes... se dan cuenta? (reblip)
adbert That's all, FOLK! [A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall – Joan Baez]
Ninha @adbert para de blipar coisa boa meu!- Jimmi did amazing things with his guitar (reblip)
Sally29 @adbert smfaith@gmail (I can't believe I am actually asking for a recipe - I'm going to have to find where the kitchen is! - Damn)
briangreene Donate - a social network for a social radio. a ning for blip, (unofficial & not mine) join @
evablue @adbert hey you. chris brogan says "hi" :P
evablue @liligarcia what? @adbert is being silly and i'm still asleep.
gigia hei @adbert! an special shot for my too kind friend from Cordoba, Argentina!! You're so kind Adrián! quite impossible to avoid your personal charm! =
gigia @wilsoke... te apresento @adbert, Argentino, de Cordoba, e meu querido amigo! ele esta rindo de mim só porque eu disse que posso rir em espanhol. lol

The JamBatman Theme

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adbert [Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies] Books never written: Virtual pets are {title}, dedicated to @samsoncomics, @adbert, Musta hevonen & @adbot! X
Sally29 @mammara Sleeping? My Kids? They consider the word 'bedtime' a challenge to be met with all guns blazing. I'm considering drugs - for them as well!
T_DeBarros Natalie Brown. You're Mysterious. ~thanks @adbert ♥ this song. first time for me and will not b the last. ♥ it !! (reblip)
sheryonstone vi@T_DeBarros & @adbert ~ this is so nice. Been listening to songs from her new album. She has hit it huge with this new album. Hear that Natalie ? (reblip)
Sally29 @evablue I hear life is tough. At least you have the support of friends like @adbert !! Stick with the whale blubber (and the Mcds moose-burgers!)
CarolannB Ok...1 more b4 I go... if U haven't followed @adbert yet, he's 1 of the coolest riders on the #TwitterExpress -- stop by & tell him I sent U. :)

BTOLet It Roll

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nicavieira @adbert Hola, guapisimo! Que tal estás? \o/
Sally29 My cat 'Treacle' seems mesmerised by my laptop tonight!
Sally29 @adbert You always cheer me up. Thank you! Nobel prize for 'really nice guys' goes to you! @quakkaz How's life treating you?You seem cheery?!
mammara @Sally29 so, when i'm busy with the dictionnary trying to understand what 'fickle' means you just run away with @adbert. unfaithful you! ;)
adbert [If the Devil Made Whisky – Gary Moore] Hello @mammara! "Acepto encantado este honor que hoy me concede @Sally29 en nombre del Rey de Suecia..." (reblip)
Sally29 @mammara there isn't much I wouldn't do for a good empanada. My price is regrettably low. I could be convinced by a good saltimbocca though!! ??
luiz_com_z @adbert, vos y @nicavieira tenéis que ver "Bye Bye Brazil", un tipo divertidísimo cantando esto con un acento terrible en Belém (Pará, Amazônia). (reblip)
Sally29 Just a very quick blip for @adbert - one of the very best of friends - virtual or otherwise! & a fine motivator - yes, I'm going, I'm going! Sorry!
Diordan Come down off your throne... especialmente pra @FernandaW que tem um gosto pra lá de bom! Olá mestre dos magos @adbert Mister good music machine!
Sally29 Back to the grind (@adbert - my mums favourite quote: stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once' Macbeth - I'm on my way!)
CarolannB Quick note 2 @adbert -- Just saw that U had oh-so quietly nominated me 4 the shorty awards on twitter -- BIG muah & thanks! U R the gr8st! ;)

DidoThank You

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PaulaC @adbert, já não posso mais te dar props, pare de blipar música legal! (reblip)
ourladybeth I will try to catch a star for you @adbert
brabul rb ¡Es el cumpleaños de @adbert! Ó o níver do @adbert aê! Happy birthday to @adbert! ¡Felicitaciones, boludo! Digo, amigo. :D GUAPOOOOOOOOOO (reblip)


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crispast really?@brabul? [¡Es el cumpleaños de @adbert!]--> auguri di buon compleanno amico mio!!@adbert!! :D :D (reblip)


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Fraueva @adbert Feliz cumple!!!!! :D pásala super!! [@adBeatles - @adBirthday] HEEEEEY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!!! CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!! (reblip)


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Flower Hey Hey mi querido taurino @adbert! Felicidades donde te habias metido?????
formalhaut feliz cumpleaños @adbert wishing you all the best, man!

Happy Birth Day

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OcasoProtal @adbert Happy birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
DJTora Many happy returns of the day @adbert!
Veronique @adbert, hola! With my better thoughts for this day
anjeee @adbert ~ a very special happy anniversary of your birth! =)


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luiz_com_z ¡Es el cumpleaños de @adbert! Ó o níver do @adbert aê! Happy birthday to @adbert! ¡Felicitaciones, boludo! Digo, amigo. :D


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mklopez @adbert a very mellow (but Feliz) Birthday to one of our best DJs! #followfriday
marilovisky @adbert, my friend, you're so, but sooooo romantic tonight! What's goin' on? I was giving out props and feel the love! :D Own.
ARDELLd @adbert Out or props, but I do...keep on...lovin you :) (reblip)
avivajazz Father + Son? Teacher + Student? Brothers? It doesn't matter," writes @adbert. His questions are "right on." John Mayall + Eric Clapton in "Hideaway." (reblip)
klitoria dragi moj...kako si?????...ljubim te...@adbert...
Sally29 @adbert 1 blip from you & I feel better already! Dinner - starter or dessert! You should never be too busy to blip, it's not the same without you!

FeederMiss You

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Shana34 [Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter] you da best @adbert! hehe (reblip)
klitoria my dear so far no plans for the you can come to relax a little...I will take good care of you...@adbert (reblip)
Natalie_Brown [Miss You Like Crazy - Natalie Cole] @adbert ... a song by the other Natalie to you!!!

Miss You Like Crazy - Natalie Cole

| play
evablue seriously, who killed @adbert or his computer?


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crispast friday..blip-people! i'can't believe in my eyes, who is there @adbert! ciao! how are you? ..ciao@onesanz@tormento23 e @ximon!