DJScrivy Eminem – 3AM (Travis Barker Remix) - forget about it!
fabuleuxfab reblipping i don't know who. You get all my love (and props if you tell who u are) ! (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ guten morgen Madame @estrogen .. alles easy bei Dir ? heute heisst es bei mir viel Arbeit in Berlin..
avivajazz Vas | Izgrejala | Feast of Silence

Vas- Izgrejala

| play
avivajazz Vas | Iman | Sunyata


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vjfdm rb vi@VtownLee @JamesZZ i live in london how about you? (reblip)

The Go GosThis Town

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chiron08 i move my hips now @misssabado "@chiron08 here darling, have a little more funk in your playlist." (reblip)
celaborelle r ♥ this song!"" (reblip)

Dave Clark Five-Cant You See Thats Shes Mine (Shindig) 1964

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misssabado @klitoria oh sweetheart, how you've made me smile!!! opening track was by josh wink- enjoy this wink classic (as well as the raunchy video ;). bye!
Stay19 The Big Pink – Velvet<><> vi@fulana Have a mad obsession with this jam. Cheers. (reblip)

The Big PinkVelvet

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samodiva Chin Chin/Astor Piazzolla

Chin Chin/Astor Piazzolla

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samodiva Piazzola Yo Yo Ma Libertango

Piazzola Yo Yo Ma Libertango

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zx10r07 Currently listening to [Tool] - [Eon Blue Apocalypse [@zx10r07]]!
Victonik @asterion: this is Tims song,not mine & he is still on the playa till wed,the jet car moved location 4 times after we had our shit set up,& expected (reblip)

VitalicPoney Part 1

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sweetlilmZmia good night my dear friends!!! ......until we tweet again. (((LOVE))) (reblip)
samodiva @All have a glorious day Blippers

Morgan Page feat. Colette-All I Need [HQ]

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LeaLuna <3


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amorinthe for you @asterion. For keeping me company at 4am and the very flattering reblip. :P Ack, someone send me to bed.


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amorinthe oh @asterion you know i <3 you for making me think of this one right? The mash was good, but nothing as yummy as this. xoxo
amorinthe @asterion: "excellent!!!" yowza, TY! just what i needed. flood my blip with more gorgeous mashups please. :P (reblip)

"Unconditional" Simon Collins *Lyrics*

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"Unconditional" Simon Collins *Lyrics*

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Sook for @samodiva...she wanted to see the boxer
samodiva tnx @mag_b: "listening to marsheaux - wait no more" (reblip)
samodiva tnx @asterion: "i LOVE chess!!!" (reblip)

Chess Without Sobriety (Wu-Tang & Eminem vs. Tanita Tikaram)

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jas13 The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night (reblip)
melodyofurlife @greentapes you knew I was going here! LOL

The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon" Music Video

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Sook @dailystendhal: "no no - check this out!!! @ Sook" like! (reblip)

Spinnerette :: Ghetto Love

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Sook check this out - just heard it from a friend of mine on facebook


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GR8FL @klitoria - wish you could be here to see... it's so lovely. As a yang, fire person, I live for summer and summer is now :) (reblip)
Sook special thank you for @Tifftack who just gave me prop #2222 :)
MIEE amazing track!! thank you so much! @Gamera: "2 @Miee!" (reblip)
Sook ok people, everyone say AHAAAA....who wants to give me the 2222th prop? :)
djdoubleX thanks;)@seizuresalad: "Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You // >>>" (reblip)

california sunshine rain

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chiron08 ✪ better a bad ass than no ass...
nzstars @asterion the bandwidth is BAD in NZ. I am not shy. I love to blip. I have to wait for my bro to stop playing WOW so I can have the full track. lol *
pcurl No, I think I'm just in a temporarily 60s mood: The Elastik Band - "Spazz." I luv this riffage.
siilver @asterion I saw The Golden Filter live at Meltdown in Dallas about a month ago. Very fun!
Sook oh cool, didn't know there's a trentemoller remix of's chill
TwistedMajic @asterion... You dont need a gf or wife Just bang bang..Just kidding its nice to have someone!

Group X- I Just Want (Bang Bang Bang)

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WunDaGround Cocteau Twins – Alice

Cocteau TwinsAlice

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alebur καλημέρα and welcome!! @aspaonline: "Good morning, bonjour, καλημέρα! - Joe Cocker, I Put A Spell On You" (reblip)

Joe Cocker I Put A Spell On You

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liminal Laika // Almost Sleeping // Good night, folks...and thanks, @Nymph @Blippo@asterion (reblip)

LaikaAlmost Sleeping

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Alter Bridge- Before Tomorrow Comes

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kitt_pupp nice one for me,thankful (reblip)

Telepopmusik ( Dont Look Back ) + Lyrics

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chiron08 ok.. @ladypn "Great mix for a Saturday night DANCE PARTY! ;)" so getdressed and we go here - - (reblip)
samodiva tnx @mammara: "@CargoCulte all ok, man. i've tried today to transform a pair of avatars here in real people but isn't been possible at last." (reblip)

Mi And L'auBums

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musicfanmic A group that I truly think epitomizes sound and voice is Manhatten Transfer. This vid is nowhere close to showcasing their chords and decibals...


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Byno what she said @LuckySong: ""I feel like falling asleep, but the party's just begun"" (reblip)

Nelly FurtadoParty

| play
Surreality very dreamy beautiful song from a little known 90s band any Bedazzled records fans out there besides @Alliemamma and @jennyleepenny?

Mistle ThrushCicada

| play
PuckTarget You're playing some great tunes @EnterChaos -- Keep it up! & Have a Drink on Me.
DensOnAir "♪ ♥ Barry White – Never,Never Gonna Give You Up ♥ ♪" (reblip)
McGuinnessCJ IMO the best track from Crackers International - the 12" remix is just brilliant.


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lilLADYT8845 it's TIME for you to sit down*(asterion*)*)hi! long stem ro$e sent out ur way@}-->->------

LemonWasting time

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Atomik this is one crazy group, kinda like Spektrum // vi@asterion: "..." (reblip)
lilLADYT8845 thnx 4 the props*(asterion*)*)long stem ro$e sent out ur way@}---->------->-------
lilLADYT8845 1,2,3,4,BOUNCE~!

Ciara vs. New Order vs. Princess Superstar Remix/Mash-Up

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Liberty X vs New Order

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Atomik okay, Ill bite and listen vi@Goofy: "Nancy Reagan smokes marihuana, don't believe that? ...listen (4 real this time) == > Get Higher" (reblip)
tubilino @hype ...vaya! ...ciudadano del mundo! Yo soy blipero (de BlipLand), pero hasta que se dé de alta en la ONU, soy español viviendo en la península ;) (reblip)

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong / Cheek To Cheek

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djtwansta these songs are pretty good! Thanks again I had a blast that night!!@asterion: "i was hoping for this song, but i dont recall them playing this..." (reblip)
lindyasimus Sarah Blasko & Tim Rogers – Woman By The Well
vjfdm haven't played this in ages thanks for reminding me how great it is vi@asterion: "..." (reblip)
saraincali69 Beyond delightful!@asterion: "tell me, how can one pass up a Box of Delights???" (reblip)

Box of Delights vs Voicedude (Blink 182 & Trans-Siberian O.)

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saraincali69 i think i ate a funny mushroom once & it was a trip@asterion: "hehe, my friend Phylip would love this song..." (reblip)
Request_Line I want me one ah dem fake silver grilles... Marylin Manson - Tainted Love [video]

Marylin manson-tainted love

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samodiva tnx @asterion: "i LOVE this song..." ME TOO my dog looks just like the one in the video!! (reblip)

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

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zx10r07 Marilyn Manson - I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies [@zx10r07]
samodiva tnx tonight you are playing all my favorites!@swissmade: "your'e welcome, @samodiva! :-)" (reblip)

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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samodiva @@asterion ohhhhh no so simple.... True I love The Knife a lot ... but there is more to me I think;)
samodiva tnx @LYRIC: ""Here's to happiness" ...One of my faves--thank U and LovelyDay 2 U rb@klitoria :)" (reblip)
jonnyrockunit really interesting. i had no idea this existed. thanks! rb @samodiva: "tnx @asterion: (reblip)
DJScrivy @asterion Phil Collins vs NWA – In The House Tonight (dj BC mix) (reblip)
jas13 Yes – The Revealing Science Of God (Dance Of The Dawn) ~~ I can't help it, I like YES~~
dankeldsen Never knew 'em until Rock Band 2. Powerful track. Fun to play - bass, guitar, drums. Name another great Lacuna Coil track?
Oldscool How are the old folks?

Disgracing The Family Name

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Lemonheadlover awesome singer/songwriter/guitarist... (reblip)
Schelmy *whispers* I...fear...not a...single bandito. (reblip)
thoughtbeast Morningwood – "Best of Me" Vocalist Chantal Claret has a rocking sexy attitude! Band needs to be played more.
ramacharaka Falco - Rock Me Amadeus [thanks for props, listen and reblip @swilson ;) ]
spinnisdisco Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better
thejenkinson I love her babbly language.
sweetlilmZmia Peter Pan OST – I Do Believe in Fairies
swilson @PrincessNite: "how many times can I break til I'm......." (reblip)

O.A.R Shattered Lyrics

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GumGumUDumbDumb So yelloooooooooow! :D this song makes me happy

The Beatles-Yellow Submarine Lyrics

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muzicmajic hey blipsters! Happy Saturday night/Sunday morning...
KANL @jas13: "The Allman Brothers Band- Mountain Jam" (reblip)

The Allman Brothers Band- Mountain Jam

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eriquinhaev What a feeling...

FLASHDANCE! (aka What a Feeling)

| play
Chirael This is awesome - thanks to @theblackqueen for turning me on to Crazy Frog! :)

Crazy frog 1001 nights meratun

| play
zx10r07 Me 2!!! Love it!~ @LikeAnAngel: "still f@*king love this." (reblip)
Inge_FS so @asterion is The warriors correct answer to your question?
lilLADYT8845 ha ha ha ha!I g0tta get up in a few hrs,sh0ulda been g0ne l0ng ag0,this will be my cl0sure,long stem ro$e sent out*(*(lilBlipstas*)*)@}->-->----------

Poker Face vs Sweet Dreams Mash Up remix (Lady Gaga Eurythmics)

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stemin the weekend starts here !!

Hard fi-Living for the weekend

| play
lunagalla rb ✎@leaferi: "Think this is one of the better mashups I've heard on here. rb@asterion: "..."" (reblip)
matwater213 Beautiful Moon This Evening... Ah, Um, Morning...

GlasvegasCruel Moon

| play
finchbeak @finchbeak: "[201]"--this has been, to date, the "bottom" 300 of rolling stone's "500 greatest songs of all time". (reblip)
Inge_FS its her @finchbeak:D i also think she is amazing, especially i dig this song
matwater213 Nice Remix, @asterion: "i always thought the old school scenes of operators & actors; "yes operator connect me to klondike blah blah blah..." @Atomik (reblip)
bilda rb@benetmc: "morning @bunq @Miee @shouxing @asterion @bilda So many good songs at the min but no credits for ya...instead I'll RB the funniest...:" (reblip)
spinnisdisco @ZOEBOE I am up early but still. Yeah timezones mad hey?!?! Hi @asterion @FunkShoi

HybridI'm Still Awake

| play
Atomik Many greetings to you (can there be more than one?)@ladypn: "You can't turn back time. " (reblip)
dochugo @asterion ah so you're up for the european blippers' morning session :D
Evilpettingzoo Lush......I Have the Moon....;)

LushI Have the Moon

| play
lovely_london RB beacause my eyes are green ! @OkamiMars: "Cause, green eyes, you're the one that I wanted to find" (reblip)

ColdplayGreen Eyes

| play
themattmc13 Ohhh Mann... This is... Just like... you know....
chiron08 ✪ it's a little bit boring 2 blip only 1 track.. @rxrx1776 .. be creative !!

The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

| play
Evilpettingzoo oh wow....i think i play this like every night...what does that say about me..?...hehehehhe
asterion hi @GGDANC!!! i have been a fan for awhile...
ladypn What a delight to find a Beck fix upon my return @CooperHarris! Thanks sweetie! (reblip)


| play
lovely_london RB For my love of Dita Vonn Teese @RisingAngel: "@poisonbiggs: "love this version"......RB... yes!... this is sweet" (reblip)

Dita von Teese / My Ruin Tainted Love cover

| play
asterion ...

Fever Ray -When I Grow Up (D Lissvik Remix)

| play
asterion you cannot buy one of my paintings... you have to be my friend, or trade me for something i want...
asterion an excellent movie has a similar title... rosebud indeed!!! i love to sled!!!
asterion ok im out now!!! love & respect!!!
mmemaledicta oh, ty @asterion, 1, for blipping interesting music in the middle of the night, and 2, for introducing me to what will surely be a new obsession.
tubilino Besos (=kisses) @LexiePixie ;)) (reblip)

How Soon is Now- Love Spit Love |Charmed theme|

| play
leaferi Heyas. Just pretending I can listen while I take care of a few things online. @technosomething: "wassup? @leaferi -- into the groove -- late night" (reblip)
Evilpettingzoo for @gab417....this is my fave static-x song.....xo

Static-xlove dump

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mellomatic i'm out. have a good night, everyone!
Atomik morning @GR8FL - i havent been off work, but carting my family around while they are here, but I havent been online here as much. Hope you are well (reblip)

Sascha FunkeMango

| play
Inge_FS norwegian electronica

Bjorn Torske-Moljekalas

| play
djMnemosyne I don't remember if I have already featured this one. But in case I haven't: Ladies and gentlemen, my featured DJ for July the 23rd! @asterion! (reblip)

Trentemoller & Paul Kalkbrenner

| play

Money (That's What I Want) The Flying Lizards

| play

Moby-Go(trentmoller remix)

| play
Atomik WAKE UP! The 90's called and they want their drag-disco back, but only after Ive blipped it....

Mae Music Video (The Ocean)

| play
Atomik You know life is crazy for me when I do nt get my new comics on Wed's. Oh the humanity!

Andy BellRunaway

| play
Inge_FS if you like Trentemøller, you'll love this
dochugo wow @Sook, you've quite a distribution w/ that PTR blip :D maybe @Atomik @asterion @matwater213 would also like this track THAT I AM OBSESSED W/
Atomik This one is at the top of my itunes list alphabetically, so it gets played quite a lot


| play
matwater213 Cheers, @asterion: "sorry @DJPriscias i type fast... & one thing ive learned @ work is that ignorance is bliss!!! ..." (reblip)
DJPriscias @asterion alright, I shall look out for crayola brushes the next time I go to an art store. Where you based at by the way?
DJPriscias @asterion HAHAH!! I use cheap ass brushes too!! I have yet to try those bloody expensive brushes~
matwater213 Did 7 really eat 9??? It's tricky, tricky, tricky... LOL, @asterion: "... " (reblip)

kristine w -be alright (offer nissim remix)

| play
Atomik If I Had A Heart....I'd do so many things better
djdeziree @asterion: "i think Michael was the 1st tape i ever got, so have to give him props!!! & i was a kid when i worshiped Farah Faucet!!! " (reblip)
ana_may im a vocal whore. sounds grab me. and im off. fucking to the essence & melody. on some backstreet

Lykke LiA little bit

| play
lilLADYT8845 @asterion,y0u knew I'd like this,thnx!long stem ro$e sent out ur way@}->--->-------- (reblip)
secretplanet *giggle!* @asterion speaking of meaningful & comprehensible lyrics..

TrioDa, Da, Da

| play
S4Songcrush Lovely addition for the "Post-2012" playlist. ;-) This is the goodnight lullaby for the evening. Thanks for the props & smiles. Rest well, Blipverse.
Sook lets give this mix a listen...still deciding if i like it @dochugo @MusicIsMySunshine @THX3
crispast i heard it on my radio today..nice, don't you think?


| play
Atomik rb@asterion: "its funny the people i see in my dreams ive never seen before in my life, but they are my best friends..." (reblip)
fabuleuxfab Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) d^_^b
matwater213 Sleep Well Everyone Out There... Cheers, ~M.~>>

Hot Flashes

| play
Evilpettingzoo @asterion...i was so about to play Massive ~Then Beautiful Ones
nzstars @asterion: "Mate, it has been years, years & years since I heard this THANK YOU Asty" [Ministry - Lay Lady Lay] A Jorgenson (reblip)

(Ministry) - Lay Lady Lay

| play

Bermuda Triangle "Secret Pillow"

| play
Waterfront1984 Hard Fi - Living For The Weekend - too right!

Hard fi-Living for the weekend

| play
Evilpettingzoo Ministry....Thieves....thieves...and Liars...Murderers...ahahahahaha....


| play
secretplanet @asterion: "@Shman777 an excellent find!!! i use to have one of his albums..." me too! they won't let me give any more props.. :-( (reblip)
secretplanet @asterion: "..." love this- i never heard of them before, so thanx! (reblip)
avivajazz Incredible String Band | Creation (Part II) | Extremely avant-garde masterpiece for pop music; it's 40+ years old! I'm hallucinating (contact high)...
ladypn Because I'm leary of this melody, because I want to get up off my knees...
GR8FL @Atomik good morning to you my sweet cutie... I will try to catch up with events later. Meanwhile, have a great day :) (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 *Naughty – *Hey Pretty* (Drive-by remix)... enjoy' .. xoxo
tubilino saludos @abarbero ...que la "fuerza" te acompañe para este jueves [y si es con un poquito de amolll ...mejor] (reblip)
Sook i meant to say goodnight but it's konichiwa for now @samodiva
Babygirlxx8 @Babygirlxx8: "Nat King Cole - Stardust** Good Night & Sweet Dreams... ;)" (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Bonnie Raitt – Blender Blues
hopefull I think this could be my theme song.


| play
asterion im usually in control of my psyche...


| play
asterion this is my usual state... until the craziness of last night...
nzstars P.B. -teuqnab aH aH ;-) *

Bloc PartyBanquet

| play
DJScrivy @Atomik @shanti45 Lee ''Scratch'' Perry – Pum Pum -- What a crazy tune! Love it! (reblip)
DJScrivy @asterion @retributioners She Wants Revenge – This is the End (reblip)
DJScrivy @asterion @msUnitedStates @TechGirl Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit Rmx) (reblip)
DJScrivy @asterion @msUnitedStates This for you! The Cure – A Forest (reblip)

The CureA Forest

| play
Jaymie I can't find any songs on here!!!! aaaahhhh!!!!

Mazzy StarHalah

| play
Jaymie earth to blipmaster...........come in blipmaster........


| play
DJScrivy @asterion I was wondering when you were going to show up, was missing you... ;) (reblip)
melodyofurlife Muse covering House of the rising sun
chiron08 you are right @GR8FL .. but maybe it will inspitare other people

Simple Minds - Dont You Forget About Me

| play
lilLADYT8845 @asterion: "..."kewl sheeit *(*lilasterion*)*) long stem ro$e sent out ur way @}-->----->------------------------------ (reblip)
hBeats @asterion: "..."5 am East Coast North America just getting home :-) (reblip)
Sook @asterion I only found out who sings it just now and I had heard it before in a remix a loooong time ago
DJ_JaMn @jennyleepenny: "Sometimes, I just need a hit of this..." // like an express delivery of some r-o-c-k, Manchester style of course. play at 11 volume. (reblip)


| play
DJ_JaMn @asterion: "@Sook: "tnx @DJ_JaMn thats funny you played this song because...had no clue who did it..." ahh, the power of ;-) (reblip)
Sook apparently i can't preview songs.. but I can still blip and listen to them after...I hope this is not permanent!
Sook tnx @DJ_JaMn: Is anyone else having trouble blipping tonight? I can't get any songs to play - they're all scratched out...wondering if it's me.. (reblip)