Fluffybootz Speedealer – Nothing to me - tyvm@pcurl and for @c[unctn_again
morganh The Tubes - White Punks On Dope

The Tubes "White Punks On Dope"

| play
Tuneaholic Garbage – Battle In Me (Yahoo Music)
doyler29 The Gun Club - Walkin' With the Beast

The Gun Club Walkin' With The Beast (HQ)

| play

Elvis Costello Everyday I Write the Book

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Loved this song since I was just a little go go girl ;) Thanks! rb@DJBadBilly: "Flirtations..Nothing But a Heartache" TY @LilIvy @PDNJ" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Almost time for the embalming? @MFP4073 @roguetimeguy

Dr.T & The Undertakers-Undertakers Theme

| play

Little Montie Jones- You're Just That Kind

| play
NaturalDancer Saw them once; singer hung himself by mic wire! Was rescued! rb@Fluffybootz: "The Dead Boys–Ain't nothing to do (1977)- GOOD NIGHT bliplings!!!! xxxx" (reblip)
ducks2007 hey there! happy Thursday - done working out? rb @ellendiane: "ty for listening;) rb@WhiteHorse: "PJ Harvey - Down by the Water"" (reblip)

PJ Harvey Down by the Water on Jools Holland

| play

The Professionals -Just Another Dream

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice It's common knowledge. oops ;) rb@Fluffybootz: "The Reatards – "Your So Lewd" - (1999 7-inch) ;)) more like we are honey!! :)):@PDNJ - ** mwah** ttfn" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I could add some broth to my chili for you, @scotlandlover If you like it spicy, that is. :)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I'm more giggler than snorter. With the occasional cackle thrown in to annoy people. :) @Lunaladee
NaturalDancer Can't believe this didn't cross out... @SylverHawk
Tuneaholic She'll cast a spell on you :) That's OK it's just a Philosophy & I've got some Ash on my forehead anyway :):) TY rb@Miss_Philosophy (reblip)
pcurl Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio" // rb@ChIcCoDoRo@killerswp@yahowa57@me (reblip)

Elvis Costello ~ Radio Radio

| play
pcurl B-52s - "Private Idaho" // rb@NaturalDancer: "Big Hair days, but yet Bee-Hive style! :D rb!@LostSoul (reblip)

B-52's Private Idaho

| play
mark_till Jack Off Jill--Love Song (The Cure cover)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Time to get off it and get on it. Thanks @pcurl @oopipip @mxtxmxtxm & all you lovely weirdos! ;*
DarkLady Talking Heads – "Road To Nowhere"
SafetyPunk Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick (HQ)

Slime-Rebellen-Official Video

| play
killerswp @salondelynn: "Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry "Did You Evah" (Cole Porter) @killerswp" (reblip)

Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry Sing "Did You Evah"

| play
neilvalla There is one thing that sure worries me My good gal packed her suitcase, walked off and left poor me

'I'm Throwin' Up My Hand' REVEREND GARY DAVIS, Blues Guitar Legend

| play
pcurl Me, too! Lux can't be replaced, but I hope to hear Ivy's guitar again. CU Later. By4Now@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "This stuff just makes me smile. (reblip)
pcurl Poison Ivy - "Peter Gunn theme" // That is so cool. New to me. Thanks! @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "So long, @pcurl Take some Poison Ivy with you. (reblip)
pcurl Modern Lovers - "She Cracked" (demo)
pcurl Screaming Females - "Poison Arrow" // I like it, too rb@NaturalDancer: "Like! ty! :D rb@cubbymendoza (reblip)
pcurl Blondie - "Hanging on the Telephone" // All-time fav. I seem to have a phone theme today. tyrb@Fluffybootz@BobOstwald (reblip)

Blondie-Hanging on the telephone

| play
pcurl Airbourne – "Girls in Black" // Hello @Beeeast Here's one for you.
pcurl The Deadly Snakes - "Everybody Seems to Think (You've Got Some Kind of Hold on Me)
DamnTheMan Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance

Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty

| play
pcurl The Amps - "Tipp City" // Kim Deal-ishism

The Amps"Tipp City"

| play
pcurl The Flaming Lips – "Be My Head"

The Flaming Lips Be My Head

| play
pcurl The Vibrators - "Automatic Lover"
pcurl The Gears - "The Last Chord"
MFP4073 doin great hun thanks for asking! great to catch you @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Time to move. So long, my little freakies! :)
pcurl The Satyrs - "Yesterday's Hero"
pcurl Sex Pistols - "Satellite"

Sex PistolsSatellite

| play
spooky_boy Generation X – Running With The Boss Sound
Fluffybootz Steve Earle – Galway Girl- just love this song even tho every trad Irish pub has someone playing it..;))
sir_edward_ross re-grange @Annaleise: "La Grange – ZZ Top""" (reblip)

La GrangeZZ Top

| play
pcurl The Consumers - "Anti, Anti, Anti"
pcurl The Tornadoes - "The Swag"

the tornadoesthe swag

| play
pcurl The Primitons - "Don't Go Away"

The Primitons "Don't Go Away"

| play
pcurl Belly - "Super Connected"

Belly Super-Connected

| play
pcurl Big Black - "Colombian Necktie"

Big Black colombian neck tie

| play
pcurl Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" (OGWT)


| play
pcurl Crucified Barbara - "Motorfucker"
pcurl Monacles - "I Can't Win" // Easy now. I ain't that old @Soul4Sale@PennyDreadfulsNightmarJuice let's have a #dinosaur theme soon and invite @me


| play
pcurl Tad - "Flame Tavern" // Hi @Beeeast Nice to see you.
pcurl The Bootjacks - "Red Big Car"

The Bootjacks -[03]- Red Big Car

| play
pcurl XTC - "Making Plans for Nigel" // rb@Soul4Sale (reblip)

XTC-Making Plans For Nigel #258.

| play
pcurl Lost Sounds - "Energy Drink And The Long Walk Home"
pcurl Wanda Jackson - "Real Cool (Cool Love)"
pcurl Tyvek - "Nothing Fits"

TyvekNothing Fits

| play
pcurl Beck - "E-Pro"

Beck- E-Pro

| play
pcurl Flat Duo Jets - "Lonely Wolf"
pcurl Wild Billy Childish & The Buff Medways - "You Piss Me Off"
pcurl Turbowolf-Capt. Caveman (Lightning Bolt cover) // Better than orig. Last one. Bye // @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice@Soul4Sale@CaryB@BobOstwald #caveman
pcurl Chavez - "Break Up Your Band"
EarwaxOfSatan Mudhoney ~ In 'N' Out Of Grace
pcurl Smashing Pumpkins - "Doomsday Clock"

Smashing Pumpkins Doomsday Clock

| play
pcurl Ditto & this is the only caveman song I know @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Not sure I know many dinosaur songs. I prefer cavemen. :) @Soul4Sale @me

The CavemenIt's Trash

| play
pcurl Melvins - "Hooch"


| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Haven't you heard? He came back! rb@DameGlorious: "Ahhhh poor lil Gumby. Dos bad ol' Romans. He died on the cross for you and me..... @PDNJ" (reblip)
NaturalDancer Ty! :D rb@imagine70: ""Black Sabbath - Warning"" (reblip)

Black sabbathWarning

| play
sir_edward_ross re-jones-in' @SarahABQ: basketball jones (reblip)

basketball jones orig. 1975 animated

| play

The White Stripes-Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

| play
Scott_hn The Donnas ▶ Kids In America // welcome new BlipDJ & new listener ----->> @HITPLAYER; hello & thanks for tuning in
Tropicsz4 The Virginmarys "Portrait Of Red"
jenfromhell dizzy

Flying Lizards Dizzy Miss Lizzie

| play
cubbymendoza Band Of Skulls – I Know What I Am
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Luvit! That's more than most can say.Got more?@DickUnderdog: "this was our 'hit' - when I say 'hit', it got played on BBC Radio1 once at 1am ha ha :)" (reblip)

MyopicPop Fosters

| play
cubbymendoza The Stooges – Greedy Awful People
mark_till --The heavy- Big Bad Wolf (studio version)

The heavy- Big Bad Wolf (studio version)

| play
cubbymendoza Devo – Come back Jonee

DevoCome back Jonee

| play
Fluffybootz Social Distortion – Don't Drag Me Down- ok off now more tomorrow.. hugs all.. ;))
Fluffybootz Mike Ness – Dont think Twice, it's Alright- and another version@Shantibaba1@BobOstwald@FOGGIELOANER

Sex Pistols Here we Go Again

| play
pcurl The Missing LInks - "Naughty Girl"
pcurl Dead Boys - "I Won't Look Back" (aka "Revenge")

Dead BoysRevenge

| play
pcurl The Alarm Clocks - "Yeah"

The Alarm ClocksYeah

| play
pcurl Pixies - "Motorway to Roswell"
pcurl Murphy's Law - "Califonia Pipeline"
pcurl Alabama 3 - "Woke Up This Mornin'" // A girl once told me I look like James Gandolfini. Yeah, I'm an ugly mutha fucka, rb@xtranguy (reblip)
pcurl The Plague - "Go Away"

The Plague- Go Away

| play
pcurl Aagent Orange – "Seek & Destroy" // rb@Bigfrosty13 (reblip)
pcurl P. Paul Fenech - "I'd Rather Be Crazy" // Guess I should've been more careful for what I'd wished.
pcurl Clinic - "If You Could Read Your Mind" // I thought my ESP was broken. Just needed batteries @Scott_hn mornin', ha, great minds and all @me
pcurl The Go-Betweens - "Was There Anything I Could Do?"
pcurl FEAR - "Mengele" // Kinda goes with the last one.
pcurl FEAR - "I Am A Doctor"
pcurl The Fall - "Dktr Faustus"

Dktr. FaustusThe Fall

| play
pcurl Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers – "It's Not Enough"
pcurl The Smiths - "Hand in Glove"
pcurl X-Ray Harpoons - "Fast Pussycat Kill Kill"

Barb Wire Dolls "Revolution" [Official Video]

| play
pcurl The Gories - "Let Your Daddy Ride"
pcurl Ella Fitzgerald & Sy Oliver – "Dont Cha Go Away Mad"
pcurl Soundgarden - "Hands All Over"
pcurl Mono Men - "Watch Outside"

Mono MenWatch Outside

| play
pcurl Tom Waits - "When You Ain't Got Nobody"
pcurl Lillingtons - "I Need Some Brain Damage"
pcurl The Vandals - "My Girlfriend's Dead"
Fluffybootz The Exploited Beat The Bastards- Morning!!!!!@SmukkeCharlie

The Exploited Beat The Bastards

| play
pcurl Satori - "Time Machine" // Hello @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

Satori-Time Machine

| play
pcurl Redd Kross – "Stay Away From Downtown"
pcurl Wolfgang Press - "Mama Told Me Not to Come" // He-he-hello!
pcurl Dag Nasty - "Under Your Influence"

Dag Nasty: Under Your Influence

| play
pcurl Mau Maus - "Society's Rejects"

Mau Maus :Societys Rejects :AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

| play
pcurl New York Dolls - "Girls Girls Girls" +1
pcurl RAMONES - "I Don't Care" (live '79)
pcurl Bloody Hollies - "Tired of this Shit" ... for now. Might back later // ty@zoja01@rockedon@xtranguy@ifckdup@MFP4073@Haaz
pcurl Motorhead - "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Rolling Stones cover)
pcurl Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "We Real Cool" // Off new record "Push the Sky Away"
pcurl DEVO - "What I Must Do" (demo)
pcurl Dead Kennedys - "Chemical Warfare"

Dead Kennedys Chemical Warfare

| play
pcurl Interpol - "PDA"


| play
pcurl GBH – "City Baby Attacked by Rats" // Now that's the GBH I'm familiar with rb@Fluffybootz (reblip)
pcurl Speedealer - "Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin'" // Now this is what I call a love song. So sweet.
xtranguy rb!@spooky_boy: "cool willgiva listen! @vandaleyes: "hey all, mornin'. start it off right with the cramps doing an awesome link wray cover. ;)"" (reblip)

Rumble blues- The Cramps Rare 1981 rehearsal.

| play
Tropicsz4 Kings of Leon - My Party

Kings Of LeonMy Party

| play
NaturalDancer O.M.G.! tysm! :D rb@FUZZYsBACK: "Whew .. did someone kick their cage? AND some soundtrack work to boot!@NaturalDancer" (reblip)


| play
pcurl The Wanderers (Stiv Bators) - "Beyond the Law"
pcurl Peter and the Test Tube Babies - "Maniac" // Thanks @greentrees@cpunctn_again@Scott_hn

PTTB-Maniac (Orginal studio version 1980)

| play
pcurl Led Zeppelin - "Rover" // rb@romanus (reblip)

Led ZeppelinRover

| play
pcurl Speedealer - "Kill Myself Tonight"
pcurl The Cramps - "Sweet Woman Blues"
pcurl JP Harris and the Tough Choices - "Gear Jammin' Daddy"

JP Harris and the Tough Choices "Gear Jammin' Daddy"

| play
pcurl Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - "Scream" // Hi @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Thought this would be up your alley.
pcurl Booker T & the MGs - "Time is Tight" // tyrb@spooky_boy: "#gotthetime?" (reblip)

booker t & the mg,s ...time is tight

| play
pcurl The Kills - "Dropout Boogie"

The Kills- Dropout Boogie

| play
pcurl The Cars - "Candy-O"

The CarsCandy-O 1979

| play
mark_till Mudhoney--You Stupid Asshole
pcurl Chelsea Light Moving - "Burroughs" // Thurston Moore's new band.
pcurl The Foggy Notions – "Need a Little Lovin'"
pcurl White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake" // rb@BluJulius: "shake it lyk u just dont care" (reblip)
pcurl Thee Headcoatees - "Come Into My Mouth" // rb@spooky_boy@2_O_2 (reblip)
pcurl Suburban Studs - "I Hate School" (reblip)
Fluffybootz PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me - Live- morning & tyvm@loetitia@zoja01@thyroid
pcurl The Ettes - "Crown of Age"

The Ettes-Crown Of Age

| play
Fluffybootz I often leave diff peoples bliplists running yours is great tyvm@pcurl: "The Auteurs-"Lenny Valentino" Hello Nicki! Ur too kind tyrb (reblip)

The Auteurs-Lenny Valentino

| play
pcurl William Penn Fyve - "Swami"


| play

XTC I'm Bugged

| play
jenfromhell keep moving. nothing to see here.

MUDHONEYMarch to Fuzz

| play
jenfromhell these ozzies rock

The Laurels 'Changing The Timeline'

| play
TBFKA Onions for lunch@snaksac: "@steppinheavy@Shaman777 - Green Onions" (reblip)

Green Onions

| play
pcurl The Auteurs-"Lenny Valentino" Hello Nicki! Ur too kind tyrb@Fluffybootz: "- hello@me your bliplist excellent as usual!" (reblip)

The Auteurs-Lenny Valentino

| play
pcurl Bob Vidone and The Rhythm Rockers - "Weird" // I don't think ur weird, but I thought you might like this @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
anjeee takes a minute to start

Wolfgang Press • Kansas

| play
pcurl Korla Pandit - "Kumar"

Korla PanditKumar

| play
pcurl The Fall - "Service"

The FallService

| play
pcurl The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - "Fire"

Arthur BrownFire

| play
pcurl Jimmie Rodgers - "Honeycomb"
pcurl Minutemen - "Little Man with a Gun in his Hand"
pcurl King Khan & the Shrines - "Land of the Freak"
pcurl Deep Purple - "Woman from Tokyo"
pcurl Spaceshits - "More abuse"
pcurl Dave "Baby" Cortez - "Gettin' To The Point"
pcurl Sonic Youth - "Slow Revolution"
pcurl The Other Half - "Mr. Pharmacist"
pcurl Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Bad Shape" // insp. by @Lunaladee

Siouxsie and the Banshees~Bad Shape

| play
pcurl The Smiths - "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"

The Smiths ~ Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

| play
pcurl Stann Gunn - "Babysitter Boogie"
pcurl The Damned - "You Know"

The Damned You Know

| play
pcurl David Bowie - "Fame"

David Bowie * Fame

| play
pcurl Jimmy Stewart - "Rock on the Moon" // Later.
pcurl Impac - "Too Far Out"

The ImpacToo Far Out

| play
pcurl GG Allin - "Don't Talk to Me"
pcurl Little Richard - "Good Golly, Miss Molly"
pcurl Wolfnote - "Uniform"


| play
pcurl Stiff Little Fingers - "Suspect Device" (live)
pcurl Buzzcocks - "Driving Me Insane"
pcurl I'm jealous. Parties I attended in HS feat. music by Michael Jackson and Journey. Yuck. @Scott_hn played this album more than others at hs parties @me
zoja01 rb@Greenfields47: "beginin of cut costs... on maintenance costs at blipville@Versh: the beginning of a shutdown for 2014" (reblip)
pcurl The Smiths - "Hand in Glove" (live)

The Smiths : Hand in Glove (Old Grey Whistle Test 1983) HQ LIVE

| play
pcurl D3V0 - "That's Good"

Devo-That's Good

| play
elocio Freddie King – Hideaway

Freddie KingHideaway

| play
pcurl Dinosaur Jr - "Over It" // Later.

Dinosaur JrOver It

| play
pcurl Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side"
pcurl the Cramps - "It Thing Hard-On"
pcurl The White Stripes - "Fell In Love With A Girl" // Haven't heard this in a while rb@FromFullHouse (reblip)

The White Stripes-Fell In Love With A Girl

| play
pcurl Le Tigre - "Hot Topic"

Le TigreHot Topic

| play
pcurl Georgia Gibbs - "Kiss of Fire"
pcurl Rolling Stones – "She's a Rainbow"
pcurl Alice in Chains - "Check My Brain" (live)
pcurl The s - "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield"
pcurl Art Brut - "Emily Kane"

Art BrutEmily Kane

| play
pcurl I'm sure they're just 2 busy listening 2 u @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Dunno about that but. At least 1/3 of my listeners never blipped yet! @me
pcurl Mary Monday - "Popgun"

Mary MondayPopgun

| play
pcurl Teenage Jesus & the Jerks - "Orphans"
pcurl The Jam - "Eaton Rifles" // Here's a jam sample @Major_Matt_Mason
pcurl The Beat Farmers - "Lost Weekend"
MidnightReader "laissez les bon temps rouler "rb@ Buzzz (reblip)

Louis Jordan Let The Good Times Roll

| play
pcurl Gomez - "Options"


| play
pcurl The Cramps - "Tear it Up" (live) // Here's an xtra one - NSFW - full frontal - "What's Inside a Girl" http://bit.ly/1EEfxGH with Russ Meyer clips. (reblip)
pcurl Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Pour Moi" // L8r
pcurl Butthole Surfers - "Dum Dum" // rb@jenfromhell (reblip)

Butthole Surfers, Dum Dum

| play
pcurl Cream - "Badge"

Cream "Badge" 720p HD

| play
pcurl The Kills - "Love is a Deserter"
pcurl Circle Jerks - "Beverly Hills"
pcurl The White Stripes - "One More Cup of Coffee" // rb@Juli_anne@pike360 (reblip)

The White Stripes- One More Cup of Coffee

| play
pcurl New York Dolls - "Looking for a Kiss" // Hi rb@juki when i say i'm in love you best believe i'm in love L-U-V... (reblip)
zoja01 She wants revenge – Love My Way
pcurl Rage Against the Machine - "Renegades of Funk"
pcurl White Denim - "Shake Shake Shake" (reblip)
pcurl The Jivers - "Little Mama"

The JiversLittle Mama

| play
pcurl Unit Four Plus Two - "Concrete and Clay"

Unit Four Plus Two Concrete And Clay

| play
pcurl The Cramps - "Ultra Twist" (live '95)
pcurl Morrissey - "Suedehead" // TY@zoja01

The smithsim so sorry

| play
pcurl Shake - "Invasion of the Gamma Men"
pcurl Prodigy vs. White Stripes (reblip)

prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

| play
pcurl Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – "I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent"
pcurl Rowland S. Howard - "The Golden Age of Bloodshed"

Rowland S. Howard : the golden age of bloodshed

| play
pcurl MC5 - "Sister Anne" (reblip)

MC5Sister Anne

| play

The Fall- The Remainderer (Rare Promotional Version)

| play
sir_edward_ross knock knock "The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking? (reblip)
roc_one @Scott_hn: "The Kills ▶ Last Day of Magic // seems apropo" (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Last one for now or forever. We'll see. GhostOfPDNJ on last.fm for what it's worth. x (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Hi, good to hear you. :) rb@Substitute: "Net's too slow atm, be back laters... :)" (reblip)

The SurfmenGhost Hop

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Sorry to hear you're walking in the slow lane, @spooky_boy Hope your skeleton is intact... :)

The FallI'm a Mummy

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Success! rb@cpunctn_again: "I haven't managed to blip for a long while& this is a test blip as well, since it's my first attempt to blip via tablet" (reblip)

The Skids TV Stars

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice You have lovely manners. I have a bum tooth and a rotten disposition (hopefully temporary) but otherwise just fine. :) @cpunctn_again

The Ruts ~ Society

| play
pcurl The Screamers – "122 Hours of Fear"
pcurl The Bostweeds - "Run Pussy Cat"

Run Pussy Cat (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!) The Bostweeds

| play
pcurl The Saint's - "(I'm) Stranded" // Let's just rename the site Reblip.fm. It's like Spinal Tap Mach II not as good but OK @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice (reblip)
pcurl The Kills ▶ Last Day of Magic // I've decided I'm staying until i can't reblip, baby! @roc_one@Scott_hn (reblip)
zoja01 Hi! It's hard. but until then I'll stay as long as there reblip. rb@TrishLewis: "@bytera: Will be away from Blip forever as well. R.I.P. Blip." (reblip)
pcurl Bailey's Nervous Kats - "Baby Please" // Opening the Vault @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice (reblip)


| play
pcurl Dead Boys - "What Love Is" (reblip)

DeadBoysWhat love is

| play
pcurl The Birthday Party - "Nick The Stripper" // Opening the Vault: Vintageness from @Lavender May 10 2010 Hope ur well (reblip)
pcurl Sam the Sham and the Pharoaohs - "Little Red Riding Hood" // rb@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice (reblip)

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs -Little Red Riding Hood

| play
juki I have a twitter and lastfm account but I've not used them much...guess I may have to learn. I think they are both under Jukibee @pcurl (reblip)
juki Any suggestions for other music sites? (reblip)
cpunctn_again @LaxtonsSuperb: "Happy birthday Alan Skipper. How influential were this band? @cpunctn_again@NotAsPunkAsYou@pulsar@RafaelCortines@arcticarab (reblip)

The Pretty Things-Rosalyn

| play
pcurl Band of Skulls - "Death By Diamonds And Pearls"
pcurl Tijuana Panthers - "Redheaded Girl"

Tijuana Panthers- Redheaded Girl

| play
pcurl Clinic - "If You Could Read Your Mind" (live)

Youth of Today- Break Down the Walls

| play
pcurl The Cramps - "Can't Find My Mind" // I'm hitting the road. Later.
pcurl Robbie Fulks - "She Took a Lot of Pills and Died" // If it must be rap, so be it. Music is better than taking pills @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

robbie fulks she took alot of pills and died

| play
pcurl Speedealer – "Turkeyneck" // Short and sweet! TY, Nicki! rb@Fluffybootz @me (reblip)


| play
pcurl Monster Magnet - "Medicine" // Glad to help, but I hope I'm never sick enough to get a rap Rx. Rap got old quick 4 me. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
pcurl The Supremes - "The Happening"

The Supremes- The Happening

| play
pcurl Dead Boys - "Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth" // Must rb@cubbymendoza (reblip)
pcurl Wall of Voodoo - "Test Tube Baby"
pcurl Dead Boys - "War Zone" // This is a new one on me @JeffOfOhio@Fluffybootz


| play
pcurl Motörhead – "Them Not Me"

MotörheadThem Not Me

| play
pcurl Youth of Today - "Break Down the Walls" // rb@MFP4073 (reblip)

Youth of Today- Break Down the Walls

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Ok, really going this time. Coffee first, domestic slavery after that.
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice My house won't clean itself no matter how many scornful looks I give it. So long for now, weirdos! x

Dave Diddle Day-Blue Moon Baby [1957]

| play
pcurl Patsy Cline - "Lovesick Blues"
pcurl RAMONES - "Loudmouth"


| play
pcurl Joe Strummer - "Evil Darling"

Joe Strummer Evil Darling Straight to Hell

| play
pcurl Social Distortion - "Highway 101" // I know you'll like this @Fluffybootz

Social Distortion ~ Highway 101

| play
pcurl Pixies - "Dig For Fire"

PixiesDig For Fire

| play
pcurl Iggy Pop - "Howl"

Iggy PopHowl

| play
pcurl Sonic Youth - "Mote"


| play
pcurl Tom Petty - "You Got Lucky" // Makes me nostalgic for when MTV stood for Music Television. Now it really is Empty TV.
pcurl The Who - "Summertime Blues"
pcurl MC5 - "Sister Anne"

MC5Sister Anne

| play
pcurl Penetrators-Your So Called Friends // Shame My so-called friend talking trash about me again. @NaturalDancer eh? lol! @JeffOfOhio Better beware of @me

The Penetrators " Your so called friends "

| play
pcurl 1982?! So cool that someone would take an infant to see the Cramps. Color me jealous @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice My 1st was '82, last was '06 rb@me

Depeche Mode (Personal Jesus) Live in Milan (HD)

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Wolfmen seem to prefer flannel and chambray shirts for some reason.
pcurl The Muffs - "No Action" // rb@FUZZYsBACK: "#songsofelviscostello "Every time I phone you, I just want to put you down ..."" (reblip)

The MuffsNo Action

| play
pcurl The Partisans ▶ "Blind Ambition" // nice. new2me rb@Scott_hn (reblip)
pcurl Rusty York - "Sugaree"

Rusty YorkSugaree

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pcurl 7 Year Bitch - "The Scratch"
pcurl Blues Brothers - "I Don't Know" // The theme song for the IRS, Eric Holder, DOJ, Jay Carney and the White House.
pcurl Jr. Walker & the Allstars - "Shotgun"
pcurl The Cars - "You're All I Got Tonight"
pcurl SilverSun Pickups – "Well Thought Out Twinkles"
pcurl The Rolling Stones - "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow"
pcurl Flesh, Trash & Heat - "Don't Panic"
pcurl Speedealer – "Turkeyneck" // Thanks! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever given me, Nicki. rb@Fluffybootz - i know you like these@me (reblip)


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pcurl Speedealer – Pig Fucker- great album briillant like Motorhead meets the Varukers // rb@Fluffybootz @me@Sven777@EarwaxOfSatan@plaguy@Shantibaba1@ aLL" (reblip)

SpeedealerPig Fucker

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pcurl Stiv Bators - "Have Love Will Travel" // Nice find Nicki! New 2 me! @Fluffybootz this is GOOD never heard this before!!@me and all Stiv-Fans" (reblip)
pcurl Stiv Bators - "Neat, Neat, Neat" (Damned cover) // Thought u'd like this @Fluffybootz

Stiv Bators/Neat Neat Neat(originally by The Damned)

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pcurl Grant Hart - "You're the Reflection of the Moon On the Water"
pcurl The Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar"
pcurl REM - "Driver 8"

REM Driver 8

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pcurl ? & the Mysterians - "Can't Get Enough of You, Baby" // TY@Scott_hn@Felidia@zoja01@FromFullHouse@Shaman777@imagine70@JeffOfOhio

Question Mark & the Mysterians-Can't Get Enough of You, Baby

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pcurl Blues Brothers - "Hey, Bartender" (reblip)
pcurl RAMONES - "She's The One"

RamonesShe's The One

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pcurl The Breeders - "Saints"

The BreedersSaints

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pcurl The Creation - "Tom Tom"

The Creation Tom Tom superb modfreakbeat 1968

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pcurl The Oblivians - "Clones"

The Oblivians"Clones"

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pcurl The Cars - "Bye Bye Love" (live '78)
pcurl Gore Gore Girls - "She's Got It"

GORE GORE GIRLS gore she's got it

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pcurl RAMONES - "All Quiet on the Eastern Front"
pcurl Dead Kennedys - "Funland at the Beach" // ... watch the fat kids spill their pop ...
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Still before noon so good morning, @pcurl :)

The Fall-No Respects Rev.

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Fluffybootz Battalion of Saints "Hells around the next corner"-@Sven777

Battalion of Saints "Hells around the next corner"

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pcurl Violent Femmes - "Gone Daddy Gone"

Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone.

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pcurl Charlatans U.K – "The Only One I Know"
pcurl Black Flag - "Jealous Again"
pcurl The Who - "Seeker"

The Who "Seeker"

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pcurl George Thorogood - "You Got to Lose"
pcurl DEVO - "Explosions" (live '82)

Explosions (1982-10-30)

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pcurl Pixies - "Here Comes Your Man"
pcurl FEAR - "Mengele" (live '82)
pcurl Iggy & the Stooges - "Johanna"

Iggy & The Stooges "Johanna" with Trish Goff

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pcurl Cult - "Lil Devil"

The CultLil Devil

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pcurl The Fall - "Green Eyed Loco-Man"

The Fall "Green Eyed Loco-Man"

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pcurl Mau Maus - "Runaway"

mau mausrunaway

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pcurl My Bloody Valentine – "Honey Power"
pcurl Adrian Lloyd - "Lorna"

Adrian LloydLorna

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cpunctn_again Found out from here http://www.secondhandsongs.com/work/122490 @Scott_hn: "Hiya Cost... some trivia I didn't know, thanks buddy, RB@cpunctn_again (reblip)


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cpunctn_again Bethnal - The Fiddler

Bethnal : The Fiddler : AUDIO Punk Vinyl

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Fluffybootz Loom – I Get a Taste- like this

LoomI Get a Taste

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pcurl Mad Sin - "Shitlist Bob"

Mad SinShitlist Bob

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pcurl The Kills - "Alphabet Pony" (live)
pcurl James Mask - "Hootchie Coochie Girl"

James Mask, Hootchie Cootchie Girl

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pcurl DEVO - "Fountain Of Filth"

DEVO: Fountain Of Filth

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pcurl The Beat Farmers - "Big Ugly Wheels"
pcurl Satan's Pilgrims – "Colours of Your Mind"
pcurl Dead Kennedys - "Holiday in Cambodia"
pcurl Millie Small - "Sugar Dandy" // vintage ska


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pcurl RAMONES - "It's Alive" // I've never been accepted. Even pinheads shun me.
pcurl The Dirtbombs – "Candy Ass"
pcurl Soledad Brothers - "Crooked Crown"
pcurl Julie Ruin - "A Place Called Won't Be There"
pcurl The Cars - "Bye Bye Love"

THE CARS ― Bye Bye Love

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pcurl Nirvana - "Territorial Pissings" (live)
pcurl Soviet Soviet - "Lokomotiv"
Fluffybootz The Bags – We will bury you (1978)- back later
pcurl Ramones - "Carbona Not Glue" // The choice of a new generation!
pcurl MARRS - "Pump Up the Volume"

MARRS Pump up the volume

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pcurl I REALLY like this song: Земфира - "Снег начнётся" // I believe it's "Snow Will Begin" by Zemfira.
pcurl Eddie & The Hot Rods - "Teenage Depression"
pcurl Propellerheads - "Velvet Pants"
pcurl The Cramps - "Like a Bad Girl Should" // I'd readily risk a rash from Poison Ivy
pcurl Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – "Scum"

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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pcurl Tom Waits - "Missing My Son" // I laugh ever time I hear this
pcurl Klark Kent - "Theme for Kinetic Ritual" // aka Stewart Copeland's "Theme to 'The Cutting Edge' "

Klark Kent: Theme for Kinetic Ritual (full)

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pcurl Lloyd Cole - "A Long Way Down" // From a great album!