threebears 22k listeners thanks for listening to me. ...quote'n'rb @briangreene ^_^ thanks! It really is a *pleasure* :) :) :) (reblip)
akarra "just like that / it's done" - Maria Taylor, "Time Lapse Lifeline" (reblip)
akarra "You were so condescending" - Death Cab for Cutie, "Photobooth"
akarra "Now I'm never gonna see you again" - Metric, "Live it Out"

MetricLive It Out

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akarra "Because nobody loves you" - Rilo Kiley, "Ripchord"

Rilo KileyRipchord

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akarra "I waited so long, I couldn't find a cause" - Phoenix, "Rally" (reblip)


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akarra @cynthiay29: "There's a lack of color here" - "Death Cab For Cutie – A Lack Of Color (reblip)
meetapossum "Pardon me, but wasn't that your heart that I felt?"

The BlowPardon Me

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akarra "Until we were just bone" - Regina Spektor, "On the Radio" (reblip)
akarra ty @deepbluesealove - "And take whatever you have to take" - The Kooks, "Sway" (reblip)

The KooksSway

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akarra "Set sail from where we once begun." - Klaxons, "Golden Skans"

KlaxonsGolden Skans

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akarra for @Vemsteroo - "Now it's up to you" - Jem, "It's Amazing" (reblip)

Jem04 It's Amazing

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akarra for @Vemsteroo - "Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping" - The Postal Service, "Sleeping In"
akarra "Close your eyes to corral a virtue" - The Shins, "A Comet Appears"
akarra "Tonight I won't be coming home" - The Submarines, "Clouds"
akarra "Love is all and love is everyone" - Our Lady Peace, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
akarra "...still i'd love you / through all peace and hate" - The Submarines, "Peace & Hate"
akarra more bugging @intelamber - "But then it's your life" - Frou Frou, "Only Got One"
akarra "Come by and see me, I'm a love-letter away" - Voxtrot, "The Start of Something"
akarra "This is not my life" - Elliott Smith, "A Fond Farewell" (reblip)
radiojen Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (Shrek Soundtrack)

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akarra "Do you think I'm strange?" - "Unlike Me," Kate Havnevik
anyothercity Tegan & Sara – You Wouldn't Like Me
BingFutch Green Day - "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
akarra "My words don't travel far / They tangle in my hair" - Regina Spektor, "Consequence of Sounds"
bthv Radiohead – Karma Police
akarra Monoral – Kiri


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akarra Stars, "Take me to the Riot" (it's more exciting than here, trust me) (reblip)
akarra "the thought alone / is killing me right now" - Obadiah Parker, "Hey Ya!" (reblip)
akarra (@davidrobots - ty!) Dear and the Headlights, "I Just Do:" "Oh I just love you"
akarra "You're writing your tragedy" - Frou Frou, "Let Go"

Frou FrouLet Go

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akarra "Breathe and I'll carry you away" - Owl City, "On the Wing"

Owl CityOn The Wing

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akarra for @katehavnevik - apologies for the radio / "So:Lo," Kate Havnevik

Kate HavnevikSo:Lo

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akarra "It's not dark yet, but it's getting there" - Bob Dylan (reblip)
akarra "When will you see that I am all that you've got" - Sia, "Academia" (reblip)


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by_starla [Rachael Yamagata - What If I Leave]
akarra for @fringe - hope you like this / "Tonight I won't be coming home" - The Submarines, "Clouds"
by_starla [Maria Taylor-Time Lapse Lifeline] thanks @nick_sorg-just really sad & conflicted about something. hoping i will feel better tomorrow. how are you?
akarra "And I don't mind waiting if it takes a long, long time" - Rilo Kiley, "Capturing Moods" (reblip)
akarra "Got no time to take a picture / I'll remember someday / All the chances we took" - Metric, "Gimme Sympathy"
akarra for @saragarth & @Vemsteroo - happy to be talking to you both again | DCFC, "Different Names for the Same Thing"
akarra "Come with me / We'll travel to infinity" - Klaxons, "Gravity's Rainbow"
Zubenelgenubi The hardest part of life is to live while you're alive!
akarra Good morning all! Lyrics & Commentary: | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
klloyd82 I'm not much of a fan of Lady Gaga, but I love this track!
MandyPenn This was stuck in my head all day for some reason ... Goodnight everyone! Thx @ladypn @SizzlinShara @AdamOfDallas @melbrehl @Cranphi @MANOTAS @cg_2001
ladypn Shhh, @J2ad! Don't tell anyone I'm Blipping! ;) (reblip)
meetapossum For @akarra - Not sure if you've heard Christine Fellows before - she's John K. Samson's wife. Wonderful voice.
akarra more for @saragarth | "fight off the lethargy / don't go quietly" - Metric, "Combat Baby"

MetricCombat Baby

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akarra Speaks for itself: Metric, "Poster of a Girl" (reblip)
akarra "Try so hard not to remember what all empty playgrounds know: that sympathy is cruel" - The Weakerthans, "Fallow"
akarra "And I was wanting you to show me / I was wondering all the time" - Eisley, "If You're Wondering"
akarra Lyrics - | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
star45 Feist – The Simple Story
akarra Getting to work, but need music. | Rilo Kiley, "Silver Lining"
akarra for @tygerbaby & @deepbluesealove - "I was so far out of place / Watching those stars in outer space"

Owl CityDear Vienna

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akarra "I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily" - Rilo Kiley, "Pictures of Success"
akarra "...hope i put a sparkle in your eye" - Vedera, "Lover's Lie"

VedaLover's Lie

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akarra "Innocence is seen as weakness" - Vedera [formerly Veda], "The Falling Kind"
maggiesfarm amazing cover, totally out of this band's ordinary style. listen up and enjoy. =]
maggiesfarm add a little fun to your evening
akarra Everyone please add @aceshigh333 when you get a chance. | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
akarra "But then it's your life" - Frou Frou, "Only Got One"
Vemsteroo Some awesome Sunday morning music - The Album Leaf - See In You
The_Kraken If I turn off the power to the office, I reckon I can go out cycling with my mate - is that irresponsible? Nah!!!
sk_seim Manchester Orchestra- Where Have You Been @akarra Yeah that's who I meant. Wilco's alright. Not my favorite though. Have you heard this band?

Manchester Orchestra- Where Have You Been

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akarra "back to the years and all those tears" - The Rocket Summer, "Cross My Heart" (reblip)
sk_seim The Rocket Summer – Brat Pack @akarra This band is really just one guy, he's from a town pretty close to mine, seen him in concert as much as possible
akarra to @sk_seim - this is awesome! I feel my indie cred increasing significantly. How'd you find this? (reblip)
akarra "Your words are with me still / They whisper in the grass" - Camera Obscura, "Tears for Affairs" (reblip)
akarra ty @deepbluesealove | "Beneath the sound of hope" - The Smashing Pumpkins, "1979" (reblip)
MarkRosenbauer Re cap...No bowling...@katehavnevik...In Brooklyn. (reblip)
akarra Welcome @aceshigh333 - Tegan & Sara, "You Wouldn't Like Me"" (reblip)
akarra "You're gonna drive me crazy" - Passion Pit, "Better Things"
akarra Daft Punk, "Aerodynamic" - shout-out to @pljunkie, who plays different music. Give her a listen.
sheepchase It's Saturday. Gotta work, but still got that weekend feeling!

MIAPaper Planes

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sheepchase The rest of the album is pretty average. This song kicks it though.


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star45 Tegan & Sara – Dark Come Soon – . . . @patricia_coelho hi - @dswancanada I never really blip 3&7s, I thought it was a good choice!
Monkeytoes Makes me want to get up and jump around.
JoePegorsch I Love This Song So Freaking Much!!!
akarra "I'm not searching for self-improvement / I'm sticking to the beaten path" - The Good Life, "The Beaten Path"
akarra The Killers, "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" - coming soon, Canadian indie rock - Metric, Weakerthans, maybe Stars...
akarra "Hold my wine hold it in / Nobody's lost but nobody wins" - Azure Ray, "Sleep"

Azure RaySleep

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akarra "Chord, shapes in air / Go press that dissonance / If you dare" Frou Frou – Breathe In

Frou FrouBreathe In

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akarra "Try so hard not to remember what all empty playgrounds know: that sympathy is cruel." - The Weakerthans, "Fallow"
akarra Metric, "Combat Baby" - Emily Haines is something else. (reblip)

MetricCombat baby

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akarra Frou Frou, "Only Got One" - Last song for this set, thank you all for listening! @VickiHinman especial thanks!
akarra Snow Patrol, "Chasing Cars" - alright, this really is the last song for a little bit. Enjoy.
akarra Stars, "Life Effect" - the opening lyrics set the scene.

StarsLife Effect

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marlovely the most beautiful song on! oooh riga girls......
akarra The Weakerthans, "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure" - beautiful and powerful: listen to the lyrics carefully, I've written on them :X
akarra Yes, "Under the Blacklight" is a good album.
mas_09 Oh sh!t, get your towels ready it's about to go down i got my trunks and flippie-floppies i'm riding a dolphin splashing, people wet but is'nt sea...
akarra "We're so close to something better left unknown" - Metric, "Gimme Sympathy"
akarra Rilo Kiley, "Under the Blacklight"
akarra "I know I haven't said enough." - Mates of State, "Nature and the Wreck"
akarra "...why does it feel / so good to die today" - Metric, "Grow Up and Blow Away"
akarra "Speak slow / Tell me love / Where do we go" - Speak Slow, "Tegan and Sara"
beebow @muttnik Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
akarra Death Cab For Cutie, "Different Names for the Same Thing"
akarra "This greed and jealousy turn to need" - Rilo Kiley, "Dreamworld"
GloomyGoLucky @chris_is_cool...shes paying in san diego as I type a little sad
akarra "You're out of my mind" - Tegan and Sara, "Walking With A Ghost"
akarra "You can take me away from here" - Eisley, "Vintage People"
akarra "And I believed them all" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Y-Control" (reblip)
akarra The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
akarra "How bad does she seem? / She makes me wanna scream." - The Fiery Furnaces, "Chris Michaels"
akarra "I describe all the things that you cannot see" - Owl City, "Dear Vienna"

Owl CityDear Vienna

| play
akarra No comment necessary. Enjoy - Sigur Ros, "Saeglopur"

Sigur RosSaeglopur

| play
akarra "Who's gonna watch you die" - DCFC, "What Sarah Said"
akarra @daihard & @ladypn - thanks for this! - Kathleen Edwards, "Back to Me" (reblip)
akarra "I'll come here on my own" - The Submarines, "Clouds" (reblip)
oreogasm working on my self portrait & listening to kings of leon =]
akarra "I got lost in the sounds / I hear in my mind" - Regina Spektor, "Fidelity"
akarra "Yeah, you know you got to help me out" - The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done" (reblip)
akarra "Tell me that you love me more" - Feist, "1234"


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akarra "You put me in my place no more" - Vedera, "Safe"


| play
akarra Serious indie cred for knowing this band (use that cred, sound like a geek) - "Waiting to Know You," The Fiery Furnaces
akarra Ergo Proxy OP [Monoral - kiri]

Ergo Proxy OP [Monoral - kiri]

| play
akarra "How can you promise the world" - Vedera, "Desire on Repeat"
akarra "I'm not who I used to be" - DCFC, "Brothers on a Hotel Bed"
CanadianAudiophile Like sex in a tub, it's never as good as it sounds. Or so I've they, uh, tell me....Hi Mom!
akarra "And I promise you, I'm doing the best I can" - Rilo Kiley, "With Arms Outstretched" (live)
akarra "I remember losing hope..." - Our Lady Peace, "Innocent" (reblip)
akarra "Green is the color of my envy" - Tegan And Sara, "Superstar"
akarra Daft Punk, "Aerodynamic"
akarra The theme to the anime, "Ghost in the Shell" - "Inner Universe:"
akarra "They are after us, I swear..." - Eisley, "Invasion"


| play
akarra "This love isn't good / Unless it's me and you" - Tegan & Sara, "I Know I Know I Know"
akarra "We are desperate, lonely and underpaid" - Voxtrot, "Raised By Wolves"
akarra CSS – Music is my Boyfriend
meetapossum "Had one of those days when you wanna try heroin, drunk driving, some form of soft suicide."
Miss_Demeanours To give you more of an idea for the album, and its definately worth getting the deluxe edition for the bonus tracks.
Miss_Demeanours New Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuff, I have no idea what my favourite track is yet, but this one's pretty amazing
akarra @Vemsteroo - Notwist, "Gone Gone Gone" - last song of this set; happy to have met you! (reblip)
akarra "Who were you after / You were mine" - Metric, "Soft Rock Star"
akarra "I thought I might die alone" - Rilo Kiley, "I Never"

Rilo KileyI Never

| play
akarra "So let go, let go" - Frou Frou, "Let Go"

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
akarra "We're living in a den of thieves" - (live) Regina Spektor, "Us"

Regina SpektorUs

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akarra @pljunkie & @evablue - hi! @StateofKait - insomniacs unite! Metric, "Succexy"


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