naturetable ivor cutler makes me nervous... but in a good way...
culturite RB @jspace3 Classic... DJ Shadow - "Building Steam With A Grain of Salt" (reblip)

Dj Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

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Cysquatch Made out of Babies - Bunny Boots


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margann been stuck in my head all week.
dlbork - it's good to be awake.


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Sparklepony ahhh @invisible glad to have you back layin down yr sick blips ; p (reblip)
dlbork We have been slaving all day long
fishdeleuze Miles Davis – In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix)
Tempestaire - Stanley Kubrick, July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999.
punkrockdiedwhen So don't accept his request on Facebook.
punkrockdiedwhen @emilypatricia Been under the books. Friday was all about negative capability. Few understood. All soared.
stustevens Underneath The Weeping Willow, there Lies A Weeping Wino


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angrybob Yes. It is. It's Rhumba time. Leaving work in 30. Or less. Yes. Less.

Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz

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deo immolate yourself with a macbook pro
futurebiblehero trying to slow down again


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Sparklepony a japanese version of roxy music... members of ymo and moon riders...
futurebiblehero notorious for repeating myself
punkrockdiedwhen @emilypatricia Trust all is well there. Looking forward to a glorious sp bk of writing here...
punkrockdiedwhen @emilypatricia True, but add 1 parts salary, 2 parts fun, 1 part delusion, 1/2 part happiness=recipe [title]. Or it might just be Stockholm Syndrome.
by_starla hello @ZachsMind--nice to see you in real time too. enjoy your snack. :)


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DareToEatAPeach Thanks @Nymph. Phoenix – 1901 (The Garage Band Teenagers Remix) @filthymixer too. (reblip)
squidbrain Smooth and low-key. We're in the home stretch.
struggleville Ahhh high school....Camper Van Beethoven – Take The Skinheads Bowling
DareToEatAPeach Reblipping DJFrankie who's reblipping @aligon. Newish Andrew Bird. (reblip)
Radiobread @d_little_b .."a classic to close the night ;)" .. The Incredible Bongo Band - Apache ...mmm have to admit I thought The Shadows was classic.. (reblip)
Radiobread @Torinyc .. Radiohead - Reckoner (Diplo Remix) ...mmm who's Diplo? (reblip)
Radiobread @Klemmie .. Procol Harem - A Whiter Shade of Pale.. mmm thx for this reminds me of so many things I can't remember.. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Kinda funny cute lyrics on this one.
The_Kraken #summer Nice, gentle summer song from Lambchop, not @Lambchop - I'm not sure she likes this sort of thing.
by_starla @nixe--so sorry to have missed you on blip--thrilled about the interview!!!! i am sending good wishes starting now.... :)

The Spinto BandLate

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James Gang - Funk #49

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olumi_day I rarely use this word to describe anyone/anything, but yeah, cat power is badass.. @storylet very cool cover - thanks (reblip)
juxtapeer vi@DJAW - See the world through Wonka-vision! (reblip)

Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination

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Jacidbazz Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Date with Baby
margann never did i think i would see a r&bvideo with ron howard in it. thank you, jamie foxx, for making this world a little more asinine for all of us.


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margann These songs remind me of San Fransisco at night. This was driving music, often, last time I visited the in-laws
margann this will inevitably get stuck in my head all week now. plus the only hip hop song i know that references penelope pittstop...
margann Boooooooooob scotch, boob scotch on the rocks...
margann this is probably the best song in the world. and i wouldn't even know about it if it weren't for my fella's lame obsession with the game fallout.


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Lucas - Lucas With The Lid Off

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margann someday somebody else beside me will call me by my stage name... (reblip)
margann whered my skinny jeans go?
margann I haven't heard this in years! <333


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Flipper - Ha Ha Ha

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The Fugees-Zealots

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gimmetinnitus straight up reblip... have not heard this in a long while. thx @antennica (reblip)

LiarsClear Island

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margann that's romantic and all, but i was born to be a lesbian.

ShatTit Fuck (Live)

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margann why don't you wear a scarf about it?
margann if your funions have turned green, sir, something has gone terribly wrong.
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