vanny2go Eu me matava tentando cantar essa... S2
Johanna_sez Brauch mal grad ne Pause von O.C.
denkschema usually the first song you learn to play on the guitar...
riot36 Like a bird, you know she will fly, fly, fly away
lizwebpage Achoooo! Argh, I'm never gonna make it through class at this rate...
Joice @gigia, vc ainda nao conhece minha insônia? Apesar que já tô no modo salva telas..(pescando)...
emilythemom Still Friday, still time for Friday Afternoon Videos! Part Two.

MGMTElectric Feel

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knusperkind morgen gibt es bestimmt Kopfschmerzen...
thejenster Anything you want, you got it.
Linsey Good Morning Twitter!

Cat Stevens- Morning Has Broken

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adocicainheaven just imagine someone / waiting at the cottage door / where two hearts become one / who could ask for anything more?
mizzle @paris ... I'm gonna find you. I'm gonna getchya getchya getchya ... maybe?
EdOvett Under the name of War, Eric Burdon tells a tale of fantasy>>
memoria Uno de los desconocidos Claude Debussy, y el mar ;)
memoria Te lo regalo @adbert y al resto también, "Preludio a la siesta de un fauno" ;)
OutdoorLori It's time, time for me to let you know. Ain't no crime, no crime to let your feelings show. I can't stand it...
memoria ¡Va por todos! el Brindis de la Traviata.. ;)
Blogwiese Heut im Autoradio gehört - Die Sonne schien und alles war eingefärbt vom Herbst. *schmacht*
thejenster "You are the steps you take / You and you - and thats the only way"
lilwldchld I think I'm random this morning, LOL


| play
LaDawn cease to resist, giving my goodbye
lilwldchld There's magic all around you, if I do say so myself...
thaislapastini Conheci essa no filme e adorei. :)


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MariDiosTan Franz Ferdinand... foi o a gota que faltava para o início da Guerra Mundial
youragentsteph This song is in my head this morning. Hope you enjoy it too.
Flower COVER#10 "With A Little Help From My Friends" The Beatles por Joe Cocker (in-fal-ta-ble!)
knusperkind Und nochmal, weils so schön ist.. Ui:11.11.08 20h Live Music Hall, Cologne. Aber kann man am 11.11. ohne Jeck Jedöns von Ddorf nach Köln fahren...
nebbiolata With just you, just me, I bid you all goodnight.
elfgirl @gunter77 no, i'm not that cool :) i used to play that song Kicks with @jemik my papa....never played this one though :(
rebokel Ive got you under my skin Ive got you deep in the heart of me So deep in my heart, that youre really a part of me Ive got you under my skin
bizzybee Good morning. :) (home from a good walk)
albameccanica does aerobics in her mind

Testa Spalla

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Ninha pena que ela não vai durar muito..=/
Monique_Sa essa é da negras e nossa viagem
wagnerandrade Tri bom ouvir, depois de tanto tempo, uma musica que nos marcou no passado. Ainda mais tendo essa qualidade.

Bob DylanHurricane

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suzbroughton "I was feeling kind of ethereal cause I'm precious"


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Ceci non so voi, ma per stasera ho finito di blippare ad minchiam :-)
objekte @BuzzTshaker @desbam -guys, you should know and blip each other! Ride on!
Evelyn All I need is a fix or two

Joss StoneBad Habit

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lausen @adbert La mejor versión es la de Ray Charles
carolchang Deep Purple - smoke on the water
Evan @adbert Yeah. You would like this version then. Possibly the 2nd best version of Use Me
alefontenelle 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me
princesspants @BigManWalking From American Gigolo soundtrack. :) "Breathless" covered by X was from another R. Gere movie by the same name. Two of my favorites!

Blondie - Call M

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DJMeow Totally loving season 2 of Californication.
mav_rick Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue

Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls

| play
tropicalpolarbear blast from the past


| play
CarlaBufalo @ricardobufalo nem sei porque mas me lembrei dessa música...curta aí ;)
lpowars Beer and Dive Bar Music

AC DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

| play
PaulaC must be the moon, must be the moon
cammy About your hair, you needn't care: you look beautiful all of the time. Awww...

The KooksShine On

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memoria @adbert lo prometido es deuda.. el Adagio de Tomás de Albinoni.. es una maravilla pero es muy triste.. hace que uno se quede solo con su mente
coffeebreath ok, @briangreene look at you jammin all <acoustic> sshoosh on me. Heh.
Linsey Something @adbert played reminded me of this blast from the past.

Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka

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Virginia_Fender I love this @adbert, my first song hard rocker!
melodyofurlife @adbert He played this with his band "The Expensive Whinos" They all smoked what seemed like 2 smokes at a time while they played the entire night.
OutdoorLori How do we sleep when our beds are burning? I dunno... I don't sleep much these days. LOL.
JRex778 lol @adbert I lived there when they filmed the movie in 1981 (thanks - bud!) :

ZZ TopLa Grange

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JRex778 This was one of the songs selected by the astronauts on their trips into space & the moon during the Apollo program....
JRex778 you can't forget this one I'm sure @adbert lol - have a good one...
morningtide *@adbert: no, purtroppo non sono una grande fan della musica italiana, a parte qualche eccezione :)*
Sally29 Adbert is SO right about Gary Moore - I have been saving this for a rainy day - but what the hell, pure melancholy genius
Flower @adbert si, espero levantar con este duo: Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton
Flower @adbert con estos grosos me retiro a mis aposentos, bien merecido lo tengo ;-)
Flower @adbert@lausen@yumba Desde mi barrio...ha sido una gran noche!! que descansen
morningtide @adbert: ma grazie del pensiero!!! :D E qui una canzone mitica, una delle mie preferite!! Enjoy ^_^
Sally29 @adbert - well I made it - Thx. Give it an hour then I reckon its back to feeling sorry for myself!

FreeAll Right Now

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cosita @RAMMSES que nuestras vidas sean gay xDD
DJMeow Frankie Goes to Hollywood naturally reminded me of Zoolander
OutdoorLori This relatively little known (here in US) Aussie is an awesome rockin' guitarist. Give him a try. Cheers!
thejenster New favourite band. It even makes me start to like trumpets.
thahy @JRex778 hahaha, first you must learn portuguese, honey!
adbert Rouge&Roll: [Steamy Windows – Tina Turner]
bizzybee (reblip from @adbert) Why did Jewel have to go completely over the edge to country? Good song, if done a little less country. :-/ (reblip)

JewelStronger Woman

| play
threebears From @jordancavalera Speaking of "Fast and Furious"... @adbert here is a [RIFF] ....... chain re-blipping @kewllewk ^_^ thanks (reblip)
adbert Sailors and the Spinach: [Titanic Soundtrack - My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion]
adbert Sailors and the Spinach: [Beyond the Sea - Robbie Williams]

Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea

| play
adbert Sailors and the Spinach: [I'm Your Captain – Grand Funk Railroad] (reblip)
OutdoorLori Someone I know is this. It's in his genes.
adbert IN MEMORIAM - Michael Hutchence (+ 22/11/1997) [Bitter tears – INXS]

INXSBitter tears

| play
klitoria @klitoria [Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party (1937) Hi! This is my gift for you and your daughter! thx @adbert you should have seen her delighted smile (reblip)
LauraO @adbert, Watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out'... how could so much talent fit in one person? r.i.p. freddie 24/11/91, thanks adbert :)
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [The Show Must Go On – Queen] With thanks to @dymphie (reblip)
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [We Will Rock You – Queen] Obrigado, @emilysanford!
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie]
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen]
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [Barcelona – Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé] Thanks, @emilysanford! (reblip)
adbert IN MEMORIAM: Freddie Mercury (+ 24/11/1991) [Love of My Life – Queen]
evablue haha. almost forgot THIS montrealer. :)
adbert Oração para Brasil: [Aquarela – Toquinho]


| play
adbert Oração para Brasil: [Cuide Bem do Seu Amor – Paralamas do Sucesso]
adbert Oração para Brasil: [Aquele Abraco – Gilberto Gil]
adbert Oração para Brasil: [With a little help from my friends – Rita Lee]
adbert Oração para Brasil: [O Samba da Minha Terra – Novos Baianos]
adbert Oração para Brasil: [Rainbow End – Sergio Mendes]
sandraew Alright, have to actually work now. Later blipper buddies!

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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adbert [I Wanna Be Somebody - W.A.S.P.] "We ain't sure, pal"!!!!

WASP I Wanna Be Somebody

| play
adbert [Is This Love? – Whitesnake]
adbert [Rag Doll - Aerosmith]

Aerosmith - Rag Doll

| play
adbert [Hurts to be in love - Gino Vannelli]
klitoria have to blip this one again and again @adbert and @lpowars
djmisscloud [Hurts to be in love - Gino Vannelli] I just knew 'Living inside myself'... good set @adbert (reblip)
adbert TINA-TUNES [We don't Need another Hero – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [What's Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [The Best – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!

Tina TurnerThe Best

| play
adbert TINA-TUNES [Great Spirits – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Addicted To Love – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [River Deep, Mountain High – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Let's stay together - Tina Turner ] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [It's only love – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Why Must We Wait Until Tonight – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
adbert TINA-TUNES [Rolling on the river – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina! Vos entendés, @Flower.
adbert TINA-TUNES [Proud Mary – Tina Turner] 26/11 Happy B-Day, Tina!
threebears threebears [The House Is Rockin' – Stevie Ray Vaughan] Specially 4 @adbert ^_^ so kind - thanks! (reblip)
rubex_cube @ladyJNVA for you! in ode to Tina's B-Day! :D
lausen These foolish things - Johnny Hartman... the best male voice of jazz in my opinion
OutdoorLori Which brings me to a song... for @adbert ! Salute!
OutdoorLori Cheers to @adbert ! Blipping one of my favorite wines (review). Is this near you sweetie? Love Malbecs!
Lexmonster I had EVERY album and 45 Creedence put out..
JRex778 Brenda Lee was 13 years old when she recorded this song in 1958 - Hey @adbert!
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Billy Idol - White Christmas]

Billy Idol - White Christmas

| play
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [To Be A Lover – Billy Idol]
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Speed – Billy Idol]

Billy IdolSpeed

| play
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Jingle Bell Rock – Billy Idol]
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Catch My Fall – Billy Idol]
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Mony Mony – Billy Idol]

Billy IdolMony Mony

| play
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Flesh For Fantasy – Billy Idol]
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [White Wedding – Billy Idol]
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Shock To The System – Billy Idol]
adbert [Sweet Sixteen – Billy Idol]
adbert @JRex778 Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [To Be A Lover – Billy Idol] Dude, how are you?
adbert Happy B-Day to Billy Idol! [Dancin With Myself – Billy Idol]
Sally29 @adbert You are very good for my morale. Glad to see you safe & cheery into another week.
adbert [Dirty Mind – Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap]
Leticia_ Leiam Sexo, Drogas e Rolling to amando!! :)
Lexmonster @adbert good evening! good to see you ;-)
djmisscloud @adbert I saw a old show of PSB this weekend Neil said the west is very important to them...
threebears Hello @adbert ... shock to the system and arigato-o-chocolat bliperation going on here *_*

1200 micsLSD

| play
adbert @AlicialAmericaine Happy B-Day to Britney! [Cold As Fire – Britney Spears]
adbert Happy B-Day to Britney! [Toxic – Britney Spears]

Britney SpearsToxic

| play
adbert Tango! [El Entrerriano – Juan Canaro] Canaro was acclaimed in France, where is still republished.
adbert Tango! [La puñalada – Juan D'Arienzo] D'Arienzo for export, Probably the arg musician most loved in Japan.
adbert Tango! [ Por Una Cabeza - Scent of a Woman Soundtrack]

Pgh Ensemble - Tango - Por Una Cabeza - VCF - Gardel

| play
adbert Tango! [Marioneta – Anibal Troilo] Troilo is the musician most loved in Buenos Aires.
adbert Tango! [Mi Confesion – Gotan Project] This is the new tango.
adbert @Sally29 [Virgencita de Itati – Transito Cocomarola] Tango is a huge part of Argentina. But this is our folklore!
adbert @Sally29 [Virgen india - Cafrune & Marito] And this... (Listen to the boy, please...)

Jorge Cafrune 05 Virgen india (con Marito)

| play
adbert @Sally29 [Vicio - Ratones Paranoicos] This is our rock...


| play
adbert @Sally29 [En la Ciudad de la Furia – Soda Stereo] And this...
adbert @Sally29 [Nos siguen pegando abajo - Charly García] And this...

Nos siguen pegando abajo

| play
adbert @Sally29 [La Cerrillana – Los Chalchaleros y H. Guarany] And this...
lausen The mummer's dance - Loreena McKennitt... AMAZING singer!
Diordan @adbert Geeez Blip makes me crazy sorry for the late reply! I'm fine dude! How about you? Do you like Cake? They Love Cars!


| play
lausen Let the good times roll - Louis Jordan
lausen My Sharona - The Knack

The KnackMy Sharona

| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [I Like Girls – Alice Cooper]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Jeepster – Marc Bolan & T. Rex]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Suffragette City – David Bowie]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [48 Crash – Suzi Quatro]

Suzi Quatro48 Crash

| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Virginia Plain - Roxy Music]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [All The Young Dudes – Mott the Hoople]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Crazy Horses – The Osmonds]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Crocodile Rock – Elton John]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Rock On – David Essex]

David EssexRock On

| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [See My Baby Jive – Wizzard]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Babylon – New York Dolls] Thanks, @sjgrovo!
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Blockbuster - Sweet] With thanks to @lausen.


| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Sugar Baby Love – The Rubettes]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade]
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground] I'm fabulous, @sally29! And you?
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [(Dancing On A) Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers] With thanks to @Cela!
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [I Predict – Sparks] My Santa, this year, will be Visa Claus, my dear @Sally29.

SparksI Predict

| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Escape – Alice Cooper] With thanks and Hello! to @davidwatts1978.

Alice CooperEscape

| play
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Children Of The Revolution – Marc Bolan & T. Rex] With thanks to @IndigoAquarius!
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [New York City – Marc Bolan & T. Rex] The last hit of the Glam Era.
adbert GLAD YA LIKE GLAM: [Rebel Rebel – David Bowie] With thanks to @priscila.
MelMaven My 1st husband said I was a hard headed woman. hmmm...maybe it was my 3rd husband..not sure.
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Imagination – Xymox]


| play
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Somewhere in my Heart – Aztec Camera]
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Julia says – Wet Wet Wet]
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [We Are The World – USA For Africa]
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Tell That Girl to Shut Up – Transvision Vamp]
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Love Shack – B-52`s]

B-52`sLove Shack

| play
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Tarzan Boy – Baltimora]

BaltimoraTarzan Boy

| play
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [I Just Wanna Stop – Gino Vannelli]
adbert FORGOTTUNES: [Emily – The Gibson Brothers] Happily forgotten, I think! See you later!
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [John Wayne – De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid] On reply to @emilypatricia!
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Charlie Chaplin – Porn Sword Tobacco]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Henry Fonda – Jason Rosolino]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Keanu Reeves – Jonny Kock]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Michael Douglas – Neon Neon]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Mary Pickford – Katie Melua]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Demi Moore – Raymond and Scum]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Romy Schneider - Sinner DC]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Bela Lugosi – Matt K/Keegan Cole/Jake Regier]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [De Niro – Káderek]

KáderekDe Niro

| play
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Paul Newman – Lefties Soul Connection]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Harrison Ford – Nova Social]
adbert SILVER-TUNES: [Vogue – Madonna] With thanks to @ emilypatricia.


| play
adbert ROLLING S-TUNES: [Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones] Dave Mason played the shelani, an Indian reed instrument.
adbert ROLLING S-TUNES: [Harlem Shuffle – Rolling Stones] Backup singers included Womack, Tom Waits, Don Covay, and Patti Scialfa.
adbert That's all, FOLK! [A Case of You – Joni Mitchell]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Here's to the State of Mississippi – Phil Ochs]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Hair of Spun Gold – Janis Ian]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Father And Son – Cat Stevens]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Way Down In North Carolina – Mike Seeger & Paul Brown] With thanks to @stelzner!
OutdoorLori Kickin' it up a notch for Sunday Brunch. Make my life worth something more!


| play
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Suzanne – Leonard Cohen] Hola, @Flower!
adbert That's all, FOLK! [A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Railroad Lady – Willie Nelson]
adbert That's all, FOLK! [Montana Slim – Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder]
evablue wait. omg. @adbert hasn't blipped in 6 hours. something is wrong. call the police in argentina!
luiz_com_z @simplesmente a voz mais bonita da história da música popular brasileira gravada. :) (reblip)
evablue OMG. i inadvertently got @adbert to blip something from 2000's by reblip! haha. priceless!
Sally29 @adbert You are a 'life enhancer' - so glad to have met you - 'virtually'!
TuraSatana @adbert sorry, was offline; back on track again :) Mmh, bon vivant is who you are. sound mucho delicioso (apologizing for my lack of spanish words)
Lady_Frostbite I wish that I could stay (seasons change so fast & us with them.) @adbert Happy Holidays my friend :-)
luiz_com_z @adbert! ¿Conocés Sá, Rodrix e Guarabyra? Para mí esta es la mejor grabación de la historia del rock brasileño.

SMestre Jonas

| play
crispast .. it's the end of this year that makes me think about too much things perhaps ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

U2New Year's Day

| play
Natalie_Brown [Recuerdo – Osvaldo Pugliese] Baila, percanta? Yes I will.... all night it seems! Flit, fly, float through the sky! May I wear glittery shoes? (reblip)
AngelaPerversa :) Pero aquí huele a mariacachafa mi hermano... :)
RobertoFendler ele ta sendo humilde @TassiR o cara é um heroi do blip hahahaha @adbert

Foo FightersMy Hero

| play
RobertoFendler so i'm gonna quit my job hahahaha @adbert

PinkSo What

| play
Flower Vamos juntos @adbert.......el mais grande!!!!

Himno de River by: Nacho1862

| play
RobertoFendler un saludo a juan manuel fanggio. el primero gran mestre en la F1 @adbert
Fated now for some real modest mouse. @adbert congrats on 25k! i hope to make 500 some day! haha
crispast :D never seen before! i wanna know the lucky woman who teached to you these words@adbert "amoruccio, stellina mia, passerotto, cucciolo, zuccherino!!" (reblip)

Aimee Mann "Freeway"

| play
LittleRedRidingHood @adbert.. I don't know you adbert but I think you're hot, hot ,hot! (reblip)
des_lizz @adbert para que el viernes se ponga mejor.. esta canción para ti :) a bailar!


| play
LittleRedRidingHood @adbert: well, I was gonna tell you taht I thought you were cute but you must get that all the time.. (reblip)
melodyofurlife @Diordan who's to say @adbert "The orignal hope you can here is, only in imeem :-("

BlancheWho's to Say

| play
TheAmyTucker @adbert: I freakin' LOVE Aimee Mann...even if she does spell her name stupidly. ;) (reblip)
RobertoFendler you are a rockstar . 25 k hahahaha i want it too @adbert


| play
Diordan no existe un momento del dia... @Flower @lausen @adbert en que puedo olvidarme de mis amigos blipers!
lausen @adbert =( ¿Cómo le va a pasar eso al Twittero número uno de la Argentina?

Led Zeppelin- Ramble On

| play
adam_dominguez @adbert: "[Bananarama – Venus]" Adbert, you've become the new hero of my office. XD (reblip)


| play
angulita @adbert hola argentino!

rolling stones miss you

| play
NatCordeaux je ne resiste pas... juste avant de m'éclipser... ThX @adbert (reblip)
OutdoorLori RB @adbert: "[Moody Blues - Night in White Satin] A worthy song by a most worthy friend. (reblip)

Moody Blues - Night in White Satin

| play
simplesmente Delicinha de blip mas já é minha hora....Otima semana pra vcs todos....hello querido @adbert beijao pra ti...inté mais ver pessoas felizes e cantantes

já éJorge Aragão

| play
Flower te dejo con Susan @adbert, jornada laboral cumplida, besos
nicavieira @OVERLAND And this guy? Do you know him? @adbert Cariño!Como estás, guapo de mi vida? :D

Yann Tiersen-live aux eurock rue de cascades

| play
nicavieira @adbert Own!Que lindo eres!:) Pues,de las canciones clásicas, me encanta esta aqui! Ojalá yo fuera 'Baby' de la película Dirty Dancing. \o/

Dirty Dancing Music Video "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (1987)

| play
RobertoFendler eu quero uma medalha de 25k igual a do @adbert

QueenI want it all

| play
amcandyc Linda essa musica... "Amor eu gosto eu amo amo tanto seu olhar..." @adbert: "[Milton Nascimento – Outro Lugar] (reblip)
Fated it is all thanks to you!! @adbert thanks for your help and just being awesome in general (manchester orchestra-i've got friends)
priscila @adbert muito bem. Amei a sua lista de reprodução musical :-)

black sabath-iron man

| play
adbert [Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day] HAHAHA! @adbert & @missrogue ;) #pcmtl , courtesy of my dear friend @evablue!!! Thank you very much Eva!!! :-D
ZumbainDallas .•**♥Con mucha seguridad mi querido @adbert te lo prometo! (reblip)
crispast i think that @adbert is better..or Adrian ;D [And according with @Flower, @madbert is better than @adbert for me... What you think crispast?"] (reblip)
crispast ciao@adbert:)) i'm ok..up late ;D and you? long time no blip togheter! "Ciao crispast!!! How are you doing, Farfalla? :-)" (reblip)
Flower igualito al video de Aha @adbert encia!
Flower Yeah! volvió el @adbert que todas amamos bajaja (reblip)
evablue i don't twitter or blip properly. just saw this. @blipfm: "... 500 credits to who designs background we use on email" (reblip)
jesuisunlapin olá, querido @adbert sigo sambando até 2016 :)
ZumbainDallas **♥You can run but you can't hide @adbert play Hide and Seek pero nadamas ten en mente que "Eres Para Mi!" LOL
ZumbainDallas **♥ @adbert Estoy bien guapo, Gracias..y espero que tu tambien...y no te me escondas tanto!! "Te Busque!"
ZumbainDallas **♥"The House is Rockin" on blip anytime he is here!!! ----> @adbert Hola Adrián!!! (reblip)
evablue can someone in argentina hit the [reboot] button on @adbert. seems to be in sleep mode. @adbot must be up to tricks.
crispast ahahah ..eccomi qui! ;D \o/@adbert: "#VideoClip [Negrita – L'uomo Sogna Di Volare] Dove sará il mio tesoruccio crispast? DOVE? EH? ;-)" (reblip)
luiz_com_z @adbert @sudaca70 @lausen Este martes empieza en Rio el festival del nuevo cine argentino, desde los años 60 hasta hoy. Me voy a tener una sobredosis.


| play
ZumbainDallas ♥♥ @adbert "Anoche soñé contigo"<-- lo que te dire, si cenamos tus famosas empanadas esa noche! Besos!♥♥ (reblip)

Kevin Johansen "Anoche soñé contigo"

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥‏ I'm gittin really pissed off at my laptop... it takes ferever to do stuff... So, anyway, @Rella & @adbert ... You instigators! =] (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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Virginrecords E hoje como é sexta, tá todo mundo liberado pra se divertir!!

Black Eyed Peas i Got A Feeling Official Music Video Full HD

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deekattax RB @LexiePixie: "What? U don't want fans @adbert ? You spoil all the fun...right @nicaprincess ? :D { Kings of Leon – Fans }" (reblip)

Kings of LeonFans

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crowjane @adbert: "[Pink Floyd - See Emily Play] Oh yeah @crowjane! ;-)"~~double yeah babe~U're kickN em out today bro~~ (reblip)

Pink Floyd-See Emily Play

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sandraew Hey @adbert You got me so I don't know what I'm doing..."[The Kinks – You Really Got Me] PARAMPARAMPAM!!! \m/" (reblip)
marilovisky And since we're on the subject... @adbert, we're missing you as well! :)
fini @adbert ich lerne schon ;)

Spanisch lernen ganz einfach Teil 1

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brabul eu sinto que você é a pessoa mais parecida que eu conheço... só que do lado do avesso.

Ceumar canta "Avesso"

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jesuisunlapin @adbert Nunca recuso um convite para dançar :)
Leonie lol! ik dacht dat je zou slapen ;) @Lucindalala: "goed hoor met jou ook ? bien, tu también adbert? ;-))@adbert (reblip)

Elton John I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues

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ZumbainDallas El Galan que siempre me hace bailar! xoxo---> RB @adbert: [Cake - Love You Madly] Holi hola @Blanquis26!!! :-) (reblip)

Love You Madly ~ CAKE (Lyrics video)

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klitoria @adbert...dobro jutro dragi...ja sam super...mnogo te volim i pozdravljam.....
lpowars @adbert: Hey there - I've missed you! How are things? I've been busy lately and haven't been blipping as much. Still camping? (reblip)

You're So Vain

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klitoria are...deep inside you are a child...just some layers grown around it...let it out sweetie....!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
Luthanick @adbert you are my hero for playing the smurfs. How about this one?

Disney's Gummi Bears Full Song

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PaulaC @adbert, ontem você esqueceu do tema de desenho mais legal de todos!! Get Along Gang!!!!!!! :D


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shibari @adbert lady Gaga Love Game .. thank you and nice to see you too .. xoxoxo

Lady GagaLoveGame

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potentiate @adbert: I heard this for the 1st time just yesterday. And of course I do ;P [Cake – Love You Madly] (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

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potentiate @adbert: Finally got around to listening...GREAT song! Gotta buy it now. [Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses] (reblip)
Pepperfire #followfriday RB @adbert has great taste in music. Glad to have him in both my blipstream and my twitterverse. (reblip)

Tom PettyFree Fallin'

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Sally29 Hey @adbert How have you been my dear? I shall be looking to brave the kitchen again next week - so look up some receipes for me pls?!
crispast rubato a @raffaella che mi ha letto nel pensiero..stasera questo era il MIo blip :D.. benvenuta! yeah..i did it again @adbert ;D (reblip)

99 posseQuello che

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arrshley Also vi@adbert - All this dancey music is making it hard to step away from the laptop. (reblip)
marijaanadj I am GREAT today @adbert....and this is one hot day :p!
Fluter "Come on now, give me some sugar Give me some sugar, little honey bee Dont be afraid, not gonna hurt u I wouldnt hurt my little honey bee" hey @adbert
RosaBastos @adbert Obrigada por todos os props = ) My generation agradece = )

the whomy generation

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gigia @adbert!!! vocêêêêêêêêêêêêêê.... (reblip)
gigia holla @adbert!! que bom te ver por aqui!!!
marilovisky Yaaay, @adbert you're (almost?) back! Tell me something new and cool! How are you, dear? Hope you're well! :)
ozeias Take On @lollydaskal, @adbert if you have the guts..... :) (reblip)

A-HaTake On Me

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marijaanadj Yes I am Serbian @adbert, and of course I know how to cook all of the Serbian national foods.....and how you know about that?! :)

Pearl Jam Alive

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Fluter especially for @adbert LOL!! I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world! hehe
adbert [Rolling Stones - Miss you] When the Stones were really Stoned. =P

rolling stones miss you

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ivan_filios The Doors – Riders on the storm via @adbert Gracias. Y ¿qué nuevo sitio has encontrado? ¡Tus fans te extrañamos! (reblip)
luiz_com_z @adbert, Blipper #1! On the roll call, on the blipping list, on good taste!
klitoria see you later dear blippers...and special loving hug to my darling @adbert...

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

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evablue @adbert and uh thanks for the top thing but i got personality which is the least feminine of adjectives you gave the other ladies. #igotfishflogged :P

Peaches-kick it (feat_iggy_pop)

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Nettys Now I am off - @adbert: since when can you see the videos here on Blip FM? I think it is new. Had no videos before / or it was not working. Love it!!

Diana Krall: Cry me a river

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thaisypecsen I think that i'm gonna spend my day reblipping @adbert songs. he's too inspired today. hahaha better i stop to hearing him! (reblip)

Macy GrayI Try

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thaisypecsen I give up, hahaha don't listen to me anymore, listen to @adbert's blip (reblip)

Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On

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lausen Well @adbert, you know you're TNT! =P


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adbert [Dio - Holy Diver] Cuando mi abuela decía: "Oh Dio", no creo que pensara en esto...

Holy DiverDio Lyrics

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adbert [Rolling Stones – Saint Of Me] Muchos cantan así: "Asiriyé" Creo que de ahí salió el "Aserejé". #SoWeird.
Mtii @adbert...i can't

Billy Idol-It's So Cruel

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trinaunz RB @adbert - thanks for blipping this - had no idea dolly parton ever covered this song - wild to hear an acoustic, bluegrassy version! (reblip)

Stairway to Heaven by Dolly Parton

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Flower Sos loco @adbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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Diordan hey @adbert!! eres un gentleman! Aca todo bien! Como estan en argentina?
KayceeDee THank you so much!! @adbert :) :) This one's for you! :)

Will SmithSwitch

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Flower este video @adbert: me desquiciaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Champagne & Reefer (with Buddy Guy) live

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CreativeAgentVA @adbert Rookie? Never! For you...Lay Your Hands on Me..
evablue @adbert ur blips are almost as funny as u are. here's 1 for ur lady collection cuz you're like swayze :P
marilovisky HAHAHA @adbert, I loved the tip you gave me today! @wonderlovisky sounds good, man! I think I'll try it! :P You're hilarious, man! ;)
edlef he is right: @adbert: This song is rare case: a cover better than the original song, and probably unbeatable...". mit Katzen! (reblip)
Cynbad @adbert I hardly recognize the place since I was last here! More to learn :-)
DownLow inspired by a blip from the "blip machine" himself: @adbert
potentiate .@adbert How you find my tunes in that pile of fans I'll never understand ;) Have a great one! [Flogging Molly-Another Bag of Bricks]
Fated I want to doodle (built to spill-twin falls) hello @adbert!
Fated tick tick tick (malajube-le metronome) @adbert i'm glad cats cradle and bill idols cradle for love are synonymous with you :)

Malajube "Le Métronome"

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fotojunki @adbert I usually feel as upbeat as this [James Brown] song but...I shall see...thx for ask'n...enjoy!
klitoria @adbert...where would you like to go my darling????? (reblip)
Flower Y si aparezco yo es lo mismo Adri?
mckra1g @adbert Here's one for "Mr. DJ"! :) Thanks for helping me dance today.
ZumbainDallas .•**♥ @adbert Ahora me da gusto que soy perfeccionista! LOL a practicar!
photopersiflage @adbert you have nice blues orientated channel RESPECT and PROPS
crispast felice di vederti online! ciao e rb@adbert:)) "[Aerosmith - Come Together] #Coveralia River se va a la B??? O.o" (reblip)
adbert [Las Ketchup - Aserejé] #OneHitWonders Decían que era satánica... Yo creo que no hay que pensar tan mal del Diablo, caramba!!! :-)

AserejeLas Ketchup

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scotlandlover YVW~but you ARE a blipking ;) and ty @adbert: "[Allman Brothers Band – Jessica] Thank you very much for the compliment,@meyou're always so kind!! :-D" (reblip)

Jason Mraz and Anya Marina- Millionaire

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shibari @adbert hello darling :)

The Beatles - Revolver - 08 Good Day Sunshine

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shibari @adbert yeah well thank you ... I am not so much in bad company if I have you as a friend right? Bad Company- Bad Company
shibari Oh Mercy- Can't Fight It @adbert ... thank you for being such an awesome friend :)
fotojunki Good Morning @adbert "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again" Wow, a whole year? Well, I'm glad you're back!

Dave Matthews Band- Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

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OutdoorLori @adbert Good morning sweet friend. Hope you are well!
adbert [Michael Bolton – Time, Love and Tenderness] #LiveInConcert Michael Botox! O.o
adbert [Kenny G – One More Time] #LiveOnTV Yes @scotlandlover, lots of botox! Check this out: Kenny Gel. HAHAHAAAA!!! ;-)
adbert [Hall Oates - It's a laugh] LOL @scotlandlover, wondering how many games we can play. "Hall Oates" is anagram of "So hate all"... O.o
OutdoorLori Yes I love AC/DC. But I love it played Bluegrass style even bettah!
The101HiWay Many reasons why @adbert: is a fave DJ, this is only one: "[Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman] Pause [][] ! Laters!!! :-)" (reblip)
scotlandlover well ty ...still excited to see you blipmaster back on :) @adbert: "[Beatles - Helter Skelter] Nice to see you scotlandlover! How are you doing? :-)" (reblip)
crispast ehhhhyyyyyyyy @adbert!! buonanotte amico mio ;D
OutdoorLori @adbert Been a crazy few mths but glad to be alive! Literally. How are you dear sweet man? Have missed blipping with you!

Kenny Chesney and Dave Mathews- I'm Alive

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OutdoorLori Just feelin' it tonight.... :)
OutdoorLori In Honor of the Canadian Hockey team. You deserved it. But we beat you first! LOL!
RobertoFendler mi hermano de cordoba hehehe @adbert como estas?
potentiate For my friend @adbert cuz I'm so sure he does! Shake that Argentine booty lol || Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
ZumbainDallas @adbert Buenas noches amigo, tengo que preparar unas cosas para manana. Gracias por tu amistad y por los blips. xo
crispast you're like a fox ahahah!! moreover the chocolate bar, we can have a drink in a bar rb@adbert :D Are you *officially* inviting me to a bar,???:-D" (reblip)
crispast why not a dinner? me, you, lasagne and a Nero D'Avola? ahahahah @adbert (i can go on, believe me, ALL night talking about food ;D)
jakks @adbert here's my first attempt at a song ;)

sunday jakks

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luiz_com_z @adbert ¡Todo buenísimo! ¡Y mientras Dunga caga nuestro equipo, mi inchada es por Diegón! @sudaca70 @Flower @lausen
NaturalDancer "The lunatic..."! Whoa! TY to new fav DJ!@Sibyll: "out of props, so i have to RB>>>@adbert: "[Pink Floyd - Brain Damage] Olá @gabeoliveira!!! :-)"" (reblip)
thaisypecsen U always blip the best ones > @adbert: "[Scissor Sisters – I Don't Feel Like Dancing] Hello there @thaisypecsen!!! :-)" (reblip)
OutdoorLori Thanks for the Thanksgiving well wishes @adbert. I am so grateful for my magnificent friends here at Blip, like you & @desyslava . ((HUGS))
ZumbainDallas Hola querido @adbert I knew I could count on you! I hope you know you can ALWAYS "Count on ME"~Whitney Houston
lpowars Chromeo - Hot Mess @adbert I miss you too!!!! Hope you're well :)

ChromeoHot Mess

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LolaLulu ♒La♒La♒La♒La♒yo♒navego♒a♒ señor@adbert ♒y♒vive♒en♒Argentina♒ ♥ #frenchpopfriday

Dalida- Gondolier

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Unaturalsoul ...I'll Walk With You..@adbert: "[Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line] #AutobiographicalSongs............. (reblip)

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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radiowasabi ;) me suscribo al hashtag de @adbert: [Ray Charles – One Mint Julep] #AlcoholSongs A Mint Julep is a drink made with bourbon, sugar, and cracked ice. (reblip)
pacha17 argentino!! @adbert: "[Counting Crows – Goodnight Elisabeth] #Lullabies Adam Duritz wrote this lullaby for a girl that broke up with him." (reblip)
scotlandlover blipvacay over.plz return :) Rb @adbert: "[Carly Simon & James Taylor-Mockingbird] #Lullabies Northern Mockingbirds were often kept as pets in Amer (reblip)

Mockingbird- Carly Simon & James Taylor

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SweetSensation The combo of caramel and chocolate is pretty much perfection!:)@adbert: "#FoodSongs The way to my heart is through caramel, no kidding. ;)" (reblip)

The Beach Boys-Wild Honey

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SweetSensation Caramel is a useful and tasty item!:) #keepItHandy @adbert: "[Suzanne Vega – Caramel] .. a woman consoles herself with food, she misses her lover (reblip)
LindyLuv The Who - "5:15" ...why should I care? @adbert had me looking for food songs on my playlist, so I am going to say good evening and distract him a bit

The Who-5:15

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zoinx I agree! Where's your faves @adbert?@9to5Beat: "I receive your props, but how come I never see you blip? :( @adbert" (reblip)
9to5Beat I receive your props, but how come I never see you blip? :( @adbert
9to5Beat Congratz on the achievement! :) @adbert: "Thank you so much @SweetSensation for giving me my prop #100,000!!! Won't forget this gift. ;)" (reblip)

Airbourne-Blonde bad and beautiful with lyrics

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SweetSensation You just made my day!:))) TY and Congratz!!:))@adbert: Thank you so much @SweetSensation for giving me my prop #100,000!!! Won't forget this gift. ;)" (reblip)

Airbourne-Blonde bad and beautiful with lyrics

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LindyLuv Mayer Hawthorne ~ "You've Got The Makings Of A Lover" soul...congrats on your 100K props @adbert (reblip)
backtoback and Tina's autobio tune coming with my thanks @adbert
scotlandlover GREAT to see you here :) rb @adbert: "[Eric Clapton – Eyesight To The Blind] #Soundtrack from the movie "Tommy" (1975)." (reblip)
matoart a person of your caliber ""25K ... has to love music so much;)) honorable thanks Adbert, warm embrace@adbert: Thank you so much @matoart!!! :D" (reblip)

Boney M Belfast

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pacha17 los pajaros fué solo una fase..@adbert: "[Carly Simon & James Taylor - Mockingbird] Hola @pacha17, va para vos, porque te gustan los pajaritos. ;)" (reblip)
pacha17 me alegro que te gusten! @adbert:"When the Stars Go Blue]Caramba @pacha17, debe ser como vos decís.Bueno, decía que están re-lindos esos cacatúas. :D" (reblip)
pacha17 and this one from the argentino @adbert: "[Scorpions – Wind Of Change] In 1990, this became the unofficial anthem for the German Reunification." (reblip)
pacha17 el sabe todo de musica!..@adbert: "[Eric Clapton – Diamonds Made From Rain]Texan guitarist and member of Clapton's band Doyle Bramhall II wrote this." (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "Billie the Vision and the Dancers – A Man From Argentina" Gracias man! @adbert
matoart amo de mais essa! deve ser assim para mim o #blues and #rock ;)) #TY @adbert: "Eu amo o metal", disse o ferreiro @matoart, kkkkkkkkkk!!! :D" (reblip)
matoart gracias querido pela #informática musical,;)) buena semana,,besos @adbert: Naaaaaaaaaaah @matoart, eu trabalho com computadores, hehehe ... :/" (reblip)


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Primadonna Hello @adbert, always a pleasure. Thanks for the love.
Vickingo @adbert Good to see you are still around. Rock on from TX.
scotlandlover c'mon used to find this for me when I wanted to blip it @adbert
Usva Also about #FriendshipSongs@adbert an old man living in an island and his best friend is an old seal; both males with moustaches :))
ZumbainDallas Rb .•**♥ @adbert de que seas un incorregible para el tango, nos conviene! LOL =) (reblip)

ArgenTango - Por una cabeza (Carlos Gardel)

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crispast ehy there, @adbert! as you guess, it's for you ;)

Zucchero in "Diavolo in me"

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giiih aaaah, fazia teempo que eu não aparecia aqui pelo blip! agradecer aos novos e antigos listeners e falar que eu to de volta =D (reblip)
marilovisky BOO?! Ouch, @adbert, you're scaring me! HAHAHA How are you, crazy cat? I missed you! It's your turn now, say you miss me. Go ahead, make my day/nite!
marilovisky Oh, Stevie, thank you, dude! But I already knew that! 8) Too confident! I would like to confirm that @adbert really missed me! I believe it now! :D
crispast muchas gracias ^^ diavoletto @adbert:)"#Video #Live [Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil] "Pleased to meet you...."" (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

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