rockthetropics Devin the Dude ft. Pooh Bear - "It's A Shame." I love Devin.
rockthetropics SO GOOD. Has to be the best funk song title, hands down. rb @jambands (reblip)

Ripple--I Don't Know What It Is but It Sure Is Funky (1973)

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BiggL Whaddup 2 my #dropkickelephant crew @rockthetropics @mikeydub Ruffest clique pon Blip. Applicants need not apply, just b REAL & ur part of the fam! (reblip)
AbsoluteVenus Lowrell – Mellow Mellow Right On (1979) to all the cool people in the room...@Ciacolatta @JODYGIRL162 @rockthetropics @SaLaAMReMi @broadwayg float on! (reblip)
rockthetropics Why have I never heard this before? Love it! Thanks @AbsoluteVenus: "to all my movers and shakers...Donald Byrd "Places And Spaces" 1975" (reblip)

Donald Byrd "Places And Spaces" 1975

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rockthetropics She is fantastic! Love this. rb @blipbeat: "(rap) dope female rapper #9, Yarah Bravo @usin420 #rockthetropics" (reblip)

One SelfBluebird

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Snoop Dogg-Doggystyle ft George Clinton & Jewell

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rockthetropics @mikeydub I actually just went thru a couple of weeks' worth of yr blips to find this track again. The video is brutal, but so so good. (reblip)
rockthetropics Shuggie's "Island Letter" is the backbone of this song.
aktovoir This is the Dude at the Gallery who my boy was having a bromance with @ the gallery @rockthetropics

Ludacris Ft. Common And Spike Lee- Do The Right Thing

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rockthetropics Like his shot at "Bohemian Rhapsody". Truly bizarre, totally wonderful, almost epic. I love this freakier side of Prince.
rockthetropics Buenos dias @DJLOPZ. I'm all about smooth right now! Love it. rb : "#rockthetropics morning your honor. Listen, its smoooooth" (reblip)
rockthetropics Qué buenaaaa! rb @DJSkalexy: "@AnaCano: "I like your picture ..I´ll see you at the concert @venami: ":)"" & para @sarilla (reblip)
zeroweek outta props para ti...rb to spread the funk! @rockthetropics: "Time for some dirty dirty funk. Somebody upload the Black Album, quick!" (reblip)
BiggL You're lucky I came just in time! @mikeydub ~ Cocoa Tea – Grow Your Locks
jambands @rockthetropics hey cutie how mit beeeeeeeeeeeeee


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rockthetropics Merci! rb @Alex44: "Joe Bataan – Latin Strut (1973)" (reblip)
rockthetropics Oh yeah. rb @KhangDong: "stinky sticky icky funkshit" (reblip)
rockthetropics Love this track. rb @AUXOne: "...they got so much things to say right now..." (reblip)

Da Youngstas- Illy Filly Funk

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rockthetropics Can't take my (virtual) hands off this blipstream! rb @solid: "somehow bookends quite nice with OTC, who knew. " (Agreed.) (reblip)


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usin420 Nujabes feat. Uyama Hiroto – Hanabi? @rockthetropics This is a great track even though the sound quality is meh
BiggL Maestro Fresh Wes – Conductin' Thangs
BiggL wannna rock right now... @DJAceOfSpades: "Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock - It Takes Two" (reblip)

Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock It Takes Two

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rockthetropics Whaaaaat! Blip of the day!! And he kept goin... rb@AbsoluteVenus: "#CrazyFlows @DJLOPZ #rockthetropics @iReign69 lick 'em off shot after shot!!!" (reblip)

cutty ranks sleng teng riddim

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Alex44 Albino Gorilla – Psychedelic Shack-- Midnight--Midnight marauders @rockthetropics --good night blip world tanks for all
rockthetropics Nice! rb @StoneJones: "Come on! :))@reginakohn: "Johnny Guitar Watson – I'm Gonna Get You Baby"" (reblip)
rockthetropics Best rb ever from one of my favorite blippers. @noteon: "Someone needs to put #rockthetropics in charge of music. All music. No exceptions." (reblip)

Seany Clarke: At the End of the Day

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rockthetropics Fierce blip. But my husband is D'Angelo, Bilal's just my lovah. Get it right @aktovoir "your favorite rapper lol & your husband Bilal #rockthetropics" (reblip)

Erykah Badu Feat. Lil Wayne & Bilal Jump Up In The Air [OFFICIAL]

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mixmeistermike Hocus Pocus – Vocab! (ft. T Love & The Procussions)
Robizzy @rockthetropics Thanks again... Glad i could help you wind down! Night :)

Al Green (Still In Love With You)

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Donald Byrd "Places And Spaces" 1975

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Hommage a Barikad Crew Wiclef Jean, Jimmy O

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rockthetropics Ok, do we share gray matter and/or a record collection? :o) rb@noteon (reblip)

Tony Allen 'Secret Agent' music video

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aktovoir I heard that it might. did it? Where? @rockthetropics: :o) Did you hear that it snowed in So Fla?" TY 4 this it is Gorgeous. (reblip)
rockthetropics thank you, honeys rb@nicklokes via @Alex44 "L.A. Night- Yasuko Agawa #rockthetropics ; -)" (reblip)
aktovoir Here's one of the Blak Roc songs I was telling you about @rockthetropics

The Black Keys feat. Mos Def and Jim Jones "Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)" w/ lyrics

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rockthetropics Ooh. rb@JAE82: "Cee-Lo feat Jazze Pha & Menta Malone-My Kind of People" (reblip)
CamelWalk And one more slice of that porn groove.
CamelWalk Porn funk for the masses. Solid groove.
rockthetropics Gonna play this before I leave for work tomorrow. Thank you! rb@aktovoir: "HAVE A GOOD DAY! This one's a Humdinger! #rockthetropics" (reblip)

Good Day-Nappy roots

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rockthetropics That's right!! These guys are great. rb@noteon (reblip)

Take Off Your Clothes Video by Morningwood

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itsRamel Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love
rockthetropics Wow, this is great! New to me. Thanks @aktovoir: "One of my Ol' Time favorites from Kardi #rockthetropics@RadioFreeIllinois " (reblip)
rockthetropics Kept meaning to rb this one. Prescient. And awesome. @aktovoir: "#rockthetropics" (reblip)

Platinum Pied Pipers- 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

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rockthetropics Didn't realize I was in beat withdrawal until you blipped this. Thanks @The45KING (reblip)

Digable Planets "Marvin, You're the Man"

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rockthetropics Aw yeah! I'm out for the night, have fun! Thank you! xo @BiggL: "Going out to my Blip sistren... #rockthetropics :)" (reblip)

Sean Paul- Punkie (HOT SEXY PUNKIE) sweet reggae song

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rockthetropics Aww that wasn't meant for you! Anyway I forgive you for Hov. Free pass. ;o) rb @jambands: "#rockthetropics not hatin on the westness hun just jay-z" (reblip)
rockthetropics Good night, blip. Thanks for the *excellent* song & rb @AbsoluteVenus (reblip)

Herb AlpertRISE

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aktovoir More homegrown Hip-Hop 305 stand up.
rockthetropics You know me well my friend. Wicked. That intro is from Stankonia! rb@ipwa: "don't mind the stupid intro - #rockthetropics I know you'll love this one" (reblip)
rockthetropics Possibly my across-the-board most-blipped track.
rockthetropics los mejores juegos / en la oscuridad
rockthetropics Yes! Props @powerlevel for getting my morning started right. (reblip)
rockthetropics Mellow #musicmonday. it means we'll manage / I'll master yr language / & in the meantime / I'll create my own


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rockthetropics One more, with thanks to @Ashakur, before Friday night gets started. Amazing, eerie video. (reblip)

2pac Smile Ft. Scarface video

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powerlevel @elinejv: "Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend Live" (reblip)

Prince If I Was Your Girlfriend Live

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rockthetropics Contender for best cover song ever. Leave it to the Flaming Lips to make Madonna sound shiny and new, but really.
ZOEBOE This song always makes my morning commutes better...

The KnifeHeartbeats

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rockthetropics Listen to the last verse, the GZA's: the wordplay is unbelievable. "unprecedented, opium-scented, dark-tinted..."
rockthetropics It's Saturday! This one goes out to @AUXOne. xo

De La Soul "Saturdays"

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rockthetropics More Lo-Down. Looks like this EP, now out of print, is it. Great dark beats.
rockthetropics me gusta marihuana, me gustas tú / me gusta colombiana, me gustas tú

Manu Chao Me gustas tu

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BiggL Ganja Farmer - [Marlon Asher] Supposedly B.C. kush is better than yardie kush, I beg to differ.


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rockthetropics ...this Eddy Grant CLASSIC (all caps).
rockthetropics Thanks to @AUXOne for more Marley love & this great reinterpretation of...

Ky-mani Marley feat Pras-Electric avenue

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rockthetropics WHY didn't I know this existed?! <3 @MDH2Os: "The goodie mob family! @DJBiggL @DJLOPZ @ZOEBOE" (reblip)

Big Gipp ft.Sleepy Brown-Steppin Out

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rockthetropics Love it, @DJLOPZ! "@CrouchingNegroHiddenWeave probably one the hottest one hit wonder tracks ever..." (reblip)

Dead Prez "Hip Hop"

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rockthetropics On a Dilated Peoples kick. Dusted off The Platform - such a great album.
ZOEBOE (I will never swim) in the baaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Zion IThe Bay

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rockthetropics Can't bring up '80s Manchester without playing The Smiths. This song is it for me.
rockthetropics This one goes out to my friend @bardicpearl, who needs to start blipping his fantastic music collection already. Thanks, J.


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2pac Smile Ft. Scarface video

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rockthetropics From Confrontation, my favorite Bob Marley album at the moment.
rockthetropics This is the original "Strawberry Letter 23," later covered by the Brothers Johnson. This album, Inspiration Information, is phenomenal.
rockthetropics Tropicália + psychedelia = <3
rockthetropics O negócio é o seguinte: / você é minha / e eu sou seu também

Jorge Ben Live 1972

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rockthetropics Also watch this clip, where Murs says he was "entranced" when he first heard "Deep Cover":

Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg "Deep Cover"

| play
rockthetropics Flooring lyrics, insane beat, and Khujo. Love. _Soul Food_'s what I listen to daily while braving I-95.
rockthetropics Possibly my favorite video of all time.

You Must Learn-KRS 1

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rockthetropics The lyrics to "War" were taken from a speech delivered by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia before the UN in 1963.
rockthetropics One of the few rock bands worth a damn in recent years. Music for the end of days, in a wonderful, non-prophetic way.
rockthetropics I love the grim-hoedown buildup of this song.
rockthetropics George Clinton said this was the funkiest song he'd ever heard in his life.
rockthetropics Zapp & Roger - Computer Love / I Wanna Be Your Man. Kids, take notes: THIS is how you rock a Vocoder.

Computer Love Live

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rockthetropics Jr. Gong, my internal soundtrack for weeks and weeks.
Alex44 Kool & The Gang – Who's Gonna Take The Weight Part 1 & 2 @rockthetropics Oh my God @backtoback hi :)
rockthetropics Hey @DJLOPZ! Loving vacay so far, lots of time to blip. ;o) How are you doing today?
rockthetropics Thanks my friend! Nice blips back at you. @usin420

Jah CureSticky

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rockthetropics I have to restrain myself from rb'ing your entire blipstream. @mikeydub: "a bit of Bunny Livingston..." (reblip)
rockthetropics A fantastic cover. *Almost* better than the original.
mikeydub @rockthetropics: "Auto-rb and you know it! Hi there, co-late-nite blipper. ;o) @jambands" Talking Book classic! (reblip)
jambands @rockthetropics hiya hunssssssssss how it going .... Hugsssssssss
rockthetropics Wow. Love. rb @mikeydub: "I'm too experienced to be taken for a stroll..." (reblip)
mikeydub babylon dem tief my herb...

Alborosie- "HERBALIST"

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rockthetropics @BiggL A local reggae band called 4th Dimension opened. (Also great.) Just posted a few pics:

Immortal Technique and R.A. The Rugged Man

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rockthetropics Wow, love this, never heard before. Smooth grooves. rb@liquidjumper: "I gotta re-raise on the Jazznova!@aktovoir @Bakojo @MissM773 #rockthetropics " (reblip)
rockthetropics So freaking cool. Teddybears & Mad Cobra - "Cobrastyle"

Cobrastyle Teddybears + Lyrics

| play
rockthetropics Not the best sound quality, but gorgeous song anyway.
rockthetropics YEAH! Droppin all my troubles by the riverside... rb @Alex44: "Lonnie Smith "Spinnin' Wheel" #rockthetropics@The45King--yes you can............." (reblip)

Lonnie Smith "Spinnin' Wheel"

| play

Soul Runners -------- Spreadin' Honey

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rockthetropics David Batiste & The Gladiators - Funky Soul Pt. 1
rockthetropics rb @jambands WOW! NICE! I love this! No one actually knows if it's really George Benson playing on this track, right? (reblip)
rockthetropics Oh my god. That was a FIERCE blip. @AUXOne (reblip) Ft. Khujo Goodie ''Do It Big''

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usin420 RB vi @ecLekTICAL: "New York City gritty committee pity the fool that...act shitty in the midst of the calm, the witty! RB@AbsoluteVenus" (reblip)
rockthetropics rb @MissM773: "listen to this siiiiick dilla beat! Guilty said he recorded this (among a few others not yet released) before his passing... HOT!" (reblip)
MissM773 @CargoCulte thats a bummer about the rain... buts its always a good excuse to be lazy ;) I'm doing good... we lucked out w/sun so I'm gonna bbq.
rockthetropics Good night, friends... let the music play on! ;o) xo
rockthetropics a little melancholy, a little pissed off. perfect.
rockthetropics One more! That is a dirty dirty bassline! Thanks @DJLOPZ: "@rubensborges I have no doubt our pops are the prime reason for our taste in music..." (reblip)

George Duke ( Reach For It)

| play

Masta Killa ft Ol Dirty Bastard & RZA-Old Man

| play
rockthetropics Brilliant as usual @melod! Who is this?: "The Doc turned me onto this original" (reblip)
f22radio when she looks back at me, my legs turn into gelatin...
f22radio watch the spot get blown...

Gravediggaz-Nowhere To Run , Nowhere To Hide

| play
rockthetropics Leaving you with the greatest video possibly ever. Roger managed to be sexy even with the Vocoder tube hanging from his mouth. Sigh. Good night!

Computer Love Live

| play
rockthetropics "Dreams" by TV On the Radio... feat. Peter Murphy & Trent Reznor. Whew.
rockthetropics Listening to @aktovoir's blipstream. So good. : "rebel rock representing" (reblip)
rockthetropics Ok, @DJBiggL, now you got *me* investigatin'...
rockthetropics "i've been investigatin this word so long..." :o) @DJBiggL

Peter ToshBumbo Klaat

| play
AUXone Thank you @TheSurlyTMM. Goodnight all.

Ready Fe War-Pete Rock

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