rubella this is a hot, little, sexy song. blues+rock+sex=good

The Black Keys "Your Touch"

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restlessgirl seeing soon

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" on Viva Radio

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HellenKellersIpod @Shukitty We shall see, my friend just moved into fancy apartments on Woodward so yes I'll probably be there

Death in VegasDirge

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robotnik @28apple_chic I agree on that, at least the first half of the autumn. Also, then you pick up a different kind of music.
dochugo ☀thanks, it was sick☀ a++ love this remix! rb@MusicIsMySunshine: "@ dochugo hope your enjoying your vacay..." (reblip)
pagemac the hurricane is coming.. i'm up for surfing and lots of beer
HellenKellersIpod Songs that every girl (with good taste) likes part 2
77ozzie song ---entre moi....beautiful (reblip)
travist I've blipped this a few times before but its such a good song, so here it is again
ZepherX @vayleen: "@undream for you. it made me think of a mix you posted years ago. :)" (reblip)
FunkShoi Had to bust this one out too. Snaith has got some badASS cuffs on.

White Rabbits "The Plot" Official Video

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restlessgirl seeing 2ngt

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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DareToEatAPeach Can we get a moratorium on indie bands with Bear or Pony in the name?
Shukitty going to blip this every day until i start to believe it.
Shukitty @sredigan I'm assuming you're @emarsh 's friend from friday? welcome to blip ^.^
DJEmpire1 You are the nicest thing still
DJIrishboy love this little ditty


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My Chemical Romance I Don't Love You (Official Video HQ)

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JeffreyMarsh this new LCD Soundsystem song has been receiving heavy rotation at my place (or wherever i happen to be at the given moment) this weekend...
Will_the_bloke The Picture – Bring On The Dancing Horses .... great Echo & The Bunnymen cover!
headshaker is there any other way to be?
DJFrankie @Corts @TheNewYorkChimes @starrynight. 5pm on a Friday may be a good time to hit the road. : ) Happy weekend @all.
DJ_JaMn @jennyleepenny vi@muzicmajic: "@jennyleepenny" <<Crazy indeed!>>"u gotta be crazy, to have a mullet like that, sorry couldn't resist. :-) (the vid) (reblip)


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Punched @firefly1234: "@Punched: "R|B" thqnks @Punched love this song and thks to @crispast and IaimtoMIsbehave" (reblip)
maniac1893 remember

Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized

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paulzy Between the Bars by Elliott Smith performed acoustically by Metric

Metric Acoustic, Elliot Smith cover

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dickadcock M. Ward – Never Had Nobody Like You . . . yeah yeah
zamfir This guy is awesome, I wish they had some of his singles on here, but this video is pretty good, too.

Beaver Nelson -Company Of Kings-

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DareToEatAPeach Cut Copy describes this track as "pure bliss." Cut Copy DJ set continues. (1st one was a teaser. It's deleted)
IanQuiet Thank you to everyone in Germany for listening to this.

Ian QuietBass Amigo

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pun_krocker This used to be my obsession song for a while :)@annisatadiyana (reblip)
lou_wee_sa You close my eyes and soothe my ears You heal my wounds and dry my tears
naughtynati it's kinda wrong, but i kinda love it. @Y2zl, i think you'll like this.
annalise Aren't we all sometimes?


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Versh From Pacifico (1999)... I mention it, because I could not accurately interpret the lyrics
MysticEclipse Spankin' New #18. Now HERE'S a band I've been waiting to hear more from for awhile. Brand new SKILLET off ALIVE. Thanks for tuning in, @restlessgirl!

SkilletHero (lyrics)

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MysticEclipse Spankin' New #12. Another new band I'm starting to HIGHLY enjoy. Mixes metal with strings; gotta love that! From RED's second album, I believe.


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DAKGirl Sting - It's Probably Me

It's Probably me, Sting

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StinkslaRue What did you drink at DK? @TheNewYorkChimes: "@daretoeatapeach: i am going to send this to @DJBloggyBlog- do you have a cocktail in hand?" (reblip)
glitterbubbles I know all the lyrics to this song by heart. ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride... xoxo
peturoskar great band from iceland

FM Belfast: Par Avion

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dickadcock Ben Kweller – On Her Own
thegoddess of course, great expectations often lead to great disappointments [The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations]
thegoddess not so much now that my school year's started [Pavement - Summer Babe (Live)]
Marikkota @dropez pra vc ver como eu não te ignoro, mocinho.

BeirutElephant Gun

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aquietend love this. haha. I was '?ing' this new rh. sorry. slightly oouuut of it. (reblip)
ChilloutScene One can get "lost" in the samples on this track by Pogo. Keep chillin'!


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AlyG going to a screening of Invictus tonight...hopefully it will be good!

TelepatheSo Fine

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amphore dedicated to my son Mitja Final Fantasy Pearls

Final Fantasy Pearls

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klitoria gotta go.....send you all hugs...and a special one plus kiss to my beloved @GR8FL.....
cdub kyp malone from TVoTR's side project - oh so good...
rubybird why am I suddenly craving Lucky Charms?

everybody wants to rule the world

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4Sins Keep trying to get sick.Gonna Shake It Off! @Angie74:"LOL u know it! :) @4Sins:"Tail feathers never had it so good. @Angie74:"Time to shake & bake!" (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails vs. 50 Cent "Closer In Da Club" ?

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DJFrankie RB@amphore: "Bird And The Bee – Again And Again" Seriously. Everytime I hear a song I want to reblip it's @amphore. Again. Hola @Perotin. (reblip)
markmac Hot Chip – Take It In

Hot ChipTake It In

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restlessgirl fun playlist... @Kevers: "the whore lets me in, and it looks like a party" (reblip)
Model_Daughters swimming in this // The Divine Madness - The Hunger @ladyvmadness
restlessgirl @carlztoonz: "is listening to "Stillness Is The Move" by Dirty Projectors" (reblip)
Alturn8tive The Pigeon Detectives – I Found Out
restlessgirl @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Mine Is Freezing too @Wolfgirl_Leah: "If this gd thing freezes one more time, I give up....Grrrrrr!"" (reblip)
sheryonstone thanks for starting the theme @Greenfields47 [Fuck You – Lily Allen (Lyrics)]
aprofounder always rocking it? check!

Hollywood Undead No. 5 Music Video

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restlessgirl @wayoutosphere: "#519421-1 : Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour : I must say, that 3 pepper/california NY Strip was excellent! Grolsch..? Yes, please!" (reblip)
Surreality Lamb – "B-Line"


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ROOSFM Lights (Eyes Dubstep Remix) – Ellie Goulding
mark_till Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
bektrekker me too :) thanks @jong: "Can't pass up Mazzy. : ) @Naestopaz: "inspd by @jalikat & @jong #EastBay love galore mazzy star-taste of blood"" (reblip)

mazzy star-taste of blood

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Perotin Awww! @MissDiggity. I am SO thrilled that someone noticed something I said! I can send you a URL to download the record. Friend me on FB?
shannynjoy 'retreat, retreat. . .' - Editors – Bones

The Apples in stereo "Same Old Drag"

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anothercraze Hey @Snowships I'm comin' home just after Chrissssmas. Bringin' Thomas and if you and Em'ly wanna grab lunch, it'd be da best! Peaches n cream!
SpinninSara I've got a ........... >>>> Ugh!
restlessgirl @ArthrReeeeD: "isn't it more efficient to have plow trucks out while it's snowing so cars don't keep compacting the snow? silly city." (reblip)
restlessgirl @AlyG: "going to a screening of Invictus tonight...hopefully it will be good!" (reblip)

TelepatheSo Fine

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Bitzzz Phonique featuring Erlend Øye - Casualities (Featuring Erlend Øye) [Radio Edit] - Atomik via @Atomik. tnx! :) (reblip)
edurrosa by @skyle Taj Mahal / Corrina " " Try It - (reblip)

Taj Mahal / Corrina

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AericWinter "Loneliness chilled my world..."

Dj TomcraftLoneliness

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restlessgirl digging this right now!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll"

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BlacknTan Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
muzicmajic ok guys...for real...subtle like bombs>>>>>C U later! :)
minkamu #topfive This one it's from this year, but I fell in love with it in a big way so I'm going to count it.


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restlessgirl @FUZZYFM: "Title track from Empire of the Sun's debut album" (reblip)
restlessgirl @Edainsmom: "oh no...feel better my tasteful friend! @lilyetc: "solid gold ~ bible thumper ~Edainsmom recovering from something i ate.... ick!"" (reblip)
restlessgirl @Atomik: "I saw that one! LOL - it reminded me of someone I know....heh hope you are well, Im like a zombie at my desk today. How are you? @GR8FL" (reblip)
restlessgirl @patricia_coelho: ""So of course I miss you, and miss you bad, but I also felt this way when I was still with you..."" (reblip)
restlessgirl @photogurrl: "[The Hush Now – Contrails] First five to reblip this yet to be released single get a free download. Cheers!" (reblip)
restlessgirl Love this!@Alliemamma: "Such a good cover!@DJC2: "Warm Leatherette – Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy. Definitely up for this! @BrettGreene"" (reblip)
DJC2 New Young Pony Club – Talking, Talking. RB another @starlingpoet (reblip)
restlessgirl @TheRealFluidity: "I think this is a good one to say good night with! Peace -Fluidity ... Matisyahu - One Day ( (reblip)

Matisyahu--One Day..(Official video)

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restlessgirl I love the people blipping!@DJC2: "Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away. I am fond of that is!RBvia@missleao Cheers2@restlessgirl (thx 4 listening (reblip)
restlessgirl @dailystendhal: "thank you @Pesest: "rb@lectrictickles: "Electric Tickle Machine's lead track off our album, Blew It Again. Enjoy!""" (reblip)
restlessgirl love your playlist! thx! (reblip)

Evan Voytas - Astro

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OKnightmare Good evening bliplings!


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Stay19 Spiller – Cry Baby (Röyksopp Remix)<><>
sandyriverside I hope these guys are still alive to play my funeral. At least my pet will be in good hands :

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names "Loop duplicate my heart"

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Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division

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Fortharrison RB@restlessgirl: "@GR8FL: "and I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath"" (reblip)
GR8FL and I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath
rachidkas Merci et faites de beaux rêves aussi... @BBlanca: "Térez Montcalm – Sweet Dreams!!! @All & please, don´t forget dream with me!! <~~with you ;)* (reblip)
restlessgirl @mikethebee: "Some winds can be more gentle..." (reblip)

MobyWhispering Wind

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Max Tundra- Which Song (Passion Pit Remix)

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Vitalic Poison Lips Video

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MapleLeaves monday mornings should all start like this.
frankenstrat Inner Circle – Sweat (A La La La Long)
elocio The Mountain Goats – This Year
muzicmajic time to go prep for the nightly tradition of the face plant; where the mug hits the 'case.. goodnigtht @all! Have a great evening!
remp3 one of the best albums of the past year and mesmerizing live, playing a few shows with Snowblink coming up next week (Montreal,Wakefield, Kingston).

i came as a rat- modest mouse (original music video)

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Three Days Grace "Break" [HQ]

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restlessgirl @FloccoGlocco: "Katatonia "Deliberation"" (reblip)

Katatonia | Deliberation

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marijaanadj Thanks for this "class"....sleep well! ;) @black6water6park6: "@marijaanadj: my last 1 :(..gotta go..jump back to my bed..2 classes tomm.. tc ~peace~ (reblip)


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restlessgirl @rkmonkey: "Do rb... @Sparklepony: "[Do Make Say Think – Do]"" (reblip)

Do Make Say ThinkDo

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restlessgirl @sheryonstone: "lol @tubilino you are funny. Im good. Hope you are too....*chicken??" (reblip)
restlessgirl @Fatal_Romantic: ""...Likes her gentlemen not to be gentle..." "Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent (Acoustic)" (reblip)
MapleLeaves i've not heard of this fella yet. ditto about the props... disappointed they don't allow >5 after the revamp. oh well. rb@DJ_HeckaCool vi@DJLavinator (reblip)
vgan going to see these guys right now, if it doesn't sell out... :/
scound [Handsome Furs – Hearts of Iron]
SarahShoeMe Patsy. Let's walk.

Patsy Cline-Walkin' After Midnight

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RadioGhost Ghostland Observatory – Midnight Voyage
HellenKellersIpod @headshaker Did I tell you about the time I saw them at Bonnaroo? They played in front of about 50 people :)
K_Rod Cut Copy – Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
briangreene youtube recommended this for me.
Monte93 rb nice choice (reblip)

The Last Good Day of the Year

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cdub and with this fine song - i bid all blippers a wonderful evening full of intrigue, hope, love and above all - good fucking music
Figgywithit @ladypn I'm doing great. Done with work for the week! Wow, you're here, @by_starla is here. All I need is @djwttw to show up to make my nite complete! (reblip)
megg @LS22: "@megg - weeeell, the mystery remains, I may never know! haha ;)" melt with you = thirty two...kinda rhymes, right! (reblip)
radolo Black Moth Super Rainbow : July 24, 2009 @ south street seaport FREE!
dochugo @daretoeatapeach fwiw = for what it's worth. jargon of the nitwittersphere :D // really feelin fm belfast tonight
DareToEatAPeach BlipNBeer tomorrow. Let's have a drink and play some music. Show off our music taste to the drunken masses.

Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything

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JeffreyMarsh great tune... RB @Adams_oliver: "Sebadoh – On Fire" (reblip)

SebadohOn Fire

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Stay19 Hooverphonic – Mad About You<><>
aquietend rb @AlyG: that was funny. @JeffreyMarsh: "blipping this one for obvious reasons...rain rain rain"" (reblip)

WoodsRain On

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CMX23 good one! (reblip)

DFA Remix : Just like we breakdown

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HellenKellersIpod I love alienating listeners. 1 gypsy song = -1 listener. Unfortunately I'm leaving work soon

Tadhg Cooke - Wax & Seal

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patchit @teffymae @dochugo was gonna say the same thing - love alt country :)
patchit seriously... I feel awful for not having embraced bon iver sooner... soul-meltingly good.
HellenKellersIpod Sharks in the water. Our shark.
arborium if you like MGMT these guys are worth at least a listen
CMX23 2 thumbs up!@MEDEAVIII: "gooood mourning Hardfood!" (reblip)

CD2 07 Hardfood

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Matericia "We must willingly let go of the vanity and pride that pretends it has already won. The exit of the false makes room for the true."
Maedhros Don't you hate how quickly you run out of props for some people?
Shukitty yay, almost done. then I get to hang out with my friend visiting from across state. art fair tomorrow, harry potter tomorrow, cedar point sunday
marijaanadj Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
FunkShoi @julierthanyou, Yowza! Sounds like it would take forever. Hope you had some killer tunes to stave off... biker MADNESS.


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restlessgirl liking the beat...@CMX23: "2 thumbs up!@MEDEAVIII: "gooood mourning Hardfood!"" (reblip)

CD2 07 Hardfood

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rguimaslima » » » » » blip « « « « «
asterion ummm, i dont understand the concept of hatred!!!
calamari Listening to -- Atmosphere "Shoulda Known"
sandyriverside Thanks and hello @headshaker / @FunkShoi @quitecontrary make sure to save your fruit from the mess hall for Prison Sangria. (reblip)
osmutante bauhaus - shes in parties

bauhaus shes in parties

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aquietend had been listening to quite a bit of JG recently. (reblip)

Jose GonzalezHints

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DirtyUrine lets do some rousin'!!!@marijaanadj: "Best thing for rousing is TOOL!!!@DJbarkturtles: (reblip)


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restlessgirl Great!@paeix: "from@K_Rod nice list ________________________________________________________ see you all later..." (reblip)
paeix from@K_Rod nice list ________________________________________________________ see you all later... (reblip)
SarahShoeMe BOOTSY! Great video, watch it. It teaches you to be funky. I'm still learning...
DJrainndietrichwilson A nice song to play while driving with the windows down. Ray LaMontagne.

Ray LaMontagneSarah

| play
DerekSincavage Sublime - No Woman No Cry

sublime-no woman no cry

| play
Jehoshephat Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may make me break my own.

Grizzly BearMarla

| play
rumblina Considering going to see them again (is 3x too much?)
rumblina This is my favourite 'superman' song.
hisajun ドラムスゲーな。


| play
restlessgirl they're playing with spinerette in a few weeks at the mod club
aprofounder Gotta love the tender creepiness in this one @SheLooksLikeEva @Sweet_Minx (reblip)

The Pierces - Secret

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rumblina I think this will be my last Scottish blip for tonight. Tomorrow I think I'll just blip bands I've seen live (could take a week or two)