judi Another Dylan @conradw ~ Don't Think Twice, It's Alright – Bob Dylan ~ It would help If I could spell when I'm Tired (reblip)
77ozzie song - games changes = when will they go from here...when will they stop...fate has brought us here. I try to say good bye and I choke...

Macy Gray - I Try

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Aaron U-Turn (Lili) [New]

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ElZorro Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata
pussreboots Awesome cover even on a Thursday. (reblip)

Flunk Blue Monday

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rafaelladm strange sad feelings comming... better go to sleep! G'night @Ms_AineseY @Totengrber

PLACEBO My Sweet Prince

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buzzfledderjohn g'night all, thx for props, replies + listening. Just got back after 10+ days in the mtns, struggling to catch up... snuck in a few from > 6500 ft...
PavlovsStepson Meganoidi– Supereroi

Meganoidi supereroi

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estrogen cup! I'm comin'...

Julie London "Black Coffee"

| play

Pantera Cemetary Gates

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Nalle Perform 'young light'

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nemesisurchin [Dirty Projectors – Two Doves]
Gen22 rb.@Mathioso: "Ola & Obg:)[Phoenix – 1901]" (reblip)


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Tropicsz4 Hi, Thanks :) rb @webbychick: "@TropicsZ4 for when Halen's too hyper for your mood..." (reblip)
stevetuf The Black Crowes - Descending - missed all of you guys..! :)


| play

Bob Dylan Blowin' In the Wind

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BleakMouse @quasinebulae: "Pulse Waves. . ." (reblip)

Herbie Hancock "Cantaloupe Island"

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Mudskipper I very highly recommend Alexi Murdoch, definitely great for an iPod walk-and-listen.

molotov frijolero

| play
Annimallover This is the theme song me & the girls walk to at nite now! No time for standing around!~ I like to MOVE IT!
77ozzie thks @Janiss: "相愛-ウルフルズ" (reblip)


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DJJazzyMua777 wow - 2 in a row on my IPOD!!! stop... please! lol! @realtyman: "..." (reblip)

Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse

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djilo My network connection is painfully slow right now. I'll check back later. @1001queen
spacespencer it's cold over here ...

The Bangels - hazy shade of winter

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Just4Julia Hiya @GR8FL and yes, I am waiting, too ;-) (reblip)

Jesse CookWaiting

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blue_buddha me too! @Gypsylyn: "Wish I was lookin at 40..;-)@blue_buddha:"@SimpleJim, @Gypsylyn, @MusicIsMySoul....and all you other pirates....aaaaar!!"" (reblip)
HERDE yea, miles go'n O.K.~glad to hear ur still at it;go girl@BarbieRay
LYRIC *Sweet Dreams* Bo-Chica :) here's some loveliness 4 U as U enter your ~dreamscape... where U are surrounded by the FHOC ;) @BohemianChick

MobyMemory Gospel

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Mehdi Instrumental Eastern Sunset

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70srocker I'm going to go get comfortable--and numb. Party on, ya'll.

Blue Paper (Moby)

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The Chemical Brothers-Where Do I Begin

| play
DownLow something leaning toward the psychedelic. thanks rb@FernandaW (reblip)

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

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LYRIC *Sweet Dreams*@ladypn :) some pretty strings 4 your dreams~


| play

It's Good To Be King

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BLUESBOOGIE Charlie Musselwhite – Sanctuary
DuncanDogg @DJLaffinAtcha: "Tribute to John Hughes RIP OMD - If You Leave " (reblip)

OMD - If You Leave

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S4Songcrush On the sixth day of DM, my true love gave to me: SIX Moonlight Sonatas.......
adbert [Digitalism – Zdarlight] OH @evablue!!! Are you a tarotist? You are totally (hic!) RIGHT!!!
sufferin_jukebox i turn the switch & check the number.....

Wax Tailor -- The Way We Lived (Feat Sharon Jones)

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Roots of Blues -- The Mississippi Sheiks „Sitting On Top Of T

| play
PAMsLOvE MARCOME - Arabica Dance Remix

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

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Coraline Movie Soundtrack: Mechanical Lullaby

| play
pussreboots Cuz I'm reading the book.

Coraline Soundtrack Song: Exploration

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Coldplay-- "Clocks"

| play
ICEGIRL152 heard this on my mp3 player while mowing today---it suits my mood!!!

Gentle On My Mind Glen Campbell

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T_DeBarros Café del Mar ~ Dream On ~ ...```chillaxin```... *oooh, i wish this was my bed by the ocean...how awesome that would be...(sigh)*

Dream OnCafé del Mar

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FOGGIELOANER same here hurricane danny heading our way in nc-- @philkirby: "Bloody chucking it down in Leeds!" (reblip)
Stay19 Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!<><>
iceblink This is a one-hit wonder goth/underground/alternative song. Of course the lead singer is totally sounding like Mr. Robert Smith (only not quite so).
Pixeldot I wanna be a rubberband girl! (reblip)

Kate Bush Rubberband Girl

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Oculuris @Gr8tune: "~~I'm too sexy – Right said Fred~~ vi * ty@lillianwong" (reblip)
DJFrankie For @treakiepop & @o_oh Met // Douglas Adams at a book signing with @ArsonSmith and told him I memorized chunks of his books as a kid. He apologized.
playalongjon Hi, a contribution to the Stanley Jordan theme. Would you like to start a further theme or do you think two is enough ? @trinaunz
salondelynn "Take The A Train" unless you are attending one of my salons then you take the R. http://www.meetup.com/salondelynn/

"Take The A Train" performed by the Harlem Quartet

| play
formalhaut video footage taken from Destino – a collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí. | HD http://youtu.be/1dIznsAdTOE?hd=1


| play
DeAnnLR ty/rb@broadwayg: "Natural High was a huge hit for soul act Bloodstone in 1973 #1hitwonder. @Per_Iscritto@pamplays@G&J@Reeta@SweetChayenne@InnerRhythm" (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic Maybe P. does J. has ☔☺@straywebsurfer: "♫ Seals & Crofts - "Summer Breeze"...Hi P! Hope you feel summer breeze right now! rb@pclovinU @JacoLovesMusic (reblip)
koiheart rb@jeflev: A favorite song by two favorite performers. Kind thanks! (reblip)
tscottie Everytime you go away – Paul Young
rachidkas TY Ellen!@ellendiane:grt song&aside from the full moon-my day sukked(~*~)@Natayla@toni_kejr:"rb :-)@emroc-John Lee Hooker-Looking Back over My Day" (reblip)
xTRiPPx Man, summertime has some wierd bud to offer this year; wtf is lavender weed?

SublimeDoin' Time

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doubledrat Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick – La-Di-Da-Di
AussieTorres Politics:who gets in the art gallery? The REAL artist or the poser with the right connections? Layin' it down real funky laden with the stinging truth
Mr_Steve blitzen trapper – the man who would speak true
CynDyn haunting opening ...RB @tenderlee: ""...when I saw your smile" :)) rb @aquamarines: ":) @Cris_tina: "Julee Cruise – Falling""" (reblip)

Julee CruiseFalling

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onceacurmudgeon holy crap... this is amazing. via @hanneengels (reblip)

Ashes To Ashes (Replicant) by Lassigue Bendthaus

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hipEchik @hipEchik Just for the record.. HippyChick - Soho - no hippychick, no hip hip hip ...It's hard to tell you how I feel.." (reblip)

HippyChick Soho 1990 Club Classic!

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MONIKKA Hello dear :)@Flying_Roundhouse: "Echo & the Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar" Cover feat. Coldplay Woot! RB!! Hello ladies @MONIKKA @AmyisImaginary" (reblip)

Echo & the Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar" Cover Tribute feat. Coldplay & The Smashing Pumpkins

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| play
HobbeLink Caro Emerald – Stuck

Caro EmeraldStuck

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Jamiroquai - Didgin' Out" #nowplaying

JamiroquaiDidgin' Out

| play

Debussy Bruyères Walter Gieseking

| play
doubledrat Built to Spill – Terrible/Perfect
faithlesshaze Squeeee!! My time off was approved XD

Rise Above 1 Reeve Carney ft Bono and The Edge (Lyrics)

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YaT Gary Hoey – The Twelve Days of Christmas || i know it's Easter soon ;) || tyvm @FlinnDc

スガ シカオ(SUGA SHIKAO) / 19才

| play
bytera ❏ Mumford & Sons + Laura Marling embarked on a cultural exchange w/ Rajasthani musicians Dharohar Project, involving some collaborations in Delhi.

Mae West on 78 rpm ! ♫ I like a guy that takes his time ♫ & ♫ Easy rider ♫

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BlipStarr rb @cnytodd: @bellbtmblues: Thanks for spinning "Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me" :-) #music (reblip)

Cheap Trick- I Want You To Want Me lyrics

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Bomb The Bass-Beat Dis

| play
Maudelynn Those Early 20thc Song writers were OBSESSED with the Moon, non?
mmemaledicta this is kinda cool, seeing exactly how they do this song when not in a studio
xxlenaphroditexx The Ramones - Baby I Love You......

The Ramones-Baby I Love You

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Oh! Edo Rocket OP

| play

Twin Spica [Opening] "Venus Say" Textless

| play

Jethro Tull Double Violin Concerto

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The Dresden Dolls 'Coin-Operated Boy' music video

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Teen Titans- Trouble in Tokyo OST~ #20 Chasing Titans HD 720p

| play
Gidyean RB@coralinelove: See the curtains hangin' in the window, in the evenin' on a Friday night. A little light a-shinin' through the window, lets me know (reblip)

Summer Breeze Seals and Croft

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TundraConundra [Roger Miller - Oo-De-Lally]

Mariner's Revenge Song (Lyrics!) -The Decemberists

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quantumfield staying up with tea...thank you rb @Snoooze: "Time for more coffee?? (ty @TheJohnC for u/l)" (reblip)


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amphore perhaps we may share a nice being together once in italy somewhere ... penso di mangare e parlare ensieme ;)) @onesanz @ZONE
garbageman01 If I could choose the life I please . . .

Howard Jones "What is Love"

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Ruby Gloom opening (english)

| play

Jon Pertwee sings The Doctor

| play
mark_till The Mighty Lemon Drops - Paint It Black

Dj Yoda vs The Soggy Bottom Boys

| play
pussreboots "rb @SquareBiz83: "Thank you lovely! tyrb@countkarl: "rb @paulab42: "Depeche Mode – Fly On The Windscreen"""" (reblip)
thedigitalbee54 '' Dam Thang gon WILD ''@Annaleise: "Awesome!@DriftingAway: "Yw. Cool, thought Leadbelly was the earliest recorded version @BluesdaddyD: "thanks@Da""" (reblip)

original black betty

| play


| play

Four Swords Levan Polkka

| play
QuicksandRangero Hi & thx @jtabz: fine that you've finished your meeting, my conference was rather long but only half as boring as I had expected :) (reblip)

The AntlersAtrophy

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sonicmichel hola @melpimenta cómo estás? cómo va todo por allá?
Gen22 Isn't it though..... The Eurythmics - 'Love Is A Stranger'
Mistadobalina Mary Margaret O'Hara – Body's in Trouble
nemesisurchin @kingofcph... [Bibio – The Ephemeral Bluebell]... it's good here. I am happy :) How is baby-horsey? (reblip)
CMFlinn RB!!!@Cephy: "New Order – True Faith '94" (reblip)
fredbarney This was really great ladypn Thanks!!!@ladypn: "Simply lovely piano! (reblip)
dickadcock Get ready for more hummin' : Thurston Harris – Little Bitty Pretty One
sandyriverside Yikes @CLARITY when you get older weekend hangovers can flow into Tuesday. I spent most of mine cooking and working. My party levels are extremely low
klitoria dancing under the sun.....

NooncatUnder the Sun

| play
FunkShoi @DJFrankie, cool video! I made an account and voted I think. Olivia Wilde is a judge tho!? HAAwwwwt! I'd make a video just exposing myself.
Gen22 @stena Thx for finding this for me again - LOVE IT!! [Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat]
bakinrapscallion @Russdanger there is a house is new orleans...where a $100 goes a long way... (reblip)
christy_of_beaumetz Dire qu'en 1967 beaucoup de gens croyaient encore au Père Noël, dommage moi je n'ai jamais vu sa Fille, il paraît qu'elle était superbe@youcollme@KSTV
CrescentMoonglow It's hard enough to have relationships fall apart privately. I can't imagine being a celebrity...That aside, I think many of us know this feeling.

Nick Lachey- What's Left Of Me (DOWNLOAD IT NOW)

| play
sswayze I see myself in the pouring rain -
Tropicsz4 Hi, Happy Autumn at 5:18 pm et. :) rb ] @Flying_Roundhouse: "Billie Holiday: Autumn in New York ~ Happy Autumn VI@broadwayg ;-)" (reblip)

Billie Holiday: Autumn in New York

| play

Up Soundtrack-The Spirit Of Adventure

| play
SabriESC rb@newwaveclassics....wow. This one brings back memories.// Hi there @octoberland:) (reblip)

Shriekback - Nemesis

| play
TMA7 Hey you crazy beatniks, there's gonna be a heist http://tinyurl.com/36tf656 (Link for hardcore SCTV fans)
djilo Honeyroot – Where I Belong
mark_till Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
pussreboots rb @ArthrReeeeD: Classy Penguin by The Books (reblip)

Classy Penguin by The Books

| play
DJRosaNava Listen my Favorites: @twanvanelk: "Faithless – Insomnia" (reblip)


| play
ParadiseInside http://www.sound-remedies.com/jobere.html The Heady Sound of Tuning Forks in a Pythagorean Ratio Tuning off "Calendula" by John Beaulieu 1997 10mins


| play
djLop Olá , obrigado@Nani1982 "Owl City - I´ll meet you there" (reblip)

Owl City I´ll meet you there

| play
kiddo84 can't find Tom Jones version "Run On" // God's Gonna Cut You Down
pussreboots Heard it on the radio today. Had to blip it

CRAZY QUILT by Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra 1931

| play
ZOEBOE gotta agree @ladypn. @bendrix and his lovely blip thoughts make me behave (and misbehave) in mysterious ways :)


| play
ShiaoMei @TidyCat: "rb @ShiaoMei: "o_m_g_ _ _ _ ((:@mrrodd:) K. Matsui ....................enJoyy.."" pass it on2 @SDUBB <3 <3 (reblip)

Keiko Matsui

| play
sheryonstone had eye surgery on MON. now having complications....back to the surgery center I go :( be back when I can
mnelson Octopus's Garden - The Beatles with Lyricsvideo
elinejv en @c3p0..hoeveel uur nog? (ik zie dat je je marathon badge al hebt!)
pussreboots @NightMathRadio ... my response is in the lyrics.


| play

No doubt-It's my life (HQ)

| play
Feuervogel Thx 2 @askowronek: "Like her voice and the rhythm of the song." (reblip)
elocio Brooklyn Bounce – Born to Bounce
charmstep Pretty much a perfect song. Great vocals, music, beat, and backup. I'm under your spell, but I know darned well that I don't stand a chance.
pussreboots Again for my husband who is on a train right now.
boknowswhat Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave
blue_buddha another stormy afternoon in south georgia
exist2believe You can feel it in your mind, you can do it all the time, plug it in and change the world, you are my electric girl...

MGMTElectric Feel

| play
patchit oh man. I'm wiped out. "... love replaces fear..."
by_starla [Brendan Benson - Feel Like Taking You Home]
mccammon1 And this is for my best friend ever!!!!!!!

B-52Love Shack

| play
StreamingMimi Bing Crosby – Let Me Call You Sweetheart
angiece RB @T_DeBarros: "Billy Joel. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. ~bottle of white,bottle of red..perhaps a bottle of rosé instead.. (reblip)

billy joel scenes from an italian restaurant

| play
yohanp video is from "Rublev" by Andrey Tarkovsky, music by Boris Grebenshchikov | @maypuffy@playalongjon perhaps, you might like Boris too ))
StreamingMimi Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

"Leviathan Bound" by Shearwater

| play

Caetano Veloso cantando "Mimar Você"

| play
DuncanDogg Yes...indeed it is. wow@Jazzhole: "@DuncanDogg I don't know if you've seen the vid for this song, I think its fantastic." (reblip)
DuncanDogg Continuing the masturbation theme

Cyndi Lauper- She Bop

| play
toosweet4rnr [Me'Shell NdegéOcello – Satisfy (live)]
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @Poke: "Passou por isso por não saber que tudo tem um preço ATREVIDO !!!" (reblip)


| play
by_starla [The Brakes - The Needle]
ZachsMind OMG like this song is so bitchin'. Frank Zappa was like so totally bitchin'. He's like dead now. I'm so sure! I'm freaking out!
avivajazz Stéphane Grappelli | Old Man River
rickps Staying with NZ artists for now: here's another one from Flight of the Conchords.

Flight Of The Conchords Season 2- Friends (With Lyrics)

| play
ladypn Another on my "most beautiful" list. There are SO many!
VelvetCharmer Looked forward to Saturdays for this show...
digitpt Tony Bennett – I left my heart in San Francisco

Tom Lehrer CHEMISTRY element song

| play

John Cage "In a Landscape"

| play
pussreboots Perfect follow up to the previous blip.
angiece RB @digitpt: "mylene farmer – mylenium" (reblip)
bubblegumjo Can somebody help me how to upload songs have may 1000's good onces Thanks for the help
azandiaMJBB :} *TY* rb @sangawa: "Não há dinheiro no mundo que me pague a saudade de você!" (reblip)
pussreboots Thinking of making some coffee.
by_starla [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Five Easy Pieces]
GR8FL good night & thanks (rb)@abarbosa: "Good night GR8FL" (reblip)
scotlandlover tks for props and rbs RB @joechapman: "@candy156sweet: "Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame"" (reblip)
mrrodd TY @CocoLand: "Thxs 4 the props, RB's and for listening, another good one, ENJOY ALL!!!! @bubblegumjo @ASpyder @Zahgon @juicyjewelz @ShiaoMei @slysen" (reblip)
ladypn You're right, @anotorias-The dance theme IS addictive! (reblip)
Annimallover U started on my BDay!@ChadThomas: "YES!!!!!! @redskyy: "On a steel horse I ride... @spacerocks: "rb @ladystyx @DJ_Orgazmo"""" (reblip)
avivajazz Dulce Pontes + Ennio Morricone | La Luz Prodigiosa // Thanks, RB@sonsomar (reblip)

Dulce Pontes & E. Morricone _ La Luz Prodigiosa _

| play

Toy Dolls "Ellie The Elephant"

| play
DJMees Nice new pic! @ShiaoMei: "luve this song! @Tsaksonakis: "Aha, this is more like it ~ Harry Nilsson – Everybody's Talkin'" >> hi~@ICEGIRL152! :D" (reblip)

Karoola Seasons (Tasmania)

| play

Welsh National Anthem

| play
StonyTunes ~ MISS USA ~ Crazy Girl ~ danger gurl
tardisgrl hiya @lovemusic! No, wasn't there in person--watched on TV. Still spectacular tho--the broadcast was impressive.

SqueezeThis Summer

| play

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

| play
avivajazz Gloomy Sunday || Kronos Quartet // Thanks, RB@ginhollow (reblip)
pussreboots Same tune as Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald. Ain't folk music grand? :)
avivajazz Susheela Raman | Gifted
BasilLeaf there's nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever do


| play
stena time warp for "gonequiet," what has gone quiet! rbthx!@gonequiet: "Someone's been sly slipping these songs of hope into blip." (reblip)

Cake Never There

| play
avivajazz Värttinä || Linnunmieli // Thanks! RB@DukeECP (reblip)


| play
PabloM "David Bowie – Absolute Beginners" (reblip)
avivajazz Enjoy + eat heartily! RB@DesertLily: "Bye @all. There's a home-cooked Iranian feast waiting for me~Man ashiq-e chashm-e mast-e yarastam ~ Best Wishes" (reblip)
cachita @pussreboots.... many thanks, here is my favorite Elviiiis song.

ELVIS COSTELLO "Watching the Detectives"

| play

Doctor Who Theme 2nd Doctor

| play
avivajazz Weepies | World Spins Madly On / "I woke up. I wished that I were dead. I lay motionless / Hope your weekend doesn't resemble this song, RB@evablue (reblip)

Cold Mountain- Ruby With the Eyes That Sparkle

| play
avivajazz Orchestra Baobab | Nijaay // Props gone, but I can reblip! RB@DesertLily: "...about finding harmony in marriage..." (reblip)
FernandaW love, love, love belleruche
golfnovels Claire Lynch – Hitchcock Railway (Joe Cocker cover) (reblip)

Steely Dan- Do It Again

| play

Chihiro Onitsuka -'Shine' (Music Video)

| play
CosmoHavanese I see a bad #moonfruit rising. CCR

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

| play
pussreboots Yup... watching it on DVD right now.

The Rise of Darkrai:Oracion

| play
BLUESBOOGIE Sistalady, YOU know how to select GR8 Tunes!!rb THX @patita: "AFTERNOON :D...BLUESBOOGIE :D.... such a wonderful voice!!!" (reblip)
StreamingMimi Guy Lombardo – The Band Played On
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ 'We Are Mush, We Are Mush' cLaSSIc mODrOck ~ : The Clash - "Lost In The Supermarket"