kylecameron @cheesy80s this turned out to be the foundation of my relationship strategies throughout jr. high. HA

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
save_the_wolves Blip is too good to be true...Billy Joel – Downeaster Alexa
mteric Twister!

Van Halen- Human Beings

| play
itchbay Another song not really about baseball... but kinda enough about it to make it to my list for today...
cheesy80s @anita22 loves to laugh @dilee loves 2 sing @evans1007 does everything @Fuzzball loves to move @redroulettes loves to grove She loves the lovin things
BlondieATC Was looking for "Ain't No Getting over me" but couldn't find it! :(
tbl92666 The Pretenders - Love's A Mystery - My favorite song from the new album.
cheesy80s @klitoria @tanzbunny Is there Room at the top? I think I may have met my match...
cheesy80s Just about as good as the Dukes of Hazard theme. @annadynamite will remember, I'm sure.
cheesy80s This is it Make no mistake where @davidherrold is This is it @Mahri back's to the corner This is it Don't be a @DEGirl anymore ...
Annimallover "We live as though the world is as it should be- to show people what it can be" Angel (from the tv show, Angel)
annadynamite @cheesy80s -- Here ya' go!

Hold me till the morning comes - Paul Anka

| play
cheesy80s When I look in @mag_b 's eyes I go crazy, fever's high with the lights down low. Take @BrewsCues over the edge make @stellarmeadow lose control...
Jalapeno Where, where did my innocence go? How, how was a young girl 2 know? I'm trapped, trapped in the spell of ur eyes In the warmth of your arms @cheesy80s
cheesy80s @stuart1266 met @Simchabe in a Kingstown bar @jessie613 fell in love @organicsue knew it had to end. @mag_b broke what we had & she drifted apart...
cheesy80s @annadynamite Can U find Cetera's "One Good Woman" for me? Love like a road that never ends how it leads @Jalapeno back again to heartache....
rogue_fm @cheesy80s I looooved this show. Wish it was still on. Nice find. (reblip)
cheesy80s Hey Blippers - help a cheesy80s out. Four short of 250! Join my crew and enjoy life more than ever! Even without Viagra! @BadGegga @BeBoppinNRockin
GlassofWin Maybe this should be Totally Tacky 80s instead - tacky for all of those nutty outfits these music artists wore! Oh, well. I love cheesy songs <3
shortygal Kool and the Gang – Get Down On It
FizzyDuck Aztec Camera – Somewhere in my Heart
cheesy80s So caught up in @donadidi little girl, @thinkpink is the one that's got me down on my knees. & @Mellcolm it's true who caught me baby u taugh me ...
cheesy80s Great 80's college hit! This was on the soundtrack of two 80's movies. The first was Revenge of the Nerds. Can anyone name the second movie?
cheesy80s Night of the Comet. Everyone on earth disappears - except a group of Valley Girls...and a bunch of zombies. Great 80's fun. This was on soundtrack.
cheesy80s @RyanWilliams How 'bout "Gives me a piece of momma my daddy never had..."
cheesy80s Farewell Blippers! Enjoy the Evening -- and MAY YOU BE TORTURED FOR HOURS ON END WITH THIS IN YOUR HEAD! BWAHAHA!@jbene @icedancer @luciana @ZONE
cheesy80s I'll be the sun shinin on thru hey cinderella step in @MellaMc shoes i'll be @LEM_40 nonstop lover do what I can @IKR nonstop miracle i'm your man....

Get Out of My Dreams-Billy Ocean

| play
tardisgrl T is for Teachers @cheesy80s--wasn't this a film with Ralph Macchio?


| play
cheesy80s Then along comes @hydeeee there's a change in the way that @DJstromer19 is feeling tonight. Then along comes @mlerox and @ericb knows that it's right.
cheesy80s @annadynamite Again, you are the Queen of all lost classics. Unbelievable find! (reblip)

Alias-Waiting for love

| play
cheesy80s Now @VtownLee stands alone with his pride and dreams that @andreayates is still by his side...but that was yesterday!
annadynamite Although I can reblip from my playlist, I can't from my home-page. Odd. (reblip)
cheesy80s Now matter what @RockyBanzai are I will always be with @MapleLeaves doesn't matter what @feebsquared do girl, ooh girl, with @RadioFreeIllinois
cheesy80s @KiddRock remembers finding out about @DeAnn ev'ry day @mnelson mind is all around @Honey1977 looking out from @dnya lonely room. Day after day
coastlineradio *** Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens – Top Gun Anthem *** (reblip)
foolery Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (1983)
cheesy80s Feelin' Miami Vice today for some reason. Hearing this song again has me writing a new cop drama pilot. @BILL8032 @Millamiez @JAMESTALKALOT@franchise
Simchabe mad about you ... (thanks to @cheesy80s for the Belinda vibe)
cheesy80s Unless you're a fan of Bloom County comics, you won't know this song. Opus the Penguin on tuba. Bill the Cat on Tongue! @annadynamite @davidherrold
Gaz50 Genesis – Turn It On Again
karie i didnt have this great song! thankyou pepecarvalho! (reblip)
AnnieLicious Special number for all the 80's fans out there @cheesy80s
folkmusicdude @cheesy80s OK, Cheester, here is the platonic form of cheesy 80's - a David Gilmour solo tune from 1984 - Murder.

David GilmourMurder

| play
DJJazzyJacq @cheesy80s heres one for your playlist! -if you should go go go go.....
cheesy80s @DJJazzyJacq knows Ugotta stick to URguns When it all comes down Cause sumtimes you cant choose Its like heds @Shukitty wins Tails @OlSkool gonna lose

PoisonFallen Angel

| play
BlondieATC @cheesy80s I'm in a 70s women voices kinda mood tonight, but here's a fav of mine for your "metal" night! :)
cheesy80s If @soundmangroupie takes some time to think it over baby Take some time, let @PurplePrincess know If @VtownLee really wants to go
cheesy80s Whatcha doin out in the nighttime? Whatcha callin @camden on the fone? @omaru can't solve @roadking04 problems. When's @annadynamite ever get home?
cheesy80s Blood races to @souzacampus private spots, that lets @truejerseygirl know there's a fire ...
cheesy80s @Zubenelgenub is in the mood for a melody, @paganini_2008 is in the mood for a melody, @annadynamite is in the mood...
cheesy80s @Flying_Roundhouse turn on your love light, shine it all around. Plant's 80's solo career was damn good.
cheesy80s Around the same time he was wearing sunglasses at night, Corey was trapped in a box.
i_Dea Have to go! Happy easter to all!!! see ya on monday!!
GlassofWin ::Nineties Tribute Wednesday:: Just look into your heart my friend. Enigma -RETURN TO INNOCENCE
cheesy80s Everyone, it's been more than a pleasure! I gotta go to work with this nugget of 80's goodness. @annadynamite @Echo_L @rogue_fm @Flying_Roundhouse
Surferess "A planet of playthings we dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive"


| play
kimberlyoh thanks to my new followers in the past week! here's a special FOLLOW song dedicated to you --
TheFreshPrincess "pour me a drink and Ill tell you some lies...."
cheesy80s Foolish heart Hear @Summs callin Stop before @dilee starts fallin' Foolish heart Heed my warnin' @Missypoo586 been wrong before Don't be wrong anymore
cheesy80s @Debba I can hardly express my mixed emotions at @redroulettes thoughtlessness after all I'm forever in your debt ...


| play
cheesy80s Put your hand upon my hip, when @LadyFantastick dips, I dip we dip. @Flying_Roundhouse puts her hand upon my hip when she dips I dip @morebrains dips

Freak NastyDa Dip

| play
cheesy80s Another mistitle @TheGentleMan but this one from Icehouse also is amazing. Yes, I love Crazy.


| play
cheesy80s @gleegirlrock As the resident Aussie here, remember Big Pig?
cheesy80s One of my favorite 80's bands. But does anyone remember "Young Einstein" movie? The song is way better...


| play
soundmangroupie And one for the die-hard Duranies.


| play
TheVIAAgency Quintessential VIA Tunes, George Michael - Father Figure
cheesy80s And now @millievanilly & @edoh are standing face to face, isn't this world a crazy place?

16-Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

| play
cheesy80s Great band still around making great retro pop. Can't find it, (callin' @annadynamite) but their biggest hit was title track to Revenge of the Nerds

The RubinoosAmnesia

| play
cheesy80s @daretoeatapeach is just another writer still trapped within her truth @CBSpinner a hesitant prize fighter still trapped within his truth...

Sometimes When We Touch,Dan Hill

| play
cheesy80s DON'T TURN AROUND! UH OH! @DJstromer19 IS IN TOWN. UH OH!
cheesy80s Everybody blips "Africa," but Toto also had this hit. @TheLenzyme @wowi @djsurfer @organicsue @gsmeck @gleegirlrock Quiz: Who is this song about?


| play
AlienScience we have just learned that playing this song is the best way to score with Earthling Jennifer Jason Leigh. In a dugout. At 'The Point'...
cheesy80s BINGO! @ChrisHangslebenCustomTattoos @gsmeck Good job. Yes, it's Breakin' Sorry @djsurfer tho Beat Street was another great movie. @HPooh great find! (reblip)
toddtyrtle @cheesy80s The beginning of the Eddie Murphy song always makes me think of the beginning of this one...

80's - Mike and The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

| play
MikeSomething super 80´s classic cameo. yes, i like it.

CameoShe's Strange

| play
cheesy80s If @jastrapko had a chance w somebody like @DJJazzyJacq RU gonna break his hart let him cry 4 d moon is @AndreaUrbanFox hidin sumwear behnd those eyes

Icehouse - Electric Blue

| play
BlondieATC You want cheesy movie song, you got it! :) @cheesy80s
AlienScience we play this for your listening enjoyment in a desperate attempt to appear "current" and "hip". Obey us.


| play
Flying_Roundhouse Kenny Loggins – I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man) ~ Ok, where are ya, girls? @AleciaLovesThe80s & @cheesy80s! It's cheesy, but BOY what time warp!
cheesy80s Well @Khani the time has come raise the roof and have some fun. Throw away the work to be done. Let the music play on. @ZONE sing @mogli142 dance...
cheesy80s @Sybil Now that I reached the ceiling, I think I'll dance with @Innerpeacediet @ChrisHangslebenCustomTattoos @sidsmumma @Nerak @Furball @Khani


| play
cheesy80s @dricow looks around for the friends that used to turn to to pull @veg4life through Looking into @GrizzlyGroundswell eyes @duo sees him running too
cheesy80s *SIGH* "I can't change my mind, oh I knew all the time that @BlondieATC would go, but that's a choice I made long ago." BRILLIANT ENDING LYRIC.
bec 80's one-ders. the system. and that should do me for the afternoon. :)

Don't Disturb This Groove

| play
rwhip923 Another product of VH1's countdown. I have this album on freaking vinyl (granted it cost me $1 at a record store last year). Hilarious.
BrewsCues Hi @cheesy80s. Don't know if you'd found this one yet...but it's all cheese. From the former soap actor (GH, I think...). Enjoy!
rogue_fm @cheesy80s The same Doobie who did backup vocals on about a million songs - Michael MacDonald. (Mac or Mc?)

Steely DanPeg

| play
Larry_Joe Electric Light Orchestra~Turn To Stone. Enjoy!
cheesy80s Theme from yesterday, Toto was so much more than "Africa."Quiz: What Doobie Brother made a guest vocal on this? @morebrains @djsurfer @Sybil @rogue_fm
cheesy80s Dont know what color@SassaFrass88 eyes are baby but her hair is long & brown @brainravine legs R strong and UR so so long & U dont come from this town
mmadaio I've got a Top Gun fix... and only Blip can satisfy it.
cheesy80s Whereever @Jalapeno goes I'll be w/U. Whatever @msbojangles wants I'll give it to U. Remember after the fire after all the rain I will be the flame.
cheesy80s Well I keep on thinkin 'bout you, @BlondieATC and I just can't live without @Sybil can't you see it in @BlackCelebration 's eyes?
cheesy80s This love is forever as @Jalapeno lies awake beside @njschloss. @BlondieATC believes there's no heaven, no hideaway from the lonely...
Jalapeno Yet, ultimately the power of love will conquer all.. or is that illogical nonsense?
annadynamite @cheesy80s -- You talkin' bout Dario Argento?


| play
cheesy80s This one goes out to my beloved state. The sun's finally out!

Boz ScaggsGeorgia

| play
cheesy80s @annadynamite If you can name what famous director fronts this band, you will be my ultimate Scream Queen!


| play
cheesy80s @annadynamite "Velcome to Frrright Night.....For real."


| play
cheesy80s @annadynamite U are my goddess. I can't believe U found that! "I was contemplating the immortal words of Socrates who said, 'I drank what?'" (reblip)
cheesy80s Give me what @the80sparty can tonight Time is all @annadynamite has to play Tell me @lollydaskal can't live without me Tell every day by day by day

HootersDay By Day

| play
CreativeAgentVA So slide over here, And give me a moment... I need you tonight, 'Cause I'm not sleeping..
cheesy80s When I look in @Alita2001 's eyes I go crazy, fever's high with the lights down low. Take @andreayates over the edge make @terrilynnh lose control...
cheesy80s @ClaireOhYeah takes her tray spin around and cross the floor @LadyBHive got the moves ohweyoh @BlondieATC drops herdrink & then @Debba brings her more
cheesy80s B-side Asia song that still hurts my heart....well, not really, but at least it's not "Heat of the Moment."


| play
BlondieATC She was gonna shake her *$$ on the hood of Whitesnake's car (ah..the good ole days!)
cheesy80s Fairly cool! Scandal covers a great Journey hit. And does a great job! @AnnieLicious @PHyX8 @annadynamite @morebrains @wurst @djsurfer @Sybil
cheesy80s Damn, if this guy doesn't sound like Freddy Mercury come back from the dead!

MikaGrace Kelly

| play
star45 Pilot – Magic – . . . @smiley


| play
Flying_Roundhouse Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger ~ Hello @cheesy80s!
kylecameron @cheesy80s I think some rock/indie group covered this a few years ago but I'm not sure who. Showed up in a Yaz commercial I think. (reblip)

Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling)

| play
annadynamite @cheesy80s -- I think this is what you wanted? :)

Klymaxx - Man Size Love

| play
cheesy80s Uh huh! That's right! I'm playin it! It rocks! You'll remember. WORSHIP ME!
cheesy80s When @jacquelinee keeps repeating that @stuart1266 'll never fall in love When @aranarose keeps retreating but @TheLenzyme can't seem to get enough...
annadynamite @cheesy80s -- Also, this one, from Real Genius. :D
cheesy80s @Kimberly_N knows nothing stays the same But if @lusimi is willing to play the game Its coming around again ...
cheesy80s I saw @morebrains and @Larry_Joe walking in the rain. You were holding hands and @unfinishedperson will never be the same....LOST 80'S CLASSIC


| play
cheesy80s Was it just me or was infidelity a cute little innocent fad in the 70s? "I was tired of my lady we'd been together too long..." really?!
cheesy80s Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Strangest - perhaps most brilliant - song from the 80's ever. @annadynamite @estrogen @JulieK @BlondieATC
annadynamite Here's one from the soundtrack to Ghostbusters!

Mick SmileyMagic

| play
cheesy80s if @Captain8Track knew what @brunapp wants he'd be giving it to her. If @SinCityRocker knew what @Lili_Maniglia needs, he'd give her that too...
philkirby from the sublime to the ridiculous @cheesy80s
cheesy80s @Gypsylyn was born to be my baby & baby @djsurfer was made to be your man. we got something to believe in even if @mawdawgie don't know where we stand
cheesy80s @juaan can't stop thinking 'bout @Bothan girl. @fienxx must livin in a fantasy world. @Protoflux is so high on @angelachang.

SurvivorHigh On You

| play
Protoflux Just shake, wiggle, jump up and down. Move your body to the funky sound. (Run D.M.C. – Rock Box)
cheesy80s Interesting version of Don Henley's classic....
cheesy80s @annadynamite I send this as a thank you for all your help. BTW - I know the creators. They live in my area.

StrongBad - The System is Down

| play
cheesy80s "I get lost in your thighs...and I feel your cellulite...thought by now you'd exercize..." Can you tell how juvenile I was in the 80s?
SeriousRon i am out of touch with the kids of 2009
annadynamite @cheesy80s -- I'll try to keep an eye out for "Bit by Bit". In the meantime, though, here's the theme.


| play
anonymoose @cheesy80s - could only find a partial

11-Sometimes She Cries

| play
cheesy80s Fuckin' awesome! Taking two 90's classics and mashing them into something special...
cheesy80s @gingerlipstick looked at him with those soft eyes so innocent and blue @jimmybradley knew right then he was too far from home...
gingerlipstick IV you know I'll never go - as long as i know it's comin' straight from the heart ♥
cheesy80s Real love @cheerbear knows she wanna have one Real Love @cindy_coy is gonna try and get some Real Love @andreayates needs one. Gotta have real love!
cindy_coy I know a guy who's tough but sweet. He's so fine, he can't be beat. He's got everything that I desire. Sets the summer sun on fire.

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
jmppgarcia Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre
cheesy80s NO MORE WORDS! Tellin' me @Sybil loves me why is @ninahpixie looking away? No more words and no more promises of love, @oliviaregester @annadynamite

BerlinNo More Words

| play
cheesy80s @Captain8Track & @Leesa need a human touch! @philkirby & @BeckaBella need a human touch. @NikkiSoul needs it, the human touch! We all need it!
Steffipunkt i've got a cupboard with cans of food, filtered water, and pictures of you.
cheesy80s Okay. Last request. Cutting Crew is known for this hit and for "I just died in your arms tonight." Can anyone find "One for the Mockingbird?" I
cheesy80s In my effort to find "Bit by Bit" from the movie Fletch - I found this 70's classic @annadynamite @TheLenzyme @shortygal @tardisgrl @unfinishedperson
cheesy80s Hello @HipMama it's been awhile Yes@tardisgrl will be glad to know that @facetwit found how to laugh and smile Getting over @MariMello was slow ...
cheesy80s Oh heck yeah. National Lampoon ruled the 80s!
cheesy80s @toddtyrtle I'm really trying not to..but I like this. Night Rider and all (reblip)
cheesy80s @innerconx just wants to stop and tell @Oldies what he feels about @rogue_fm I just wanna stop, the world ain't right without @BlondieATC
cheesy80s knowing @mistygirlph knowing @Larry_Joe there is nuting they can do knowing @cuttingedgedjs knowing @NED they just have 2face it this time they'r thru
BrewsCues One more from Lep. From '08, bringin' a little T Rex-style stomp to the party.
cheesy80s Why do I now think of pixilated club dancers that I can blow away with grenades and uzis when I hear this song? ....Oh yeah... GTA:Vice City.

shalamar - And The Beat Goes On

| play
cheesy80s I'll be damned if I'm living without @kamey and as long as I live @luciana will know i just wanna build my world around @Sybil don't want U to go...


| play
rogue_fm Look, everyone has blipped The Bee Gees except me so I'm doin' it. Laugh if you must but I love this song.Belongs to a time & place I remember fondly.
cheesy80s Cuz @MJIC is fascinated by ur love @CucumberMouse &@DJuiceMouse is fascinated by @elmikey 's luvtoy @shortygal is fascinated by d way U make her feel
cheesy80s If @bluewavemedia wanna ride, don't ride the white horse If @SugarDoggy wanna ride, don't ride the white horse.
cheesy80s @Dhamm played keyboard, @sangawa played base, name of the band was the human race. Tell me, have @maro_giorgi & @crispast heard? Pop goes the world...
michaelgrainger Mork & Mindy The Theme Tune .. nannoo nanoo! (reblip)

ThemeMork & Mindy

| play
MrsMarxx @cheesy80s Bah, this came in -91, but still...cheesy huh!
feebsquared @cheesy80s I tried so hard to dance like they did in this clip.
Larry_Joe The Ramones~Rock N Roll High School. Shout out to @cheesy80s @daihard @PeaceDiva @organicsue @Jeffie @scorpionkiss. Hope you're all doing well.
CucumberMouse haha. ha. @cheesy80s haha. ha. ohh... haha. ha.


| play
cheesy80s @BlondieATC hides like a child, but she's always a woman to me... Your blips are perfect - I love chatting with ya!
cheesy80s & though @SpinninR knows all about those men still @Marimal don't remember cause it was @StonyTunes & @Debba baby way before then & we'r still 2gether
stay_loose i believe when i fall in love with you it would be forever!!! <3 stevie wonder é uma das coisas mais lindas do mundo inteiro. :~ saudade. saudade.


| play
bayleb Where is my Ferrari 8)


| play
cheesy80s 80's keytar love! KEYTAR ALERT! KEYTAR ALERT! This is so freakin' hot!!! @DanceDog @LadyMaverick @QUEENRO @GlassofWin @morebrains @Flying_Roundhouse
cheesy80s @davelikestapes got with @MegElliott And @karie got @JennRuss @rogue_fm was sharing @aneenha 's outlook On the topic of disease
toddtyrtle [88 Lines about 44 Women - The Nails]. Something tells me @cheesy80s would get in trouble filling in usernames for lyrics on this one.


| play
cheesy80s And when @theCrusher 's eloquence escapes me @jennyleepenny logic ties me up and rapes me De do do do, de da da da Is all I want to say to @timbury
cheesy80s @toddtyrtle started dancing and love put @Echo_L into the groove as soon as @Edainsmom started to move...


| play
toddtyrtle I just realized: I like the "underdog" tunes from soundtracks. Stuff by The Time on Purple Rain, for instance, or this one from Ghostbusters...
ramon_CAT Shalamar - Make The Move
cheesy80s THAT'S RIGHT! BEG ME TO STOP! BEG ME! ON YOUR KNEE PADS POPPERS AND ROBOTS! THE 80'S WILL NEVER DIE! @rguimaslima @plushyjewells @jackal @JGray


| play
cheesy80s I'M JUST SPINNING IT LIKE AN 80'S DJ. 'cept I still have a Fisher Price My First Record Player. @slaphappy_mortician @panOptiko @scorpionkiss

Inner CityBig Fun

| play
cheesy80s You are a rare individual. There has never been another you. The power to do anything you can imagine is within you. LOL! LOL!

249 Adventures In Success

| play
cheesy80s Dancing with tears n @denki eyes Weeping for the memory of a life gone by Dancing with tears in @trickytiffy eyes Livin out a memry ova love that died
theimp67 Just not the same without Hutch but I do like their new stuff...


| play
cheesy80s @AnnieLicious Can't do that, but I can do this....

Rod LeeDing-A-Ling

| play
cheesy80s @jcnunes had other guys @Loesje looked into their eyes but @howdystranger never known love before until @jjpjack walked through @treetree 's door...


| play
cheesy80s That's why Im the hottest DJ in the world Cause I play only FRESH songs@daretoeatapeach & wen I say HOT I mean like ebola hot just w/out all the blood
Jalapeno one large slice of Cheesecake for me please. This ones for you @cheesy80s ;)

09 Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover

| play
PAgent I'm very, very sorry. The Devil made me do it. "IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!"
cheesy80s Cotton candy, sweet and low, let @nadeje see that tootsie roll Come on @DrEvil7171 just make that tootsie roll...
cheesy80s @kinggirl 's like a dog in heat, a freak without warning @CucumberMouse has an appetite for sex, cause @klitoria so horny...


| play
cheesy80s @luciana Are you feeling like dancin?

B MovieNowhere Girl

| play
cheesy80s @djsurfer needs @LiloLil 's love and @@karensemb wont bring no pain A little birdie told @norrissyfm that @JessieJess feels the same... LOST 80S!
cheesy80s Can@CelsoBessa take@CMase high enuf to fly@thebigo over yesterday? Can@janepruitt take@angiece hi enough? It's never over and yesterdays just a memry


| play
cheesy80s LOST 80'S CLASSIC! LOST 80'S ALERT! What @Andresa getS is what @rafaeloliveira sees ...desire!
cheesy80s You have to listen to 2 minutes of some spanish guy speaking then you get to the good stuff....You'll remember it 80's soft rock hit.-
cheesy80s kiss me with @redroulettes mouth @MJT love is sweeter than wine but wine is all @follownadine have until @LoveMeDeux makes @shealove mine...
cheesy80s HOWWWWLLLLLLLLLLL @rizzoyzuko Oh, sorry, did I mistake that last 80's blip from you?

Berlin (gr8fl)Sex

| play
cheesy80s @nturnage got the message @Ealz heard it on the airwaves @LadyFantastick & @DeAnn Are now DJ's...da poltics of dancing da poltics of ooo feelin good


| play
cheesy80s Woah can @gapanda rewind to where @RonWR has been oooh @RyanWilliams wishes @Nani1982 could see the shape @MrsMarxx is in...where the down boys go!

WarrantDown Boys

| play
ExJon @anebulosa They could play so many different styles and sounds great at all of them. Genius.
StonyTunes ~ BABY BABY BABY ~ TLC ~ do U want my love


| play
eraser seguimos con el recuerdo a una Coz ... mas sexy... muñequita ponte tacón... (reblip)

COZ. Mas sexy

| play
EricTheWhite ♪You Are Free - Mates of State
ladypn You're welcome rb@hawk_pl! Love this!! : "thanks for the props " (reblip)

Zero CultElectro wind

| play
ParadiseInside psychedelic effects, stimulation, empathogenic euphoria, spiritual experiences. 9:34

Binaural Beats: Journey into the Subconcsious

| play
alekr2o Aeroplane – Above The Clouds
Unaturalsoul ......Happy Friday Love..!!...Awesome~~>@greentrees: "A Song For Elvis Presley....and @Unaturalsoul #MyDailyCash" (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb @CatfishFriend: "Fab & melodically creepy - just right for Monday!" (reblip)
xatstilonair ty rb@Marquearts: "xatstilonair: "Lou Reed – The Power of the Heart (2008)"" (reblip)
rocksaurier30 @wejazz: "Yep... hot and dry but still humid. Perfect weather ;P @Storyman: wejazz Going ok. Hot here in TX. You?"" (reblip)
cheesy80s People try to take@HappyCamper's soul away, but@RussellCassidy doesn't hear the rap that @enricchi says
fun4lilli good morning sis... i thought you were gone ** rb@JanetSEyre: "morning sis :) ** @fun4lilli" (reblip)
Getsuga lol :P @ChadThomas: "rotflmao!!! @Igotafeeln: "snakes on boats rb@ChadThomas: "dont ride in his boat!!! rb@lukesharp: "take a ride ..@EllenaG.. (reblip)

Tommy LeeGood Times

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cheesy80s The smell from a grill could spark up@rjoe's nostalgia@DJEcleticExtreme's playing out front@therapper messin round with@fronque49 playing double-dutch
zamfir Marjorie Fair - Empty Room

Empty Room-Marjorie Fair

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cheesy80s RB @JimmyStagger: "@cheesy80s tonight's contribution" - Hey 5" floppy disks. I still got a few of those hanging around. (reblip)
dj_maxx Echo And The Bunnymen – Think I Need It Too
cheesy80s RB @JimmyStagger: "@cheesy80s Believe it or not this is the lead singer of Wild Cherry. Yes, "Play That Funky Music" Wild Cherry." (reblip)
dionroy @JHenry: "One of my besties opened for this guy. His name is @dionroy and is amazing, kinda like this song." <--im a bestie!! (reblip)
iberbiz @iberbiz: Back to the eighties, again. Love this song... (reblip)
RdGkA (And he even played with Mick [rebliped today]) now he is playing in tiny town in Germany

'Heroin' A cover on Billy Idol's CyberPunk VHS tape

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DependableSkeleton My Roboto figure just arrived in the mail. Woohoo! Sure, his shoulders were assembled backwards, but only a nerd would notice that.
cheesy80s Me Likeee RB @Oculuris: "@northmans_pet: "rb@obz: "Velvety Acid Slutty Goodness""" (reblip)
cheesy80s Of all the roads@kimme23's traveled All that@deoneenonlie's been thru No matter where life takes@TheLongshoreCowboy @RttR's never far from@ladyb2kool

Summer rainWhitesnake

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cheesy80s Then @Bababanesa comes to@jackbing on a summer breeze Keeps @graphic_lucidity warm in @tiofyra's love Then@DJSamTheCatRocks softly leaves
jeffrey @skaw @hellyeahdude You think the original is catchy? Check this out...
royalplayer essa é de ladrão ... PRA TODOS OS GUERREIROS QUE FORMAM A BANCA " ROYAL PLAYER " é tuuuuudo NOSSO !

50 Cent Flight 187

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Subjective Ok, I have fallen in love with Karlheinz Stockhausen. <3
cheesy80s There's a heartbreak beat playing all night long down on @sfs 's street and it feels like love got the radio on and it's all that @shmerin needs....
cheesy80s My two and three year olds can sing this song. They got great taste in the making...
Kat1124 one of my favorite sad love songs of all time
GlassofWin Seeing Billy Idol live was so hot. This 80's hit is for you, @cheesy80s
cheesy80s Skip de skip, up the road Off to school @theparkness goes Dont you be a bad boy @WalleyeDan Dont @popr333 slip up Or play the fool...
cheesy80s Everyone forgets that The Buggles were a great NewWave band beyond "Video Killed a Radio Star"

The BugglesOn TV

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cheesy80s Amazing duet by two of the 80's better songwriters. Aimee Mann of Til Tuesday and Michael Penn of "No Myth" fame. @AnnieLicious @ChrisPritchard
cheesy80s @RyanWilliams can dip his foot in the pool but @DJ_essie can't have a swim @cejas can feel the punishment but @CLARITY can't commit the sin...
cheesy80s Then @MauiMichael sees @BlondieATC coming out of nowhere much communication in a motion w/out conversation or a notion

Roxy MusicAvalon

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cheesy80s For those who like elemental electronica, MOX is right up your alley.
cejas Big in orugo.
Flying_Roundhouse "Takes a lot to keep a love alive. In every heart there pumps a diff beat but if we shift the rhythm->overdrive, we could generate a lot of heat."
cheesy80s 'Cause @djsurfer 's guilty - guilty - guilty as a girl can be. Come on baby can't @Corts see @morebrains stands accused of love in the first degree...
palacios Deborah Cox - Sentimental

deborah cox sentimental

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cheesy80s @CucumberMouse Thank you for that Don Johnson blip. I think this is love in the first degree...
DareToEatAPeach Can't get enough of Freezepop lately. via new-but-up-and-coming-blipper @leighcedar (reblip)
ICEGIRL152 thx for the rblp @philsalt, i'm feeling desperate but not serious tonite, thx for asking :)
DareToEatAPeach Remember Pebbles? I prefer "Mercedes Boy" but it's too forgotten to find. #forgotten #skatejamz. @NyQuilDriver


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cheesy80s @r0g1 Don't just sit there on URass Unlock that funky chaindance @Gaz50 @LadyFantastick shoot your best @MrsMarxx don't need this fascist groove thang
cheesy80s It a gonna burn, give @Vesna music make @kaymac jump and prance It a go done, give @sjors the music make @naimadance rock in the dance...
cracked_oblivion Great costume & hair in this vid: This is the Madge I remember!

madonna - true blue

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AnnieLicious Nother awesome 80's :) @cheesy80s Loving me yet? lol Go class of '89

Lone JusticeShelter

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cheesy80s Time will tell and time is all it takes @msbojangles won't see the bastards knock the running outta @Gaz50...

Cutting Crew - One For The Mockingbird 1987

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cheesy80s Blue morning, blue day, wont @Babuxoxoxo see things @thaisypecsen 's way Blue morning, cant @immusic see, what @CLARITY 's love has done to @@angiece
thaisypecsen Tô vendo que ta chegando muito replay, mas eu não leio. Sair dessa página, me dá preguiça. É verdade. (reblip)

Simply RedSunrise

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BlondieATC @cheesy80s I once swore PacMan ghosts were chasing me down the hallway(when I was a kid and apparently still asleep while up in the middle of the nite (reblip)
thirstycrow I guess I'm stuck in my early teens today.


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ClassicRockRadio @cheesy80s Saw you have something with Marc Almond, this song you must like

Some Things Gotten Hold Of My Heart - Marc Almond

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cheesy80s @Gaz50 is probably the only one who will remember this...

Pulp Fiction Theme

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cheesy80s For awhile to love was all @Arth could do @Corts & @marcellemml were young and @marieiris91 knew And @easilycrazyhat eyes were alive...
cheesy80s Certainly not the original, but I loved this Billy Crystal character...


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cheesy80s When the heart rules @nitrowheels 's mind One look and love is blind When @Red_Badger want the dream to last Take a chance @chasek forget the past
cheesy80s @cassita is a bitch @RadioGhost is a lover @Cambie is a child @karensemb is a mother @GOAti is a sinner @ericb is a saint @GAT does not feel ashamed.
philkirby hey, @cheesy80s, a bit early for ya, but a gem . . . 70's cheddar.

MudIn The Mood

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GlassofWin Also bears reblipping. Hoping everyone had a nice Easter ;)
cheesy80s Workin' like a man, hittin like a hammer @ninajanky is a jewel without scam, never was a quitter, tasted like a raindrap @photogurrl got the look!
cheesy80s If a picture paints a thousand words then why can't @TheLenzyme paint @Jalapeno The words will never show @the_poop I've come to know...


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cheesy80s Gonna get it right this time....


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rogue_fm Iiiiiitttsss...GROUNDHOG DAY!! (Everyday is Groundhog Day...)
cheesy80s Runaway horses take @BlondieATC thru the niteRunaway horses Ooo baby hold on tite @mistygirlph and @herwonderland on runaway horses Baby hold on tight
cheesy80s @KAREY thinks Im crazy but Im just growing old Hey 19 no we cant dance 2gether No we cant talk at all please take me along wen @shadoopie slideon down
cheesy80s @XANAEVA don't need another hero. @hotline4 don't need to know the way home. All @DJBELLADONNA want is what @GlennWalker got in Thunderdome.


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GlennWalker Love the crew, love the show, two great tastes, one great candy bar...
DJBELLADONNA Don't u all look at me that just might be more than I can take.
wurst seriously. you're playing all my childhood favs. i used to "rap" all the lyrics to kool moe dee and this song, among others. :D @cheesy80s


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emotionalpedant All your great blips get me through the working day :D
cheesy80s @2HandedJam remember parties out in the park w/ the grlies rubbin up in the dark he was smooth until sum1 pulled a gun It was over they spoiled my fun
wurst your icons are the best. so is your playlist. @cheesy80s
cheesy80s I was destined to play this at some point. Shout outs to @emotionalpedant @StoneyTunes @DJJazzyJacq @Lili_Maniglia @klitoria @SittingSoul

YelloOh Yeah

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cheesy80s My mom just got into this guy. Sweedish pop singer. Not big on his music, but I can appreciate the humor in his lyrics. This one is especially funny.
cheesy80s Honey baby can't you see @philkirby is just cool. Ain't nobody bang like @StewieRocks...
cheesy80s @DanceDog was so impressed by @CucumberMouse, @djpapasmurf was running blind @elizs would fall for every trick Every twist of mind...
cheesy80s @MrsMarxx I still love your husband's music. He shouldn't stop until I'm satisfied.
cheesy80s If @kissmeandmeanit listens close she can hear @BananaMusic singers Voices in @digitalgyrl 's body coming through on the radio...
DaHilster Yo Tannyt, a guest suggested this
flyingscot_54 Slightly ropey sound quality, but at least it's there? NZ export Split Enz.

Split EnzI Got You

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cheesy80s Here in @HipMama 's car @Carinaycia feels safest of all, @cindy_coy can lock all her doors it's the only way to live in cars...

Gary NewmanCars

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pars_nip Good ol' feelgood music from waaay back :)
cheesy80s @AnnieLicious I appreciate your Mercedes, but my ride is a little more pink. Wanna ride? @Surferess @Betterlucky @heathergerlaugh @lanasain @Jalapeno

Pointer Sisters - Pink Cadillac

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cheesy80s And @LadyAdy learned fast to travel light. @glovelace arms were heavy but @anjeebaby bellies were tight...
cheesy80s THINK OF ME NAKED! DO IT! YES! DO IT NOW! Have a great day @AnnieLicious @urlgirl @LadyFantastic @Jalapeno @shortygal @Flying_Roundhouse @RyanWilliams


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cheesy80s This video has made my day so bright. What if Top Gun had been written by the Brokeback Mountain writers?
cheesy80s @MariMello has a built in ability To take everything @Nani1982 sees And now it seems @philkirby is falling, falling for @gracieriots
cheesy80s If @hkab could read @clydeboom mind love what a tale his thoughts could tell just like an old time movie 'bout a @nilsen31 in a wishing well...
shortygal Van Halen – Love Walks In
philkirby came across this @Cheesy80's; remember the haircuts?
lilzinni Thanks for the Blip @cheesy80s - very cool blast from the past! Here is one for you ...

YazNobody's Diary

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cheesy80s Oh my God! I'm gonna have New Wave withdrawls later. arrrrr....can't....resist.....must....resist....KEYTAR! KEYTAR! MORE KEYTAR!
marigoldsky [Right on Track - Breakfast Club] Random Factoid: Madonna started out in this group. This song is from 1987. Rarely heard anymore.
cheesy80s Great Canadian NewWave band. Unfortunately, blip doesn't have my fav "no more, no less" U can see it here:
cheesy80s When the lights go out @candyatmidnight calls your name. When the lights go out always the same. Always @jojofm left out in the rain. Always the same.
cheesy80s @WunderTwinPowersActivate went to a party last Saturday night @Flying_Roundhouse didn't get laid @liz777ann2 got ina fight uh huh it aint no big thang
folkmusicdude @cheesy80s OK, more 80's flashbacks. I still spin this LP and love it. Like the artwork. How about Mike Mills' vocals on this cover of Superman?

REM - I Am Superman

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cheesy80s @Time any relation to Morris Day?

The TimeJungle Love

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2HandedJam *** Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – Scorpio [1982]
Embroidery 2 weeks at #1 in the fall of 1989. Composed of members of the Babys and Journey. Pick Your Pleasure Poison (reblip)
cheesy80s Our rhymes are excited and we are delighted to give @2HandedJam permission to just bite it!


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cheesy80s There is just 1day i'll never forget i got in jail for sumthin i'll always regret it was 12oclock midnite& I wanted asnack. Can't touch me @2HandedJam

03 - Fat Boys In Jail

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cheesy80s here @pinkstuff comes just like an angel seems like forever since @james_vail been on my mind. nothing has changed thinks @bevo a waste of her time..
cheesy80s Just about the time the wedding party is thoroughly shitfaced...this song comes on. And you actually like it at the time.
cheesy80s @HeatherBts dreams the same dream, @shortygal wants the same thing Oooh, and all that @TheLenzyme & @juliabrowne need is to see it together...
cheesy80s @unfinishedperson Niet. You are wrong, Sir! & Thanks for not googling. It's from 48 Hours. (reblip)
cheesy80s @Jalapeno ate the food. @Echo_L drank the wine. @oregonblip & @eqw were having a good time. 'Cept @promodiva U were talkin bout the end of the world
Jalapeno A little Tracey Ullman


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alisalt Send me up a drink.


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