wildimagination there's something in the air tonight
wildimagination Sounds amazing live and great debut album.
moriddim someone asked for "Inauguration Day" blips. It's happy. "Oh Madison, we left. Did you move on?" Poor Bush! Haha


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moriddim beautiful. lose your soul. (Maps - Lost My Soul)

MapsLost My Soul

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moriddim Go on clap. You know you wanna. Man, I wish the full track was here. Argh.
moriddim Watch your ears on this one. I'm in an 8-bit mood today. This is one of my favorites at about 45 seconds in.
moriddim The sample here seems to state "Punish Me." This is what I feel when assaulted by unattainable beauty.
PlasticRobot via@iguanaP Such a good one! Haven't heard it in a while. Thanks! (reblip)
moriddim heard this in a fancy bar tonight. almost started dancing. definitely started singing. (Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better)
moriddim on kind of a New Order kick lately. gets me nostalgic about a time I was too young to get nostalgic over (Ceremony)

New OrderCeremony

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melodyofurlife @Aluciel and my replies changes from 1,929 when i am on the main page to 2,007 when I am on my "home" sections of favorite Djs? wacky
moriddim the original - ahhhhhhh...pain. but good pain, i guess. (Temptation - New Order)

New OrderTemptation

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moriddim heard this song tonight. i knew that it was familiar. the original still makes me so sad for some reason. (Temptation - Moby)


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moriddim because my Twitter friend reminded me that Bloc Party exists somewhere...good song to jog and then run to.
moriddim blipped for this genius who found a way to make melody out of someone holding back a sneeze
moriddim @SofiaPopia great collection of tunes. it's been an evening of pleasant flashbacks. nite nite (reblip)
moriddim @SofiaPopia reblip - got your name wrong - one of the most beautiful songs in the world (reblip)


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SofiaPopia ♡I can't begin to tell you how much I wish this was my own personal theme song♡


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moriddim my goodness. i had forgotten how good this song is.

Pearl JamCorduroy

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SofiaPopia ♧Folk Implosion - Natural One♧
puredoxyk This song will always make me feel like it's 5 a.m. and I've been driving all night. <3

PlaceboPure Morning

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moriddim awwww yeaaaah. Goodnight Everyone. Sweet Dreams. "Who is it? Well it's Grand Puba, honey!"

Grand Puba - I Like It

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moriddim @donkeyrapist Wow! Great find! Had no idea this existed. (reblip)
moriddim reblip from @donkeyrapist "We still believe in love, so fuck you!" (reblip)
moriddim my new favouritest of favourites. "and this is how i feel now for my love and i can't let go what i'm thinkin' of" -Faunts
moriddim @donkeyrapist wow. i haven't listened to this album yet. you just gave me a swift kick in the pants (reblip)
moriddim "the sounds - they separate it. back & forth to you." always makes me dance in my car. now it's allaying my insomnia

MapsBack And Forth

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moriddim i miss you and stuff. you filled my winters with synthy warm textures and dreams quartered by breakbeats. "Be my friend."
moriddim it's one thing to fall in love - another to make it last
moriddim Discovered this one thru @warrenellis (and this site, as well). beautiful and weird as hell.
moriddim "...and I am joining all my thoughts to you. And I'm preparing every part for you."
moriddim somehow this gem eluded me on blip.fm for months "And every night, we'll watch the stars - They'll be out for us!" (Friendly Fires - Paris)

Friendly FiresParis

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moriddim this the jam right hurrr. (MANDY v Booka Shade - Body Language) (reblip)
moriddim would be mental if someone would throw up the Billy Jean mash-up with this tune. anyone? (Blockhead - Carnivores Unite)
moriddim "Apologies. The music is moving. Moving from Left to Right." (The Bird & the Bee - Polite Dance Song)
moriddim just picked up Prodigy's greatest hits. Rave at its raviest. (Jericho)


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moriddim I am out of Clorox wipes. Certain tragedy. (Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings)
moriddim My first iPhone blip "Frost or flame. Fall asleep. Love, don't cry."
moriddim when you finally float in space, don't forget to bring your headphones. (Thalamus - Theta Bear)

ThalamusTheta Bear

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moriddim byeth hovent. (Sonata Op. 13 Pathetique for piano solo)
moriddim Great name. Brilliant fusion. Truly progressive dance music. (Dances with White Girls - Everyone's Got to Make a Living)
moriddim " ☠ Magic People, Voodoo People ☠ !" Classic Prodigy. (Voodoo People) (reblip)
moriddim Just goes to show you that behind the thrash & clink of NIN exists a man who can rock the blues (NIN - All the Love in the World) (reblip)
moriddim "Please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you [you are forgiven]." (Chem. Bros feat. The Flaming Lips - The Golden Path) (reblip)
moriddim My favorite Shirley Ellis tune. @MusicWithMsB know this one? (Shirley Ellis - The Clapping Song)
moriddim i'll never leave you alone. breaking is part of the bone. my heart will beat against yours. making sure we never turn into stone.

For YoutUnE-yArDs

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moriddim ...now i'm weaker than the palest blue. oh, so weak in this need for you.
moriddim @daniachebib: "@morridim - I found it <3" thank you darling (reblip)
moriddim we all forget about the Minotaur. but he don't forget about us. no, sir. brilliant clarinet. (Minotaur Shock - Muesli)

Minotaur Shock - Muesli

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moriddim "I might leave tomorrow to feel the joy of a new start." me too. (Boom Bip f. Nina Nastasia - The Matter [of Our Discussion]) (reblip)
moriddim TU @boamorte. "In this cruel place, your voice above the maelstrom" (Nouvelle Vague - Marian [The Sisters of Mercy]) (reblip)
moriddim "Who needs forever?" I think I like any song with forever in the title. (Astrud Gilberto v Thievery Corp - Who Needs Forever rmx) (reblip)
moriddim My other favorite Radiohead song that I sometimes forget about. "Just to take the edge off..." (Gagging Order) (reblip)


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moriddim "Oh Penelope, are you filled with air? Swallowed oxygen that makes you float up?" (Pinback - Penelope) (reblip)


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moriddim Tolerable Linkin Park - when Chester is absent and Mr. Hahn goes beat cuckoo. Epic. (Linkin Park - Session) (reblip)

Linkin ParkSession

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dj_midori *Speeding through the night.*

Aphex TwinVordhosbn

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moriddim a real "wait for it," piece. 2:57. do it. try not to suffer a minor aneurysm from the lethal dose of electro.
moriddim ever get a fünké boner? no? you will now. when the beat drops, remember to scream OOOOOOH!
moriddim my dandy voice makes the most anti-choice granny's panties moist! Winona Ryder? Goin' inside'er! (MC Paul Barman - Cock Mobster)
moriddim @disconnesso how did this song pass my illustrious music snout? good find (Phoenix - Playground Love [Air]) (reblip)
disconnesso si perde nei pensieri, annebbiato dalla fase digestiva. Più semplicemente, "pippe mentali" :)
moriddim This song is extraordinary. May be better than "My Girls." I said *maybe* (Animal Collective - Brothersport)
moriddim everyone i know likes this song. even old people and white people that hate hip-hop (MF Doom - Arrow Root)
moriddim surprised i haven't Blipped this yet. it gave me a shove where i shouldn't have rushed long ago. (Notwist - Consequence)
moriddim it's been a while. the syncopation fills my gills with glee. "Money! Prizes! I love it! I LOVE it!" (13 & God - Afterclap)

13 & GodAfterclap

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moriddim the perfect punch - punk, rock, dance, funk, & most importantly - rhythm (NYPC - The Get Go)
ZaruhySangochian guess i`d better find us a way out
moriddim this is the one I was looking for. it is beauty. (Sébastian Tellier - Roche)
moriddim found this looking for the original. pretty groovy. (Sébastien Tellier v Breakbot - Roche)
moriddim probably the best representation in existence of the sound of Nine Inch Nails (Just Like You Imagined)
moriddim Found a piece of you today, oh boy. Tried to get rid of you today, oh boy. (Mobius Band vs Junior Boys - Loving Sounds of Static)
moriddim The very last few measures of this track still give me goosebumps, even after 10 years. "I miss you."
PlasticRobot @DigitalNatives:Thanks for this one! Having problems here, so don't know if the Halou track I just blipped for you even works. (reblip)
moriddim his spectrum of vapor will only appear when you have him called
moriddim You say you don't know what love means anymore...
moriddim we will lie under different stars, i am where i am and you're where you are
84mt 十代は不安でいっぱい。

M83Teen Angst

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moriddim very productive 2day. i ams proud. i say goodnight with the most beautiful song in the world forever


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moriddim if this song doesn't put you in a good mood, you're a vampire. "can you see it's much better? it's been so low."

Van SheSunbeams

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moriddim It's like The Cure - but for the kids! "so many people telling me one way..."
moriddim okay last one for realsies. i gotta turn my iTunes off. hold on! hold tight! disco ftw.

Holy Ghost!Hold On

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moriddim http://snurl.com/6x1zq heard this in new Nike commercial- as Earthworm Jim would say: GrOoVY!


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moriddim wish this was awn last night at the dance party, like a muh-fu*ka literally...
moriddim and of course i miss you, miss you bad, but i also felt this way when i was still with you
moriddim ...cuz this life is a farce, i can't breathe thru this mask like a fool
moriddim @DMarie oh this one KILLS me! heard it played in a movie the other day, too, but can't remember which... (reblip)

8. Talvin Singh - Traveller (Kid Loco's Once Upon A Time In The East)

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PlasticRobot "Do you remember when we met? That's the day I knew you were my pet."
moriddim @ita___thedjcat would have reblipped the "Melody" remix with Doom, but unavailable. haven't heard that version. very nice. this is a Four Tet mix
moriddim @mellowmello good tune. would have reblipped but unavailable. this, um, mellower one will have to do. :-)
moriddim love is a "doing" word.


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moriddim "i build a fence to keep you away- my territory." (this girl could lead an army with her voice)


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moriddim last Blip before bed - super weird, but it gets me feelin' all metaphysical. i wonder why it didn't work out
mellomatic @MickHD really? haven't heard the soundtrack yet. what do you think of this one? ... (see? couldn't help myself)
moriddim Lazy sunday bossa nova music "oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh ooh woowoo-woo woo!"
moriddim I fly like paper, get high like planes! this remix is refunkulous
moriddim here it comes, it's comin' to gitcha! (really shouldn't be listening to music like this when tryin get to bed)
moriddim One night to push and scream, and then relief. We had a promise made, we were in love.
moriddim It's not the worst I've looked. It's just the most I've ever cared (Lali Puna)
moriddim Cuz the first moment you hesitate, better ask yourself why. Don't you wait until it's too late.
moriddim You can put it back together. It was there if you ever wanted it, but you closed the door and said "goodbye" for good.

Pete YornEZ

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moriddim Someone reaching for me now. Through the dark, reaching for me now.
moriddim Let's get drunk on ourselves...I like it in this place, no, I love it in this place.
moriddim 'Cuz you know that when you feel so lonely in your heart, I'll be by your side. When the world is falling all apart, I'll be by your side tonight.
moriddim this is F'ed up, F'ed up. Actually this is quite good!
moriddim 1 of all-time favorite hip-hop trax with 1 of all-time favorite MC's
moriddim wait for it...slow start - big payoff. trust me. cuz you know our love is strong enough
moriddim We've all heard this 1000x on TV & film of late, but it still KILLS me in the FACE
moriddim if i ever get married, that is, if one is ever crazy enough to marry me, i'd like this played after Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places (kidding)
moriddim heard this song in Florida. instant nostalgia "you've got everything that I want..."
moriddim oh. finally something awesome other than "Fade into You."
moriddim Do not attempt to adjust your set. This rhythm is going to eat you anyway.
Jayfob a song for when you need to be somewhere else.
moriddim you are this one to me, come on be this one to me and let me be the someone for you, too.


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moriddim Thirsting for your smile, I loved you for a while. You are a vapour trail in a deep blue sky. (reblip)


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moriddim Ooh-de-la-lay, Ooh-de-la-lay, golly what a day!
moriddim I heard you have a compilation of every good song ever done by anybody...but I was there!
moriddim "It's all been candy cream - neatly smooth and clean forever."
moriddim Play this as your stealing cookies before dinner. It's sneaky like Solid Snake.
moriddim @vincentjsc another good'n with Jose Gonzalez - "Today we are the light that travels into space."

Zero 7today

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moriddim really nice remix of Marlena Shaw's classic by Mr. Diplodocus
moriddim "I am a rock bottom riser - and I owe it all to you."
ryanh42 Rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells... (reblip)
randymatheson Nine Inch Nails cover Joy Division
moriddim I want to explore you - I'm gonna get under your skin so you can feel me running through your veins
moriddim DJ Shadow? O RLY? You can still do this kind of track? I'm in.
moriddim @DJWege This is fucking brilliant and I had no idea it existed. (reblip)

Four TetIron Man

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threebears Yes it's chicken payback time ....
moriddim @minmae check out this cool remix of an old Mo'Wax messageboard mate of mine.

MojibBreak of Dawn

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minmae i'm a rabbit in your headlights/scared of the spotlight
pavolo @sudaca70 great track! (reblip)

Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do - 10 - Alberto Balsalm

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pavolo reblippin' @threebears Thanks!! love the twins (reblip)
knifeandfork such a relaxing song. (reblip)

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

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LindaLynn did I tell you how much I miss, your sweet kiss?
Marco_Sparks Yes, I'm a closet Coldplay fan. @Meadowsling: I feel you here. This song is lethal, bordering on perfect at times. "You were an island, and..." (reblip)
SoundSystemSDC shoutin Lager Lager Lager Lager!
moriddim Ooh-de-lally! for realsies this time...
Nata when i am with you there's no reason to pretend that when i am with you i feel flames again


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moriddim "I'll still take the best you've got even though I'm sure it's not the best for me."
moriddim "I tried to do handstands for you, but every time I fell for you...I'm permanently blue for you"


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moriddim @Dmarie thank you. this is my favorite Christmas song.
thundercunt ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ @RAZZLEDAZZLE @mitchellmckenna @e_rod ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
guto para animar esta sua segunda mais ou menos ;P

BonoboPick Up

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moriddim "I'll be true again, but until then I will fake the books." I'm noticing I like a lot of female-headed bands...
moriddim @Dmarie "No eran buenas esas épocas. Malos eran esos aires." Let's tango. (reblip)
moriddim "I am falling. Say my name and I'll lie in the sound." (for Mazzy Star lovers)
tcar Take a chance, play your part Make romance, it might break your heart. But if you think that time will change your ways Don't wait too long,
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